Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good Sunday

The Decker's were on time this morning so we weren't late for church. The Sacrament meeting was good and we were to practice the Primary program during the rest of church. Before we got started, I was asked to go to the nursery to help out. I did and had a nice time. At first, there were several adults there with about 10 small children. I just sat and watched. As the time went on, the other adults left and I was there with Christa Brown who is the director of the nursery. After my ordeal with my Primary class, I didn't know how I was going to like the nursery, but I was surprised, I liked it. Now I know if I'm asked to help in the nursery full time, I will like it. But I will be at the piano.

Thursday is Temple day and I'm excited about going. Karen said she would be going too and it's always fun when she goes too. It's great when we ride down in Billy Geer's van, we are church members but after two sessions at the Temple, we ride home as family members. It's a real neat feeling.

Bros. Decker and Hill came Home Teaching this afternoon. Bro. Decker is assistant Scout Master and they took the Athens boys and the Fayette Ward boys canoing. Forrest came up to Bro. Decker and said, "you're my granny's Bishop", but he said, "No", he was our home teacher. He said Forrest did a good job helping some younger boys with their canoe.

Mary Kate and her family went to Stone Mt., GA for the Labor Day week-end. They pulled their camper. Some where along the line they had car trouble and it over heated. I don't know all the details but she called us several times for moral support. I hope they were able to drive the van safely home. A friend was going to tow the camper back for them. They called someone locally to see if they could help them, but he didn't want to spend the $10.00 it would cost to get into the park to pick up Richard, even though he would get his money back right then. He didn't think it was a right thing to do on a Sunday. Jesus helped people on the Sabbath. If you ox falls into the mire on a Sunday, you get him out. You just make sure you didn't push him in the mire in the first place!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Slow Saturday

I woke up tired this morning, but I got dressed at 9:00 AM. I sat down at my desk and made a card. In fact, I was making this card when Mary Rager called and said she would be bringing my Stamping Up! order over. I got three packets of different shades of white paper, a white stamp pad, some small stamps, a round punch and Mary gave me several pages of the new colors of card stock and a piece of ribbon that matches the colors (if they're orange!). I had finished the card by the time she came. In fact, Rosko chirped, and let me know she might have driven up in the drive way! He's a good "watch bird".

It's time for an oil chance in the Honda. I guess I'll get it done Monday since I'll be in town. This car has really been a good car for us. If some big expense should happen to it, like it needed a new air-conditioner or a new transmission, we would see about getting another car. It would be the last car we would ever buy since we are senior citizens now and don't travel much. I want it to be another Honda.

Mary Kate and family have gone to Stone Mt., GA for the week-end. I hope they don't encounter a lot of people at the camp grounds. It's nice to have family vacations.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Historical Days

Yesterday history was made when the Democratic Party choose Barack Obama to be its presidential nominee and he is a black man. John McCain has chosen a woman, Gov. Palen, from Alaska, to be his vice-president. It is a very interesting election this time. Usually, I don't care for politics, but if Obama gets elected, we'll get government health care and he wants to change the country in ways that would not be good. If McCain is elected, people will say we are a racist nation. There's always an excuse for people who want one.

I really wanted to go back to bed this morning, but I did go to the Senior Ctr. for exercise. I have the book of exercises and Jan wants me to lead the group. She and Barbara are the only ones doing it and it would be good to have some extra help. I'll get together with her and write down the exercises and the order they are done in and then I'll try to lead the group.

