Thursday, April 30, 2015

Slept In

Went back to bed after breakfast and got up at 10 AM. It's such a nice feeling to get back up at that time. We had to take the car to H'ville for a recall of the front air bag and we left at 12:15 PM. We stopped by West Inn Chevron to get some crickets for Sadie's Beard Dragon and then went on the dealership in H'ville. We met Trudy and Sadie there and Trudy took Dad to her house to watch movies and I took Sadie and we went shopping for clothes and things.

We went to JC Penny's and got under garments and then went to Old Navy and Sadie got a dress and a shirt. We drove to Madison or were driving to Madison when the dealership called to say the car was ready so we went back there and got my car, parked Sadie's car and went to Madison in mine. We went to a store called Marice's and saw a young friend we knew who worked there. She helped us but Sadie didn't find anything she liked so we went to Khol's. I wanted a new purse and Sadie did too. She found one she liked and it even came with an umbrella. I got a new one just to get one. I was looking for one that was on the advertizement I got but they didn't have it. The one I got is sort of a beige with light brown trim on it. It's a tad smaller than the one I was caring and looks better. I'll probably regret getting one so light for it will show dirt but maybe not for a while. Surely, I can find a cleaner that will keep it bright.

Trudy brought Dad back and we met at Kohl's. She was walking to the store when Sadie and I were walking out and we decided to eat at Chick-fil-A. It was very crowded but we got served quickly and enjoyed our supper. We parted after that and drove back to Athens and stopped at the Chick-fil-A here and traded in our toy for 2 ice creams. They gave us bigger servings than they usually do for the kid's toy. We enjoyed it on the way home.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


We went to exercise. Friday, Janet will be out of town and Tom will conduct the class. We came back home and spent the day watching Fox News. It's always on the TV whether anyone's watching it or not.

Tomorrow, I take the car in to get the air bag replaced as per the recall. Trudy will meet us at the dealership and will take Frank home with her and Sadie and I will go shopping for clothes. That's the plan anyway.

Frankie's seen his lawyer and Rachel will get a summons to court, I believe. He wants to go to mediation. He wants to see his kids more and she's keeping him from seeing them. He feels like he has some control in his life now. He's going to talk to Target about a full time job. That would be good for him. No stress and more pay. His bipolar gets in the way of him getting a job in the field he trained in. He can't stand the stress of teaching. I couldn't stand it either. It takes a special person to be a good teacher. Back in the old days, when parents saw that their children did their work and were respectful to their elders, teaching might have been better, I don't know. I taught one year of Jr High in 1967-68 in Key West, FL. They needed a teacher so bad they hired an Arts and Science graduate who had no teaching experience. I got through the year and it was the second hardest thing I ever did. The first hardest thing was graduating from 4 years of college. Four years of college is an endurance course for sure. I'm glad I graduated and I'm proud that my 3 children are college graduates, too.

Frankie got his masters and taught school for a few years. Trudy taught PE at an elementary school until Forrest was 14 years old and Mary Kate studied early childhood education but didn't go to work. She had a pre-school for a couple of years and then became a personal trainer at a gym. She really enjoys that and is getting a certification in nutrition now.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Exercise and Vet Visit

Frank and I went to exercise this morning. Karen and Ken are in Utah babysitting and will be away a week or so.

Today was Jordan's visit with the vet for a re-check on his right ear. The Doc said it was worse than ever and he cleaned the ear out and said to leave it alone for 10 days and then bring him back and he would check it and send a culture off to a lab to find out what really is going on. Before, the vet was just guessing what medicine would work but none of it did. Jordan's not too miserable with his ear. He just scratches it some and shakes his head.. He's really a good, loving dog. He doesn't try to bother the birds much. When he goes over under the birds, we call him and he comes right to us. I think he eats the spilled bird pellets and that helps to keep the floor clean!

Frank's right knee is still a little bit hot to the touch. He fell in his bathroom one night last week. He couldn't remember why. He uses his walker when he walks. He didn't hurt himself.

Thursday, I have to take the '06 Honda Accord in for a recall of the air bag. I have a 1:30 PM appointment and they said give them 4 hours to get it fixed. Trudy will meet us at the Honda dealership and Frank will go home with her and Sadie will go with me. With Forrest's wedding, all Trudy's money is gone and she doesn't have money to buy Sadie any clothes. I said I would help out so Sadie and I will go shopping while Trudy and Frank go to Trudy's and wait for the car. The car still runs good. We had to replace the air conditioner last fall and it has new tires. Hopefully, it will run another 166,000 miles without any trouble. I would love to get a newer car but we don't NEED one. The '06 still looks good inside and out.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Frank went to exercise again. Karen didn't show up so we went on without her.

