Thursday, March 31, 2011

S-l-o-w Day

Tuesdays and Thursdays are really slow days for me. I don't get out of the house. I did talk to Trudy today. She was inquiring about how to cook wheat berries. The skies are still cloudy.

The electric company came yesterday and trimmed the pine trees that had grown up into the wires. They came back today to pick up the debris. They have a chipper carried behind a large truck that holds the clippings and they ground up all of the limbs they had cut off. Our electric power had gone off and they decided it was the pine trees that were causing it.

Frank discovered that my hair gel that he buys for me, fragrance free, had fragrance it it. I couldn't tell the difference but he could smell it. Smells sets off a reaction in his body that isn't pleasant and it makes him uncomfortable. We just returned from the Amazon site where we found some hair get that's fragrance free, some shampoo and hair spray, too, so we bought that. Amazon is a good place to buy things.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nice Night

Tuesday night, Ann had a VT party at her house. Everyone brought finger foods and we ate and then watched a video about  Emmeline B. Wells. She was the third general Relief Society president. She once met Joseph Smith and was a plural wife. She had a hard life but accomplished much. She was a friend of Susan B. Anthony and worked in the women's suffrage movement. She was quite a woman. I think my trials are not much after seeing what she had to go through in her life.

It rained several times that night and even hailed here. I was asleep at the time but Frank heard and saw it. The skies are still cloudy and rain is possible. It was in the 60's today.

I didn't go to exercise but did go to Curves. I can tell my arm and shoulder muscles are getting stronger and it's good to get out of the house several times a week.

Mary Kate and the children are coming up next Wednesday. We have General Conference on TV this week-end and it will be good to hear from the General Authorities.

Monday, March 28, 2011

New week

After having beautiful Spring weather for a while, we're having a cold spell. It's as if Mother Nature were playing a trick on us! Someone at exercise today said we haven't had blackberry winter yet. I guess that is a cold snap that happens around when the blackberries bloom, which is probably in April.

Sunday was a good day at church. One of the Primary children was baptized. We have choir practice after the meetings are all over and the baptism was at 5 PM. There were a lot of people there. A lot of family came. It was a nice service.

The inspection on our building was postponed for a week, so we won't be able to get into the new chapel until April 17th. Next Saturday and Sunday will be General Conference and we will have one more Sunday in Decatur and then we'll get to meet in our own building! It's been about a year since we moved out and it will be so good to be back home in a larger building.

Led the exercise today. My mind wasn't too sharp and I was glad I still have my notes to help remind me of what to do. I went to Curves afterwards. It was 9:30 AM and there weren't many people there. It takes me about 35 minutes to go around the machines twice. I'm glad I'm going. My muscles were really flabby. I hope this will help my over all strength problems.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sedate Saturday

I did my pills for next week and then did two loads of laundry. It's been raining and thundering all day as a storm system was passing over.

Frank bought an ultrasound wand to use on his leg and hip. I did it for him today but don't know if it will do any good. I looked it up on the computer but didn't get much information about home use. In the hospital, it's used to view internal organs. Maybe it will ease some of his pain.

Tomorrow could be the last time we have to go to Decatur for church. The building was inspected Thursday and if we passed inspection, we could be in the building April 10th. If not then, by April 17th, for that's when we have Ward Conference. It will be so good to get back to going to church in the morning instead of the afternoon and staying in town to go to church! At least we've had an LDS building to meet in all these months.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday and Friday

Mary Kate called last night to say her birthday card got there on time. My brother's card will be a day late. His birthday is March 25 but the mail had already come when I took the card to the mail box. I called him to wish him a happy birthday.

Thursday, we went to the temple. It was a nice visit and a nice ride home. We got home a little after 11:00 PM. It had turned a little cooler and was to get down to 33 degrees by morning.

I didn't go to exercises but went to Curves and then to Publix to shop. I had a list I made from the flyer and I got most of what I going for. I got one Pepperfidge Farms layer cake and got another one free. I'll take one to the VT party we are having later on this month. That's better than me making something.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cloudy Day

I went to Curves this morning. I didn't want to get up at 6:30 AM today so I skipped the exercise class. After Curves, I stopped by Walmart and got some bread and a 4 1/2 lb beef roast to cook in the pressure cooker. I cooked it for an hour and expected it to be really tender, but it wasn't. I think it was too large for it was like it was roasted in the oven. I put too much tenderizer on it and it make it too salty. But all was not lost! I got the electric knife out and carved it into slices then into small pieces to be used in beef stew and anything I can think of that needs small chunks of beef. Being cooked in a slow cooker with carrots, potatoes and onions will tenderize the beef. I have about 2 cups of gravy from it too. When Mary Kate comes in April, we can put all the ingredients for beef stew in the crock pot and then go shopping and it will all be cooked when we get back.

