Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31, New Year's Eve

I got the turkey ready to go into the oven at 11:30 AM. It cooked in three hours. I had forgotten to put it in a turkey bag but it did just fine. About 1 cup on juice cooked off and it wasn't real fatty. It was a 9 lb bird. After it cooled, I took it off the bones. Even the breast was juicy and moist! It was a Lit'l Butterball turkey. After I got on the computer, I learned that Trudy and her family won't be coming over tomorrow. She's not feeling well and that they will come maybe next week. We pigged out on the apple salad and had turkey sandwiches for supper! We'll surely miss them. I had presents and everything for them.

I'll take down the Christmas decorations tomorrow. I'll miss them. I've enjoyed my little tree with the blinking lights on it. I really didn't decorate much, just the tree and a few Christmas cards. It'll be easy to clear away.

Rikki has a liver disease and has been loosing weight. I've been feeding her her medicine and walnuts and Nutriberrys, anything to fatten her up. Frank has made a special perch he can put on the postal scale and weigh her. Sometimes life is short and sweet. We've had her 16 years.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Exercise Was Good

After a week of being sick and missed appointments, I met with Janet today. I hadn't exercised all week so I didn't know what to expect. We did some new things and I wasn't tired at all. I forgot my water bottle and missed it when I was on the bike. Mary Kate has two women she is training now and is enjoying it.

Frank installed a grab bar in his bathroom and it is going to work well. He enjoys being able to work with his tools and things.

It was so warm, 65 degrees today, that I didn't even wear a coat or shirt.

I'm thawing the turkey now and plan to cook it tomorrow, Saturday, the 31st. I made the apple salad today. The apples weren't that flavorful and I used Kool Whip instead of mayo. I did put some mayo in it because the Kool Whip didn't want to mix smoothly. Hopefully, it'll all get eaten. I believe it will.  I'm giving Forrest the pair of lounge pants I got for Frank for Christmas because the pockets aren't deep enough, and I'm giving Sadie a necklace and a crocheted doilies. I inherited  lots of them from my mother who got them from her mother. Someone make them and they are valuable items. I use several of them on the tops of speakers and things. Trudy's getting a selection of semi-precious stone heart necklaces that I don't want anymore and I got a Whitman's Sampler for George. It should be a nice visit Sunday when they come.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Outing

Out to Walmart, that is. I felt better and I needed of shop for groceries, so after lunch, I went to town. Walmart was full of people for a Wednesday, but I usually go in the mornings and there are usually not that many people there. I found it hard to concentrate with all the people around.

I got a 9 lb turkey. I think I will cook it on Saturday so I won't have that much to do on Sunday. I got the ingredients to make an apple salad. Instead of using mayo, I'm going to use Cool Whip. That should make it really good.

After shopping, I was really tired out. I don't know if I'll be able to go to the temple tomorrow night. I'm still feeling the effects of the stomach virus I had over the Christmas week-end. Hopefully, I'll be better by tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Christmas, Monday

Church was really nice. Christmas falling on a Sunday, we just had sacrament meeting. I had thrown up twice the night before but wasn't running a fever so went on to church for I was singing in a ladies group and I thought I had to play for the choir number. Kursten was back and she played for the choir and I got to sing. We had a lot of musical numbers and Bishop Harris gave a talk and the sang "O Holy Night". It's rather a tradition for him to sing that song sometime in December. His daughter, April, is very talented musically and she accompanied him on the piano. She plays the organ, too. She hasn't had any organ lessons but she is doing a fantastic joy on the organ.

I started getting queezy in church and when I got home, I was really feeling bad. I lay around all Sunday hoping to get better. I think it was the 24 hour stomach virus, for Monday morning, I felt well, but still a little weak. I made it to scripture study but have had some activity in my colon. I've been very fortunate. I rarely get sick.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...We'll just watch TV I guess. No one is coming over tomorrow. We'll eat the turkey and dressing TV dinners I got for Thanksgiving. They may be too salty for Frank, but he can eat some of the food. I got him a lightweight jacket and a pair of lounging pants. Didn't even wrap them up-Bah, humbug! Trudy and her family will be coming over New Years Day and we can celebrate then.

It's in the 50's today so they'll be no white Christmas for us this year, yeah! Snow is for youngsters, not the seniors. I feel like I'm getting a head cold. I've been forgetting my nose spray in the mornings and it may be an allergy, but a runny nose by whatever cause is still a runny nose!

I'm almost through with another book. The last one took me 4 days to read. It was a short one, but I enjoyed it. I like the one I'm reading, too. Amazon keeps me in books.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Car Fixed

I got up at 6 AM and was at Big 10 Tires by 7:15 AM. I thought I needed new rear brakes for the dealership had told me I needed to replace them but the guy at Big 10 said I had about 50% more left on them. My rear tires were slick though and I got two new tires and they were all balanced and alined. The tires will needed to be rotated every 6,000 miles and I can get my oil changed there too at the same time. I have a great little car.

I had a long day starting at 6 AM. I went down to the basement and rode the bike for 20 minutes and then worked with the weights and did some tubes. I guess I'll read some more tonight. I read about an hour at the car place today. The Kindle just fits into my purse and is a handy take-along.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Visiting Day

I got up this morning and got ready to go over too Wanda's house for a visit and to cut her hair. It was raining pretty hard but I found the street fairly easily. There used to be an old drive-in theater screen that could be used for a land mark, but it was gone. I did turn at the right place though and found it pretty easily. Wands' hair was too long for her liking and I did the best I could under the circumstances of not having any clips and only bobby pins that wouldn' open wide enough. Wanda said she liked the cut. We had lunch and then I had to go. They took pictures and she gave me an early birthday present of two soup mugs and a big jar of homemade soup for supper.

The rain is still coming down. There's a chance of bad weather but so far no warnings. Wanda and Mike went through the bad tornadoes that hit the area last spring. The tornado hit their travel trailer they were living in. They were injured but survived. Even their cockateil, was spared and reunited with them later.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vet Trip

Rikki and I went to see Dr Jan this morning at 10:30. We had about an hour wait and then Dr Jan needed to run some tests on Rikki and that took a while and finally we were on the way home by 1:45 PM. Rikki has lost weight and her stools were yellowish which means her liver is not right. I have two Rx's to give her each day. She's 16 years old and may not reach the ripe old age of 60-70 years. Rosko is 21 years old and seems to be holding his own. I have no idea how old Gert is. He may be in his 30's.

After I got home, I took Karen's presents over to her and came back home and helped Frank put things back in his bathroom. He had mopped the floors in his bathroom and had taken most of the bottles & things off the floor. It looks nice. He still has too much stuff in that small bathroom but it's his.

Friday, I need to take my car into Big 10 Tires and get the back brakes changed and have the tires rotated and balanced , if necessary. I've been putting it off because I have really been busy lately but I have to have it done. I'm going to see Wanda tomorrow. Hope I can find her house okay.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Party

I almost didn't go to the senior center Christmas party. I had gone back to bed to read the scriptures and before I knew it it was 9:15 AM and the party was at 10:00 AM. I rushed and got dressed. I had made the brownies and had a present. I got there and there was already a large crowd sitting in a semi-circle. I sat with Ethel and another girl that comes to the exercise classes outside of the semi-circle. Everyone got a ticket with a number on it, if you brought a present. That way, if you brought a present, you would get a present. When my number was called, I "stole" a present that was already unwrapped. It was a small water fountain and I thought it was nice. No one "stole" it from me but Frank didn't sound too excited about it when he said, "Are you going to put water in it?"

I exercised with Janet at 2:30 PM and had a good work-out. She said I was doing good and had increased in weights. She gave me a pair of very pretty earrings that she had made. She said she had noticed I liked earrings and she made me a pair. I had been admiring her earrings and will have to tell her that next week.

Next, I went to Lowe's to get Dad a grab bar for the bathroom. We had installed two bars in the large bathroom when I had my knees replaced two years ago and they are a big help. They didn't have the one I had a paper for and it would take two weeks for it to come in, so I looked at what they did have and found one that would work. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Out to Lunch

I taught at the center and then made a mad rush to K Mart to buy some presents for my brother and sister-in-law who were coming up to take me out to lunch. I got Ruth two pair of earrings like I have, a pair of diamond-like studs and a pair of gold hoops. I got my brother a pair of gloves. Ruth made us a loaf of white bread and some peach preserves and three other baked goods that were absolutely delicious! I ate more than I should have, but I enjoyed every bite. I'm hoping to save some for when Trudy and her family come for Christmas dinner. If not, then I can bake some brownies.

The party at the senior center is tomorrow at 10:00 AM. I'm taking some brownies and a present of white gloves. If you don't bring a gift, you can't play dirty Santa. I don't know that game but I'll find out tomorrow. I exercise with Janet at 2:30 PM. Maybe after that I can stop by Lawler's bar-be-que and see if I can buy a smoked turkey. I don't know if I have room in the ice box for it just yet. I need to get in touch with Trudy and see what she's thinking about for Christmas.

Bubba and Ruth followed me home and came in a saw Frank a few minutes. He had his camera out and took some pictures. It'll be fun to see them.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I went back to bed and listened to Kim Komando on the radio and later got up and washed 2 loads of clothes. I vacuumed the floors and practiced the piano for a while while the clothes were washing. I was a bit nervous about playing the piano at the dedication, for the choir only, but it all went well. I don't like to have an event in the afternoon or night, for I get anxious about getting there on time, etc.

The dedication was very nice. The Bishop spoke and the Stake President and Brother Bluth of the Seventy spoke. Bro. Harris gave his testimony and the choir sang We Love Thy House, O God. The chapel was full and the spirit was strong. We now have a dedicated building to meet in, and hopefully we'll out grow it soon.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Rainy Day

I taught at the center today and then went to Curves. It was gloomy, rainy weather and only one other person had been to Curves. It only takes 30 minutes to do two rounds and I was through. I had to stop at Advance Auto and get some transmission fluid for the old Honda and I had to stop by Collin's Supply to get a snake to open the bathroom sink. The snake got stuck in the drain and Frank had to go underneath the sink to free it. It's running freely now.

