Monday, April 30, 2012

Got The Plants

After scripture study, I drove on over to the Co-Op and bought two bush tomato plants. The plants are already blooming and one has little green tomatoes on it! I pulled some weeds today and moved some rocks that were lining a walk way that went up to the faucet. I watered my flowers and the zinnias that I had planted by seed. The Maple trees are going to get taller than the marigolds that I planted them with. I worried about that but the trees seem to be growing vigorously.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get the tomato grow bag out and fill it with dirt and attach the cage and plant one of the tomatoes. If I get that done, then I'll get the tomato kit out and see what I have to do to plant the other tomato.  It called for bush tomatoes. Ones that don't grow so tall and bush out, I suppose. I ordered a pan to set my tomato bag in but it has disappeared and I don't know where it is. I didn't move it and Frank says he didn't either.

Frank spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone to Apple getting his iPad to work right. The Sims came to mow the grass about that time. Mr Sims is going to spray the grass that has grown up in the road that goes around the house and make it look better, plus the weeds that have grown up around the burn pile. He's going to prune the big crape myrtle tree because its branches grow into the wires and he will cut the suckers that are growing up under the big Privet tree  in the orchard.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Again Friday

I taught my class and then went to Curves and then to Walmart. I had a pair of shorts I bought for Frank back. They were black and he says that black shows everything. He did keep another pair of shorts I got him. I haven't seen him in them yet.

After lunch, I took a nap. To kill time, I guess. Frank is doing his pills.

I bought some "instant dinners" today and I had them for lunch and supper. They weren't very filling but I just wanted something different to eat.

I think I'm going to take a course on writing my life's story. It's an online course and I can take my time with it and the kids will like it. It will give me something to do. I have to wait 'til payday for it costs $99.00.

Thursday, I got busy and forgot I was going to the temple that afternoon. About 2:50 PM, I realized I was going and I jumped up and got dressed in a flash and was ready for Karen when she came to get me. Summer went too and we always have conversation when she goes. It was a nice trip and I got home around 11:50 PM. I guess that's why I wanted to nap this afternoon!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Today was the day I took Forrest out to lunch. I left Athens right after exercise and got there a bit early for Forrest was asleep. Sadie was up and the "boys" of course. Trudy and Forrest got up and we talked a while. When it was time to go, I told Forrest we would go anywhere he wanted to go and he decided on Cheddars. That was the place that Trudy took me when we ate out.  It was good, I guess, a bit pricey but it didn't matter for I wanted to treat him.

After lunch, we drove to the Kroger store in Madison so I could return something. Truth was, I didn't want to take him home so early. I wanted to enjoy his company longer. I gave him the return money to help put gas in his car. He doesn't have a car himself, but he gets to drive the Civic that his parents owns. I told Sadie I would take her out to lunch later. She showed me the little chicks that she and her Dad are raising. They are getting their feathers growing in. Soon, they will be big enough to join the other 4-5 chickens in the coop. They get 5 eggs a day now.

I got home about 3 PM and found that Frank was working on the Federal taxes and he got them done today. I watered my flowers and baby trees and found that still another tree was emerging from the soil of the pot I already took one tree out of. It is very tiny but I saw it as I was putting up the hose. I gave it a drink and put it alongside the other pots where it would get some sunshine.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Every time I try to name the blog, some strange stuff comes up that I don't know about and confuses me, so this blog won't have a title! I just wrote the title after I completed the blog.

I exercised with Janet today at 2:30 PM. She was going to be gone our usual day, Thursday, and so was I.
Afterwards, I dropped two letters off at the PO and then drove to Goody's to take back one blouse I bought on impulse. I did buy two pair of nice earrings. Then I went to the bank and cashed a check so I would have plenty of money to take Forrest out to lunch tomorrow.

My tooth still hurts but the Arthrotec I take kills the pain. This will be the third week since it was taken out. Hopefully, it will keep healing and I won't have to worry about what I eat.

Frank had a good prednesone day and he will have a good day tomorrow. He's been working at the computer the last couple of days and he still has the taxes to do. I will spend a glorious day with Forrest tomorrow and won't get back to the house until around 4 PM.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Something new has come up of Facebook. It's not my normal setting. I hate chance!

I'm rather tired of writing every day. I do about the same things every day and I know who ever reads my blog books are going to get disgusted reading the same things over and over.

I went to the PO this morning to get some stamps. I had three letters to mail and no stamps. It cost $45.00 for a roll of stamps. They are pretty bonsi trees.

