Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day Before Sunday

We got some things done in the house today. Saturday is mostly a stay at home day. I did drive over to feed and change the cats.

I washed some clothes and towels and played the piano while waiting for the dryer to stop. I cooked some veggies for supper and we had some smoked sausage to go along with the cabbage. It tasted so good!

Frank vacuumed the floors and the air filters. The grass was cut and now we are hearing thunder and it has been raining a bit. I hope it rains all  night for we need it. Maybe the ants will stop coming in the house if they find moisture outside.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fabulous Friday

I made it to exercise and Curves and Walmart and Goody's today and things went well. Jan said Steve is not getting any better and will see a heart Dr Monday. She was tired but able to lead the exercises.

I saw Mary Lou at Curves. She came in when I was almost through. Bob was waiting in the car. They were going to Decatur after she exercised. I enjoyed the exercise today.

I got a few things at Walmart-things that were on my list. I also got a black tank top with some white on the front. It's an exercise tank top and fits snugly but I'll be wearing a cover up so no one will see all the bumps and rolls!

I stopped by Goody's to check on some more tank tops and got a beige and white one plus a black, thin, sweater cover-up. I don't know what you call it but I'll wear it when I wear my tank tops. It will be cooler that wearing a T-shirt under the cover-up.

I guess spending money was still in by blood when I got home for I Googled and found this bag that will hang in my closest and hold sweaters. I don't have many sweaters but I do have a lot of knit tops that I hang up because I don't have that much drawer space. I'll probably have to re-organize my closet again but it will be fun with this new hanger!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Thursday

I've run out of catchy blog titles. It's been an average, calm day and nothing has stood out. I wanted to go to town but realized that I was going tomorrow and didn't need to go today. I want to go to Goody's to see if I can find a tank top to wear under my shirts.

I cut some bird papers and Frank gave the birds a bath. He positions the shower spray just right and the birds go under it at will. Gertie still doesn't come out of his cage to take a bath so we spray him in his cage once in a while. He didn't get it today, though.

I'll go to exercise and Curves and Walmart tomorrow and Goody's. Goodies is having a sale but I hope I don't buy anything I don't need.

Yesterday it was 101.8 degrees and today is was 98.8 degrees. But it's almost the end of July. August is just as hot but summer will be ending and the temperatures should moderate a bit. It just seems like yesterday we were complaining of the cold weather and were looking forward to Spring.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Regular Day Again

Last night I decided to go to town early, but when the time came to get ready, I chickened out. I missed Curves today for I usually go after exercises. I'll catch up tomorrow or Friday.

I haven't done much today. Washed two loads and ordered some things online-trouser socks in white and a fancy pair of flip flops for Frank. I did water some sod that is fading fast because it doesn't get any water but only put one container of water on it. It needs a good soaking. The sod is growing and is taking root. Putting the hoses with the timer on them was a great idea of Frank's.

The closet hangers that fold down in the closet was a good buy. It makes more room in the closet and it lets me see what is available for me to wear without having to paw through the entire closet. No, me closet isn't very organized, like the rest of my life!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nice Day

I went to town and got the oil changed in my car. I think the name of the place is Express Oil. They were all so polite to each other and nice to me. I was impressed! My transmission oil is low and I have to go by the dealership to get some put in. They said it was so costly that they didn't even carry any. I'll have to make an appointment so I can take the car in and get the transmission oil. It'll be in H'ville.

I checked on the cats before I went into town. They really miss their family. They had food and water and I cleaned out their litter boxes. Every four days is the right amount of time to check on them.

Went by the pharmacy to get two Rx's filled. When I got home, what Frank wanted wasn't there. He called and got things straightened out and they delivered the Rx to our house. I was surprised because I thought they only delivered within the city limits. But since the mix-up was their fault, I guess they wanted to deliver it to us.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Today Again

Being Monday, I taught the class at the Senior Center. Not as many people were there as have been but it was enjoyable anyway. I went to Curves afterwards. There was another lady there when I got there and another one came in while I was there (so many there's). It was almost like it was crowded!

All I needed at Walmart was some bananas but I got the items I stock up on and before I knew it, I had a basket full! I can't go to Walmart and just buy one thing.

I came home and put the food away and fixed lunch. I had to fix my main meal, hamburger meat, tomatoes, Rotel tomatoes, a can of pinto beans and a can of black beans plus a beef bouillon cube, oh, yes, and a medium onion chopped up. I usually use the dehydrated onions but I bought a bag of onions today and used fresh ones. I haven't gotten tired of this combination and I have been eating it for quite a while. I have Quinoa and a veggie with it, plus some skim milk. I usually put a teaspoon of coconut oil in with the meal so it will hold me over.

