Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To Huntsville

It was time to pick up Dad's Rx in H'ville. I asked Karen if she wanted to go with me and she said,"yes", so we left at 10:00 AM. After we picked up the Rx we went to Costco to get some things that Dad wanted. Karen got a hot/cold laminating machine for $20.00 and then we went to Hobby Lobby and she found some laminating pouches and got a pattern for a dollar. The regular price is $15.98!

After we got home, I took a nap. I got my exercise for today! I wish I could get myself to walk on the road to get some exercise. It's cooler now and it would be pleasant. I have ideas for exercise but I lay down until the ideas disappear! Ha-ha-ha. No, I'm really thinking about it. I need to do my stretching exercises also. I need an energy pill to take to get me motivated.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Conference Day

Women's Conference was very good. We got to the Stake Center at 3:00 PM and then the meeting started. The main speaker was funny and good. Next we had two classes to go to and we had picked out the same two classes to attend and didn't have to split up.

The first class was about Being Fit. Two nice young men, one a physical therapist and the other a chiropractor talked to us about exercise and things to do to keep fit. We got hand- outs and a piece of latex material to stretch with.

The second class was about facing adversity and having faith. It was pretty good. I got to see Pat and Becky at that class. After that class, we had dinner. It was a salad, a baked potato and smoked chicken, which was good. A piece of sweet potato pie finished the dinner off.

The broadcast from Salt Lake came next. The Relief Society General Presidency spoke and President Monson spoke to us on charity.  Charity being the pure love of Christ and the Relief Society's motto is Charity Never Faileth. He is such a dear person and good speaker.

It was a good event and I'm glad I went. It's good to get together with other like minded women of all ages. General Conference is next week-end, I think, or the next!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Today

I went to buy groceries while Frank slept this morning. I didn't go to exercise. I was tired. And after walking around a big store that has it's own zip code, I was tired again. After I got home and put things up, I rested the rest of the afternoon. Frank had a pretty good afternoon considering it was Rx day.

Karen called this afternoon to see if I was going to the Women's Conference and I said I hadn't planned on it, but she was going and wanted company so I'll be going too. The classes start at 3 PM and dinner is at 5:45 PM and the broadcast is at 7 Pm. I don't know how long it will last so we may be able to be home by 9-9:30. It should be an uplifting day.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yard Sale Day

I got up this morning to go to the yard sale, but didn't feel right about it. Then, since I was dresses, I decided to go to Sam's or Walmart. I still didn't feel right about that, so I read my scriptures and stayed home. I did walk up to see the yard sale and tell Nancy I wouldn't be coming and I bought a brown wig for a dollar and then came home.

I fixed lunch and Frank and I fixed papers for Gert's cage. I was getting a little antsy so I came into my room and did Stronger Seniors, the stretching part. I would feel better if I would exercise but I won't do it just to be exercising. Now, it's okay if I'm shopping!

Trudy called to say that Sadie had stayed home from school with a headache. She has an appointment with the Dr tomorrow to see about it. Hopefully it won't be the bad kind. She couldn't come help me with the yard sale so I decided to save it and carry it up to her house when she has a yard sale.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Collection Day

I've been collecting junk for the yard sale. I just have three boxes and some magazines. It'll be fun once I get there and get set up and get to meeting people. That's always fun. I still need to go downstairs and check on the blankets.

I went to exercise today. Monday we found out a couple was going to get married! We have another two that are going together. You're never too old for love, I guess.

Otherwise this day has been a bummer. I have nothing to do-that I want to do-that is!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Next Day

After lunch, I ran some errands in town and then came back home. Nancy, my neighbor, called to say they were having a yard sale Thurs-Sat. I've been wanting to collect things to de-clutter and this will be a good time to do it. I called Trudy to see if she would help me and she said she would get back to me. I need to go through the linens downstairs and get rid of some comforters and some blankets. I already have two small boxes of nick nacks. I really need help with this. I would like to do it.

Dad's been cleaning in his room, too. He needs a shovel but won't do it! He's in love with his clutter...

Josh's birthday is next month and I bought him a wooden air plane that he can put together and paint and put stickers on. I want to get him a shirt also.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Same Ole Monday

Exercise went well today. I had a few butterflies before I left home. It may be connected with the anxiety I feel on Sundays. I'll look "anxiety" up on Web MD and see if that's what I have.

The weather has still been hot, 97 degrees but it does get into the 60's at night. But who goes out at night? The mosquitoes are quite large and blood thirsty so I don't venture out in the yard after sun down.

Went to Karen's for scripture study. I stay about 1 1/2 hours. We have a good time talking about the lesson and other things. Brent's wife, Christy, is leaving to go to her brother's house in Indiana so she can do her internship at his work. They haven't been married a year yet and I guess this is their first separation. It will soon pass.