It rained really hard for a few minutes but not enough to fill up the bird bath. The bath has some sweet gum thingies in it and I know the outside birds would like for me to get them out of their bath so they won't have prickly things in it. But will I do that...maybe.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Slow Day

Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually slow activity days for me. I was helping Frank make up some capsules when the delivery man came with my new Presto pressure cooker. We finished with the capsules and then Frank put the handles on the pressure cooker for me. It's a 6 qt cooker and just the right size for the two of us. It's shiny stainless steal and look really good! I don't know what I'll cook first in it. It said not to cook a bean mix in it for it froths too much and that is why I got it in the first place! It cooks meats really tender so I'll probably try that first. I was hoping to get out of the three hours I have to cook the beans but that isn't all that much of a chore.

I was hot yesterday in my jeans so today I wore shorts. I'll wear cropped pants tomorrow to exercise class. Or I have some long pants that aren't as hot a jeans. The cancer meeting was called off tonight for lack of attendance. Lou has gotten discouraged about hosting the meeting so we might call it off all together.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Day

It was a usual Monday. I led the exercises and went to Curves-it takes about 35 minutes to go two rounds-and then to Walmart for some groceries and then home. I was at Karen's for scripture study at 1 PM and after that I came home and started a pot of beans. I had thawed two steak burgers for supper and we had some steamed potatoes too.

My brother's back had been hurting him for a while and he got it checked out. The Dr thinks it's cancer. Bubba diagnosed it as stage 4 lymphoma. He doesn't really know what it is, but that is pretty scary. He said if it was what he thought it was, he wouldn't have it treated. He would just let it run it's course and die with it. I keep telling him I don't want to be an "only child" but he just won't listen to me. There will be no funeral, he'll be cremated, and we'll have a day of "fun and frolic" at his son Bill's house in Mississippi. Life can hit you below the belt at times.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crazy World

There's a civil war going on in Libya and the leader is killing his own people. Now a coalition of nations, France, Britain, Canada, someone else and the U.S. is bombing Libya trying to establish a no fly zone over the country. Obama said we would have no troupes on the ground but the Libyan people will need some help from someone. The nations want the Libyan leader to step down or leave the country. The news has been full of this story all day. It is big news. We are fighting a war in Irac and Afaganistan (the computer doesn't know how to spell these words either) and we don't need to be stretched so thin with our forces.

Being a Saturday, it was a slow day. I did the laundry and vacuumed the floors but didn't do much of anything else.

Mary Kate had Cricket put to sleep yesterday. She was ready, Cricket and Mary Kate, that is. They got an underground fence for Obie so he would stay in the yard. So far so good. She and the kids are planning to come up the first Wednesday in April.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Led Exercises

Jan's mother died and her funeral was today so I led the exercises. They went well. I have a problem with one of the people that come there. Everyone likes to hug and one is getting too personal with the hugs so I'll have to say something to them Monday. I had to go to the bank and then on home because Frank had a visit with the eye Dr. His eye is healing well and he will see him next Friday. We mailed a CD back to my brother and stopped by Taco Bell and then came home.

Yesterday, I prepared a sample of the E-Foods. It was chicken and rice casserole, with cheese. It was good but it is expensive. Frank likes the idea because it comes in pails. Each pail holds a day or two or three of meals. I don't really know that much about how it comes. The food is advertised as gourmet. The other food samples we got were good too. I just don't remember what brand they were.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nice Day #3

Ha-ha! I have no creative blog titles. I had an appointment with the skin Dr at 9:15 AM. He said the black thing on my back was normal. I could have had it frozen off but I didn't. I didn't want a sore spot today.  Afterwards, I went to Curves since I didn't go Wednesday. After Curves to Walmart to get some veggies and apples and then to the library to get the tax forms. I didn't get all the forms that Frank wanted or the right ones, so we will go by tomorrow and see if he can find the ones he wants!

After lunch, I went to Karen's with the two skirts that I had to take up. I wanted them long, but they were too long and I needed help in taking them up. She measured them and I cut off the amount needed and used her serger to finish the edge. That was the first time I had used one and it was great!. Then I pinned the hem up and sewed it on her machine. She made a chore for me a good experience and I got my skirts hemmed. One is a dark blue denim and the other a dark purple polyester and rayon and spandex. I think the denim had spandex too. I'll need to get a blouse to match the purple skirt.

