Monday, March 31, 2008

Nice Day In A Way

I went to exercise class today. We had a new instructor and it was nice. It is one hour of movement, stretches and slow moves. Nothing hard to do. I enjoy the class when I get there!

After class, I went to Wal-Mart and bought 7 containers of oatmeal. After the wheat scare, I wanted to have some grains on hand. I bought some fruit and noticed the prices are up. Bought 2 loaves of bread and it was $3.50 a loaf. There is cheaper bread, but Frank only likes this 15 Grain bread. Came home and made a few cards. I had previously cut out the fronts and had taped them on, so all I had to do was to finish the cards. Kathy Best sent me a cute card and some stamps. That was considerate of her but I'm just pleased she likes the cards and has good feedback on them. She likes to send cards and I make more than I'll ever use so I love to share them with others.

I got a chuck roast in a package from the grocery store. It was like the one everyone makes with mushroom soup and onion soup mix. I cooked it for 4 hrs. so the meat was tender and the veggies were like library paste! It was too salty so dad didn't eat any. There goes money in the garbage. Bad me for trying to get a good meal without all the work!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Fifth Sunday

It was 46 degrees this morning and rainy or overcast so I wore dark colors (mainly because I have no spring colors) and a black jacket to church. I got warm in Sac. meeting so I took off my jacket. As the morning wore on, I got a little chilly. I was glad I had the jacket when I thought it was time for Relief Society, because the piano is near the windows and it gets cool there. Then, I realized it was the fifth Sun. and that Rel. Soc. and Priesthood met together. At some point in time, I put my jacket on and left it on. The verdict of all of the above? I was glad I took my jacket to church!

When I cooked French fries several day ago, I got a second degree burn on the right side of my right hand little finger. It was about the size of a dime and the blister had come off, so I'm left with this wound in a bad place. I have some fabric band aids that stretch, so I can put one on long ways along side of my little finger and it stays put. I will probably pan fry things like salmon patties, but I won't be using that much oil again!

Dad's upgrading the new software to his new computer. Rosko is chirping loudly but the other two birds are quiet. I'm tired but can't settle down to rest. I made four cards, with only one that I thought looked nice. Rikki is now making noise and of course dad is "chirping" right along with whoever is making noise. He had a 2x4 cut into small pieces and then had holes drilled into them and has been gluing almonds into the holes. He's making chew toys for Rikki.

Sis. Decker's next oldest daughter flew from Denver for the week-end. Stacey, the Decker's youngest child, told her sister to come home so she could fix her hair for the prom last night. That sounds wild to fly from Denver to here to fix hair, but Karen's son Brent, works for an airline and get $10.00 fares! She came with Christian, her 4 month old son. They are all very nice people. The little baby was very cute.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fun Day #3

I was at Hobby Lobby at 10:00 AM. Trudy was a bit later for she forgot her checkbook. I think I was the only one in the store! I bought 11 spools of ribbon @ 50% off. In fact, everything I bought was 50% off. I got 2 Christmas stamps and now I have 4-5 Christmas stamps. I got 3 stamp pads-they were 50% off and Stampin' Up would have cost more. In fact, I still have a Stampin' Up order I made at Amy Boston's party. I got 4 pieces of "For Elsie" patterned paper that's quite colorful. I wanted to get some pens but they weren't on sale. I really have enough to do for quite a while but I love to shop and buy from Hobby Lobby!

From The Lobby, we went to Sam's and bought food. I didn't spent over what I usually get at Wal-Mart. While we were waiting to check out, I was so tired, I was ready just to walk out of the store empty handed. It wasn't long and we were sitting at a table sharing a cinnamon pretzel and a drink. I felt better quickly! Then, on to the cars to load up. I had plenty of room in the car. While we were shopping, it rained really hard. I was worried about unloading in the rain, but fortunately, the rain had stopped when we got out to the cars. I was home in no time and had to unload the groceries downstairs. It was a fun day but I was tired. Trudy gave me the card sketch book and it looks really nice. My brain was too stretched out to comprehend much of the book right now. I look forward to using some of the ideas in it later on.

Frank's Windows computer has some bugs in it. He's trying to de-bug it now. I really love my computer now that I blog.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Car Day

I took the Accord to Big Ten Tires today to get the air conditioning fixed. I went out without a coat and was uncomfortable sitting for over an hour waiting for the car. There was a couple already in the waiting room but I didn't pay any attention to them as I had a copy of the Ensign with me. A man came into the waiting room and started talking to the other man who was there. Then I noticed the first man had tattoo's all over his arms and face. The man who had begun talking with him was a guard from the prison! Tattoo man had been a prisoner at the prison near here! By then, I was listening to what they were saying. Tattoo man seemed nice enough and he was with a woman, but it still seemed a bit creepy with him being there. The car air conditioner ran fine, but I put the heat on after I got in the car. Then, I stopped by Collin's Supply to get the wood dad had cut to the sizes he wanted. Later this afternoon I helped dad put contact paper on the wood. He has three pieces. One for each bed he uses at different times of the day or night.