Richard called this afternoon thanking me for his birthday present. He said he and his friends spent the week-end in Atlanta. He and Nate were on their way to choir practice and Mary Kate would pick up Sophia at her choir practice and then come get Nate at Richard's choir practice.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Stake Conference this week-end was excellent. Saturday night adult session was very spiritual and instructive. I wish I had a recording of the talk so I could listen to it over and over to it to glean out every bit of instruction that was there. My note taking is the pits but Trudy takes good notes and she said she would share. The Stake Center was packed to the gills. We managed to get good seats but it was a bit hot and people were shoulder to shoulder. Little short me could see Elder Bednar through some heads, so I was happy.

We left at 8:30 AM to pick up Christy and get to the Stake Center by 9:30 and we didn't have trouble with parking and we picked seats that Trudy and George and the children were on! It was a very nice treat for me to be with them.

After I got home and ate lunch, I took a 2 hour nap. I guess I'll watch TV until 10:00 tonight!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nice Day #2

The quilt show was interesting. There were 100's of quilts and the quilt makers were all over the place. There was one very large quilt that had been hand quilted that was beautiful. It had already won a prize in 2010 somewhere. There was another large one that had been hand quilted that was very impressive. It wasn't as beautiful as the first quilt but it was very nice. The hours that went into each quilt was enormous.

After the quilt show, we went to Walmart to pick up a few things, and then we came home.

Tomorrow is the adult meeting with Elder Bednar. We are to bring our scriptures and mine combined and in the carrying case weighs 7 pounds.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Went Visiting Teaching today. The lesson was for September but I felt like I had given it before and figured I had, so I didn't really study it very well. It seemed like Karen and I had discussed it before going to the temple or some time. I'll have to remember if we do that again.

Came home and took a small nap. I think my allergies may be bothering me for I haven't felt as well as I should for two days.

We have to be at Dr. Morgan's office at 8:00 AM tomorrow. After that, I'' go get Karen and we'll go to Athens State to see the quilt show. Brent has to work so she has no car.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I didn't sleep well last night and only got to sleep about 2-3:00 AM. I got up to go to exercise at 7 AM but was tired and didn't want to go through the effort to put on make-up, etc. so I went back to bed. I went to town to the pharmacy and to The Shoe Dept. to look for some leather or imitation leather boots with flat heels but they didn't have any that I liked. The clerk said they would be getting in some more later, so I went home. I felt a little under the weather all day. I'll be sure to get to bed early tonight. Frank has been feeling bad for several weeks.

Friday, Frank has an appointment with Dr. Morgan at 8 AM. After we get home, I'm going to call Karen and tell her to come over so we can go to the college to look at a quilt show. Karen quilts and I like to admire quilts so it should be a fun outing.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I had to go to the P.O. to mail 3 packages for Frank. I meant to stop by the pharmacy but forgot but went to Walmart instead. I saw Roy and Vivian, old friends and the Bishop. I wanted a new purse and I wanted it NOW. I walked around that big store and finally found someone who knew where the purses were. They didn't have as large selection like they used to, but I found one on sale for $12.00. It's basically light brown with some darker squigglys on it. It will suit my needs. I was going to wait until I was at Kohl's and get a really nice one but then I realized I bought purses frequently and there was no use in sinking double the money in a purse I might get tired of by Christmas.

Last night Sophrona brought by a home-made apple pie she made with the apples we gave her. It was made with whole wheat and sweetened with apple juice (I think). It was very yummy and Frank will eat the rest of it tonight! That was so sweet of her. I think by then, she had put the pears up and made apple pie filling. It would be nice to be 30 years old again! Plus she's pregnant with her 5th child! A Saint, for sure!

I go to exercise tomorrow and then I'll stop by the pharmacy to finish my errands.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Done For Today

I led the exercises today. There were a few empty chairs but I used up the 45 minutes. I went to Karen's after that.

Ann called and we are going VT Thursday. I got the message off of and printed the Proclamation to the family off to give to our two sisters. I'll finish writing in this blog and check my mail and be done for today.

It was surprisingly cool this morning and several ladies had long sleeves on. I'll have to look downstairs to see if I have any long sleeved shirts.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Saturday Again

The weeks seem to fly by and it's Saturday again. I washed 3 loads of clothes and some sheets. I had a bunch of towels to do but they can always wait, and wait, and wait.

Dad's had a bad day on one of his good days but he's been moving and doing things all day. I saw the big vacuum out but decided I didn't want to do it and he did it himself. I practiced the piano today as I was washing the clothes. Yes, I'm very talented in doing two things at once....

Frankie called and said Luke had found the check he thought he had lost and we told him we had gotten the picture I bought from Luke. Dad had it up over his chair the next day. It's a picture of a white bird flying up with the sunset and waters edge in the back ground. It looks very nice.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Soft Day

My back still hurt this morning so I took an Arthotec. I felt weird all day and after lunch I lay down and took a nap. I'm going to continue to take the arthritis medicine because I don't want to hurt that bad.

A painting my grandson Luke made and I bought arrived today. I don't know what medium it's in. It's not oil or acrylic or watercolor, but its colors are great. It's a picture of a bird that is flying off into the sunset. The sunset reminds me of the sunsets we would see in Key West.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Is Pain?