Karen and I went out to the Walker's home to help one of the children make a Christmas gift for her mother. Sarah had a small embroidery piece she wanted to make for her mom. I'm glad Karen was with me for she took over and helped Sarah do it. It has been years since I've done any embroidery and I don't think I could have helped her that much. We got there at 2:15 PM and left at 4:00 PM. We got into the awful traffic on Hy 72. It thinned out after we got under the train bridge in Athens. It sort of bottle necks in that area of the highway.

Tomorrow, our building gets dedicated and Sunday the Primary sings the Christmas songs they have been practicing all month and Shelley and Evonne sing the song I'm playing for them. We really haven't had enough time to practice together but sing we will Sunday. I hope a few angels are singing and playing with us! So, I have a busy two days ahead of me.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Dr Visit

It wasn't raining when we went to our appointment with Dr Thomas, just grey and cloudy. While we were waiting to be seen, it began to rain lightly. We waited an hour to see him but it was good to see him. He is closing his practice and moving to Arizona. It will be good for him since he has asthma and he said he feels much better in Arizona than Alabama. We signed up to see a new Dr that is in Athens, right behind the hospital. Now, we'll have two Drs in Athens and won't have to go to H'ville all the time to see a Dr.

I had visiting teaching to do after I got home. Ann came to my house and I drove us to see Mary Lou and Karen. We'll try to see Joy next week. She works so we have to see her at night.

We heard from Frankie tonight. He is quitting teaching. Rachel is pretty sick and he needs to help out with the day care more. He said he felt good about his decision. There is a house to rent right by the day care business and they are thinking about renting out their house and renting the house by the day care. It would be easy for Rachel to go home if she felt sick and the kids elementary school is just a couple of blocks away. Hopefully, things will work out for them.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Middle of the Week

I went back to bed today but did get out at 10:30 AM to go to Curves. Frank was having a bad day and was still asleep when I left. We get up at 7 AM and eat breakfast and then he usually goes back to bed and sleeps till lunch time. He feels better in the afternoons.

My case of corn meal and the one can of whole egg powder came in the mail. We still have a 50 lb sack of bird pellets we're waiting on. That much food usually lasts the birds about a year. We keep it in the freezer and take out a gallon zip-loc bag and keep it in the refrigerator-freezer and use out of it until it's gone. I had to use some baking powder that was several years old to make pancakes the other day and I guess it was still good. The pancakes tasted good. I bought a small can of baking powder to have some fresh on hand. I don't do much baking so I don't use much of it.

Frank has some lessons about the Constitution that we're going to watch on the TV. We'll do after lunch, probably. It will be interesting. What I know about the Constitution I have forgotten after 50 years of studying it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not Much Today

I did go to town and stopped at Goody's. There was nothing to tempt me with there. I went on to Walmart. I saw Sophrona and her children. She showed me where the shelf paper was and I got a roll for Frank. I only had a very few items to get but it still cost $74.00. Wow! The prices have surely gone up on everything.

Frank gave the birds a shower this afternoon. We took Gert's food and toys out of his cage and wheeled it into the bathroom and sprayed him down good. He enjoyed getting wet. Rikki has gotten a good case of bumblefoot. It's caused by an infection of the feet. We've changed her perches to help her feet but they've seemed to have gotten worse. I'll have to call the avian vet tomorrow to see when I can take her in to be seen.

It was almost balmy out today. Later in the week it's supposed to be in the 70's with rain. It usually rains when it gets warm in the winter.

Our church building will be dedicated this Saturday, December 17th. A member of the Seventy will be here to do it. The choir is singing and I will be playing the piano for the number.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Usual Monday Things

Guess what I did today? Yes, the usual Monday things. I didn't go to Walmart. Frank wanted me to go but there wasn't many things on the list yet, and when I go, I usually manage to spent $100.00 or more. Maybe I'll go tomorrow! I need to buy some Christmas cards. I got a nice Hallmark card from the CEO of Goody's with a $10.00 coupon in it, good until January 1st. I might have to go cash it in on something!

Dad had a bad day today. He was feeling somewhat better this evening. We got to talking about a Kindle Fire, but I'm not interested in all the bells and whistles it has. I'm happy with my Kindle. I'm almost through with a mystery novel now. It's been a good book and I will finish it tonight. I love reading on the Kindle!

It was rather cold this morning when I went out, but it got up to 66 degrees, I think. Our weather is really nice until January or February and then it turns cold. Brrrr! I like Spring and Fall.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Whole Wheat Day

This morning was the neighborhood breakfast at Shoney's. There was a nice crowd. I had two sausage biscuits and ate one and brought the other one home. I guess the food was too greasy for I didn't feel satisfied and ate a small bowl of cereal when I got home.

I read some of my book, The Fifth Woman, and then got up and got the Vita Mix out and ground 2 cups of whole wheat and made whole wheat pancakes. Yum, were they good! I ate mine while I was standing up cooking the rest of the pancakes. I made several large pancakes instead of 18 smaller ones. I used my new iron skillet. If I had a griddle, maybe I would have made smaller cakes.

Rosko is full of pin feathers. We put the birds to bed but Rosko is still putting up a ruckus and throwing his bell around. He must be uncomfortable. The first night he did it, we worried about him and the next day, we changed the cover in his nest and washed out the nest and gave him a shower. But he still is agitated so I guess it's all his new feathers growing in that are causing him trouble.

I practiced the piano today but didn't work out. I was just too lazy.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Missing Posts

Don't know why I didn't write Thursday...had a nice workout with Janet. The weights are getting heaver! But I can still do them. I was a little sore after the workout but it's gone today.

Today, I taught at the center. Only had 6-7 people but the workout went well. We'll have our party the 21st instead of the 20th. I bought a pair of white gloves. I went to Staples after the exercise class. Frank wanted some notebooks and some calendars. It was over $60.00! I got the wrong size calendars and two notebooks he didn't need so I had to make another trip into town to get the extra things off of my debit card. After Staples, I shopped at Walmart. I bought a 10" iron skillet and made corn bread when I got home! I haven't had an iron skillet since I gave mine to Trudy when she got married. I feel like a real Southern woman now that I have an iron skillet!

We made up some vitamin pills after lunch and I have run 2 loads through the laundry. I'll have  two more to do tomorrow. I haven't practiced the Christmas song on the piano today. I did hear it on the radio last night and got a better feel for the tempo. That will be something I will do tomorrow also.

I made out Christmas cards and got three birthday cards ready for the 3 birthday kids this month. Dad just now has to write the checks to put in the cards and they will be ready to mail. They'll be early this year instead of a few days late like normal!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Duel Dental Appointments

It was raining again today. I hate going 70 mph on wet roads but we take the interstate to go to H'ville to see the dentist. We had a safe trip and there weren't any problems but I still dislike driving in the rain. It's nice to both go to the dentist at one time. I'll go back in 3 months but Frank won't go until 6 months.

Don't know why I didn't write Tuesday. I did go to the pharmacy and to the bank and to Walmart. I needed a gift for the senior center party and I found a pretty pair of white gloves that would do. I, of course, bought a few extra things but the cost was $94.00. I got three cartons of powdered milk and they cost $17.58 a piece and that's what made the bill so large. But we have a good supply of milk on hand now.

It's raining and turning colder now. It's 38 degrees and falling. Maybe our nice 60 degree weather is behind us now. Anyway, it's December!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Rain Today

I did my usual things for a Monday-taught at the center and went to Curves. Then I went to K Mart to buy a pair of cz stud earrings I saw that were on sale. I missed the sale for it was on Sunday, but I got a pair of studs and a pair of hoop earrings for under $20.00 and I was happy. I went on to Goody's to return a pair of exercise pants I had ordered online. I was there about 20 minutes for the computers don't want to recognize mail order things. The manager finally got things right and I got the price put back on my card.

Frank had called me and told me to stop by the collision center and pick up the old Honda for he had an appointment with the eye Dr today at 3:00 PM. It had begun raining when we left home and was really coming down in buckets when we left the Dr's office. We stopped by the collision center and found that the part they were waiting on to fix the old Honda had come in, so we left the car with them and rode home in my car. It's still raining.

It'll be raining tomorrow but I have to go by the bank and the pharmacy so I'll probably get out in it.
 Like a little duckling, I'll be paddling around in it!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bird Food

I got on the computer and looked for Rosco's and Rikki's low fat maintenance mini pellets. After several fruitless tries, I noticed a "low fat" bar in a list of things. Fortunately, for the birds, I found a 50 lb sack of low fat mini pellets and ordered it.

Saturday is a slow day since I have no laundry to do...oh yes, there are towels to do downstairs, but it isn't urgent that they be done today. I'm cooking beans  but the stove does all the work and I just have to time them.

I read the books of Judges and Ruth last night so I am on target and a lesson ahead for the scripture study. I still have Just Run to read and I'm about half way through the book. It's interesting reading.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday

I taught today at the Center. They have a huge Christmas tree up and a little red jeep-like car beside it, all very festive. Dec 19th, a Monday, we are to bring a small gift and some food and play dirty Santa, a game I believe where the gifts are passed around but everyone ends up with a gift. Since it is my time to teach, I won't have to and will get to enjoy everyone's company.

I went to Curves and at 2:30 PM I worked out at Janet's house. I did bicep curls with 8 lb weights and didn't get tired! I was really surprised. I enjoy working out with Janet. She loaned me a  CD with music on it to work out with. I was getting tired of the CD I was playing, even though it is a good CD.

We tried to order some bird pellets on-line today but weren't successful. They had a 50 lb bag of mini pellets but we didn't want over a 25 lb bag. We'll search again tomorrow.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Missed Appointment

Being a Thursday, I just piddled around the house. I washed a load of clothes and checked my mail on the computer, nothing exciting. I had an appointment with Janet that I forgot. She called and we sset it up for tomorrow at 2:30 PM.

I have been reading a e-book on my Kindle and it is called, "Just Run" and that's what it is doing! The main character is being hunted by some bad guys and I get caught up in the story and fear for the life of the character! I just finished a book written by the same author and it was good. This one is entirely different from the first one. The author is Christ Culver and he's only written two books. I like his writing style and will read any other books he writes. I read about 1-2 hours a night when I have a book I like. It beats watching TV shows.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost Curves

I set out at 9 this morning aiming to go to Curves and then on to H'ville, but I decided to go to H'ville first. I got to Penny's just when the Mall was opening. Penny's didn't have the pj's I wanted for Dad so I went on to Belk's. There I found a light, all weather jacket for Frank and got him a pair of lounge pants too. This will be his Christmas present. I shopped at Belk's and found a black skirt and a white pull over for me. At Penny's, I got 2 pull overs and a pair of black pants. I hope Dad gives me money for Christmas so I can replenish the "well".

