Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

After lunch, I wanted to go into town and go to the bank since we'll be having a long week-end. It was 1:00 PM and the bank closed at 2:00 PM. Frank thought he needed a Z Pac for he was getting a sore throat. The pharmacy closed at 1:30 PM so I had to go there first. He talked to the pharmacist for they would be closed by the time Dr. Phillip's nurse could call in the prescription, and the pharmacist agreed to "loan" Dad a Z Pac, and the prescription would come later. I thought that was a neat idea, so I got the Rx and then headed to the bank. There weren't many people at the drive through and I got the money quickly.

I was going to Walmart to get some sparkling grape juice for us to celebrate ringing in the New Year, but I stopped at a Quick Stop and bought a liter of 7-Up instead. About 9:00 PM, I'll have a glass of bubbly, say Happy New Year and then go to bed! I'm too old to stay up that late. Happy New Year everybody!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Odd Day

Slept in until 10:00 AM. The UPS man made a delivery at 10 and I figured that by 10 in the morning one should be up and dressed, sacrifice that it is.

I drove into town to get some medicated shampoo and another Rx but they didn't have the shampoo! Oh, well. That's all the action I'll get this day. I did ride the recumbent bike for 15 minutes this afternoon. Now to do that again this evening. I've got some bean soaking that are ready to start cooking. We had hamburger steaklets for lunch. They had been thawed for a week but were still good. Of course, Frank could taste a difference in them, but he ate them.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Got New Glasses

My new frames look a lot like my old ones, for I liked my old ones but they were getting a bit loose and I really wanted new ones. The frames coast $63.00 but the lens cost $180.00! Bad, bad eyes, I have.

After I got my glasses, I stopped by the Dollar store and got 2 gallons of milk. They didn't have any semi-large trees for sale so I forgot about my idea of getting a second tree. I'll wait until next year and pay full price for one! Ha-ha-ha!

I didn't do anything much after I got home. I swept the floors before we read the scriptures and then we put the birds to bed and now I'm here. We heard from Mary Kate yesterday and they were driving to Idaho to visit the Sidwells. Friends from Georgia. There's snow all around but they weren't driving through any. They had fun playing in the snow one day.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Visit To The Eye Doctor

I spent an hour at the eye Drs today. Got my eyes dilated and he said my eyes were like a 55 year old's! In fact, I hadn't seen him in 2 years and my near and far vision hadn't changed. I did get a new pair of frames. A "new pair"? Anyway, the frames look about like my old ones because I liked my old ones, but they were 2 years old. I'll have to wear the old ones when I watch TV with Gert on my shoulder for he has chewed most of my ear piece off on the left side. His bite is so quick and hard that it's hard to get him away from the glasses before he takes a chunk out of them.

I went to the store that sells Miche hand bags to get some new handles, but she didn't have any. I don't know where my old handles are and will have to pay for the new ones. I don't like the shoulder bag handle for it won't stay on my shoulder and keeps falling off. But if in the summer I want the shoulder strap on again, I can just put it back on. It's All About Me said that over the Christmas season, they had sold 80 bags! I've had several compliments on my green bag and two of them have been men!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

They Leave

Frankie and Rachel and children left soon after I went to church. Rachel has to work Monday and they wanted to leave and get home kind of early. We had a great time with them and hated to see them go.

Church was good today. I had forgotten I had to drive today, and left home at 9:20 AM. I thought I would be late, but I wasn't. I sat in the last row of seats but had a good view of the speakers. Today was the last day of Primary of 2009. Next week will start a new year of songs and new thoughts from the new program.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day After Christmas

Dad wasn't so sick that I had to stay home, so I went with Frankie and Rachel and children to the Space and Rocket Center. They had joined a science museum at Oak Ridge, TN and it allows them free entrance to a lot of other museums and the man let me in free too! I saved $20.00 but spent it to buy the pictures they took of us just as we walked in. The pictures were nice and I'm glad we got them.

