Monday, June 30, 2014

Trudy's Dr Appointment

I met Trudy at the SportsMed in Huntsville today. I got there at 1 PM and she got there at 1:25 PM. Her appointment was at 1:20 PM. We finally got to see the Dr at 4:45 PM! It was worth it because the Dr said he could help Trudy. The other Dr said that she had too much structural damage for him to operate. What her was really saying was that he couldn't operate and help her in any way, it was above his pay grade, so he blamed it on her. Dr Fruendenburger said he could help. He will 1st take the old pain pump out and then a week or so later, he will fuse some spine bones and hopefully it will help the pain go away. She has spine bones with no cushion between them. I have that too, but mine doesn't hurt. Mine is arthritis and old age. So Trudy's summer will be recovering from her operations. I had to call Jennifer and ask her to stay longer past 4 PM and I didn't get back until 6 o'clock. I didn't want to take the Interstate because the traffic is sometimes backed up on it and I drove in backed up traffic is H'ville and Madison.

Sadie has gone to Girl's Camp and will have a great time. I loved my years at camp.

Trudy is spending the night tonight and will be here tomorrow when I have a Dr appointment in H'ville. I have a funeral, Bro Mitchell's, at 10 AM and the appointment is at 12:30 PM. Surely the funeral won't last an hour. Still don't know if I'll go to the funeral. It's something I should do but having the Dr appointment afterwards makes me not want to go.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


We slept in today. I guess it is too wet for the loggers to harvest the trees for no one has come.
I've been cutting on my hair which I shouldn't do, but it's too late. The hair dresser I usually go to father has died and the funeral is Tuesday. Trudy will be here and maybe I can go to the funeral. He was a personal friend and I would like to go.

Frank is still sleeping. I need to call the Dr and see if we can go down on one of his pills, but when he's awake, what will he want to be doing? I like him quiet and manageable.

Took some more clothes to the consignment store. They even took 2 pullovers I got from Value Village, a thrift store. They were name brands. In 2 weeks, I'm to get an item list and I guess that it will have all the items I've brought in. If they don't sell, they can have them. I don't want them back.

I'm going on a diet. I have gained so much weight this year that I can't stand myself. My stomach proceeds me into a room and my butt knocks into door jams when I walk into a room. It's gotten too much. I'm going on the plan where you can loose 5 pounds the first week. I really don't believe that will happen but I'm going to try.

Monday, I'll meet Trudy in H'ville for her Dr appointment with the spine Dr. One Dr said she had too much structural damage for any more operations, but she wants to try another Dr. Dr Fruendenburger saw me for my back, but my back wasn't hurting-said my back was in bad shape-but I wouldn't let him do anything for me. Trudy was with me and liked the Dr so she's going to see him. It would be great if there was some operation that could be done to help her get some relief from all the pain she's in. She's only 42 yrs old and has no life. She comes over here once a week to be with us, but can't be very active when she's home.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Exercise and Consigning

I love to go to the senior center for the Silver Sneaker's class. I don't know all the people who come but I know their faces and it's good to be with the ones I do know. Janet is a good teacher, too.

After exercise, I came home and got the clothes for the consignment store. I even put in two pull overs that I had gotten from Value Village. They were name brand and they took them. They didn't take the white coat, said there was a spot on it. It must have been small for I hadn't seen it. I have to go back in a couple of weeks and get an item list, whatever that is. What doesn't sell, they can have.

Frank slept most of the day. We might need to go down on the seroquil but I surely don't want the old behaviors too come back.

I drew the bonus part of lesson 3. It wasn't too hard. I have to read ahead in the book and then go back and draw what the lesson is about. Cubes come next. I have been drawing spheres so far. Art doesn't come easy like music did. Drawing is a skill but having a talent to do it surely would help!

It rained pretty hard today. It didn't look like is was going to rain when I was out this morning, but about 11:30 AM black clouds blew up and so did the rain. The loggers are supposed to come harvest the trees tomorrow, but it'll be too wet for them to get their trucks down where the trees are. I hope they feel like that, too. It would surely dig up the ground around there with the heavy logging trucks driving in and out.

Bro Sam Mitchell died yesterday. We had been praying for his release, if it was the Lord's will, and the prayers were answered. Don't know when the funeral is.

