Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31, New Year's Eve

I got the turkey ready to go into the oven at 11:30 AM. It cooked in three hours. I had forgotten to put it in a turkey bag but it did just fine. About 1 cup on juice cooked off and it wasn't real fatty. It was a 9 lb bird. After it cooled, I took it off the bones. Even the breast was juicy and moist! It was a Lit'l Butterball turkey. After I got on the computer, I learned that Trudy and her family won't be coming over tomorrow. She's not feeling well and that they will come maybe next week. We pigged out on the apple salad and had turkey sandwiches for supper! We'll surely miss them. I had presents and everything for them.

I'll take down the Christmas decorations tomorrow. I'll miss them. I've enjoyed my little tree with the blinking lights on it. I really didn't decorate much, just the tree and a few Christmas cards. It'll be easy to clear away.

Rikki has a liver disease and has been loosing weight. I've been feeding her her medicine and walnuts and Nutriberrys, anything to fatten her up. Frank has made a special perch he can put on the postal scale and weigh her. Sometimes life is short and sweet. We've had her 16 years.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Exercise Was Good

After a week of being sick and missed appointments, I met with Janet today. I hadn't exercised all week so I didn't know what to expect. We did some new things and I wasn't tired at all. I forgot my water bottle and missed it when I was on the bike. Mary Kate has two women she is training now and is enjoying it.

Frank installed a grab bar in his bathroom and it is going to work well. He enjoys being able to work with his tools and things.

It was so warm, 65 degrees today, that I didn't even wear a coat or shirt.

I'm thawing the turkey now and plan to cook it tomorrow, Saturday, the 31st. I made the apple salad today. The apples weren't that flavorful and I used Kool Whip instead of mayo. I did put some mayo in it because the Kool Whip didn't want to mix smoothly. Hopefully, it'll all get eaten. I believe it will.  I'm giving Forrest the pair of lounge pants I got for Frank for Christmas because the pockets aren't deep enough, and I'm giving Sadie a necklace and a crocheted doilies. I inherited  lots of them from my mother who got them from her mother. Someone make them and they are valuable items. I use several of them on the tops of speakers and things. Trudy's getting a selection of semi-precious stone heart necklaces that I don't want anymore and I got a Whitman's Sampler for George. It should be a nice visit Sunday when they come.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Outing

Out to Walmart, that is. I felt better and I needed of shop for groceries, so after lunch, I went to town. Walmart was full of people for a Wednesday, but I usually go in the mornings and there are usually not that many people there. I found it hard to concentrate with all the people around.

I got a 9 lb turkey. I think I will cook it on Saturday so I won't have that much to do on Sunday. I got the ingredients to make an apple salad. Instead of using mayo, I'm going to use Cool Whip. That should make it really good.

After shopping, I was really tired out. I don't know if I'll be able to go to the temple tomorrow night. I'm still feeling the effects of the stomach virus I had over the Christmas week-end. Hopefully, I'll be better by tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Christmas, Monday

Church was really nice. Christmas falling on a Sunday, we just had sacrament meeting. I had thrown up twice the night before but wasn't running a fever so went on to church for I was singing in a ladies group and I thought I had to play for the choir number. Kursten was back and she played for the choir and I got to sing. We had a lot of musical numbers and Bishop Harris gave a talk and the sang "O Holy Night". It's rather a tradition for him to sing that song sometime in December. His daughter, April, is very talented musically and she accompanied him on the piano. She plays the organ, too. She hasn't had any organ lessons but she is doing a fantastic joy on the organ.

I started getting queezy in church and when I got home, I was really feeling bad. I lay around all Sunday hoping to get better. I think it was the 24 hour stomach virus, for Monday morning, I felt well, but still a little weak. I made it to scripture study but have had some activity in my colon. I've been very fortunate. I rarely get sick.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...We'll just watch TV I guess. No one is coming over tomorrow. We'll eat the turkey and dressing TV dinners I got for Thanksgiving. They may be too salty for Frank, but he can eat some of the food. I got him a lightweight jacket and a pair of lounging pants. Didn't even wrap them up-Bah, humbug! Trudy and her family will be coming over New Years Day and we can celebrate then.

