Saturday, May 29, 2010

Accident Time

After we put the bills in the bill book, we went outside to put water in the birdbath. While I was dragging the hose between the bushes heading for the birdbath, I stepped in a hole and fell down. I felt it when my head and nose dragged on the grass and my right shin must have come in contact with the rocks that line the shrubs, for I have a big boo-boo on my right leg. Frank put two band-aids on it and it hasn't hurt. I'll probably have some bruises tomorrow. We were both thankful I didn't break anything! I must fill that hole up so no one will step in it again.

I finally sprayed the poison ivy. There was a nice patch growing around the base of the large Crape Myrtle. I have Iris there too and tried not to spray them. I need to dig them up and put them some where else. I need to do a lot of things...I'm a needy person.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello, Hello

Running out of titles for my blogs. I've been doing chores today and enjoying it. I ironed clothes and vacuumed the floors. I went to the P.O. to mail a package to Frankie's kids. I had written a letter saying the package was coming so I had to get it mailed. I organized Frank's sock and shirt drawer and culled some lounge pants that I will give to Trudy's gang. If she will let down the hems in them, they won't look so funny on.

I have too many clothes. My closet is full and I have already given away and stored clothes in the basement closet.

Didn't make it to exercise today. It was after 11:00 AM when I went to bed and I slept until 9:00 AM. I can use the house work as exercise or put in one of my exercise video's. Actually, I'm ready for a snack right now.

I put Trudy's name on the temple list for next Wednesday when Karen and I go to the temple. It'll be fun to have her go with us.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Middle of the Week

We had a daughter bring her dad to the Senior Center today for exercise. It's nice to have new faces in the group. Jan led the exercises and will do again Friday for Barbara is going out to town. They saw the add that was in the paper and came because of it. Everyone was friendly so I hope they felt at home.

I shopped at Walmart and it is surely a mess! The store will look fabulous when the redecorating is finished but it's a headache to find anything now.

I took a large plastic bag of shoes to the Salvation Army. I cleaned out my closet and discarded some shoes I hadn't worn in years. It was about time I did that.

I'm going to the temple with the Decker's tomorrow evening. It's their night to work and I get to go and do two sessions. Will get back home around midnight, but it's worth it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cancer Night

I drove to H'ville to go to the dentist. I stopped by Penny's and got Frank two pair of p.j. shorts and two pair of pants for me and two blouses that will have to be ironed. But I like to have some button down blouses instead of all pull overs.

We had the cancer support meeting tonight and there were two new ladies and four old hatters plus Lou. It was a nice meeting. The new ladies talked and weren't shy. Got home around 7:30 PM.

I'll have exercise class tomorrow morning and then I need to go to Walmart. I don't want to go there because everything is topsy turvy because they are remodling. Most things have been moved and it's hard to find what you want.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ordinary Monday

I led the exercise class and did pretty well. I left out two exercises and if I remember them, I'll write them on my sheet of notes. After class, I went to the P.O. to mail two packages. There was no one in the Post Office and I waltzed on in. No lines to wait in. No people to wait behind. What a delight! Went out to Karen's and we had a nice time.

Came home and fixed lunch and took a small nap while Frank was working at my computer. We might have some rain tonight.

The contractors have already started on the church building. Hopefully the wet weather won't hold them back.

Trudy wants to go to the temple Wednesday but I keep getting a busy signal when I call and we have to have reservations to get in a session. I'll continue to call but I don't know if I'll get to the answering machine or not. It gets discouraging to always get a busy signal.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Simple Sunday

Ken had an early church meeting to go to so he dropped Karen off at my house and we drove in my car. They both had meetings after church and that way I could leave right after church. It takes my 35 minutes to drive one way. April played the organ today and it really sounded good. Perhaps our new organ will sound as good. They said we'd be out of our building about one year. It could be sooner if the contractor finishes on time.

I ate lunch at 11:00 AM and didn't eat until I was driving home and it was just an apple. I'm thinking of finding some nutritional drink I could consume during Primary while I'm just sitting at the piano not playing. I need something to tide me over until I get some real food to eat!

Rachel has a birthday May 28th and Luke has one June 1st. I'm getting the cards ready now so maybe they won't be late. Some times I rush to get Rachel's card on time and then I forget Luke's birthday comes up very soon after his mother's...Luke might get his a day or two early this year but I don't think he'll mind.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Grass Cut

Mr. Sims, the man who cuts our yard, came today. Dad talked to him about cutting our two arbovitae trees back. They are eating our house! We didn't know what we were planting years ago when someone gave them to us. They seemed to be slow growing, but before we knew it, they were higher than the house. The birds roost in them at night and will miss the great mass of the trees. They will grow back, so if we can get them to a manageable size now, each year they can be trimmed to keep them manageable.

