Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nice Day

Ruth came up and we met at the Tuesday Morning store. We shopped in it and I got a plastic culling board with two knives with it. I've been looking for some sharp knives and hope these will help. WE ate lunch at the Casa Blanca on the Square. The food was good. I rarely know what to order in a Mexican restaurant but what I got was good. Afterwards, we walked and looked in some of the small shops that are on the North side of the square. On place was having a 40% off sale of Vera Bradley purses. I thought of Sadie because she loves those purses. They have lots of pockets inside where you can put things. I liked that and may go back and check on the price of a bright yellow purse I saw.
We went to the court house to use the restrooms and then she brought me back to where I had parked my car. We had a nice time. Got home and found that Frank hadn't eaten the food I had left for him. Don't know if he didn't get hungry or what, but he did eat most of it when I warmed it up for him.

Trudy forgot to come over Monday. I thought she had had some more of the facet shots in her back. She also had several friends come over and paint her living room, hall and kitchen. She's really been down with her back and hadn't felt like doing much of anything. She be over Monday for Dr Walker's appointment but can't stay and said she would come over Tuesday. We have our work cut out for us. We have to go through Frank's room and pick up all the stuff that fell on the floor when he knocked his bookcase over. I haven't had the energy or inclination to do anything about it, but Trudy and I can get things organized.

Ruth was telling me about a Rustoliom  product that she was putting on her deck and it sounded like it would be good to put on our ramp. It will have to be painted or stained this summer. I have a company that will come and give us an estimate of the cost. We could have the stairs to the basement painted too. It's been since the kids were in high school since they've been painted.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Went The Long Way

When I got back from exercising at 9:30 AM, Frank was already dressed to go to the Dr. We watched some TV and then he said he wanted to go to H'ville. It was too early to go but he insisted. I took the shorter way that has the most traffic. Going on the interstate is a bit longer but is much quicker and that is usually how we go. But with him wanting to go early, I wanted to go the slowest way. We had an appointment at 1 PM and got to the Dr's office at 12:30 PM. Dr Fruendenburger wanted us to see Dr Malpur to see if Frank had Parkinson's disease because of the way Frank walks. Frank takes small steps because he's afraid he'll fall. We'll see Dr Freundenburger, the spine Dr, next week.

The day was pretty much gone by the time we got home. I got hungry early since I had eaten at 11:00 AM so I got supper ready at 4:30 PM. I had some thin cut steaks that I cooked but they were tough. I'll have to skip Walmart on the meats and go to Publix and see if I can get better meat.

I have some more ground chicken that I can make some more Chili Mac. It was good and easy on the mouth.

Trudy didn't come today. She may have had more facet injections, I don't know.

My leading the exercises went okay today. I only forgot one exercise and Martha reminded me by her actions. The old timers who were used to the old way we used to exercise enjoyed it. I really enjoy the exercises and can tell my leg is getting stronger and stronger.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grass Cut

The grass had gotten pretty long but Steve is here tonight getting it cut. We will see it tomorrow as we go out to go to H'ville for a Dr's appointment.

I'll lead the exercises tomorrow. I'll need to get there early so I can tell the people to use the nerf balls instead of the Silver Sneaker balls. My music is very quiet compared to the rhythmic Silver Sneaker music because I can't concentrate on the exercises if I have loud music playing. I went over the exercises last night and believe I'll be able to do them without much trouble.

I'll get up early and shower. The shampoo I've been using has made my hair dry so I'm going to use the conditioner we have that's scent free. I don't usually use a conditioner on my hair but I need it now.

Don't know if Trudy is going to be at the Dr with us or not. It would be nice if she were there.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

We had a nice quiet Memorial Day. There was nothing planned. I had a piano lesson at 10 and I cooked after lunch. I had to peal 2 sweet potatoes and dice them up (Ugh), cut up some chicken breasts, celery, carrots, can of stewed tomatoes and one cup of broth. I didn't put all the seasonings in for it called for cinnamon and Frank would have tasted that for sure. I cooked it in the crock pot and it didn't get done all the way. The chicken was done but the veggies were a little crunchy. I won't make that recipe again.

We watched the news, read the scriptures and got ready for bed. I've started a new book that's a continuation of the last book-with the same characters but different plot. It's enjoyable reading.