When I got home it was 12:15 PM and I fixed lunch. Later I took up the pair of pants by hand. It was stretchy material and I didn't want to mess with the sewing machine on that fabric. It would have worked but I just hemmed them by hand. I will finally have enough pants that fit right.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bama Wins!

Alabama beat Auburn this year! I watched the game and it was good. It's always good when we win.

Monday was Monday. I did the usual things. Found out that Frank didn't take his medicines Saturday and that was why he has been so sick over the week-end. He took them this morning and is beginning to feel better. I was distracted by our guests and didn't notice he hadn't taken his pills. I'll have to do a better job next time.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sad Farewell

Our guests left at 11 AM. They were going to Trudy's house but no one was going to be home except Trudy. The others had gone air softing. Mary Kate and Richard were disappointed that no one was going to be home. They left to do some more shopping in H'ville, eat lunch somewhere and then go on to Trudy's house.  It was sad to see them go. It's always good to see them come but it's getting sadder to see them leave. I guess my heart is getting musher  the older I get.

Frank had a really hard morning and is still in bed. He didn't get to tell the family good-by.

The Auburn-Alabama game is today. I'm going to watch it. Hope Alabama wins!

Friday, November 25, 2011


We had a nice Thanksgiving. Mary Kate and her family were here because Sadie got sick and we couldn't go over there. I got a smoked turkey and MK made her dressing and we all had a feast! Dad was having a bad day and joined us later on. We stayed up until 10:30 PM watching "Elf" which was a cute movie.

We left the house this morning at 7:30-8:00 AM and drove to H'ville for Black Friday. We went to several stores and I got to go to Penny's and get two purses. I got a red and a dull green one. They are both rather alike because they are made by the same company, Liz Claiborne. They were marked $50.00 but I got each for $20.00. I love the sales on the purses! I bought a pair of long white socks at Target and that was all I spent. We went to Dick's, Target, Michael's,  and stores in the Mall. We were away from home 8 hours! It was great fun and not too tiring. I love to shop! We ate lunch at the food court in the Mall and saw Trudy and Sadie, who were out shopping, too.

We're trying to watch a movie at home tonight, but we have never used the DVD before are we're having trouble getting the machine to work. It's almost 8 PM now and I think going to bed early is a good idea! Sophia and MK are working on a project Fia has for school on Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Stormy Weather

The cold front wasn't all that cold and we didn't get any storms. It was in the 50's today. I took Dad to H'ville to the Dr and I just wore a button down shirt and a vest. I was a little chilly at the Dr's office and would have liked to have had a light coat on. We got home and had lunch, and I had to go to Janet's house at 2:30 PM. After that, I went to Lawler's Bar-be-cue and had to wait in line for 30 minutes to pick up the smoked turkey! Everyone had the same idea at the same time! Then I went to Walmart for some milk and veggies and bread for Mary Kate's family. Walmart was a madhouse! I had to park in the last parking space right before the highway. I got checked out fast and was soon on my way home.

When I got home, Frank got into the turkey. It was cold and wrapped in plastic. He didn't much like it and will warm his up tomorrow. I had soaked some beans and had to cook them. They will be done by 9 PM tonight. I think MK will make her stuffing. There is no room for anything else in the refrigerator so I hope she's not bringing anything. I did get some fresh veggies so we can eat healthy tomorrow. I have no dessert planned but I do have cake mixes and brownie mix. We will be well fed on Thanksgiving day.

I tried calling Trudy to see how Sadie was doing but got the answering machine. I still want to go shopping Friday. Hopefully, we will.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Change of Plans

Trudy called to say that Sadie was sick so Mary Kate and her family will coming to spend the night at our house Wednesday night. I called around and found a smoked turkey at Lawler's Bar-be-cue and I plan to pick it up tomorrow afternoon. I'll go to Walmart and buy some bread, milk, and veggies so MK's family can have something to eat while they are here. We'll go to Trudy's after Sadie is well. The turkey will cost $33.98 for a 10 lb smoked turkey. It's worth it having someone else to cook it. I don't know when we'll go shopping.

We had another warm day but with dark clouds. The paper said we could have some rough weather tonight when the cold front moves in. Hopefully it will only be rain and no tornadoes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

So Usual

My life is so uneventful that anyone who reads my posts for a while can predict what I am going to say. I did the usual Monday things. Because it's Thanksgiving week, Curves won't be open Wednesday so I'll only go once this week. I'll have to be sure I exercise in my home gym this week. I see Janet Wednesday at 2:30 PM. Frank has a H'ville Dr appointment at 10:15 AM but we will be back in time for me to see Janet.

We finished Deuteronomy this lesson. Saturday, I read from chapter 11 - 32. Moses was a great man. All he did for the children of Israel in teaching them and leading them to where they were ready to go into the promised land was dynamic. Joshua is next and I need to read it before next Monday.

I got all the ingredients for the peas and asparagus casserole for Thanksgiving. I got a couple of TV dinners for Frank. He will be alone while we all are celebrating at Trudy's house.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good News

Frankie called tonight. Said Rachel was home from the Mayo Clinic a few days early. The Dr said her
problems were caused by her migraine headaches. They gave her some different medicine to take and hopefully she will get better. Frankie still hasn't decided whether to keep teaching school or not. He needs to help Rachel with the day care business.

I went to the neighborhood breakfast at Cracker Barrel. There were about 12-15 people there. Maryleen sat across from me and another neighbor I can't remember her name sat next to Maryleen and I listened to their conversations. The breakfast I ordered was too much. I don't go out to eat enough to know what to order. Maryleen ordered two biscuits and two sausages and ate one and took the other one home for later. That would have been enough for me. I'll order that next month. I liked Cracker Barrel better than Shoney's.

Dad and I vacuumed the floors and I mopped them. They surely look nice now!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Dr Visit

Frank saw Dr Moody for his eye check-up and all was well. He got to take off the clear eye shield he was wearing. He's still putting drops in his eye. He'll see Dr Moody one more time and will get a prescription for some glasses that will help him read better.

I went to Curves after the Dr visit and then went to Isom's orchard to get 1/2 peck of apples and then stopped by Walmart to get Frank a turkey TV dinner. I got a couple of them and three cartons of powdered milk and 4 loaves of bread. We eat lots of bread. Well, I only eat 1 1/2 pieces a day but Frank eats more. I like to have plenty of bread in the freezer so I won't run out.

I wanted to know how many calories were in cooked wheat berries so I Googled it and found an answer!  1/2 cup of berries have 151 calories in them, 6 g of protein and 4 g of fiber. I also wanted a recipe for the peas and asparagus casserole I am to take to Trudy's for Thanksgiving and I found one that was just right! The computer is a marvelous thing.

We got a sample of freeze dried food from Wise Foods and I fixed it tonight for supper. It was lasagna and I just boiled 4 cups of water and then stirred the food in and let it set for 15 minutes. It was gross! Frank wouldn't eat it but I have more will power and I forced myself to eat a cup of it. It had 49% of you daily dose of sodium in it! We won't be buying any fancy, costly, freeze dried food in the future.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Operation Okay

Frank's cataract operation went well. It surely was quick. I had no more than settled in the waiting room until the nurses station was calling me back. We got to the hospital at 8:30 AM and were home by 11:30 AM. Frank has a plastic guard over his eye and has to put drops in his eye every 2 hours and we go see the Dr tomorrow morning for a check-up.

Came home and had to cook lunch. Frank had some beans left but the hamburger was all gone. I had 2 eggs and bread and Smart Balance for lunch. I made a full skillet of hamburger, tomato, Rotel tomatoes, and bean mix. I put 3 cans of beans in it to make it go farther, plus I like the extra beans.

I need to get serious about making the peas and asparagus casserole for Thanksgiving. I've got the peas, just need the asparagus and mushrooms and mushroom soup and maybe some shredded cheese.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rainy Weather

It was 72 degrees at 5:00 PM last night and we had a cold front move in and it really rained this morning with more to come tonight. Mississippi had tornadoes and some bad weather went over LaGrange, GA. I hope we don't have any bad weather out of this front.

I took my pants over to Karen's today and we got them fixed all except the red pair. Instead of getting a pair that fit but was way too long, I got a pair that was a size too big but I wouldn't have to hem them up much. What faulty thinking! The pants had pockets and a fake thing on the front and that kept them from being altered the way I had figured out. Money down the drain! I did learn that you measure your correct inseam and add 3" to that and that's were you cut the pants off. In the case of my petites, I take out the hem and then measure and don't cut anything off. I think the inseam of the petites is 27" and I'm 25 1/2".

Dad is getting ready for his eye surgery tomorrow. We'll go to the hospital at 8:30 AM and he'll be operated on at 10:00 AM. It's an out patient thing and we'll be home that afternoon, with a follow up at the Dr's Friday morning. I think he'll still need some prescription reading glasses.

I work out at 4 PM today.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Shot

I saw Dr Shergy but it wasn't for a Prolia shot. I guess it was a visit prior to my shot in January. I asked him about the mouth problems and he said that all the drugs for osteoporosis had the same side effects and that changing wouldn't help. The next time my mouth hurts, I'll go see the Dentist. I had to stop by Walmart to get some Smart Balance and bananas and found a neat winter gown that I got too. The sleeves are too long but I'll probably just roll them up.

I got the sewing machine out today and was going to hem up the four pair of pants I've had waiting for a while. I cut off the hem of the new pants I bought but started on a pair that Mary Kate had tried to take up for me but cut too short. I was going to sew some lace on the edge and then turn up the hem with that but I realized the pants were of a stretchy material and the lace wasn't and I chickened out on doing it myself. I called Karen and asked her to help me and tomorrow I'll take my pants and go over to her house and get them fixed. She will show me how and I'll do the work.

At 4 PM, I have a work out at Janet's. I enjoy going and working out with her.