Bought some groceries today. The oil in the car needs changing. Maybe I'll get it done tomorrow. My SU order is in so I'll have to see when Mary wants to deliver it before I do anything. I finished another card. I wish I had used another color ribbon on it, but I will be more careful with the next card.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wonderful Day

Our day out was very satisfying. We got to Cook's Museum 15 min. early and it wasn't open so we went to the big warehouse store that is near there. I found a rain gauge that we needed. After that, Cook's was open. As we walked through the museum, Karen told me her stories of encountering the many animals that live in her woods. A fox is eating their chickens and guinnes(the computer didn't know how to spell that word either...) She even saw a hawk attacking a chicken on her back porch and when she ran out to see what the matter was, the hawk took off right in front of her! She's in the process of teaching her little pups(can't spell that name either, sort of like shitzoo) manners. She has two of them (or rather Ken has two) and they need to learn to walk on a leash and heel and other commands too. Stacey is in her first week of going to Calhoun and will probably like it.

After we went to Decatur, I had to stop be Herbs and More and get Dad some magnesium for leg cramps. Karen didn't know we had a store like that. Next,we walked down to the Tuesday store and looked at everything. She thinks the museum is nice and maybe a place to take her parents when they visit. Next week, weather permitting, we will either take the walking tour around Athens or go up to Ardmore to the Alabama Welcome Center and see the sites there.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trip Day

Last night, Frank said he wanted to go out today. I waited around all morning and we went out after lunch. We went by the pharmacy and the bank and Staples where Frank got a couple of notebooks to record what he does with the computers.

I made a card and cooked a pot of Navy beans. I put a beef bullion cube in it but no salt. I guess I'm getting used to less salt too for the beans tasted okay to me. I think I like Navy beans better than Great Northern beans. They are smaller and seem to not cook all to pieces.

It rained most of the day. My butterfly bush fell over in the middle. I believe we will tie it up tomorrow. I had the cancer meeting tonight. The weather must have kept people home for there were only 3 of us there. We called it a meeting at 6:30 PM.

Tomorrow, Karen and I will travel to Decatur to the "bug" museum. I think she will enjoy it too.
When we visited the Veteran's Museum, we got a paper of all of the things to see in the Valley, so I guess we'll use that to go by to know places to go on our sojourns.

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Beginning

I had a good time at exercise class. Jan Laytham is going to get me the exercise book so I can learn the exercises and at some point in time I can lead the group. It would be fun, I guess. I get funny when I get up in front of people. They are showing a movie at the Senior Ctr. tomorrow. It cost $1.00 and they serve lemonade and popcorn. That would be fun if I had someone to go with.

I made a card today. I took a little more time with the card and put a ribbon on it. I used some new glue on it and hope it sticks. I cleaned out my Sunday bag. I hoped Mary Kate would like to have the file folder games, but she didn't want them. I can give them away or save them for the younger grandchildren. I'll take the big tote back to Hobby Lobby.

It's rained off and on all day today. I have to get a new rain gage for the other one broke. We need one that will fit on top of something to get it off of the ground. I like to note the amount of rain we get each time it rains. Frank writes the highs and lows of the temperature on the calendar.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Last Sunday

Sis. Decker told me she could use the time left over from my sharing time to practice on the music for the Primary Program so after telling the Good Samaritan story, I turned the time over to her. She really does a good job with the music. I'm glad I'll be the pianist while she is the director. I won't be playing for the program, Jennifer Harris will, but it's because the program is upon us and she already knows the music. I'll be sitting with my class and helping them with their speaking parts.

My class time was on obeying the law. Sis. Laytham was in the class with me and maybe that's why the children were listening. After the lesson and while they were doing the activity, the two wild ones got going and even Jan couldn't get them to stop.

I'm thinking of walking at the Wellness Ctr. track after the exercise class. I drive right by the park when I'm going home and it would be easy to stop and walk around the course a couple of times. I certainly need the exercise!

Frank is getting close to installing everything on his computer he's been working on for such a long time. He'll be installing Windows on my Mac computer so we can do genealogy on the Mac. Mac doesn't have a program for genealogy but Windows does.