Dad helped me import a new CD into my iTunes. Then we put the songs in a playlist and put them into my iPod. I listen to the music on the iPod at night when I'm in bed. It was pretty confusing because we couldn't find the songs after we put them into the computer! We finally found them and put them into the iPod and they are playing now. Bach played by classical guitar. Nice.

We vacuumed the floors and the air filters and I did two of the blinds in the living room. I forgot the third blind. I'll get it next week.

I finally planted my Marigold and baby Maple trees into the red pots I bought. The yellow Marigolds look good against the red pots. I have about 1/2 bag of potting soil left. I need to get some more to fill my small planters with. My hands were shaking when I was trying to get the Marigolds out of their plastic containers! I'm going to have to relearn all my gardening skills. My brother sent me some Co-op materials about raised garden beds, etc. I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I'll see how my tomato growing goes this summer and then decide on raised beds.

Frank helped me and we buffed the right headlight on the car and got the haze out of it. Now, if I had new hub caps, the car would look newer. Trudy's dogs jumped on the car and left some scratches but maybe if/when I have the car waxed, they will come out.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Normal Time

Yesterday, I washed three loads of clothes and taught Carrielee her piano lesson. I worked out with Janet and had a good day.

Today, I taught at the senior center this morning and things went well. Eula was back. She lost her son and had two cases of the shingles and had her knee operated on, but was was back! Someone had asked me about her Wednesday but I didn't know anything about her.

I didn't g to Curves but just came home today. The lights were off  and I got the number of the electric company and called. The lights sere back on shortly there after. Got Frank up for lunch and to start his day. Haven't done much else.

I need to stop by Advance Auto and see if I can get a compound that will take some fogginess out of one of my headlights. I've seen it advertized on TV and would like to get some to make my light clear. I also need some hubcaps. Mine are pealing and the paint is coming off. Don't know when I'll do that!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun Day

I taught at the senior center and went to Curves and then on to Madison to meet Trudy. I was early so I went into Kroger and bought some 15 bean soup and some stove things to replace the stained things on my stove. Trudy called and said to meet her at the H'ville Stake center, so I drove there.

It was lunch time when we got together and we ate at Cheddars. We shared one order of chicken fingers and 2 sides plus taco chips and spinach dip. A lot of food for one serving! Afterward, we went to a Walgreen's so I could get a toothbrush because I had to see the dentist who took my tooth out. We parted ways after that and I went to the dentist's office too wait a long time for I was very early. My tooth had healed all right. The dentist was worried because of the Prolia I take, but everything was well. Frank had given me an oil blessing and said things would be okay.

After I got into Athens, I stopped by the car wash and and got the car washed. The vacuum is free so I got all of the small gravel pieces out that had come from the driveway after we had it paved with the crushed limestone. I want to have it waxed sometime but don't know when it will be.

Tomorrow will be wash day. Carrielee comes for her piano lesson and I see Janet at 2:30 PM for my workout. It will be a busy day. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This is Tuesday and I'll have to try and remember what I did yesterday.

I had a good class at the senior center and afterwards instead of going to Curves, I went to Luc's  to get fitted for a new bra. Having gained weight, I needed another size. I got a new one and will get another by mail. She has to fax my Dr and get a prescription for a new bra. It's funny how the laws are. Lou said she and her husband are going to move to Arkansas sometime in the future. She hopes to be able to sell the shop. I hope she is successful so we ladies won't have to travel to H'ville to get new underwear. I guess I spent the rest of the day at home.

Frank worked on the taxes but was sick two days and he filed an extension for the State tax and will be a day late with the Federal. We don't have to pay any Federal so maybe it'll be okay.

Today, I slept in and when I got up I went to the PO and mailed the State tax and stopped by Westside and bought 2 rings. They are the fun, stretchy rings that I like. They had been picked over but I got two I liked. (It's raining all this time...).

Next I went to Goody's. Tuesdays is old people's day and I just wanted to look around. Bingo! I saw an outfit right in front that I liked. I found a skirt that was petite and a blouse that had sparkles on it. I tried it on and I liked it. The skirt is that krinkley material and it comes down to my ankles. I hope it won't be too long when I wear it. I got another pull over that is aqua in color. I saved about $29.00 on being an old person today!

It's still raining and we need it. My Marigolds are sitting out in the rain along with my three new pots. I have three new Maple trees growing from seed and I got the pots for the trees and thought about putting the Marigolds in the pot along with the trees. A baby tree is so cute. I have one year old Maple trees that I planted last year and they have leaves on the tops now. I guess I'll need to transplant the larger trees into another container this fall.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I had a good time at the neighborhood breakfast. Several of the neighbors weren't there but what there was, had a good time. Tim and Eva picked up my ticket which was under ten dollars and that was nice of them.

