Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earth Quake

Haiti, Japan and now Chile. Thought Hawaii would be hit with a big tsunami, but it didn't happen.

I had no energy today and didn't even get dressed. Sat around and watched the earth quake news. After supper, I swept the floors. Saturday is usually the day we vacuum but Frank didn't have any energy either.

I had cooked beans in the crock pot on low all night and they turned out pretty good. Next time, I use a little less water and cook it not so long. It's so easy in the crock pot. Maybe, I've found my way of cooking! Made a pan of brownies tonight. I'm tired of not having good, tasty food to eat. Brownies fit that bill!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Book Day

Ruth gave me a novel to read and I have been trying to read it. I don't really like fiction but I'm doing it so I can comment on the book. I read it some in bed this morning and some this afternoon. I'm close to finishing it.

It's been in the 40's today. If the wind had been blowing, it would have been cold but it turned out to be a nice day.

We did the calendars today and I saw when spring starts, but I've forgotten now. The Maple tree in front of the kitchen window has little red bud on it and I see green just above the ground in several plants that are in the yard. The days are getting longer and in 4-5 weeks we should be seeing warmer weather. If the seasons go according to schedule.

Japan was hit by a 7 point earthquake today. So soon after the earthquake that leveled Haiti. It, the weather, is getting more out of whack lately. All signs of the of the times.

Frank told me that all the research I did from three books could have been done all on the computer! There is so much for me to learn and he can teach me but my mind will only learn one small thing at a time.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Band Concert

Frank wanted to go to the Dr. today because of a pain in his side, so he called and they told him to come in at 3:00 p.m. I was to meet Trudy at 2:00 p.m. I couldn't get in touch with her and was afraid she would wait for me and then get worried when I didn't show. Dad felt inspired to call her at home at 12:00 p.m. and she had just walked in!

When you call in to see the Dr. the same day, they put you in at the last place. We got in at 3:15 and got out after 4:00-4:30. Dad will go to the hospital in a few weeks and get a scan of his pelvis. Hopefully, all will be okay.

Went V.T. today and saw Sis. Knowles.

Going to the Dr. is tiring.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wrong Forecast

We didn't have any snow on the ground this morning. By 10:00 a.m. the temperature was in the 40's. I went to exercise and being out that early I needed a coat but when we went V.T. I didn't ware my coat.

Tomorrow, is Sadie's band concert and Trudy wants me to come to it. I'm going V.T. at 10:30 a.m. if it doesn't interfere with me going to see Sadie.

Took a nap on the couch today. My lively life tuckers me out, on occasion. Tonight, we ate, then played with the birds, then put them to bed and read the scriptures and went to our rooms. Like I said...a lively life!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Cool Down

We could have snow showers tonight! After some spring like weather, the cold is coming back. Like, duh, it's still winter! I think we are going Visiting Teaching tomorrow so I hope there's no snow on the ground. The temperatures will in the 40's so snow won't really be a problem.

I had a good day today, but I don't remember exactly what I did! I didn't go out so I must have worked around the house. That's enough forgetting! Oh, now I remember what I did!

I took the Bible dictionary, the Mormon Doctrine, the Doctrine and Covenants and I looked up the meaning of grace. We had run across the word and hadn't really understood exactly what it meant, so I dug deeper in order to understand it. I felt like I was back in college doing a research paper and it wasn't too good a feeling. My brain was in shock all during the study time. It kept saying, "you want me to do what?". I want to type the information on the computer, if I can read my handwriting! I write like an old woman, kind of scratchy and unstable. It doesn't help that I AM an old woman! Enough of this. I'm going to take my laxative and go to bed!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Februaru Warm-up

It got into the 70's yesterday (Sunday) and was in the 60's today. We had thunder storms last night but just gray skies and no rain this morning.

I went to exercise today and then on to Karen's house. We're looking for the definition for "grace" now. I'll have to look it up in the Bible dictionary and a regular dictionary and see what they have to say.