Larry Brown was released an a member to the Bishopric today. Tony Allen was called to fill his place. April Harris played the organ for the first time in Sacrament meeting today. She did well. The organ just sounded like a piano player was playing it. That's no criticism of April's playing, it's just fact. The organ is a different instrument than the piano is and one has to know the right technique to play it. I told her I'd be glad to help her if she wanted me to.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Day We Get Ready For Sunday

I slept late and haven't done much today. I did take a nap yesterday, which was good and bad. Good, for naps are always good, but bad in that I woke up at 4:00 AM this morning! I listened to the radio and dozed until 7:00 when I got up. I went back to bed just to kill time.

I've gotten out my Primary lessons to go over. My Sharing Time is tomorrow and I need to brush up on that, plus the lesson I'm giving in the class period. After we do our activity, which is coloring and cutting out a lion's head and the bottom part of the page that has some words and the rest of the lions body on it, we will put the head of the lion of the body with a paper fastener. I think it's a fun activity, but it will probably go fast and then I'll let them play with the Play Doh.

The Primary Program is coming up in Sept. I'll probably be at the piano by then. April Harris, who has been playing in Primary, was called to be the Ward Organist, so she won't be in Primary any more. I look forward to being at the piano again. It'll give me something to practice for.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Restfull Friday

It's hard to remember Tuesday when the week was creeping by. Now it's Friday again. I went to exercise class but then came home. I read the newspapers, something I had quit doing for some reason. For lunch we had a dish I fixed last night and even Dad liked. It consisted of turkey sausage, stewed tomatoes, an onion, frozen green peas, thawed, and a ramine chicken soup noodles. Everything is mixed up in the skillet after the onion and sausage have cooked. It tastes good and is very easy to fix. Today, I cooked some cornbread on top of the stove. It was only yellow corn meal without any flour so it was a bit heavy, but who cares, it was corn bread! My mother used to cook it in a skillet on top of the stove, like a giant pancake. She would use bacon grease and it made the edges so crisp and flavorful.Yum-m-m-m! I ate far too much of it, but it was so good I didn't want to stop eating.

Dad is still working with his computer trying to get Windows set up on a Mac. That way he can use PAF, the personal ancestral file. I might have him put it on my Mac. I'm sleepy. I just may take a nap

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Visiting Teaching

Pauline and I met at Jan Laytham's house at 9:30 AM. We then got Rachel Bathauer and Mary Lou Hill. Mary Lou told us how her daughter, Pat, was doing with her mother-in-law living with them. The mother-in-law is living in the living room. She should be in a nursing home, but she made her boys promise years ago that they wouldn't put her in a nursing home and now they are having to take care of her. Pat is on our V.T. list also. I don't know if she would want us to come visit her in her situation.

I got to Jan Laytham's place a few minutes early and she told me that the Primary Pres. will be asking me to give up my class and play the piano. Jan's the Primary sec. and they had just had the meeting where they discussed my move. I'm glad but sad too. All of the children are precious, even the two who are very active, but I will be glad to be at the piano. I guess my new Tote will go to Sadie. I'll use it this Sunday and then Trudy can buy it. It's really a nice tote but it's more for scrap booking now that I won't be needing it in Primary.

Remember the pipe cleaners I couldn't find? I put a note on the kitchen counter reminding me to buy some more tomorrow when I'm in town. When Dad saw the note, he asked if I needed some cleaners and that he had some. After I told him about mine I couldn't find, he set out to find them and he did! I had put them in a file drawer that the printer is sitting on! One of my stamps is categorized as being in 01. I have no idea where o1 is! Fortunately, the stamp is out where I know where it is. I have a shoe box where I but the extra large stamps in and the stamps are labeled "big 10" or "big 8", but I have no idea where "01" was going to be.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Week Is Creeping By

I couldn't say "Wednesday" or Wednesday Again" because I've already used those. By Thursday, the week will be slipping by!

I went to the exercise class today and afterwards to the P.O. and then to the Wellness Ctr. to un-subribe ( I know that is a non word but I like to make up my own words as I go along) my membership. There were several boxes to check as to the reason I was leaving and I checked, "non use", which was right. After that, I went to the Shrine to buy groceries. I got a new p.j. set and a cotton snap robe. I also found Dad another pair of his lounging p.j.'s.

