Monday, November 30, 2009

Wonderful Monday

What was wonderful about today? Our scripture study went well and Karen is going to alter my jacket for me. I really didn't know how to do it and was afraid to try. It didn't have Dolman sleeves after all, but had set in sleeves. The lining was sewed to the bottom and sleeves and every where else it could be sewed. Karen said it helped the material go through the machines better when it was done that way. After study, I came home and got lunch ready.

After lunch, I went to K-Mart looking for a sweater vest I saw advertised. Too bad I didn't notice that it came in plus sizes only or I would have saved myself a trip. I saw another vest but it only came in a medium and I needed a large.

Next, I went to All About Me, a boutique, and got a longer strap for my Miche bag. I also got another wrap for my purse. It's like having 3 handbags now! Next, I'll need a hanger for all my wraps. It came with two handles and I wanted a shoulder bag and I knew they made one long strap. Actually I got two straps but I also got a conversion kit where I could make it only have one strap. I like it better with one strap.

On my e-mail, I get notices from Land's End and they had a fleece vest that I liked. I noticed the catalog said the sale lasted only until Dec. 1st and today is November 30th, so I phoned in an order tonight. I didn't know if it was 24 hour calling or not, but it was, so I placed an order for one fleece vest, color, black. I thought I wanted two, but black will go with every thing.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Mary Kate and the kids decided to come home after Sacrament meeting, so we drove different cars. I reserved seats in the back of the chapel. Karen came in and sat with us. One of the speakers wasn't there so the missionaries gave their testimonies. One in English and one in Spanish. After the Sacrament meeting was over I got to go to Sunday school for all the Primary children were meeting together the last hour. We practiced on the three songs we were asked to sing in December. They will do beautifully.

I have a white embroidered jacket I got back from Trudy. It looks good on her but she doesn't know how to wear it, so I got it back. It has Dolman sleeves in it and I don't know how to take the sleeves in and shorten the sleeves. It is cotton but it's lined all over. I told Karen I had a project for us to do and she can figure it out since she majored in sewing. I got a nice navy blue skirt from the thrift store or consignment store for only $3.00. Got a Christmas vest but I have to hand wash it because it stinks of perfume! I hope it comes out for the vest is cute. Just the right amount of decorations. I also got a quilted vest for a few dollars. I have too many clothes in my closet now and should go through and cull quite a bit.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shopping Day

We went to H'ville this morning and went to Dick's and I bought a recumbent exercise bike. Then we went to Sam's to buy some groceries and have lunch and then we stopped by Khol's in Madison and I got a blue sweater. I bought 3 pair of earrings and took one pair back and the lady gave me credit on them. I think I have enough earrings now! While back in Athens, we stopped at Walmart and we got a few things for Dad and then we came home.

Mary Kate and I began to put the bike together and Dad came and helped out. I stopped helping and cooked some spaghetti and meat sauce and we had french bread too. Now, Dad is lying down, and the kids are watching TV in the living room and Mary Kate and I are in my room watching TV. I'll have to go to bed earlier tonight so I can be human for tomorrow!

Friday, November 27, 2009

I Think It's Friday?

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, and a holiday, it was hard to remember today was Friday. I didn't plan to go out and just bummed around the house. Fia called and said that they were coming over tonight instead of tomorrow and soon they were here. Mary Kate said it was just a good time to come over and I'm glad. We can go shopping tomorrow and look for a recumbent exercise bike for me. I need to exercise my knees and a recumbent bike sounds like just what I need. Mary Kate said she could help me put it together.

It will be fun to go shopping. It's good exercise and it's fun too. I want to go by the antique store on Clinton St. in Athens to look for some more earrings and then we'll go to H'ville. We may be able to find a bike at Dick's.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

After I made the peas, asparagus and mushroom casserole, I was ready to drive to Trudy's house for Thanksgiving dinner. When I got there, Trudy and Mary Kate were just getting ready to cook. The turkey breast was in the crock pot and the ham was boiling on the stove (they got a ham that wasn't cooked), and Mary Kate was making her dressing. She put cheese on my casserole and it got in the oven later. The pumpkin pies had to be baked and the yams plus the dressing so the oven was working overtime. The ham was delicious! Boiling it got a lot of salt out of it and it was yummy. The turkey breast was dry (as usual) but everything turned out fine. Trudy even made homemade cranberry sauce that was very good. I took some food home to Dad since he couldn't go. The Fayeteville missionaries came and it was one fine dinner. I left for home around 2:00 PM.

