Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To H'ville

I slept in but got up and went to Curves on the way to H'ville to pick up Frank's Rx. There wasn't too much traffic on the roads and the trip was uneventful. That's the way I like all my trips to go.

After lunch, I took Frank to Mattress King to look at some Tempur-pedic mattresses. They were all very nice but pricey! They wanted $1,100.00 for a twin mattress! Maybe it's worth it. My mattress is a knock-off of a memory foam mattress and it is just great and I only paid $320.00 for it at Costco. It sleeps just fine. I'm sure if I had a Tempur-pedic , I'd love it too.

On the way to the mattress store, we stopped at Bradford's Collision shop to see if they could fix the leak in the trunk of the old Honda. They said they could and we will take it in Friday. Tomorrow, I go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. Another day of going to H'ville, joy. The old Honda is 21 years old and has about 240,000 miles on it. It was very hot today and the air conditioning couldn't keep us cool enough. It's old, but it keeps on running and I have my '06 to drive and I'm happy.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bust Enegeric Day

Being a Tuesday, I haven't gone out of the house. I've cleaned and/or organized my room, folded clothes and shredded 2006 bills. I had to dump the shredder three times! I still have more bills to shred but that's all I'm doing today. We have a place in the hall where we put things that can be done "later" and later never comes! That's where I got to 06 bills. My house is too small for all the junk we collect. We need to keep a couple of years receipts but they don't have to be in the hall gathering dust. I'll fine a place in the basement for the things that Frank want's to keep. The basement is getting pretty crowded as it is. It needs a lot of organizing itself. Maybe, later!

Frank did his pills and is working in his room doing something. I don't know what I'll do the rest of the day. I'm rather tired right now. The shredding was back breaking work in that I was leaning over the shredder and my back is not used to the angle I was leaning. I could do some reading or just rest.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Day

Monday is a busy day. I teach at the Senior Center and then go to Curves and usually on to Walmart to shop but today I didn't have to go by Walmart for I had been twice last week and didn't need anything.

I came home and did some reading. Frank thought he wanted to go by the mattress place at 10:50 AM but that wasn't enough time for us to do anything since I was due at Karen's at 1:00 PM. We'll stop by the mattress place the next time we have a Dr visit and just leave a little early.

It was a mild day in the high 80's but is to get back into the 90's as the week goes on. Summer getting one last blast at us before Fall.

The hurricane, Irene, blasted up the East coast and did a lot of damage to those states. Vermont is having a lot of flooding now. New York City didn't get as much damage as was feared. Usually, other hurricanes are forming off the coast of Africa by now but we haven't heard of any more coming yet.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Saturday?

The weeks are going fast! I made some goulash, that's what we call it, today and put some rotoni in it and only one can of beans. I wanted to see how it would be with the rotoni in it since Mary Kate doesn't like beans. I used 1/2 lb of hamburger and a cup of beef flavored TVP.  I forgot to put the onions in it. I guess I can add some dehydrated onions later. It tasted good with the rotoni in it.

My shoe container, over the door, came today. I cleared out 4-5 shoe boxes off of my closet floor and put the shoes in the container. It's white mesh and looks nice, for an over the door shoe hanger!

We got the grass mowed today. It's not so hot today. I still don't want to go outside for any length of time! Looking forward to the cooler temperatures of Fall. Mr Sims if getting out of the grass mowing business except of a few yards. He's still going to do our yard.

I have three garden books to give to Richard and Mary Kate and several pajamas for Mary Kate. Mary Kate may come up the children's Fall break.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I was going to take Karen to Walmart to shop for food since Ken is coming home tomorrow. She called and said that Ken had arranged for her to get new tires at Express Oil, so I followed her into  town and after she left the van to get new tires, we drove to Walmart in my car. We both shopped and finished at the same time. The van was ready when we got back. We also went to the church to set up the chairs for Primary. We had to vacuum the floors too but we both had vacuums and that went fast.

It's still pretty hot outside. It will soon be September and surely it will start to cool off. There is a big hurricane going up the east coast and everyone is being told to evacuate. I'll be interesting to see how bad it really is. The weather will be getting worse as time goes on.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today was temple day. I washed some clothes and ran to the drug store for Frank and got ready to go at 3:00 PM. We were about 33 odd miles from Birmingham when we had what we thought was a flat tire.  Karen and I, were in her van and we pulled off the road into some grass and got out to look. The tires looked okay, so we got back on the highway. The van still vibrated a lot so we got off at the next exit. We were at the Hanceville exit which is right past the Jasper exit.