Saw Brenda Adams and gave her 8 more cards. She said she sent one to her preacher and he called her to say "thank you". Trudy bought a book about making cards and she says it is really good. She sent me some pictures of the pages and it does look good. Tomorrow, I'm going to meet her at Hobby Lobby and then we're going to go to Sam's to buy some groceries.

This Sun. we will get some help from the Elders Quorum for moving the organ. We will need two men if we move it any other day of the week except Wed. Wed., the missionaries can help. I really don't want to be around when they move it. I'll be too nervous! I guess I'll have to drive the truck with the organ in it. It's going somewhere in Tanner.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lovely Weather

It feels so good to be outside in this warm, but not hot and sweaty weather! I weeded my little plot of Sedum Autumn Joy. Forrest pulled all of them up for me one year and I had plans to replant them somewhere else, but they spent a year in a black plastic lawn bag. I would water them now and then to keep them alive, and finally after a year of living on their own, I planted what was still alive. I think I have 6 or 7 plants that are starting to grow. I want to take care of them this time. I noticed that the Berbera Daises are pernniels so I'll have them next year too (Ha-ha, I hope they won't be insulted by my care!). There's so sign of the volunteer flowers from last year. Maybe it's too early.

Dad and I went by Collins Supply and he got a sheet of plywood to have cut into pieces. He will then make a sturdy place for his laptop to rest on when he's lying down in the living room. I got two pair of new garden gloves. I also took the tree pruning saw in to see if it needed a new blade. The blade looks awful but I was told it was still sharp. That's what I wanted to know. I think some of the Crepe Myrtle's that I planter 3 yrs. ago might have some trunks that were hurt or killed during last years drought. I really can't do much yard work, but the dream hasn't died yet. I hope it never will.

Mary Lou Hill had good news about her cancer diagnosis. The cancer hadn't gone to any of her lymph nodes so she won't have to have chemotherapy! She will have to take some anti-cancer medicine for many years. In June, I think I'll be able to stop taking the cancer medicine I take. It's been 5 years now and maybe that's long enough. It causes osteoporosis, a thinning of the bone, which can cause fractures, and I have osteoporosis. My bones should get stronger when I stop taking the Arimidex. Hope so. Life is perilous, and no one get out of it alive! Not to make light of illness, but we can't take ourselves too seriously, either.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fun Day #2

I had to put #2 because I had already used a Fun Day before! Karen and I went to Lowes garden center. All the pretty flowers and plants! I didn't know what I wanted or needed until I got to the "on sale" plants. I got some marigolds and some Gerber Daises. I've never planted the daises before so it will be something new. I also got a hoe and some top soil. Karen said she had lots of compost when I needed it. I probably won't plant the plants until next Wed. and she and I can do it together. I also bought a circle to go around my Butterfly bush to keep the weeds out plus it will keep the lawnmower from cutting too close and bumping into the lower branches of the bush. It was a nice spring day with the wind blowing lightly. The wind blew up some dark clouds but it isn't supposed to rain until Friday.

Dad's lying in bed with his laptop on his belly learning how to use a small, wireless keyboard. It'll be great if he can do most of his computer work lying down and feeling good, too.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quiet Day

I had to think,"What did I do today?". It was a quiet day. I fixed meals, worked on my cards and that was about it. Tonight I went to the Relay For Life meeting. A lot of planning had already been done. I just sat there like a bump on a log. I guess I don't get out of the house enough! When I was ready to leave, I couldn't find my car keys. They weren't in the car, and I couldn't find them in my purse. I had an extra set of keys in my purse, so I could drive home but I was in a stupor the entire trip home. How can one loose their keys by getting out of the car and going into a house for a meeting? After I got home, I looked in another part of my purse I never put my keys, and there they were! What a relief! I'm a creature of habit. Now I'll have to say out loud to myself where I put my keys. At home there's a screw I put them on always. It's away from home I'll have to be conscious of what I do with the keys. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most! So sad, so true...

Monday, March 24, 2008


I got ready to go to the Silver Sneakers class at 9:15 AM this morning but I didn't really want to-my legs hurt. I went one time when I was aching and I hated every minute of it! I did feel a little better after the exercise but not while I was doing it. Instead, I went to Wal-Mart and bought some bushes of 94 cent flowers. And a flower wreath for the door, and some cards and envelopes and a color stapler and extra staples, and, and, now I'm broke! I came home and made several cards. My daughter Trudy had given me some very pretty double sided paper and I made cards with that and put flowers on everyone of them! The flowers she had gotten from Hobby Lobby were very expensive and she told me to get the flowers at Wall-Mart. Good old Wal-Mart! All my money goes to Wal-Mart.

I've got a Relay For Life meeting tomorrow night. I'll go because I like the people who come to the meetings, but I don't really want to be actively involved in the Relay preparations. Happy birthday to my first and last born children!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beautiful Easter Morn

I used to wonder why spring dresses came with jackets and sweaters. Now I know. Although Easter was early this year, the air had a chill in it. I didn't buy anything new but I wore a pink quilted jacket with a pink pull over and a black skirt. I was hot during Sacrament and I took the jacket off but it went back on in Sunday School and Relief Society. We have days that are in the 70's and like today it was in the high 60's and that's a little cool (for some people)(like me!). We had nice meetings today. I'm sorry, Kathy. I know you are snowed under.