Dad's been cleaning off the shelves in his room. He feels bad but he's keeping on keeping on. I've done the stretching part of the 2 part DVD I got. It was good. I found two pair of old glasses I thought I could use as piano glasses but they are too strong. The ones I had made for the piano are reading strength and they are too weak. My computer glasses are the ones I need to use, so I guess I'll have to have some lens made for the piano. I want to be able to keep a pair of glasses in my purses at all times so I won't forget to put them there for Sundays.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Very Quiet Day

After exercise class I came home and Frank was asleep. I read the newspaper and I got sleepy so I lay down and before I knew it it was 2:00 PM. I got up and fixed lunch to find that Frank had already eaten a sandwich. After lunch, I lay back down and slept 'til 5:00 PM! After talking about it, I realized I had exercised yesterday with weights and did stretches and now today, I had to make up for all the exercising I had been doing. I guess one can get lots of exercise while sitting on a chair.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shop 'Til You Drop

I met Trudy at Michael's today and we shopped for a while. Then we went by Penny's so I could take three items back. We went upstairs and admired the bedspreads and went on out into the Mall. We ate at Chick Felet. I had a bar to eat and Trudy got a 4 nugget kids meal. Then we walked back through the mall and stopped at The Shoe Dept. Encore. We bought some thong sandals. We went to Best Buy to take some cookies to one of Trudy's friends and we found a lot of notebooks on sale for 34 and 14 cents. We both loaded up on the notebooks! I only paid $3 something for all of mine! It was a fun purchase. We parted ways then. I came on back to Athens and stopped by Lowe's to return some poison ivy poison and then to Walmart to return some pruner's that the clasp had broken. I bought some fruit and cottage cheese and some powdered milk and then came home.

My last exercise video came today. It's a two disk workout. One with stretching and one with weights and balance on it. I did the strength exercises tonight and found them very good. I'll look at the stretch video tomorrow after exercise class. Jan might not be there because she called and told me her knee was hurting her Wednesday. I'll take my notes in case Jan isn't there and Barbara doesn't want to do it again since she led the class Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Roofing Day

The roofers did their thing all day and we endured,"Bang,bang bang-de-bang" all day. At 3:00 Pm they were through! No telling what the birds thought but we tried to be with them during most of the time and they seemed to be no worse for the wear (I think that's the way the saying goes...). The roof looks good. It's white, but it doesn't stick out like I thought it would. We hope it will help with the cooling bills this summer. We also had a vent cut down the length of the top of the house so the hot air in the attic could move up and out the vent.

I got another exercise video today. It's all stretching and uses hand weights, too. It's about 45-50 minutes and is enjoyable. I have one more video coming and I hope it has some way to get my heart rate up. The chair dancing video does get my heart rate up to where it's supposed to be. I like it too.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Buying Day

While going through the sale papers, I noticed some sale items I wanted at Walgreens and K-Mart. I went to town after lunch. Walgreens didn't have the Tena product I wanted but they had the acid reducer I wanted and that was $6.00 cheaper than Walmart. At K-Mart, I got a bedspread. It was a full-queen but it comes to the floor like a bedspread on my twin bed. It's a yellow and blue quilted spread and I like it. I bought 4 beach towels for Dad but he rejected the colors I got, so they will have to go back or I'll find some way to use them. I tried on some shorts at K-Mart but I can't get into a 12 yet. The 14's looked too big so I didn't even try them on. I really don't need any new pants yet. With what I've already bought and what I have from last year, I'm fine.

I lost another pound which makes the total of 3 pounds. I think my exercise video is helping and I have two more on the way. If I would commit to exercising a lot, the pounds would come off faster, but I just don't want to do it. Maybe the new videos will help. I enjoy exercising while sitting in a chair!

The roofers are coming tomorrow at 7:30 AM and we'll have to be up and awake to help the birds cope with all the noise coming from the roof. I'll have to miss exercise class because it's a prednesone day for Dad and he'll need me home to help cope with all that will be going on. It's been raining every other day lately and hopefully it won't rain tomorrow.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fresh Day

I spent some time yesterday organizing my exercise notes so the exercises would flow. I ended up with four hand written pages and I still forgot some of them today. Jan and Barbara helped me out from the class. As time goes on, I'll be able to remember them all.