My knees hurt where I fell in the driveway. They were both stiff today. I'm really careful now so that I won't fall again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bread Making Night

I washed clothes and played the piano while the clothes were washing. Got them in the dryer and went upstairs. Didn't have much to do today. Went to the Harris home for Relief Society. Sophrona made her bread for us and we got some recipes. There were 10-14 sisters there. After the bread was baked, we got to eat it! Sophrona makes the sacrament bread because her young son is allergic to things in regular bread and she wanted him to partake of the sacrament, so she makes the bread he can eat. It was a fun night.

Tomorrow I go to Huntsville to pick up Frank's Rx and then I will go on to Trudy's house for lunch.  She has a pitcher (gallon) with a plunger and a can strainer that I ordered from a party deal and I want to get it. I will be leaving Athens at 9:15 AM for that's when I get out of exercise class.

I've been getting up 15 minutes early so I can read a chapter in the Book of Mormon to start my day. I don't have any problem focusing at that time of the day. Remembering, yes, focusing, no!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday's Post

Trudy and I went to Nashville to Time Out For Women. We only turned wrong once and found the convention center very easily. We parked in a downtown lot that had a machine instead of a parking attendant. We had to enter the first three numbers of our license tag into the machine and then insert the Visa card and then we got a receipt that we had to put on the dash board of the car. The convention was from 9-3:45 PM. It was very good and very motivating. I had made four sandwiches and we only had one and a half left over. I emptied a Emergency Essentials back pack and put the sandwiches and 4 water bottles and some crackers and bars. We had plenty of things to eat. The brochure said lunch wouldn't be provided but they did have some sandwiches for $12.00! I bought a small book and a CD called, The Dog Ate My Scriptures. Trudy got her and Sadie a small purple journal and a small book about missionaries, I think. The whole day was very fulfilling.

Today was my day to lead the exercises after a week off. I was a bit stiff and could tell I hadn't exercised in a week. I went to Curves afterwards and then to Walmart for some bananas. I came home and fixed lunch for us and then went to Karen's for scripture study. Tomorrow night the Relief Society is having a lesson on bread making at Susan Harris' home and we're going to that.

I went out to put a letter in the mail box and caught the toe of my shoe on a rock and fell down. I had an umbrella in my hand and that may have cushioned my fall, but I still got a good raspberry on my left knee and some other wounds on my left hand and elbow. I'm too old to fall! I need to watch out how I walk on the road. If we get some crushed gravel on the road, it would take out all the various sized rocks that stick out now. It would be nice.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Visit

Frank saw Dr Moody today at 10:30 AM. His eye is healing according to schedule. He doesn't have to wear the clear patch except at night while he sleeps. He'll see the Dr again next Friday.

Frank looked up the Nashville Convention Center for me or the directions to get there. I made 4 sandwiches, got 4 bottles of water,some bars and 4 peanut butter cracker packages. I think that will be enough food for the day at Time Out For Women. I'll get up at 4:30 AM, and leave the house at 5:30 and get to Trudy's in about 40 minutes. She's driving and I'm paying for gas. Our tickets are at the convention hall at the "will call" table. We have one ticket to try and sell. The Relief Society President is buying the other ticket.

Japan has had a 8.9 earthquake and a tsunami that washed away lots of property and lives in the North of Japan. California saw a small tsunami that washed 3 people out to sea. Two were rescued and one drowned. The last days are truly here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

All Is Well

We were at the hospital at 8:30 AM. Frank was prepped and had two sets of eye drops put in plus his IV. At 10:30, they took him back. The operation didn't last for more than 15-20 minutes. The waiting wasn't that hard to do. The last time I had to wait so long was when he had his appendix taken out. I read the Tim Polenty book and was getting ready to listen to music on my ipod when the nurse came and got me. Frank was ready to go home in an hour. We stopped by Taco Bell and got some taco supremes and one crunchy taco, for Frank. I don't really like Taco Bell.

I have to put eye drops in Frank's eyes every two hours until he goes to bed, which will be 10:00 PM. Trudy will call tomorrow with what time I need to be at her house Saturday morning. We'll need to take sandwiches and drinks and munchies so we won't have to spend a lot of money in Nashville. I think we'll have a lot of fun.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Rainy Day

I think it rained all night but this morning it was just cloudy. I had to go out to the bank and to Staples and then to Curves. It didn't rain the time I was out and I was glad. We're supposed to get more rain today and it is going to turn colder tonight and be in the 40"s tomorrow.

Trudy can't be with me at the hospital so I 'll go it alone. I have plenty of books and magazines, but it's still a long time to just sit and wait.