After lunch, I went over to the Decker's house to see Ken's new colt. He raises miniature horses and he had a new baby about two weeks old. She was small enough for him to carry! When he had her out, the mother horse couldn't see her baby and she was snorting and carrying on. He has chickens and Ginnies (that isn't spelled right, but it sounds right...), geese, goats, dogs, and of course little horses. It was a fun time at the mini-farm.

Came home and made four cards. Tomorrow, I'll go to the store and buy some more artificial flowers. I'm into putting flowers on the cards and I need a better variety..Don't worry, Mary Kate, I'll know where the Christmas cards will be. I only have two kinds of stamps (Christmas) so I might buy some more to have more of a variety. I really love making the Christmas cards. Maybe it's the bright colors or the sentiment, don't know. Plus, it was a change from the cards I had been making and it's (Christmas) so far away, I feel no pressure to make a certain number.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Mary Kate, you sly rascal! Six comments! I was shocked! It'll be fun for the kids to help you plant flowers. I think most kids like to get their hands in the dirt. You could take pictures at different stages of the plant's progression and display them! Wow! What an idea! I bet you already thought of that.

Mary Lou came home today. One day in the hospital and then home! She said she couldn't sleep in the hospital and was glad to come home. She won't know what stage her cancer is until Mon. or Tues. She's had heart problems and I'm worried about her having chemo. Chemo can cause congestive heart failure. Chemo is just plain bad, but it can save your life. Besides, being Mary Lou's Visiting Teacher, I feel I need to give back because Pat Broadhurst was such a good friend to me while I was going through Chemo.

Ann Lobell, the church organist, and her 12 yr. old daughter, Ty, came over to see the organ. They liked it and want it. I have to get some people over Sat. to load it in our truck. They live in Tanner so it won't be going far. I gave her 6 cards. She liked them and said she would send them to her Visiting Teaching ladies. Perhaps she had a writing route.

I've been making Christmas cards all day. I have enough to give my sweet children, 6 cards apiece. But do they want them?? Frankie called today to say, "Thank you" for his birthday card. I had to ask him if they had gotten the food storage money; did Kayla get her music stamp. I told him I would like to know if my gifts got there. My sweet girls keep in touch by phone and by blogging. Seems like Luke is having trouble with anger management, and we need to keep him is our prayers. They went camping at Norris Dam, a part of the TVA system. The kids had sleeping bags of their own and Luke had a tent too. They went hiking in the woods and had lots of fun. Frankie said he woke up at midnight freezing and he and Rachel decided to jump ship and go back home! I don't think Frankie thought it out throughly. He said he's going back into the classroom. He misses the kids a lot. There will be less stress too, and he said he doesn't do stress very well. Who does! He can do a good job in the class room. He said his music studio in Oak Ridge is getting a lot of students. He'll be able to support his family and keep the wolf from the door. That's what life is all about....keeping the wolf away!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Early Morning

I made my usual pit stop at 1:45 AM, then awoke at 4:00AM bright eyed and bushy tailed! So what else does one do but make cards! I've made about 19 Christmas cards. My neighbor, Brenda Adams, said she was about out of cards and I was delighted that she wanted more. I have lots more and keep making lots more.

I went to the P.O. at 9:00 AM to mail a package and then went by the hospital to see Bro. Hill since Mary Lou was having her operation. He had his daughter and son-in-law with him and there was another lady there. He didn't want the magazines I had brought, plus there was a large flat screen T.V. on the wall. As I was leaving, the operating room called and said they were getting started and she was alright. It was supposed to be a three or four hour operation. I'll call tomorrow and see how she is. When I was first operated on, I didn't want visitors for I felt too bad for company.

It was a beautiful day today so I took one of the plastic tables from the living room to sit on and I weeded the flower spot to the right of the porch, as you're looking at the house, Sitting down made it easier on my knees. Then, I put my new pretties in the spot. It was a moss covered rock with some saying on it, and a taller stone-like rock, with a scripture on it. There was already four rabbits, two of which I moved to the other flower spot, two gnomes, and a , I can't spell what it is and the dictionary didn't know either, but it's there. Now to get some flowers planted. Maybe next week.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Great day

Went to get my nails done, but had to go to Wal- Mart first. If I don't get all the errands done before I get the nails done, I risk smudging them. I learned the hard way with that. I got them cut shorter and I've found a neutral color I like so I just keep that color on all the time.

Dad and I just finished making labels for three children, one friend, his sister and brother and some return labels for his sister. I messed up one of the addresses and will have to do it over. Whew! I'm tired of being at the computer. I guess dad is tired of standing up and telling me each move to make at the computer. I can't remember all of the moves...I'd have to make labels all day for two days to remember how to do them. Where is the Senior Center, I need to go to the Senior Center, or The Home! I keep calling but they keep saying there's no vacancy....I'll get in one day... They're coming to take me a way, ha-ha, he-he, ho-ho, to the Funny Farm, where life is beautiful all day long....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Day

Wa-hoo! Went to Hobby Lobby today. Not much was on sale but I got a book of rub on's with sayings for cards. I won't use them but will try to make the computer print out the sayings in different fonts and then I will use those. That's what I used my 40% off coupon on. I got 4 pieces of double sided paper, 4 spools of ribbon that was 50% off, and 4 statues to put in the garden. I might have a garden of all gnomes and frogs if the last year flowers don't volunteer to come back.