Trudy had a scare with her mammogram. She was called back for a double check, but it was just a group of cysts. With me having breast cancer, she and Mary Kate are in the 50% range of getting it.
Mother had cancer, Dad had cancer and Frank has had cancer so it runs in our family.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another Slow Day

Trudy came over around lunch time. I got her to help me find what to do with some thin chicken breasts I had thawed. We breaded them with some Italian seasoning and fried them. They turned out good and we had them for lunch and supper tonight. This afternoon I made some goulash with 2 lbs of ground turkey meat. It's my meat of choice because it has very little fat. It has a lot of juice that I have to drain off but I would have grease if I was cooking with hamburger. Trudy worked on the computer helping Sadie with some material she has to do for the Faith Walk at girl's camp. The Young Women's leader is coming over to help Sadie get things organized but it's a big assignment for her. This will be her last girl's camp.  She'll be 18 yrs old next year and she may can go as a helper or something. Trudy couldn't spend the night but will be back over Monday to stay the night.

I haven't drawn anything. I got a drawing board for my paper and a book about color pencils. I think I've gotten too far over my head with the colored pencils. I just need to learn to draw. There's the fear of failure in me somewhere. What's there to fear? How can I fail at developing my skill in drawing? I think it's just my lazy mind. You loose what you don't use. Speaking of that, I need to start playing the piano again. Since I don't have any reason to play, like the choir, I don't play. I NEED to do a lot of things.

I have an appointment at the consignment store tomorrow to take in more clothes. I have a white coat that will probably be sent back for being too heavy. It's a Spring or Winter jacket I bet. The rest of the clothes should be accepted.  I will have to look around at all of the stuff that's in the store. I've just glanced around before. It's like I need something!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Buy, Buy

After exercise and the pharmacy, I drove to Kohl's. My 30% off coupon was still good so I shopped for clothes. I got a medium blue pair of Capri's and a light blue pair of knee-high shorts and three blouses. After I take a bunch of clothes to the consignment store, I should have more room in my closet.

Trudy's coming over tomorrow after her Dr appointment. Don't know if she's spending the night or not. Mary Kate said she would be coming up in about 2 weeks, after the 4th of July. She needs to go with me and Trudy to get her name put on the bank accounts. Trudy's name is already on them. Mary Kate's name is on the credit union too, but Regions and Compass need both girls together. I know Compass does and there isn't a local number for Regions bank and I can't get through to talk to a real person on the phone, so I'll just have to go by the bank and ask.

I left Madison at 11 AM and had to be back home by 12 AM so I hurried. I had to stop by Walmart in Athens to buy a few groceries. It didn't take me long in Walmart for I didn't have to buy much and I got home at 11:45 AM. Frank had been asleep all morning and got up for lunch and then slept most of the afternoon. I hope he can sleep tonight. He's good. He doesn't disagree with me or clean his room/house over and over so the new medicine is really helping.

I got two packages in the mail today. One was some wall art-5 colorful song birds on a limb- and a drawing board and a book about colored pencils. I'm buying too much and not drawing enough. It's hard to do, just like anything that's worth anything. I need to turn off the TV in the mornings and devote time to draw and do a lesson in the book. I can't learn and get better in I'm not willing to put the time in.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Got Interesting in the PM

This morning was slow. We got up early again and went back to sleep after breakfast. Frank went to his room but I had already made up my bed so I thought I wouldn't go back to sleep. I reclined in the recliner and sure enough went to sleep and didn't wake up until 10 AM. Don't remember what I did until lunch time.

Trudy came over around 1 PM. She brought over some split pea and chicken soup she had made and she had a corned beef and a cabbage she wanted to cook for Sadie's birthday dinner. Sadie's birthday was last week but I guess they were just now getting around to celebrating it. She figured how to use my Kindle Paperwhite I had had for months and didn't know how to use. I need a hard copy of a book to read to figure out how to use these electronics. I don't do so well when the instructions are printed on the device. Anyway, I think I know how to use it to read my present book. She downloaded a Kindle app that lets me read my Kindle books on my iPad. I probably won't ever read on the iPad because the Kindle fits right into my hand and isn't very heavy.

I got my new tire rebate registered with Pep Boys. I'll get a $70.00 something rebate from them.

Kohl's is having another sale tomorrow and I might just have to go to Madison to see if there is anything I just have to have. I still have the 30% off coupon that I can use. This Friday, I have an appointment to take some more clothes by the consignment store.

