Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday to H'ville

I didn't go to exercise today. I wanted to go to H'ville to the music store and I wanted to go early. I got some piano books and bought a ukulele. I had given my old one to Frankie and Alita wants to learn how to play one. It came with a book with chords and songs. I've been playing some songs tonight. It came with a CD and a DVD, a carrying case, a book, but no pick. I think I'll see if Sophorona would like too buy it from me because I don't really need a ukulele! It'll be fun for all the Wright kids to play with.

Trudy came over right after I got back from H'ville. We went to town and put her name on our bank accounts so if anything happens to us, she will be prepared to step in and help out. We lost a check book here at the house and Regions is going to order another one for us. Trudy will stay until Wednesday.

Tomorrow Frank goes to see Dr. Walker, in town. He will learn about his blood sugar and if he's pre-diabetic or not. His first blood test came out to blood sugar at 200. He had another blood test at the hospital to double check the count, I guess. Trudy will go along with us. It'll be good to find out what is causing his speech problems and his unsteady gait.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


It rained most of the day so I stayed inside. I cleaned the kitchen sink-I hadn't unloaded the clean dishwasher and had been piling dishes in the sink. I finally unloaded the dishwasher and sprayed the sinks down and got them clean. I did all of this before I got dressed.

I vacuumed the floors and filters and then mopped the floors. They really needed it. We sat and watched TV  until supper. We had pancakes for supper. After scripture reading, we put the birds to bed and went to our rooms. The house is usually quite by 7 PM. We can watch TV in our rooms and not disturb the birds.

I usually read on my Kindle for 1 1/2 hours before I go to bed. I found three books by the same author that had 5 star ratings that I bought from Amazon. They are police mysteries which I enjoy. I also bought another book by an English author and the total for all the books was $10.something. There was another book by an author I especially like but it was $ 15 something and I thought it was too much for right now. Maybe later, plus the subject of the book was kind of dark and I didn't want to be involved in that.

I hope you enjoyed your trip , Kathy. It was nice of you to call and check up on us. Frank has an appointment with the family Dr to get the report on the blood tests he's taken. One said his blood sugar was 200 and we need to find out if that's what's going on with him now.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Busy, Busy

Got up at the usual 7 AM. Went to exercise at 8:30. Came home for piano lessons at 10:00. Had Carrielee's younger sister, age 7 to teach also. I wasn't prepared with a book but I will get one soon. Maybe tomorrow. Dr Walker's office called and said Frank was to go to the hospital and get a blood test, so around 11:00 we went and had that done. We came back to the house and had lunch. I had a hair appointment at 1:30 PM. Kari did a good job with the hair cut. I cooked black beans and brown rice for supper. I made a lot and put some in the freezer. I have some barley soup in the freezer too. I have three or more pounds of ground beef I got at Sam's I have to put up tomorrow. I have been looking in cookbooks for recipes but have not found many yet. Maybe I'll try the internet, too. This is written with no paragraphs but this is the way my mind is going.

My hip gets nervous energy in it at night and I have to take a pain pill so I can relax enough to go to sleep. I hope the nurse will understand this if I need any more medicine.

Elita is the name of Carrielee's younger sister. She is quite musical like Carrielee. I may be teaching her to play the uke as soon as they get her one. I guess that means I have to get a uke too. I gave mine to Frankie. I need some music with folk songs in them. Maybe a uke songbook. Maybe I'll go to A.B. Stephens music store tomorrow. Who knows...except the Shadow.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

All Is Well

My dear friend Kathy called me to see if everything was okay here. I hadn't written in several days. It's because there were two days that I didn't do anything and I didn't want to write about doing nothing. I guess I should write something every day so no one will be worried.

Today I went up to Trudy's for lunch. I had some errands to run in H'ville and she didn't have anything planned, so we climbed into my car and I drove us into H'ville.

I had to stop at the SAS store to pick up two pair of shoes that we had ordered. I can't believe I got into a size 61/2W. I haven't worn a 61/2 size shoe since high school. I usually have to get a larger size for the width. These were very expensive shoes but if they do well, I might get another pair. Wearing them only on Sunday and for dress up times, they should last me for years. I'm not a shoe person so I can wear the same pair of shoes a long time. Now purses are a different thing. I like to change up purses every 6-8 months. The purse I'm carrying now is a Villager by someone famous but Mary Kate picked it up at a thrift store. She picked out one of my old purses and I got hers. I like it for it isn't too large but it is roomy and I can see where everything is when I open it.