Last night I called Frankie to see if he had already left to come here and he apologized that he had forgotten to call me. One of the kids had something he needed to go to so he wouldn't be coming. We talked for 2 hours. He's really having a hard time with the divorce and Rachel not letting him see the kids more than twice a week. He's seeing his lawyer to see if he can get some help with that.

Yesterday I had cooked up 5 lbs of potatoes for potato salad that Frankie likes. I wasn't going to do it but Trudy says she likes it too, so I cooked the potatoes in the microwave and it was a lot easier than boiling them on the stove. I got up this morning to make the potato salad and what a lot 5 lbs of potatoes makes. Trudy was delighted to know she will take the potato salad home with her. Frank's diabetes and my weight consciousness keeps us from eating it. We had pulled pork tonight on buns and for lunch we had the buffalo wings. I didn't know what buffalo meant and they were a tad hot but not so much that we couldn't eat them.. We cut the bunt cake tonight. It was okay, but the Walmart cakes aren't anything to write home about. I also got some funny rolls that Trudy can take home with her.

I got the chair dancing DVD's today and I did one tonight. It went a bit fast for me but it did get my heart rate up. I want Frank to do them with me. Any form of exercise is good for us. I can't forget to use my exercise chair, too.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Missed Post

I don't remember why I didn't write yesterday. We went to H'ville for an appointment at 8:45 AM to the Pain Clinic. Don't remember what we did after we got home.

Today, Thursday, I went grocery shopping early because we had to go back to H'ville for another Dr visit, or so said the calendar, and I am the one who puts the dates on the calendar. I bought a lot of groceries for Frankie will be here one night and a day and Trudy is coming over tomorrow some time to spend the night with us so I wanted to have food that I didn't have to cook. We got to H'ville to the Dr's office and found out we had already had the procedure that we came for! I remember it now and don't know why it was on the calendar again. We drove home and stopped by Touch Down Wings for lunch. We got fried catfish and it was so good. We ate at 1 PM and I wasn't hungry for supper so we just had a bowl of cereal. We're waiting for Frankie to come any time now.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Frank to Exercise

Frank wanted to start going back to Silver Sneakers with me and he went today. Karen rides with me so we had three in the car today. He did okay. I always worry when he's there because I'm afraid he'll fall. Afterwards, while sitting at home waiting for lunch time, I realized that it was the day that my brother and Ruth were coming up to have lunch with us. We had 45 minutes to get ready. We met them at a new wings place. It used to be a Mexican restaurant  but now has wings. They also had chicken fingers and catfish. Frank and I had catfish and it was so fresh and good! I was surprised. We don't eat out much and it was nice to have some good fresh catfish. Trudy drove over and she ate my 3rd piece of catfish and visited with her Uncle and Aunt. After visiting a while, we went our separate ways. We stopped by Pet Depot and I got Jordan some more chews. I give him one when we both leave the house. In fact, I give him too many. One a day is plenty but I sometimes give him two. He's gained 3 pounds since he started eating. He went out this afternoon when I went to check the mail and we walked around the yard.

I got a new CD yesterday. It was the best of Neil Diamond. The songs were very good. Tonight, we listened to Do Wop.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hair Cuts

We had hair appointments at 9 AM. Forrest wanted to get his hair cut too and Kari had time to do it so we all three got our hair cut. Today was Ashlee's birthday and Forrest wanted to look good. It was good seeing him. He's about 6'3-4" tall but he bent down to give me a hug. Trudy decided her layers weren't short enough but I liked my hair cut.

After the hair cuts, we went to Hobbs Jewelry and took the ring I want to have sized for Sadie. They could do it and I can pick it up Tuesday, I believe.  It isn't costing that much. I want her to have something from home when she goes to school. She likes rings and I said I would buy her some from Dreamland if she found some she liked. Their prices are very good for Sterling silver rings.

I accidentally caused the DVD player to work, I don't really know what I did to make it work, but Frank and I watched a British mystery this afternoon. We must be dumb bells for most of the mystery went over our heads. I'd have to watch it again and again to follow along with the plot. Afterwards, I had to figure out how to get back to regular TV and I got back to Fox News but the picture was frozen. I called Trudy and asked for help and she told me to turn the TV off and then back on and that worked. I was doing that but I was using the DVD player remote and it wasn't working. The new remotes are unfamiliar too, and that didn't help. I have to admit that I am getting too old for new things.

