Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Is A Special Day...

I haven't done anything special today. I did run into town to see if Hyatt and Sims was open. They have framed a picture of the B'ham temple for me. They weren't open and the East side of the square was closed off and a big tent was up. I guess the Story Telling event was still going on. Then I went to Walmart and bought some groceries. It was full of people buying Halloween costumes! Saturday is not a good day to go to Wally World!

I have some laundry to do but I think I will wait until Monday to do it. Not in the mood to do laundry today. I wrote some things on Face book and and now I'm going to see what we will be having for supper. I thawed two steak burgers that we will have and some veggies to go along with that will do.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Peaceful Day

It was a good night to do temple work. I had a peaceful feeling all the way home and still have it today.

I thought I would go to class today but when the clock woke me up at 7 AM, I didn't feel like getting up, so I went back to bed and slept 'til 10:00! It's almost 2 PM now and I'm still in my pj's. Don't have much inclination to do anything except to loll around. I may get back in bed, how knows...

Frank dickered with some TV cable last night while I was gone. He says he's hurting today. He's done too much.

I put a bag of Halloween candy on the trash barrel for the neighbor boys who take our trash out. Frank said Brenda called and said we didn't have to buy them candy to take our trash out! The boys had ball games so Bobby to the trash out and got the candy.

I found a way to publish my blog and did. I got 2 copies of it. It's in black & white for I don't have many pictures, and it only cost $12.98 or so a copy. I thought that was a very good deal. I also bought a pair of shoes, clogs, from Land's End. If they don't fit, I'll take them back to Sear's. Good deal. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010


The last Thursday in the month is the Decker's night to work in the temple and I ride along with them. I usually sleep in on Thursdays for I don't have any place that I have to be. I get up late, shower, fix lunch and try to stay busy until 3:30 PM when Karen comes to pick me up. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to drive to Gardendale to the temple. We get there at 5:00 PM. They have a prayer meeting to go to and I just sit and read the scriptures until the 6:00 session begins. We usually get home at 11:30 PM or there after.

I need too go to exercise Friday for I missed Wednesday because of a Dr appointment. It's hard since I've been out late the night before, but I need to do it. I just have to decide Thursday night that I'm going so I'll set the alarm and get up and go.

I bought a grey toy rat at the pharmacy that you put in water and it grows four times the size it is. I put it in a big bowl yesterday, but it didn' grow much, but this morning it was bigger! It's fun to watch it grow. After it grows, you can take it out of the water and it will shrink back to it's original size. I'll have to put it with my Halloween decorations so I can watch it grow next year too!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dr's Visit

We were in H'ville for Frank's Dr visit. It was the Pain Clinic. They have to see him every other month. It was to be every month but he got them to every other month because it hurts him to travel. On the odd month, I just go there and pick up his Rx.

I had a Land's End package I needed to return to Sear's so we stopped there. I had ordered a skirt that was above the knee, so I ordered the regular size instead of the petite size. It came just below the knee which is still too short for me. It was funny. Being so short but the skirt was still too short for me! (Did that make sense?) Anyway, the amount was taken off my card, all except the H&S which was $8.95! So many mail order places are giving free shipping that I was surprised it was so much.

We went by the pharmacy and then came home. I did the two Yoga chair exercises DVD's I had gotten in the mail yesterday. I feel very relaxed after all the heavy breathing! It's not too much physical exercise and I think my other chair exercises, stretching and strength, are better. I'll give these yoga exercises a chance.

While at the pharmacy waiting, I found this toy rat that when you put it into water, it would grow four times its original size. It was only $1.00 and I got it. I put it into a bowl of water and so far, it hasn't grown a bit. It may take a day or two. The large, black Halloween rat, with its red mouth and white fangs and large snarl, is on the front porch, on duty. I bought three small, round, tiny pumpkins to go alongside him, but used only two, so I have the other pumpkin sitting on the small table next to the couch.

The kids and I used to have a lot of fun at Halloween! We would make up our own costumes. We'd get old clothes out of Dad's closet and I always had two or three wigs and I would wear one that was all frizzled up and scary looking and we would put my old make-up on and away we would go! It was a time to act natural and we loved it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

Monday, I taught the class and things went well. We had a smaller group but everyone was in good spirits. After that, I tried calling the Cost Cutters hair salon to see if Shelley would be there so I could get my hair cut, but the call wouldn't go through. I decided I would go on and take a chance that she would be there. Got there and found out that she and her husband had moved to North Carolina! I let the girl that was there cut my hair. I get it over my ears, long on top with long bangs and short in back. It is short, alright, but it will grow!