We stopped at a truck stop and looked at the tires again and found the rear passenger tire's tread was separating from the tire. Karen wanted to call someone from home to come rescue us, but I said all we needed was someone to fix our tire for us. We walked into the truck stop and told them of our predicament and they told us to go to the last building on the lot and someone there could help us. It was a truck washing place and we told a young man of our plight and he said he could help us. After he finished changing the tire, he told us to settle up with his boss. We told the boss what he had done for us and he said give him $5.00. I gave him $20.00. The young man said he didn't need anything, but I told him to take it and he did. He was very nice.

During the tire  change I called Frank and got the number for the temple and called them to say that Karen wouldn't be there to work for we had had a flat tire. We couldn't drive 70 mph home so we drove 50 mph all the way home. We arrived safely. I was glad that I was with Karen so I could help her through the "adventure".

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jan's Dr Day

Trudy met me at the oral surgeon's office at 8:45 AM. We had some time to talk before I went back. I saw a different Dr than I thought but he was fine. He looked so young! And I guess he is. The Prolia I'm taking makes my bones strong but keeps them from healing quickly and the Dr didn't want to do anything since this tooth fragment isn't bothering me. I was more than happy to leave without having anything done! Trudy and I went to Staples to get some free labels and took a stroll through Costco. We had a fruit smoothie what was good. After that, she took me back to my car.

I stopped at Sam's and got some more protein bars. Got some Detour bars but they didn't have any Special K bars. I bought a case of Special K protein drink for Frank.  I was hot. Trudy's car didn't have air conditioning and even though the humidity was low, I still got hot. By the time I got home, I had cooled off somewhat. Didn't eat lunch until 1:30 PM and after eating, I was still hungry so I had a cold Special K drink. That satisfied me.

I was reading through the latest issue of Real Simple and found this article on Mood Boosting Workouts. One was about strength training and it mentioned a DVD I could get from I checked it out but it had some floor exercises in it and I can't get down on the floor...I can get down, it's just that I can't get up once I'm down, so I didn't order it! Smart move on my part.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day After Monday

Yep, my titles are getting lame. We went VT today. We only have to see Joy now and we have to see her at night because she works. She's really a nice person to visit and I hope we get a chance to do it this month.

I thought this afternoon Frank and I were going to Mattress King and look at mattress but he didn't have the energy to do it. So he went to bed and I went to Walmart to get some ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. I got enough so we would have some left over after a binge! He wants some comfort food. Yesterday was prednesone day, but he was up in the morning telling Tommy where to put the gravel. Today was a good day but he was outside when Mr Crews came for the check and I guess he did a lot of standing up. This tires him out and is the reason he had no energy today.

While I was at Walmart, I got some Borax. Mary Lou said that if you dissolve a teaspoon of Borax in a tablespoon of honey and put it out for the ants that it is a good poison for them. I hadn't been making any headway in killing one ant at a time, so I mixed up this potion and now have to wait for the ants to find and feast upon it. I hope it works for I am tired of sharing my kitchen with the little crawlers.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the oral surgeon. I hope I survive it. I've never had any oral surgery done and don't know what to expect. Trudy will be with me in case I can't drive right away. I hope it won't be too painful for I want to go to the temple Thursday afternoon. Time will tell...even the Shadow doesn't know this!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day of Exercise

Monday exercise went well. The lady who did the Wednesday exercises isn't going to do it anymore. Jan talked to Betty and she said she would help out, so I will do Mondays, Jan will do Wednesdays and Betty will do Fridays. I went to Curves after the exercise class. There were several ladies there and it was better than when I'm the only one.

Tommy is out here putting gravel on parts of the road that need it. The back is packed down hard now so nothing should get stuck there now.

Frank's thinking of getting a Temperpedic mattress for his bed. He thinks mine is comfortable and it's a Sleep Science from Costco.

