Saturday, February 26, 2011

Went to Town

I put on some beans that I soaked last night and when they were threw cooking, I went to town. Frank has a cold and needed some cold medicines. I stopped by Walmart and got some things but they didn't have any Zicam melt in your mouth tablets so I went to K-Mart. K-Mart had them and I got two boxes. That was $24.00. Kind of pricey but everything seem to be nowadays. And if they make the cold go away faster, all the better.

It's in the upper 60's today. I wore a sweater but didn't really need it. Even though it snowed 5-6 times in early February the last two weeks have been quite warm. It has snowed in the middle of April before so no telling what's in store for us. I believe my forsythia has started to bloom and the butter cups are up and blooming. Spring can't be too far behind all of this!

Next week-end I'm riding to Knoxville with Trudy and Mary Kate. Mary Kate is getting some preschool furniture she thought Rachel is going to buy but doesn't want. It will be a fun trip.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday, Day of Rest

After not getting into bed until after 12:00 AM, I decided not to go to exercise class today. After breakfast, I went back to bed and didn't get up until 10 AM. It was a bad day for Dad and he slept 'till noon. The Fed X man came to get a package and then lunch was ready. I washed two loads of clothes and have one more to go tomorrow.

Talked with Trudy today. Mary Kate is coming up and getting Trudy and going on up to Knoxville to see Frankie and get some pre-school furniture that she thought Rachel was going to buy. Trudy asked me to go along too and I said I would. It will be fun going to Knoxville with the girls and seeing the other grandchildren.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Had A Visist

Went to exercise this morning and then dropped a package off at the PO for Frank. Then I went to Walmart to get some things that Frank wanted. I came home by way of Tanner Crossroads to see how much time it would take me to get to the place I was going to meet Wanda. I can't spell restrurant  and the computer can't either! It took 15 minutes going the back roads. I was to meet Wanda at 12:00 PM and we were going to have lunch and visit. She was 30 minutes late so I went ahead and ordered lunch and then she called me and told me she was on her way. After we ate, we went to where she and Mike live. They have a small trailer at Swan Creek Trailer Park. It is a very nice park that's kept up well. Mike was well enough to go for a walk and we walked around some of the park. We went into the club house and it was very nice. I came home around 3:00PM.

We are supposed to have rough weather tomorrow night with lots of rain and wind. It has been nice so long that I hate the thought of bad weather.

Gas has been $3.09 a gallon for the longest and I noticed today it has gone up to $3.14. The trouble in Libia and Egypt has gotten the gas market rocked and the price per gallon will probably shoot up to $4-5 a gallon. That will hurt a lot of people for the cost of everything will go up also. The price of food and clothing and all the necessities of life will go up. I was hoping things wouldn't get really bad until I was dead and gone!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Took Frank to the skin Dr in Athens today. I knew he didn't have any problems but he wanted to see the Dr, so we went. We stopped by Taco Bell and got three soft taco supremes and ate them at home.
I cooked the veggies I should have cooked yesterday and we had them for supper. I'm thawing out the rest of the taco soup for me to have for tomorrow.

The temps were in the high 60's today and was warm enough to go without a coat. Tomorrow I'm meeting Wanda for lunch at Tanner crossroads, then I'll follow her home to see where she lives now. I haven't seen her in quite a while so it will be fun to see her again.

Frank's putting up shelves in his bathroom. He has a lot of things on the floor and he wants to put everything on the shelves. It's taking him a while since he can't stand up for very long. I'm glad he's still able to do things like that, and so is he.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I led the exercises today and we had a nice crowd. They are getting ready for the Chili Challenge and the Poke Salet Revival and the auditorium had lots of cardboard in it. It went well.