Came home and got dinner ready. I had cooked over the week-end so have food already prepared. I am sleepy after getting up at 7:00 a.m. and think I will take a nap now. Bye!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bean Pot

After soaking overnight in a vinegar mix, the bean pot didn't come clean, so I guess I'll have to use the crock pot to cook my beans. I tried it today and had success. The beans were a bit over cooked but I really didn't know how long to cook them. I put them on at 9:30 a.m. and turned them off at 2:00 p.m. Three and a half hours on high should be about right.

I had a small batch of wash to do. I had three new shirts I ordered from Land's End that I wanted washed. They are short sleeves and I got them to match three skirts I have but I can wear them now but I doubt that I will. I'll save them to wear for Sundays or when I wear those skirts.
I had another load of sheets to wash but that was all. I played the piano while I was in the basement.

Mary Kate showed me how to order from Land's End on line but I've forgotten how! It'll save me money. I bet Frank knows how to order on line. I'll get him to show me . I could never get the basket to show up where you put your items while you shop.

It got into the 60's today. More cold weather is coming, I suppose. Seems like February always has a warm up spell somewhere in it.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I went to exercise class. The room wasn't set up like usual because they had been working on the Poke Salet Revival but we all had a seat and exercised any way. Afterwards I went to Walmart for a few things. They had to be few for my grocery money was on the slim side.

I had put a pan of beans on to cook and then lay down for a while. I didn't make it this time-getting up before the beans cooked dry- and the entire pot was burned! We had to air the house out for the smell of the burned beans was everywhere. Now I'll have to get a new pot to cook beans in.

I didn't walk down the road today since I has walked all over Walmart, but I will tomorrow. The weather has been up in the 50's. I still needed a wrap but it hasn't been so cold for a couple of days.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Exercise by walking down my road is what I've decided to do. I gained 2 lbs the week-end Mary Kate was here. I ate too many cookies. I really look awful now! When the 2% milk is gone, I will drink powdered milk with no fat and I'll quit drinking Quick in my milk. Hopefully with those goals I can loose a pound or two. Plus, a lot less eating of wrong foods.

I made two cards today. One was made with a frog stamp and I even colored it with my pastels. I can improve on it and will make one or two more like it. Trudy got most of my stamps so I don't have much variety, but I did get some new stamps at Hobby Lobby yesterday. I can make some more birthday cards and can use my frog stamps for they are cute.

I'll go to exercise tomorrow at the Senior Center since I haven't been in a while and then I'll stop by the Wellness Center park and walk around their walking course.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trip to H'ville

I waited until after lunch to go to H'ville to pick up Dad's medicine. I stopped by Hobby Lobby with my coupon in hand and managed to put some things in my buggy. The 40% off coupon lures you into the store where you not only buy one item at 40% off and then you buy more than you planed! I bought some clear stamps and cards and envelopes and two small shelves I thought I would put on my wall to hang necklaces on. I really don't have room for them, so I'll give them to Trudy and Sadie.

I went to the pharmacy and got Frank's Rx and then I stopped by and got gas. My car drives so well!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Today

Today is Tuesday. Went to Karen's for scripture study. There's still snow on the ground in places and the weather is cold. Karen heats her house with a fireplace insert, which makes a lovely fire but I was cold today.

I came back home and took a nap. Then it was time for supper. Frank wanted beans because he had eaten venison stew for lunch. I had the stew but it wasn't good. There is a lot of fat in the meat or somewhere plus it just didn't taste good. I'll put it outside for the birds. I had a loaf of bread I shredded into small bites that I put outside and it was gone in an hour. I saw a blue jay eating some of it. The grackles came in in droves and ate the rest!

Tomorrow, I have to go to H'ville to get Frank's medicine. He did have an appointment with the Dr but that was canceled for another time.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow On the Ground

We woke up to snow on the ground this morning! Don't know if it was forecast or not, I don't remember it anyway and was surprised to see it. I was a bit worried, because we had planned a day of shopping today.

We got out at 10:00 and there was no snow on the roads. We went by the store that sells Miche purses and Mary Kate picked out one she liked and I bought it. Then we went to Kohl's and Sophia tried on some dresses and found 2 that she liked. Nate got a new pair of shoes. Then we ate at Ruby Tuesdays. The salad bar was good but the little hamburgers we got were overcooked and a bit dry. Then we headed back to Athens and stopped at Radio Shack to get a new cable for one of their toys they play when they're traveling.