Not much traffic on the roads this morning and not too much in the afternoon when I came home. Walmart was open but it wasn't a mob like there was Wednesday. I decided against going shopping on Black Friday with the gang. I don't like crowds and why tag along just to be going. If I had something in mind to buy, it would be different.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

VT Tuesday

I did some laundry this morning and then went VT at 12:00 PM. Ann drove over here and then we went in my car. We saw two sisters and Ann will mail a poem to the two we couldn't see.

Mary Kate and family are coming tomorrow evening and will spend the night with us and then go to Trudy's for Thanksgiving. They will spend the rest of the time at Trudy's. Maybe they will spend some time with us Saturday. I think Dad's feelings would be hurt if they don't.

Bought Dad a new shirt jacket from Walmart. It's a Wrangler. After I washed it, I have to press it to get it to look good. I keep typing and the iron goes cold! It said to use a cool,cool iron but that won't get the wrinkles out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy Monday

I forgot to set the alarm last night and woke up at 6:45 AM, looked at the clock and almost panicked. Then I realized that I had plenty of time to get ready for my dentist appointment in H"ville. If I take I-65, then Hy 20, I can get there in 45 minutes or less. Had no cavities! Yeah!

When I got home, Frank said Dr More's office had called to say the Dr had some surgery he had to do and when I called to reschedule, we decided I would call if I had any problems! I think I will start to do my exercises again and see if I can strengthen my knee muscles. Probably would help, can't hurt.

I stopped by Walmart to get the ingredients for the peas, asparagus and mushroom casserole. My Mom used to make it each Thanksgiving, but I haven't make it in a long time and Trudy remembers my Dad making it. I'll call my friend Mary Lou about the sauce that goes with it.

My package arrived at Frankie's today. Rachel called to see if it was for Christmas or for now. I told her it was for now. I had a nice time talking to her and catching up on all the family's activities.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rainy Sunday

It wasn't too cold but it was raining enough to use an umbrella. The Decker's are scheduled back from their son's wedding tomorrow. I tended to the two cats today. Maybe they won't make too much of a mess by tomorrow. The rain ended around 1:30 PM.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 9:20 AM and at 1:30 PM I see Dr. Moore about my knee. Tuesday, I see Dr Shergy. I need to find out how long I've taking Forteo. I'm just supposed to take it for two two years.

We had two good talks at Sacrament meeting. I felt the Spirit when Sis Darlene Berry spoke. She really put herself into her talk (who else would she put in?!). The High Counselor gave a good talk also.

When they begin enlarging our building, we will go to Madison and will meet at 3-6 PM. It will be wonderful to have a new building with lots more class rooms!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Craft Show.

I met Ruth at the civic center for a craft show and it was good. My first purchase was a pearl ring. Then I saw the special pursed, a Miche purse. You bought the purse body and then got two wraps to go with the purse. It's all done with magnates. You wrap around the body that you want and change the entire outside of the look of the purse. That way, you never have to empty the contains of the purse out, you just wrap around another outside and you have a new purse! I like the concept and hope I like carrying the purse. I'll have a sleek lizard skinned black and gray cover on the purse at church tomorrow. I'm crazy about purses and earrings! I also bought some jewelery cleaner that doesn't smell bad. Now I wish I had bought some necklaces but I freeze up when I see all the variety of jewelry and I forget what clothes I have to buy necklaces for. Maybe that's for self preservation!

There might be another craft show coming up and if it is, I want to go. I can get good earrings here in Athens so I don't need to buy and earrings over $3.00 any where else.

Friday, November 20, 2009

To P.O.

After lunch, Frank finally got his Germ X box ready to mail and I had my box for the Layton kids all ready to go, so I drove to the Post Office and mailed them. Sure cost a bit to mail a box or two. I'm glad to send the children a Christmas check and have them play Santa for us.

I cooked a pot of beans in between trips and resting. I'm glad to know the fast way of cooking dried beans. Bring them to a boil and let them sit an hour, rinse the old water off and then refill with clean water and cook about 1 1/2 hours until done. No problem at all. We had the beans for dinner. We don't eat much meat at all. I do have a ham that I've been eating on. It's too salty for Frank and it makes me thirsty but I enjoy it. We have the steak burgers I fix once in a while but not every week. I don't miss the meat.