Today Ann Rudy and I went Visiting Teaching. We could only see Karen since Pat has so many Dr appointments and right now she's suffering because her oldest son was in a bad motorcycle accident. I sent her a card and Ann will be calling her. We had one other sister but she moved and we can't find her. Plus, her husband wasn't friendly to the church and didn't want her to go.

When I saw Ann, she said we were under a tornado watch. Frank and I turned on the TV and watched where the bad weather was going. I've been watching it all afternoon. The first storm blew pasts us but another one in the Shoals is coming our way. Oh, the joys of tornadoes!  The wind has blown half of the Fall leaves off the trees. I will rake the leaves out of the gutter near the road this year so the water can travel down where it is supposed to go.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not So Slow After All

We got busy in the afternoon! Frank was determined to get the dust bunnies that had been living behind his desk for years. He had to add extensions onto the vacuum nozzle to reach behind the desk. I heard a struggle in his room and as I rushed in to see, a monster dust bunny had Frank by the forearm and was wrestling him to the ground! I snatched the vacuum cleaner arm from him and first beat the dust bunny off of him and then sucked the rascal into the vacuum cleaner! It was a close call, but with the two of us working together, we were able to shine the light on and clean up the rest of the bunnies.

Next, the big vacuum came out and he vacuumed the living room, kitchen and under the  living room bed and behind the couch. Not only can we eat off the floor now, we can walk barefooted and not get our feet dirty.  We can sleep soundly tonight and not worry about the shedding dust bunnies polluting our lungs.

Slow Saturday

Slept in. Washing is done. Cooking is done. Basic cleaning is done. Frank wants me to help him run some wire down a hole in the floor, into the basement and back up through another hole in the living room floor. It has something to do with the TV's.

I thought about getting a hair cut today but didn't get up early enough to swing it so I'll wait 'til Monday.
 Frank has to call Apple to see about his old ipod that he was giving me. It won't hold a charge and the battery goes dead overnight. We'll vacuum today and maybe I'll clean the floors after that. MAYBE.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Everyday Friday

We had a good crowd at exercise today. I forgot several exercises but we got through on time. The cassette player wouldn't work but the young man who works at the center came to the rescue and got it working for us.

Afterwards, I went to the bank and then to Walmart for groceries. After lunch I rested a bit and then got up and started the laundry. Then came back up to the kitchen and prepared a cabbage and cauliflower for cooking. I put some dried beans on to soak overnight so I can cook them tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the first time all week that I can sleep in or go back to bed. I usually wake up at 7 AM but I like to go back to bed and sleep another hour when I can. I need to start working on the Doctrines of the Church Institute book I ordered, and read the last two sections in the Doctrine and Covenants. I need to start studying the scriptures instead of just reading them.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Early Day in Huntsville

We got to Dr. Knight's office at 6:50 AM. Frank has to be the first one there so he can lie down as soon as he gets there. I sat in the corner of the room and watched the action. The two hours flew by! Frank got 3 crown preps and we were out by 9:00 AM.

Then we went to a Walmart store in Madison so Frank could stand on a Dr.Scholes foot machine and see what orthotic he needed. We got that and then had to hurry on the the Apple store in Bridge Street. We got there in time for him to get the ipods checked.

We did get a sausage biscuit from McDonald's. Greasy but good!

I took a nap when we got home.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Night Trip

I went to the Stake center at 7PM to get the second interview for my temple recommend. I had the interview with President John Mitchell. He asked if I knew Frank Layton and I said he was my son. Pres. Mitchell said he used to be Frankie's Bishop when he lived in Jackson, TN and that he had had lots of good talks and interviews with him, and to tell him he had asked about him.

We have to be in H'ville tomorrow at 7 AM for Frank to get started on his dental work. What am I going to do for two hours? I'll probably just sit in the room where Frank is being worked on and watch what is going on, or there is a consignment store nearby and I could go browse there. 

Trip to Florence

I met Trudy this morning at the Interstate to give her a printer her Dad gave her and she needed for her Relief Society lesson to make copies. I met her at 8:30 AM and then drove back into town to the Senior Center for the exercise class. I probably missed 15 minutes of the class but got to do the rest. I told Jan the reason I was late. She did the class Monday for me and did the class today for Barbara and I will do the class Friday. Then I went home and waited for time to go over to Karen's for the trip to Florence.

We went to the Jo-Ann store. It was the first time I had been to a Jo-Ann store. It had more material than crafts and couldn't hold a candle to Hobby Lobby or Michael's. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. H'ville is going to get a Jo-Ann store soon.