I came home and put up the groceries and then worked on my Primary lesson. My Tote is just right! It is really large, but I can look in it and see what I want to get out. I found a page out of an old Friend that I ran off copies for the activity. It is a picture of a lion. The head is separate from the body. The children are to color the page and then cut out the lion's head and the bottom part of the page. The head is connected to the bottom part with a paper fastener. Wal-Mart didn't have any but the Off Campus Book Store did. I want to have a roll too and I got some white poster board. While I was drawing out a pattern for the roll book, I decided to use a spiral notebook. That would save me the time of cutting the poster board and drawing lines, etc. I got silver stars for the children to put on the roll book when they are present and if they give the opening or closing prayer. I thought this would give us some more structure and I know the children will like it. The notebook will fit into the Tote nicely and I can get 2 months to a page.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Inside Today

I picked that title because I didn't leave the house today! Ha-ha. I washed a couple of loads, played the piano, worked on my Primary lesson. I packed my tote as I finished parts of my lesson. I need to find the pipe cleaners now. I hate it when I can't find things I have bought and used and put up...but where?

Whew! I just finished ironing several pieces of laundry. I have a small ironing board in my room so I don't have to go downstairs to iron. If I had a lot of ironing to do, I would go to the basement.

It got up to 100 degrees today. We had been having really nice weather, 85 degrees, but all good things much come to an end. Hopefully, if we get any of the hurricane rain, it will cool things off again.

Monday, August 18, 2008

We Shopped 'Til We Dropped

I don't know what happened to that first post, it sort of published it's self while I was typing. Trudy and I met at Hobby Lobby at 10:00 AM. We were looking for my all in all Primary bag. We looked in Hobby Lobby, then at Wal-Mart, then at Handcocks, then at Michael's and finally back to Hobby Lobby. I got a big scrapbook tote, a rolling scrapbook tote. It's large enough to hold any and everything I want to take to Primary. There's a pocket for anything and everything. It has wheels so I don't have to carry a heavy bag. I hope it's not too much, but I don't care because I like it.

We were supposed to eat lunch together but we ran out of time for I had a Dr's appointment at 1:00 PM. After the Dr., I came on home. Pat Knowles came over and she and T.J. picked the last of the pears off the trees. I thought they were all gone when she asked me about them, but when I went out for exercise today, I noticed a few more pears on the trees. T.J. got the ladder and got the ones at the top of the largest tree. I hope they can make use of what they got.

We Shopped '

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I was prepared for my Primary lesson and I had activities and brought the stuffed animals. The children get tired of coloring their coloring page. They did sit still for most of the lesson, but at some point in time the stuffed animals were thrown up in the air, mid loud laughter! I didn't think about the Play Doh. That would have calmed them down. I just let them do their thing for the last 10 minutes. I think I need a helper in with me. Next week we have the Sharing Time and I told them that and got one to hold the map and one boy to be the man the thieves beat and left for dead. They liked the Good Samaritan story, but I didn't know how to get them ready for it. I watched the Sharing Time today and realized I need to have a group of songs to help fill in the time that I have. Then, the lesson they will have after Sharing Time is about obeying the law. That will hold their attention! NO! I'll be at their mercy next week. Maybe I'll buy some more Play Doh and let them play with it and then let them take it home. I don't want to fool with salt clay.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Card Table

Small as it is, this is where I make my cards. I have another piece of furniture at the far right where the air filter is and it holds a lot of paper and Primary stuff. On my dresser, I have my small paper cutter and on the floor, by my bed, I have two shoe boxes full of cards ready for decoration. I see in this picture the paper cutter on the table, but I moved it to the dresser so I'd have more room. As I get more stuff, I don't know where I'll put it, but I'll find a place. It's a small place, but cozy. Speaking of cozy, there's a site for being organized, I joined until I realized I had nothing to organize. No ball games, no outings, no school stuff, so I un-joined.