Tomorrow I will have to go over the exercises I will be leading at the senior center. It's been a while since I've done them and I'll forget them I'm sure. I'll be glad when that 45 minutes is over.

Frank's blood sugar has been well under 180. He still thinks he only needs to check it once a day. When we see Dr Walker, he'll tell him. He doesn't like to stick his finger. His memory is still failing him. We see the neurologist in two days. I expect the outcome will be the same.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just a Saturday

I've been bothered by Frank's condition, so I slept in as long as I could before I got up. We had Chili Mac I made yesterday for lunch. I washed some clothes and practiced the piano. The choir sings at church tomorrow but we don't have to be there early. I read some this afternoon to hasten time. I have a good book now and I enjoy reading. The first book by this author wasn't good but this one is.

I cooked some pork meatballs I got at the grocery store and they were too salty. I'll need to just make my own meatballs from now on. Frank said I could mix the meatballs with the rice and the rice would take away some of the saltiness. That's what we'll have for lunch tomorrow.

I spent a good part of the evening writing a letter to one of my grandchildren. This one is sort of wobbly in the gospel and I wanted to encourage them with a letter. They may not appreciate it, I don't know, but I can't sit still when one of my own is headed for trouble.

I got three packages in the mail today. One was from the American Diabetic Association and it had a book in it and a plate divider. I will put the plate divider on the dinner plate and fill up the sections according to the guidelines and I'll be able to get the right proportions that way. The other two packages contained blouses I had ordered online. One was just what I wanted and the other one was so-so, but it only cost $8.99 so I will keep it. It was a midi blouse and I didn't realize it was going to have a sailor collar on it. I love ordering online.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Went to exercise this morning. The center will be closed Monday and Wednesday I will sub for Janet.

I came on home after exercising. Sophrona called and asked if the kids could come Monday at 10 AM and I said yes. I had forgotten about them coming today. I was home, but I was worrying about cooking lunch. I was worried about Frank. I cooked Chili Mac in the slow cooker and it turned our really good. I used ground chicken instead of beef. I liked it because it turned out softer than beef and my teeth appreciated that. I couldn't tell it was chicken.

I have some meat balls that I bought but the recipe will probably call for tomatoes and tomato sauce and that will be too soon after the chili mac. I still have some pork left also.

We're getting the grass mowed tomorrow. It has rained and we haven't had time to get it done. Steve does a good job and only charges $70.00. Our yard is so big I'm surprised he hasn't gone up.

My leg didn't hurt much today. It's a bit sore now but it's because it's the end of the day. I think the hurt comes from the broken femur. The pain is definitely not in my hip-it's in the middle of my femur. I think the hip pain can sometimes be felt in the knee, too. My knee's been replaced and there's nothing there to hurt! But in the early days after the operations, my right knee would hurt a lot. Oh, well, such is life.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I went to the three banks where we have accounts and found out where the money was and where it was going. I now have a pretty good idea of our finances. I wrote it down in a notebook. I may consolidate the accounts at one bank. Our family doesn't need 9 accounts. I was only gone about one and one half hours. Got home in time for lunch. I had some pork loin left over so I made a salad and put chopped up pork on top of it and had Italian dressing over that. It was good.  We had pork for supper. I added a can of canneli beans to the pork. It could have used more seasonings but I forgot to put the Mrs Dash on mine. Eating more protein helps stave off the munchies.

It took Frank 45 minutes to eat supper. I don't know if it was because he didn't take any caffeine today or what. He had trouble finding the place where we were reading tonight. He can't remember phone numbers and he forgot that I had said a prayer before we read tonight. His mind is going right before my eyes. We'll see a new neurologist May 29th and maybe he can decide on what's happening to Frank.

I'll go to exercise tomorrow. Monday is a holiday, Memorial Day (?) and Wednesday Janet won't be there and has asked me to sub for her. I'll have to study my notes and try to remember what all we used to do. I don't want to do it, but I will. She has done such a good job of turning the exercise group into a Silver Sneakers group and more people are coming out and I really enjoy exercising instead of leading the group.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blah Day

I didn't feel like going to exercise so I went back to bed. Frank felt bad all day and stayed in his room except too come out for meals. I drove into the pharmacy for an Rx but that was all that I did.