I checked of the Decker's cat's. Their litter box was full but wasn't stinky. The normally shy cats were ready for some human contact and let me pet them. The chickens were gathered to one side of their pen as if it were time for dinner. Ken has someone come over and take care of the animals. They will be back Monday, I think. The wedding was today or tomorrow and their entire family was going to be there.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vacuum Day

We got busy on the house after lunch. I got the small canister vac out and Vacuumed all of the floors. Frank vacuumed under his bed in the living room. While he was doing his pills, I mopped the floors with the vinegar and water. They look nice and the labor wasn't too bad! I vacuumed the bird cages and got a lot of down feathers off the floor. All the birds are molting and these down feathers are every where!

I have three Dr appointments next week. Drs Knight and Moore Monday, Dr Shergy, Tuesday, and Wed., Frank has to pick up his Rx and maybe see a Dr. I'll be tired of driving to H'ville for a while.

Gave Bobby Adams the little igloo dog house that was outside the shed. His daughter had need of one and he remembered us trying to give it to him once before.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Slept In

Didn't go to exercise today. I got the box that are going to Frankie and Rachel's kids sealed up and ready to go to the P.O. I'll take it in Friday. Was going V.T. tomorrow but Ann called and said she needed to go to the Dr. about her cold so we'll go next week.

Mike Allen came by and got on the roof and painted the flue and checked things out. It didn't cost too much. I asked about the condition of the roof and he said it was bad, so soon we'll be getting a new roof. Don't know just when.

Went over to check on the cats. They miss their owners but their litter boxes weren't bad so I'll go back Friday or Saturday.

We need to vacuum the back of the bird cages and underneath Frank's bed in the living room. I ignore what's under their but her likes to vacuum under the bed at times. What I don't see, doesn't bother me!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drove to Huntsville

I had decided to send a box of goodies to my son's children, my grandchildren, and I needed to get some things I had seen at Hobby Lobby. I had been waiting for some reason and finally realized I wouldn't accomplish the task if I didn't go on up to H'ville, so I went today. Everything was on sale for 40% off and I had a 40% off coupon for the markers I got so the cost of everything wasn't so bad. I was back home in time for lunch.

I put the things in a box which will be sealed up tomorrow and mailed soon. It's really not a Christmas box even though some of the things are Christmas themed. I'm not getting to know Frankie's children as well as my other grandchildren for they live away. I can't travel and spend the night because Frank's health is so bad so I have to wait until the children want to come for a visit. Mary Kate is good about coming for a visit. She lives about 3 1/2 hrs. away. Trudy is the closest, but she stays busy with the kids in school and seminary. Am I having a pity party? Might near, I expect.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wonderful Fall Weather

Most of the pretty leaves are gone from the trees, but the weather is wonderful! I went to exercise today. Didn't get there early enough to do much walking. Went on the scripture study and Karen showed me where the cats litter box and food was and I got the key to the house. I'll check them every 2-3 days.

I came on home but stopped by Dollar General to get some milk. I noticed that one of the tires looked low, so when I got home I drove the car around the back of the house and Frank checked the tires and sure enough, the front right tire was low. After we checked the new Accord, we checked the old Accord and it's tires needed some air too. This is something one needs to do every now and again.

Frankie and family are not coming for Thanksgiving. Don't know just why but Rachel has a couple of operations coming up and that may have some bearing on it. Don't know. We'll have fun just the 9 of us!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cool But Turned Warm

When I left for church it was 39 degrees F., but while we were in church, it warmed up to 71 degrees! About the time we'll get to enjoying these days, it will turn cool for sure. Wish it could stay this nice all year.

Church was good and everything went well in Primary. I told Sis. Wright that I would teach her some music theory. She's teaching some piano and doesn't understand it therefore can't teach it. I was thinking about buying a theory book, but I already know the basics of what she needs to know so I can compose a book with my knowledge, since it will be very basic!

Tomorrow will be exercise class and then scripture study. Karen and Ken and Stacey will be leaving for Utah for their sons wedding Tuesday and I said I would feed her cats and check in on them for her. I'll get the keys to the house and find out where the feed is tomorrow.

One pair of my new earrings is yellow, bright yellow, and I don't think that color looks good on me so I'll going to see if the lady will let me swap the earrings plus buy some others.