Tomorrow, Carol will bring the crafts we did Friday. She took them home to put the grout on them. So far, it looks like we will be going to church. I got Frank another white, long-sleeved shirt in a larger size so the neck wouldn't be so tight. I also got him a tie tack. It's gold and has the Nauvoo temple on it.

I'll need to cook tomorrow. We're about through with the barley soup and the goulash has only one more serving left. I have a cabbage, a cauliflower and some Brussels sprouts to cook. I'm not writing down my food in the food diary. I'm tired of doing that. I don't want to go back to eating more than I should but I'm tired of always being hungry. Maybe a week off will help and then I'll go back to counting calories.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday's Activities

Didn't goo to exercise. The DirectTV man was coming to upgrade our receivers and he came at 9:15 AM. We got three new receivers and remotes and directions on how to use them. I went to Dollar General afterwards and got some cookies for the girls for craft day and bought them a lanyard each. They liked the lanyards. I wasn't sure if they would but they were excited about them. Carol got one too.

We did mosaics with some cut glass that Carol had left over from her projects she does at home. I chose a small, green flower pot and glued the glass around the top of it. Carol took the items we all did and will put grout on them and bring mine and Trudy's to church with her Sunday. A good time was had by all. Trudy is spending the night with us tonight.

Tomorrow, Trudy and I will get our hair cut. We've had the appointments since the last time we got our hair cut there. I wanted to call last week for an appointment to get mine cut for it is too long and curly for me but I waited. We'll stop by the jewelry store and see how much it will cost to have a ring stretched out. I have one that Trudy wore and then took the setting out of and gave to me. I wore it for a long time but I want Sadie, my granddaughter, to have it since she likes it and I want her to have something from home since she's going out to BYU-Idaho shortly. I hope it doesn't cost too much.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I took Jordan back for a re-check on his ear today at 9:15 AM. It still had some infection so they washed it out a couple of times and put some new medicine in it and I will take him back in 10 days for another re-check. He's not scratching it any more and it seems to be better but it's not.

Came home and waited for the PT to come and exercise with Frank but they didn't come today. I went to H'ville to see Dr Sharp at 1:30 PM and on the way home stopped by Khol's and took back a pair of pants that had a seam coming apart. I liked the pants but couldn't repair the seam and got $11.00 back on my card.

My diet is not coming along so good. I have a hard time keeping it to 1,300 calories. I eat cereal for breakfast and supper to keep the calories down but I'm usually hungry at meal times. I have lost 5 lbs and maybe if I keep on trying, I'll loose the lb I gained back and slowly but surely loose a lb or 2 more. I can fit into my summer clothes from last year and that's great. I haven't wanted to buy any more clothes yet and that's good. I may get some more shirts but I don't need any more Capri's.

Didn't take Jordan out at all today and had to clean up his messes. Tomorrow, if it's not raining, I'll take him out in the early morning and wait until he does his business before I come in. He's very playful and funny to watch. He's gained 3 lbs since we got him. When he was neutered, he weighed 15 lbs, but only weighed 10 lbs when we took him for his check-up here. The pain of loosing his original master and the operation caused him not to eat. He didn't eat anything but snacks for 3 days when we got him. Now he eats about a cup of dry food a day. I'm ordering the small bag of  Hill's Science Diet Small Breed once a month but may need to order two bags. He's nearly gone through one small bag and it's only the 17th of the month. Ordering 2 bags would leave me with plenty of food for him and I can stock pile some in the basement. The crazy way the world is going, no telling what our food supply will be like in the future. The drought in CA will leave us with no fresh veggies and other foods we get from CA. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nothing Much

After exercise, I came home. Jordan wouldn't go out and used the piddle papers all day. I don't know why he wouldn't go out. I even picked him up and took him outside but he wouldn't go anywhere but back inside. Maybe tomorrow I'll just use his collar and not the harness and see if that makes any difference. I don't mind him using the piddle pads. That's the way Belle was trained.

It's been cloudy all day and rained some early in the morning. The sun did come out this afternoon but I heard that it was supposed to be rainy all week.

I ordered a cover for my wing back chair. I have covers on the other furniture but didn't get anything for the chair. Jordan jumps up on the chair quite a bit. I try to keep the floors clean but I know dirt must stick to him feet. The chair is two years old. I got it when I had my hip replacement. It still looks good but this slip cover will protect it from all things.