Everyone enjoyed the museum. It was too cold to ride the rides outside but we rode the one inside and had fun on it. The children and Frankie climbed the rock wall and all made it to the top, but Mariam and Josh, but they enjoyed the climbing they did.

After the museum, we drove to Trudy's and had lunch and watched a movie. We had a great time there too. George and Forrest were headed out for three days of a winter camp. More power to them. I would have enjoyed that in younger and more adventurist days.

Since they had "popped" in on us, I didn't have any food for them, so we stopped by KFC and got some chicken for our supper. The kids played on the computer

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

While I was in the shower, my cell phone, which was in the bathroom, rang. I didn't get it the 1st time but when it rang again, and I hopped out of the shower to answer the phone. It was Frankie saying that they were on the road to my house for Christmas! Dad and I were excited and glad that they were coming. They got here around 3:30 PM. The kids, Luke, Kayla, Mariam and Josh had grown since I had seen them last. Luke and Kayla are both taller than I am now-not by much, but still taller. I had baked a chocolate cake, with white icing and Josh got into it and ate all the frosting off of it and had made a mess of the rest of the cake! It was hilarious! He got upset when his mom got onto him, but it was alright with me. He has to take some medicine that makes him crave carbs.

Tomorrow, Frankie and family are going to the Space and Rocket Center and have asked me to go along. Frank thinks he may be sick tomorrow morning so I'll have to see how he feels in the morning. Afterwards, we would go to Trudy house for a visit. It would be a nice trip.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Day

I left the house at 9:45 AM headed for town to go to Big Lots to see if I could get another small tree that Mary Kate said was there. All of their trees were gone but I found some 20 light strands and got 2 boxes plus a tube of plastic, gold ornaments. I came home and put both strands of lights on the tree plus I replaced the ornaments. The little tree looks good now. While in General Dollar I saw a box which contained a small tree. I may go back and but one if it looks good. I would love to have two small trees all dressed up. I could have one tree in my room if I wanted to but probably have both trees in the living room.

Didn't do much the rest of the afternoon. Trudy called to say that Mary Kate had texted to say that they had just arrived in Salt Lake City. They are taking this trip for Nate's 8th birthday. Nate was born in Salt Lake City and he wanted to visit for his birthday. They have friends to stay with while they are there. Merry Christmas, everyone, this is Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Busy Dr Day

We left for H'ville at 8:30 AM and went to the Pain Clinic first. Then, we went to McDonald's and had lunch. After that, we drove to Dr Phillips' office and waited in the car for a while because we were too early for the appointment. We got through with the Doctors and went to Madison to the Dairy Cream place and got 2 Blizzards. While we were there Frankie called and he and Dad talked about electronics until we were back to Athens and were at the pharmacy! The traffic was horrendous! Two days before Christmas and everyone was on the roads.

I will go to Big Lots to look for a new tree tomorrow. Maybe if I get there right at 10:00 AM there won't be too many people out.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What A Day

After Trudy and the kids left, I got dressed up to go to the Dr. I wore a skirt for all my pants were in the wash. I get to the office, sign in, and take a seat. A few minutes later, the secretary called me to the window and said my appointment wasn't until next week! I left and went to Lou's place and ordered some underwear. Then went home. I had another appointment at the eye Dr., but I forgot it because I was looking at the wrong week on the calendar! I called them and rescheduled the appointment. I had another Dr. appointment in H'ville at 1:00 PM and I left and stopped to get some gas only to find that my battery had gone dead while I was buying gas! I went into the station and a young lady said she could jump me and low and behold the car started! A man who was watching told me not to stop the car again for it might not start, so instead of going to H'ville, I drove home. Frank came out to check the battery and found it was dry. So we put some water in the cells, and put the charger on it. The battery charged and tomorrow he will charge the battery on the old car since it's not driven much.