I cooked a pork loin roast this morning and I over cooked it. When I took it out the first time, the internal temperature didn't come up to 170 degrees for pork, so I put it back in the oven for a longer time. This time it registered 170 degrees, but the top was crusty and the insides were a little dry. I think I have a recipe for pork stew with sweet potatoes and I'll make it tomorrow. Having protein each meal is a challenge. I eat a bowl of cereal for supper some nights.

I'm going to have to stop drinking Cokes. I'm gaining weight and I think the Cokes are doing it. I was drinking one a day. I really enjoy drinking them. Maybe I'll just take a caffeine pill instead. Since my leg still hurts I don't have the energy for a quick start. The caffeine in the Coke would give the little bit of energy to get going. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Late Day

After my after breakfast nap, I looked through a diabetes cookbook and made a list of ingredients and recipes.  I went grocery shopping after lunch. Usually, I like to go in the morning but I was a late riser today. On days that I don't have exercise, I like to go back to bed and snooze a couple of extra hours. I read my scriptures on the ipad this morning. Trudy is going to teach me how to use the ipad-slowly but surely. She is the one who got me going on the computer. I really like my desk top and can't see the ipad taking it's place.

I bought a lot of groceries and most of the things were on my list. While I was unloading, a nice young man named Johnathan offered to help me unload. His mother was parked in front of me and saw that I had a large load of groceries. I was going to tip him but I didn't have any small bills.

I haven't gotten in the habit of preparing ahead for our meals. With the slow cooker meals, I'll have to do them in the morning so they'll have enough time to cook and be ready for supper. Tomorrow with Trudy and Sadie coming, I won't have any left overs. I think I'll cook the pork loin roast. It is a big roast and will fill everyone up. Since I have protein at every meal, except breakfast, I don't have any cravings. I don't even want to eat any sweets or processed food and I don't have diabetes. I'll prophet from the cooking I'm doing for Frank.

Monday, May 20, 2013


At 5 :00 this morning, I heard a loud crash coming from Frank's room. I got in to see him half on the bed and his bookcase that is next to his bed pushed over. He was okay. I don't know what caused him to push the book case over. He was kind of groggy so I fed him his breakfast. I thought I would miss exercise but I got ready and went on into town and only missed 15 minutes of it. I was planning to go to the grocery store afterwards, but I felt like I needed to go home. I thought Trudy was coming over. About 10:30 AM, I called her and she reminded me that Frank had an MRI of his neck today in H'ville at 1:20 PM! We hadn't put it on the calendar and knew nothing about it until Trudy reminded us. Fortunately, we had enough time to eat lunch and then leave for the appointment. Trudy met us there. She and Sadie will come over Wednesday and help me clean up the mess that is on the floor in Frank's room.

We came home and watched the TV coverage of the big tornado that wiped most of Moore, OK. It was really pitiful. The homes and lives of the people will never be the same. It was 2 years ago that a big tornado hit Tuscaloosa and one hit around here, too. We have been fortunate that we haven't been hit by one.

We have a nice neighborhood and all the neighbors are very friendly and would help you any time you needed help.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

No Rain

We had a day of no rain. It was cloudy like it was going to rain, but it didn't. We have had a rainy Spring this year. I read the farmers were having trouble getting their crops planted. It's either rain or drought and neither is good.

I slept in today and it was hard to get any thing done. I changed my sheets and washed two loads and practiced the piano for an hour. My leg hurt some. I didn't have to take a pill for it this morning. I did use my cane to walk out to get the mail. Maybe the hurting is from the femur break that I had. I've never had a broken bone before but I think they hurt. 

I looked up cervical stenosis and it said it could effect a person's gait. I think the spine Dr has recognized something in Frank and that's why he's recommended another neurologist. He'll get another MRI of his neck when we go back and see the spine Dr.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Dr In Madison

We saw the spine Dr in Madison this morning. Trudy met us there. Her back was doing better and the facet shots were helping her pain. We waited an hour to see Dr Fruedenberger, I think that close to how to spell his name, but he was nice and gave us plenty of time. He recognized Frank's speech and said the speech and the unstable walking were neurological and that he wanted us to see a Dr Malpur in H'ville. We see him the 29th. His office is in the same building as Dr Phillips so I know where we're going. We stopped at McDonald's and got a large wrap with grilled chicken in it. I wanted Frank to check his blood sugar in two hours but I think he forgot it and so did I. We may be able to get away with eating something like that if he's careful with the rest of his daily food.