I went outside and cut the monkey grass with a pair of scissors and I raked the leaves and stuff off of the garden area. By scratching the ground, I was hoping to encourage last years seeds to come on up and make the great flowers I had last year. I will plant something if nothing volunteers but my knees have gotten too bad to do much gardening.

Karen told me Wal-Mart will close and a new Sam's will take it's place and a new Wal-Mart will be built out past Athens High School ! That will be too far to go to Wal-Mart. I guess I can do all my shopping at Sam's. That'll be good for food storage!

I made 5 Christmas cards last night. Took pictures of them, too. I got some new paper and I can't wait to make cards with it. New paper is like getting new material for those who like to sew!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It's a bit windy outside. Blowing up the rain we're supposed to have by tomorrow AM. Rain or snow, I'm still going to H'ville-to get dad's Rx's and to go to Hobby Lobby! Hobby Lobby is like going to the fair but without the cotton candy! It makes life better! Having some money makes life better! Whee! I'm on a roll!

Dad cut his hair and took a shower. Now to see if Rikki notices he cut his hair. She usually won't have anything to do with him if he's different. It's amazing how she can tell he cut a little off the top, but she does. She flairs out her tail and shows the pretty colors of her wings and you'd better not mess with her or you'll loose a finger! When I had no hair, the birds looked at me funny, but didn't reject me. I wouldn't mess with anyone of them when they get their ire up. I can't do math without all of my fingers (and toes!).

It's been a slow day. I made 4 Christmas cards. Dad will help me scan them onto the computer before they're gone. I used some mulberry paper, some glitter and two eyelets. The Crop-A-Dile is really easy to use. I didn't use all of those things on ONE card. What a card that would be!

May one day I can learn how to put a picture on my blog. I could take the picture and Trudy could show me how to put it onto the computer....or is that too hard for me, Trudy? I'm content to be ignorant if my girls will take care of my blog. Don't worry, be happy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Blue Monday Again

I think Blue Monday is the name of a song or something. I guess if you have to go to work you don't want to see Monday rolling around after a good week-end. It was blue this morning for me because my bones ached and I went to the exercise class. I didn't smile much during or after. I feel better after I took a little nap this afternoon. Pain is not our friend! I'm thankful for Rx's that take most of the pain away so I can function normally. He-he! What's normal?

Dad is in the bathroom drying off Rikki while Rosko is in the shower and Gertie is on my shoulder waiting his turn for a bath. Gertie always goes last. Right now he is trying his best to get to the keyboard to help me type!

I sent my friend Kathy Best about 16 cards today. I hope she likes them. I told her my feelings wouldn't be hurt if she didn't want anymore. I make 'em, got to send them. I hadn't made any today, yet. Wed. I'll be going to H'ville to pick up dad's Rx's, and I already have Hobby Lobby's 40% coupon in my purse! Karen Decker is going with me. We'll be going in the Accord so I'll have to clean out the back seat for her. I'll be so happy to get a car that will have a front seat for passengers. We'll keep the Accord for dad's Dr. car.

Trudy, the Crop-a-Dile is easy to use. I've gone back to some old, plain cards and put en eyelet in them and it makes them look better. I hope you and Mary Kate and the kids have lot's of fun together. Just think! only a few more weeks and you'll be a free woman. Yeah!

Mary Kate, please thank Sophia for me for her blog comments, I enjoyed them! I enjoyed talking to Richard about his trip to Dublin, GA. He was blessed to find the mechanic to fix the van on a Saturday. Richard is a special person-like all of my children's spouses.

It's 72 degrees today! When you look out the window, you can see all of the birds who have returned from their winter vacations, although some over winter here. I've seen lots of Cardinals, Blue Jay's and scores of little sparrow-like birds. The rain has been keeping the bird bath full lately and it's fun to watch the birds bathe. There's patches of purple Henbit growing everywhere and tiny little Violets you have to look hard for or you'll miss them. I need to rake the flower bed and hope I stir up some volunteers from last year. Need, need, need! And I sit here typing my brain out instead of raking my flower bed. Maybe I'll give in and plant some flowers. Maybe some perennials so they'll come back next year too. Wow! It's already 5:00 PM. Dad will be wanting something to eat soon. Don't worry, be happy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

We had good meetings today. It seems whether the meetings are good or not depends on my attitude( not altitude, for I'm short stuff...)! I read that we go to church to worship Heavenly Father. That helped my attitude. I don't remember what my attitude was before, but it might not have been good enough. Now, I have a good attitude(Whew! Glad that's over with...). Lulu, Bro. Crosby's intended (can't spell that fancy word) gave a talk about how she joined the church, and Bro. Crosby translated as she went. Lulu is a very nice person and I'm glad she and Charlie are engaged. During Sunday School, I got a little hungry because I ate at 7 AM, and I thought I didn't have a snack but I saw two Hershey's mini bars in my purse. I got them from Rel.Soc. Thursday night, so I feasted in Rel. Soc. I sit behind the piano and no one can see me and if I don't make any noise, no one knows I'm snacking! Too much slurping and rattling of paper is a dead give a way. Snacking at church is only allowed for kids and old people(Jan 3:16) and I'll Let you figure out which one I am!

