Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday, the Cold

It was 29 degrees this morning and was a bit chilly when my ride to church came about 8:30 am. I go early so I can ride with the Deckers. I get more social time in that way. Then I can help set up the Primary room if it needs it and so far it's needed it several Sundays. Room set up is assigned but they don't come through.

We had longer singing time today because if was the 5th Sunday. The children are learning one song from the program very well. The Primary program will be in Oct, I think.

I drive to H'ville tomorrow to see Dr. Sharp. I missed the last appointment because the car battery went dead. I got a notice saying I'll have to pay the missed appointment fee of $85.00. After I tell him it was circumstances beyond my control, maybe he'll drop that fee!

After Dr. Sharp, I'll go to the Honda dealership and buy a new battery. It'll be a great feeling having a new battery. The rest of the car parts seem okay.!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

No Bad Weather

Well, bless my soul, there was no bad weather today. It warmed up to 35 degrees F late yesterday so most of the ice and snow went away.

I went to Staples to take advantage of a 15% sale they were having. I needed some more invitation envelopes. I can get them cheaper at Walmart but not in the volume I want like Staples.

All was fine when I left Staples. I stopped at Dollar General to get some milk, at $3.30 a gallon, and then drove next door to buy some gas. After I got the gas, the car wouldn't start! The battery was dead again! I asked the man in the store if he had some jumper cables, if fact I asked a man who was leaving the store if he could help me and he didn't have any cables either. The man in the store said I could wait and someone might come in who had the cables, so I watched and waited. A truck drove up to the gas tank and I went out and asked him if he had any cables and they were in his other truck. He had just had to jump his daughter's car. He called home and in 5 minutes his son drove up and they started my car! I thanked him profusely and I was so glad to be able to get home. The wind was blowing and the temps were 29 degrees by then.

I get home and Frank gets the charger out and begins charging the dead battery. Monday, I have an appointment with Dr Sharp and can stop by the Honda place and get an new battery. I guess we find it exciting to live on borrowed time (with the battery).

Friday, January 29, 2010


By 10:00 AM this morning the car was encased in a sheet of ice! It was 32 degrees F and it was sleeting and then it started snowing! It didn't snow long but things are getting covered with ice. I had planed to go to town but the weather changed my mind.

Trudy was to come over here today but she called to say she didn't feel well, plus the weather got in the way. She called later to say that the schools had closed and she had to go get the kids.

I made three cards. I'm getting enough to send my friend Kathy some more. Bless her heart, she likes them! She always remembers my birthday and anniversary and sends cards on holidays. And she sends great cards too.

If life gets anymore exciting, I don't know what I'll do. But you have to take the good with the bad. Hopefully, the weather will be better tomorrow, but for some reason, I don't think so. It's winter, so what can I expect?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Slow Day

I did take my meds before I ate breakfast and that made all the difference in the day. I thought I wanted to go to Walmart and buy some XL sweat pants but I realized I would have to take up the legs and so I didn't go, I just stayed home. I made one card and it isn't anything to call home about. Trudy comes tomorrow and she can show me how to use my new stamps. If Trudy smells like Forrest's perfume, I guess we'll just take a field trip somewhere. Dad's already thought about that.

I felt better about myself today. I read Mary Lou's comments about people waiting to be happy and not concentrating on being happy today. So, I'll work on doing that.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I ate my breakfast first today instead of taking my Rx and I forgot to take my Rx. After lunch, I was feeling bad and thought about the Rx but I didn't stop long enough to check and see so by supper time I was feeling pretty low and sure 'nough, I hadn't taken the meds. I took them and now I have to wait a little while for them to get into my system and I'll be all better!

I made three cards today. Unfortunately, I made a really ugly one. Some colors go with others alright, but if you get the wrong colors, Wham! It looks bad. I may be able to add some doodling to the card and improve it's looks somewhat, I'll try.

I've got to stop looking in mirrors. I see this globby figure that is me right now and it greives me to no end. So far my clothes still fit but they fit much better than they should. Wo is me!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dr Visit

Today Frank had to see Dr Morgan, the urologist. It only takes 30 minutes to get to the office but Frank wanted to go 15 minutes earlier, so I griped about that. We got there and went into the office and had to wait 20 minutes to be called back and when he got out, we had been there 1 1/2 hours! But he got his PSA test and we will know the results tomorrow.