I've got scripture study in 45 minutes. We'll be studying the Ten Commandments today.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

That Special Day Again

Like the Primary song, "Saturday Is A Special Day", it's the day we get ready for Sunday.

Our grass got cut today. It needs to be raked badly, but I am too old and tired to do that in this heat. It (the grass) doesn't look that good with all the brown cut grass lying on top of it. Gone are the days when I would get on the mower and mow the grass. I would keep it cut so it wouldn't get so long that I needed to rake it up. We have 2-3 acres to mow and I just got too old to do it by myself. I loved doing it, though.

I've already vacuumed the floors and have no laundry to do, so here I sit at the computer. Frank is doing okay today. If I asked him, he might say something is bothering him, so I won't ask!

I sent my Vermont Teddy Bear back to the teddy bear hospital to get it's broken hip fixed. It came home today. They asked for a name and I said "Moo Baby" for it is a black and white bear. They probably got a chuckle at a 68 year old woman having a teddy bear named Moo Baby. We have two mail carriers, one who comes normally and one who substitutes. The one who brought the bear came up to the door with the packages but left mail in the box outside. Our regular mail carrier gives us all the mail when she comes to the door. I have to go out to the box to get the rest of the mail!

Friday, August 19, 2011

H'ville to Doctor

Frank had an appointment to see Dr Phillips so we drove to H'ville today. Afterwards, we ate at Wendy's. I got this 99 cent fried chicken burger that had some kind of cheese (white) on it. It came with fries which I don't normally eat, but on the drive back home, I managed to eat them all. Plus, I had a medium drink which is pretty large.

When I got home, I called Karen to see how she was fairing with her husband gone for so long. I couldn't contact her, but as I was at the sink in the kitchen, I saw her driving down my drive way. I went out to meet her and found she was on her way to town to run some errands. She asked if I wanted to go and I did.

We had to stop by Tractor Supply to get some animal feed-various 50 lb bags of horse feed, chicken feed and dog food. Then we went to Walmart to get an Rx filled. While we were waiting, we walked around looking in Walmart. I found a foot washer I was going to order from a catalog and it cost the same but I didn't have to pay shipping. I got Frank some Special K protein drink. Then, we went by the church and set the chairs up for Primary. I got home around 5 PM. I had a good day!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do Nothing Day

That title is not completely right. I've done things today, just didn't go out of the house.

It was a pretty good day for Frank. I washed clothes. Didn't have to cook for we ate leftovers. I make a hamburger, tomato and beans combo that I can chew and Frank eats that plus his beans too. I put a can of Rotel tomatoes in it and at first, it's pretty hot. As your mouth gets numb, it tastes pretty good!

Mary Kate called and we had a nice chat. Trudy called yesterday and seems to be doing well. Busy with her couponing.  Must call Frankie and see how their day care and his teaching are doing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cool Day

The really hot weather is gone and it was pleasant outside today. I went out early and went to Curves at 9:00 AM. I went shopping at Walmart and then stopped by Goody's to return a top I ordered on-line. It was an Alfred Dunner and the clerk said they run big. I have tried on clothes at Goody's and the large was too large. I was surprised but I guess you need to know how the brands fit.

A can of beef flavored TVP came in today and I used a cup of it plus 1/2 lb. of hamburger to make supper with. I think it will be good with all TVP and no meat. That gives me more choices when I have no meat on hand.

Mary Kate and the kids will be visiting over the Labor Day holiday. It will be good to see them. I need to show her all the genealogy pictures and things so after I'm gone, she will know about the things that are left behind.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Trailer Still Stuck

The Rudy's are over here now with a friend to help them try and get the truck and trailer out of the gravel. Tommy, one of the men that worked for us before, is on his way to see if he can help. Hopefully, they will be able to get the truck and trailer freed from the gravel pit. It's like some prehistoric scene where an animal has fallen into a tar pit and is struggling to get out!

Ann and I were supposed to go VT today but this stuck trailer came up. We can go next week. I see the oral surgeon Wednesday of next week. Trudy is going to meet me there in case I'm incapacitated in any way and can't drive. I can't imagine how my mouth will feel afterwards.

I'll go shopping tomorrow. I'll stay up and go to Curves and then to Walmart. I like to do my shopping in the AM. I have nothing to do the rest of this day and will be bored but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh, No!