Welcome Jackie Allen! How did you find out about my blog? I don't mind though. My friend, Kathy Best, reads it. She introduced me to Frank when both our husbands were in the Navy. That was 40 yrs. ago. She's stuck by me through the years of depression when she wouldn't hear from me in months. Others would have written me off as a dead beat, but Kathy always wrote me and asked what was going on. She is a very special person. She sends me cards on birthdays and anniversaries and sometimes sends me a care package of Avon goodies, which I dearly love! You are a dear person too, Jackie. I remember when I first met you. You came out of the old Tanner building with a big smile on your face and your golden hair flying in the wind. You have such a nice personality! I sorry your family is experiencing a lot of health problems lately. The Refiner's Fire gets pretty hot at times. I'm glad your children have moved back. I know they are a joy and comfort to you and Tony. My girls keep me in good spirits all the time. Trudy got me to blogging and I love it. Didn't think I would because of all the past bad experiences I've had with the computer. After Frank got me this Mac, it is so user friendly that I love to type away my thoughts. It's better than journaling with paper and pen! The home teachers will be over later and I think I'll rest a while, after I say a few more things!

Trudy got me a Crop-a-Dile, on sale at Cosco's, and I got it out today to see if I could figure it out. I knew I couldn't but I knew that when Frank saw it, he would help me with it, and he did. I don't know where to put the eyelets on the cards though. Line upon line, I guess, or rather eyelet upon card! Hardy-har-har! It is a craft tool.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Family Day

Trudy and the children came over last evening and we had supper. Everyone was tired, so we just talked before bedtime. I got up at 7:00AM and fixed pancakes. I forgot the sausage like I wanted but Trudy found the applesauce and every one got filled. Forrest, Sadie and dad bagged 50lbs. of bird pellets and put them in the freezer and then Forrest helped dad chase the dust bunnies around his room. All the while Trudy and I made cards. She had some pictures of some cards and we fashioned ours after them. With Trudy's embellishments and great paper, we made some nice looking cards, even if I do say so myself! We each made 10 cards. The night before they came, I made one Christmas card. I have plenty of paper so I should be fixed for cards for a long while.

This morning we awoke to a thunder storm and right as Trudy was getting ready to leave, it rained really hard again. It cleared up when they were ready to leave. They were going to dinner at a friends house when they got home. We got 1 1/2" of rain. Mary Kate called. She had been to a spin training class. She is being trained to teach the spin class at the health club. Spinning is riding a stationary bicycle. What fun!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Again

The weather was rainy again and I woke up early so I could take my breakfast pain meds! Then I went back to bed for about 45 min. before dad got me up for breakfast. I can't believe how the weather can make my body hurt so bad. After my after breakfast nap, I felt better. I went shopping at Wal-Mart and then came home. Trudy, Forrest and Sadie are coming over to spend the night and I got some ham and crescent rolls and 2% milk. I made some shells and cheese and potato salad and it was a good meal. Trudy brought over a Crop-a-Dile craft tool. She got it at Cosco's for $29.00 and it came with a bunch of doodads. Stampin' Up sells just the tool for $26.00. Now, I have to learn how to use it!

I've made 4 cards lately. I took apart on of Pauline's old cards to see how it was made, then I found the same stamp she had used (it was a flower stamp) and I stamped several flowers and then I colored them with my colored chalks, cut them out and then used them on a card. I liked the way they turned out. Trudy brought over a lot of her scrapbook materials and we are going to make cards tomorrow. They are sleeping downstairs tonight. Sadie is on a mattress on the floor and Forrest and Trudy are in the bed. I turned the heater up a little bit so it won't get too cold downstairs.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hard Time Singing In Tonight

I couldn't get into my blog for some reason. Then "it" said I had been sent an e-mail with instructions in it, and shore nuff, I was using the wrong sign in name. I had tried the right one before but it kept saying I had the wrong password. It was a bit worrying, but after reading the e-mail I was sent, I did it the way "it" wanted me too and I got on.

Relief Society was nice. I made some potato salad for Karen and me, since she didn't want to cook. I hate to go to a meeting where we're supposed to bring food and I don't and then I eat everyone else's food. Pauline Falconbury and I went V.T. today and saw one sister. Since I needed to take some food to church tonight, I was going to stop by Wal-Mart and pick up some potato salad, but then I remembered I had half a sack of potatoes I had been thinking of giving to my neighbor, and I had all the other ingredients to make the salad so I came home and pealed the potatoes. Yes, I said "pealed". If it were just for us, I would have left the pealing on! I sat at a table with 2 people I knew and 2 people I didn't know so I got to know 2 new people. I had seen them at church but hadn't had the opportunity to get to know them.