Mary Kate is resting for an hour and then they will start back to LaGrange, GA. It's been a wonderful visit.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wonderful Saturday Night

I met Ruth at the Pottery Barn at 3:00 pm and we walked around the store looking. Mary Kate called while we were there and told us where she was and we said we would wait there until she and the kids got there. It wasn't long that they came walking in the building.
We all went to Kohl's in Madison. We shopped there and Nate got a jacket and Ruth got some towels and a vacuum cleaner. Then we went to Newyt's to eat supper. After wards MK and the children went to see Trudy and Ruth and I went up to Burrit on the Mountain for the production of Always, Patsy Kline.

It was in a small church that held about 100 people or more. There were two women on stage and a 4 piece band. One of the ladies told the story of the life of Patsy Kline and the other lady sang lots of Patsy's hit songs. It was a very intimate setting being so close to the actors and the action was excellent and so was the music.

We got out around 10:15 pm and drove to Madison to get my car. I was worried that something might happen to it, but it was alright and the drive home just took 30 minutes. It was a very lovely evening and every thing about was good.

I've been bathing in the afterglow all day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Suprise Valentine

After I got back from town, Frank had a surprise for me. It was a Sharie's Berries gift from the ProFlowers business. It's 12 very large strawberries dipped is all sorts of chocolate! They are very good! I'd rather have my strawberries and chocolates separate but this gift is the best.

I made Frank a valentine card and gave it to him when he gave me the chocolate berries.

Mary Kate called and said she might not be able to come up for there was already 2" of snow in LaGrange. We're not supposed to get any, just the middle and South Alabama and the northern part of Florida. The weatherman said we could have flurries tonight, but it won't be cold enough to stick.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day Before Friday

Ha-ha! Can't think of any titles. Went to Walmart and bought groceries for the week-end. Mary Kate said she probably would come up Friday night, instead of Saturday morning. It will be a fun week-end. She said she wouldn't have to return home until Monday afternoon.

Put the groceries away and got lunch ready. Got some veggies to make venison stew with. Hopefully, it will be good enough to eat. The venison meatloaf was good. I have lots of venison in the freezer and we should eat it. It doesn't have much natural fat in it and that's good for us, better than beef. Just the taste is a little different.

I went by The Shoe Dept. and bought a new pair of shoes. These old Rebok have been good shoes. Most of the shoes I looked at had the mesh on them and in my experience, they are hard to keep clean. I bought a pair of Nike's. I surely hope they are as good as the price was! I've never paid that much for a pair of shoes!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello Well

Well, what? Who knows, but the Shadow! The Shadow was a radio program that I listened to in the 50's. That was long before TV.

I made two cards today. One was original and one was based on one Trudy made. They turned out pretty good. I need to make some more happy birthday cards. I've been making "thinking of you" cards for the script is very pretty.

I went to exercise class today. I like it when I get there, but getting up early and having some place to go is a bit stressful. Monday, when it snowed, only 5 people showed up. I live about 8 miles, one way, from the Senior Center. The drive isn't much but we get out at 9:15 am and some of the stores in town don't open until 10:00. I can always go to Walmart and shop waiting for the shoe store to open. I'll need to go to Walmart tomorrow to get some food for Mary Kate's visit.

Mary Kate and the kids will be going to the Pottery Place with Ruth and I and will eat with us. That will be fun and I'll be able to visit with Mary Kate and the kids more that way. When we go to the theater, M.K. and the kids will go visit Trudy. It'll be a fun time!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gloomy Day

Another cold and gloomy day but with no snow. It's too warm to snow but cold enough to not want to get out.

I made a crock pot meat loaf from venison today. Trudy gave me the recipe. It cooked for 4 hours and was good. Frank ate only a mouthful and complained about that! I will use the recipe again, maybe when Mary Kate comes Saturday.

Ruth and I are going to H'ville to a concert about Patsy Kline Saturday afternoon and night. I'm sorry that Mary Kate choose that week-end to come up but Monday is President's Day and is a school holiday, so they won't have to be back home until Tuesday.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I was ready to go into town for exercise class at 8:00 am but the sleet was coming down hard and the car iced over. I decided not to go and then noticed later that it was snowing pretty hard! It was 32 degrees F, but the temperature gradually climbed up until most of the snow was gone by mid afternoon. Since it's snowing in January and February maybe it won't snow in March.