Didn't do much else today. I made a couple of cards I like. Friday, Trudy is coming over and we will make cards until she has to go home to pick up the kids from school.

The weather was in the 40's but the wind made if feel cooler. There were still some grey clouds, but the sun came out at times and it was a nice day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to Exercise Day

I hate to call it exercise because it's just range of motion exercise, no calorie burning exercises, but it gets me out of the house and around people and that's good. I'll just have to make it a habit now.(again).

I came home after exercise but then went back in to get my new glassed adjusted and to return a CO monitor to Walmart. It didn't have a display like the old one had and Dad didn't want it. He's found one on that suites him so he will order it.

I cooked some chicken pieces in onion and cooked some white rice for supper and of course we had beans. I thought it was good but Dad doesn't like chicken so that made it not so nice. He's content with just beans and a veggie so I shouldn't complain. But why not! Have a good gripe and get it out of your system, I say.

I've gained so much weight it's distressing. It's 6 lbs but the way I ate tonight, it may be 7 lbs before long. I'm getting as round as I am tall! And that ain't good! Frank bought us cheese cake for our anniversary and it's in the freezer now, but I'm not touching it. It's pure fat and calories, plus it's so delicious, you just want to keep on eating!

I made a copy of a Clementi piece of music to sent to Kayla Layton. I wrote directions of how to practice it and if she does what I said, she will have a nice piece of music learned. As of yet, her parents haven't found her a piano teacher.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday, the Wet

I woke up around 3 AM and the thunder was rolling and the rain was coming down. It was still raining when the Deckers came to pick me up for church a little after 8 AM. I go in early so I can still ride with them. Karen had a meeting to go to and I set up the Primary room. Had a nice chat with Bro Mitchell and then it was time to be seated for Sacrament service. The 1st speaker was a Spanish sister with her husband translating for her. Then Bishop Falconbury spoke and he was good. Primary went well and the children were reverent.

We ate the last of the beans at lunch and for supper, Frank had a bowl of bean soup. I fixed some turkey rotini salad for me and it will be good for the next few days. The rain has stopped and hopefully we won't have any more. That will mean some cold weather but we might get lucky and not have any this week.

I sent Frankie's children cards and in Kayla's card I bore my testimony to her. I hope I didn't cause any hard feelings. I called Frankie to tell him they would be getting the cards tomorrow and what I had done. I wasn't trying to do anything behind their back but it could be taken that way. WA-a-a-a-a-h! What's a Granny to do?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Night Again

I guess I still was affected from the trip I took last week-end. I felt tired after I got up so I went back to bed until noon. I still didn't have much energy but I did accomplish some things. It was a prednesone day for Frank, so he stayed in bed too.

I washed and dried an put away two loads of laundry and played the piano and rode the bike. I was amazed at some of the songs I was playing. Some of them I played, when I was 14-15 yrs old. They were hard pieces! I wish I had known how good I was. Maybe it would have helped in college. I didn't like to practice and my parents weren't too encouraging. Anyway, I'm in the evening of my playing career and I just hope to keep in practice so I can play well in Primary.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Again

Made a trip into town for a few things. Our CO machine quit so I got another one. The spray hose on the kitchen sink broke, so I got another one! Bought a few groceries, went by Athens Pharmacy and Collins Supply and then on home. Now, I want to take a nap!

I rode the bike for 14 minutes and want to go back downstairs and ride enough to make it 20 minutes in all. Now to make this an every day affair.

It's overcast and is near the 60's again. This warm weather is nice but it will get back below freezing before long.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


A man came by the house measuring for an iron railing for the South front porch. Frank had called him. It'll cost $200.00 for the 4 step porch. We might replace the North front porch with iron railings too. That would look better and wouldn't have to be painted every year or so.

It's in the 60's again today, with rain. It's garbage day and we're collecting now.

I sent the Adams and Sweeney's a letter about food storage. That may open the door for more discussions about why we should store food and water for emergencies. With the price of food going up and California's need for water-we get lots of our produce from California-I see a time where there won't be much food in the grocery stores. I hope this won't happen but it's better to be safe than to be left without anything to eat.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To Huntsville

Karen came over at 11:00 AM and we set off to H'ville. I had to pick up an Rx but it wasn't ready so we went to Penny's where I got Dad two pair of lounge pants. I'll have to lengthen only one pair of the pockets. Then, we went to Hobby Lobby. I bought an acrylic stamp ( ten stamps in all) and used my coupon on it. Then we went to Handcock Fabrics to see if they had any car/road fabric, but they didn't.