I'll call the dentist tomorrow and see when I can get a tooth sliver taken out. The dentist said it needed to come out and he or an oral surgeon would do it. He was interested in what Rx I'm taking for my osteoporosis. It's Prolia and I hope he can do it himself.

Frank and I both saw Dr Walker today.  It was my usual follow up and Frank wanted to get an Rx from him. And I wanted to get a shingles shot. It may prevent me from getting shingles later on in life and I hope it works. Because Frank takes steroids, he needs to talk with his rheumatologist before getting a shot with a live virus in it.

Tomorrow, I'll go check on the cats and get the oil changed in my car and go by the pharmacy and maybe Lowe's to return an item we didn't need. It will be a nice day.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Still Hot and Dry

The temperature is about 93 degrees last time I looked so it isn't as hot as it has been but the humidity is still high. I don't even want to go outside.

I got this book, ''When I'm Gone", and it's about estate planning. I don't really know much about estate planning but I wanted to know what to do when one of us dies. I looked online and found another book, "After I'm Gone", that I ordered. It is in a workbook form with pages you can take out and by looking at some pages, I decided it might be easier to figure out. I've even looked at caskets to buy online! I can get one for as little as $850-950 dollars and it can be shipped overnight. One at the funeral home would cost thousands of dollars. Not that either of us is very sick, but I don't want to be caught off guard by the cost of a funeral. We've already bought the cemetery plots so that's in order. One never knows what the future holds.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dry and Hot

I went to the Decker's house to feed their cats and then went to Curves to exercise. I didn't go to the Senior Center like I had planned for I needed to check on the cats this morning. I stopped by the PO and mailed the "Eggies" back. That will be a refund I'll get. I also stopped by the shoe shop to get a snap put on my scripture cover. It was made to fit a quad and my Bible fits into it fine but it is too big for my Book of Mormon.

I had looked online for the scripture covers and hadn't been able to find any but Frank somehow found a bookstore that had them.What I wanted did retail for $42.00 for the leather and I needed two. Well, the clerk found some that were discontinued and they were only $9 something! The price for two was going to be $85.00 and I got the discontinued ones for $28.00. I saved $65.00!

I had to leave the scripture cover with the cobbler so he could fix the snap so it wouldn't rub on the book. My scriptures are leather but the cover will preserve the leather even longer. I wouldn't want the snap to rub on the book.

I bought a device  that cleans the insides of the car windshield. I tried it out today and it worked. It was a pad on a long handle that would curve with the windshield and reach all parts of it. I had tried to clean it with a towel but I couldn't reach all of the windshield. It's nice to see out. Now, if we could just have some rain to wash away the dust that is all over the car!

We went out and rolled up the 100' black hose that was lying in the yard not being used. Tomorrow, the grass cutters will be coming. But just after we got the hose put up the cutters came and are mowing the yard now. It's 7 PM and it's cooler for them now than tomorrow morning. Our grass loves the hot weather and grows rapidly from week to week.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nice Tuesday

It was a slow, calm day. I didn't go anywhere. It looked like a storm was blowing up, but we didn't get any rain out of it. I moved the soaking hose down on the South side of the sod so the end pieces would get water.

It's still very hot and humid here. Because of the clouds, It didn't get too hot, just 92 degrees. Don't know what the heat index was for I stayed in the house. I have no desire to go outside when it's as hot as it is.

I have a Vermont Teddy Bear that is injured and needs to go to the Bear Hospital and get fixed. I Googled  VTB and left an e-mail for directions on how to send him back for repair. I'm just going to put him in top of my closest but I want him repaired. I think I have 3 teddy bears, all in the closet!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hair Cut

I was glad to get my hair cut because the last time it was cut, I did it myself and that's always bad news for I'm always trying to even it out and cutting on it continually. It's really short and Kari put some mousse in it and it was sticking up all over. When I got home, Frank died laughing at it!

I had just finished getting my hair cut when Ruth called and we decided to meet at Walmart and go from there. I had some coupons for Goody's so we went there. I found a black shrug type thing that has a grey rose on the shoulder. It was marked down to $9.00 and I had a $5.00 off coupon so I just paid $4.00 for it! Now I hope I will wear it sometime.

We ate at Arby's and then went to the Habitat store and looked around. Ruth found some black plastic sheeting and got it for $5.00. She'll use it to put down and the ground and then put mulch on top of it the keep the weeds from growing up.