Monday, November 14, 2011

So Many Mondays

Coming up with a different title for each Monday is a challenge. The Primary program went well. We had several members of the congregation make comments about how good and spiritual it was and how tender the songs were. The children and adults worked hard all year to get the program together. Next, we prepare songs for Christmas. The children already know two of the three songs we'll sing. Then, come January, and we'll begin working on another Primary program!

I did the usual Monday things. Taught at the Center and did Curves and went too Walmart. Dozed a bit in the afternoon but didn't really get in a good nap. I go to see Dr Shergy tomorrow for my Prolia shot. I'm going to see if I can switch to the shot I would have to take just once a year. The Prolia makes it hard for any surgery to be done in my mouth and it may make my gums sore, don't know. I just thought about insurance...the new shot may have to be okayed  by the insurance before it's given.  I'll find out tomorrow.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beautiful Fall Day

It's been cool in the mornings but warms up in the afternoon. We removed the hoses outside and drained on and I took the bad ones to the burn pile to be disposed of. I had three sprinkler hoses to put in the shed. The first one I tried to coil up nicely but by the third one, I was just trying to cram it all in so I could shut the door of the shed!

Dad checked the level of the gas in the propane tank and we lit the heater downstairs. We don't need it yet, but it was one of the things we had on our list and now it's done. There are still lots of boxes to get rid of downstairs.

Tomorrow's the Primary program. I've got my songbook fixed so I'll know what song comes where and when. I'll be glad when it's over. The parents love the program and I bet the kids like to be in it too. Next we'll be learning Christmas songs.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Up And Away

The title has nothing to do with my post. I had a lot written and this update come on and I updated it and when it came back, most of my post was gone!

I took Dad to the Dr in H'ville today. We ate at Wendy's. The Singles weren't good. One without cheese has 460 calories and the chocolate milk had 160. I should have had a diet drink instead.

I dated all the cans of veggies Trudy got me and put them in the shelves. Most of the downstairs is in shape, but I have lots of empty boxes that are in the way. We have many large boxes that need to be thrown away if I could just get Frank to let go of them. Some have been downstairs for years! Maybe next trash day...I need to work out today but I am tired so I might not do anything today and wait until tomorrow to do it (put off until tomorrow what you don't want to do today!).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Empty Bedroom

Trudy and Forrest just left. Trudy had shopped a Kroger sale and had gotten me a bunch of canned  veggies and they brought them over and they got the bed that was in Trudy's old room. Forrest needed a new mattress and I gave him the mattress and the bed furniture. I hope it will be firm enough for him. I noticed I had a board between the mattress and box springs but maybe it'll be an improvement over what he had. They brought over a metal shelf to put the veggies on and will come back next week-end to help put it together.

We go to see Dr Phillips tomorrow. I bought some more clothes at Goody's today. I got some button down shirts and a pair of pants. I have several pair of pants that I need to hem up. Even the petites are too long! Standing next to Forrest, I look as tall as a toad stool! He's over 6' and is only 17 yrs old and is still growing!

I cleaned out my closet and gave Trudy 2 large sacks of clothes that I have outgrown. They have a "sisters closet" at church that everybody gives to and can take out of when they need it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Easy Day

I didn't have anywhere to go today, so I went back to bed for some good, sweet sleep. Got up at 10:00 AM and got dressed. In the afternoon, I practiced the song I'm singing with a group Shelley got up for Christmas. The alto is really low and tricky at places so I want to practice it well before the next practice at church. I also ran through the music for the Primary program. I'll need to read the parts in full so Sunday I'll know where the music comes in. I'll be glad when it's over.

After playing the piano or maybe I exercised before playing the piano...I rode my bike 20 minutes and worked with some weights and tubes. I waited too late to go to Curves and it will be closed Friday for Veterans Day. The Center will be closed too. Frank has a Dr appointment in H'ville Friday and I won't miss out on teaching since it's a holiday.

Got another Stronger Seniors Chair Exercise Program. It's nice but too easy for me now.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exercise Session

I had a good work-out with Janet today. It was a warm day, got up to 74 degrees, I think. I had on sweat pants and really got a sweaty work-out! I cycle for about 20 minutes and then I lifted weights. I sat on a big ball to lift weights some times and placed the ball on the wall to do squats with. I'm lifting 6 lbs on the bicep curls now. I only have 5 lbs to work with at home. I'll go to Curves tomorrow, and will work at home Thursday. I missed working at home a day or two last week.

I washed a load of clothes this morning and read my scriptures. I went back to bed and got up at 10:00 AM. Even though I was up earlier, I didn't feel quite up to doing anything. 10:00 is the time my body wants to begin work. The times I have to leave the house by 8:00 AM are okay for the bed isn't there calling my name! Frank has cataract surgery next Thursday and I have to have him back to the Dr the next day, so I'll have to tell the ladies at the Senior Center I won't be able to lead the exercises on that Friday. Tomorrow was a temple day but I forgot to plan for it. I need to get on the ball for I also forgot my sister-in-law's birthday which was the 7th of November. Wo, is me!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Monday

I did the usual things for a Monday...Senior Center and Curves then home. I cooked some hamburger chili for lunch and after lunch went to Karen's for scripture study. We're studying Deuteronomy. It's pretty cool. I read the first 10 chapters last night. Next week it will be the rest of the book.

I was sleepy after study so I came home and finished the book I had been reading and then took an hour nap. I guess I was still tired after driving to B'ham and back. Tomorrow I'll do laundry and have my session with Janet.

The leaves are almost gone on the maple tree that's outside the kitchen window. It was a pretty yellow color and now the ground is littered with leaves. When the sweet gum tree out near the road finishes getting rid of all of it's leaves, I'll have to clean out the drain pipe. I left it full of leaves last year but with two years of leaves clogging it up, we might have trouble with it. Maybe, I'll get the neighbor boy to help me do it and pay him to help.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Great Week-end!

Trudy and I left Athens Friday at 1:55 PM. We didn't have any trouble finding the hotel. We got there before Mary Kate and we checked into the room. The TV didn't work good so when Mary Kate got there they put us in another room. The room had too large beds, a micro wave and refrigerator that wasn't too cool. The girls went wild jumping from bed to bed and having a great time! The beds were a little too high for me to just sit on-I had to jump up to get on the mattress. It was funny.

We went out for supper and ate at a Mexican restaurant. I didn't know what to order but found some talapia that was broiled with a bunch of veggies. It was pretty good and the girls got this flaming, sizzling pan of veggies and meat to make tacos with. We wanted to eat healthy and it was a good meal. I paid for it and it was $28.00. Next, we went to this giant thrift store and I think the girls got a few things. We went back to the hotel and watched two movies and finally fell asleep around 12:00 AM. We had to get up for breakfast at the hotel by 8:30 AM so we went without make-up! It was a good breakfast with eggs, bacon, bagels muffins, waffles orange juice and milk. It was a hearty breakfast for us. We then started out for a morning of shopping!

We found an even larger thrift store and wandered around there for some time. We wanted to try on the clothes but this store didn't have any dressing rooms. I put some shirts back but got four. Both Mary Kate and Trudy got clothes. Then, it was time for lunch at 1:45 PM. We ate at the Olive Garden. It was pricey but the girls shared one entree and I got some ravioli that I knew I could chew. The salad was excellent and the waiter was very attentive. When we first got there, he offered us a taste of wine! We declined and ordered our food. It was a nice leisurely lunch. We next went to some outlet stores.

The outlet stores were all new. I went into the Famous Shoe Store and bought a pair of Sketchers tie up tennis shoes. The size 8 was a tad too big so I got a wide 7 1/2. I hope I didn't mess up by going down a 1/2 size. Mary Kate bought some work- out clothes and we wandered around looking. we finally got our fill of shopping and went back to the hotel where MK's car was parked. She had complained of smelling the car, so we checked her fluids. She was almost out of oil and her radiator was lot. We went to a Shell station and bought 2 quarts of oil and put it in. We put some water in the radiator too. We said out good-byes at the service station and went our separate ways. Trudy and I got home about 4 PM. She helped me get all the things in from the car. She came downstairs to look at the bed and headboard Forrest is getting. We'll have to move quite a bit of stuff for them to be able to get the mattress and box spring out of the bedroom. The bed is full of storage. It was a great Fri-Sat for us and we plan to do it with Sophia and Sadie next time and make it a temple trip, too. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dreary Day

It had rained during the night and more leaves fell off the trees and it was dark outside, so I went back to bed and read the scriptures and then some in the book I'm reading now. It's about the life of a slave girl in her own words. It's pretty interesting.

We made papers for Rikki's and Rosko's cages and cleaned the eyes of the stove after I let the beans boil over and spill all down into the stove top. I had given up on ever cleaning the pans under the stove eyes for they were so dirty and it takes really hard scrubbing to get them any way clean. But Frank took the eye off the spilled part and then proceeded to get all of the pans out, so I had to clean them. They still have some stains on them but I was able to get them shinny looking and clean anyway.

I rode 20 minutes on my bike but didn't take any time to lift weights or work with the tubes. Maybe I'll skip Curves tomorrow and just work downstairs. I'll be needing to get ready to go to B'ham too but that won't require much time. I'll have to read Trudy's e-mail to see if we need to buy any supplies before we go.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Buying Fever

Went to Curves this morning and the pharmacy and by Goody's today. I bought some clothes. I have a lot of pull-overs that I think are too small for me now so I'm looking out for some blouses and other pull-overs. I need another pair of tie up tennis shoes or other kind of tie up shoes for the Nike's I have aren't comfortable and they are fairly new. My mule-type tennis shoes are very comfortable but I need a pair of tie up shoes too.

Looking forward to girls night out Friday! It may rain Thursday but hopefully Friday will be clear. I don't care...we'll have fun no matter what happens!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bill Day

Paying the bills was almost the only thing we got done today. I had an appointment with Janet at 3:30 PM and after that I went by the PO and mailed the bills, the ones we didn't pay online.

I'll go to Curves in the morning and will go by the pharmacy to get two prescriptions filled for Frank's eyes getting ready for the cataract surgery. This will be his second eye and his vision should be good after the operation. It's scheduled for the 17th of November.

We didn't have any trick or treaters last night. We live in a neighborhood of older people plus we are out in the county so no one comes by.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Afster Sunday Conference

President Draughon is the President of the new Madison Stake and a Bro. Drake and Mike Campbell are his counselors. President Vaughn is the President of the H'ville Al Stake. It was a good meeting but I got tired of sitting for two hours right before the meeting closed. Bro Decker was called to be a member of the High Council. That means that he will be gone one or more Sundays of the month visiting another Ward and helping them out.