We have to get the wheel chair ramp painted again this year. The wood must have been treated wood for George and Sadie painted it last year but the paint has pealed and worn off this year. I know a painter. The man who fixed the gutters said he could paint. The shed needs painting, too. The front doors need scraping. I can get an estimate on that.

Monday, June 23, 2014


I went to exercise even though I could only stay for 20 minutes. I had to be at Pep Boys at 9 AM to get the new tires put on my car. I waited an hour and then in came Tommy Parrish and his grandson. I haven't seen Tommy in years so we (he) talked for the rest of the time I had until my car was ready. It was good seeing him again. Time was running out to get  home by 12 PM and I stopped by Dollar General next to Pep Boys and got some milk and pork rinds. I hurried to the PO to take a package to mail and then came home. Jennifer had clocked out but had waited 5 minutes until I came home. It was Frank's 68th birthday today and Jenn brought him a chocolate cake and a nice mag flashlight. He got 4 cards and then got one from his sister, Mary, today. Trudy is going to fix him something tomorrow when she comes over. She was coming over tonight but had the AT&T guys at her house all day hooking up cable TV, internet and something else. She'll be over in the morning. She wants to cook a corned beef and cabbage for Sadie's birthday dinner over here and then take it home.

The car feels like it runs on velvet now with the new tires. It cost $512.00 and I get a rebate on them so it will be cheaper. I like to go to Pep Boys. They treat me nice and they seem to be able to fix anything.

 I ordered some colored pencils and an art board and a book about how to use the colored pencils tonight on Amazon. I've got to review the things I've learned in my other art book before I do another lesson. I'm slow but maybe I'll get there and be able to improve my skill in drawing. I got a kids book on how to draw cartoon animals and one on how to draw birds.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Day

 I went to exercise and it was good to be back. Afterwards, I went to Walmart and took back a set of things for the stove. They didn't fit. Then I went to Madison and to Khol's.

I didn't even look at clothes since I have plenty of everything. I found a twin quilt that was on sale and I got it and a sham and a purple night gown and an electric toothbrush. I had a 30% off coupon and that helped.

On the way home, I stopped by Pep Boys and had them check my tires to see how much wear I still had left on them. The front tires were pretty far gone and the back tires were not far behind so I made an appointment to have new tires put on the car Monday. I'll go in at 9 AM and have the work done. I can go across the highway to Staples or stay on the right side of the road and go to Dollar General to kill part of the 1 1/2 hours it will take to get the tires put on, balanced and the front end aliened.  I'll feel better with new tires on the car. It still looks good from the wax job it got a few weeks ago. It got dust on it when the lawn was mowed. It needs to rain to wash the dirt off, haha.

Trudy and George have gone fishing tonight. They need to spend time together away from home. Hope Trudy's back lets her enjoy the evening.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Honestly, Did Nothing

I did wash a load of clothes and just remembered to put them in the dryer and I did draw. I did lesson 2 in the book. It's a book about learning to draw in 30 days-that is if you do a lesson a day. I like it but I can't draw 4 hours a day. I'd get good in a hurry if I could. Frank slept most of the day or a good part of it.

The yard looks nice since it was cut yesterday and the trees look good without all the limbs hanging down to the ground. Some loggers were working next door and hauling trees away. I hope they come to our house and ask if they can have our fallen trees.

Trudy came back today. She went home. George called from work to talk about their situation and Trudy may be staying over here for a couple of months. George hates her tattoo. It's something a 16 year old would do, he said. They will eventually get things straightened out. It will be fun having company in the house. Then I could go out the days Jenn didn't come.

Tomorrow, I'll go to exercise and to Dr Walker's office to pick up a VA form and then I think I'll go too Madison to Khol's. I have a 30% off coupon and I hate to waste it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gutters Fixed

Ronnie came this morning and fixed the gutters. He even went to the front of the house and did some work on them. I stayed home from exercise because he was coming at 8 AM and I didn't know when he would be through. I let Janet know why I wasn't going to be there. I have missed quiet a few times lately. Ronnie said he would tell his friends about the downed trees and maybe they would come and cut some of them up for firewood. Larry McDole was out on his 4 wheeler talking to Ronnie and said something about some loggers. Maybe Larry is getting his trees taken care of.