Mary Lou can't have her mastectomy's until next Friday. Her Dr. said he had had three new patients with breast cancer and he wanted to be rested before he operated on her. It's bad enough to have cancer, but to have to wait a week before being operated on . I imagine the week will go slowly for Mary Lou. I guess I was lucky. I was told I had cancer one day and the next morning I was in the hospital being operated on. The only bad thing was the Dr. wouldn't remove the other breast while he was in the vicinity!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fun Day

I skipped my after breakfast nap and did some cleaning downstairs. Sis. Lobell hopefully will be getting the organ, so I moved furniture away from it and vacuumed downstairs. Wow! What a difference it made to get the clutter out of M.K.'s old room! I'm ready to get rid of a lot of books that are on the bookshelf by the heater. We have so much clutter-old empty boxes, a broken stool, stuff that needs to be gotten rid of-if we were down there more, we (I) would keep it clutter free. Now, we just dump things down there instead of making the decision to keep things or throw them away. Times, they are a-changing. I look forward to throwing things away! I couldn't sleep last night, so I made 11 birthday cards. I liked them too! Karen came over and she made a pretty card and I gave her two birthday cards for her girls. We had a good time talking. I'm going to Rel. Soc. tomorrow night with her. I hadn't planned to go because it is pot luck and I don't usually want to cook anything and don't want to go and eat someone else's' food. Maybe it'll be fun. Attitude. It's all in attitude.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just Another Day

Thanks for the comments girls. I know not to blog just to get the comments, but I still love the comments!

The Dr, visits went well. Mine was to check my cholesterol since I've been taking medicine for it. Will know the answer soon. Dad's was just for a check up. He is trying a new sleeping pill. He takes a Halcion and instead of going to bed, he thinks of a lot of things to do, so he doesn't go to sleep, he just gets hungry and goes into the kitchen and eats! Since I had to go to the Dr. fasting, I didn't think to take my AM meds until this afternoon. I was rather "weepy" all day, wanting to cry at things, and didn't know why. I hope that was it.

I found a new design for a card and made 4 birthday cards. I'll make some more tomorrow. It's fun if I can make one that looks good and then I want to make more.

I talked to Brenda Calvert tonight and she said Jason was coming around back towards his family. He's going to make arrangements for April and the family to come to California to be with him. Who says fasting and prayers don't work! Brenda's favorite dog died a while back-she was having to give her shots daily; she was 18 yrs. old. I've forgotten when to use the semi-colon. Anyone out there to illuminate me? Or should I just use a period? I forgot the mammograms used radiation. Huh, I've had enough radiation to last a life time!

Something is making me gain weight. It's either my mouth or the new drug, Arthrotec, I'm taking. The drug is wonderful. I don't have the pains in my knees I used to have and the knees feel great, but extra weight will hurt the knees too. I'm going to get out my Weight Watchers books and keep a food journal. I want to keep pain free so I guess I'll just have to eat less, and exercise, instead of taking an after breakfast nap!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Blue Monday

I made 2 or 3 cards today. I had lots of time on my hands and it bothered me. Pity party, pity party!! Tomorrow, dad and I have Dr. appointments with the same Dr.! I have a fasting test and dad has his regular 6 mo. check up. Dr. Walker sees us every 6 mo. regularly. That way he can catch illnesses early. I don't know what the fasting test is for. I wake up hungry and will have to make a reminder for me not to eat anything. I go in at 10 AM and dad goes at 2:30 PM.

It got up to 71 degrees today. Tornado weather is coming soon. I just called a friend, Mary Lou Hill, and found out that she has breast cancer. She's already had the biopsy and will see the oncologist this Thursday. She may have her operation Fri. Her Dr. is from H'ville, but comes to Athens once a week, so she'll have her operation here. That's good. It's better to be close to home. Maybe she'll have all of her procedures in Athens. It would really have been hard for me if it weren't for Pat Broadhurst. She was a true friend taking me to H'ville while I had chemo. Girls, don't put off having you're mammograms, although I think they don't start wanting you to have them until you're 40 yrs. old. With a history of breast cancer in the family, the time period might not be the same. Do your self exams too.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


March is supposed to come in like a lion, and go out like a lamb. I hope we don't have much more cold weather. After the big snow storm, it was in the low 50's today. I didn't wear a coat to church today. We've been fortunate not to have had a very cold winter this year. Remember the late spring frost that killed all the fruit and nut crops last year? If we can just get by without any late frost, we are just about caught up on the rain fall we needed. Dad's been in good spirits lately. Still has his pain but somehow gets through it all.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good Day

We woke up to about an inch of snow today. I had one Stampin' Up meeting canceled last night because of the snow and Trudy didn't want to come over here to go to Amy Boston's Stampin' Up party. After my after breakfast nap, the snow was all gone, so I called Trudy and said, "lets go!" She met me at the church at 1:45 PM and we went to Amy's. Amy thought she was only going to have 3 people but I think I counted 8 or 9 people. It was a nice party. Trudy and I got to make a little French fry container with Easter grass in it and a chocolate egg. They also made other containers for stuff that would be for children. I was the oldest person there! I guess I'll have to go to the Senior to be in my age group! I bought a scalloped hole punch, a brown ink pad, and some colored card stock paper. I have plenty of paper, but the colors don't match the Stampin' Up colors. We have changed our clocks to Day Light Savings Time already. No use getting up at 2:00 AM to do it! (Hardy har har!). LOL.