I went by the pharmacy and then to Karen's for study but her electricity was out so we just visited for a while and I came home and cooked some beans. I should have cooked some veggies this afternoon  but I was sleepy. I didn't nap but I didn't cook any veggies either! I guess I'll have to eat canned veggies.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Very Nice Outing

Left home around 2:30 PM Friday to take some things back to Walmart and then go on down to my brother's houses in Faulkville. We were going out to eat at a new Cracker Barrel and then go to a music performance by The Westbound Rangers. I went a little early so I could help Ruth identify some limbs on her Bradford Pear trees that could be pruned so it may help the trees live longer.

The Cracker Barrel is new right at the Hartselle exit. It was full and the noise factor was great! I don't go out to eat often enough to know what to order and ended up with too much food. I had fried catfish and two side dishes. It was good but it was just too much food so I got a take home container. When we left Cracker Barrel, we had an hour to wait so we drove to the school and got a good parking place and sat in the car and talked. Bubba went in early and got our seats. We were in the third row from the stage. It was a small auditorium and it was packed. One of the hometown boys was in the show. The tickets were only $10.00 each and the CD's were only $10.00 also. A great price, I thought.

The Westbound Rangers were four young musicians who met up and formed a group and play a sound "that incorporates the best of Americana, Bluegrass, and Old-Time." They were outstanding musicians and played the music I like. They were very enthusiastic and funny and just entertaining and delightful. They came down from Nashville, TN to play in Hartselle, AL They write a lot of their own songs and sing some old favorites. They played a bass, guitar, mandolin and claw hammer banjo. It was really a treat to see them live. I bought two of their CD's so I can remember their sound.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ah, Thursday

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are my slow days. M-W-F I usually go out to exercise and to shop and I get out of the house. Today, I didn't have much energy. Maybe it was because of the H'ville trip the day before, don't know. Dad didn't have any energy either, but we both worked on getting the trash out. He had some boxes to get rid off in the basement and I threw away the 4 bottles of laundry soap that had perfume in them. When Frank called Brenda to say we had a lot of trash, he mentioned the soap and she was interested in it. So when Dage drove over to take out the trash, he drove off with the three black trash bags that had the soap in them! The soap was so old that I hesitated to give it to anyone but I hope Brenda could use it.

We finished reading the New Testament and are reading the Book of Mormon again. When Karen and I finish reading the Pearl of Great Price, we will begin reading the Old Testament. It should be an interesting project. I grew up on the Old Testament and I'll love reading the great stories again. In the 6th grade, the teacher would start our day off by reading an Old Testament story and she probably said a prayer too, I just don't remember that as well.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to Bubba and Ruth's and go eat dinner with them and go to some musical show in Hartselle. I think I'll go down early and show Ruth how to prune her Bradford Pear trees. I don't know if it will be any help, those trees are so prone to split in the middle.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I just finished fooling around with my Google account and I don't know why! I couldn't get into my blog account and had to change the password or something. I don't know what I accomplished except getting frustrated!

I took Dad to H'ville to see the pain Dr. He has to go every other month and I pick up his Rx the month he doesn't go. We ate at Wendy's and the burgers had onions on them and my diet drink and the onions didn't agree with my taste buds. I had to stop and get gas so I got some peanut M & M's to get the taste of onion/diet Coke out of my mouth! It worked!

We went by the pharmacy and rode by the church to see the progress on it. We will have Ward Conference in April in the Chapel. Don't know if we'll be able to be in the building by then or not. Hopefully, we will.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finished Up

I finished pruning the butterfly bushes in the front of the house. There are only two small ones so the job wasn't as hard as yesterday. The temperature today and yesterday was 67 degrees. On Thursday, it is predicted to get to 72 degrees! We always have a spring thaw in February where it warms up and then the cold weather comes back. It's even snowed in the middle of April! We've had 6 snow adventures so far this winter and could have more, but I hope not.

Got a pot of beans cooking and yesterday I made a pot to Taco soup. I didn't put the taco seasoning in it, but I did put some Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning in it. It really needs some seasoning but the taco irritated Frank's nose. It'll probably taste better today after sitting overnight in the ice box.