After class, I drove to Karen's house for scripture study. We had a nice time. She has some peas that had pods of them ready to pick and her one strawberry plant had about 6 strawberries on it and we each had one. It was good and sweet. There are some ferrel cats at their place and it had beat up on Punkin and now it got a piece of Shadow. Ken is going to try to shoot it if he gets a chance. I saw it walking through the yard and thought it was Punkin because it's an orange tabby. While the Decker cats were in the house during vacation time, the wild cats must have laid claim to the back yard and attack the tame cats who don't know how to fight.

Dad is feeling bad for it's a prednesone day. I called the Sports Med office to see who Dr. Moore would refer to replace a hip, and he said Drs. Alexander and Higgenbothen. Dad said he would ask Dr. Phillips about a good Dr.

Forrest's blood drive was a success! Now he has lots of paper work to fill out before he can get his Eagle award. He'll look back on this and will be proud that he stuck with it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long Sunday

The Decker's are back in town so I rode to church with them. They came by at 12:00Pm and we got to church with time to spare. I didn't notice exactly what time we got there. Primary went well. One of the music leaders was sick so we started with Karen leading the music. Sister Kitchens came in late but she was there. Sacrament meeting was good. No one has laid claim to the seats so everyone just wanders around trying to see where to sit. April isn't playing the organ and I wonder if it's because it would be too loud and would bother the other Ward (s) that is there too.

I wore one of Trudy's blue jean skirts with a blue stripped shirt. I even painted my short nails a bronze color. I was styling!

Forrest's Eagle project was today. It was a blood drive at his church. He had 33 people signed up to give blood. I hope he made his goal. I'd have been there if it weren't on a Sunday.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Again

Got up at 7 AM, ate breakfast and then listened to Kim Kamando on the radio while I did some chores. I needed some more cottage cheese and Dad needed some tape, so I headed for Walmart. Everybody and his brother was at Walmart! I had to wander all over since they are remodeling the store. The scrap booking stuff wasn't where is used to be and I wandered all over the place looking for the tape. They stopped selling fabric and have used that space to enlarge the electronic dept. I got what I needed and got out in the 20 items or less lane.

Nothing much is happening today. I have some laundry to do but it's half done. Dad isn't feeling very well today. One of his hips is bothering him. He said he wanted to see a Dr about it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Three Things

First, I went to exercise and then I wandered around town until it was time to go get my hair cut and then I went to Lowe's to get some poison ivy poison and I bought a small plant. I've been wanting a plant to take care of. I got a very small Mother-in-law plant. That the common name for it. ( Gertie is sitting on my left hand while I type-I don't know how long this is going to last-he's off now). The plant can get really tall but this one is only about 6" tall. I bought a new pot for it and a little saucer to put it on. Ah-h-h-h.

I don't know when I tackle the poison ivy. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I won't have to worry about it then. Hopefully I'll get around to it before the Green Giant tries to climb the vine!

I decided to give one of the pieces of jewelry to my friend, Wanda. She remembered my birthday, but I forgot hers. It has a butterfly on it and she likes butterflies.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exercise DVD

I just did my exercise DVD and it is fun. I worked up a little sweat which I like, not a big sweat. If I do it every day it aught to help along with what I do at the Senior Center. I might order some other chair dancing DVD's.

I went to clean up after the cats probably for the last time today. They will surely be glad when their family gets in. I expect them today or tomorrow.

It's going to rain in the next day or two, We just got the grass cut and then it rains! I can hear it growing!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gay Day

Shame on you for thinking what you're thinking! I had a FUN day with my hubby going to the Dr. Actually, the fun part started when I got home and put the Chair Dancing CD in the computer and did the exercises with the people on the video. I was rather spastic trying to keep up with all the moves but I did get my heart rate up on the fast part. It was fun and as I learn the moves I can put more umph in it!

Dad had a good Dr. visit. He's still got it...arthritis, that is. Then on to the pharmacy for the Rx, and then home.

We're getting ready to get a new roof on the house and the Dish has to be taken off the roof so the roofers can put the new roof on. They can't put it on the flue for it might crack a block. It's always something!

I got to wear my Mother's Day necklace or pendant today. It's a green fern with an orange butterfly on and it matched the jungle-type blouse I had on. It's fun jewelry. Trudy did one of a green and yellow Sundrop emblem on it and both her kids tried to get it from her! They'll have to make one for themselves. It was a fun craft to do.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Very Nice Day

Went to Trudy's house today. I was glad to see the dogs and they were excited to see me! I was glad to see Trudy too, but she didn't wiggle and whine over me like the dogs did! She is into jewelry making now. We worked with small pieces of beveled glass and glued patterned paper on one side and covered the backs with something that made them all shiny and sealed. The ones I made were my Mother's Day gifts! I loved making them and will enjoy wearing them. Thank you Trudy and Benny and Carhartt.