I vacuumed the floors and vinegar and water spritzed them and organized last month bills and put them away. I made a card and enjoyed it. I guess I needed a little break from card making. I looked over my Primary lesson and the lesson we'll be doing for Sharing Time and I hope things go well tomorrow.

Monday, I'll see Dr. Sharp. the Effexor has been working well for me and I have felt good. Trudy is going to meet me to go shopping at Sam's but I didn't want the car all packed with food sitting in the parking lot of the Dr.'s office and then Frank said for me to wait until next month when we'll have the money. I'll notify Trudy and see if she wants to come anyway so we can visit. I want a new bag to carry my Primary stuff in. The bag I have is large enough, but I never know where anything is. I would like a bag that would have places for the coloring pages and a place for the crayons and a place for the Play Doh and a place for the scissors and a place for anything else that I decide to carry. I'm hoping Hobby Lobby will have a 40% off coupon so I won't have to pay an arm and a leg for this grand bag.

I haven't talked to Frankie in a while but Frank has. His neck is healing according to schedule and he has his job. He was worried about that over the summer, but he is working. He still can't drive until the end of the month so Rachel has to take him anywhere he needs to go. She has her hands full with Frankie and the four children. They were going to see if they could find a good preschool for Josh. He needs some structure in his little life and Rachel needs a break from little Josh!

Friday, August 15, 2008

End of the Week Again!

Went to exercise class and then stopped by Lou Covenington's place. She has the cancer survivors meeting at her place of business, which is a house. She's a very sweet, dear person. I went to the Shrine after Lou's to get Dad some more lounging pj's and some peanut bars and some South Beach bars. After that, I came home and didn't do much after that.

I did finish writing down my Primary lesson. I'll study it really good tomorrow and get it ready for Sunday. I need to prepare the class for the Sharing Time too. I just hope the wild ones will be tamer this Sunday. I think I have enough activities for us to do and there's always the Play Doh!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Enrighment Night

I studied my Primary lesson and got some material from Sugardoodle. I kind of hate to face the class again after the way two of them acted last Sunday! One little girl is known through out the church. I'll take the stuffed animals with me again and maybe this will help some.

I took two bags of clothes and shoes for the Women's shelter. A dinner was served but I ate before I went. I did have a piece of blackberry pie a friend made and talked me into. I don't like to go to church and eat. After everyone ate, there was a sewing project. I left after the meal, for there was nothing for me to do. Got home about 8:30 PM.

I got some tar shampoo for my itchy scalp and it works good. I need to shampoo tonight but it is too late. I have exercise class tomorrow morning, so I could get up early enough for a shower and shampoo. Maybe not! Ha-ha-ha!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Middle of the Week or Wednesday

It was 8:15 AM this morning...I, in my pj's, had just sat down on the sofa to eat my breakfast when I looked at the clock! I had exercise class this morning but had forgotten to get up early. I jumped up, threw on the clothes I had worn yesterday, powdered my nose and put my eyebrows on and out the door I went. I was only about 5 minutes late. I love to go and see the same people and I'm slowly remembering names and that makes it nice.

After the Senior Center, I got a sausage and biscuit from Hardy's and went to The Shoe Dept. to get a new pair of shoes. I slowly ate my biscuit and read the paper until 10:00 AM came and the store opened up. I found a pair of New Balance that I liked and I did get 1/2 size larger. There were some shoes $10.. cheaper but they had this gray strip around the front of the toe and it made the shoe look bigger on my foot so I spent $10.00 more for a pair that didn't make my foot look so big. I also found a black leather purse I liked so I got it too. After that, I had to go to the Shrine (Wally World-Wal-Mart) and get some sandwich meat and bread and then I came home.