Not only that, but the bulb in the fiber optic tree the girls got me one Christmas, had burned out! My Christmas tree was dead! I'll try to get a 25 or less string of lights for it, or if I find another small fiber optic tree I'll get it. My last bling came in the mail, a ring, and I am very happy with it. I guess it is my Christmas present to myself.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Work Day Monday

Forrest spent the night with us Sunday. We went shopping at Walmart and it was nice to have someone to push the basket and reach the things that were high up! We were through by 10:00 AM. Forrest got on the computer for a while until Grampie had some work for him. He pruned the Crape Myrtle tree and I carried the limbs to the burn pile. Then he pruned the Butterfly bush. The yard surely looks different now. Nice.

Trudy and Sadie came over and are spending the night tonight. They'll have to get up at 6:00 AM to get back home in time for school.

I have a well visit with Dr. Walker tomorrow. I hate to climb on the scale. My New Year's resolution will be to loose the 5 pounds I have found!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Again

I drove today because Bro. Decker had choir practice and they were going at 8:30 AM and I didn't want to go that early. We had a lot of music in the service today and Bishop Harris sang "O Holy Night" like he does each Christmas. This year Shelly helped with the singing. Young sister Huges played a rendition of Silent Night on the piano and the choir sang plus the congregational singing. It was nice. Primary went well too. I must practice the piano more. I need to connect it to when I go down to ride the bike and when I do laundry. Playing a little bit each day wouldn't bore me and surely would help.

Frankie has an e-mail for us when he get around to writing it. I've been worried about him and this e-mail should confirm or negate my worrying.

Forrest is coming over to spend the night with us. It seems that any student that gets a grade of 65 doesn't have to take the exams. Trudy has to substitute tomorrow and didn't want to leave him home alone. It's after 6:00 PM now so that doesn't leave much time for tonight. Tomorrow, after lunch, we'll go grocery shopping.

January 2, Ruth and I are going to B'ham to a concert of the Sub Siberian Orchestra. We'll leave her house about 11:00 AM and eat lunch out and then she knows the way to the parking garage and then we have to walk a bit to get to our seats. We're thinking about taking ear plugs for the group is supposed to be loud! I'll ask Forrest if he knows anything about them. Some of Ruth's children are familiar with them and like them. Time will tell!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Party Day

I went to my brother's house at 10:00 AM and had time to visit before any on the children arrived. Katie, who likes to be called Susan, and her new in-laws were the first to arrive. It was her new husband, his brother and his parents and then Jim and his two girls, 11 and 7, came with Bill and Lynn and Will at the same time as Jim came. We ate lunch and then sat around talking. I stayed later than I usually do and got home at 5:30 PM. I noticed the car had turned over to 120,008 miles when I left my brothers house. I should figure out how many miles away it is, but I always forget to do it. I left at 4:30 and got home at 5:25 PM.

As presents I got a blue glass treble clef necklace with earrings to match and three books of card making papers. I had a good time.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday the Wet

Yes, it has been raining most of the day. We went VT and saw one sister and left a card and Christmas tree ornament at another house. The rain slacked up after we finished.

When I went to bring the trash can in from the road, I also took the rake out and raked the leaves out of the gutters. They were clogging up the free flow of the water and it was backing up into the yard. I should have done the raking several weeks ago but I didn't. Oh, well.

I will be going down to my brother's tomorrow. Another nephew and his two girls will be there so I have to buy some more presents. I don't look forward to that but I guess I'll have to. It'll have to be Walmart for I'll get my nephew a Whitman's Sampler like I got my brother and my other nephew. It should be a fun time. Katie and her family will be there and there's 7 in that party.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Relief Society Tonight

Don't remember what I did this morning. I helped Frank with a project this afternoon. We watched Glen Beck and I fixed dinner. I didn't eat because we were having a light supper at church. There was a short program about the Savior and then we went in and had dinner. I had Kale soup and it was very good, not too filling, but good. I had a corn muffin and two cookies and water. Afterwards, I helped set up the Primary room for Sunday. I was home before 8:00 PM.

I'll be going Visiting Teaching tomorrow at 10:00 AM. Don't know how many sisters we'll see but we should be through by lunch time or a little after.