Next, we went to the store out our way that sell old and bent can goods. Ruth found some chocolate chips and some things that she bought. I got a bottle of oil and vinegar dressing for 95 cents.

Today was delivery day for stuff I had bought from online catalogs. I got this box of "Eggies". They looked like plastic eggs but a little different. The plan was to crack eggs and put them into the eggies and then float them in a pan of water and cook them. That way, you didn't have to peal any hard boiled eggs. That was the first and last time I will ever use them. If something seems to good to be true, it usually is! For all the trouble it was to prepare the eggies and then clean up afterwards, I'll peal a hard cooked egg any day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still Waiting For Rain

I don't really think there's any rain in the forecast but I can still hope! I got the soaking hoses, 2, from Lowe's and the timer. Dad and I put the hoses out at 6 PM. It had cooled down to 90 degrees but it was still very humid. The hoses, hopefully, will do the job of watering the sod. It is putting down small, tiny white roots so that means that it's going to grow. A good soaking rain would help but we've got back up until the rain comes.

I've got a hair appointment tomorrow at 9:30 AM. I'm just getting it cut so it shouldn't take long. Ruth is going to be in town and we are going to have lunch together. It will be fun. I haven't mentioned it to Frank yet but I'm sure he won't mind. I have a 1954 Demitasse year book that belongs to my brother and I have some loose pictures I was going to give him. I can give it to Ruth to take to him. Bill has some love letters from my parents that he is going to send back with my brother. He's at Bill's house now.

Sadie and Forrest are at EFY in Bowling Green, KY. I guess it lasts all week. I know they will mega fun. I can't wait to hear from Trudy about the trip and her stopping by Knoxville to see Frankie and Rachel and kids.

Monday, July 18, 2011

No Rain Yet

I got up at 6 AM and watered the sod. It takes about 40 minutes to do a good job. I ate breakfast and then dressed for exercise class. There were about 10 ladies there. Some of the faithful weren't there. I went by the PO and mailed the children some more old pictures of themselves that I found in a four drawer container I had in my closet. Then I went to Curves. Had a nice visit and came home with some nice cucumbers.

I cleaned my closet Saturday. I got four hangers that will hold six blouses or shirts and they hang down and give me more closet room. I filled each one with shirts! I have some 20% off coupons for Goody's but I'm afraid if I went into the store, I would just buy more clothes or shoes and I don't need anything! I got the four drawer cabinet out of the closet so the hang-down shirts could hang down without any impediment. Maybe that's not the word I was looking for...Maybe the word I was looking for isn't a word...who knows...the Shadow knows!

I made some more hamburger and beans and tomatoes and added a can or Rotel tomatoes this time for a little zing. So far I haven't gotten tired of this combination and I can chew it. Wahoo!

I watered the sod at 6 PM and it was a little cooler but it is humid outside and that's the was I was when I came into the house-humid. Tomorrow, I'll go to Lowe's and pick up a timer and two soaker hoses and we'll be through with hand watering the sod.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Waiting For Rain

I'm still waiting for some rain. I watered the sod twice today. Frank wants to get a couple of soaker hoses and a timer so we won't have to do it ourselves. It would be nice to get the sod watered and taken care of without my having to do it!  Monday, I'll go to Lowe's and get the materials.

We vacuumed, or rather Frank did, and I mopped the bird floor. I got this new mop that you can wring out by twisting the handles instead of using your bare hands. I don't have the strength in my hands that I used to have and it was hard to wring out a mop. The birds are messy eaters and the food sticks to the floor plus the pellets are powder producing and all of that won't sweep up. It's good to mop the floor once in a while.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday, Friday

I got up at 6 AM to water the sod. The dew was still on the grass and bits of grass and dirt clung to my flip flops and I had to wash them in the sink to get them clean. Maybe tomorrow morning, I'll wear my rubber boots. I've been hoping it would rain and help out but the rain came to other parts of the county but didn't get us.

I went to the Senior Center for exercise. Jan said Steve is getting bed sores having to sit or stay in bed all the time. I told her to get him a sheep skin to lie on. That takes the pressure off of the skin. After the exercise, I dropped a package and two letters off at the PO. Then on to Curves. No one else was there. I got in my two rounds. Gladis even talked to me. Usually she talks to people she knows better but since I was the only one there, she talked to me. I hope we get to know each other better so she'll talk to me more. She likes to talk and one sentence runs right into another!

I stopped by Walmart for some groceries and then came home. I cooked some veggies and then took a short nap. Staying up all day and exercising made me a bit tired.