The rain had stopped in H'ville and the day was lovely. Karen showed me how to limit who gets on my Face Book account. I had a long time between meals and after I ate supper tonight, I am feeling really tired now. That sentence is wrong. I changed tense in it, or something. I went from "had" into "am" and I should have stayed in "had". Like I said, I am tired.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Still Slow

I think I've still been recovering from the trip. I didn't have much energy today. Nothing HAD to be done so I didn't do much of anything.

I cooked a pot of beans and a Marie Caleneder dinner and Frank and I shared it. I had thawed a pound of venison sausage but decided not to fool with it today. Maybe tomorrow night we will have sausage and eggs and toast. M-m-m-m, sounds good now!

Tomorrow, I have to go to H'ville to get Frank's Rx. I called Karen to see if she wanted to ride up with me and maybe we could stop by Hobby Lobby and look around. I got 2, 40% off coupons just in case I find something I can't just live without!

It's been in the 60"s today and tonight it's supposed to rain. In the winter, when it warms up, it usually rains. If the temps were low enough, then it would be snow. Long live the rain!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Day After The Trip

I woke up feeling like I had been driving 4 hours in a van. I had to cancel our study for I was feeling like a zombie and went back to bed and didn't get up until 12:30 PM. It's 2:00 PM and I'm still in my PJ's, so I don't think I'll get much done today.

Frank will be giving the birds a bath and I will have to do Gert. He needs a wing clipped. It's hard on the both of us, but it needs doing. I hold Gertie in a towel and Frank spreads his wing out and uses the scissors to cut the wing feather to the right length.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home Again

Nate's baptism went off well. The small Primary room at their Branch was full of members. I talked about Baptism and Trudy talked about the Holy Ghost and then Nate was baptized by his Dad, who is also the Branch President.

Afterwards, we came back to Mary Kate's house for supper and a movie. Their dogs, Cricket, who is 14 years old, and Obie, who is 1 year old are a part of the family too. Cricket is a toy Poodle and Obie is a Bishon. Obie is larger than a regular Bishon, I think, and has the most darling personality. Obie spent a lot of his time trying to get away from all the children who wanted to hold him all the time. Cricket has a very disturbing cough that I hope Mary Kate will get some medicine for. It must hurt her to cough all of the time. We watched Julia & Julia (I think that was the name of the movie) and it was good, minus the few nasty words they had to add to get a PG rating.

We went to church at 10:00 AM because their Sacrament Meeting is last, not first like ours is and then we came home and ate. George and Forrest had an important Fireside to go to tonight and they were going to leave early so I went with them. Trudy and Sadie were staying another night and will drive their Civic home. George is going to try and sell it for them.

Heather and Bret Hanson and their two children came too to support Nate and it was good to see them again. The children all had a great time playing with each other and Forrest plays good with the younger children too. It was a great time for everyone!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Almost Ready To Go

Went to Walmart to buy some groceries and barely had enough money for all of what I got. Then went to Big Lots and got some AAA batteries. Frank helped me get to food into the house and put away.

Got on the computer and found out that my piano substitute has been sick and won't be able to play for me this Sunday when I'll be gone. I only know one other person that may be able to help out. Hopefully she will be able to do it.

Mary Kate wants me to bring both my air mattresses. I have a hand pump for them. I will be sleeping in Sophia's room, so I won't have to sleep on the floor.

I got me an official Alabama championship tee shirt. I'm going to wear it all of the time I can while at Mary Kate's. Some of the family have drifted off to the Auburn side of the state. Auburn is okay, but if you want a winning team, you haves to stick with the Tide!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

No Title

Cooked lunch or made tuna fish sandwiches which were good. Then cooked a rotini salad with turkey breast meat in it instead of chicken, because that's what Sam's had this trip. Got the garbage out and changed the bird cages.

Frank has a VA paper to write. Every 2-3 years they require him to verify that he is still sick and disabled. He's done this before but it takes time and effort and it takes him a while to get it done. That's why I helped out with the birds. Usually he likes to do it.