We burned a CD of O Brother, Where Art Thou. The original CD belongs to my brother and he wanted it back. It's old time country folk music and I like that kind of music. I'll keep the CD in the car to play when I'm out and about. Frank doesn't like Blue Grass music and my latest CD's are that kind of music. I don't have room in my room for my CD player and it is downstairs so I'll just listen to the music when I'm in the car.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Trudy called to say her friend and her sister won't be going with us to Nashville. I had already bought her tickets so maybe we can sell them when we get to Nashville. Still don't know when I should be at Trudy's house Saturday morning. It will be fun just being a mother and daughter trip.

Dad got the finishing touches for his hospital visit done. We have to be at the hospital at 8:30 AM and the procedure will be done at 10:30-11:00 AM. We'll get to go home sometime that afternoon. Trudy will be able to come over and sit with me for some of that time.

It's been raining most of the day and about 56 degrees. Tonight, after midnight, we should have some thunderstorms. I hope the rain will be gone in the morning. I need to stop at the PO and mail a package and then go by Curves.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy,Busy Day

Since we didn't have class at the Senior Center today, I slept in. I needed to go to Walmart for groceries and then to Curves and at 1:00 PM over to Karen's for scripture study. Since I got a late start, I had to hurry after I put the groceries up and eat a bite and then go to Karen's.

When I got home, I made a pot to taco soup, without the taco seasoning. I did have a bit of Hidden Ranch dressing that I put in. It needs some seasoning to taste good. I also put a can of chicken, shredded, in it. Frank didn't like the chicken in it, but he won't be eating it, just me. I love it.

Trudy's coming to the hospital Thursday to sit with me while Dad has his operation. It should only be 3 hours but that is a long time to wait alone, especially since I don't like to read.

In talking with Trudy today, she asked me to call and order the Time Out For Women tickets which I did. I asked when it was and she said this Saturday! Wow! I had figured everyone had forgotten about going but not so. Trudy will call me back and tell me what time I need to be at her house Saturday. Her friend Cay and her sister and Trudy and I are going. It's in Nashville and that is only about 1 1/2 hours away.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rainy Day

It was supposed to rain all day and it did! The bird bath got full and it is still raining lightly. Maybe it will be clear tomorrow in time for church.

I washed a load of clothes and folded and put the towels away. I cooked some veggies. Frank has been sick with a cold all week and hasn't felt like eating much. He's still fighting the symptions of the cold. Thursday, he will have a cataract removed from one of his eyes. It will be about a three hour operation. Maybe I'll see if someone can come to the hospital and sit with me. It's the pits to have to wait in the waiting room all that time. I hope his recovery won't be slow.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Two Exercises

It's Friday and I led the exercises at the Senior Center for Jan's mother was back in the hospital. I am enjoying it more now that I can remember more of the exercises without having to look at my notes as much. After the exercise, I went by the bank for a deposit and then by the Salvation Army and found that they had moved. Then I went to Curves for my work out. There weren't many people while I was there. After curves, I remembered the Good Will store and I dropped the things off there I had for the Salvation Army so I came home with an empty car.

The Fed X man came with the four boxes I ordered from the Distribution Center, plus two other boxes from Emergency Essentials. I haven't opened them yet but think one of them is the Volcano stove I ordered. It will burn wood, charcoal and you can use propane gas with it. I need to get some camp type pots and pans to use on it for I wouldn't want to use my good cook ware on it if we were cooking with charcoal.  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Usual Thursday

Thursdays are a down day. I don't usually go anywhere and just stay at home. I needed a rest from being with Forrest and Sadie yesterday. Not that they made me tired, just the driving around and walking we did.

We had a meal replacement drink for lunch with some buttered bread. That lasted me until 2 PM and I was hungry again. In fact, I was hungry all day because of it. We had eggs and toast for supper. Then we read from the Book of Mormon and then payed the bills. It was a very exciting day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Day

The trip to Knoxville was postponed. Planned for some other time.

We've been off the internet since Sunday. Monday or Tuesday I bought a new router and Frank finally get it up and running again. It was bad not to be able to blog each evening!

Trudy went to the temple today to do Nanny Layton's work. I went over to her house to be with the kids. They are 17 and 13 years old but that was a long time for them to be alone and I enjoyed having them all to myself. We went into H'ville and I shopped at Sam's then we went to Krystal's to eat. We went to a hobby store for Forrest and to Old Navy for Sadie. I think I could have out shopped them! We got back to their house at 2 PM and Trudy came in at 3 PM. She had had a good time and showed me all the things she had bought using coupons. She's really saving a lot. They've joined a gym with the money she's saved using coupons. Everyone will enjoy the use of the gym.

Monday after I led the exercise, I joined Curves again. I realized that if I didn't do something to help myself exercise, I would not be able to take care of myself or Frank. I went today at 9 AM and made the rounds before I went to Sadie and Forrest's house. I'll plan to go to Curves every M-W-F after the Senior Center.