This coming Sunday after my lesson, I'll have to go over the lesson I'll, or the class and I , will be doing for Sharing Time. I hope they remember some of it since we've had this lesson before. It's about being kind and is the story of the Good Samaritan. After the presentation, I have pipe cleaners to give out to all the classes, about 12 children, and will show them how to make a heart out of the pipe cleaner. After they have done an act of kindness, they can leave a heart behind. Hopefully, some kind acts will occur after that.

Today was prednasone (wrong spelling) day for Frank and he is feeling really bad. He'll feel better tonight and should have a better day tomorrow.

Trudy called and said she couldn't go shopping at Sam's with me tomorrow for she and George had to go somewhere and take care of some papers for the Camero. We made a date for the following Mon. when I'll be in H'ville for a Dr's appointment. I made 2 cards yesterday. One, I forgot to use the permanent ink and then tried to water color over it. The flower didn't look too cool but I finished it anyway. After I study my Primary lesson again, I might make another couple of cards. It takes up the time I have.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slow, Slow Day

I had nothing planned for today so I went back to bed to kill time. Got up at 10:00 AM. I did some light chores and got lunch ready. We're supposed to have some rain so the sky's are dark. I need a new pair of shoes, tennis-type, but I don' t have the energy to go to town. I was thinking of getting a 1/2 size larger since I read that as we get older our arch gets longer. After a few months, my toes are touching the ends of my shoes. I imagine getting a 1/2 size larger might do the same thing after the shoe stretches out. Oh, well, decisions, decisions, decisions!

I was looking through the new Stampin up! catalog and writing down what I needed. I haven't made cards in a long while, but I still need a few things. I might make a card or two after this post.

Thursday, I meet Trudy at 10:00 AM at Sam's to buy some groceries. She will then follow me home for a visit. Since school has started back, she has more time of her own. She says she doesn't miss teaching and is glad to be home. Her children are glad too and I'm sure George is happy about it also.

I looked into my closet again and got 3 outfits to take to Enrichment Night. I have 3 pair of sandals I found downstairs. They still look good, but all of the cushion on the bottoms has worn out and they don't feel good enough to keep. Thank heavens for the Salvation Army! I'll go downstairs and look through my winter clothes. I can probably find an out fit or two to donate to the women's shelter. I'm glad Relief Society is doing this. I'd rather do something that helps people than just go to have supper and do classes.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Win Some, Loose Some

My Primary class was not good today. Two of the 5 children were in a destruct mode! There is no controlling a 5 yr.old who is hyper active or 2, 5 yr. olds who decide to be wild in class. I wasn't devastated from it. I might have been if I hadn't have been teaching this class long. I have two children who are inactive that I'm supposed to help re-activate them, but why would I want 2 more children in the class? They may be hyper active too!

I wore a new skirt and top today. I have one more such outfit that I haven't worn. The Relief Society's Enrichment night is coming up and they want us to bring dresses ( or skirts and tops) to go to a women's shelter. I have cleaned out most of my closet lately and given it to the Salvation Army. I can probably find a few things that I don't wear anymore but have just been holding onto. If my closet was bare, then I would need to fill 'er up again!

Frank's been hurting more lately. He needs to take his medicine more regularly to keep ahead of the pain. Pain is not our friend!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sane Saturday

I didn't post Thursday because I was going to the Temple that afternoon. I don't remember why I didn't post Friday.

Today I had the card party but I was brain tired from the activities of the week, so I stayed home. Mary (SU demonstrator) brought the new catalog and two cards they made by for me. I haven't made any cards in a while.

We had a wind storm the other day and a lot of pears were blown off the top of one of the trees. The pears from the other tree got riper than the ones on the first tree. I must do something with the pears next year except give them away. A few of the big ones the were blown down had splits where they had hit the ground, so I tried to cut away the bad places. They need to ripen, too.