Don't really have anything to do today. Everything is caught up. Ruth called this morning saying that there was some kind or musical entertainment in Hartselle this Friday night and ask if I wanted to go. I said I would. Frank has a Dr appointment Friday but it's at 11:00 AM.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bush Day

After exercise, I came home and put on pruning clothes. The weather was warm and I knew I had to prune the butterfly bushes and pick up some pruning we had done to the blueberries. I forgot the butterfly bushes in the front yard and I guess I'll do them tomorrow. The pruning isn't so bad, it's the pick up the mess and haul it to the burn pile that I don't like. I came in and lay on the bed with the fan on me so I could dry off. I may have taken a little nap, I don't recall. I did lay back down after lunch and stayed in bed all day. The work left me tired out. That's the most physical work I've done since last year, I think. I'm so out of shape and old, I guess.

I was supposesd to spend to day with Trudy, but she called to say she was running a fever. I had the car all packed up with the things I was taking to her. I had to unload the stuff in the basement to wait until she is well.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Cousin's Funeral

My first cousin, Ann, died Thursday and her funeral was today. I called my brother and he came up and got me and we went. He was having bad back pain but he managed to go. The visitation was at Spray's
Funeral Home in Florence. Susan, Ann's daughter had given me good directions and we found it right away. Bubba could hardly walk into the funeral home so he sat in a chair while I got in line to go in. There were a lot of people there. Ann's two daughters, Susan and Kathy recognized me. I met their grown children and got to hug them both and then hugged Ann's husband, Don. Next came my oldest cousin D.C. He said he was 90. I hugged him and his wife and then shook hands with more second cousins, the grown children of everybody. It was a very busy place. I told them Bubba had back problems and was sitting in the lobby. I doubt that anyone noticed what I said. It was a sad time. Ann was 75 which sounds old but the closer to 70 I get, the younger it seems.

After the funeral home, we drove over the Sheffield. We went by the old home place and drove through downtown Sheffield and then went to Tuscumbia and on to the cemetery where our parents and family were buried. Back in the days of big families, a large grave plot would be bought, enough for all the family members to be buried in. Mother and Dad aren't side by side but they are in the White plot. We drove in the Miata which had the hard top on it. It was nice to spend the day with my brother even if it was a sad occasion.

Friday, February 11, 2011

No Snow!

There was still some snow on the porch and steps where the sun didn't shine but it was gone every where else. Jan was at exercise and I didn't have to lead. It's fun just to sit and do the exercises and then just lead once a week. The Center handed out boxes of Traditions Meal Solutions, one per person, today. It's a box of canned food that can be eaten cold and was planned by a dietitian. I looked them up on the computer, but they didn't have any prices. You had to call them about an order. I don't imagine the food will taste very good. I'll have too eat some of it before I pass final judgment.

I went to Walmart grocery shopping and then to K-Mart to get Dad's Maalox. I also bought two button shirts, camp shirts, I think they are called and one pull over. All were under $10.00. One I got to go under the new short coat I got for my birthday. I'll have to iron one of them for sure for it is 100% cotton.

Came home and unloaded the groceries, dated everything and put them away-except for the food that goes downstairs in the freezer. I gathered up the laundry but it can wait until tomorrow so I'll have something to do then.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It Did Snow

It was bad to see the snow on the ground,, but it was there.  Later on in the morning, I looked out and the snow was gone! It was still in the shadow of the house and cars, on the North side of things, but one could barely tell we had had snow! That's the way I like it!

I read my scriptures and continued reading in the book Tim Pawlenty wrote. He was the next governor of MN after Jesse Vintura. Jesse was a wrestler who ran for governor of MN and got elected! He was quite colorful as one can imagine. This Tim will be running for President in 2012 and I wanted to see what kind of a man he was.

I soaked some beans but I got bored and lay down on the bed for a while and forgot to cook the beans! It was a slow day. Tomorrow after exercise, I will go grocery shopping and will have a busy day.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wouldn't You Know It-Snow!

