Saturday, August 31, 2013


I had a $10.50 coupon from Staples and I got a new letter opener and 3 ball point pens and was owed $.31! Trudy had given us a pen and I liked it and she told me it came from Staples. I thought the pens would be $6.00 or more and no telling what the letter opener would cost, but I walked out of the store being owed $.31! I went on to Walmart for some milk and then came home.

Frankie came around 6 PM for his reunion. He stayed for 30 minutes. He looked up the place where the reunion was being held. It was at Yesterdays. That's not too far from here. He thought he'd be home around 10 PM and will call if he stays out later. He'll leave after I go to church in the morning.

My left toe is getting really red. I may have an ingrown toenail. It doesn't hurt yet and I'm putting off soaking it and digging around in it to cure it. Maybe tomorrow...

Monday is Labor Day. We have no plans. It'll be just like another day for us. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Brace

I cleaned out the bathroom closet a while back and threw away two hand splints I had used for when I had carpal tunnel in both hands. Today, I bought a new hand brace for the carpal tunnel has come back in my left hand. I bet it would get better if I would loose 5 lbs but I can't do that so I'll just wear a brace. If it interferes with my piano playing, then I'll have to have something done about it, but for now, I'll just put up with it.

Went to town to get the brace and made an appointment to get my eyes checked. I want new reading glasses and thought the prescription might have changed so I'll get my eyes checked. I stopped by Collin's Supply and bought a multimeter so Frank can check our batteries. I need to get some 9V batteries and since I'll be in town tomorrow, I'll get them then.

Sadie got a job at a Chick-Falay today. I don't know how to spell it yet...She is going to drive Trudy over here tomorrow for a visit. It'll be en experience for her and she will be able to buy things with her pay check.

Frankie will be coming in Saturday afternoon. Rachel's dad and step-mother are coming for a visit so she won't be coming.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Slow Day

I got up too late to go to exercise so slept in. Got up and showered and got dressed. Practiced the new music I got Sunday. It's not too hard but I still have to get the notes down and learn the pieces. They are hymn renditions and are pretty.

I put the batteries back into the carbon monoxide detector and it didn't "beep" so I put it back on the wall. Now to get some more batteries so I can see if I can get the smoke detector to work. I got a new smoke detector but I don't know how to make it work. Why do they make things like that so complicated? All one should have to do is put the battery in and hang it on the wall.

Trudy is coming over tomorrow. Sadie will drive her. She's having a slow time healing from her back operation. I have to vacuum and dust downstairs tomorrow or Friday so it will be fresh for when Frankie and Rachel come.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


We went to the pain clinic today. Frank's down to 2 pills a day on his Rx and the nurse gave us the regular prescription which aught to be enough to last 8 weeks with what I have left over. So far, he's done good with just 2 pills a day. He doesn't seem to have as much pain as he once was. We stopped at Burger King in Athens and got Whoppers for lunch.

I thought the grass looked long for it only being Tuesday and while we were watching TV, I heard someone cutting their lawn. I got up to see if it was the next door neighbor and found it was Lance cutting our grass! I was thinking we would get it cut the week-end but it had been 6 days since it was last cut. No wonder the grass looked long. It was time for it to be cut.

Monday, August 26, 2013


The senior center was re-doing the gym floors so we had exercise in the small room. It was fun. I went to Walmart for some groceries afterwards. Came home and cooked lunch. We had some kale greens and they are so good. I don't cook them with any seasoning and they still are excellent.

I got some new music Sunday and I practiced on it while the clothes were washing. Now, I have to go down and get them out of the dryer.

Frank's doing well. He's been reading the Westerns I got him. He reads better now and he seems to be holding his own. The Lord is making my burdens light.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Didn't do much but sit with Frank and watch TV. I cut his hair.

Frankie and Rachel are coming down next week-end for a class reunion. I don't know which night it is, whether it's Friday or Saturday night. I have to go to church Sunday so I hope The reunion is Friday night. I'll have to cook something too.They can eat what we eat. I'm just not used to cooking for more than two.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Again

The weeks are flying by. I didn't go to exercise today. Thought Athens pharmacy might call with an appointment for Frank's diabetic shoes. They didn't. Had to cook for supper. I cooked ground turkey, white beans, black beans, tomatoes and Rotel tomatoes and  Italian dressing seasoning. I couldn't tell about the seasoning. Maybe the Rotel over powered it. But it was good. Sat with Frank and watched TV all afternoon. Washed clothes today so I don't know what I'll do tomorrow.