family craziness

Friday, March 7, 2008


I found mother's old Brenau College scrapbook. It had pictures and programs saved from concerts, etc. There were some report slips, not cards, that told she was a B, C+ and D student (average). She took piano. She had to miss a date because she was 30min. late from church. She got called down for talking to boys over the balcony! Just your average juvenile delinquent! Brenau college was(or is) in Gainsville, GA. It probably was an all girls college. I couldn't find the Girls Book I was talking about. I have carefully saved all of this genealogy stuff and now I can't find it. In the Girl's book, mom had patterns and material she had dresses made of.(oh no...not one of them dangling thingies again...of!) Back in the early 20th century, 1920 on, girls would have a dance card and the boys would come by and sign the card so that they would be sure to get a dance with that girl. In the Brenau scrapbook, it has some University of Alabama things in it too. She had the invitation of join the Delta Delta Delta sorority, which she did. That was a big sorority on campus. I wanted to join the same sorority but they didn't invite me to join. A couple of my high school friends joined. It seemed the more money you contributed the better it was for you to get in. I was crushed though, and didn't join the other sorority that had invited me. If I had it to do over, I would have joined. The degree I got required me to spend a lot of time at the music building practicing the piano so not being in a sorority was probably the best thing. In the time period my parents grew up, children were to be seen and not heard. I guess that's why there was no overt outpouring of affection in our lives. I knew my parents loved me, after all, they threw me a piece of meat every now and then! But there wasn't a lot of hugging and saying "I love you" going on. I had to make a conscious effort to break that cycle because I wanted my children to know I loved them.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Mother

My mother, Sadie Ruth Palmer White, was born Nov. 23, 1905, the last of five children. Her parents were well to do for the times. Back then, young ladies didn't cruse around looking for action. They had parties at each other's houses. There would be a center piece and the paper would report on who was there and the decorations, etc. That's what is in her Girl's Book. Maybe I should get it out, read it, and then write about it. Maybe that's what I should do with my time, huh? Anyway, mom had lots of friends and was popular with everyone. She graduated from high school at 16 so she spent the first year of college at Branoue (I don't know how to spell it, it sounds like brenow) somewhere in Georgia. She finished up at the University of Alabama in 1925, the same year as my father did. They didn't know each other then. She majored in English and wrote poetry. She had one poem printed in the literary journal at school. After college, she taught one year of school in New York City. Her oldest brother, Bob and his wife lived there, so I imagine she stayed with them in a big brownstone house. After she came back to Jasper, AL, she met dad. He was a civil engineer and was working in a small town called Gorgus. He and the other boys would go to Jasper (a larger town than Gorgus) to date. They got married in Dec. 27, 1934. Dad worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) surveying the land that was going to be covered by the water the dams would dam up. The TVA was created to tame the Tennessee river and make it navigable. River traffic stopped at Sheffield because of the shoals in the river. It was called Muscle Shoals (should have been mussel) and TVA dredged the river and made it passable to the MO river, which flows into the Ohio river,which flows into the Mississippi river. Anyway, got a little distracted there, my parents moved around as the job demanded. My brother was born in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1937 and I was born in Knoxville, Tenn. in 1943. When the job was finished, my mother, brother and I moved to Jasper, AL to live with my grandmother while dad found a house for us in Tuscumbia, where he was born. It was after the War (11) and he couldn't find a house in Tuscumbia so he got the home in Sheffield that you know. Mother was a stay at home mom. It was unusual for a woman to work outside the home back then. After I left for the U of A, mom got together with her friends to play bridge and she worked at the hospital as a Pink Lady.
(i wasn't even little den -- and couldn't even spell masssachewsetts; i had no cluu what one was; if you had told me then, in the spirit world, that I would one day use an apple to type a letter -- right, get out of here; oh, oh, car coming -- got to go; oh, yeh, close your blog when you're finished... bye; the phantom.) Dad's been on the blog, can you tell? to be continued:

Early Post

I need to post early today for I'm going to the Temple. Bro. Geer is in California getting his back operated on so I guess was will be riding in cars. Karen will come get me about 3:45PM.

I got my nails done this morning. They are painted a natural color which I like. I made three cards today. I have been feeling strange lately. I think it's because I don't have enough to do. But then again, I've been this way before and felt good. I get to feeling better as the day goes along. Nothing to alert the Dr. about but it's not a nice feeling. How's that for jumping around in my writing!

Sat. I have the Stampin' Up meeting where we make four cards in two hours, and at 2:00PM Trudy will pick me up to go to Amy Boston's house for a Stampin' Up party! I'll be all partied out.