I watered the sod before supper. It tried to rain on me a little but didn't develop into anything. Maybe tonight!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ordinary Thursday

I had a whole page written, got up to go into the other room and when I came back, there was this up-grade from Firefox ready to be installed. I installed it and what I had written on my blog had disappeared! This usually doesn't happen on a Thursday!

I missed a hair appointment at 12:00 PM today. I didn't look at the calendar and flat forgot I had an appointment. I called and apologized and made another appointment for next week. Wo, is me.

I collected the box of plates and bowls, etc. I had in the basement and with some clothes from my closet, I drove up to the thrift store up the road. There was a sign that said that the store had moved but when I drove by there, they weren't set up yet, so I drove back to my road and unloaded my things onto the porch of the old building. The old building was just a small trailer and wasn't really big enough for a thrift store. Nancy usually rents the building to individuals to live there.

It's still very hot outside. 98.2 degrees at 3:00 PM. We can have thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight.

Frank called Crews Construction Co. and they are putting sod on the outside of the retaining walls out back. The rain was washing the red dirt into and onto the white drainage area. The sod will keep that from happening. There's always something to be done if you own a house.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shopped 'Till We Dropped

I left home about 11:30 AM to stop by the bank and then to go to H'ville to take back a pair of sandals to Sear's. I had ordered the shoes on-line and ordered two pair because I didn't know how to delete the extra pair! The sandals fit so I kept one pair and returned the extra pair.

I was to meet Trudy and Sadie at Penny's but they parked in another parking lot and we didn't see each other. Trudy called me and said they were already in Penny's and I parked and went in and found them. Trudy had a Dr appointment so she left Sadie and me at the Mall. We shopped about 3 hours. Sadie's feet were hurting because she just wore flip flops. I felt good. I didn't get tired at all. I love to shop. It was strange after shopping that long that I came home without any packages! Sadie is now ready for Youth Conference and EFY. So is Forrest and they can go and have a good time.

I came home smelling of the Mall and I had to shower and wash my hair. Frank's sinuses were burning from the Mall smell.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot, Hot Day

It got up to 98-100 degrees today, with heat index of 110! The humidity is high too and that makes it worse. There were heat warnings out for several states out West and Alabama too. Good old summer time weather.

Sadie called to ask if I could buy her some outfits for Youth Conference and EFY. I told her I was out of money but Frank came up with some and I called her back and told her I could take her shopping. Tomorrow, Trudy has a Dr's appointment in the afternoon and maybe I could meet them and then Sadie and I could go shopping while Trudy was at the Dr's office.

Trudy's heart had been "thumping" and she hasn't felt well. Mary Kate's stomach problems were probably due to stress her Dr said. I hope Frankie is feeling well.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Shot Day

I went to Dr Shergy's office today for my Prolia shot. Forrest had called to ask me if I could buy him some clothes for Youth Conference and EFY. I was able to do so, so we met at the Madison Square Mall and I got him some shirts and pants.  It was fun being with him even though it was only walking around the Mall. I'll be taking the Prolia shot forever. It helps my body make new bone.

It was very hot today. It got up to 99.3 degrees and no telling what the heat index was. When we came out of the air conditioned Mall, it felt like someone had thrown a hot, damp blanket over us. Not a pleasant feeling. Scout camp is this week and I hope the boys don't get too hot. It's at Camp Hulaco. I've never been there but they have cabins and that's where Girls Camp was held. The church owns the land.

Tuesday we have scripture study and Wednesday we go to the temple. The temple will be closed the next two weeks for cleaning. The Decker's go on their vacation next Tuesday. I'll feed their cats every 3-4 days. Someone will be feeding their horses and other live stock.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Slow Saturday Again

I already had the title, Slow Saturday, so I had to add again to it. It's a lazy day. Frank is giving the birds a bath and after that we'll vacuum the floors. We usually vacuum on Saturdays. I did a load of sheets and played the piano while they dried.

Talked to Mary Kate and she is going to the Dr about her stomach aches. One friend is having her gall bladder taken out and MK has the same physical symptoms, so maybe it is her gall bladder.

I ordered a pair of sandals from Sear's last night. I ended up with two pair in the order and didn't know how to delete the second pair, so I ordered it anyway. I can take the shoes back to K Mart if they don't fit, or the one pair fits,  the other pair will go back. I like to order from the internet but every site isn't easy for me to figure out. Maybe that's good!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Shopping Day

I went to town in the late morning and stopped at Goody's to shop. I don't know why I wanted to shop today but I did. I got several blouses and a black short sleeved jacket and a white sweater-like wrap. It's cold or I should say a bit cool at church and the jacket and wrap will help dispel the coolness. I then stopped by Merle Norman and got some concealer. I thought it would help the scar on my forehead not look so prominent plus I have some darkness under my eyes that can use some concealer.