I have some word puzzles I can do but I don't want to. I practiced the piano today. I don't have enough new music to keep me practicing. My hands get stiff if I don't practice. Maybe Sunday Summer-Rae will have some new music for us.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dr Visit

I saw Dr Walker this morning for regular check-up. Told him about my left thumb and hand going to sleep. Got blood work done. He filled out the papers for Athens pharmacy for Frank's diabetic shoes. The lady was out today and will call us for an appointment tomorrow to measure Frank's feet.
I came home and sat the rest of the afternoon with Frank in the living room. Decided not to go on the temple trip for it was too long for me to be away from home.

Frankie called last night and said he and Rachel would be down for a class reunion the week-end of the 30th. I'll have to call Mary Kate to see what to cook.

It didn't rain today although the weather man said it would, today and tomorrow. We haven't really had really hot August weather this year. Of course, I stay in the house most of the time!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not Much

There's not much to write about tonight.

Went to exercise and enjoyed it. Stopped by the pharmacy but the Dr hadn't called in the Rx. After lunch, took the prescription for diabetic shoes in to Athens Pharmacy but the Dr has to fill out some paper work for Frank to get measured for the shoes. I see Dr Walker tomorrow and will take the forms in then.

I bought a big bag of M&M's  and set them down on the kitchen floor so I would take them downstairs and put them in my church bag. Frank found them and ate some!. I checked his blood sugar at lunch and it was 194. I did again after supper and it was 104. Quite a difference. I took the M&M's downstairs and hid them. I've been wanting something sweet lately. I bought some Hershey's nuggets to put in a bag I have for Janet when she starts coming over and I ate two of them today. I could eat 6-7 if I didn't stop myself.

It rained today. The neighbor is out cutting his grass tonight. He has more grass to cut than we do for we have the woods that take up some space. He has a good 3 3/4 acres to cut.

I'll have laundry to do after I get back from the Dr appointment tomorrow. Tomorrow is temple night but I don't feel I can be away from Frank all that time. It would be 9 hours away from home and that is too long to be gone.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Steve cut the grass today. It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow so the grass will grow and grow.

I went into town to the pharmacy and to pick a few things at the grocery store. Sat with Frank and watched TV. Don't know how to use the VCR so we can't watch the Red Skelton DVD's I got.

I don't like to write when I haven't done anything during the day.

Monday, August 19, 2013

More Rain

I really enjoy going to exercise now that it's Silver Sneakers and Janet is leading it. We had 19 there today. On a good day when I was leading the exercises, we'd have 6-10. Silver Sneakers is so much better than what we used to do. There are a few that don't like it and have not exercised with us, but more people come now.

It was overcast today and it rained on and off all day. Reba called to see if it was raining and said she'd tell Steve not to come today to cut the grass. They've had a good year with their grass cutting business with all the rain.

Sadie takes her driving test tomorrow here in Athens. There is a 2 month waiting period in Madison county. Trudy may come by if she feels like it. They may make her stay at home since it hurts too ride sitting upright.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I did nothing except one load of clothes, practiced the piano getting ready for the choir performance tomorrow at church, and run to the Dollar Store to get milk. Sat in the living room with Frank and watched TV.

I was at Walmart Friday but thought we had enough milk but we only had one opened gallon. I like it when we have two unopened gallons. That way I know we won't run out.

It didn't rain today but it was overcast and cooler than the usual August weather. The Southeast is having more rain this summer than normal.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Chair

The new chair came today. It is a suede brown. Frank says it looks big, but it is more compact than the other recliner was. George and Sadie came about 30 minutes after the new chair was delivered. They visited a while while George's truck cooled off. They took the old chair home for Trudy to sit in. It seems hot when I sit in it. I will have to get used to the fabric and the different positions it reclines in.

I had to move all of the birds boxes of toys and table so the chair could come in the front door. I had two extra plastic carts that came out of Frank's room and the bathroom and tonight I got them all downstairs. We had to de-clutter so Frank could move around with his three wheel dolly, as Trudy calls it. It's official name is a rollator. That's a new work for me but I guess that's what's it's called.