The Rudy's needed a place to park their travel trailer while their garage was worked on so we said they could park it over here. They brought the trailer, pulled by their truck, and when he tried to position it to get it where he wanted it, he got stuck in the 8" of gravel we have out back for drainage! He spun the wheels of his truck and just dug himself deeper into the gravel. He then unhooked the trailer from the truck so he could get the truck out, but couldn't over come the depth of the gravel. They were here for at least 2 hours working in the hot sun trying to solve the problem. I took them home for Russ had to go to work in the afternoon. Frank called the people who had worked here and one of the men said he could pull the truck and trailer out with his 6 wheel drive truck. The Rudy's had already gotten someone to help them get the truck and trailer out so that's what we'll be doing tomorrow morning sometime. No good deed goes unpunished!

I taught my class and went to Curves today. We didn't have scripture study because I lost track of time and was taking my friends home the time we should have met.

I got Frank's flip flops boxed up and he helped me wrap the box up in the wrapper it came in and put the return address on and I mailed it in our mail box.

I fixed a cheese, chicken and rice casserole that was from eFoods Direct. It was fairly good. Frank wants to get some more food storage and eFoods tastes good.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Slow Day

I didn't go out today. Just stayed in and piddled around the house. I washed a load of clothes, folded and put them up. Dad worked on his computer a good bit of the day. I practiced the Primary music and played some hymns. Not a big day for anything. I swept the floors, didn't want to get the vacuum out.

The flip flops were too hard for Dad and I'll have to send them back. It's a little late in the season for flip flops but I will look around to see what's left.

The Iowa straw poll was today. I don't know who won it yet. The Republicans have to get a good nominee so we can have a chance to defeat Obama. He has been a very bad president and if he gets four more years, he will ruin our country.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Today

I took the exercise class for Jan today. We had 11 people counting the ones who sit in the back. I went on to Curves afterwards. Mary Lou came while I was there. I'm glad I'm enjoying the exercising now. I'm more relaxed even though I don't talk all that much. I came on home after Curves.

My Container Store laundry hamper came in yesterday. It is a bit smaller than I imagined but it fit right into the spot I had for it. The mesh bag hold two loads of laundry and will give me an idea of how many loads of wash I have to do. I'll wash tomorrow.

Dad's flip flops we ordered from Foot Smart came in today. He's waiting for them to cool off before he tries them on. I like ordering through the mail. It's nice to get packages and saves wear and tear on the old body. I still like to go into stores to shop, but this is a good way to go, also.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Ann and I went Visiting Teaching today. We could only see one person, Mary Lou, but that gets us started. We'll see Karen nest Tuesday and will have to see Joy some evening. I like our route and the sisters we see and I like Ann as a partner. She contacts everyone and sets up the appointments and I drive and give the lesson. That was my idea and she agreed with it!

I ordered some clothes from Land's End and the shirt came in yesterday. It's Purple and green plaid and goes with a purple skirt I have. I ordered two pair of long pants. I went by the measurements and I hope I got the inseam correct. If I didn't, I'll be wearing long pants that are too short!

I called Jan to see how she and Steve were doing. Steve is still sleeping in the recliner and she's sleeping on the couch. She said she was tired. She has a Dr appointment tomorrow so I'll teach the exercise class. The PT gave Steve some exercises to do for his legs to get them stronger so he'll be able to stand by himself.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bear Alert!

As I was moving my black and white Vermont teddy bear, I dislocated her right hip and it almost came off! I typed in Vermont Teddy Bears and got directions on how to send her back to the Bear Hospital. I filled out a form that required her name. I hadn't named the bear, but I put down "Moo Baby" as her name. I have her all boxed up and ready to mail. It cost nothing to have them repaired and if they can't fix the bear, they'll send you a new one.

I went to Curves today. Mary Lou was there most of the time. I enjoyed the work out. I like the machines better than the aerobic exercise pads so sometimes I don't go all out on the pads. It makes my face sweat and I don't like that. I'm moving some and that helps!