Next, we stopped by Sam's. Karen wanted to get some laminating sheets and I wanted to get some more nutritional bars and I also found a padded folding chair that I got to do my exercises in. The other chairs in the house weren't comfortable to do the exercising in. It's just one more object to bring into the house, but if I will do the exercises, it will be worth it. I've ordered two more exercise videos and will need to be exercising! What is it that I need to order next? Self-control! Ha-ha-ha!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scripture Day

We didn't have our usual scripture study Monday because Mary Kate was still here, so we had it today. We just have two more lessons on the Doctrine & Covenants and then we will study the Pearl of Great Price. The lessons will be an hour instead of 30 minutes.

Tomorrow, I'll meet Trudy at 8:30 AM at the Race Track filling station to give her a printer her dad is giving her. Her printer died and she needs one so she can print off a lesson she is teaching in Relief Society. I'll miss exercise class. I ordered two DVD's from Amazon. They are chair exercises that have yoga in them. Mary Kate teaches some yoga exercises in Silver Sneakers. I hope they are good. I'm getting quite a collection of exercise DVD's.

Also, tomorrow, Karen and I are going to Florence to the Joann store. H'ville is getting one but it's not opened yet. I hope to get a blender pen. I gave mine to Trudy thinking I had another one, but I don't. You use a blender pen when you use the water color pens.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Sunday was a good day. The speakers were good and I got the first part of my temple recommend done. Now, Wednesday night at 7 PM, I need to be at the Stake center to get the second interview.

Mary Kate and the children spent Saturday night at Trudy's and came back here after I got home from church about 6:00 PM. The kids played with their games and we just sat around and talked.

Monday morning, we went to Hyatt & Sims in Athens to see how much it would cost to get the picture of the temple framed. I was pleasantly surprised that it would only cost $38.00! I'm not having it matted and the glass will be the non-glare glass. The girl said she liked pictures like the temple just framed and not have any matting. It was a 11X17 picture and the matting would have made it a larger picture and I didn't want a larger one.  The picture of Christ that I ordered must have slipped through the cracks for I never got it. It was an 11X16 and that was a bit large for where I wanted to put it. I'll re-order and ask Frank which picture of Christ he likes.

After we got the picture taken care of, we went to H'ville to return a pair of shoes I got Saturday. Mary Kate got a pair she saw Saturday but didn't get then, and Sophia got a pair of shoes and some socks.

One day, Mary Kate carried the food boxes downstairs for us. She and I opened the cases that weren't marked as to content and wrote down what was in the cases. She is a strong girl! Nate helped us too.
They left for home at 2 PM. It was a nice, fun visit. It's great getting to know Sophia and Nate as they are growing up

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Visit Friday

Trudy didn't have her yard sale today but Mary Kate, Sophia and Nate arrived around 10:30 this morning. Since this is Saturday, I don't remember what we did, now I remember, we went to Kids Mart. Mart Kate got a pair of jeans for Nate and I got a red jacket and a beige pull over. They both stink so I'll have to wash them before I wear them.

Today, Saturday, we left for H'ville at 10:00 AM. We stopped at Kohl's in Madison for Mary Kate to take back something and we looked around the store but didn't find any bargains. We then headed for H'ville. We stopped at Trees 'N Trends. I wasn't very impressed with that store. We then went to Hobby Lobby and looked at frames for a picture of the temple I have. Couldn't find a frame, so will have one made for it. I bought an Autumn piece for the living room that was only $6.00 and it goes nicely with the other Autumn pieces I have out. Then we went to Shoe Carnival, and I found a pair of Sunday shoes. When I got home, I discovered that they were tight on my left foot, but I'm keeping them and, if necessary, I will take them to the cobbler and have that shoe stretched. They are slip-ons with a small heal. Next we headed for Target. I got a camisole and Nate got another pair of jeans. It's a tradition that we go to H'ville and shop each time they visit. It's fun and gives us something to do most of Saturday. I treated everyone to McDonald's for lunch and we even got dessert! The kids liked that.

After supper, Mary Kate and the kids went to spend the night with Trudy. They will be back over here around 4:00 PM when I get back from church.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Trip

We left at 7:00 AM to drive to Gardendale to the temple. It was a nice uneventful drive. Both sessions were full and it was good that we had our names of the list. It was a good visit. We ate our lunches on the patio beside the temple and admired all of the flowers and bushes. The drive home was nice. It rained last night but we had no showers today.

Got home a little after 3 PM and rested a bit then got up and fixed supper. We watched the news where the 33 miners in Chile were trapped under ground for a long time and they had drilled a hole down to them and were pulling them to the surface in a metal capsule. It was a miracle that they were alive and that they could be rescued. Many prayers were said in behalf of the miners.