It's in the 50's today so they'll be no white Christmas for us this year, yeah! Snow is for youngsters, not the seniors. I feel like I'm getting a head cold. I've been forgetting my nose spray in the mornings and it may be an allergy, but a runny nose by whatever cause is still a runny nose!

I'm almost through with another book. The last one took me 4 days to read. It was a short one, but I enjoyed it. I like the one I'm reading, too. Amazon keeps me in books.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Car Fixed

I got up at 6 AM and was at Big 10 Tires by 7:15 AM. I thought I needed new rear brakes for the dealership had told me I needed to replace them but the guy at Big 10 said I had about 50% more left on them. My rear tires were slick though and I got two new tires and they were all balanced and alined. The tires will needed to be rotated every 6,000 miles and I can get my oil changed there too at the same time. I have a great little car.

I had a long day starting at 6 AM. I went down to the basement and rode the bike for 20 minutes and then worked with the weights and did some tubes. I guess I'll read some more tonight. I read about an hour at the car place today. The Kindle just fits into my purse and is a handy take-along.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Visiting Day

I got up this morning and got ready to go over too Wanda's house for a visit and to cut her hair. It was raining pretty hard but I found the street fairly easily. There used to be an old drive-in theater screen that could be used for a land mark, but it was gone. I did turn at the right place though and found it pretty easily. Wands' hair was too long for her liking and I did the best I could under the circumstances of not having any clips and only bobby pins that wouldn' open wide enough. Wanda said she liked the cut. We had lunch and then I had to go. They took pictures and she gave me an early birthday present of two soup mugs and a big jar of homemade soup for supper.

The rain is still coming down. There's a chance of bad weather but so far no warnings. Wanda and Mike went through the bad tornadoes that hit the area last spring. The tornado hit their travel trailer they were living in. They were injured but survived. Even their cockateil, was spared and reunited with them later.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vet Trip

Rikki and I went to see Dr Jan this morning at 10:30. We had about an hour wait and then Dr Jan needed to run some tests on Rikki and that took a while and finally we were on the way home by 1:45 PM. Rikki has lost weight and her stools were yellowish which means her liver is not right. I have two Rx's to give her each day. She's 16 years old and may not reach the ripe old age of 60-70 years. Rosko is 21 years old and seems to be holding his own. I have no idea how old Gert is. He may be in his 30's.

After I got home, I took Karen's presents over to her and came back home and helped Frank put things back in his bathroom. He had mopped the floors in his bathroom and had taken most of the bottles & things off the floor. It looks nice. He still has too much stuff in that small bathroom but it's his.

Friday, I need to take my car into Big 10 Tires and get the back brakes changed and have the tires rotated and balanced , if necessary. I've been putting it off because I have really been busy lately but I have to have it done. I'm going to see Wanda tomorrow. Hope I can find her house okay.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Party

I almost didn't go to the senior center Christmas party. I had gone back to bed to read the scriptures and before I knew it it was 9:15 AM and the party was at 10:00 AM. I rushed and got dressed. I had made the brownies and had a present. I got there and there was already a large crowd sitting in a semi-circle. I sat with Ethel and another girl that comes to the exercise classes outside of the semi-circle. Everyone got a ticket with a number on it, if you brought a present. That way, if you brought a present, you would get a present. When my number was called, I "stole" a present that was already unwrapped. It was a small water fountain and I thought it was nice. No one "stole" it from me but Frank didn't sound too excited about it when he said, "Are you going to put water in it?"

I exercised with Janet at 2:30 PM and had a good work-out. She said I was doing good and had increased in weights. She gave me a pair of very pretty earrings that she had made. She said she had noticed I liked earrings and she made me a pair. I had been admiring her earrings and will have to tell her that next week.

Next, I went to Lowe's to get Dad a grab bar for the bathroom. We had installed two bars in the large bathroom when I had my knees replaced two years ago and they are a big help. They didn't have the one I had a paper for and it would take two weeks for it to come in, so I looked at what they did have and found one that would work. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Out to Lunch

I taught at the center and then made a mad rush to K Mart to buy some presents for my brother and sister-in-law who were coming up to take me out to lunch. I got Ruth two pair of earrings like I have, a pair of diamond-like studs and a pair of gold hoops. I got my brother a pair of gloves. Ruth made us a loaf of white bread and some peach preserves and three other baked goods that were absolutely delicious! I ate more than I should have, but I enjoyed every bite. I'm hoping to save some for when Trudy and her family come for Christmas dinner. If not, then I can bake some brownies.