My jacket from Land's End came in today. It fits better than the one I got from Sear's yesterday and I will give Mary Kate the one I got from Sear's. The only problem is that it is a bit heaver than the one from Sear's and I may not be able to wear it to church in the warm weather. The comments on the Land's End site said the two buttons on the front would come off quickly so just go on and sew them tightly. The sleeves are a tad long but there are 4 working buttons along the edge of the sleeve and I can't just turn the sleeve up. I guess I can just unbutton them and roll the sleeves up and have them 3/4 sleeves. They have a nice silky lining in them that will look good.

Trudy is determined for me to learn to use my ipod. I'm using the ipad to read my scriptures on because reading the Book of Mormon on my Kindle has spoiled me. I don't want to go back to my old, large print Bible. I guess I'll have to learn how to use the ipad. I love my desk top computer and don't relish learning to use the ipad. I'll just have to grin and bare it and learn in spite of my dinosaur ways.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

H'ville Again

I left the house this morning to be at the Apple store by 10 AM. Trudy was supposed to meet me there but she called and said her back was hurting her too much to come. I carried the laptop to the store. It's at Bridge St. and I had to walk a bit. Turns out in order to re-set the password, Frank has to call an Apple number by phone. I was tired when I got back to my car, for my right leg was hurting, but I decided to rough it and go to Sear's.

Sear's was having lots of sales and I got two nice skirts. One is black with white dotes on it and the other one is the same style but is multicolored. I also got a black blazer. I have one ordered from Land's End and if I like it better, I can return the one I got today to Sear's. The skirts are shorter than the long ones I have and I like that.

I got home and had to collect the trash and put it in the trash can and take it out for the boys to take out for me.

Cooking three meals a day has me on my toes. Breakfast is easy. It's usually oatmeal but I have to have a protein for lunch and dinner and that means that I have to thaw the meat out in the morning. I can't wait until 4:40 PM to think about supper! So far the meals that I have been cooking have been good for Frank's diabetes. I read that he should keep his sugar under 180 and so far he's been able to do that. I'll learn a lot more when I go to the diabetic class. The  diet is good for me, too. I do mess up by having a Coke a day. I can't drink diet Coke because I'm allergic to aspartame. I have no desire for refined sugars or flours. I'm sure I could be tempted with some ice cream but I don't keep any at the house, so I'm not tempted.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busy Day

After exercise, I went to the bank and then home. I got Frank's lunch ready and then left home for the PO, Hardee's and then to Trudy's to pick her up and take her to H'ville to her Dr appointment. She got shots in her back for the pain she has. Her appointment was at 1 PM and she got in at 1:30. She was out by 3 PM. I read on my Kindle during that time. We went to Taco Bell afterwards for something to eat and then to the pharmacy which was on the way home. I got back home after 5 PM. Frank ate the other half of the Taco Bell and I had a bowl of cereal for supper.

Tomorrow, I'll meet Trudy at the Apple store at Bridge St. Frank's computer is squirrely and needs to be brought to the shop. Trudy's IPhone needs some work so she'll get it looked at. I'm sure we'll look at some stores at Bridge St. They are very costly so I don't foresee buying anything.

I was too tired to play any games tonight so after reading, we went to bed.

I haven't read a good book lately. I'm finishing up a book that had great reviews, but I haven't enjoyed it. I got two other books by the same author-they were just $2.99 a book-hoping to hit on some good reading, but no luck. Frank, after being told that reading was good for his mind, has started to re-read his Louis Lamor collection.

My leg is still hurting. I'm back to taking two pain pills a day instead of just one at night. It's been 4 months since the second operation and maybe I'm expecting too much too soon. I'll see the Dr in December and that will be almost one year since it was done. Maybe by then all the pain will be done.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One More Test

Trudy and I ended up at Walmart where she bought some fresh veggies for Forrest's lunch. She left around 11:00 AM. Frank had an appointment at the Medical Village to get an MRI of his head. The neurologist  wants to find out what kind of dementia he has.

While at Walmart, I bought some card games and a Monopoly game. We played Uno tonight and had some fun. The games and reading are to help Frank's mind stay sharp. I'll get a checkers and chess games tomorrow. I've never played chess so I'll be at a disadvantage but it will help my mind, too.