I have to get up early tomorrow and go to work cleaning the house. Ann and Bob Russell are coming by for a visit and I want to bake some brownies too. There'll be some left over for Mary Kate and the kids when they come Friday (in Dad doesn't eat them all!) Haven't talked to Trudy yet to see if the yard sale is on for Friday. I hope it is.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shopping Day On Tuesday

Usually, I go shopping on Monday after class but they haven't been having Dad's bread so I waited until today to go. There was plenty of bread, but there was no 15 Grain bread. They did have some grapefruit juice and I got all 5 cans of pink grapefruit juice. Dad has to drink grapefruit juice everyday when he takes his pills so I try to have plenty of juice on hand. I had to go to Public's to get the bread and I got all the 15 Grain bread that they had! Dad eats a lot of bread.

Came home and started a new batch of beans and cooked a cabbage for me. Mary Kate called and said every one was excited about their visit this week-end. We're excited about it too. She said Trudy might not have her yard sale after all. Bless her heart! She took all of my yard sale stuff with her and that is in her house, plus, George is remodeling the pantry and all the food is sitting out on her kitchen counters. She is probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. I hope she has it for I'm looking forward to going over there and helping.

Monday, October 11, 2010

No Class Today

Today was Columbus Day and it was a holiday for the Senior Center so I slept in this morning. I did go over to Karen's for scripture study. Got home at 11:30 AM and I was so hungry that I fixed a meal and gobbled it down in no time, then I was still hungry so I ate some rice and then ate a chocolate bar! Don't know why I was starved except I didn't have my 10:00 snack.

I don't really know why I was looking at the bottom shelf in the bookcase behind the computer, but I pulled a paper out and a bunch of stuff fell on the floor. In the pile, I found several pages of a family scrap book I had made. I knew the pages were missing, I just didn't know where they were. I put them back in the protective sleeves they were supposed to be in and then I looked for the rest of the scrap book and couldn't find it! It's in a three ring binder and it's pretty large but I have no idea where it is. It should be in my room somewhere, but where. I don't even remember what the binder looked like. Wo, is me. The pictures I did find are really precious. It's of when Frank and I met and when the kid were little. Some time the binder will turn up, but when?

Thursday, my old college roommate and her husband are stopping by for a visit. They are on their way to a class reunion in Enterprise, AL. I hadn't seen either of them in 50 years! We've corresponded but that's all. They both were my friends from the Westley Foundation in Tuscaloosa, AL. That is the Methodist arm of the church at the University. They are Ann and Bob Russsell. I'll bake some brownies and I already have some Sundrop and diet Coke on hand

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Day

Ah! What a beautiful fall day we are having. The sun in shining and the breeze is blowing and the butterflies are buzzing around the butterfly bushes-it's just a great day! Plus, it's a Saturday.

I'm cooking some brown rice to go with the beans. It's good without beans, but it makes beans a complete protein. I think we'll have a steak burger for supper. We go without meat most of the time but it's good when we have it.

I have nothing to do. The wash is done, the dishes are done and Frank is going to vacuum the floors later. I hate when this happens. I guess I could watch some football on TV. Of course, it's only 2:45 PM and I guess I can find something to do before night time. I did make two thank you cards this morning.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Buy Presents

I substituted for Jan today at exercise. She has been sick all week. It went well. I came home after class and waited on Trudy and the kids to come over. She forgot to put her clothes in the dryer and didn't get here until after lunch. They took all of the books we were donating to the library and also took my stuff for the yard sale. They also got the mattress and the topper. I surely appreciate the fact that they tool all of those things. I'll go over to her house early to help set the yard sale up.

We went to Kids Mart to look for clothes for Frankie's kids, but I was totally confused at all of the mess and decided to go to Walmart to buy some clothes instead. Forrest did find a speaker for his car and his Dad said he could buy it. He was a happy camper. At Walmart, I found a shirt for Josh and a shirt and leggings for Mariam, plus a toy for Mariam.

After Walmart, we stopped at Taco Bell and got some lunch for the gang. Then we came home and finished loading up the van and they left. It was a fun day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flu Shot Day

Today was a good day for Frank so we went to Athens pharmacy to get our flu shots. There was no line, which was good and we got the shots.

We collected the trash and went downstairs and weeded out some boxes. We got rid of the huge box my foam mattress came in and a few smaller boxes.