Pain is something that gets in your way...that makes you uncomfortable....that keeps your thoughts off of what you want them to be on. I decided to get off Arthrotec since my knees have been replaced and I didn't have that pain to deal with. When it was all out of my system, other small and great pains appeared! It seems that as you get older, little pains come and go and come and stay. I may go back on Arthrotec so I won't be bothered by these other pains. Life is so much better without physical pain (mental pain, too).

I have nothing much else to say.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Gardendale We Did Go

Brent got a job in H'ville unloading cargo planes, so he dropped his mom off at my house and went to work. Stacey had the day off and Karen hoped she and Christy would do something together today.With Brent gone most days, Christy will have a hard time. She's not yet 20 yrs old and married and at the home of her husband's family.

The trip was uneventful. The temple was full. A large group of missionaries had come and there was a large group of sisters there too. It's good to see it so full. We made appointments for the second Wednesday in October.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vintage Car Fixed

While I went grocery shopping, Frank and our neighbor Harold, fixed the vintage Accord. A piece of material fell down from the underneath of the front end of the car and was dragging the ground. Frank said Harold did most of the work. We surely appreciate the help we get doing things.

The new Walmart store feels so much larger than the old one. It's because they've moved everything around and now I have to walk the entire length of the store to find things. I had to ask where the rope and tie wraps were today.

I bought Frank a pair of jeans today. He want's light weight, already broken in jeans. I know! I'll go to a thrift store and buy him a pair of all ready broken in jeans and maybe he'll be happy. He just wanted jeans because he was going to be working on the car. I want him to try on the pair I got him to see if I got the right size.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pear-Apple Day

A lot of the pears went bad on the tree for they weren't picked, but there were still some good ones on the tree. I couldn't get anyone to come pick them until Sophrona heard about them. She and Dean and the kids came this afternoon and found quite a bit that were still good. They picked them all and then I told them about the apple trees and they picked all of them too! I'm so glad that someone can use the fruit that we don't use. The weather was delightful but the mosquitoes had a feast on us!

It was Labor Day but we didn't do any celebrating. I did go to Karen's house for our scripture study this morning.

This Stake Conference we are having a General Authority, Elder Bednar, and the attendance at the Stake center was going to be limited. Bro Decker was asked to translate, from English to Spanish, so I get to ride with them and go to the stake center and see Elder Bednar speak! There'll be a Saturday night session for all adults and then the Sunday morning session. The Stake center isn't large enough for all the people in the Stake to attend, so only a few from each ward can attend. I had planned to see the Sunday Conference at the Madison Ward Building, until Bro. Decker got asked to translate. It's probably been 30 years since we've had a General Authority come.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day Before Sunday

We don't usually do much on Saturday except for chores. I did go for a hair cut. My stylist had left Kari's place and had gone to Cost Cutters in Madison. It's on County Line Rd. and I think it's in Madison. It's about 20 miles from my house. I debated about whether to go to Kari's or to where Shelly works and Shelly won. She knows how I like my hair done and that makes a big difference. The Cost Cutter's salon is nice. It isn't a Walmart store like it is in town. Shelly said she had done 17 cuts that day. A lot more than when she was at Kari's place. That's why she left. She wasn't getting that much business.

We finished reading St. Luke in the New Testament tonight. I'm looking forward to St. John. I haven't read it in a while and I'm getting a good feeling reading the New Testament again. Frank isn't feeling well. He did do a lot of cleaning in his room today, but it still looks pretty bad in there! If he felt better, he could get ahead of the clutter. He doesn't really want me to help in his room, but I did take 3 pillows out and put them downstairs yesterday.

The temperature has been in the 80's and it's been so delightful after such a hot summer.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


A neighbor called and asked if it would be okay for a package to be delivered to our house. It needed to be signed for and he wouldn't be home. We said we would be happy to do it. It was a long cylinder package and contained three fishing rods. While we were on the porch talking with him, Bubba, Ruth and Greg drove up. They had come to pick up the swing set and the small wooden swing. Greg had a nice trailer they loaded everything onto and drove away with it all.

I did the wash and not much else today, but I had a good day.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Day Again

I already had a "Good Day" so I added, "Again". We had a nice trip to H'ville today. The vintage Honda is running well. Some part under the front end of the car has fallen down, so Dad is going to try and fix it. It's just a plastic shield that protects the engine from rocks, etc. Aren't I so erudite?

We did stop by Sam's and I got the food bars. We ate Wendy's hamburgers for lunch. Stopped by the pharmacy for an Rx and then came home. I vegged out on the couch until 4:00 PM.

I looked out the kitchen window and saw Shane, Brenda's grandson, on his bike, in our driveway. I went out to see what he needed and he said his older brother had locked him out of the trailer and was beating up on him. His mother has to work and the boys were alone. His grandparents weren't home either, so I said I would come and talk to Dage. Come to find out, that Shane had started it by locking Dage out of the trailer when he was playing basketball! So the real story came out. I don't doubt they were rough housing but hopefully things worked out.