Friday, July 31, 2009

What I Remember About College

After high school, I went to school in Florence (across the Tennessee river) to Florence State College, now named the University of North Alabama. I played the clarinet in the band one year. I stayed in the dorm the 1st semester and home the next semester. After a year at FSC or UNA, I transferred to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL. I majored in music, with the piano being my principle instrument and the organ as my secondary instrument. I spent a lot of my time alone in the practice rooms. I went to the Wesley Foundation (campus wing of the Methodist church) and most of my friends came from there.

I usually had a dorm room with one other girl, but my senior year I had a private room with a shared bathroom. I got plenty of exercise because I didn't keep an A-B average, I couldn't park near my classes! But having a car was definitely a plus.

My degree required I play two recitals. One in my Junior year and one in my senior year. The junior recital was 30 minutes of memorized music with another student on the program. The senior recital was an hour of memorized music all by yourself. It was very difficult but I somehow made it through. I was used to playing in a band, not alone and I didn't care for solo performances. I didn't do too well on the organ. It was a big instrument and the bench was too high for me and I had to sit on the edge of the bench which gave me the feeling of always about to fall off. I don't have pleasant memories of learning to play the organ. But I played the organ many years at church and I think I did a good job and I enjoyed it. I graduated in the summer of 1966 and I was so glad to get out into the real world!

What I Remember About School

We lived three blocks from the elementary and high schools. Therefore, I got to walk to school each way. The Junior High school building was on the same block as the elementary school and was built in 1918. That helped me remember when Alabama came into the Union in 1819!

All I remember in the 1st grade was my teacher's name, which was Miss Grace Jones, and she had three reading groups, the red,blue and yellow birds. I don't remember which group I was in.

In the 2nd grade, it was the math I remember. I had trouble with math. I remember on the big test they gave to see how everyone was doing, I couldn't divide two number into three and I would just make up a number and put it on.

The teacher in the 3rd grade had traveled a lot and we saw lots of pictures of her travels.

I don't remember 4th & 5th grades but I have good memories of the 6th grade. I can even remember the teacher's name, which was Mrs Johnson. We had a club, the Correct Talking Club. All through the week, when we heard someone use incorrect English, we would write their name down and put it in a box and on Fridays we would have a meeting of the CTC and would pull the names out of the box and would give the person time to correct their mistake and if they couldn't, we all would help them. It was a fun time!

The Jr. High building was right next to the Elementary School. It had wooden floors and the bathrooms smelled bad but I used them anyway. The lunchroom served fish every Friday for the Catholic students. I was in the beginning band and played the clarinet. I was also in the choir 7th and 8th grades. When we got out of the 8th grade, we went to Sheffield High School.

Since I lived 3 blocks from the high school too, I walked to school. I played in the band all 4 years. I didn't like marching band and the football games but preferred concert band. I don't remember the names of the teachers but I remember their classes. I had good English teachers. Our graduating class was the largest so far with 160 students in 1961. I was in the senior play and enjoyed drama and acting.

What I remember About

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ann Landers

I found this in my Mother's things and think it's pretty good.

Lord, Thou knowest I am growing older.

Keep me from becoming talkative and possessed with the idea that I must express myself on every subject.

Release me from the craving to straighten out everyone's affairs.

Keep me from the recital of endless detail. Give me wings to get to the point.

Seal my lips when I am inclined to tell of my aches and pains. They are increasing with the years and my love to speak of them grows sweeter as time goes by.

Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I may be wrong. Make me thoughtful but not nosey; helpful but not bossy. With my vast store of wisdom and experience it does seem a pity not to use it all. But thou knowest, Lord, that I want a few friends at the end.

I'm afraid I resemble this thought!

Bird Trip

Frank moved the bird carriers into my bedroom last night after the birds had gone to bed so they wouldn't see them. Some how Gertie knew something was up for I went to get him out and he climber to the highest point in his cage. I went after him and he gnashed on my finger once and then climbed on board. I didn't have any trouble getting him in the carrier. Rikki didn't want to get in but she is such a laid back bird and I didn't have any trouble with her.