The party at the senior center is tomorrow at 10:00 AM. I'm taking some brownies and a present of white gloves. If you don't bring a gift, you can't play dirty Santa. I don't know that game but I'll find out tomorrow. I exercise with Janet at 2:30 PM. Maybe after that I can stop by Lawler's bar-be-que and see if I can buy a smoked turkey. I don't know if I have room in the ice box for it just yet. I need to get in touch with Trudy and see what she's thinking about for Christmas.

Bubba and Ruth followed me home and came in a saw Frank a few minutes. He had his camera out and took some pictures. It'll be fun to see them.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I went back to bed and listened to Kim Komando on the radio and later got up and washed 2 loads of clothes. I vacuumed the floors and practiced the piano for a while while the clothes were washing. I was a bit nervous about playing the piano at the dedication, for the choir only, but it all went well. I don't like to have an event in the afternoon or night, for I get anxious about getting there on time, etc.

The dedication was very nice. The Bishop spoke and the Stake President and Brother Bluth of the Seventy spoke. Bro. Harris gave his testimony and the choir sang We Love Thy House, O God. The chapel was full and the spirit was strong. We now have a dedicated building to meet in, and hopefully we'll out grow it soon.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Rainy Day

I taught at the center today and then went to Curves. It was gloomy, rainy weather and only one other person had been to Curves. It only takes 30 minutes to do two rounds and I was through. I had to stop at Advance Auto and get some transmission fluid for the old Honda and I had to stop by Collin's Supply to get a snake to open the bathroom sink. The snake got stuck in the drain and Frank had to go underneath the sink to free it. It's running freely now.

Karen and I went out to the Walker's home to help one of the children make a Christmas gift for her mother. Sarah had a small embroidery piece she wanted to make for her mom. I'm glad Karen was with me for she took over and helped Sarah do it. It has been years since I've done any embroidery and I don't think I could have helped her that much. We got there at 2:15 PM and left at 4:00 PM. We got into the awful traffic on Hy 72. It thinned out after we got under the train bridge in Athens. It sort of bottle necks in that area of the highway.

Tomorrow, our building gets dedicated and Sunday the Primary sings the Christmas songs they have been practicing all month and Shelley and Evonne sing the song I'm playing for them. We really haven't had enough time to practice together but sing we will Sunday. I hope a few angels are singing and playing with us! So, I have a busy two days ahead of me.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Dr Visit

It wasn't raining when we went to our appointment with Dr Thomas, just grey and cloudy. While we were waiting to be seen, it began to rain lightly. We waited an hour to see him but it was good to see him. He is closing his practice and moving to Arizona. It will be good for him since he has asthma and he said he feels much better in Arizona than Alabama. We signed up to see a new Dr that is in Athens, right behind the hospital. Now, we'll have two Drs in Athens and won't have to go to H'ville all the time to see a Dr.

I had visiting teaching to do after I got home. Ann came to my house and I drove us to see Mary Lou and Karen. We'll try to see Joy next week. She works so we have to see her at night.

We heard from Frankie tonight. He is quitting teaching. Rachel is pretty sick and he needs to help out with the day care more. He said he felt good about his decision. There is a house to rent right by the day care business and they are thinking about renting out their house and renting the house by the day care. It would be easy for Rachel to go home if she felt sick and the kids elementary school is just a couple of blocks away. Hopefully, things will work out for them.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Middle of the Week

I went back to bed today but did get out at 10:30 AM to go to Curves. Frank was having a bad day and was still asleep when I left. We get up at 7 AM and eat breakfast and then he usually goes back to bed and sleeps till lunch time. He feels better in the afternoons.