Trudy loaned me two blue jean skirts. They are a bit long, and come down to my ankles, but I will wear them anyway. I bought a blouse that I really like but I think I need to take back. Otherwise I need to put cap sleeves in it. I don't know how much trouble that will be. It started out costing $54.00 and I got it at $13.23.

I just called Jan and told her husband to tell her I won't be at exercise tomorrow because I have to take Frank to the Dr. in H'ville. I enjoy the class more now that I am involved in it more. I got my other exercise DVD yesterday but I haven't had time to watch it. I have to watch it on the computer because we don't have a DVD player that works.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cloudy Monday

Couldn't call it Blue Monday for it wasn't blue in nature, just rain and gray skies.
Exercise class went well. I remembered more of the exercises plus Barbara and Jan helped me. I used to think that I wasn't getting much exercise doing it, but you really do, Nothing big for the heart, but I have a chair dancing DVD that I can use at home for the heart.

Frank helped me, or he installed this new keyboard and mouse. I had just about gotten used to the straight keyboard and roller ball mouse when this keyboard came in. I have one more thing coming from Amazon. A book about bulbs.

I have some poison ivy to deal with outside and I'm putting it off. Maybe I can get some poison ivy spray or something. otherwise, I'll have to put on gloves and dig it out of the ground.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Ward

I left the house at 12:15 and got to the Madison building with 10 minutes to spare. The Primary room wasn't being used by the other Wards and our members were in it. The room is large enough for both Jr. and Sr. Primary to meet together. Sister Shirts conducted and Sister Gorton had sharing time. The children made cards for their mothers. They sang two songs for their mothers in Sacrament meeting. Things went well.

Frankie called to wish me happy mother's day and we got to listen to Kayla and Mariam play the piano and we talked to Luke and Josh and had a fun time on the phone! About 2 minutes later Richard called and we talked to him, Nate, Sophia and Mary Kate. He must have had it on speaker phone.It sounded like it.

Frank surprised me this morning with a Pajama Gram. The P.J.'s look like blue jeans and a grey shirt came with it. They fit but I have about a foot of material to cut off the bottoms of the pants!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

No Energy Day

It was a lay around, not do much day. I didn't need to do laundry, so I didn't. I did sweep the floors instead of vacuuming them. I did cook a cabbage head that weighed 5 lbs. I didn't cook it long enough but it's eatable.

I got a DVD I had ordered on chair fitness. It's a little too elementary, but I can use some of the moves when I teach the exercise class. We sit in chairs most of the time. We do get up and do some exercises behind the chairs, and then sit down and pick up our sticks and balls. According to this video we do some of the same moves. The class lasts 45 minutes. I enjoy it and the people who come.

Tomorrow, we will attend church in the Madison building. I'm going to leave the house at 12:15 PM. It won't take me 45 minutes to get there, but I want to make sure I have plenty of time this first time. The Decker's said it will take them an hour to get there and they live 15 minutes west of me (I can't remember if the directions are supposed to be capitalized or not...). I don't feel nervous about it and I feel sure the Lord is helping out with this.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Long Day

I got up at 7 AM and left the house around 8. The exercise class was good. I will lead it Mondays. Then I went to the Decker's house to feed the cats. Shadow was so loving. She missed her family! Pumkin ignored me. Didn't come upstairs. Maybe he thinks I'm the one who made his family disappear! From the Decker's, I went to Mary Lou's. Her therapist was there so I didn't get to visit with her. I left the cycle machine and went home. I did get a National Geographic address which I needed.

Around the first of the year, I got a notice from the National Geographic offering a subscription for only $12.00 and I took them up on it. My check was cashed, but I haven't gotten one magazine. I told them if they weren't going to honor my subscription, to send my money back to me. I hope I'll hear from them. I really would like to read the Geographic again.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back Again

I had to go back to Walmart to get some things that I forgot yesterday. I got some blush and nail polish. I think the blush is too light, but in the bathroom light, I can't really tell. The nail polish is light too, but I like it. I keep my nails short so dark polish doesn't look good on short nails.

I ordered a new keyboard from Amazon today. Don't think the mouse comes with it. I can get used to the one Dad gave me-the one with the roller ball your thumb uses so the mouse itself doesn't move, or I can get a new one.

I finally lost some weight-3 pounds. It'll just take me longer since I'm not exercising much. Tomorrow, I think I will walk around the Wellness track after exercise class. I have to feed Karen's cats and take a stationary bike over to Mary Lou. She had her knee replaced and will need the bike to help her recover.