I hate driving the old Accord for it's ride is not as smooth as the new one, but I had to drive it to take the birds to Hartselle. It ran fine but it has a lot of vibrations at 60-70 mph. I'm supposed to a bring Rosko and Gert back in two weeks but I'll be in the hospital by then. Rosko has some bumps on his nose and Gert has an infection that I'm giving him medicine daily.

Frank worked hard all day yesterday fooling with the car battery and now he has fevers. I've given him Tylenol and hope he won't have a bad night.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Day Trip

I haven't been sleeping well at night so I go back to bed and sleep another 1-1/2 hours in the morning. After I got up today, I had to go to Walmart to get a new battery for the old Accord. They gave me the wrong one but Frank put it in and the car started. In the meanwhile, Karen and I drove over to Decatur to look for this clothing store. We went into Belk's and Penny's and Dillard's plus the store we originally went to find. Dillard's does have formal wear we learned. After wandering around the Mall we came home.

I then had to go back to Walmart to get the right battery. There was no problem with it all, it just took a lot of time. The new battery cost $81.00. Tomorrow, I have to take the birds to Hartselle to have their wings, and nails, and beaks trimmed. As tired as I am now, I believe I will sleep in again!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walmart and Lou's

I had to go to the bank and deposit the check we got back for returning the 4 air cleaners and I went to Walmart to buy a few groceries. I forgot to locate the Popsicles so we only have 4 left. I could always get some more tomorrow.

I asked Frank where my old Accord keys were for I thought he had had them last. After a while, he came in and said that the keys had been left in the car and that the battery was dead! I told him to stay away from my keys in the future! That's what I'll do tomorrow, get a new battery for the old Accord. Karen and I are to go out tomorrow so I guess we'll pick up a battery and then go to Madison to the Pottery place. Maybe they'll have some garden stuff on sale.

Got a cancer support group meeting tonight. Mary Lou Hill is coming over and will ride with me. There are storms predicted for tonight and tomorrow and that may stop some ladies from coming. Heck, life goes on whether it's raining or not. I'll take my umbrella.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Run, Run,Run

I didn't get up early enough to make it to exercise but I did go to H'ville to take back the 4 air cleaners to Oreck. No problem there. Then I went to Sam's and bought a lot of food and supplies. It all fit into the trunk of the car with the toilet paper in the back seat! I got most of it organized and dated. We're running out of room downstairs! I need to get rid of the organ and the exercise bicycle. My car needs washing and I am too lazy to do it. With the old Accord, I had it washed every week but unfortunately, I used the old style car wash that marred the finish. Not this time though.

I take the birds to Hartselle for a trim Thursday. I'm rather counting down the days I have left with my old knee. I haven't talked to Trudy lately. I'll need to coordinate things with her soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Small Nap

I got a small nap in today before the Home Teachers came. Church was good. Susan Harris talked about keeping journals. I'm glad I blog for journaling. My writing has really gotten to be abominable and no one could read my journals.

I'm beginning to think seriously about my upcoming operation. I have to register at the hospital (it's too early to do that), I've gotten some of my clothes packed. I'll have to call the nursing home rehab that I want to go to and see if I can get a room. It may be too early for that but I can give them the time that I will be coming and maybe see if they might have a room.

My eye is still bloodshot. The medicine the Dr. gave me hurt more that it seemed to help so I stopped using it after two weeks. I'm using some homeopathic pink eye drops now and hope they will help. Plus I got a blessing for it to heal and for my operation in August.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I've already used "end of the week" several times so I just used "end". The weeks are flying by. Saturday night again. Didn't do much today. Washed several loads of clothes and have one in now. I have the bug light on in the kitchen so I won't forget I have a load of wash in to take out. I have several sheets to fold but I may not do it tonight.

I bought two purses at Walmart last week. The one I had had to be zipped and then a snap snapped and it was a bit sloppy so I got a small purse the same pattern as the old one. It'll hold my phone, wallet and one other thing. It's just right for a small purse. I also got a bigger red purse for when I want to carry everything with me. Mary Kate gave me a straw bag from the Philippines and it was hard to get my things out of, even though it is right smart looking. I like purses and get tired of carrying the same one all the time.