After getting the gutters fixed, I went to Walmart and bought a few groceries and then Goody's was open. I had a $10.00 off coupon and another coupon that I wanted to use. I found 2 skirts and 2 tops that match both skirts. I really didn't need anymore skirts but since I wear them on Sundays, I thought getting some new ones would be good. They are, or one is, orange and white stripped and the other is orange. The stripped one is short and the orange one is long. Not too long where I wouldn't want to wear it though. I have some long skirts (2) that I could take to the consignment shop because they are too long to wear just lounging around like I do on Sunday. I also have a white coat, blazer, jacket that I don't really want anymore. Mary Kate got me to buy it and I thought I wanted it but I've only worn it 2 times since I got it.  Looking in my closet, I see two pair of boots I can consign. Hopefully, they will be good enough to take in come cold weather.

Frank is doing okay. The medicine has him calm and manageable.

Trudy will be coming home from Mary Kate's tomorrow. Don't know if she'll be going home, home, or coming here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hurry Up

I woke up at 5:30 AM and got up and had breakfast. Frank got up, too. We decided to go back to bed after breakfast and I woke up about 4 minutes before the man who was coming to check on the roof knocked on the door. I got dressed but didn't have time to put any make-up on and he looked at the damage to the gutter. The piece that was under the shingles, that wasn't nailed or screwed down, blew down when the high winds of the tornado came. The strip keeps water from getting under the shingles and rotting the wood. A guy will be over here tomorrow at 8 AM to fix it. I mentioned the fallen forest of trees we have and he, Ronnie, said that he would tell his friends who might come over and get some fire wood from the fallen trees. Maybe that would help make a dent in the mess that was once our back/side yard.

We went to town to the pharmacy and dropped some things by the Salvation Army. Their drop off spot was over flowing and I had to place my stuff on the drive way.

I got my art books and pencils, erasers and sketch pads today. I really like one of the books. It gets you started drawing right away with basic things. I hope I will draw during the time I have at home. It seems I turn to drawing when I'm not doing music. I have no reason to practice now that I don't play for choir, so I don't play at all. Sunday, I meant to play some hymns, but I never went downstairs to play.

Trudy is at Mary Kate's house. She said that George wants a separation. Trudy has been so messed up with all of her pain and emotional stuff that George has gotten enough. Plus Forrest planning on going on a mission has Satan tearing the home apart. Things will work out it time, I believe.

Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm a Consigner

Trudy came over last night so she would be ready to go with me to the consignment store. We talked that night and the next morning we left the house at 8 AM to go to her  house to get her medications since she was going to visit Mary Kate this afternoon.

We drove into H'ville and left some clothes at a lady's house and then we went to Jo-Ann's and Trudy got two books, one of which is a journal. She loves journaling. I had an appointment at the Consign World to bring in my clothes at 11 AM so we leisurely drove back to Athens to the store. I had a bunch of clothes. They accepted everything except a skirt I had pulled the waist string out of and two items that would sell better in the winter so I'll take them back then. The clothes will stay there 3 months and then I will have to go get them or they will belong to the store. They accepted 2-3 pair of Land's End pants with a 25" inseam. I didn't know if they would take the pants for such a short person! I guess I'm not the only one under 5' in town. I paid a one time fee of $15.00 and now I have a place to take my clothes that are too good to give away but I don't want anymore. They didn't have anything to fit me. There were pant suits in an XL but no blouses that I liked. They said come back soon that they have new stuff coming in all the time. I need to take time to look at the other things they have there too-household goods, etc.  They take mostly name brands and won't take any Walmart brands and a lot of other brands that I never heard of.

Last week we had to call the plumber to get Frank's toilet unstopped. Today it stopped up again. We went out for an ice cream-we went to Chick-fil-a and I had two children's toys that you get with a child's meal that I traded in for 2 cones. We were right by Lowe's so we went in and bought a plumber's snake. Got home and couldn't use it the right way and called for help. The first person we called, our go to man, Martin, was in Nashville. The second one, our home teacher, Bob, had his phone off, and the third one, Bobby, our next door neighbor, came to the rescue. He just plunged it good and it worked. The water flows high but it will still flush. Thank heavens we got that fixed.