Got home and found Frank asleep on his TV bed. He hadn't eaten breakfast nor had he taken his medicine. I fixed him French toast and watched him take his pills. I guess I'll have to watch him each morning and make sure he takes his meds before I do anything else. He went back to bed and I lay down and took a small rest.

This evening after supper, we worked on what we both could do on the taxes. Now, he just has to put all the information on the forms and it will be ready to mail.

Mary Kate and family are getting a little Yorkie puppy soon. I hope Obie will accept her and not play too rough.

George picked up Sadie in B'ham after a week at Mary Kate's and on their way home, they bought some baby chicks. Now I think they have 10 chickens in all. Trudy gave me a dozen eggs to bring home. I've been drinking my meals while my gum heals and I use an egg a meal. Blended up, I can't taste the egg, and I don't get hungry between meals. I'll see Dr Gussey this Wednesday at 2 PM and hopefully the gums will be healed enough to wear my denture all the time.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I spent money when Mary Kate was here and I spent money before she came and I have been spending money after she left. My bank statement came in today and I'm busted! I've got to stop spending until next payday. It's so much fun spending, especially on the internet. My Kindle books are adding up. There not just .99 cents anymore, and I have a bad habit of buying more and more. I'm in trouble!!

I went to Trudy's after the senior center. KFC wasn't opened at 9:30 AM so I just went up with out any chicken for lunch. Trudy had gone to the store for a Sundrop and I just went in the house and started sweeping the floor. The kitchen was a mess and I didn't know where to start. Trudy came in and we went to Fayetteville to pick up Forrest's flower for his date to the prom tomorrow night. We come back home and started making cards. I had some cards I didn't know what to do with and Trudy gave me some good ideas for making nice cards. I made 9 cards and think I will begin making cards again. It was a lot of fun today. George and Sadie had been gone for a week and were coming home this afternoon.

I was tired when I came home. I'm still drinking my meals and enjoying it. My gun seems to be healing okay. I seen the Dr nest Wednesday and hopefully it will healed well enough to wear my denture all the time.

Tomorrow is the neighborhood breakfast and we're going to Cracker Barrel at 8 AM. It's a fine time to get to see the neighbors and everybody create and make friends. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I used my iPod for my music to go to sleep with but it woke me up, or I was sleeping lightly around 3 AM, and I was wide awake. I slept lightly the rest of the night and went to bed for an after breakfast nap after 8 AM. I got up at 10:15 AM and later this evening I realized that I had missed my piano student! I hated to call and to say how sorry I was to miss it, but it turned out okay because they didn't come because of other circumstances, so all was well.

I met with Janet today for strength training. I used 10 lb weights, or one weight, but I forgot which muscle group it was. None of the weights were too hard today. I wore my new work-out outfit, too. It's black cropped pants with a purple stripe down the legs and a purple pull over with the same stripe over the shoulders and sides. It's always fun to work out with Janet.

Tomorrow, I'll teach at the senior center and maybe go to Curves but I might just go on over to visit Trudy. Yes, that's what I'll do-skip curves. I hate a routine.

Frank was sick again today. He's going to go back up on his medicine to try and keep the fevers away.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Wednesday

I taught at the senior center the first time on Wednesday today. There were 12 people exercising. I went by my notes and didn't skip any exercises this time and came out with the music like always. I Went to Curves afterwards. The lady, Pam, who owns Curves, is trying to sell it. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

Came home at 10:30 AM and started cooking. I cooked some wheat berries, some dried beans and my hamburger mixture. I was through by 12:00 PM and I have two pots to wash up tonight. I ran out of steam before I got to the pots. I took a little nap afterwards.

Frank is still working on the tax report and I helped him with the medical part by reading off the Dr visits and Medco expenses from the checkbook. He'll get it ready before April 15 or maybe it's the 17th this year, I don't really remember.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wild Flowers

When I walk to the mail box every day, I notice the little flowers growing wild in the yard. Some are very tiny and some are big enough to pick and bring into the house and put in a vase. I found small yellow flowers on tall stalks growing and I picked some. They turn towards the sun in the day time and close up at night. It's nice to see them do that.