We stopped by Sam's to get my fiber. Walmart sells it for $9.98 and I can get it at Sam's for two for $12.98. I got some ground beef and some bananas.

We ate lunch at the Chinese grill. The food is good but it's a bit pricey. It was $27.00 for the three of us, but it was good and we enjoyed ourselves.

When we got back to Trudy's, I had to look at the chickens. They are getting about 14 eggs a day. George sells them for $2.00 a dozen. The chickens looked good. Carheartt has a bulging disc in his back and is confined to the bathroom so he can rest and heal. He wasn't his old self. He's 7 years old and over weight so for a dash hound that's not good.

I got home around 3 PM and had to take the garbage out. Really, I just put the sacks in the garbage can and the boys carry the can out to the road. It's time for me to make them a cake in thanks, but I just haven't felt like doing it. Maybe soon. I do appreciate them carrying the can out for me.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

CT Scan

Frank got his CT scan this morning bright and early. After lunch, I took the birds down to Hartselle to get their nails,wings, and beaks trimmed. I was tired before I went and tireder when I got home.

It's supposed to storm tonight after midnight. I'll go to exercise tomorrow morning and then have a piano lesson at 10 AM. Bubba and Ruth are coming to town and we will eat lunch together. It should be a good day.

Trudy wanted to go to Hartselle but she was down in her back. I couldn't wait until next week for the birds. She'll have to go another time.

Frank's back is hurting tonight. Perhaps the back surgeon will have a good solution to the back pain.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dr Again

We went to H'ville to see Dr Cosgrove. He decided that he couldn't do the procedure on Frank and that he needed to see a spine surgeon. He recommended one of the Dr's that was in the SportsMed group and we got an appointment to see him. We ate at McDonald's on the way home. We stopped by the pharmacy and picked up 2 Rx's and then got some gas. I also bought some ibuprofen and 2 gallons of milk. I paid more for the milk there but it really was a convenience.

Trudy had a funeral to go to today and didn't come over. She'll be over tomorrow at 11 AM. She'll go to Hartselle with me to take the birds to the vet. I'm glad for I will need some help getting the three birds in their carriers into the building.

Tomorrow Frank has a CT scan of his head. Hopefully, if anything is wrong, it will show up. He may have had a mini stroke for he has an uncertain gait and he can't talk plainly. The scan is at 8:15 AM and we'll need to leave the house by 7:50 AM to get there with plenty of time.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I went to the bank to get the stuff out of the safety deposit box. We've lost one key and it will cost $25.00 to get it replaced. I made copies of most things but ended up putting the originals in the "After I'm Gone" book. We don't really have anything to put back into the box now.

From the bank, I drove out to visit Wanda and her family. Tina was there. She has lost 100 lbs or more and looked very nice. She had Heather's baby boy Xane, pronounced Zane. He is a pretty boy and such a good baby. After breaking her back last year, Wanda broke her foot and had a boot on. We talked about the joys of old age and had a good time. I came back home and rested.

Monday and today my hip has bothered me. I'm not as well as I think I am. Tomorrow, Frank sees Dr Cosgrove about having a procedure on his back for pain. I don't know if Trudy will be there or not. She didn't come back over after her visit to the pain clinic like she said she would. She really needs to spend time at home. I worry about her relationship with George with her over here so much, plus Sadie needs her there. Forrest will be starting Calhoun Jr College sometime soon. I hope he enjoys it. My kids did.

Mary Kate will have her knee operated on Tuesday. I hope the Dr gets all the junk that's in her knee out and she won't have anymore trouble with it. I only wish I could be there for her, but that's not possible.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Again

Enjoyed exercise today. I'm not ready to start working out with Janet yet. I looked up some information on hip replacements last night and one article said that after 6-8 months of healing, one could start exercising! It's only been 3 months for me. I had some problems walking to the mailbox today. I could have used my cane. I'll have to take a pain pill for sure tonight.