Today was a usual Monday. I taught at the Center and then went to Curves and then to Walmart. I had to get come candy for the trick or treaters who never come to our house. I buy candy or cookies and then Frank eats it all up before Halloween! I got some peanut M&M'S and I just had to eat some tonight. I still counted them in my calorie count. I go to see Janet tomorrow for exercise. I've gained a pound and I want to see if that's muscle like Frank thinks it is. It's a real insult to gain a pound when I've been counting calories and haven't gone over 1,750 and that was for only one day.

This week-end is girls night out for Mary Kate, Trudy and me. MK has made reservations in B'ham for us to spend the night and we plan to look for thrift stores while we are down there. I have to start paying for my mattress and that with the personal trainer will take quite a chunk of change from my spending money! It's all worth it, I guess. I know Janet is worth it. I'm still getting used to my mattress. I think I may have a year to see if I like it.

Frank had a bad day today but he got to feeling better later on in the evening. It's bill paying tomorrow.  Nothing is certain but death and taxes!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday night of Stake Conference

Saturday night in Stake Conference is reserved for the adults. Entire families come Sunday morning or afternoon. The church was packed and we had to double park outside to get a place to park. We got there about 10 minutes before the meeting was to start. Two of the Seventies were there to conduct the meeting of splinting the Huntsville AL Stake into the Huntsville AL Stake and the Madison Stake. We'll be in the Madison Stake. Bro Decker is going to receive a new calling and I won't know what it is until it is announced in church even though I'll be riding up with them in the afternoon! Everyone will know when it's announced at the afternoon meeting. It could be a stake job and probably is.

The meeting was very spiritual and I enjoyed all of the talks. It was two hours long and I had to get out of the building quickly for I was double parked. The traffic in H'ville was fierce it being a Saturday night.
Saw Trudy and George and Cay and met Trudy's Relief Society President she's counselor to. We sat right in front of then.

It's time to go to bed now, it's 11:15 PM and I'm tired.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Rainy Friday

I taught at the Senior Center and Frank had an eye appointment today. I got home at 9:30 AM and we left for the Dr at 9:40 AM. It was in Athens and it didn't take us long to get there. The rain was messy but it wasn't coming down so hard that we got wet. I used the umbrella and Frank just walked in it. By the time we got home, the rain had stopped. It has gotten quite a bit cooler than it has been. It's the end of October and one would expect it to be cooling off some. The weather doesn't get really bad until January, most years.

The old Accord's trunk still leaks. The man said he would have to take the back window off to fix it and it would cost money. It didn't leak until we had the back window replaced so maybe they will be able to fix it this time.

My new mattress is sleeping better and better each night as I get used to it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

High Five

I had two articles of clothing that needed to be altered and they had been waiting for me to find my "round tuit" so I could fix them. Well, today I got around to it. I have a nice blouse with the right colors and everything but it was too long for short little me. I got it online and was pleased with it but a large was rather large. I took up the hem of the shirt and hope it looks better. I also had a pair of pull up jeans that I got from Walmart that were too big. I sewed around the inseam and took them up in the waist and now they fit better. I still have two pair of pants to alter but I must have Karen's help in that. My inseam in 25 1/2" and if I can find out how to measure and allow for the hem, then I can do that for myself.
I found a pair of men's jeans for the harvest festival that were too large but they felt so good. I think I'll check back there later and see if they have any smaller jeans and I just might get some. I can try on so I don't have to buy blind.

Frank is still trying to get the Roku working right. We like to watch the Glen Beck show but the voice has been out of synch with the mouth movements. I wonder if other people are having as much trouble as we are?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Mary Lou came by the house on the way to Madison to a Dr's appointment and picked me up and dropped me off at the collision center to pick up the old Honda. We had found another leak in the trunk and they had the car for several days fixing the leak. I came home and changed cars and headed for H'ville.

I stopped to pick up an Rx and then went to Costco to return some clothes. Then I went by Sam's to pick up some protein bars that Frank wanted. Next, to Sear's to return some clothes I bought from Land's End that didn' fit. Then I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to return a yellow (easiest) tubing that was too easy for me. I stopped for a drink and then on to Athens and to the pharmacy and then I stopped for gas and then came home! I've got two loads of laundry in the works and the fall festival is at 6 PM at the church.

 I stopped by Good Will before I left town and bought a pair of jeans (men's) and an orange shirt. The shirt turned out to be a large size in a boy's size so I can't use it. I'll wear the jeans and maybe one of Frank's shirts to the fall festival tonight plus the black wig I bought at the Halloween store today. I'll make up my face and maybe I won't look too frightful for the little kids! I enjoy dressing up. I wish I knew where all of my wigs were. I have this one that is really awesome but I can't find it-don't even know where to look so I bought one today. Maybe I need a little box with cards in it to remind me where I put stuff from year to year.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Work Out

Had a good work at Janet's today. I'm using 5-6 lb weights now and it feels good. She said I am progressing and have good form. I feel like I'm getting stronger. When I pick up my sewing machine it feels lighter! I was dreading to have to pick it up to use. Now, it's not so bad. I have a pair of jeans that are too large and I need to take them up. Getting around to doing it is another story!

The old Honda is ready to be picked up. I called Mary Lou to see if she was going into town tomorrow and she said she was and she wouldn't mind stopping by to pick me up and carry me to the shop to get the car. Then, I have to come home and get my car and the things I need to take back to Costco and go to H'ville to pick up an Rx and go by Costco. Then there's the fall festival at church tomorrow night. It starts at 6 PM. It's a chili cook-off and games and trunk or treat for the kids. It should be lots of fun for the whole family.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Senior Center exercises and Curves then home. Frank wanted to order some things over the mail and I had to help him. I hate calling the automated bank account but he wants me to learn how to do it, so I did. When the balance was announced, I wasn't ready for it, plus when a large number is read off to me I can't picture it in  my mind. I'll get better.

Dad had some paper he wanted me to sort and I did that plus I got out some '05-06 bills that needed shredding and I did that. I filled two very large plastic garbage sacks full of shreddings. I still need to sweep the remainders up and put the small table up. Frank's still working on the TV in the living room.

I found some old pictures of family and I made three piles for the children and gave the rest to Frank. I want to get rid of any pictures that are just laying around. I have some in an album but don't want any more. The pictures now go into the computer.

Frankie called last night to say hello. Rachel is still having health problems and has been sent to the Mayo Clinic in Florida. She has relatives there and will probably go alone. Frankie might leave school teaching after the Christmas break. He's needed at the day care and he would love to stop teaching school.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bed Comes Tomorrow

I thought my bed was coming today and I moved furniture around so they could get the box springs and mattress in my room. I called the place and was told it was coming tomorrow, Saturday, so I'll sleep on the air mattress one more night. Actually it's more comfortable than the bed I took back to Costco. I've not had one back ache since sleeping on the air mattress, but I'm looking forward to having a real bed again!

We had some ice on the car this morning. I started the car and turned on the defrosters and it car was de-iced in no time. I did stop by Advanced Auto and got two ice scrapers and a squeegee. When I got home, I noticed an ice scraper in the door of my car!

We had a good exercise class. I explained why we wouldn't be doing the two neck exercises. I need to tell Jan about them so if/when she comes back, she won't do them.

Frank finally finished working on the TV. Now all the ugly wires that were hanging down are tucked neatly into a brown strip that is attached to the wall. After my bed arrives and the living room is cleaned up, and the floors mopped, the house will be in order once again.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Night

Tonight is my last night for sleeping on the air mattress on my box springs! My new mattress and box springs should be here sometime tomorrow. It hasn't been too bad, but I will be glad to have a regular mattress-one that doesn't leak air! Ha-ha! It's been like camping, minus the bugs, the sweat and the heat! It's been an adventure but I'm glad to have it over.

I had my work out with my personal trainer today. She told me some exercises not to be doing with the seniors and I was glad to get the information. We shouldn't tilt our heads up and down or rotate them and we had exercises that do that. I'll explain tomorrow why we won't be doing them any more. I had an enjoyable work out. I was using 6 lb weights for bicep curls. That will really cause by muscles to burn. We have some 5 lb weights that I will use until I go back to see Janet.

Frank worked some more on getting the TV wires hidden but isn't finished yet. He got the vacuum out and did the living room floors and behind things, where the large dust bunnies live. I'm bad about not moving things and dusting behind things. If I don't see it, it's not there!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I slept in this morning and didn't go to Curves. I had to go to town to get some things that Frank wanted but unless I go to Curves in the morning, I don't go.

Frank had the living room all messed up because he was installing the Roku. It upsets me to have the living room messed up and I'm not happy until order is established. He still has some work to do, but I moved the recliner back to its usual place and moved a box downstairs that didn't need to be in the living room. I also moved a brown wicker-like storage cube out and hope to give it to Trudy.

It rained yesterday and the temperatures were in the 50's today and the wind was blowing. I hope our nice Fall weather returns and this isn't the start of the colder weather. The trees are turning beautiful colors, but the rain and wind makes them fall from the trees.

Our old 1990 Honda is still in the shop getting the trunk waterproofed. We don't need it unless Frank has to go somewhere. We need to renew our pistol permits but that can wait until we get the car back.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blog Printed

I had about a year of blogs printed by Blog2Print last night. The dedication of the book got me to thinking. If I want my posterity to get to know me by my blogs, then I need to share my testimony with them.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I believe in Jesus Christ. He is at the head of his church directing the affairs of the church through his prophet who is Thomas S. Monson. There will be other prophets to take President Monson's place after he dies. I believe in the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ by the prophet Joseph Smith. Through the authority and power of God, he translated the Book of Mormon from the golden plates. I have read this book many times and know that it is the word of God. It is a collection of books written by ancient prophets on the American continent and is true scripture. One only has to read this book and pray and ask if it is true to gain a testimony of it. This I have done and know that it is true scripture and is the word of God to us in our day.

May my friends and posterity know that I am faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has made my life better than I could have imagined. It fills me with hope for the future and gives me the hope I need to live every day of my life in joy and thanksgiving.