Around 4:00 PM, I saw tiny flakes of snow blowing sideways in the wind. It should start snowing tonight and we could get 1-4 inches. By Friday the temperature should be high enough where no snow can exist. Even if you don't plan to go out, when it snows, that's what you want to do! We'll see.

I went to exercise this morning. I get up 15 minutes early so I can fix Frank his breakfast. I fixed oatmeal and I ate it too. Yuck! I don't like oatmeal anymore. Plus, I fixed it in a pan so I had the gooey pan to clean. I'll fix it in the microwave the next time he wants it. 

Barbara led the exercise and one could tell she has been sick a long while for she didn't have much energy. With Jan's mother in the hospital, she may be home by now, I might have to lead Friday.

I've been eating the gummy brownies. They are not good but the nice, dark chocolate, brownie taste is still there. Frank's been eating them too, so they won't be around much longer.

I cleaned out my lingerie drawer and found I had many slips of various lengths that I didn't know I had. I found some stuff to give to Trudy or Sadie and I packed them in a bag to take to them Monday. I packed some blankets in two black bags I'll take and I have several full bottles of laundry soap that has perfume in them. I've had them a long time. I hope soap doesn't go bad. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Say It Isn't So!

Tomorrow afternoon we can have snow flurries! This isn't funny any more or nice or pretty. The weather is holding us hostage to its whims. I know it's the signs of the times, but I don't have to like it, and I don't! We could have 1-3 inches...

I cooked some brownies today to take to Karen's. She and Ken are driving to Nashville to pick up their daughter and her husband and three kids at the air port. I thought they would like some brownies for tonight or tomorrow. Frank was disturbed that I was taking the brownies away and I told him I would bake another batch. I did and used apple sauce instead of the 2/3rd cup of oil. The apple sauce was a bit runny and the brownies turned out to be gummy brownies! The insides of the brownies are the consistency of gummy worms! Maybe Frank will eat them. I don't need to plus I don't like gummy brownies. The apple sauce had high fructose corn syrup in it and I usually get the unsweetened variety.

I signed all of my Valentines to the grandchildren and put a stick of gum in each card for a little treat. Since I'm going over to Trudy's on Valentines Day, I'll have to mail the cards so they'll get there before Monday.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dr Appointment in Huntsville

Huntsville is the going place. I have two doctors there and one in Athens and I saw Dr Sharp today. While I was in H'ville, I went to Michael's to see about getting a Valentine stamp. They had nothing so I then went to Hobby Lobby and they didn't have anything that I wanted. I stopped at Walmart and the only thing they had was a pack of Valentine cards (6) for $5.00 and that was too much. Oh, Hobby Lobby had a box of cards but they were theme cards and they weren't what I had in mind. While coming home to Athens, I stopped at the Dollar General and they had individual cards for 50 cents a card and they were nice. I got one extra just in case I had messed up in my mental calculations of the number of boy and girl grandchildren I have. I didn't want to send the two girls in one family the same card. Life gets complicated, doesn't it? I'll have to keep an eye out for a nice Valentine stamp for next year.

It was cloudy and rainy today and a cold front is moving in. We could get some snow flurries very early in the AM but nothing will stick. I think this winter will be a bummer and March will be fierce and troubled and will hate giving way to Spring. But Spring must come surely as did Winter did and my hair gets grayer as the seasons go by.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nothing To Do

I was bored out of my gourd today. I didn't have anything to do. I could have gone to the PO today but it will wait 'til Monday. Same way for the pharmacy. I need to vacuum the floors but maybe I'll sweep instead.

Frank has felt so bad with head and neck pain that he's just stayed in his bedroom. He would have been some company for me but he just couldn't manage it today.

Yesterday evening on the way home, we stopped at KFC and got a bucket of chicken. It was yummy and a nice treat from the regular food. We had left-overs for lunch today and have enough meat to have some chicken for tonight.