Trudy called and said she was going to take genealogy class at church and was getting names and dates of her grandparents (she knew the names...).It would be nice if she would get interested in doing it for I have lots of names for her to work on, so does her father.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Was Late

I got up in time for the exercise class, but I realized that Frank hadn't gotten up, so I had to get him his medicine and juice. I was through in enough time to go into town, so I went. I just missed about 2-3 of the exercises so it was worth going. I also had to go by the pharmacy and pick up my medicine which I needed today, so I needed too be in town anyway.

We've decided to mix our powdered milk with 2% milk so we can rotate our supply of powdered milk. I have been just drinking 2%for several months because I got tired of the straight powdered milk and the 2% is so yummy. Frank said the powdered milk was getting old tasting, so I decided we would begin mixing. We drink a lot of milk.

I now have Christmas cards to address and mail. Trudy made them and sent them to me today.
I, or we, have received about 6 cards and I will probably send out more and what is left will go for next year.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday's Schedule

Went to study scriptures and then back home for lunch. Went out after lunch to buy Ruth's Christmas present. I thought I would have to go to Madison to get what I wanted, but I stopped by Peebles in Athens and found just what I wanted and I got myself one too. I don't usually shop there for they have more career-type clothes but they were having good sales for what I wanted to buy, so I'll keep it in mind next time I shop.

Came back home and wrapped the presents. I got the adults (except Ruth) a box of chocolates-Whitman's Sampler- and got Will, my great-nephew, some die cast cars and air planes. I usually go down to my brother's when my nephew, Bill and his wife, Lynn and their son, Will, come for a visit. I only have one brother and his children are the only family I have besides my own children.

It was overcast this morning when I went out but by noon the sun was out and it was. It got up to 70 degrees today. I wore a long sleeve shirt and a vest and was warm it that. It'll get nasty in January, or it usually does.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Concert Day

The Primary sang well and we had several compliments of our songs. We have a good group of young children that like to sing. Hopefully they will be like that when they get older. We had some good talks at church and Primary went well, so it was a good day.

The Home Teachers came over but Bro. Decker had put some hand lotion on as he was leaving his house and the perfume in the lotion aggravated Frank, so he spent his time in his bedroom and came in for the closing prayer. Bro. Decker apologized but the damage was done! It's hard for "normal" people to remember that Frank can't handle smells and gets sick just smelling them.

I need to go to Khol's tomorrow and get Ruth a Christmas present. Saturday, Bill and Lynn will be down. Maybe Trudy would like to go too.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Concert Night

The Deckers invited me to go with their family to the Stake Christmas concert and to see the nativity scenes and it was all very lovely The choir and orchestra were outstanding. After the choir concert, we drove through the H'ville Botanical gardens and saw all the lights they had up and there were many wonderful lighted scenes. After that, we drove home. It was a lovely evening and I enjoyed it immensely. Stacey was there too. She is a cute girl and I enjoy being around her.

I had to order some medicine from Medico. I have run out of my Effexor early for some reason and had to call Dr Sharp to get some from the pharmacy. I can't go off Effexor suddenly or dire things happen.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Boot Day

I got up at 6:45 AM, well, the clock told me to get up...I might have been little slow in getting out of the bed. But I made it to exercise class today. Not many people there today, maybe the cold kept them away. After the class, I decided I would look for a pair of boots. The Shoe Dept. doesn't open up 'til 10:00 AM so I went to Walmart first. I found a pair of black boots with a flat heel and bought them. Then, I went to The Shoe Dept and got a pair or brown boots with a flat heel too. So, now I have two pairs of boots! Oh, before I went to Walmart, I stopped be a consignment shop and tried on a pair of boots, but the heel was too high and I looked funny walking in them.