May I leave this witness to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Again

Mondays seem to roll around quite quickly. Taught at the Center. We did 10 reps of most all things and really got a work out! I added one thing I got from the Silver Sneakers tape. It was with the ball and it was easy. Hopefully, I'll remember to do it again this Friday. I apologized for missing last Friday. I told them my daughter and grandchildren were here and I totally forgot about the exercise class. They said they understood. If I had remembered, I would have gone.

I went to Curves and had a sweaty work out. It's a good work out if I get to sweating! I came home and had to fix some lunch. I put three cans of beans to the one pound of hamburger meat this time. More fiber now.

I moved my cropped pants downstairs and brought up my winter things. It's not quite time to get into the winter clothing, but today was the day I did it. I can still fit into most of the shirts I brought up.

Mary Kate printed off some exercises for downstairs and I can't wait to do them. Tomorrow is the day that I work in my home gym. I'm looking forward to the time when I know the exercises and won't have to look at a book or paper to do them. Surely, it won't be too long!

We got the whole house filter installed and now the water tastes great. I hope I can get rid of the water filter we have at the sink. It will give a bit more room on the sink.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family Gone

Mary Kate and the kids went to Sacrament meeting and then came home and got packed and ready to leave. She had the kids fed and ready when I got home. They left at 1:30 PM. We had a very nice visit. It never lasts long enough but kids have school to go to and MK has work at the gym to do and life goes on. Richard needs his family around him too.

Our home teachers came at 4 PM. We had a nice visit with them.

A letter was read at church that the Stake had split. We will have a Madison Stake and a Huntsville Stake I believe. We'll fine out the particulars at the Stake Conference in a few weeks. We'll be in the Madison Stake since we live West of Madison. Change is good at times.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shopping Again

I haven't been able to blog in two days for I couldn't get into my blog. Don't know exactly why.

Mary Kate and kid and I went to H'ville Friday and shopped. We carried my Sleep Science mattress back to Costco. We carried it out to her big Honda and folded it in half and got it in. We got an orange dolly at the store and wheeled it in for a refund. They refunded the entire price of the mattress even though I had slept on it for a year. It hurt my back. We went to Hobby Lobby and Mary Kate returned some things.  We came home and the kids played with Grampie.

Today we went to Walmart in Athens and I got two pair of black sweat pants and a long sleeved shirt. Then we drove to H'ville and went to the Mall and to The Shoe Dept. I found the shoes like I have and like a lot and I bought two pair and a pair of house shoes. Sophia got a pair of boots and a black pair of shoes for her choir outfit. Nate was wishing for some shoes but didn't get any this time.

After shopping, we went to Trudy's. She wasn't going to be there when we got there, so we stopped at Subway and got lunch. Trudy was getting a pizza for the rest of the family. We had a nice visit with everyone. Even George was there. And of course it was great fun seeing "the boys", Carhartt  and Benny (the dogs!).

We got home at 4 PM, fixed supper and walked down the road to feed Danny Boy some apples. It was good to get out and walk although we were tired. Mary Kate took up the hem of my sweat pants. I had bought a pair of jeans at Kids Mart that were the wrong size but fit Mary Kate, so we had the sewing machine out and she took up her jeans. I have one more pair of pants to take up but will get Karen to help me for they are expensive pants and Mary Kate doesn't want to fix them. I think I have enough pants now with what I had from last year. They plan to leave for home after church and lunch tomorrow. It'll be sad to see them go.

My new mattress won't be here until next Friday so I'm sleeping on an air mattress on the box springs. We had two air mattresses which was good for MK was sewing on the bed and forgot about the air mattress and stuck a pin in it! I didn't want to end up on a flat mattress in the morning so I got the other air mattress and Dad blew it up for me with the vacuum cleaner. The kids slept on the injured mattress and the air stayed in. I will really appreciate my new mattress when it gets here!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We have been unable to get on the internet for about a week. I hate to see my emails! Frank has spent 2 hrs on the phone with tec support learning how to fix the router and finally got it fixed.

I didn't go to Curves today. I needed to go to Walmart and get a few things for when Mary Kate and the children get here tomorrow. I didn't have milk on the list and will have to get some tomorrow. I came home and cooked some hamburger mix with rotini in it instead of beans because MK and beans don't go together very well.

I worked out downstairs this afternoon. I did 10 minutes on the Gazelle and 20 minutes on the bike. I did the various tube exercises and did some squats. I have a book that came with Frank's tubes and Janet worked through some of those exercises with me. She said to call her and she could show Mary Kate her studio. Maybe we can do that tomorrow. I found my pedometer and Janet can show me how to us it and how many steps are in a mile. That will be fun to use.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fiddler's Convention

It was a lovely Fall day to be going to the Fiddler's Convention! The temperature was about 85 degrees and the wind was slightly blowing. My brother, Ruth and I went strolling around the various booths looking at all the  things people had been making and selling. I bought a pair of earrings and a lanyard made out of pretty turquoise beads. What I'll use it for I don't know, but I have it and it's pretty! Ruth had a list of people she had to buy Christmas presents for and found a lot to things for all the people on her list. We walked around for about 1 1/2 hours and then bought some Kettle Korn an a drink and sat on the bleachers and waited for the music to begin. The first group were three sisters, all fiddle title holders, who fiddled and sang and sounded great. They were from Texas and played Texas swing music. They were very good. We left after they finished. The other music didn't start until later.

We had eaten lunch at Taco Bell and I had some chicken on flat bread which was very good. I usually don't like Taco Bell, but I have found a couple of things I like on their menu. I pretty well shot my diet today but I did exercise by all the walking I did. I'll have to make up for it by exercising in the basement tomorrow.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

day Before Fiddler's Convention

I took my car to H'ville to the dealership to get the oxygen censer fixed or replaced. Trudy picked me up and we went to Books a Million while we waited for Costco to open. I had to get some Triple Flex for Frank while they were still on sale. He called us and said he wanted some double sided tape and we went to Sam's for that. I got two pair of pants at Costco. One was a pair of sweats and the other was a pair of black slacks. I'll have to cut almost 1' off of both pair to make them short enough! I think I'll take the black pair back. They were size 12 but they were tight in the fanny and legs-tighter than I like to wear, anyway. They were an impulse buy. I got two pair of pants from Land's End. One was hemmed up for me and the other pair I will have to shorten. I'll take them over to Karen's house and get her to help me take them up. I need to cut off some and it always makes me nervous to cut because I have cut off too much material before.

The car was ready right as we were getting ready to go to Trudy's house, so I didn't get to see Forrest and Sadie. I was looking forward to sharing my testimony with them. I can go up next week and do that plus get the genealogy that I forgot last time. A new job might be in the air for George. Time will tell about it.

We're getting a whole house water filter and the guy was here today. It's ordered and will be in next week.

Tomorrow, Ruth and my brother will come up to go to the Fiddler's Convention with me. It's always a fun time. We don't care that much for the music but we love walking around the college campus and looking at all the booths and the things people have made to sell. What fun it will be!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I went to town to get some more bolts and to cash a check and then on to Curves. No one else was there.

I got a good work out. Driving home sweat was dripping down on my neck as I was driving! Sign of a good work out.

After lunch, I went downstairs in my little gym and did some tube exercises and rode the Gazelle 15 minutes. Frank was down putting up some bolts that he wanted for himself. I put all of our empty boxes into black garbage sacks to be taken out with the trash tomorrow. I have to take my car to the dealership to get the oxygen censer replaced, so I'll need to get up at 6:30 AM to be able to take the trash bags out. I don't know when I'll get home. Trudy is going to pick me up from the dealership and I'll go home with her. Getting the car in early hopefully will mean that I can pick it up in a couple of hours.  I'll try to remember to get my genealogy from Trudy. She got it out for me last time I was over, but I forgot to take it home with me.

I'd like to go the the church Family Center and do some genealogy work. It will really be a learning time for me for I have never done any research. I've just gathered names and taken them to the temple. Now, I'll have to learn to do research, I expect. Should be fun!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Work At Home Day

I washed some clothes and rode the bike and did the Gazelle while the wash was going. Frank had put the eye bolts into the 2x4's yesterday and I was able to use them to exercise with the tubes. I like our little "gym" in the basement. I can't wait until I can remember all of the tube moves that Janet has me go through at her home gym. Then, I can show Frank the moves and I can do more than the 16 reps that I do now. I have a book that came with Frank's tubes but I don't know exactly which ones I should do.

I'll go out to Curves tomorrow in the morning and get a check cashed. I'll need to have money when Mary Kate and the kids come, plus I've used most on my "mad" money up buying necessary things.

We are getting a whole house water filter next week. Frank is tired of tasting the water and smelling it, too. I can't taste or smell it but he is hyper sensitive to it, so we'll get a filter.

I received two pair of pants I ordered from Land's End today. One pair was hemmed for me and are just right. In fact, 1/2" could have been taken up and they would have been better, but they are still just right. The other pair, a stretch knit, will have to be taken up. Both pair are grey.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy Travel Day

I taught at the Center and then came home. Frank was going to work on the plumbing and I thought he may need my help, but he was still asleep when I got home, so I went downstairs and worked on the bike and Gazelle. I did some squats on the Total Gym and did about 4 tube exercises, the ones I could remember.

Frank had too go get some supplies for the plumbing job and we stopped by Collins Supply to get some bolts to put into the 2x4's downstairs. I'll hook the rubber tubing onto the bolts with a "thing" that I don't know the name of, and can then do the exercises.

After we got home, we learned that I could go get Gert from the vet, but I had to wait until 4-4:30 PM. I read some and took a short nap and then it was time. Gert surely was glad to get home and get into his own cage. I think the other birds were glad to see him back!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

General Conference

We watched General Conference today from 11:00-1:00 PM and from 3-5 PM. I went out after the first session to buy some apples at the orchard and a few things from Walmart. I got back in time to watch the second session. I wrote down all of the speakers and the topic of their talks and maybe a few more notes that I was inspired to write. The talks will come out in next months Ensign and we can read them.  We'll watch Conference again tomorrow.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Hard Work

Got to bed at 1 AM this morning and got up at 7AM. Taught at the Senior Center and then went to Curves. After lunch, I went to Janet's houses for a personal training session. I got all kinds of exercise today! I really feel great. It's definitely a mood lifter, exercise, that is. I feel great about getting fit. It's about time. I was literally dying on the vine.