Just put the last load in the dryer. While I was waiting for the spin cycle to finish, I played the piano. I was playing pieces I had learned in high school. I did pretty good for not practicing. I think I will practice the pieces and then play then for my grandchildren.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Only Housse I Ever Lived In

My Dad never found a house in Tuscumbia for us to live in, so we settled in the next town called Sheffield. It was after the 2nd world war and housing was scarce.

It was a two bedroom house and my brother and I shared a room until he got too old and wanted to have a room of his own. We would listen to radio shows at night after we went to bed until our Dad would come to tell us to turn off the radio. We listened to the Shadow and a mystery show I can't remember the name of and on Saturday mornings there was a show about teddy bears and picnics. That was the name of the song they sang.

I remember when the extra room was being added on, I would walk on the floor joists and one time I fell through to the ground. I was so embarrassed and was glad no one saw me.

I remember we had a stove that stood on 4 legs. One night I heard a noise in the kitchen and got up to investigate. There was a big rat under the stove. I went and got my Dad's old work shoes on and stepped on the rats tail and then hollowed for help. My Dad came out and took care of the rat.

There was another time that I was walking by the bathroom and heard a coughing sound. The light was out and when I turned it on, I was staring down at the face of a rat in the toilet! He must have crawled up from the sewer. Mother called a neighbor over to dispatch the rat.

As my brother got older and went off to college, Mom and Dad gave me their master bedroom at the front of the house. I remember the day when I got my bedroom furniture (I still have it in my house today). It consisted of a bed with two bed side tables the the tops were the same height as the headboard. When they were in place, it really made the bed look good. Sometimes I would put the two end tables together and make a dresser out of them. The set didn't come with a dresser and must have cost less.

I lived in that house, 1202 Atlanta Ave., Sheffield, AL, all my life. My parents lived in it until they died. It was a good house.

My Earliest Memories

The first thing I can remember is getting dressed up to get my picture taken with my brother. We were living with my grandmother is Jasper, AL. My Dad's job with TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) was over and he couldn't find a house in Tuscumbia so my Mother, brother and I were living in Jasper with Mamoo (That's what we called our grandmother, Joanna Gertrude Jackson Palmer). Our grandfather had already passed away by then. I think my brother went to the first grade there.

I must have been 2 1/2 or 3 years old when this picture was taken. I had on this little white dress with ruffled sleeves on it. my brother had a brown shirt on. I remember this picture because the man who was taking the picture told me not to put my feet on the light cloth we were sitting on.

This group of pictures were in a bamboo frame with 5 oval cut outs for the pictures and it hung in my mother's home. I have them now, somewhere.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking For Ideas

Since we both had Dr appointments Wednesday, Karen and I didn't take a trip anywhere so we said we would go today. Karen has the wedding of her son Brent to go to during the Thanksgiving holidays out in Utah, so she wanted to go to H'ville to do some shopping so she could get some ideas on what sort of dress she'll need. The wedding is going to cost the brides family about$10,000 so the reception is going to be formal-floor length dresses and just suites for the men. I like LDS weddings for they are inexpensive but I guess one can spend as much money as one wants. We looked at Ross, Belk's and Penny's. Karen got some ideas and took pictures of pieces of clothing she liked. We got home in time for me to get the garbage out!

While we were in H'ville, I had Karen to take me to Airport Rd. to the Oreck store to get some new charcoal filters. At first the young man said he couldn't just give us new filters that it would cost them too much. I told him we had spent a lot of money buying the filters and the smell was so bad, we couldn't use them. He made a phone call and another young man came in and he smelled the filters and found that two of them smelled "funny", so he gave me four new filters still in the packaging. It's best to keep the customers happy. These new filters smell and we are going to put them outside in the sunlight to see if the sun won't get rid of the smells. It's always something!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fresh Air

I forgot to take my medicine but didn't know it 'till lunch time. I went to exercise class and came home afterwards-no, I forgot. I went by the P.O. to mail Kathy Best some cards and then I stopped by the pharmacy and then on to Dr. Moore's office for one last visit before August 11, my other knee operation time. Then, I stopped by Dollar General and got a gallon of milk and then I came home. Dad had found some air cleaners on sale in H'ville and he wanted to go get them TODAY! I rested a while before we set out. Orick had moved and were 10 miles down on Airport Rd. We bought 4 units and when we got them home and opened them up they stank! Dad carried them downstairs and put them in the bathroom to air out! Looks we're on the merry-go-round again.