Tonight, I'm going with the Deckers to the Stake Christmas choir performance. The stake choir has been doing this for several years but I have never seen it. It's hard to always go places by yourself. But this year, I've been invited! We'll go by the Botanical Garden to see the lights. It will be a fun trip and I'll wear a pair of my boots!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hello There

"Hello there" was the first thing that popped into my mind when I looked at the title. Trudy came over about 9:00 AM after she had taken the kids to school. She made 4 cards and I cooked a pie and some rotini chicken salad. We made a trip into Walmart to look for a butterfly punch, but there were none. She brought me a sweater coat, red, that fits (got it at a thrift store) and a pink, light sweater. They were too small for Sadie. Now instead of giving Sadie my hand-me-downs, I'm getting hers! Trudy also found a pair of boots that looked good. I want a pair of boots now.

Frank got his Photo Shop working with the help of some lady on the phone. Don't know what evil lurks in the heart of my Poopsie Pie. Don't know what he has in mind of doing with it.

It's been about 24 degrees outside with the wind blowing and the sun shinning. I heard a weather forecast about there being more snow one day with rain that evening! Poor kids! Just tempting them with snow and then raining on their parade.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

"Wacky" what a funny word! Anyway, my Wednesday hasn't really been wacky. I went to exercise today and then to the bank and then to K Mart and on to Walmart to do some shopping. I had all that done by 10:30 AM and then went home. I fixed some talipia fish that Trudy had given me and Frank didn't want fish so he fixed some beans while I woofed down the fish. It was good but he wasn't in the mood for any fish.

My Land's End order came in today so I washed clothes so my three new tee shirts would be ready to wear. They're nice because they're petite and the sleeves aren't too long. Now, it has to get cold enough to wear long sleeves.

Yesterday and all last night it rained hard. Some roads were closed today because of water being over the roads. The wind was blowing hard even though the temp was in the 50's. I had a sweat shirt on with a scarf at my neck and my red coat and it was a bit too much. It doesn't usually get really nasty until January.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rainly Tuesday

Got a letter for the Dr yesterday saying my vitamin D level was low and gave me a prescription for 50,000 IU of vitamin D. I got it filled today and came home and took a pill then I read the directions from the Dr again and I had taken the pill a week too soon! That just means that I will have my lab done a week early according to what the letter says. I take one pill a week for three months. My vitamin D level was 31 and the range is 35-100. I take OTC vitamin D but sometimes I forget to take my night dosage. I need the D to help make my bones strong. The D helps the body utilize the Calcium I take. I also drink a lot of milk so was surprised to hear my vitamin D was low.

We'll go to the temple Thursday to meet Mary Kate and one of her friends. I can see her face in my mind's eye but her name escapes me at the moment. We'll meet at 9:00 AM so we'll have to leave my house by 7:00 AM. Just got word that the temple trip is canceled and rescheduled for the following Wednesday.

Got to go ride my bicycle now. I've been doing 15 minutes once a day and think I need to increase the time and maybe do two sessions of 15 minutes each.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Great Day

Went to exercise class today and then out to Karen's for scripture study. I was back home before 11:30 AM. Frank was up and moving around. I washed all the towels for his various beds (3) and it was fun having him up and about. We joked around and had fun.

Tomorrow, Trudy may come over. I want to go to Walmart and look for some very small tree ornaments for my fiber optic tiny tree. I don't have any room-flat surfaces-for any more Christmas do-dads. It's just as well since no one comes over. I guess my main Christmas present was the exercise bike I got. Frank wants a flat screen TV for the living room so he can take his computer in there and use the TV for his monitor. It would be good to have him in the living room with me and the birds. For some reason, he can't get the TV right now or he would have it. The football games will look better on a larger screen!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tithing Day

I got to church and signed up for tithing settlement and then sat down. Not minutes later, I jumped up and saw what day I had sighed up for and it was today! Silly me not to realize what day it was.

Primary was good. Next week we sing our three Christmas songs. I guess I'll sit up front near the piano so I can play some prelude music as the children come up front. They are well practiced and will do a good job.