Trudy and the kids are coming over tomorrow to pick up the mattress and some old books that Frank wants to get rid of, but he doesn't want too throw them away. The H'ville library will take the books and sell them. I also want her to go with me to kids world to help me pick out some clothes for Frankie's children. I have to buy two birthday presents for Josh and Mariam and I wanted to see if I could find some clothes for the other two children. It will be a fun day!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disappearing Post

I wrote a post for Tuesday but it disappeared! We had gotten up early, 4:50 AM to be able to be at the dentist at 7 AM. Dad had an appointment for the first time in years. He really cleans his teeth well at home and they didn't find much junk in his mouth. He needs a few crowns, and the next appointment will be two  hours and he'll have 3 crown preps. I don't know what I'll do during that time. I was in the room when he got his teeth cleaned and it was nice to see what all goes on when you get your teeth cleaned! Dr. Knight's son, Dr. Drew, saw Frank. We like him. We got to see Dr. Knight too. He recognized Frank and gave him a hug. Everyone is so nice in that office. It's worth driving the extra miles to go to the dentist there.
after we got back into Athens, we stopped at Hardies and got a sausage biscuit. YUM, was it good!

I got some washing and ironing done when we got back home.

Today, I went to exercise and by the pharmacy and to the bank and to Walmart again. They didn't have any cabbage or cauliflower Monday when I went. Today they had the cabbage but no cauliflower. I got two bunches of broccoli instead, plus a few other items.

I went to Lowe's to get a cleaning system for our laminate floors. I was using vinegar and water, which was fine, but the applicator was from something else and it was too short so I was stooped over when I mopped and I was tired of doing it that way. We have some large boxes coming soon and I still have my yard sale stuff sitting around so I probably won't do the floors until everything is moved out of the upstairs.

Trudy's yard sale will probably be Oct 15th. Mary Kate and the children are coming up that day. If she leaves in the morning, she could just come over to Trudy's and could meet us over there. That would be fun.

I've been concentrating of Josh's birthday which is the 22nd, I believe and have almost forgotten Mariam's birthday is November 1st. I'll have to find out what sizes they wear so I can buy them some clothes plus a toy. I've sent an e-mail to Frankie about Josh's size and now I'll have to send another to get Mariam's size.

Monday, October 4, 2010

No Title Again

Sometimes I just can't think of a title for the blog.

I led the exercises today and everything went well. I went on to the bank and to Walmart for groceries. I only had a few items on my list, but I bought milk and beans and Crisco extra to add to the food storage. I learned that Crisco will last a long time, unopened, I presume, and though I don't use it now, it will come in handy if we ever have to live on our storage.

I don't know what I'll be doing the rest of the day. I need to do some wash so I may do that.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Second Day Conference

Conference was good again today. I surely was tired of sitting but I got over it. I really felt the Spirit during President Monson's last remarks. All the talks will come out in November's copy of the Ensign and we'll get to read them.

I've ordered some things from the It's so neat to place an order online and pay for it and have it sent to you!  I've found a new hobby-ordering stuff online! I got a DVD for Bill and Lynn that talks about eternal families and I ordered 3 copies of the Ensign about temples I will send out. Yep! I've found a new hobby.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Conference Day

The first session of conference began at 11:00 AM and went to 1:00 PM. Afterwards, I got dressed and walked down the road for some exercise. Otherwise, this is going to be a very quiet day.

Dad is trying to fix my internet radio. It plays sometimes and other times it won't. I like to listen to it when I go to sleep at night. It gets the LDS stations and the music is hymn related music. It's nice when it's working.

Ritchie Layton is in the hospital in FL with heart problems. There seems to be a mass on a valve of his heart. This may be his time to go for he has to have dialysis too and with a heart operation on top of everything else it seems risky.

The weather is beautiful with the sun shinning and a nice breeze blowing. Nice fall weather. It should be getting better since it's October now! Just seems like yesterday when the temperatures were in the 100's. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Several Days

Thursday, I went to the temple. Got home at 11:40 PM. Got to sleep after 12:00 so didn't go to exercise today.

We paid the bills this morning and gave the birds a shower. Then, at 1:30 PM, I met Ruth and we went to the Fiddler's convention. I bought a turquoise ring for $16.00 and a dish towel that you can button to the stove door, but there wasn't anything else I could live without! I did buy a bag of Kettle Korn to bring home to Frank. After we had walked around and seen all the vendors, Ruth bought a bag of Kettle Korn and we each had a diet Coke and we sat down and rested. At 4:00 PM, the Ranger In The Sky started playing. They were good, but a little bit of that music goes a long way with me. We left at 4:30 PM and came home. All in all it was a pretty good day.

I had bought some Avon jewelry from Ruth's son's girl friend and Ruth brought it to me. I got two pair of small earrings and a ring to match. The ring was to be a size 8 but it was smaller so now I have my first pinkie ring!