I've got to write a letter to Frankie telling him that I want Trudy to be the executor of the will. I hate to disappoint him, because he thought he should be the one to do it. But Trudy has been such a help to us and she is close by and she can go to the lawyer with me to take care of things.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We went to see Dr Walker mid-morning. It's quite an ordeal to get Frank out the door and into the car. He walks slowly down the ramp and gets into the car and then I have to fold up the rollator and put it in the trunk. Then repeat all those steps after we get to where we're going. He had to have blood work done and the place next door to the Dr's office was out to lunch, so we had to go to the hospital. I had to stop and get the rollator out and then go find a parking place and repeat all those steps after we were through. I'm not really complaining, it just is an ordeal when we have to go anywhere. One good thing was that we got a Whopper after that. I got a Jr Whopper. It had been 6 1/2 hours since I had eaten and the Jr Whopper wasn't enough. I didn't get a regular Whopper because I didn't want to eat a whole day's calories in one meal but I stayed hungry all the rest of the afternoon and even after supper. It doesn't pay to get that hungry. I feel like I've gained more weight so I'll have to get on the scale tomorrow and see.

My new recliner is being delivered tomorrow! I will get up and get dressed and made up and if they don't come in the AM I will be ready to town for a few things. I hope Trudy and George can come over after her Dr appointment and get the old chair. That would be perfect, otherwise we will have a crowed living room.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No Interest

I wasn't interested in writing yesterday. I went to see Dr Sharp today. He thought I was early in coming but I always schedule my next visit when he says. I told him I was ready to get off Ativan. I just thought I would just stop taking it, but I have to gradually come off of it so as to not have any side effects. I thought I needed all of my medicines refilled but he said I didn't but to come back in 3 months.

I stopped in Madison at Kohl's. I had a 30% off coupon and I bought a new purse and another pair of shoes. The purse is red and the shoes are grey and blue. I paid less for the two items than I did when I bought my first pair of shoes. The first pair of shoes has a thin sole and the bunion on my left foot is grinding down the insole. I don't know about the second pair. My old shoes had a thick bottom and gave my foot more support, but they were a 7 1/2 and my toes were hitting the ends of the shoes. These other shoes are size 8 and give my feet more room. I have to get a larger size because my feet are so wide. When I see Dr Walker next week I'll see  what kind of Dr I should see about my bunion. It might be time to get it fixed. It aches at night after walking all day.

Frank had a good day today. He's getting around better with his rollator. We go see Dr Walker tomorrow and he'll get to see how we've been doing with the blood sugar. I'll go to exercise tomorrow for the appointment isn't until 11 something.

I gave Frank a shower this afternoon. He's all ready to go to the Dr.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


After the neighborhood breakfast this morning at Shoney's, I drove to H'ville to Lazy Boy to look for a new recliner. They were having a sale. They had three "small" recliners but then the lady helping me showed me the fourth one that I really liked. It's re-purposed leather. It's a suede brown and it fits my size. It will be delivered Thursday. I called Trudy to see when she was coming to pick "it" up. She didn't know what "it" was until I told her I had bought a new chair and she could have the old one. She said that they might be able to get it Thursday for she had a Dr appointment to see about her back. It would be great if they could pick it up the day the new one is delivered.

Got back about 11:30 AM in time to get lunch for us. I did a load of clothes and swept and dust mopped the floors and then sat and watched TV with Frank. My right leg gets to bothering me when I sit too long and I have to get up and exercise it.

Tonight I will finish a new Henning Mankill book I got from Amazon a while back. It's a good book. I think I have one other one of his books I haven't read that I will try to find and read it next. I don't know what makes his books so good-he's a good storyteller-he develops his characters well-probably those and many more things.

The Decker's are still in Arizona and I will be driving to church tomorrow. It will be good to get back since I missed two Sundays because family was here. I got Summer-Rae a key ring as a token of my appreciation for taking care of my callings while I wasn't there. Tomorrow, she will have a lot of new music for us. She'll have Christmas music and songs we will be singing from now 'til Christmas. I look forward to getting new music. I hope I can play it all.

Today in the furniture store, I saw a lady that was 92 years old. She was very active and didn't look that old. She had bought a chair she liked in the store but when it was delivered, it hurt her back and she was a bit upset about that.

After I reached 70, I'm always looking at people who are older than I am to see how they are doing. I've never been 70 before and that sounds really old. Dad lived until he was 87 and he turned that while he was in the hospital after falling off his roof. If that hadn't happened, he might have made it to 90.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Exercise is a bright spot in my life. There were 21 people there today and the men didn't come.

Tomorrow is the neighborhood breakfast is tomorrow. I think I will go to H'ville and see if I can buy another recliner. The one I have is showing wear plus I want to try to get one that fits my size better. Lazy Boy is having a sale and it would be great if I could find a good quality chair there.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


For 45 years my engagement ring and wedding band have been spinning around on my finger. I had them fused together in Key West because they did that. Trudy urged me to get them fixed at the jewelery store and I finally did. The jeweler put two tiny "speed bumps" on the inside of the ring to take up some room. The rings fit better now but they still move around.