The weather is in the high 80' today. Yesterday too. I look forward to the cooler weather in the fall. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. I want to get a blazer coat this year. It would look dressier than a sweater and would go will everything. I would like it to be leather too! Who knows if I'll get one or not...(the Shadow knows).

We need to get new storm door for the front and back of the house. We were going to stop at Lowe's the day we went to H"ille, but we were tired and didn't want to fool with it. The house will look a lot better with new doors on it. When it rained Thursday, it blew against the house and cleaned away the little bug droppings that get on the siding. It saved me having to get the hose out and bathe the house, the front , it is. I looked at the inside edge of the siding where the little bugs like to live and they had nests of straw built just inside the siding! I think they are tiny spiders who lay in wait for smaller bugs to travel close to their nests and they snare them. It would be okay with me if they didn't leave such a mess behind them. I'm going to spray the edge of the siding with bug spray and hope it doesn't turn the siding purple!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weary Wednesday

It's 4:00 PM and I'm tired. The trip to H"ville went well, except the Dr. had been called to the hospital early this morning, so he was an hour behind (speaking of behinds....)so waiting was hard. But we got through and ate at Slotskey's (my spelling). It wasn't as good as we remembered so we won't be eating there again. The trip behind-ha-ha-ha-home was uneventful. We stopped by the pharmacy and got the Rx's and then came home. I'm just now unwinding from 9:00 AM.

I got permission to do the Sharing Time on a lesson I have already taught. That way I won't have to prepare two different lessons at the same time. Now I'm going to rest!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lazy Tuesday

I read about planning my day and was shocked at the thought! Plan my day? I guess I do it mentally sometimes, but usually I justs let the things that need doing plan my day. Like today. There was nothing on the calender. I prepared my Primary lesson and read over the sharing time lesson I had chosen. Mary Kate suggested I do a lesson I had already prepared and I like that idea. The one on the Good Samaritan would be good for Sharing Time. I wouldn't need notes and I have enough pipe cleaners for everyone with which to make a heart for doing kind things. It surely would take the pressure off of me. I guess I don't need a written plan for my day ('though it might help). I plan around Dr. visits and exercise and Wed. outings. If I really want to do something, I'll do it.

Tomorrow, Dad and I go to H'ville to see his Dr. I'll miss exercise, but that's okay. I need to get some candles for my Primary lesson Sun. It's about being a good example and it said to make a paper candle for the children to take home to remind them to be a good example (let your light so shine...). I decided to get large birthday candles for them. I'll put their name on the candles and maybe they won't burn down their houses with the candle and will remember to do good works.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Every Day Monday

I did the usual, exciting things for a Monday. I went to exercise and then on to the Shrine to buy some groceries. I didn't have a list but Dad did want some cereal so I knew I needed that. I bought some canned veggies that were different from what we usually eat and some cans of fruit to go with the cottage cheese I already have. I bought two compacts of powder. One came with some Cover Girl make-up so I now have some new make-up plus some new powder. I don't want to have to put on full battle dress (make-up) just to go to exercise or to town, so I'll just put the powder on.

I've been studying my Primary lesson about being a good example. The more I read it, the more I can see how I can use it with my students. Then, I got my e-mail and found out that I have sharing time the 4th Sun. this month! I've never done a sharing time in my life! I found a lesson on Sugardoodle,"I Can Prepare for Baptism", that looks like I might be able to do. There'll be a whole lot of studying going on these next few weeks. It had to happen sometime, the sharing time, that is, but I just wish it hadn't happened at all!!

Dad has a Dr.'s apt. Wed, so I guess the trip to Cook's museum will have to be postponed until later. I know, Mary Kate, you didn't enjoy it, but it is a neat place to visit at least once in your life. It was another hot day. 95 plus degrees with the heat index around 103-4. I once knew a song that said only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon day sun! I know they're having quite a heat wave in the Western states but they will probably be cooled off by the hurricane that's due to hit Texas soon. We've had just enough rain to make the grass grow right after it was mowed. Enough of this twaddle. I'll just get ready for bed and read over my sharing time lesson!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nap Day

Sundays are a good day to nap. Especially if you went to church. Not that church is especially strenuous, but a three hour block to time for church does put a demand on you faculties.