Friday, Carol had the craft and she's going to show us how she does her glass cutting. Hopefully, it will be something small for I'm running out of room for things. It's so much fun having her and her 4 girls and Trudy coming over for a visit and craft. I think I will buy some cookies instead of baking some.

Tomorrow, I have to take Jordan back to the vet to get his ears checked. I've been putting the medicine in his ear twice a day for a week and hopefully he will be cured. It is expensive to take him to the vet so often. Then, Dr Sharp's office called to move my Monday appointment to tomorrow afternoon at 2:40 PM. I'll leave at 1:30 PM to get there in plenty of time. Then, sometime during tomorrow, the PT will come and exercise with Frank. I may or may not be here when she comes.
Tomorrow will be a busy day compared to the beginning of the week.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Jordan didn't want to go out this morning. I don't think he likes it when it has rained.

I left the house early, 8:30 AM, and went to Lowe's and got some Bona and a refill for my dust mop. Now I can have a fresh mop head on all the time. I washed the old one and it really is clean now. After Lowe's, I went to Walmart to get some milk. Then on to the pharmacy to pick up the Rx's I had called in. Frank's PT came and went through the exercises with him and then the rest of the afternoon was slow. It's supposed to be rainy all this week. I need to call the grass man and tell him to come once a week so I won't have to call each week. With all this rain, the grass will really grow fast.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Frankie and kids left at 10:15 Sunday morning for the trip back to Knoxville. They took the cat palace I had bought them. Later, Frankie called and said the cats were crawling all over Mariam while she put it together and were really enjoying it. Ken and Karen came over after church and we had a nice visit. Ken told us about his and Martin's trip to Nashville, I think, to a big gun show and all the adventures they had.

Monday, we went to exercise and came home. I need to go to Lowe's and get some more Bona for my floors. Walmart has it but it is for hardwood floors and we have laminate. I need to call in some Rx tomorrow and when I go to get them, I can go on to Lowe's and get the Bona.

I didn't have much energy today so I sat and snoozed in the recliner. I did do some chair exercises and helped Frank do his PT exercises. It rained most of the day and Jordan didn't want to go out at all.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fun Time

We went to Madison to shop. We went to Academy Sports and Frankie and Mariam got new shoes. Josh already had new shoes at home. We also bought 4 boxes of .22 ammo to use in the .22 rifle of Dad's. No telling how many years since the gun was used but it shot good. It's semi-automatic and each of us got 10 shots. Frankie had bought a case of cheap carbonated canned drinks and we used them as part of our targets. We'd shake up the drinks and then stand back and shoot them and it was awesome to see them explode. I just shot 10 shots and then went in to fix dinner for Dad. They cleaned up the woods of all the blasted cans and one milk jug and several paper targets and we had a jumbo plastic garbage bag full of debris. After that, they drove down the road to where it dead ends and looked for the fellow who owns the horses. They have 20 horses and they come to feed them every afternoon and told the kids if they were down there next time they were here they would let them ride a horse. But tonight they were just feeding them. Mariam and Josh got to pet one of them and Frankie got pictures of them.. After dinner, we watched TV. We went to bed at 10 PM our time which is 11PM in Knoxville time. I'm not used to staying up this late either but we'll get back on our regular schedule when everyone leaves tomorrow.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Busy Day

I had Jordan to the groomer at 8 AM. Then went to Walmart and shopped for food for Frankie and Mariam and Josh. After that I stopped for a diet Pepsi and then went by the sheriff's office to get my concealed carry permit up dated. As I was going in the office, I noticed that I still had another year on my permit so didn't have to spend any money on it. I had checked with Larry's Pistol and Pawn to see it Mariam and Josh could go in the firing range and they could and I told Frankie that he could bring his guns down and we could go to Larry's to shoot. It turns out that Frankie doesn't have any guns and that he was planning on using Dad's .22 rifle to shoot out back at home. We have a lot of over turned tree stumps we can use as a back drop and we would aim at something that was ground level so the .22 shots would go into the ground or the tree stump. I feel okay about it now. We'll have to see how I feel tomorrow when we are about to do it. There is a rifle range at Swan Creek but you have to have a fishing license and it would cost me $14.00 and would cost Frankie $40.00, he being out of state, and each of the kids the same amount.