Talked with Ruth tonight and Sat. they are going down to see Katie and Jim might be coming along too. I was invited and said that I would like to go also. It will be an all day affair and should be fun seeing family.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Football Day

I've been really lazy today. I watched the Florida State vs. South Carolina game (Florida won) and am getting ready to watch Alabama vs. somebody in a few minutes.

I talked to Frankie today and everybody is fine. Rachel is teaching at a pre-school and likes it and all the children are doing well in school. They won't be able to come for Thanksgiving though. We'll miss them but we'll all have fun anyway.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday 13th

Half the day was gone before I realized it was Friday the 13th. I'm not suspicious but it is a pretty outstanding day.

I went into town to go to the Clinton St. Antiques Store. It's in a small Victorian house on Clinton St. in Athens. It was fun looking around and the lady who owns the store lives upstairs and makes earrings. I bought 3 pair. The pair she didn't make was $2.00 and the pairs she did make were $3.00 a pair. I liked her style and will go back and buy more.

Dad is still feeling bad but is up changing the bird cages and making all the weird noises he likes to make when he cleans the cages.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gar-bage Time

Thursday again and the trash goes out. Usually, Bobby, our neighbor, takes it out for us, but it was dark (7:00 PM) and he hadn't gotten it out, so we got it out. We had the garbage can plus three 3' shelves boxes. It wasn't too hard to get it out.

I washed two loads of clothes and put them away. Cooked some corn bread on top of the stove. The first batch, I just used Pam and after tasting one (it was dry and tasteless....) I added some oil to finish the rest. We had 15 bean soup, rotini and chicken and corn bread and milk.

I had gotten 4 Christmas cloth place mats at the yard sale and I washed them and put them on the kitchen table. They look good and it helps me keep junk off the table. Frank was feeling better today but still not feeling better from the day he had the fever. He's getting fever blisters now. Poor dear, he suffers a lot.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Temple Project Completed

On our going out day, Karen asked me to help her put together a temple photo album with 25 of the temples in it. We used my scrapbook paper as a background and taped the pictures to it and the name of the temple below. The last part was taping, "what temple is it?", over the names of the temples. Her granddaughter will have fun with this album.

I came home about 12:15 PM and fixed us some lunch and then just worked around the house. We watched a Conference report after dinner and then put the birds to bed and went to our rooms. Since Frank doesn't like watching the news, I watch The O'Reilly Factor to get my news.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I had to go out and get a few things at K-Mart and Walmart and the rain was coming down. I had to stop at K-Mart first and with the wind and rain and an umbrella, I still got wet. When I got out of Walmart, it wasn't raining that hard and when I got home, the rain had stopped.

I've been doodling some. I've got to practice in order to have a natural feel about it, or find my own style of doodling. I sent Trudy my first doodle card. I haven't made any cards lately. I sent Ruth the last card I made. It was her birthday and I was a day late with it, but I finally got it in the mail.

Dad is still feeling bad. He doesn't bounce back as fast as he used to. And of course, staying in bed a lot makes you weaker.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What Day Is It Again

I made it to exercise this morning. Jan was there. didn't get to talk to her. I went home afterwards because I had forgotten to take my medicine. Then I went on to Karen's house for our study time. The cattle that live behind their property were really giving off a barnyard smell! She came out to smell the ozone smell of my car. It is so strong that is burns the back of my throat after I've been in it for a while. Frank came out and we read the car manual and found out how to get the fresh air to come into the car. It's going to be raining the next few days or I would let the windows down during the day. After the rain, the sun, so I can still do that.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sick Sunday

Dad didn't feel good Saturday but worked with George getting the threshold in the basement door fixed. He did too much and was out of it this morning so I didn't go to church. He stayed in bed all day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

I watched plenty of BYU TV today. Mostly rested and played with the birds after supper. Trudy and George did a great job getting the shelves up and organizing everything. Now, I'll have to go downstairs and tidy the little things up. There's still things in the bathroom that don't need to be there and things in my laundry area that don't belong there. We did get rid of a lot of empty boxes trash day and maybe the basement will look a little better.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Alabama Wins!

Alabama was playing LSU in football today. George was putting up shelves and then would go and watch some TV and then go back downstairs sst half time and work some more. I helped Trudy move things around and get everything organized. George carried the cedar chest out of Trudy's old room. I thought it was very heavy but George is so strong that he just picked it up and put it outside of the room.