Friday, February 4, 2011


After lunch, the vintage Honda was ready and I called Karen and she came over to ride with me and drive my car home while I drove the '90 Accord home. They fixed the muffler and the car was very quiet and there were no vibrations from the dashboard! Now both cars are in tip top condition, the engines anyway.

Played some hymns today while I was waiting to hear about the car. Tomorrow, being Saturday, I will practice some of the songs we will be singing Sunday. We may be back in  our Athens Ward in April! It's not so bad going to Decatur but it will really be good staying home.

Frank's hip and leg are bothering him so much that it's hard for him to walk. We had to go get a blood test this afternoon. I think he stands too much, but that's the only way he can get things done since he can't sit.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Huntsville Again Today

I had to drive the old Honda to H'ville so the car place could check it out and see why it sounded like a hot rod. I got my car and brought it home. I called Karen to ask her if she could go with me to pick up the  car tomorrow and she said we were in for freezing rain and sleet tomorrow! We haven't listened to the forecast today and didn't know anything about the weather. We looked on the ipod and sure enough, there's freezing rain forecast for all day! Surely Spring will come this year. I'm tired of this bad weather. Other parts of the country are really getting hit hard with the ice and the snow, but we live in the sunny South! We may not get the car tomorrow.

Mary Kate called this afternoon to say that Cricket was lost! They had looked for her but couldn't find her. She is old and can't see and hear well and just wandered off. Sophia had some friends over and they all helped look for her and one of Fia's friends walked past two bob wire fences and when he started to go back, he found her in a gully caught in a thorn bush. She was quite dirty but was found! She wouldn't have survived during the night when it dropped below freezing. Our prayers were answered.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Huntsville Again

I didn't go to exercise today for I knew the auto shop would call and say I could come and pick up the '90 Accord in the morning. But no. It wasn't until after lunch that we got the call. I made a bank deposit and then went to H'ville. I left my car, the '06 Honda, for them to tune up. According to the maintenance record, it hadn't been serviced in 6 years. I guess the oil had been changed, hopefully, but there was no record of anything else having been done to it. It was driving well. The check engine light would come on for a few weeks and then go off, but I wasn't worried about that. Anyway...I got the '90 Accord and drove it home. What a different car it was! We knew we needed a new muffler, but it wasn't that loud! And the entire dashboard vibrated at various rpm's! It sounded like a stock car that some kid had fixed up. Frank called the shop and Donny said he would look at it when I came up to pick up my car. hopefully some of the things can be fixed.

Our neighbor, Brenda brought a loaf of white bread she had baked and some fruit. The bread was a sour dough recipe she had made. She said it might be a bit under cooked, but it was good. Frank thought it had some perfume in it. He must have tasted the sour dough! Brenda and Bobby are such good neighbors. They look after us. All the neighbors on the road are good neighbors.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Day Is It?

I went back to bed this morning for a short snooze and woke up thinking it was Saturday! It's only Tuesday and I was already confused! I got dressed and went for groceries. I took my umbrella in with me and put it in a cart but it didn't roll good so I got a new one but forgot to get my umbrella. It was raining some when I came out of the store but I had no umbrella. I didn't realize what had happened to it until I was on the road.

I found two blouses on sale for $5.00 each and I got two. They are a thin floral with a round neck. I had to sew up the scoup under the tie because it went too low. I like them and they are comfortable. I took some pull overs out of my closet and put them in a drawer. I don't have enough drawer space-if I did, I wouldn't have so much stuff in my closet.

The middle of the country is getting some very cold and snowy weather. It's missing us and we're just getting rain.

Egypt is in turmoil with riots in the streets. The people want their President Mubarak to leave and after several days of people in the streets, he finally said he would step down. If bad leaders fill in the vacancy, Israel will be surrounded by people who want to destroy her. Time is getting short for sure.