Trudy has some shots she needs for her back pain tomorrow and I will take her to the Pain Clinic for them. While I'm in H'ville, I will go to Toys R' Us and see what kind of games they have. I don't usually like to play games but the Uno tonight was fun. At least we'll have something to do when Frankie and the kids come to visit, and when Mary Kate and the kids come, too.

The weather has been a little on the cool side for the time of year. It's been very enjoyable. We've had lots of rain. It's literally rained a month of Sundays lately. I think it was dry last Sunday.

Monday, May 13, 2013

I Have My Middle C

I didn't go to exercise this morning because the piano tuner came at 9:00 AM. He was able to fix my middle C. A spring was broken and when he fixed it it would repeat. I loved listening to him tune the piano. It really sounds sweet now. It was $125.00 to tune it and $35.00 for the repair. It was a Mother's Day present for me.

Trudy came over around 10:30 AM. After lunch she took me and my car to the car wash. That was my Mother's Day present from her. I was delighted to get my car washed and vacuumed. It looks so good. It was just $11.00 and some change. I usually take it to the $5.00 car wash and vacuum it out myself but I don't clean the windows inside and out. I think it's worth it to have someone else to vacuum it out for me and get the insides of the windows cleaned. They charge $50.00 for a wax and I want to get that done sometime. Our cars sit out in the sun and the rain so the finish isn't protected by anything.

After the car wash, we went to Lowe's to look at plants. Trudy wants a corn plant for her living room. Lowe's didn't have any so we went to Walmart. Walmart had some but she didn't have anyway to transport it, so she'll wait and get George's truck to pick one up in H'ville or somewhere. Bennett's nursery may have them.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blog Eater

I blogged Friday but it didn't get published for some reason.I saw it but didn't hit "publish" because I thought it had already been published.

I went to the neighborhood breakfast this morning. Afterward I came home and then went back into town to buy some groceries and to go to Goody's to return a shirt that Mary Kate had bought me. It was the wrong size. I got a black and white stripped pull over. I took back a skirt I got just on impulse. My grocery bill wasn't very big even though I bought a lot of meat. I try to have meat at every meal, except breakfast. I got some Italian sausage made with turkey meat and fixed them for lunch. They were okay. I put a whole chicken in the crock pot and maybe it'll be done for supper.

I practiced the piano. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and the children are singing two songs. The second song several mothers are going to sing with us. Hopefully things will sound good.

I was looking at my email today and looked at the Land's End site. I've been looking for a black blazer and they had one and I ordered it. If it doesn't fit I can take it back to Sear's. It's was on sale but the shipping and handling was $8.95 so that took a bite out of the sale price. It is cold at church and I wear a blazer of sweater every Sunday. I spend most of the morning sitting at the piano under the air conditioning vent and I get cold.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Double Whammy

We went to see the neurologist today and found out that Frank has the beginnings of dementia. It's come on rather quickly within the last 5 months. Dr Boyer prescribed some medicine for him. It wouldn't restore his memory but would slow the process down. That and the diabetes is quite a bit to digest in a short period of time.

Next week, I will go to the hospital at 8 AM for the diabetic clinic and it will end at 3 PM. I'll see if Trudy can go along with me.

I practiced the piano. The gas stove was "breathing" so I cut if off. The air conditioner was running and we didn't need the heat on.

I'll go to exercise tomorrow and then home for piano lessons. I only have one piano lesson but Alita may come for a ukulele lesson. The ukelele was having a hard time keeping the pitch and last week I kept having to tune the strings during the lesson. Maybe the strings have gotten stretched and will do better this week. Monday, the piano tuner is coming to fix the middle C on my piano and tune it too. Don't know how much it will be but it needs fixing. A new piano is about $3600.00 or more so that is out. I love my piano and have had it since 1964. It was bought new for me by my mother. It's served me well over the years. 

Poor Frank. Having diabetes and dementia dumped on him all in two weeks. I think we're both in shock. We'll get through this.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Couple Of Trips To Town

There was no exercise today but I had to go to town to the bank. I got set up for the online banking with my own name and password. I was told I had to go back home and call the bank number to re-set our 4 number to get into the online banking to check on our balance. I spent about 20 minutes doing that. Then I found out that I needed to go back into town to the bank to get that number. I bought a couple of gallons of milk while I was out. That's about all I did with my day.