Trudy was over last night. She's come off her patch and has trouble sleeping. She has an appointment with the pain clinic tomorrow and maybe they will be able to help her. She was going to help me get my After I'm Gone notebook going. I got it out today and put the auto and homeowners policy numbers in it. I found the wills but couldn't find a copy of the deed to the house. Tomorrow, I'll stop by the bank and get another key to the safety deposit box and bring all the material that's in the box home to make copies of it. Frank is getting where I can't counts on him to know where things are so I'm having to take over more of the responsibilities of running the house.

David B came over this morning and fix the air conditioner. It was under warranty so it just cost us his labor. It feels good to have the house cool again. It would get up to 80-81 degrees during the day time and would get quite uncomfortable.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


The car was full of pollen again this morning. I'd better wait to get the car detailed until the pollen season is gone.

We went to H'ville today. There was a lot of traffic. We went to the SAS shoe store. The lady measured Frank's feet and helped him find the right shoe. I found a pair of Sunday shoes but I got the wrong size. It was a 71/2 W but she said it was too long. I think I ended up with a 61/2 W and  both pairs of shoes will have to be ordered. It was the last time that store was going to be at that location,, plus they were having a sale and we got $15.00 off of each pair. We got directions to the new location and will pick the shoes up there when they come in. I sure hope my shoes fit. If they do, I will buy more shoes there. They are very expensive but to get quality, it will be worth it. I have only one pair of Sunday shoes and they are ugly-old lady ugly, but they are comfortable. I'm giving three pair of shoes away for they don't have backs and since I have to wear a lift in my right shoe. I need shoes with backs. I saw some clothes hanging up at the senior center and I'm going to see what their policy about giving clothes away and I'll take clothes there instead of the Salvation Army.

I folded the clothes that were in the dryer and practiced the piano this afternoon.

I couldn't work out with Janet because the weather was going to be bad plus I realized that there wasn't much I can do with my leg still hurting. I walk around in the morning pretty good but by the afternoon, my leg hurts some. I took the Rx after supper so my leg shouldn't have the hebbie jebbies tonight.

Friday, April 12, 2013


I don't take any pain pills during the day and tonight I felt I didn't need any. But as I got in bed to read, I noticed my right leg getting the nervous leg syndrome. I took a pain pill but it didn't work so I took another one. I'm waiting for it to work. I try lying in bed but my legs get restless and I can't stay in bed. I have to get up and walk around. This is getting old. I will have to take a pill at 7 PM at night and by the time I go to bed my legs will be relaxed. It's 11:50 PM now and I have been trying to go to bed since 9 PM.

I decided not to get my car detailed at the place down the road. I don't have a good feeling about them. There's a place across town that does detailing and I will have to stop by there or call them and make an appointment.

Frank wants to go  H'ville tomorrow to get a new pair of shoes at SAS. His feet keep hurting him and he wants to get a pair that will make his feet feel better. It will be a nice trip and will kill some Saturday time. I've got some clothes in the washer now and all I'll have to do tomorrow is practice the piano. At least the rain washed all the yellow pollen off of the car.

Maybe the other pill is working now and I can go to sleep.


Went to exercise today. Since Janet has been doing the exercises, more people have been coming. I enjoy doing the exercises and Janet loves teaching.

Afterwards, I was driving home when I realized I needed to go to Walmart. I turned around and did some shopping at Walmart and then I drove to Madison to go to Kohl's to see why I haven't been getting a bill. I always pay my bill when I get it and don't carry a balance. It turns out I owe $325.00 and I should have gotten a bill long time ago. The store wouldn't take my debit card, they wanted a check and I don't carry my checkbook with me. I bought a white wrap and a necklace and earrings on my debit card.

I can take my car in to be detailed tomorrow morning early and after that I may drive back to Kohl's and pay the bill. I will tell them not to use any product that has a smell in it. Frank has to ride in my car and a smell would drive him crazy. I really want the outside to be waxed since we have don't have a garage or car port. The 23 year old Honda's paint has really suffered being out in the sun and rain all of the time.

Mary Kate went to the Dr for her knee and the x-ray showed a floating piece of cartledge the size of a cotton ball plus a bone spur on the front of the knee cap. She's going to take the week-end to think about what she wants the Dr to do. I advised her to go ahead and get the knee cleaned out and not to wait. We'll see if she'll take her mother's advise. Mother knows best! I wish I could go down to help when she has it done but I can't leave home. Frank is getting worse with his cognitive behaviors and he needs me here plus his other health problems.