I gave the bed away to some woman who said she would come back and get it. I couldn't stay longer at the yard sale and had to come home. I got a Coke box for Trudy and she liked it. I got some luggage for Dad but he wasn't interested, so it will be mine. It's just big enough for an overnight-er.

Harold and Nancy are such sweet people. Saw Brenda at the yard sale, too. She and Bobby are outstanding people too. We have really been blessed with good neighbors.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yard Sale Day

I went up to the yard sale and found 3 dolls that my granddaughter Kayla likes and I got them. Then, I found 4 metal refrigerator that I think Trudy will like. Nancy gave me the $8.00 for my rug and 25 cents for something. It was probably for the door hanging. To get rid of the bed I guess I'll have to say it's free and maybe that way someone will take it off. The old exercise bike is still there. Maybe it would go if it's free..dun know.

After I got back from the yard sale, Frank wanted to go to town to get some screws and things for some projects around the house.

Trudy and family are coming over tomorrow to help put up the shelves Trudy bought at Sam's today. We gave her the money and she got them for us. George wants to watch the Alabama football game here and that will be great! I'll have someone to watch the game with.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Temple Trip

My rug sold at the yard sale for $8.00. That was a steal of a price, but that's okay. I haven't been up there yet. In about an hour, I'll be getting dressed to go to the Temple. Frank talked to Billy Geer last night and he has lots of health problems that are keeping him from driving his van. Bro. Mitchell has a nice big car which can hold 5 people. It's nice weather for the trip. Nice weather for the yard sale. Our neighbors own the top lot next to Hy 72 and it is a prime location for a yard sale.

Frank has been going through a lot of the empty boxes we have downstairs and I had hopes that he would throw most of them away, but not today. We could put them on the burn pile, but for some reason he doesn't want to do that. Can you say pack rat?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Car Back

I got the new Accord back this morning. I had to drive with the smell of ozone in it. Of course, I didn't want to have the windows down, so I just hoped I wouldn't keel over from the smell of the ozone. Perhaps the perfume smell is gone and Frank will be happy.

Harold came by today to get the stuff for the yard sale. I'm giving most of the things away but it's better than having it in the basement. The yard sale will be Thursday-Saturday. (not literally giving things away, just pricing them so low someone will want them. You know, one man's trash is another man's treasure).

Bro. Mitchell is going to the Temple tomorrow afternoon and I'm going too. He wants to take Thomas, his grandson who is just back from his mission, and I hope Thomas will be driving. We missed going last month for Bro. Geer hasn't been feeling well and his van hasn't been going like it normally does.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shipment Comes In

I can't believe I slept until 9:00 AM! I lept out bed and into my clothes that were leaning against the dresser and off to my morning chores! Sometimes, I exaggerate a bit....

The shipment from Utah came in and it was all in 6 cases. The Fedx man brought them in and placed them under the stairs for us. He said they were very heavy and we were thankful that he was able to do this for us.

The Honda place called today and said that the car was ready and we could pick it up tomorrow morning. I drove the old Honda today to Dollar General to buy some milk and it drove quite well to be so old. We are told too pray over our "flocks and herds" and those two cars are certainly our herds!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I Put the Rat Up

I have this wonderfully evil black rat that is as large as a small cat, sitting on it's haunches with it's mouth open and you can see his bright red tongue hanging between his crooked white teeth and his eyes are bright red and he has a nice long, black tail. I like to place him on the porch to greet people who come to the door at night. Dad hates it, and I love it. I'm putting it away today and I've decided to name him, "Charles". Now to remember that name by next October!

We never have any trick or treaters but I always buy a bag of candy, just in case...I had a church meeting that night and Frank had the goblins and witches all to himself. No one came by. Could it be that the house was all dark except for Frank's bedroom light in the back of the house? Now we have a bag of Tootsie Roll candy that I will give to the neighborhood kids that take our garbage out.

This morning Karen followed me to H'ville to leave the new Accord at the shop to get deodorized. It'll be gone for 2-3 days. I guess I'll be driving the fishing car when I go anywhere. That's what I call the 19-20 year old Honda that we use when Frank has to go the Dr's office. It still runs and the air conditioner still runs. I don't know how much longer it will run, but hopefully it will give us another year or two of good service.