I picked up Jordan at 3 PM. He was really cut short, like I asked. He looks more like a Poodle now except his ear hair is short. He has Poodle feet and his face is shaved and I can see his eyes now. He has a big, black spot on his back that really shows now. Sometimes, when we can't remember his name will call him Spot, or Fluffy, or Little Bit. We mostly remember Jordan though. He still uses his piddle papers and is a nice, sweet dog. I don't regret getting him. I've been getting up early each morning and taking him outside and found out tonight as I was refilling my medicines that I have been forgetting to take my AM meds. I have to take them right when I get up or I'll have some reaction to missing them. My routine was messed up and I forgot.

I forgot that Josh can't drink regular milk and didn't get any Almond milk for him. I called Frankie and they had just stopped at Target and he said he would get some there. Mariam can't have corn products, Mary Kate doesn't do gluten and now Josh doesn't do cows milk. I'll have to remember Almond milk now.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Vet Visit

Frank went with me to take Jordan to the vet. He didn't have a thyroid problem. They got him mixed up with some other dog. He had gained  a pound and a half but still had some ear problems. I still had some medicine left that I used before so I'm treating his right ear again. He'll go back for a check up next week. We came on home after that. I take him out every morning before 7 AM and he does his business. He used the piddle pads in the house if he needs to. He's trained to do that.

Tomorrow, He goes to the groomer to get cut like a Poodle. His ears have to grow out but it will get all the hair from around his mouth and off his face and his feet will have all the hair cut from between his toes. That way he won't make such a mess on the floors when he comes in the house after being outside and the grass is wet. We are both really enjoying Jordan. He's quite playful and is funny to watch. I will buy a rug, runner, for the kitchen so he cam get some traction when he runs from the kitchen into the living room to jump on the couch. The couch is his. I have covers on it so he won't ruin the leather but all his toys are there and that's where he eats his treats.

We have a call in for a grass cut. Our neighbors have been cutting their grass 2-3 times. I wanted to wait until the grass (weeds) was long enough and it is now.

Frankie and Mariam and Josh are coming tomorrow night. I have to take Jordan to the groomer at 8 AM and then to Walmart to buy food and then to the Sheriff's office to get a concealed carry permit in order to carry guns in the car. Frankie wants to shoot guns with the kids and my permit has expired. I called Larry's Pistol and Pawn in H'ville to see if the kids could come to the shooting range and they can so we will go there to shoot. It will be fun. I have a revolver but I don't like it, but I guess I will use it anyway. I haven't shot anything in years.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Went to exercise and came right home. Home health called and said the nurse was coming out around 11:00 AM. She came and then an hour or so later the PT came and checked Frank out. The Dr said he needed some PT to help his knee to get used to not wearing the brace. I'll have to help him do the exercises each day. We'll have PT two days a week for three weeks.

We did our (his) first exercises on the exercise chair tonight. I do 12 repetitions on each exercise but that was too much for him, I think. He may be sore tomorrow.

I got a big catalog order in today. I need to stop looking through those catalogs because I'm spending too much money on things I could do without but like to get. Today, I ordered a handle that fits into the car door and helps you get out of the car. Frank has trouble getting out of the car and this handle will help him. Sometimes I get 17 catalogs in the mail at one time. I only look at a few and throw the rest away. I told the mail lady I was sorry she had to bring me all the catalogs, but she said it was job security!

Jordan goes to the vet in the morning. Something about his thyroid. I didn't know they took blood the last time he was in for a well check when I first got him. I want him to be healthy but I hope he doesn't need any medicine for it. The vet marks the medicine up quite a bit. I didn't realize a dog would be so costly. We have the money but I'm still surprised. The birds are costly when they go to the vet. I guess everything is costly that means anything.

Kathy. Your friend Dee really makes great cards! The Easter card you sent was so cute. They are keepers for sure. She really has a talent for card making. All my card making stuff in downstairs in the basement. My 12 year old granddaughter, Mariam, makes cards when she comes. She's quite creative. I invested a lot of money in that hobby. Mariam can inherit it all.

Monday, April 6, 2015


I so enjoy Silver Sneakers exercise. I'm getting to know more of the people and the same people usually come every time. When someone is sick or can't come, Janet gets a card and we all sign it. It's just nice plus I get a good work out.

I bought this exercise chair. You sit and use bands that are attached to the chair to exercise various parts of your body. I've done some and it really works my muscles really well. After I learn how to do them all, I will get Frank on the chair.

Went to the knee Dr and he said Frank could take the brace off if he wanted. He's put it back on tonight. We'll get home health to come and show him some exercises to get his knee back in shape where he can straighten it all the way out.