I changed the bed and cleaned out some clothes from my closet. I made two cards that I liked and didn't do much else. I would have gotten out of the house if the snow hadn't have come. Maybe tomorrow I'll get out.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sacred Sunday

It was 32 degrees when I left for church and maybe two degrees warmer when I came home. Aside from that, it was a good day.

It was Fast and Testimony Sunday. I love the Fast & Testimony Sunday for I love to bare my testimony and love to hear others do the same.

After the usual Sunday nap, we turned on the TV to watch the Super Bowl. It wasn't a spiritual thing to do and we turned it off after both teams scored. Then we read the scriptures together. It's part of being in the world but not of the world. It takes time and patience becoming that way but it's worth it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unbusy Day

Didn't get out of bed until noon. I had gotten up at 7:15 am to eat breakfast but then went back to bed to listen to Kim Komando. I am a lazy person. I did all my chores yesterday. I did make two cards this afternoon and helped Dad take off the caps of some empty capsules so he could put some vitamin powder in them.

I was going to Lowe's to see if I could buy a goose neck lamp but Dad said not to make an extra trip into town. I have a lamp to take back to Walmart because it only took a 40 watt bulb.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy Bee

I stayed up today and got busy with my chores. I washed 3 loads of things, rode on my recumbent bike and played the piano.

I put a pork loin in the crock pot this morning and we will have it for supper. I need to utilize the crock pot more often so we can have something good for supper. I'm cooking a pot of beans and we still have some brown rice left over from yesterday. We surely eat cheaply.

I didn't go to exercise this morning for it was raining (one excuse is as good as another!) I had been to town yesterday and didn't want to get dressed just to go in for 45 minutes and then back home.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Busy Thursday

Was out of the house by 11:00 am today. I had a lot of errands to run. It was raining enough to need an umbrella. I had to drop by the insurance co. with some pictures to show that we had upgraded the pouches and then on to Wanda's house to return her casserole and basket. She had brought me dinner on my birthday and I was late in getting it back to her. Stayed and visited for a few moments and then on to K-Mart for some Maalox and then to McDonald's for a milk shake. I didn't want to end up at Walmart hungry! Shopped at Walmart and came home and unloaded the groceries. I've been on my feet all day and I'm tired now.

I'll need to go to exercise tomorrow so people won't forget about me. I haven't been going regularly and need to get back into the habit of going.

Thinking about going to see Dr Moore and see if I need some physical therapy for my left knee. It is a bit stiff. Maybe I can just do the exercises I got from home health.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Card Making Day

Trudy came over and we had the kitchen table covered with paper, inks, punches and all sorts of card making materials. She showed me how to do three new cards and she is now working on a card of her own. It's been nice visiting and working together. We have lots of fun. I've been standing all day so I'll be tired tonight.

Frank's prednesone day hasn't been too bad. No fevers but he feels bad. He always feels bad; he just overcomes it with his outgoing personality. I hope it will always be that way. I've forgotten how to use a semi-colon. That way I used it may be wrong. Oh,well.

Tomorrow is the first Wed of the month and that means a temple trip. It's only Karen and me so we will stay for two sessions and get home around 3:00 pm.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fine Day

After being on the charger all night, the new Accord started (Yeah!). I first saw Dr Sharp and then went to the Honda dealership and got a new battery. I was impressed with the system of service they have. I drove up and after they looked at the numbers on the car, they gave my a ticket and we left the car there and went into another office where the man rec ordered what I needed and then we went to the waiting office. In about 20 minutes or more it was ready and I went into another office and paid for the battery and got the car. It looked liked it had been washed! Wow! They sure have the customer service down good.

Next, I had to go to Sam's to return some things and of course buy some things, too. After the Sam's stop, it was off to Hobby Lobby. If we had a Hobby Lobby store in Athens, would I want to go in it so much or enjoy it so much as I do the one in Huntsville?? Who knows. Maybe, the Shadow knows....