Trudy left for LaGrange at 12:15 PM our time. She gains an hour into Georgia. Her back hurts her so much that she has to sit with one foot up on the seat. She's seeing a therapist and is experiencing a lot of emotional pain, too, so she's having a hard time. She got a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist and most of her family was upset with her. She wants another one on the other wrist but I hope she doesn't get it. One tattoo is enough for anyone.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Weather Lie

Three local TV stations said it would rain last night and today but it didn't happen. I was glad since I and Trudy had to be in town today. Jennifer came at 10:00 AM and we left shortly there after.  We drove in Trudy's car, the CR-V. It's an '03 I believe. I had a prolia shot to get at the Dr's office and Trudy stayed in the car. Her back hurts her so much it's a wonder that she can tolerate doing anything. We went to Sam's to pick up some food for a sister Trudy was to bring a meal to and then stopped by a smoothy place and got smoothies with protein in them for lunch. After we got home, she lay down for a couple of hours and then after supper she went to get a fishing license and to go to Walmart. It's after 10 PM and she isn't back yet. She's 42 years old and her mother still worries about her.

I ordered some drawing books and pencils from Amazon. I can use my time perfecting my drawing skills while I take care of Frank. I haven't done much of anything until I got the idea of drawing. I have always drawn things. When I was a child and later when I was chorister for Primary, I would draw figures that would help me teach the songs to the kids. It's something I can leave to my kids-my etchings!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


It didn't rain today but it will tonight and tomorrow. The paper said that the wheat farmers were having trouble getting the wheat harvested it's been so wet. If they don't get it harvested by a certain time, the wheat will sprout. Learn something new every day.

Trudy came over this afternoon. She has a, don't know the year, CR-V, and it looks better than the one she wrecked. They went to Nashville last night and got it. Hopefully, it will be a good car for her. She's gone out visiting friends tonight.

Tomorrow we'll go to H'ville to my Dr appointment for my Prolia shot. I get it twice a year and tomorrow is the time for it. I have coupons for Kohl's just in case we stop. Have some for Goody's, too. Jennifer will come at 10:00 AM and will stay 'til 2 PM. We should be back home by then.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday Things

Went to exercise which started at 8:30 AM 'til 9:15 AM and was home by 9:45 AM. Trudy wasn't coming over until later so I went to Walmart to buy some groceries. My refrigerator is full now and I can't cook the sweet potatoes that I planned to cook tomorrow. We'll finish off some veggies that are in the frig and that will make more room.

Trudy and George are going to Nashville this afternoon to see if they can find Trudy a car. After she wrecked her other one, she has been without a car to drive. I hope they find a good one for her to drive. She said she would come over tomorrow. I hope so or I will have to cut Frank's hair and beard. It's no biggie but it's nice to have someone else to cut it.

I found a good plumber. Frank's toilet over flowed three times last night-he kept flushing and it kept running so we needed a plumber. Mr Rooter charges $100.00 a service call and I got this man's name from the want ads. He unstopped the toilet and then didn't charge us the $70.00 fee and gave us a card that said we would get a $25.00 discount on the next time we needed him. I thought that was nice and it's good to know a good plumber when you need one.

I have the name of two people to come and look at the gutter on the South side of the house. I hope it doesn't cost much to get it fixed. It would be nice if there wasn't anything bad wrong with it. I owe it to the neighbors to have it fixed for a narrow piece of metal is hanging down from the gutter.

We have been having a lot of rain and storms lately. The wind blow so fiercely that I'm afraid something else will blow away. The farmers and gardeners are proud of all the rain. I sent a form off to the Scout Master to have the Scouts come and mulch around the house. Then maybe I can have them help me pull the Virginia Creeper from around the Iris around the bird bath. It's gone to pot since I don't do any yard work anymore. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Didn't Do Much

We slept in and didn't get to moving until 11:00 AM. I don't go anywhere when a sitter isn't here. Sometimes I get Frank to go with me to the pharmacy, but I don't leave him alone by himself unless it's to go a mile down the road to the General Dollar store to get milk.

Trudy's coming over tomorrow and will spend the night. She can cut Frank's beard and hair. He's been wanting me to do for a couple of days but I'll let Trudy do it.

I'll go to exercise tomorrow. I didn't go Monday because I went to the VA office. I'm still waiting to hear from Dr Walker's office about the form I took by there Monday.