I mostly stayed home with Frank today. A storm blew up and it rained some. We could hear the thunder all night. Not right on top of us, but far away. The weather man said there was a high section over Texas that kept the Jet Stream going up and over Texas and bringing moisture to AL, TN and GA. I hope Steve remembers to come to cut the grass even though I won't be calling him. I told him to just come once a week and cut the grass. We're going to be paying him to cut the grass 4-5 times a month anyway. He still just charges us $70.00 for all the work he does.

I washed Frank's feet tonight. His feet are in good condition and we need to keep them that way. Medicare will pay for one pair of diabetic shoes a year and I would like to see about finding a qualified fitter and seeing about getting him a pair. Athens Pharmacy sells diabetic shoes so maybe they have a fitter. I'll need to get him some diabetic socks too. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Went to exercise and then came home. Had a diabetic meeting at 1 PM I went to at the hospital. Frank's sugar levels are good compared to what I heard at the meeting today. I ordered some more diabetic pills from a lady who calls every so often to check on Frank. They may be helping keep his sugar levels low. He's down to 15 mg of prednisone and after a little while, I'll go down one more pill. He hasn't been this low in years. It would be wonderful if he could get off of it altogether. He's having PT now. He has it twice a week for about 2-3 more weeks. The Janet  will come out and work with him with weights. He gets no exercise at all and will loose the ability to do anything if we don't work on it.

It rained today. We're having strange summer weather. Last year the heat killed most everything. This year, the rain has made the corn grow but the farmers can't get into the fields to harvest it because it's too wet. The rain keeps the car clean.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I thought I had written about Monday. Went to exercise. Really enjoy getting out and seeing all the people that come. Then went to Walmart for a few groceries. Stopped by the cobbler to pick up Frank's shoes but it was closed on Monday. Went to The Shoe Dept. and bought a new pair of shoes. I had been getting a 71/2 shoe but in no time my toes are at the end, so I went back to a size 8. I got New Balance. They have a bright navy blue top, bright pink shoe laces and lime green soles. You can see me coming and going. I love them. I decided being 70 is going to be a celebration instead of a down turn.

Today, Tuesday, I just stayed home and looked after Frank. After supper, he went to his room and fell down and hit his head on the end table. I had to call Martin to come pick him up. He only lives 4 miles from us and is so good to help out. Frank wasn't hurt, just a bump on the head. He must have reached down to pick up something and lost his balance. I should have followed him to his room. I'll do that now.

Bro Decker's younger brother died and they are on their way to Arizona.

Trudy called today. She had been walking and she shouldn't have. She needs to stay flat on her back for two weeks. A friend brought her a bag of books and hopefully she will find something she will like to read.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Frankie is leaving tomorrow so I called Summer-Rae to cover for me again at church. I hate to miss two Sundays in a row, but family visits so infrequently that I thought it best to stay home.

Frankie and Mariam went to the Space and Rocket Center today and went by Sam's and got some fiber for me. They might have gone by Trudy's, I don't know yet. Trudy hasn't been answering her phone so I don't really know how she is. Still in a lot of pain, I guess. Mary Kate and family are at Heather's house this week-end.

I gave frank a shower this afternoon after Frankie and Mariam left. He's squeaky clean now. He still walks with his walker but he moves his legs well when he's not standing on them. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Again

Went to exercise today after missing a week. It was good to get back.

Frankie and Mariam came around 4 PM today. It was good to see them. I had bought some new games for the kids to play with but Josh didn't come for he had a Dr's appointment. Frankie, Mariam and I went to Walmart so Mariam could pick out a toy. She got a toy and I said she could get another and she picked out a doll and we got a toy for Josh. It came to $70 something and Frankie gave me $30.00 in cash to help. Mariam was happy and it made me happy to see her happy. Tomorrow, they are going to the Space and Rocket Center. I have some clothes to wash and some cooking to do.

Frank is still not walking too well even though his knee has healed up. He needs to get into the shower and he doesn't want to. Maybe after Frankie and Mariam leave I can get him in the shower. The grab bars are installed now so getting out of the tub and being stable once out shouldn't be that hard. Bro. Hansen put the bars in this week. I asked him how much we owed him for the wood he used and he said something like $16-17.00's and I wrote the check out for $117.00. He didn't look at the check. Later that day, he called and said I had made the check out wrong. I assured him I hadn't and said if I had gotten someone from town to do it, it would have cost more. He said, "Thank you". It felt good doing that. He's a good one to help others.