I found that my soft suitcase with wheels would be ideal to pack in for the nursing home. I'll have room for a blanket and pillow too. It's good to know what clothes to take this time. Trudy was a lifesaver last visit and I'll be wearing the clothes she got for me then.

Trudy asked me, at my age, 66, did I get what I was expecting. I don't know what to expect from the future, but I'm happy with myself and after the operation I hope to be happier!

No, Mary Kate, or I don't know how Dad picked the company that fixed our windshield. The one that did it said you couldn't see the repair and the other company said up front that you would see the repair. The insurance co. paid for the repair. They had rather pay a small amount for the ding than to pay for en entire new windshield.

I got this neat T-shirt from the American Cancer Society that is light pink and has brown letters that say, "Fight like a Girl" on it. I like it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Car Time

The man from Safelite Auto Glass came this morning and fixed a ding in our windshield. The "original" ding we saw was a ding that had been already been fixed but he found another and fixed it. The repair is warrantied for the life of the car. The outside of the car is dirty and I need to wash it....Naugh!

It's 10:15 AM and I'm hungry. I guess it's time to eat some macaroni salad! It goes down easy and satisfies the greedy worm. That was good, um-mm.

Trudy and Sadie got back from Kentucky at 3 PM yesterday. I hope Forrest enjoys himself. I bet he does. Don't have much to say. I'll check back in later.

Frankie was written some songs for children in conjunction with this lady who is writing a curriculum about manners. He sent me three of the songs and they are cute and carry the message of manners well. I hope all goes well and the lady gets her work published.

Mary Kate passed her test in weight lifting. Actually it's about whole body training. If she doesn't get anymore children in her preschool, she will shut it down and will work at the gym and will have more time for the family.

Monday, July 20, 2009

To H'ville Again

I had to take Dad to the SAS store to get his insoles . He didn't like the way they felt but he's going to wear them anyway.

Trudy has gone to Kentucky and back today to take Forrest and some other youth to a youth conference. There will be classes on the Gospel and dances and free time and there was a nice sit down meal at one conference I attended. It's a lot of fun for the youth to make new friends and be with old friends. She'll be tired for the rest of the week.

I made a big bowl of macaroni salad with tomatoes and cucumbers and mayo and red wine vinegar. It's pretty good but one has to eat a lot to fill up.

Frank had an appointment with Dr. Morgan at 1:30 PM and it was after 3:00PM when we left there. His prostrate cancer hasn't come back. I believe the Dr got it all. He'll be tested every 6 months now instead of every three.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It was a good Sunday. It was a bit of an off day at Primary. Sis Decker forgot words, I missed notes on the piano and the Primary President said she wasn't good at what she did! All in all, the day went well.

Mary Kate called while she was on her way home from a weight training for the gym. It's a total muscle exercise done to music. A class for young people or people of any age who has all of their parts working.

Talked to Frankie last night and he and his family are doing well. Trudy drives to Kentucky tomorrow to take Forrest to EFY.

Dad goes to H'ville tomorrow to get his insoles for his shoes.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pioneer Day Celebration

The Pioneer Day celebration was held at the Elkmont park. There were swings and slides and a ball field for the kids and plenty of shade for the old folks. Everyone brought a dish-I brought pickles- and the Ward furnished the meat. Before we ate, someone read a pioneer story and them the Primary children sang to pioneer songs and a rock band composed of two teens played and we had another talk. Then it was time to eat. I drove to Elkmont and back.

I must have been tired for I come home and took a nap. Got up and fixed a macaroni salad. I put too much mayonnaise in it but it was light mayo. I chopped up some tomatoes and had a few baby cukes I put in and I think it'll be eatable.

I'm going to have to fine some suitcase to pack my clothes in for the trip to the nursing home. I have something, but I think it is too big. I have a really old suitcase that I don't want to use, but it's not too many times that I need a suitcase for anything, so why worry about it now. I'll check on the one that I think is too big. I'll do it now.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Grocery Day the Second

Ha! I'm reusing all of my titles. Bought groceries at Walmart. Spent the money mostly for cereals and milk (powdered). I did get a few other things.