The heat has moderated some so it's not been so hot. We still have thunder storms in the forecast for this evening. It didn't rain yesterday.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Between Storms

It rained 2 1/2" yesterday and we have storms predicted for this afternoon. I took my umbrella to Karen's house for scripture study for I believed the weatherman! It didn't rain while I was there, but we have the rest of the day. The storms have lots of lightning and rolling thunder. A church of God on the road that I travel to church was hit by lightning and burned to the ground last week or two. It was the 4th church to be destroyed because of lightning or the tornadoes that passed through here in April. We're not promised tomorrow!

I got all of my knit shirts folded and in the new sweater keeper. My closet looks nicer and does have more room. In a few months, I'll have to take the summer clothes down to the basement and exchange them for the winter clothes that are down there now. One thing about this house-it may look small, but I've always had enough closet space for clothes. I could use more space for linens and things but I can live with what I have. 

Around 3 Pm, I got so hungry that I ate 2 fiber bars. I'll be sorry after supper! Sadie liked the black shrug I gave her. It had a grey flower on the left shoulder. It was pretty, but I didn't like it on me. The price of it was reduced to $9.00 and I had a $5.00 off coupon, so it only cost me $4.00!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy Day

I got up at 6:30 AM to wash my hair before I had to go out. I left the house at 8:05 and went to the Senior Center. There were 8 women there. Last Friday, we only had 4 people. We've lost some people who just got tired of coming, I guess.

I drove to H'ville and got to my Dr appointment way early. I walked to the CVS drug store and looked around it for a while and then walked back to the car and read the paper. Finally, I went inside the Dr's office and read on my Kindle. I'd rather be too early than be late. I didn't see Dr Sharp for long, just enough time to say I'm fine and to get my prescriptions. Then back to the CVS parking lot to wait for Trudy, Forrest and Sadie. We drove down the Parkway to CC's Pizza. We all had the buffet and it cost me $28.00. That was a little pricy I thought, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Forrest was in a bad mood for he wasn't going to get a phone on his birthday (today). He wants a smart phone and they cost a lot of money.  Trudy then showed me where my next Dr's appointment was going to be. I have to see an oral surgeon the 24th and I didn't know where his office was.

I came  home just before we had another thunder storm. I bet we got 2" of rain or more. It's still dark outside so we may get some more. There must have been lots of lightning because the thunder would roll on and on. I like to hear it that way.

Mary Kate's kids are already back in school. I bet Frankie is back at school, too. Trudy is home schooling Forrest and Sadie and they will begin later.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Is Special

Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday is a Primary song we used to sing. It emphasizes the need to do all the planning and work on Saturday so Sunday can be peaceful and restful. I enjoy Sundays. I love to go to church and it gives me a special feeling.

I vacuumed and mopped the floor today. Mary Kate was the last one to mop the floors. The best time to do it is right after I've vacuumed and today was the day. The floors are laminate and in the kitchen I get a lot of spots and pretty soon it ends up just one big spot. I spot clean but the other parts of the house needed a good mopping too.

It's cloudy today and only got up to 86. something, but when I went outside, it felt like someone had thrown a hot, wet blanket over me! Yes, can't wait for Fall to come.

Monday is Forrest's 17th birthday. I have to teach at the Senior Center and after that I'll leave to go to H'ville for a Dr's appointment. I'll meet Trudy and the kids after that and we'll have lunch together.

Friday, August 5, 2011

An End of a Week

It's Friday again. I substituted for Jan today for she is with Steve in the H'ville Hospital. They're trying to figure out what all is wrong with Steve. There were only four ladies there today. Maybe the weather had something to do with it. The big rain storm we had Wednesday night did some damage in town. I saw some up rooted trees and a lot of tree litter in the roads and lawns. The wind rearranged our trash barrels but that was all.

I've washed clothes and practiced the piano today besides the things I did in town. I went to Curves. I liked it at first and then I didn't like going but now I do like going. Confusing? Yes, I would say. I had to take things back to Walmart and got some bananas, then stopped by Dobb's  shoe repair and got my leather scripture holder that had a new snap put on. That was only $3.00. I went by the pharmacy and got some free pills that the Dr had given Frank. I tried to get some gas at the Shell station but you had to pay cash and I didn't want to do that, so I went up the road to the Chevron station and bought gas there. Just a mundane day.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Yes, it did get hotter than 102 degrees yesterday. It's not going to get quite that hot today but the humidity is very high so the high 90's will feel hotter.