Of course, you know I was talking about my Primary class. I was so prepared that I didn't take any notes. The lesson was about the Good Samaritan. I had cut outs and then as part of the lesson we played, "Let's Go Down to Jericho". In this, we had one child sit in a chair and be the hurt man and the rest of us walked around the room and played the Priest and the Levite and one child was the good Samaritan. I had fun but that activity didn't last long enough. The lesson was on being kind, so I had pipe cleaners that we made into hearts. Each time they did a secret kindness for someone they were to leave a heart behind. I don't know if anyone remembered what the hearts were for after they left class! That didn't take up much time so I got out the pictures of the four characters in the Good Samaritan story for them to color and cut out. The majority of the children enjoyed that but Sarah, who is an only child whose parents read to her lots, wanted something else to do, so I got out the secret weapon, the Play Doh. Boy, did they take to that! Finally the time expired and the bell rang. Another Primary day under my belt.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday, Saturday

I went out this morning to mail two letters for Dad and get him some Blue cap Maalox. The last time I had found some, it was at West Side Pharmacy. I went in but they didn't have any. Next, I went to K-Mart and they had plenty so I got him two bottles. Then, on to Wally World. I feel like it's some shrine I must attend, I'm there so much! Before I went in, I discovered I didn't have as much money as I thought so I just bought a few things and left. I stopped by the Shell station and got a small Gator Ice because it was very hot.

Dad had wanted some fiber cereal, but he found four boxes in the pantry, but they were all 3 yrs. old! We had stocked up and then his taste changed and the boxes just sat there for 3 years. I guess the outside birds and squirrels will delight in the cereal.

Saturday afternoon was devoted to getting ready to pay bills. It wasn't so bad this time. There was no shouting and throwing furniture through windows, no fire works, really. I've got my Primary lesson all ready and think we'll have a good time. I guess it's alright to have a good time in church if you're in Primary!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Thursday's Activities

I left for Bubba's house around 12:30 PM. I got gas and then went to Waldgreens to get a silly ball I had seen the day before for Will. I got there about 30 min. before the rest of the family got back from the Space and Rocket Ctr. Katie and Harrison and one of his friends were there. Bill and Lynn and Will and one of Ruth's grandsons made up the rest. We sat on the carport watching the boys play kick ball until a storm blew up and dumped 1 1/2" of rain on us. After the rain, we saw 2 armadillos out walking on the drive way! They were quite tame and didn't seem to mind us watching them. Bubba figured that the rain had flushed them out of their burrows. It was quite a treat to see them. Katie and the boys left to drive to B'ham right before the storm came but she called to say she had gotten home safely.

After supper, it looked like another storm was coming. The news said Athens had gotten a lot of rain and I called Dad to see how the weather was before I left for home. It rained when I got on I 65 for a little bit but then was dry enough to drive 70 mph. Going down, the 18 wheelers were driving less than 70 mph but at night they were back to driving over 70.

It was good seeing Bill, Lynn and Will. Bill will or is 41 yrs. old and Lynn is 40. Will is 5, I believe. He's a little young for his age and they held him back in school. He'll be in the 1st grade when school starts. Bill bought a 1991 Miata. ,White, like his dad's. Their other 2 vehicles get less than 20 mpg and the Miata will get over 30. Bill has taken the math test to be a school teacher and he said it was so easy that he might take the physics test too. He'll be teaching 7-12 grades. Their home is paid for and they have large gardens which they plan to sell veggies from. I tried to find my pea sheller for Bill but I couldn't find it in the basement. He wants to get one that will do more than one purple hull pea at a time. He said a bushel of purple hull peas would bring $27.00! They plan to do a lot of work in their gardens. Ah, to be young again!