Those notes on floor care must be for old, worn floors. My first house had wood floors that were so worn that there was no shine on them. I don' t remember if I tried to wax them or not. I was young and had Frankie back then so I doubt I put any wax or anything else on them. The next house we had had carpet in all of the rooms, even the bathrooms! It was shag carpet you could cut to size, but with three young children, the bathrooms were not a good place for carpet. I still think you should wash the sheets and towels in hot water. Everything else gets cold water.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Your Great-grandmother-maternal side

Your great-grandmother, Joanna Gertrude Jackson was born in Eclectic, Elmore Co., AL , 7 June 1871. She married Robert Henry White Palmer (later dropped the White), 13 Nov. 1892 probably in Eclectic. She was his second wife, I guess his first wife died. Back then, people didn't get divorced. I don't know anything about her before she married and very little after she married. They had five children, my mother being the last. The first child Robert Thomas was born 19 May 1895. The second, Mary Edna, 11 April 1897. The third, Jesse Dawson, 6 Dec. 1898. The fourth, Joseph Henry, 25 April 1902, and fifth, Sadie Ruth, 23 Nov 1905. There was eight years difference between the first girl, Mary Edna, and my mother, your grandmother, Sadie Ruth ( later dropped the "Sadie"). I know you want more personal information, but I don't have it. When we lived with her when I was 2=21/2 , I remember her faintly. I don't ever remember her hugging me or fussing over me. Then again neither did my mother and father. My grandfather Palmer owned 2-3 coal mines, a couple of furniture stores and started the bank in Jasper. They were well off for the times. I imagine grandmother Palmer had lots of nice things besides the china. I remember my mother complaining that her brothers wives got "stuff" by just admiring it and Mrs. Palmer gave it to them. I guess there wasn't much left by the time my mother got old enough to want things from her mother's home. I still have the cut glass punch bowl and stand. Remember, I took it to Oxford, Mississippi, when Frankie had some party at his teacher's house? It is really pretty, but we don't live our lives like that anymore. I still have my mother's Girl's Book , that tells how she lived when she grew up. I waiting for someone to be interested in it so I can tell them about it. Don't wait too long, because I not getting any younger, hardy-har-har!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wood Floors

Just a thought: you can clean wood floors with tea. Brew 1 qt. of boiling water with 1 or 2 tea bags. Let it come to room temperature. Wring out a soft cloth to just damp and wash floor, keeping the rag clean. Do not overwet floor. This will clean the floor and cover many imperfections. Buff with a soft cloth if desired. The tannic acid is a good cleaner for the wood. For scratches in the wood, wax crayons found at the hardware store ( on in the coloring box) will work. Just work the crayon (the right color) into the scratch, then heat with a hair dryer. This should melt the wax and make the scratch unnoticeable. From "How The Queen Cleans Everything" (and I'm not the queen this time!)

No Bad Weather

We were fortunate. We only got rain, which we need. I think we (Alabama) are still under the amount of rain we're supposed to have be this time of the year. So any amount of rain is welcomed. It's going to rain tonight and dip into the 30's temperature wise. Spring is near!

It's 3:30 PM and the birds are chirping and so is dad! It's about this time of day that he cleans their cages and he sings and they chirp loudly! I went to the Post Office and mailed the packages to the grandkids. My only comment to the older ones is, I would like to play with what I got them myself, so don't complain. The first step is to be thought of!

Dad's agreed to have me go to Sam's for some food storage. I don't think we need too much, but I must replace the fruit I ate. I can live on a restricted diet if I have fruit and sweets! I added another cake mix to the stash downstairs. Trudy, I need the gas card. Texico gas was 5 cents cheaper than Shell today but I didn't have my card. I paid $2.16 per gal. I'm glad we don't have a lot of places we have to go each day. If you do, pay your tithing and a generous fast offering and let the Lord do the rest. Don't worry, be happy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Bad Weather!

Tonight, after midnight, we're supposed to have great storms! Dad sent me to Wal-Mart for a weather radio that was just for Limestone Co. but they were sold out. I bought some groceries and I thought about each price and the fact that maybe someday there won't be any grocery stores! Bad thought! I'm not going to turn my weather radio on. Maybe dad will. I will have faith that we will be watched over when the storms come.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Already?

Spring begins March 20th! Can't believe fall and winter are almost over. My favorite seasons are fall and spring. I hope my self-seeding flowers come back again this year. I could plant some perennials in the woods or just as you see into the woods. It would be nice to have a swing back in the trees. I didn't want to go in the woods before it was cleared out for fear of giant mosquitoes eating me alive. Maybe with the brush cleared away, they won't have any place to hide.

Just who is Truwanda and Rumproast? I know who they are individually but who signs "Truwanda and Rumproast? Come on, fess up. It doesn't really matter, I just love comments!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday Is The Day We Get Ready For Sunday

The pasta party and silent auction at the church was okay. I'm glad Karen was there and she was glad I was there too. Bro. Decker's car he had at the dealership getting some minor things fixed ( this was a used car he had had for a few months) died. Dead as a door nail. He ended up getting the same model of car, the same make and year, Said some older man had brought it in for a trade in, I guess. His payments are $260 or something like that.. He got to church as we were leaving. The car looks good on the inside and the outside too. I wish we could find a nice car like that. It won't be long. I didn't know any of the youth they were raising money for. And that means I don't know their parents too.

Yesterday, April Calvert, called me and asked me to join in a fast for Jason. He's talking divorce now. He's so messed up. Only the Lord can intervien. I pray for April to have great strenth to deal with this. I have faith that Jason will come around. Let's all pray for him.

I took the pair of shoes back that I had bought at the Shoe Dept. I think they were too long. I keep trying to get New Balance but the second pair I got is rubbing on my little right toe. I'll take them back Mon. and maybe try another brand. The New Balance shoes I have are still good but I wanted a second pair I would wear out the first pair, but would have another pair to wear.