Monday, June 9, 2014


I needed to go to the VA office and choose to go to the one in Athens instead of H'ville. I waited two hours to see Mr. Davis and within 10 minutes I was through. I got a form to take to the Dr and I think I had had that form filled out already. It seems like the man who helped me in the H'ville office hadn't put it all in the computer so the man in Athens could access it. When I get the form from the Dr, I will go to the VA office and get in the waiting room 45 minutes early. There was one other man in front of me today but it took him two hours to get his business done.

I went by Consign World and made an appointment to be interviewed and bring my stuff by. They will look at it and see if it is worthy of consigning. At first, after reading all the rules, I thought I would skip it, but I have 4-5 like new purses that are name brand that I need to sell, in fact one of the purses has never been used. I have a dress and several tops that they will accept, I believe. They had a list of clothes that they wouldn't accept but mine were bought at Goody's or Khol's and their brand names weren't on the list. I guess I can consign one time and see if it's something I like to do. I enjoy going in the consignment stores and looking around. I bought a silver necklace and earrings today and the other day bought a large bag that will be my luggage when I go visit Mary Kate.

Mary Kate buys things at CVS and seems to get bargains, so I looked at the Sunday flier for CVS and made a list of things I wanted. Boy, it wasn't a bargain! I spent quite a bit there on stuff I might not have bought had I gone to Walmart. Live and learn.

Safelite came and replaced my windshield on the Accord today. The car is 8 years old but still runs well. A rock flew up and cracked the windshield and it ran. The crack was about 8" long. I look forward to driving with a new windshield. The car still has great pick up and I have trouble going the speed limit. I need new covers for the head lights for one has gotten fogged up and I want to keep it looking as good as possible. It needs new hub caps but that's too big a job for me. It'll be the last car I have unless it gets in a wreck. It's got about 155,000 miles on it but it's Honda and should keep going for a long while longer.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rain Again

It poured down yesterday and it's thundering again now. Steve came to mow our grass and just finished before the rain. He had his son and grandson with him. They finished in record time. I guess the downed trees in the yard makes less yard to mow.

Didn't do much today. Washed two loads and Dad and I went to the pharmacy and then later I went to General Dollar and bought some mile and snacks.

I've got to give up drinking Cokes. I read where there's about 6 teaspoons of sugar in each 12 oz and I usually get the large fountain drink which is the equivalent to two 12 oz sizes. It's my comfort food and I hate to give it up but I'm out growing my clothes! And I know it's the Coke for I'm not eating any differently.

I sent a form into the Scout master for some mulch for around the house. I got two yards which may be too much but they can put it on thick.

I had my car washed and detailed and waxed this morning. The fellow came to the house and did it here. It was $65.00 which I thought was a good price. I asked about how often I should have it done and he didn't give me a definite answer but I gathered about every 3 months since it sits out in the weather all year round. He said not to use any dish detergent to wash the car with or it would take the wax off. Little did he know that I wasn't going to ever wash the car! I guess taking it through the car wash would take the wax off too. He said he would come and wash it and it would cost $25.00. Maybe that was vacuuming out the inside, too. I will definitely use his services again. He said he had another waxing where he put on three coats of wax and that cost $85.00. Maybe that's what an 8 year old finish needs, I don't know. He did a good job and worked hard. The car looks good and the inside is very clean.

Trudy is going to call around to other tree services. There is lighting, I'd better shut this machine off.

Friday, June 6, 2014


I didn't blog last night because I didn't think I had done anything yesterday. I was wrong. Frank and I took the two birds down to see Doc Jan and get their wings and Rikki's beak clipped. Rikki goes into the carrier easily but we have to towel Gert. I was the one to do it and he got three good bites on my hands before I could get him into the carrier. One bled a bit. I'm glad I got him in because his feathers had grown long. They are both molting. We had a nice visit with Doc Jan. We've been seeing her since she opened her practice. The ride home was uneventful and the birds were glad to get back into their home cages. Rikki is a blue fronted Amazon and Gertie is a Yellow Collared Macaw. They both talk but Rikki talks the most. Doc Jan cut one of Gert's toenails too close and he's a bit lame today. She said it would be sore and he sits with it up instead of on the perch.

I went to exercise this morning and then to the Good Will store. I was looking for a tray for food and found a large plastic one that I got. I also got a small green vase and a black skirt. The last visit I got Frank a Jos. A. Banks shirt that was really nice.