Mary Kate and a friend are coming to the Birmingham temple Thursday and invited me to join them. If Karen can go with me, we'll meet them for the 9:00 AM session. It will be a nice outing.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Game Day

I watched one football game before I watched the Alabama-Florida game. The Bama game was great! They dominated Florida all the way. It was like Florida, being the no. 1 team in the nation, flew in and expected to roll on over the Tide, but no! It was a good game. Florida was a good team, but we were better. So most of my day was football and it was good!

Dad and I vacuumed the floors. When he vacuums, he goes after each dust bunny with a vengeance! If I don't see the bunnies, I don't go looking for them! If you look, you'll probably find!

There was snow on the ground this morning. There was enough to cover the ground, but a few hours later, it was gone. Dad got some pictures of it for proof, I guess!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello Again

I went to the P.O. about 11:00 AM to mail a package for Dad and one for me. The line wasn't too long. The kid's Christmas cards are in the mail now and they will be able to use the money to go shopping.

I ordered three long sleeved tee shirts from Land's End. I didn't get the colors I wanted but did get a red one, a true navy one and a black one. I already have red and black pull overs but none are long sleeves. I save the tee's I have for Sunday. I made sure they matched the colors in three skirts I have.

I washed my white embroidered jacket and it turned out nice and white and the blue embroidery didn't run. Last night I soaked a Christmas vest in baking soda to try and get the perfume out of it so I could wear it. I think it worked. I had to let it dry on a coat hanger and every time I walked by it I smelled it hoping I got all of the perfume out of it. Hooray for baking soda!

Next week I'm going to have to go back to the Senior Center. I didn't go all last week. It's hard to go back when I've missed a while.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I cleaned up my room some and put up a picture on the wall. Went out to check the mail twice without any success and on the third time got it! Cooked some beans, played the piano and rode my exercise bike for almost 15 minutes. I enjoy riding the bike so maybe I'll stick with it. It's bound to strengthen my knees.

Karen stopped by with my jacket she took up. She was on her way to meet Ken in town so they could watch the Christmas parade. I showed her the picture I'm sending her son and new daughter-in-law. After that, I finished boxing it up and will take it to the P.O. tomorrow.

The vest I ordered from Land's End came in today. It's pretty heavy and should be warm, maybe too warm for inside. I think I'll order two more long sleeves tee shirts. I like this catalog shopping.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dr Day

It was raining when I left to go to H'ville to see Dr Shergy. If you get there early, you can get in to see the Dr early. I got in, saw the Dr for 5 minutes and then had to have lab done. Usually, the wait for the lab is short, but today they had 2 people who didn't come in so I had to wait about 40 minutes. No problem.

I went to Hobby Lobby after the Dr. I found a frog sculpture that I got for my sister-in-law and I got some colored pens. I had a rebate Visa card for $15.00 and I had a 40% off coupon so I didn't have to pay much. I will probably get something else for Ruth. My brother doesn't want a gift, so I usually get him some chocolate candy. Last year, one of the nephews caused a stink at the Christmas get together, so we won't have a gathering with everyone.

Heard from Trudy. She will come over next Tuesday and she and Sadie will spend the night on her birthday, Dec 30th. It's always fun when the kids come over.

It had stopped raining by the time I got home. I don't know the forecast for the next few days.

I have to get Brent Decker's wedding present boxed up and ready to ship. It's their picture and wedding invitation matted and in a picture frame. It turned out good.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st

Wow! How time flies! December will go fast also and the bad weather will be with us. It's still light jacket weather.

I stayed home today. I lolled around the house and helped Frank with the bills. He had already paid the bill online and I just had to mark and enter them into the bill book, so it wasn't much to do.

I did do 10 minutes on the recumbent bike. It is so quiet! I think I should stay at 10 minutes for a while so my leg muscles get used to the work. It is comfortable sitting in the chair and peddling around and around. I tried not to eat any snakes today. I hope to lose some of the 5 lbs I have gained. I added peanut butter crackers, 6 crackers to a package, to my diet without adding any more exercise and the pounds found me. My clothes still fit, but I don't like the feel of being larger.