My case of corn meal and the one can of whole egg powder came in the mail. We still have a 50 lb sack of bird pellets we're waiting on. That much food usually lasts the birds about a year. We keep it in the freezer and take out a gallon zip-loc bag and keep it in the refrigerator-freezer and use out of it until it's gone. I had to use some baking powder that was several years old to make pancakes the other day and I guess it was still good. The pancakes tasted good. I bought a small can of baking powder to have some fresh on hand. I don't do much baking so I don't use much of it.

Frank has some lessons about the Constitution that we're going to watch on the TV. We'll do after lunch, probably. It will be interesting. What I know about the Constitution I have forgotten after 50 years of studying it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not Much Today

I did go to town and stopped at Goody's. There was nothing to tempt me with there. I went on to Walmart. I saw Sophrona and her children. She showed me where the shelf paper was and I got a roll for Frank. I only had a very few items to get but it still cost $74.00. Wow! The prices have surely gone up on everything.

Frank gave the birds a shower this afternoon. We took Gert's food and toys out of his cage and wheeled it into the bathroom and sprayed him down good. He enjoyed getting wet. Rikki has gotten a good case of bumblefoot. It's caused by an infection of the feet. We've changed her perches to help her feet but they've seemed to have gotten worse. I'll have to call the avian vet tomorrow to see when I can take her in to be seen.

It was almost balmy out today. Later in the week it's supposed to be in the 70's with rain. It usually rains when it gets warm in the winter.

Our church building will be dedicated this Saturday, December 17th. A member of the Seventy will be here to do it. The choir is singing and I will be playing the piano for the number.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Usual Monday Things

Guess what I did today? Yes, the usual Monday things. I didn't go to Walmart. Frank wanted me to go but there wasn't many things on the list yet, and when I go, I usually manage to spent $100.00 or more. Maybe I'll go tomorrow! I need to buy some Christmas cards. I got a nice Hallmark card from the CEO of Goody's with a $10.00 coupon in it, good until January 1st. I might have to go cash it in on something!

Dad had a bad day today. He was feeling somewhat better this evening. We got to talking about a Kindle Fire, but I'm not interested in all the bells and whistles it has. I'm happy with my Kindle. I'm almost through with a mystery novel now. It's been a good book and I will finish it tonight. I love reading on the Kindle!

It was rather cold this morning when I went out, but it got up to 66 degrees, I think. Our weather is really nice until January or February and then it turns cold. Brrrr! I like Spring and Fall.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Whole Wheat Day

This morning was the neighborhood breakfast at Shoney's. There was a nice crowd. I had two sausage biscuits and ate one and brought the other one home. I guess the food was too greasy for I didn't feel satisfied and ate a small bowl of cereal when I got home.

I read some of my book, The Fifth Woman, and then got up and got the Vita Mix out and ground 2 cups of whole wheat and made whole wheat pancakes. Yum, were they good! I ate mine while I was standing up cooking the rest of the pancakes. I made several large pancakes instead of 18 smaller ones. I used my new iron skillet. If I had a griddle, maybe I would have made smaller cakes.

Rosko is full of pin feathers. We put the birds to bed but Rosko is still putting up a ruckus and throwing his bell around. He must be uncomfortable. The first night he did it, we worried about him and the next day, we changed the cover in his nest and washed out the nest and gave him a shower. But he still is agitated so I guess it's all his new feathers growing in that are causing him trouble.

I practiced the piano today but didn't work out. I was just too lazy.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Missing Posts

Don't know why I didn't write Thursday...had a nice workout with Janet. The weights are getting heaver! But I can still do them. I was a little sore after the workout but it's gone today.

Today, I taught at the center. Only had 6-7 people but the workout went well. We'll have our party the 21st instead of the 20th. I bought a pair of white gloves. I went to Staples after the exercise class. Frank wanted some notebooks and some calendars. It was over $60.00! I got the wrong size calendars and two notebooks he didn't need so I had to make another trip into town to get the extra things off of my debit card. After Staples, I shopped at Walmart. I bought a 10" iron skillet and made corn bread when I got home! I haven't had an iron skillet since I gave mine to Trudy when she got married. I feel like a real Southern woman now that I have an iron skillet!