Talked to Frankie last night. The business is doing well and they are buying a house.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Last Friday Mary Kate and I went shopping at Kohl's. I found a white skirt that had orange and green and yellow flowers on it and MK found a white jacket that looked good. I have always wanted a jacket but have never gotten one. I won't be able to wear it too much longer for it will be too hot. It's usually cold at church and that's where I'll be wearing it. I got two pull overs that matched the skirt. I also got a pair of earrings and a necklace. I noticed I haven't received a bill from Kohl's in a long time and I called the number on the receipt and got an automated machine. I had my Kohl's charge card out and my debit card ready but when I got to the credit dept. (still not hearing a human voice), they wanted the number off of my checks! I was too tired to continue and will go to the Madison Kohl's and roar that I haven't been sent a bill since August of 2012. I have a sizable bill to pay but I have been taking the purchases  out of my debit account as I buy them. It just makes me mad that they haven't been sending me bills. I'll get it taken care of maybe Friday.

We went to see Patty at Dr Gantt's office in H'ville today. We told her about the procedure Frank got done on his neck by Dr Cosgrove. We aren't to see any other pain Dr but we didn't know he was a pain management Dr. Anyway, Frank's going to have the neck injections done again by Dr Gantt's office to see if another procedure would work for him.

We'll see Dr Walker tomorrow. Frank's feet hurt so bad it's hard for him to walk and we're afraid he'll fall. He fell when he gave Sophia a hug. Both of them went down to the floor but nobody was hurt. Trudy's coming tonight to be here to go with us tomorrow. She's worried about Frank's cognitive loss and I am too. Dr Walker was out Monday or Tuesday with allergies and we couldn't see him then. It's good that Trudy will be going with us for she will mention the cognitive part.

A cold front is moving in tonight and we are to have some bad weather tomorrow. Friday, I will have my car detailed at a place not far from my house. The pollen has gotten so bad I wonder if it's a good idea to have it done Friday. I may have to hook up my hose so I can rinse the yellow pollen off the car.  I haven't had any pain pills today. I hope I'll be able to stop them all together.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sleep Is Eveding Me

It's 12:30 AM and I still can't sleep. I didn't take any pain pills today for I didn't need any but tonight when I wanted to go to bed, my leg got restless and only a pain pill will calm it down. Its had time to work but the leg is still restless. I am usually asleep by now and it disturbs me that I am still up. I ate some cookies and milk and am waiting for the pills to work. The leg isn't as bad when I'm up and walking around but at this time of the morning I disturb the birds so I'm confined to me room. Maybe now I can get some rest and fall asleep. Here goes again. Good night, sweet princes.

Family Here

It was raining or misting today when I went to the bank.

I cooked a crock pot recipe for cubed steaks. I put onion rings in the bottom of the crock pot, browned the steaks and placed them in the pot. with one cup of water. It was supposed to cook for 8 hours on low but I turned it up on high and had it ready in 4 hours. At that time, I put an onion gravy, a mushroom and a brown gravy mix in with another cup of water and put it on the pot. An hour later, it was done. It was really good. I cooked some brown rice to go with it. It needed a little salt but it was good, definitely a keeper.

Mary Kate and family arrived about 6:30 PM. We sat up until 10:00 PM talking and watching TV. Tomorrow we'll go out shopping. We'll go to Kohl's for MK has some clothes to take back.

Frank was hugging Sophia and they lost their balance and they fell on the floor. No one was hurt but Frank could have hurt himself but didn't.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trudy Was Over

Trudy came yesterday late and spent the night. We went into town today and picked up our income taxes from the people who were going to do them but they called and said that we didn't make enough money to file. We then stopped by Allstate to check on some papers and then we came home. Trudy did some washing for me and then she did her couponing. She cut out and organized for over two hours. She was going to stop by the store on her way home.

We won't have exercise in the morning for the floors at the senior center are still being stripped and waxed. I emailed Janet and told her. I might start working out with her next week.

Dad is getting more confusing. I don't know what's going on. Hopefully it's not long term. Even Trudy notices a change.

Nate is feeling much better and Mary Kate and Sophia and Nate  are coming up for a visit Thursday. We'll just have Friday to do our shopping for Conference is this week-end.