Forrest will have a blood drive as his Eagle project. It will be on Sunday from 8:00 AM-1:00 PM. Our church starts at 1:00 PM and I don't know if I want to go to Hazel Green or Fayetteville at 8:00 AM and then try to get to Madison by 1:00 PM. I can't give blood because I've had cancer, so I've been told, but I would like to be there to support Forrest. Trudy said she could get me back to church on time, so I don't know what I'll be doing. I'm proud of Forrest for sticking with Scouting and getting his Eagle.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hello To You

My favorite keyboard died today. It was a nice one. I don't know how to describe it, but I was used to it and it was fine. Now, I have to use the small, white one that Frank hides out in his room for just this kind or occasion. I won't get used to it, for I will buy one of my liking!

Exercise was good today. I can't wait until my new DVD's come in. One is chair exercises and the other one is chair...dancing...but not really. It's to peppy music and you wave your arms a lot, I think. I was impressed enough to order it.

I bought groceries at Walmart. I didn't get much food. I bought a night gown, a lipstick and some blush, which pushed the price up a bit. They want 98 cents for a green pepper and 88 cents for one cucumber. I don't buy those things normally, but that is a huge price to pay for them.

It got up to 89 degrees today with the sun shinning. I walked out to get the mail but it hadn't come. I spent 15 minutes on the exercise bike and walking out to the mail box again will just add to the exercise total.

I sure get hungry in between meals, lately. I need to eat more veggies but I don't want to. I drink diet coke to help scare off he hungries. The supper meal is usually a bit more calories than the lunch and more satisfying. Plus, I save the dessert for my late night snack before I go to sleep and that makes the day worth it! Nothing like being on a diet and getting to eat chocolate!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trip Again

Frank had bought an Apple product last year but the Apple headquarters didn't have it registered. They registered it anyway even though he didn't have a receipt. So we had to go to H'ville to the Apple store to find out if he had paid for the Apple product or not.

While on our way, the car was acting strange, so I stopped in the Collins parking lot and Frank got out to check the tire pressure. One tire only had 7.5 pounds of air! We went to Big 10 Tires and got it fixed. We ran over a roofing nail somewhere. Had we not gone today, the tire would have gone flat and we couldn't use it. It happened on the vintage Accord.

Frank explained his story to the people at the Apple store and they decided he had probably paid for it and all was well there. We were thankful that we found the tire before it lost all of its air.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Exercise Completed

I did fairly well leading the exercises today. There were quite a few left over after I did the exercises I had written down. Barbara and Jan helped me when I didn't know what to do. It was fun and I wasn't nervous at all. I didn't think I would be.

After exercises, I came home. I don't have any thing to do here. The house is fairly clean and nothing is calling my name. Maybe I'll go out and see what Walmart offers. We decided to pay bills so I won't go to Walmart.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Changes Made

The weather was very threatening this morning and I took my umbrella. It didn't rain until after I got home, thankfully.

The Bishopric was reorganized today. Bishop Falconbury is still Bishop, but Bro. Black was moved to 1st counselor and Larry Garbett is the 2nd counselor now. Tony Allen was released. It'll be better for his family since Jackie is sick. There will be a job for Tony for he is too good a man to be jobless long.

Our last Primary in our old building was a good one. Sis Gorton had two priesthood men come and talk about what ordinances were with the older children and the younger children. It was very enjoyable.

I have 6 more days on the diet but I have new food coming this week. I've gotten down to the things that I picked over and now have to eat!

I decided to help out with the exercise class at the Senior Center. Jan asked about anyone wanting to help out to come on and over the week-end I decided I could do it. My first try will be tomorrow morning. If I forget anything, the class will help out and show me what I forgot.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


The rain came and I think we are under a tornado watch until 5 PM or something. Trudy said the brunt of the storms will be tomorrow morning. Good going to church weather. This will be the last time we meet in our building. Mother's Day, May 9th, we will begin meeting in the Madison building. It will be wild! No one will know where they are supposed to go and there will be another Ward meeting in the building too. I'm a bit nervous about it all, but it'll be okay.

I'm washing towels and clothes now. The towels are the large ones that Dad has on his beds and I expect they will take a long time to dry. I have other towels to wash and several sets of sheets. They can wait until another day. I don't like folding sheets since I'm so short. Most of the sheets are for a twin bed so that's not too bad.

Dad had to replace the sprayer on the kitchen sink. I did without one for a long time but they are so handy. I cooked two califlowers today and they will be yummy tonight for supper.

I have a new mouse on this computer and I'm not used to it. There's another one that doesn't move around, you just move a ball around. My thumb is too nervous to use it. I guess I can get used to it if I have to. Ugh! The older I get the less I like change!