We made up some vitamin pills after lunch and I have run 2 loads through the laundry. I'll have  two more to do tomorrow. I haven't practiced the Christmas song on the piano today. I did hear it on the radio last night and got a better feel for the tempo. That will be something I will do tomorrow also.

I made out Christmas cards and got three birthday cards ready for the 3 birthday kids this month. Dad just now has to write the checks to put in the cards and they will be ready to mail. They'll be early this year instead of a few days late like normal!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Duel Dental Appointments

It was raining again today. I hate going 70 mph on wet roads but we take the interstate to go to H'ville to see the dentist. We had a safe trip and there weren't any problems but I still dislike driving in the rain. It's nice to both go to the dentist at one time. I'll go back in 3 months but Frank won't go until 6 months.

Don't know why I didn't write Tuesday. I did go to the pharmacy and to the bank and to Walmart. I needed a gift for the senior center party and I found a pretty pair of white gloves that would do. I, of course, bought a few extra things but the cost was $94.00. I got three cartons of powdered milk and they cost $17.58 a piece and that's what made the bill so large. But we have a good supply of milk on hand now.

It's raining and turning colder now. It's 38 degrees and falling. Maybe our nice 60 degree weather is behind us now. Anyway, it's December!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Rain Today

I did my usual things for a Monday-taught at the center and went to Curves. Then I went to K Mart to buy a pair of cz stud earrings I saw that were on sale. I missed the sale for it was on Sunday, but I got a pair of studs and a pair of hoop earrings for under $20.00 and I was happy. I went on to Goody's to return a pair of exercise pants I had ordered online. I was there about 20 minutes for the computers don't want to recognize mail order things. The manager finally got things right and I got the price put back on my card.

Frank had called me and told me to stop by the collision center and pick up the old Honda for he had an appointment with the eye Dr today at 3:00 PM. It had begun raining when we left home and was really coming down in buckets when we left the Dr's office. We stopped by the collision center and found that the part they were waiting on to fix the old Honda had come in, so we left the car with them and rode home in my car. It's still raining.

It'll be raining tomorrow but I have to go by the bank and the pharmacy so I'll probably get out in it.
 Like a little duckling, I'll be paddling around in it!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bird Food

I got on the computer and looked for Rosco's and Rikki's low fat maintenance mini pellets. After several fruitless tries, I noticed a "low fat" bar in a list of things. Fortunately, for the birds, I found a 50 lb sack of low fat mini pellets and ordered it.

Saturday is a slow day since I have no laundry to do...oh yes, there are towels to do downstairs, but it isn't urgent that they be done today. I'm cooking beans  but the stove does all the work and I just have to time them.

I read the books of Judges and Ruth last night so I am on target and a lesson ahead for the scripture study. I still have Just Run to read and I'm about half way through the book. It's interesting reading.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday

I taught today at the Center. They have a huge Christmas tree up and a little red jeep-like car beside it, all very festive. Dec 19th, a Monday, we are to bring a small gift and some food and play dirty Santa, a game I believe where the gifts are passed around but everyone ends up with a gift. Since it is my time to teach, I won't have to and will get to enjoy everyone's company.

I went to Curves and at 2:30 PM I worked out at Janet's house. I did bicep curls with 8 lb weights and didn't get tired! I was really surprised. I enjoy working out with Janet. She loaned me a  CD with music on it to work out with. I was getting tired of the CD I was playing, even though it is a good CD.

We tried to order some bird pellets on-line today but weren't successful. They had a 50 lb bag of mini pellets but we didn't want over a 25 lb bag. We'll search again tomorrow.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Missed Appointment

Being a Thursday, I just piddled around the house. I washed a load of clothes and checked my mail on the computer, nothing exciting. I had an appointment with Janet that I forgot. She called and we sset it up for tomorrow at 2:30 PM.

I have been reading a e-book on my Kindle and it is called, "Just Run" and that's what it is doing! The main character is being hunted by some bad guys and I get caught up in the story and fear for the life of the character! I just finished a book written by the same author and it was good. This one is entirely different from the first one. The author is Christ Culver and he's only written two books. I like his writing style and will read any other books he writes. I read about 1-2 hours a night when I have a book I like. It beats watching TV shows.