Today I picked up Wanda at her house and took her to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. We both had the salad bar and then split a double chocolate cake dessert with vanilla ice cream. That was the best part of the meal! I had to eat mine too fast for I didn't want to be the last one eating, but I like to savor my sweets and eat small bites at a time. I bought her some kitchen linens and a pot of yellow Zinnias for her birthday, which was April 1st while Mary Kate was here. We had a nice time. I came back and washed the bird sheets with another set of sheets for my bed. No, I had other things to wash, and I had to fold the sheets that were still in the dryer. I read from the Book of Mormon and from my John Grisham novel. Was getting sleepy but didn't want to take a nap at 3 PM, so I went downstairs and rode on my bike for 20 minutes and then lifted weights and used the tubes. It's the first time I've worked out at home for some weeks. I'll teach at the senior center tomorrow and will go to Curves afterwards. Maybe I can get to Curves more now that I'm teaching 3 times a week. I get tired of having a routine to follow and sometimes have to misbehave!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Busy Day

I woke up at 5 AM and then snoozed 'til 6 and finally got up at 6:45 AM. I didn't know how long it would take for me to drink my milkshake and didn't want to be late getting away from the house for exercise class. It didn't take me any longer than when I ate a bowl of cereal. The milkshake contains an egg, a large glass of milk a large banana and 2 caps of soy protein powder, three ice cubes and into the blender it goes. It fills up a large red plastic glass I have. I'm supposed to leave my denture out for two weeks until I go back and see the Dr-Dentist. I put them in when I go out and take them out when I come home. I can eat some boned chicken that we have cans of mixed with light mayo. That's good when I get really hungry.

Exercise class went well today. We had about 12 participants. I forgot two of the exercises and we had an abundance of time on our hands so we just improvised some moves! One would think that I wouldn't forget anything when I have me notes right there to look at when I need them. Everyone seems to enjoy the class and I do too. I will be teaching Wednesdays too, so I am the sole teacher for that class. At one time, there were three of us and we only had to teach one day a week, but the other two ladies stopped coming and I am "it".

I went on to Curves after exercise. I hadn't been last week because Mary Kate and kids were here. I got a lot of exercise shopping! I came on home after Curves, forgetting I needed to get Wanda a birthday present. After scripture study at Karen's, I went back into town. I got Wanda some dish towels, hot pads and cloths and a pant of Zinnias. I will go over to her house tomorrow at 11:30 AM and pick her up and take her to lunch. I can't think of the name of the place where we'll be going but they have a yummy salad bar and I know I can chew the food there!

Frank is trying to coral the necessary items so he can do the taxes. After he's gone, I don't know what I'll do about the tax. We make no money and I don't know why I would have to fool with it. Someone will help me out, come that time.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Before Easter

Didn't do much today. I waited around thinking Frank wanted to work on the taxes but he didn't. I drove into Walmart and bought two watches. Why I wanted two, I don't know. One is digital and the other is analog. The one I'm wearing is a light purple or lavender and has a cloth band that had a deeper lavender and black stripes on it. The analog watch has a round face, the date, is silver with a black buckle band. Both are by Timex.

Frank gave his old iPod to Trudy and she and Forrest drove over and got it around 6:15 PM. It was good to see them both but Forrest had cologne on so we met outside. Frank got some pictures of us three. Forrest is 6'3" and probably is still growing. He's a handsome fellow!

I have a new dress to wear to church tomorrow. I didn't get it as an Easter dress but I will wear it the first time tomorrow. It comes down too low in front but I have something to wear that covers me up. I've been wanting a dress for a while now. Skirts and blouses are nice but a dress is special-to a person who wears none!

Friday, April 6, 2012

42 Years

April 7th will be the 42nd anniversary of us joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was right before Frankie was born and we were baptized two weeks after he was born. He's 42 yrs old now. Trudy is 40 and Mary Kate is 37. It's been a good life.

Carrielee came for her piano lesson today. She's moving right along. She's into playing with both hands now and we'll have to not work so fast through the books. Her family were going to H'ville on a field trip after her lesson.

After her lesson, I went to Walmart for some eggs and bananas and calcium pills. That's all I got so my bill wasn't very high. I came home a napped a little while until Frank was cleaning the bird cages and Rosko started hollowing. Nothing like waking up to the shrill tones of a nanday singing!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


After my dental surgery and Mary Kate's leaving, I slept in today and missed Carrielee's piano lesson at 10 AM. My tooth has been good and I haven't taken any pain medicine today. I will use it Sunday when I put my denture in. Can't go to church without my teeth! Dr told me to leave the denture out for two weeks. I go back to see him then. I'm still drinking my meals which isn't too bad.

We have lots of trash for the boys to pick up today. When Mary Kate and I cleaned up Trudy's old room, there were bags and bags of trash and we had several bags to take to the ReStore. Most of it was flowers and floral stuff that I had had in the closet for years. The entire downstairs could use a good cleaning and throwing out session.

Just talked to Carrielee's mom and they can come for her lesson tomorrow at 9 AM. Which will be good. She won't miss a lesson and we both will be happy.