I was going to Curves but the time got away. They close at 1 PM on Fridays and I had to shop at Walmart. I haven't been too Curves all week with Monday being the 4th and Wednesday I had to go to H'ville to pick up an Rx. I need to stay up when I get up in the AM. I like to go to Curves in the morning and I'd rather do something else in the afternoons (anything except exercising!).

I think Mary Kate is going to a Dr for her stomach problems. I told her too and maybe she listened to my advice (no vice like advice!). There's no sense in hurting when you can find out the cause. Life is too short for that.

Sadie and Trudy should be wrapping up Girls Camp by now. I hope it didn't rain on them each day. I remember it was fun even when it did rain! I really loved going to Girls Camp with the teenagers.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

VT Day

I spent a part of the day and night doing visiting teaching. We didn't see everyone last month so we went out a week later and got to see everyone. We saw Joy tonight from 7-8 PM. It's good to know that we've seen all of our sisters for the month of July.

Frankie and Rachel got their day care center. I was wondering about it since the banks aren't loaning money. They will be able to make some good money with it but there will be a lot of work in it too.

Frank is working on the hard drive of his computer, doing just what I don't know. Some kind of an upgrade, I think.

We had about 1 1/2 inches of rain today. It keeps the grass growing and our mowing family is business!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rx Trip

The trip to H'ville was uneventful. The traffic was heavy for a Wednesday. I didn't remember what floor the Pain Clinic was on. The building has 4 floors and we used to go to the 4th floor but then they split the office and the prescription counter in on the 3rd floor. Anyway, I got the Rx and then headed for Sam's.

I couldn't find my Sam's card, so I got another one, it was free. I bought mainly bars but managed to find other things I wanted by just being in the store! I found a package of flour sack dish towels and I got them. The flour sack dish towels I have are really worn out and I didn't know where to get any new ones. When I was at the car, I thought I would put the Sam's card with my Debit and gas cards and then I found the "lost" Sam's card! I had moved it to that spot and had forgotten I had put it there! Oh, well, now I have two Sam's cards.

We drove through some rain on the way home but it wasn't raining in Athens. We drove around the square looking for Amy's photography shop, but didn't find it. We saw about three other photo shops and I didn't know Athens had so many of them. What you can find by driving slowly through town and looking carefully!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th

It got up to 100 degrees yesterday. We can have thunder storms today and tonight and tomorrow.
The sun is out and the clouds haven't rolled in yet.

Tomorrow I have to go to H'ville to pick up an Rx. Karen is going with me.

The trial of Casey Anthony is over and she was charged as not guilty of killing her child. If she did, she will have to live with that all her life and then will have to met God and confess there. I don't see how she can have a happy life. I'm glad she was considered not guilty, but that doesn't solve the problem of what happened to her daughter. She will still have to serve time for lying to the police, but that will seem like a minor thing after the trial she has just gone through.

Trudy and Sadie are at Girls Camp now and will be until Saturday, I believe. I went to Girls Camp for, I want to say 8 years, but I tend to forget. We lived in tents but usually had a cold shower to use. I loved every minute of it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Trudy and George, Forrest and Sadie had a church breakfast this morning and came over after that. I knew that they would be here after lunch time and knew that they would be hungry, so I baked some chicken thighs and drumsticks and cooked some brown rice to go with it. There was enough chicken for everyone to have two pieces. Trudy make a cake afterwards for Dad's birthday, which was June 23rd and gave him presents. The main one was the sealing of Dad's parents together for time and all eternity.

They left at 3:00 PM for Trudy and Sadie had to pack for girls camp which is tomorrow and all of next week. They will have a great time! Forrest was tired for he had played an hour of football at the church before the breakfast.

The neighbors set off some fire works tonight but it wasn't too loud. We all had a nice 4th of July.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lazy Day

The only thing I did today was take back some hardware to Lowe's and get my money back. I fixed meals but that wasn't much for the food was already cooked and I just dished it out. I did cook two sweet potatoes tonight. They weren't very good for they were old, but we ate them anyway. I read for an hour and will probably read some more tonight. I ordered some things from two catalogs online. I love to order online. The Land's End site is hard for me to figure out. I have ordered from them but it's not as easy as other online sites. Good thing or I would have too many clothes for my closet! I ordered 4 multiple closet hangers. They can be used vertically or horizontally and  maybe that will give me more closet space. I really need to go through and thin out my wardrobe. Maybe sometime before the year 3000...