I have a new keyboard to get used to. It's nicer than the old one I was using. The touch is faster but I guess I'll get used to it. I do like it.

Not much has happened today. I notices a ding in the windshield and Frank is calling around to see if we can get it fixed. These glass people come to your house to fix the windshield. One company that he called said, "You know you can see it?" (the repair), so he called another company and they said you couldn't see it and we choose them to repair the windshield. It'll get done next

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rest Day

After my back to back trips, I rested today. Tomorrow, I'll go shopping after exercise class tomorrow.

Talked to Mary Kate today. She only has two pre-school students and she can't make money with only two, plus the mothers want more children for their children to socialize with. She said the gym wants her to take a class in weight training so she could teach that if she closes her school.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Day After...

Today, I picked up Karen Decker and we drove to the Coon Dog Cemetery in Colbert Co. Most of the roads were good and straight but when we turned off of Hy 72 the road narrowed and began to be very hilly. We drove about, oh, I don't know exactly how far it was, and we thought we had missed it, when there it was, Coon Dog Cemetery. It was full of headstones with the names of the dogs and the owners and it was set in a grove of trees. One grave had a cement log going up like a tree trunk and a dog looking like he was treeing a coon. It had a chain link fence and razor wire a top the fence! The owner didn't want anyone messing with that grave. I took lots of pictures for Dad to see.

We stopped at Ruby Tuesday's and had the same lunch as Trudy and Sadie and I had the day we went to Troy. Eating a Tall Cake two days in a row has surely gotten me spoiled! We drove over 100 miles today and when I got home I lay down for a spell and Frank got me up about 5:45 PM. I wasn't hungry for supper but ate a bowl of cereal later on.

After the cemetery, I drove through Tuscumbia, Sheffield and Florence and then we came home.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was 38 miles from the Florida state line today but I hadn't brought my swim suit so I had to turn around and go back home. Ha-ha-ha! Actually, it was "we" and we show nuf almost made it to Florida without knowing it!

I went with Trudy and Sadie to Troy, AL, down below Montgomery, to make a police report about Trudy's purse being stolen. We got a late start, didn't leave until 11:00 AM, but made it to Troy in about 41/2 hours. We spent some time in the campus police station filling out a report and then we went to Ruby Tuesday's to eat. When we left there we took a left turn instead of a right and there in lies the tale of our Florida trip.

After about 45 minutes of driving, Trudy decides she doesn't recognize the territory so we stop at a rest station and ask directions. It seems we had been traveling south instead of traveling north! We were 38 miles from the Florida state line! I don't know how much time we lost but we got turned around and headed for home. I had parked by car at Calhoun Community College. Trudy and Sadie dropped me off about 11:30 PM and I got home at 12:00 AM. It was a wonderful trip and I wouldn't have changed a thing! It's not every day one gets to travel the length of the state with people you love. We talked the entire trip and still had things to say when we parted. Yes, this was the day we ALMOST made it to Florida!

Monday, July 13, 2009


While Sadie was here,I forgot to take my PM medicines twice. I've had trouble sleeping for two nights now and when I did my medicines for the week, I discovered that I had missed the two PM's. I bet that's why I haven't been sleeping well.

I went to exercise class this morning. Jan Laytham is feeling a bit better, but still doesn't know exactly what has been bothering her. Someone had some cucumbers from their garden and I got three.

I spent most of the rest of the day in bed trying to make up for the loss of sleep. I believe I will sleep better tonight after I take my Pm medicines.

Tomorrow, I's go with Trudy to Troy, AL to make a police report about her stolen purse. It should be an interesting trip. Four hours down and four hours back.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July Sunday

Had a really good spiritual Sabbath day. I have an eye infection and the ointment I have to put in my eye coats it with the ointment and I can't see out of that eye clearly. It was interesting playing the piano with one eye! I did okay but it is odd having both eyes open but not being able to see out of one.

Our pioneer day will be next week in the Elkmont park near the high school. It was to be at the park near the Athens high school but the Mud Volley ball game is going to be there too and there would just be too many people in one place. The Primary children have been asked to sing Pioneer songs. I hope they have a keyboard or I'll just sing along too.