It rained most of the day. I stopped by the vet to get Jordan some more heart worm pills. I just got one last time and I remember with Belle I had 6 at a time. I got 6 today and it was over $100.00. It costs a lot of money to have a dog today. He goes back to see the vet Thursday and I called to see why and it is to get his thyroid checked. Hopefully, he won't have to take any medicine for that. The vet marks the medicine up quite a bit. Friday, he goes to the groomer to get cut like a Poodle. The hair on his ears was cut very short when we got him so he won't have the nice, fluffy ears a Poodle is supposed to have but his face will be shaved and the hair will be cut out of his eyes, I hope, and he will have Poodle feet. The hair between his toes and the bottom of his feet will be cut and when he goes out he won't attrack much dirt. Today when we went out after the rain stopped, he walked through a puddle and then I had little Poodle paw prints all over the floor. I'd rather have him than clean, paw-less floors.

Frankie and Mariam and Josh will be coming this week-end. Frankie wants to shoot the guns but I don't feel comfortable shooting them here. There is a house West of us, across the creek, and I would hate that a shot might go that far.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

General Conference

I enjoyed the first session of General Conference. It started at 11:00 AM CDT. I was rested and alert and could listen in comfort. There have been times when I was over tired or sleepy and couldn't concentrate on what the speaker said but today was a good day. When the second session started at 3 PM, I was restless for I had sat for the two hours between sessions. I walked around the house and tried to listen but didn't have much success. Tomorrow, I'll not sit between sessions of Conference. We watched the Priesthood session tonight from 7-9 PM and it was very good. Tomorrow, being Easter, the talks and music should be really good.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Quiet Day

Didn't go anywhere today. Just sat home and occasionally walked Jordan. Frank stayed in his room all day.

We're supposed to have bad weather tonight. It's clouded up and I hear thunder in the distance. Hopefully no tornadoes will be formed. We must have a cold front moving through.

Tomorrow and Sunday we have General Conference. My friend, Wanda, has a birthday Sunday, and I'll have to make or buy her a cake and get her a card. She always remembers my birthday on Jan 5th instead of the 9th but she always remembers and makes me a cake with diabetic icing on it. I have to get up early tomorrow and go  to Walmart to get some fixings to make a cake. I think I have the cake mix but I don't have any Cool Whip to go on top. I put Heath bars crushed up on the top. Trudy said you're supposed to poke holes in the top and pour caramel into the holes but that would be too rich for me and I haven't fixed any that way.

With the drought so bad in California, they may not be able to grow fresh veggies and fruit and it will hurt the whole country. I need to buy some  more canned veggies, corn, peas, etc. to go in the food room. I don't have much of anything except a few cases of green beans and we have been eating fresh veggies so long that we haven't eaten any canned green beans. Tomorrow, I'll  some broccoli, Kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, if they have any, and some tomatoes, little salad tomatoes and some more salad plus the Cool Whip.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Love going to Silver Sneakers three times a week. This morning it was warm enough to wear Capris and no coat. Afterwards, Karen and I went by the Salvation Army and I dropped of a sack of clothes and then we went to Lowe's to get some wood for Karen to make a doll bed with. Stopped by Dollar General for some milk and then home.

I had some cooking to do so we could have lunch. Cooked goulash and broccoli and zucchini squash that Mary Kate had chopped up but didn't put in the veggie soup Saturday. It was all very good. Walked Jordan and spent the afternoon looking over the various catalogs I get in the mail. I found a list of things I ordered from two catalogs. I even ordered some DVD's of mysteries that we can watch on Friday nights. I'll have to learn how to work the DVD player for sure now.We listen to music every night after scripture reading and now on Friday nights we can watch a British mystery and have popcorn and everything. I look forward to the entertainment it will be.

Got a late start but washed 3 loads of clothes today. Mary Kate washed a machine full that I would have done in 2 loads. Her washing machine is larger that mine, I think. It's the new style that loads like a dryer.

I told Frank that we need to get rid of the 1990 Honda that is sitting and rotting outside our house. He wants to get another car to take its place so it will look like someone is home when I am gone with the other car. Since the "new" car is 9 years old and has 166,000 odd miles on it it would make since to get a newer used car. Honda's last forever but I would like a newer car (who wouldn't?) We'll see what's out there. I think we'll go back to the Honda dealership in H'ville to the salesman who we got the '06 from. The '06 still runs and looks good and it would be a good 2nd car. I would have to drive it too for a car needs to be driven to stay running good.

I got a new music book and haven't taken the time to play through it yet. I have no where to go tomorrow and that would be a good thing to do in the morning.