Tomorrow, I'll have to pack for going to Mary Kate's house. I'll need Church clothes and the clothes I wear down there and make-up. Won't need to have a very big bag. Trudy and George will be at my house by 7 AM she said. I bet they won't make it at that time, but I will be ready!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We got to the temple for a 10:00 session and found that they didn't haves a 10:00 session! We waited a while and got into the 11:00 session. It was a full house since Saints from the Atlanta temple district are coming to the B'ham temple. The Atlanta temple being closed for cleaning, etc.

The trip down was good and not too much traffic and the same way home. We got back by 3:00 PM. It wasn't a tiring trip at all. We only did one session. To have done two sessions, would have put us getting out at 5:00 PM in rush hour hour traffic. Perhaps, when the Relief Society sisters go down, we will only do one session. That way, the sisters with children would have time to get them to school and we would be back by 3 PM. Will have to talk about it with Sis Bennett.

I had to scrape some frost off of the car this morning, tempts at 27 degrees F, but it was nice and sunny and warm for the trip home. Lovely weather.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shopping At Sam's

I decided yesterday that I would go to Sam's today. I didn't have a very big list, but with a short stop by Walmart in Athens, I got everything on the list, plus a whole lot more!

I got a bag of chocolates for Nate for his baptism. On one visit to our house, I had this big bag of Hersey's miniature chocolate bars and I shared it with Nate and Sophia and the family. When they were getting ready to go home, I gave the rest to the bag to Nate and got the biggest hug from him! I hope this bag will get me some more hugs!

Tomorrow, we'll be going to the temple. We'll leave at 8 AM for the 10:00 session. Hopefully there will be a 12:00 session as well. It will be a fun trip. This is the first time I've driven. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Today Is Monday, Jan 11,10

I went to Karen's for study then came home for lunch. Had a Marie Calendar frozen meal for lunch. Was rather good.

Washed two loads of sheets and dried them. Mary Kate surprised me last night while I was on Face Book by chatting with me on line! I didn't know what it was all about and she called me on the phone to tell me about how to do it. It was fun! Didn't do much but fold some clothes but have had a good day.

We decided to go to the temple Wednesday. Every first Wednesday in the months. I called Sis Bennett and told her that I would be the person who would go each month and that I could take two more sisters. She said a lot of women were interested in going so we may need more than one car or a van. I'm excited about going to the temple each month and it will be during the the day so we won't be getting out late at night and getting home after 12:00 AM.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Before Sunday (Ha-ha!)

Clearly not a stunning title, but true. I had trouble getting in gear today. I finally told myself to get up and get dressed and do something! I had laundry to do and riding my bike, inside, and playing the piano. By then all the laundry was done and I carried it upstairs. Oh, yes, it was my birthday too. I'm enjoying my purse organizer but I haven't used the new wrap yet. It is red with silver trim. I have the black bubbly one on it now. I like the way it looks, but it's hard to open it wide because of the elastic on the sides. Such an inconvenience! (Ha-ha-ha).

Next week-end Trudy and George will come pick me up at 7:00 AM and we will head for LaGrange, GA. Nate is getting baptized that evening. He's eight years old and that's the time children get baptized. It's about a 4-4 1/2 hour drive and we gain an hour going down. It will be a fun trip and it will be great seeing everyone and getting to meet the new dog, Obie.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I watched half of the football game and then around 9:30 PM went to bed. We were ahead of Texas. At 10:30 I was still awake so I turned the game back on and watched us crush the Longhorns! It was good to see Bama win the final championship game. I wish I had watched to entire game, but last night, sleep was more appealing!

It didn't snow anymore last night but the temperature was 27 degrees F. when I went to town. With tomorrow being my birthday, I had to get out and buy myself a present or two! I had gotten a $25.00 off coupon from a boutique and I went there and bought a new Miche wrap for my purse and a closet organizer for the wraps that I already have.

I had to stop by Walmart for some things and I got some cheese cake for my birthday cake. Frank had to sample the different pieces when I told him what I had bought. We don't really have any really good cheese cake to compare the Walmart cheese cake with, but it'll be good because it's different from what we are used to.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow and Alabama Football

It did snow over night. About 1-2".

The Alabama vs Texas football game is about to start so I don't have much time.