Someone from the Center called me today and said the Garden Club in Athens wanted someone to come talk to them about exercise at the Senior Center. I told her that I did the exercise, not talk about it! I told her I wouldn't care to do it. I asked Janet if she ever talked to groups and she said she did. I'm just not prepared to talk about exercising. She said she would help me get something up if I wanted her to. Maybe I should-I'll have to think about it.

Frank is going to put some bolts or screws in a wooden beam downstairs so I can hook his stretching tubes onto to exercise. I have a lot to learn before I can do a lot of the exercises Janet shows me but Frank has a book that shows how to do the various exercises and what muscles you are exercising. It will be a good start.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Temple Day

Showered and got dressed and washed a load of clothes. We took out the trash. Frank was going through his files and shredding papers. It's hard for him to stand today but we got a bag full of shreddings.

Gert is still at the vet. We called about him and he is doing fine.Guess we'll get him back next week sometime.

We're having beautiful Fall weather. It's in the 80's and the sun is shinning. We're going to the temple tonight and I'll be getting home around midnight. I told the seniors that I would be there Friday to lead the exercises so I won't get much sleep! I'll go to Curves afterwards and I see Janet at 1 PM. I'm enjoying getting more active and today the scales said 139 lbs. so maybe it's working. Weighing every day makes the weight go up and down.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work Out Day

Today we went to H'ville to see the pain Dr. Frank goes every two weeks and I pick up the Rx the weeks he doesn't go. We spent 3 hours going and coming. Went by the pharmacy and had to wait. I should have gone in but we used the drive way instead. We didn't eat out because of my diet. I didn't have any hamburger mix made up so I had to eat bean soup and green beans and bread and Smart Balance. It was pretty good because I was hungry!

I was tired and didn't want to go to Curves this afternoon so I worked out downstairs. I did 15 minutes on the bike and did some reps on the Total Gym and 5 minutes on the Gazelle.  Hopefully, in time, I'll be able to exercise more and loose a pound or two.

I just got off the phone with Jan. We talked over an hour. She is very busy taking care of her husband and daughter and grandchildren. She really needs a break but can't take one.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vet Day

I took the birds down to Hartselle to for their check ups. Gert didn't go but I took a stool sample with me since the other two were going to get checked. Rosko and Rikki were fine but Gert's was a 4 plus on a 1-4 scale. That meant he's very sick. I came home and we got him into his carrier and I took him back to Hartselle to stay at the vet so they can give him medicine. We couldn't give him the medicine he needs so he had to stay at the vet. Dr Moore said it may be a week. Poor Gert! I knew he didn't look good for he is having a heavy molt plus he won't come out for a bath. A bath always makes his feathers look good. He's been eating well until today. He didn't eat a peanut I gave him. We had to wait until he got on top on his cage and we shut the door and then we got him in a towel and put him into his carrier. The next time the birds need to go to the vet, we'll just towel him and he'll go with Rikki and Rosko.

I've been counting calories and I haven't gone over 1,600 calories. My activity today was just 10 minutes on the bike. I was too tired from two round trips to Hartselle to do more. 

Monday, September 26, 2011


Went to exercise and Curves today. Seems like no one come to teach exercises on Friday so I'm going to try to do Friday and Mondays too.   Came home and got ready to go VT and Ann called to say she couldn't go because Russ' grandmother was dying and they had to drive to Michigan.  I went over and saw Karen and gave her the message. Ann said she would call Joy and we had to miss Mary Lou because Bob was sick. Maybe we'll get an earlier start next month.

Our neighbors are getting cable today. There are two trucks outside stringing cable to the houses. One neighbor has been out here a long time and they were across the street from the pole that would carry the cable but they still couldn't get it. Now they'll have it.

This week has been full of things to do but next week is empty. I have to take the '06 Accord back to H'ville to get an oxygen censer replaced and will have to make plans with Trudy to pick me up again. The old Accord needs to go back to the shop to get a leak in the trunk fixed and I need to find a day to do that and get a ride for that, too. Being too busy and not being busy enough are problems!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Relaxing Day

I went to the PO first thing this morning to mail the package off. Then, I went home. I had to cook a new batch of beans and hamburger mix and did that at lunch. I washed a load of clothes and peddled for 25 minutes on my bike and played over the Primary music. Tomorrow, the Primary children and the men of the choir sing for Sacrament. I'm not a part of it so will get to sit and listen and enjoy.

Frank vacuumed the floors this afternoon and we watched some of the Alabama-Razorbacks football game. Bama won. We didn't watch all of the game. Frank's been having problems with his lungs. He's taken 3 breathing treatments today.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I got up and went to Curves at 10:30 AM. I tried to go faster on the machines, but I'm already going fast as I can go. I guess I'll need to do more repetitions on each one. I tried the new moves on the aerobic pads and it was more interesting. I then went to Walmart and did the weekly shopping. I'll have to cook beans and make some more hamburger mix tomorrow.

I have a heavy package to send to Frankie's kids. I found some more art supplies when I cleaned out my bookshelves and I put them in a box for Luke. I realized I needed to send some presents to the other kids too so I got some play dough for Mariam and a gun that shoots foam bullets for Josh and some finger nail polish and a lip balm for Kayla.

The birds are put to bed and the house is pretty quiet but Rosko and Gert are still making noise. They usually get upset after they have been covered up and we walk past their cages on the way to the kitchen. They will ruffle up their feathers as if to say, "You are disturbing me!"

My new Nike shoes hurt my feet after a half a day wearing them. They don't seem wide enough for me. My left foot is 1/2 size wider than my right foot but a size 8 is usually wide enough for both feet. I hope I can find a pair of Sketchers like the ones I have. They were wide enough plus they made me 1'' taller and I can take all the inches I can get!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Personal Trainer

I took the old Accord to the collision shop that fixed the leak in the trunk for it has another leak. I'm to bring it back on a day next week when I can leave it a few hours so they can find the leak.

At 3 PM I met with my personal trainer. We talked a bit and then I exercised in her home gym. I got a good work out. She used to own two Curves and liked that I was going. She gave me some exercises to do on the aerobic pads and I will try them tomorrow. The faster you do the Curves exercises the more work out you get so I'll try to go faster. On the days I don't go to Curves, I will work out on my recumbent bike in the basement. Maybe I can do something on the total gym, too. I'm happy I'm exercising now. I'm to count calories too. I don't know how to count the hamburger mix I eat. I can count all the others but I don't know how to count the mixture of meat and beans and tomatoes. I'm to weigh every day. I'm not used to doing that! But my scales tells the pounds and the ounces too, so I'll know if I'm gaining or loosing.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Car Day

I took my '06 Accord to the Honda dealership in H'ville to get some part exchanged in a recall. The work ways free. I asked them to fix the radio because it was nothing but static but they couldn't duplicate it so it still has static. Frank and I might be able to fix the stations ourselves. Old radios has a knob that turned to get the stations but these new fangled cars just have presets and I know nothing about them (yes, it would help to read the instruction book...but then I couldn't complain!). I was told that I needed rear brake shoes and they wanted $170.00 to do that. And I have an oxygen censer that needs replacing and that cost $220.00. Our son-in-law, George said that we should get that fixed. We'll go to Big 10 Tires for the brake job and back to the Honda place for the censer.

Trudy came and met me and we ran around running errands and then went to her house while the car got fixed. It was a lot of fun seeing the grandchildren and talking with Trudy. We need to get together and make some cards.

I meet my personal trainer tomorrow and will see what she has to say and what advice she can give me as to what I need to do to gain a better lifestyle. I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dr Day Today

Frank had an appointment to see Dr Walker at 11:00 AM. We didn't have to wait long. Frank's heart is still missing beats and Dr Walker is referring his to a cardiologist. In a month, Dr Walker will move into the John Waddell medical offices. It's a little closer and easier to get to than his old office. The hospital isn't going to let his wife be his nurse so she's going home to stay. He'll have to train a new person to his likings. We got some food from Taco Bell and I really enjoyed what I had. I don't usually like Taco Bell but today was good. Not so good for you...

I went back into town to get my driver's license renewed-$23.50 and stopped by Advanced Auto and got some new windshield washers for the old Honda. The old ones lasted 3 years and I bet that was a long time for a car to be sitting out in the sun and weather. They were $33.46. I stopped by the Dollar Tree and bought two pair of reading glasses for Frank. They smell like a store so I'll have to wash them. He needs to go to en eye Dr and get a set of prescription reading glasses. I guess that will be another Dr we'll be going to see soon.

I'm going to see a lady that will help me with my diet and exercise and see if I can't loose the 10 lbs that I have gained. I'm getting as round as I am tall and that isn't good! I see her Thursday at 3 PM. She lives near the Middle School in Athens.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Things

Taught at the Senior Center and went to Curves. Afterwards, I went to Lowe's to get some wood putty and some black paint for the repairs to the stereo cabinet. A really tall customer helped me find the wood putty. I like going to Lowe's but I am out of my element in there. I usually have to have someone help me find what I need. Now Frank has to feel better so he can solder the wires and get everything hooked up and the holes repaired and painted.

It rained as I left the Senior Center at 9:15 AM and I think it is raining now at 4:30 PM. The skies have been cloudy all day so the temperature didn't get high.

We got a recall on our '06 Honda. I have an appointment Wednesday at 9:30 AM to get it fixed and Trudy will come and pick me up and I'll go to her house and wait for it to be fixed. I'm looking forward to seeing her and the kids!

Frank's got fever blisters on his mouth and inside his nose from the fevers he's been having. He goes to the Dr tomorrow. There's nothing anyone can do for the fever blisters. He gets them every time he has the high fevers. It's part of his rheumatoid arthiritis.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

End of the Week Now

Frank had fevers this morning. I got his medicine in him and he went back to sleep but I had to get him up again to eat breakfast and take his AM pills. The day before yesterday he had fevers too. Don't know what's causing them. It really takes a lot out of him when they come.