We finally got the rain we needed last night. We had thunder that rolled. It sounded really neat! We got over 2" of rain. We could have some more tonight but we'll see. The electricity was off last night and came on at 7 AM. I woke up last night and was hot and then realized the fan was off and knew the lights were out.

We tried to put the transmission fluid in my car today but needed a long funnel. After being out in the heat, we decided I could go by Express Oil and get them to put it in. I had just had my oil changed and they told me that the transmission fluid was low. I called them and they said they would be glad to top it off. I stopped by a parts place and bought a long funnel for the next time we need transmission fluid. Express oil didn't carry Honda transmission fluid because it cost too much. I bought some for $8.00. Maybe other brands cost less. Express Oil said they didn't even carry Honda fluid. We have enough of another fill up if it gets low.

The old Honda got some water in the trunk again and I parked it on a hill to help it drain out. Frank will have to call a place to see if they can fix a few things on it. The windshield washer doesn't work and I miss that, and we probably need a new gasket for the trunk.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Are You Kidding?

It got up to 102.7 degrees today! If that wasn't bad enough, Frank and I were out in that heat fixing the trunk of the old Accord. It leaks when it rains and it had stagnant water in the bottom of the trunk and it smelled like a dead dog was in the trunk. The whole car smelled bad and we finally figured out why. We don't use the car except for Frank's Dr visits so that water had been sitting in there a long time. Frank drilled holes in the bottom of the trunk and the water drained out. We rinsed it out with clean water and put some bleach in the water and washed it down again. Hopefully that will get rid of the smell. We'll have to get the leak fixed so no more rain water can get in.

Frank got some Lyrica for his nerve pain. We saw the pain Dr today. He had tried it before and it helped him.

I ordered some bareMinerals make-up and really love it. It's very light and goes on quickly. I ordered some cleanser and moisturizer and it came in today. I'm on the automatic delivery system and will have to figure out when my next shipment comes in so I can record it in my check-book.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Harder

I went to town to the bank and the Post Office and then I went out to take care of the cats. I didn't tell Frank that I was going to town for I thought he would sleep during that time. He noticed that I was gone longer than just going to take care of the cats. I should have told him I was going to town too. I thought he was asleep. Anyway, I got all of that done. I just do the cats one more time and their family will be back in town. The cats are so lonely and the dogs too. They will all be glad when their family is home again.

I got another book about arranging ones affairs at the end of life. I have one called When I'm Gone and one, After I'm Gone. One is a workbook where notebook pages can be added. It is the better book. I don't feel inclined to fill out any of it right now. I'll have to do it at some point in time.

It's 100.8 degrees outside today. I'm so tired of hot weather. It's miserable getting in and out of the car and walking to an air conditioned building. The heat sort of snaps your energy. With school starting next week, the football players are practicing in the heat! Good luck to them. It seems like it's too early for school to be starting but time is passing quickly.

I sent a product called Eggies back for a refund but instead they sent me three sets of eggies and two egg slicers! I finally figured out that they were my refund for they cost $9.99 each and I got three sets back. I'll give Karen and Mary Lou a set. I didn't like them for it was too messy and time consuming to use them. You put the eggs into the plastic egg holders and put the top on and boiled them in water and that way, you didn't have to peal a hard boiled egg.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Week

Saw Mary Lou at Curves and she said that we haven't had rain in 4 weeks! She said her garden is all dried up. That's a shame for tomato plants will bear 'til frost if they get enough water. I guess her garden was too big to water by hand.

I enjoyed Curves and had a good chair exercise class at the Senior Center. I came home and had to cook for we had eaten all of the food. I cook about once a week and then we eat on this food until it is gone.

It is still very hot and dry. The grass is still growing and we have to have it cut once a week. It seems to like the hot weather. The paper said that we would be having three digit temperatures in August. I guess July and August are our hottest months. We should see some cooling down in September.

I'll check on the cats tomorrow. The Decker's will be home Saturday. The cats aren't usually very friendly but they have missed their family so much that one of them, Shadow, jumps into my lap and wants attention and leaves long cat hair all over me. Pumpkin isn't that affectionate but he does let me pet him. The two little dogs on the front porch still bark at me when I drive up. I guess the person who feeds the other animals takes care of them. These duties will soon be over.