Trudy just called and said she needed to go back to Troy, AL and make a police report about her stolen purse. I volunteered to go with her. It's a 4 hour trip down there and a four hour drive back. She said Sadie might go too. We'll go this Tuesday. Then Karen and I will go to the Shoals area and visit the Coon Dog Cemetery. I'll need to contact Mary Lou and get a time when we can go Visiting Teaching.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday #3

I was tired this morning and slept in and then after breakfast I took another little nap. Sadie was watching TV and I didn't mean to sleep so much. The week is catching up with me. Sadie cleaned the downstairs and even vacuumed down there. Now Dad's got her vacuuming upstairs! Sadie's a trooper.

Trudy called and said they all had a great time at Youth Conference but that her purse got stolen. She had left it in the car and someone broke into the trunk and got it. She had me look up the phone number of the Teacher's Credit Union to cancel her card but her Social Security card and the cards of the kids were in the purse. I hope they don't have any identity theft with the loss of the cards. They were on the south side of Birmingham and said she would call me when they got to Cullman. Then Sadie and I could get in the car and drive to Calhoun Community College and meet them there. Sadie will be glad to see her family. She's had a good time here, but it's always good to be back home with your own family.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Doctor Day #2

Frank has an appointment with Dr. Moody to get his eyes checked and because of an cancellation, I can see the Dr. about my eye infection. My own attempts to clear it have failed and the eye is getting redder so I'm glad to see the Dr.

Youth Conference should be over Saturday some time and I'll take Sadie home. She didn't bring any Sunday clothes so she couldn't go to church, so going home Saturday will work out good. I know she will be glad to be home with her family. I haven't entertained her well. Maybe after the Dr.s visit, we can go some where.

Something is wrong with our air conditioner again. It's 80 plus degrees in the house now. It's in the 90's outside. Dad is calling David Boston, Amy's husband to come over to check it out. Hope it's fixed soon!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Thursday

I got up late this morning, 8:30 AM. Ruth was coming to pick blueberries and I cooked dinner. She had her two grandboys with her. They were cute and very nice and they helped pick berries. Today is the first time I've been out to the blueberry bushes. I don't cook with them and eat only a little of them so I'm glad Ruth wants them.

After lunch, Sadie and I went to Walmart grocery shopping. Dad got involved in helping Sadie wash her clothes but he found out what I already knew, that the perfume that is in some washing detergent, can't be washed out. He gets so upset about smells.

Ruth brought some fresh tomatoes and cukes and green beans and a few okra pods and some bread and butter pickles and some jam. I cooked the beans for lunch and they were very good. Supper was comprised of brats on hot dog buns and a piece of cake Sadie made today. It called for a stick of butter instead of oil and that really make a difference in the taste. The frosting was vanilla. I had two pieces today and hope to stay out of it until it is gone! All the weight I've gained back is due to sweets...Mumm.m.m.m, how I love sweets!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Trudy and kids met us at the SAS shoe store and we picked up Sadie. She will be spending the nest 3-4 days with us while Trudy, George and Forrest are at Youth Conference.

After we got home and had some lunch, Sadie and I went back to Huntsville to shop. Then when we got back to Athens, we stopped at Walmart to get Sadie some clothes to wear so she wouldn't smell of perfume. She found two pair of pants and two shirts. Frank's system is so sensitive to any smell that he really has problems with odors. The new car has a smell that we can't seem to get out and the car salesman said maybe riding with the windows open would help air it out quicker. Said the smell came from some adhesive that was used in the car. I'm used to it now but it clings to my clothing and I have to change into other clothes after I've been driving in it.

I have an eye infection and the homeopathic drops aren't helping with it. Frank gave me some antibiotic eye drops for it and I hope it will clear it up. I hate when some thing is wrong with me, whether it's my eyes or my knees. August the 17th is coming up pretty soon and I'll be able to get rid of my other bad knee. Hopefully, I'll recover as well as I did the first time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I left early for my dentist appointment for I wanted to stop by the Mall to get some shoes. I wasn't sure about how long it would take me to find the shoes, but it all worked out. I found the shoes the second pair I tried on. They are Reebok, white with blue trim. They are 71/2 instead of the 8 I usually get. I got to the dentist at the right time. Dr. Knight ground my back teeth of the denture down and it gave me more room in my mouth so maybe I won't be clenching my teeth so much. I don't want my ear to hurt any more.