I read some this afternoon and about 3 PM Ann called and said she and Russ were going to come get their trailer that had been parked in our back yard while they were getting their garage fixed. Russ got down to the last part of hooking the trailer up and couldn't find a bar he needed to finish the job. We knew it was there but we couldn't find it. I suggested we have a prayer and Ann gave it. we still couldn't find the bar and a little while later I said a silent prayer to help us find it and then I looked at the trunk bumper and there it was. It had rolled under the tip of the bumper and was out of sight. With the bar, Russ was able to fix hitching the trailer up and they could drive it home.  I'm thankful that we could depend on prayer to find the missing piece.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sheffield Trip

Bubba came by at 9:15 AM for our road trip to Sheffield. (of course it was a "road" trip, what else were we to drive on??). He drove his Miata but with the top on. It was a little too cool to have the top down.

We drove first to Sheffield and stopped by Sheffield High School to take a tour of the school. It was very interesting to see all the changes the school has made. It even has an elevator! Just for the teachers and special needs students. We went into the basement where the ROTC has classes. I didn't know the school had a basement. We got to meet and talk to some of the teachers and it was all very nice.

Then we drove three blocks down to our old home place. Just 1/2 of the grass out front was mowed for some reason. The people on the corner own the house and will some day have to have it torn down, it's getting in such bad shape. We drove on up the street to the Stand Pipe, a big water tank that sits on the bluff overlooking the Tennessee River. I took some pictures of the river and then we drove on to Tuscumbia. We doubled back to eat at the Southland, but they were in such bad shape that they didn't even have any white bread or bacon! We left there and went to Muscle Shoals and ate at Ruby Tuesdays. We had the salad bar and Bubba had a small steak. The salad bar filled me up.

We went to the Tuscumbia cemetery next. I took pictures of the family graves and we left to drive through what was downtown Muscle Shoals. It took us out to a road that went over the river on a new bridge that was near Wilson Dam. That road finally brought us back to Florence.

We were almost home and Bubba wanted to drive through Popular Point to look at a house he once owned. We found the house and finally found the road that would take us to our place.

We got home around a little after 3 PM. It was a nice trip and I guess we will do it again next year if everyone is still in good health.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Temple Day 2

I already had a "Temple Day"so I put a "2" on it. I was too tired to write Wednesday. We had a good day at the temple. It gave me back the spiritual feeling I had been missing. I'll go again when the Decker's go down to work and it will help me keep the special feeling I get when I do the Lord's work.

Didn't do much today except feed the animals and read. I cooked some more goulash but put rotini in it instead of beans. It's really good with the rotini in it.

Bubba is driving up tomorrow and we are going to Sheffield. We'll go by the old home place and probably over to Tuscumbia and Florence and our old stomping grounds. It will be a nice trip.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Night before Wednesday

I'll get up at 5:30 AM so I can feed the animals before I have to get ready to go to the temple. We'll leave at 7 AM and get there about 8:30ish. We'll eat our lunch on the temple grounds and then come home around 3 PM. The weather has been nice and we should have a nice trip.

I went back to bed and read for two hours this morning. I'm reading The Help and it is very good. I'm over 60% of the way through it and I will read a couple of hours tonight. I love it when I get a good book I like.

Bro Hill came and got the stereo cabinet be wanted to get rid of. He is so strong-he just picked it up and carried it to his truck like it weighted nothing! We really appreciated his doing that for us. Some how, Frank realized the receiver we got for the new stereo cabinet, was the wrong one. He boxed it up and UPS will deliver the one we need in a couple of days and carry off the old one. It weighs 26 lbs. and I couldn't carry it to the UPS store to mail!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Exercise

I got up at 6:30  AM again this morning so I would have enough time to feed the animals and get ready for the other activities of the day.  I taught at the Senior Center today and then went to Curves and then to Walmart. I needed some hamburger meet and bananas and some cereal. I forgot I had one lb. of meat in the freezer and made my chili with 100% TVP, beef flavored. It's not as tasty without some hamburger meat in it but it's just as nutritious being a soy protein.

The exercise class went well. I said I would be there Wednesday but Karen and I will be going to the Temple at 7AM. Betty said there would be someone to do it. Maybe I'll call Jan and see if she can come and do it. I enjoy Curves now too since I just do the two rounds and don't try to do 16 reps on all of the machines like I started out doing. I would be stronger if I did the reps but I like the easy pace of just doing the twice routine.

After scripture study, I came home and entertained Rikki while Frank cleaned the bird cages. We hooped and hollowed and had fun walking around the house. We have an apple each day around 3 PM that we share with the birds. We all enjoy this routine. Then we folded and stapled papers for Gert's cage. It won't be long 'til supper. I think I'm tired of eating the chili but I don't know what else to fix plus it is easy to cook one day and then eat leftovers the rest of the week!

The temperatures during the day are in the high 80's so it is getting cooler! Hopefully, we'll have a nice long Fall before the cold weather comes. There's always something to gripe about, isn't there!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm feeding Danny Boy and the cats while Maryleen is gone. After I eat breakfast, I go down and feed them.

While Frank finished the audio cabinet, I tackled the other side of my bookcase. The books were just piled in there with no order or anything. As I was taking each out and dusting them, I found my senior annul. That word doesn't look right but the computer said it was the right spelling. It's 1961, my senior year in high school. I don't care about my college yearbook for I have only one picture in it out of about 20,000 students. I knew I had moved this yearbook from the basement where I knew it was, but I had lost track of it since then. I've found two important books by cleaning up this bookcase! One was the family album and now the yearbook. Now to clean and clear the bookcase over my bed. I'll have to get the step stool to get that one.

I'll get up at 6:30 AM tomorrow to feed the animals. Then I'll have enough time to shower and wash my hair before it's time for church. I look forward to Sundays. It's always a good day.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Project Still On

Tomorrow, it will be three days that the living room has been a workshop. Frank lacks 6 screws in fixing the cabinet and then the receiver can be put into it and the cabinet can be moved to its place and the living room can be vacuumed and peace restored to our home! After two days being messed up, it's getting on my nerves.

While Frank was working in the living room, I cleaned out the book case behind my computer desk. I threw away old magazines and papers and folders. I got all of my journals on one shelf and I took the Master Gardener notebooks down to the bookcase in the basement. I have the other side of the same bookcase to clean out. Maybe I'll tackle it tomorrow.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gee Whiz!

I try to get into my blogging account and they don't recognize my password! It hasn't changed! I hate it when things on the computer go wrong. I signed on again and got right to it. Just getting old, I expect.

Frank spent all day putting screws into the shelves of the new audio cabinet. It wasn't too sturdy when we first put it together, but now it is! He still has things to do to it and will finish tomorrow. Since he's working in the middle of the living room floor, I'll have to vacuum the sawdust and dirt up after he finishes.  We still have to get rid of the old audio cabinet and the old computer that sits on my computer desk.

I'll go to Curves tomorrow. I can tell my muscles are stronger and I like that. I haven't lost any weight, but have gained some.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Strange Things About This Blog Page

I was expecting the same old blogging page but instead it's just a white page with this rectangular space for me to write in. Hum-m-mm. I wonder if it's going to be this was from now on?

I got the old Honda back today. The windshield washer is fixed and the trunk is water tight and all the felt put back in it. It looks like a new car trunk. Frank thought about painting it but it would cost $2,000.00 and it's not worth putting that kind on money into it. We'll just drive it as long as it will run and  the rust will keep it together.

Dad and I put an audio,video cabinet together today. He did all of the brain power and heavy lifting and I just sat along side for moral support. Our old radio was on it's way out and we got a new receiver, radio, and needed a new cabinet to put it in. It's black and matches the two old speakers that went with the old cabinet. Now, the kitchen is full of cardboard boxes, which will go out tomorrow on trash day. I don't know how we'll get rid of the old cabinet. It's sitting in the kitchen right now.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain Almost Gone

It sprinkled a bit today but it didn't rain. The skies were grey and it only got up to 69 degrees.
 I wore my blue jean jacket when I went out . I had to take back some things to Walmart and I bought some groceries. I can't go into Sam's or Walmart without buying something.

I almost cleaned off my computer desk today. Sometime this week, Frank is going to take the hard drive out of the PC computer that doesn't work but still sits on the desk. I'm in the mood to clear out some books that I have. I'll have to see if the library in town will take them. I know the library in Rogersville will take them but the library in town is closer. My room needs a general overhaul. My bookcases are full of "stuff" besides books and its time to downsize!

Curves will be open tomorrow. It was closed last Friday and Monday. I miss going when I'm used to going. Of course, I could go every day but I don't want to do that right now.

Monday, September 5, 2011


The cloudy skies did indeed come from the storm in the Gulf. It started raining Sunday while we were at church and has rained all Sunday night and all of today and it's Monday night and it's still raining hard. We've already gotten 2" or more. It's good we're on high ground. Too bad Texas couldn't get some of this rain. They are having great fires that are burning peoples houses and it's spreading. Mary Kate said it was raining in LaGrange, GA, and Atlanta had 3 tornadoes from the storm.

I got out once today for scripture study but stayed in and threw away some old boxes I was saving. I found the picture album of the Layton family I had made years ago and had forgotten where I put it. I put it back in the same place so I would know where it is. Some pages are gone and I don't have any idea where they might be. I feel fortunate that I found the album.

Trudy is planning a girls night out for us sometime soon. She and I would meet Mary Kate somewhere in Birmingham and spend Friday night and then shop the next day and go home Saturday afternoon. We did it several years ago and it was a lot of fun. Then in January, we might go again and take Sadie and Sophia and do a session in the temple for the girls will be old enough to do baptisms. It's good to have plans.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cleaning Day

I didn't do much cleaning, just cleaning out Dad's closet. I got lots of old clothes and a great many coat hangers out of the closet and now he has lots of room. He has more stuff on the bottom of the closet and it is up to the bottom of his shirts! We really utilize our closet space!

I ordered some BareEscentuals concealer tonight. I got on the site to see what was going to be auto shipped to me. I have some dark powder that is supposed to give you a "glow" but it just makes my skin darker. I didn't want any more shipped to me. I learned that it isn't included in the auto shipment. I learned how to get rid of things that were in my shopping cart that I didn't want. I didn't know how to do that before. It's fun to order things on the internet!

I vacuumed the floors, cooked lunch and finished the laundry that was waiting a couple of days. I had to iron a few things because I didn't get them out of the dryer in time. I don't mind ironing. In fact, I don't mind doing housework like I used to years ago.

The skies were getting greyer before night fell. I believe it's from the storm that's in the Gulf. I hope we get some rain soon.