I was killing time so I wouldn't get to Shelley's house too early. I did go by the Consign World store and found a large bag with handles and a shoulder strap that I can use to pack with when I go out of town. I don't have any luggage since I never go anywhere, but if I get to visit Mary Kate every two months or so, I need something to pack in. Luggage at Khol's was so expensive that I was glad to find this bag at Consign World. Maybe I should sign up there. It cost $15.00 to sign up and you get a discount on your purchases. I always have clothes that are too good to give away but I give them to the Salvation Army anyway. I have several purses that I could take there and some Sunday clothes I may never wear again, who knows. It would be a new experience for me.

I got to Shelley's house at 10:00 AM. I knew she had a morning routine with Jared and I didn't want to get there too early. I brought her the ukelele and a book to teach yourself the ukelele and 2 folk song books. Sometime in the Fall, she wants to record a CD for her first grandson. She was going to do Primary songs but I told her to do folk songs too. No one's education, in my opinion, is complete without knowing some basic folk songs, like I've Been Working on the Railroad, and Froggie Went a Courting, and the like. I loved those songs when I was a youngster and played the ukelele with my friend and sang. We had a fun time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Didn't feel like writing last night. Today was a good day. Jennifer suggested I have her come at 8 AM until 12 PM and I think I'll do that. She came at 7:30 AM today and I didn't leave until 8:10 AM. I skipped exercise and drove to Madison and sat in the car until Kohl's opened at 9 AM. I had a 15% off coupon and I wanted to get two more pair of Capri's so I wouldn't have to wear last years stuff. I've gained some weight and last years were a bit snug so I had a reason to buy more for this year. I like Lee products but they weren't on sale. I looked around but didn't feel impressed to buy anything else. I wore a new shirt I got at Goody's Monday and a necklace, silver, with a lot of bling and a pair of silver earrings. Since I don't go to church anymore I might as well wear the jewelery any day I want. I don't go to church because Frank wants me to stay home with him. I would be staying home with him anyway so I can look after him. It's not because I don't want to go to church anymore. I would love to go but I have to care for him now.

The Boy Scouts are selling mulch. It cost $56.00 a yard and one yard is about 13.5 bags. I don't know how much I need but I guess about 2 yards. Since I don't do any yard work anymore, the space between the house and walk and around the shrubs looks pretty bad. I can support the Scouts and get them to do some yard work for me too. I have several pots of dirt that need emptying and some sprouts that need pruning. I may prune the sprouts myself, who knows. I have some weed killer that I need to spray if I can figure out how to work the container. Oh, to be young and smart again! The older I get, the stupider I get.

The ramp needs painting again. The nice paint job we did on it last year has peeled off. It was raw wood and may have been treated wood because the paint has peeled off. Martin said he would do it but I don't know if he realizes that it needs sanding or not. It's been too wet to paint now anyway.

I still want the downed trees taken care of. I need to get a number to call and see if the man wants the wood. The trees are tall and straight. It would be good fire wood if nothing else-all 21 trees.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday, Monday

Went to Silver Sneakers and afterwards after stopping by the pharmacy and bank, I headed for Madison and Target. In LaGrange's Target, I got a set of 10 cards for $4.00. That's 40 cents a card. I wanted some more so I got some at the Target store in Madison. I drove back and still had some time, so I stopped by Goody's and bought some blouses and one pair of exercise pants. I need to go through my closet and remove the clothes I don't wear and put them downstairs to save for later. I have several skirts and tops that I used to wear to church that are just hanging there. I tried to wear one Sunday but it was too long to be comfortable just lounging around, so I changed into another skirt that was above my ankles. I've decided to wear a skirt and top on Sundays even though I  can't go to church. It seems to make the day more special.

I was late getting out of Goody's and called Jennifer and told her to clock out at 11:30 AM and that I would be home shortly. I had to get some gas. It took 1/2 tank to get to LaGrange, GA. Mary Kate filled up her van and it was $66.00. It gets about 20 miles to a gallon. My car gets about 27 mpg. I haven really checked it out but it seems to get that much.

Amazon has a site called Hoot or Whoot and you can buy things on the site using your Amazon account. I bought a pair of earrings on it last week and today they had a good deal on some Cascade dishwasher pods (can't think of the name of the things...) I bought some and then went back and bought some more. I thought it was a good deal.