It snowed most of the day but it was too warm for it to stick. It's supposed to get colder tonight but I don't know if any snow is forcast.

I have to go. The TV is on and the time is too short for me to concentrate. I hope my Alma Mater wins the game tonight! Roll Tide, Roll!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Middle of the Week Already?

I went into town to do some shopping. Stopped by Lou' to pick up some stuff and she gave me a snugly, one of those large robes that are split up the back that you wear while watching TV. She is such a dear person. Dr Walker hasn't signed my prescription yet and Lou e-mailed me to call his office and get him to do it.

I had to take back some rubber bands to Staples and I didn't have a receipt. I got back about $12.00 on a Staples card. I have about $15.00 on a Walmart card I forget that I have. I have a $25.00 off my purchase at All About Me. I believe I will use it this year. I need a purse organizer and maybe another wrap for my purse.

We may have 1-2" of snow tonight! We've been having heavy frosts and the temperatures have been in the teens. Snow is pretty but no one knows how to drive on it and it's dangerous to be out driving. If it does snow, maybe the roads will be clear soon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vet Trip

I just had one bird to take to the vet today. Rikki's beak needed trimming and so did her nails. We had a nice trip down and back (maybe Rikki would disagree with that!)

I guess I'll have to cook some food. I can't get satisfied with the meals I've been eating. I just don't know what to cook. I can always eat beans!

Monday, January 4, 2010

1st Monday In The New Year

I had a nice, restful day today. After scripture study, I was supposed to run some errands in town but it was too cold outside so after lunch, I took a nap! Like I said, not a very exciting day!

Tomorrow, I have to take Rikki to the Vet to have her beak shortened. We think it is too large or long, so hopefully Dr Jan can shorten it. I didn't want to take all the birds, for that is a handful, so it's just Rikki this time.

Nate's baptism is Jan 16th and with all the people coming, it will be nice. Sis Harris will play the piano for me in Primary that Sunday.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Suday Nap Was Good

The Deckers are going to be going to church at 8:15 AM and I said I would still ride with them. I didn't get up early enough to shower and get ready by 8:00 so I drove myself. I'll have to shower Saturday night and adjust my waking up time so I can be ready by 8:00 AM.

It was Fast & Testimony meeting and it went well. Some people were missing and they may be sick. Dorothy Coleman had been in the hospital and I didn't even know about it. I have a birthday card for her. Her birthday is Jan.11. I wish the sisters is Primary could hear the announcements in Relief Society and know what's going on. I get an e-mail about RS but it doesn't say anything about who's sick or needy.

After fasting, I was tired as well as hungry. I guess the tiredness was from the concert Saturday. I didn't get home until about 8:00 PM. I took a two hour nap and it was goooood!

Wanda Taylor brought me a chicken casserole for my birthday, which is Jan. 9th. It had too much salt in it for Frank but I thought it was good. She is a good friend. She was on her way to B'ham to take Mike, her husband, to get his arteries cleaned out tomorrow. I wish them well.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Concert Goer Tired

I headed for Ruth's about 9:45 AM for I had to stop for gas. I thought I got there in 35 minutes, but I must have been misstaken for it took me about 45 minutes to get home tonight.

We headed for Fultondale where we had lunch at Logans. I had the grilled salmon and it wasn't good. I was hoping for some tender food for my teeth. After that we drove into Birmingham and got a parking place right across the street from the concert hall and the B'ham Museum of Art. We had some time to kill so we walked around in the museum.

The time came for the concert and we went to our seats. We were up so high that the people on stage looked about 3" tall. I was glad we were up high for the sound was quiet loud! There was a light show with each song and it was quite spectacular.At first, I thought I wouldn't want to go again but sitting here thinking about it, I would like to see another one. The performers seemed like a decent sort and it would fun to go again.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day

We had a very quiet day. Didn't go anywhere. Didn't do anything but watch some of the Rose Parade and watch a football game. It was FSU and West Virginia University. FSU won and it was the last game for the coach, coach Bowden. He'd been the coach for maybe 60 years, maybe not that long! The game was good.

George and Forrest got back safely from their winter camp. Trudy said Forrest loves the winter camping. More power to them!

Tomorrow, I'll be driving down to Eva. Ruth and I will then drive to B'ham to attend the concert at 2 PM. I'm looking forward to it.