For the past two days, my right eye has been tearing up and the tears ran down my cheek. I finally realized I had some kind of infection or irritation that the homeopathic eye drops would help. I started using them as soon as I got home and my eye is doing better.

I have to take Dad to the shoe Dr. or foot Dr. tomorrow to see about getting him some orthotics and some new shoes. I think Trudy wants to meet her so we can pick up Sadie. Youth Conference is Thursday through Saturday and Sadie will be staying with us during that time. Both Trudy and George will be going. Forrest wishes they wouldn't be there so he could have more privacy! Sometimes your parents are your best friends and sometimes you wish to grow up on your own.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Clear Day

My nice keyboard broke and now I have this old one. It's like driving an A-Model Ford instead of a new 2006 model. It will do until I can get a new one.

Went to exercise class. Jan Laytham was there but she was dizzy headed. She said she had had a bunch of tests but the Dr didn't know what it was. After class I went by the pharmacy and got an Rx for Frank and then went to The Shoe Dept. to return a pair of New Balance and get a pair of Reebok. I tried on several pair but they didn't have much of a selection so I got my money back. I'm going to H'ville tomorrow to the dentist and I'll stop by The Shoe Dept there and see if they have more of a selection.

I took a small nap and now I feel a bit yucky.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Storms Last Night

We hadn't had rain in several weeks and I noticed a layer of dust on the car. When Forrest and I were out, I thought about going to the car wash but thought we could wash the car at home. That never materialized so t I thought I would be going to church with a dusty car. Yesterday being the 4th, the neighbors set off fire works from 8-9:00 PM. About 12:00 AM, thunder woke me up. I turned off the radio so I could listen to all the commotion. It really rained hard for a long time. This morning, the bird bath was full and that's a sign that it's rained a lot. All the dust had been washed off the car and I didn't have to help at all!

I'll get to go back to exercise class tomorrow. I missed all of last week and the last of the last week because family was here. I think I will take my New Balance shoes back to The Shoe Dept. and get some Rebock. I didn't know they only kept one shoe in the boxes to keep people from walking out of the store without paying for them. I'll have to kill some time for the store doesn't open until 10:00 and exercise is over at 9:15 AM.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Home Again

I took Forrest home about 6:00 PM last night. At first we thought that no one was home.
Forrest went to the back of the house and got in and opened the front door. We thought no one was home but Trudy was asleep in her bedroom. She got up and we talked for a while and then I went home. The new Accord is so nice to drive and I wasn't nervous driving in the dark.

Today is the 4th of July. We are just resting from having Forrest with us. I cleaned off part of my dresser so I could put a 5 drawer plastic container on my dresser for the overflow of my jewelry. I looked at my old stuff and saw that I could give away a lot of my stash.

Friday, July 3, 2009

On The Go Again

Since Forrest had worked so hard yesterday I thought he deserved a day of leisure, so we went shopping again. I thought I wanted something this time, but one can't shop with a teenager along! We ate lunch at the Mall food court. I didn't get anything but a drink because there was just too much food and I knew I wouldn't eat it all.

Came home and Forrest helped Grampie exchange the hose on the kitchen sink. Forrest found out on Face book that Girl's Camp was over so he wanted to go home and I said I would take him. When I asked Grampie he said yes, but then he realized that Forrest needed to vacuum the floors. He's such a sweet boy and he vacuumed the floors! He was paid handsomely for all the work he did yesterday. He painted the shed-I painted one side- and washed the side of the house where all the mucky muck grows and scrubbed the porch. I know he wants to go home. He's been with us four nights and tonight he can sleep in his own bed!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday A Work Day

It's 9:30 AM and Forrest is still downstairs. I got up at 8:00 but I could have stayed in bed longer. All the walking is good for my bones but the meat on the bones gets tired. We plan to clean out the shed today and caulk around the edges. If it doesn't rain, we will paint the shed. There are still some downed limbs that need to be brought to the burn pile. The grass needs mowing but I don't know when it will get done.

I have a problem clenching my teeth. I don;t know if it's nerves or what but it's making my ear and jaw hurt. I've got an appointment at the dentist for next week to see about it.