We see Dr Boyer tomorrow. Trudy will meet us there and we have a tiny recorder to use to record any information we get. Our appointment is in the morning in Madison. It won't take more than 30 minutes to get there.

Frank has been "frazzled" today-his own words. I think he's depressed about being diabetic. The hospital called today to tell us about the diabetic clinic to be held next Wednesday at the hospital. It's from 8 AM till 3 PM. Frank can't go but I will. Maybe Trudy will want to go. That would be nice. She's been a good support through all of this. It's time for Frank to take his blood sugar but he doesn't want to. He's tired of pricking his finger. I'm sorry my luv, but you will be doing this the rest of your life. Bad things can happen to your body if you let the sugar in your blood stay high.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No Squirrels Today

Trudy came over Monday and showed me how to get the squirrels out of the computer. They were really in my head...I got to pay my bills online. I was already to go to the bank and get them to pay the bills for me, but Trudy knew how to work the computer so we didn't have to leave the house.

We did go out. I had a Dr appointment  in H'ville at 2:40 PM and we left early. I found a store at Bridge Street that sold Bare Minerals and they had an introductory offer of starter make-up on sale. I bought Trudy some and got a tube of stuff (can't think of the product's name) for myself. We went to Hobby Lobby where Trudy got some stuff and then we ate at Sam's. We went to Lens Crafter's for Trudy to look at some frames but they cost too much, over $200.00 and her insurance wouldn't pay much for them and the frames. We got to Dr Sharp's a little early and sat in the car. I got my meds and while I was waiting to see the Dr, I looked at a small magazine published in H'ville about H'ville businesses. I saw an add for a consignment shop, Classic Closet. It was on Bob Wallace, the street we had to get on to go home, so we stopped in. I got a skirt, a shirt and a unlined blazer. I think I am too short for the skirt. All skirts are long on me but this one has two sets of ruffles on the bottom and I think unless it is shortened, I will look funny in it. I do like the blazer. The shirt matches the skirt pretty well, but it's fall colors and long sleeves. I was thinking about how cold it is at church and that the long sleeves would feel good. I didn't notice the fall colors-it just matched the skirt. A while back Mary Kate got me to get a white Blazer and it looks good. Now, I need a black blazer to go alone with the gold one I got at the consignment shop and I will be fixed with blazers. I'll always want more, of course, but I'll be happy. Trudy gets most of her clothes from Value Village, a thrift store. I got a blue jean vest the last time we were there and she got $35.00 worth of clothes. Since she's been off the pain pump, she's lost quite a bit of weight and needs new clothes.

The senior center will be closed tomorrow. They are all going over to H'ville for fun and games so we won't have exercise class. We are doing a Silver Sneaker class and it is really good.

My right leg has been hurting me in the mornings. I don't usually take a pill in the mornings, but it's uncomfortable to walk. I've probably tried to get well too quick and it's back firing on me some.

We'll see Dr Boyer Thursday in Madison with Frank. He is a neurologist and we hope he will be able to find out what is causing Frank to slur his speech and stumble in his walking. It's good that Trudy goes with us to the Dr visits. 6 ears are better than 4.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Computer Squirrely

I wanted to pay my bills online today but the computer is squirrely. I couldn't get on it to write in my blog last night and I see from the dates that I haven't written since Monday but I thought I had. I've been trying to write something every day.

I've washed some clothes today and practiced the piano. Went out to get the mail after 4 PM but it hadn't come. It's usually here by 1:30 PM. I'll have too go out and see about it again. The wheelchair ramp is convenient. It's so easy to walk down it instead of walking down the stairs. My right leg still hurts. Not enough to take a pill, I just grin and bare it. I still can't put my right sock on but I can tie my shoe now.  It'll soon be 4 months since the operation. I guess it will take more than 6 months to heal all the way.

We are having trouble  knowing what to eat and what Frank's blood sugar should be everyday. We know what not to eat, like white potatoes and bread and sugars and I know what veggies we should eat. I got some diet colas for Frank but he doesn't have anything to snack on that won't raise his blood sugar quickly. There's a sister at church that is going to tell me some things about diabetics and that will be a start.