Saturday, November 29, 2014


This is written Saturday after Thanksgiving. Frankie and kids got here before Mary Kate's family did. Frankie and family slept upstairs and Mary Kate's downstairs. The house wasn't as packed as I thought. The kids played outside for a while and Mary Kate and Nate and I walked down the road after dinner. I think Frankie walked, too. We all had a good time together.

Frankie and Mariam and Josh left around 9 AM Friday and Mary Kate, Richard and Sophia and Nate went Black Friday shopping. I went , too! Mary Kate and I got new purses at Kohl's and I got a new pair of shoes at Academy Sports. The shoes were comfortable at first but after I wore them for a while my left toes were at the end of the shoe and I got my regular size. I'll try to take them back and hopefully they will take them back or let me trade them in on a new size. I paid big bucks for them and I'll really be sad if I can't take them back.

Richard got a lens that fit on his smart phone and he takes really good pictures. Mary Kate found a couple of pair of pants at Khol's she liked. We had to stop and get some milk before we came home.

Saturday, Mary Kate and Nate went to Trudy's to help her get ready for the dinner at her house today. I brought the smoked turkey and we had barbecue and baked beans and slaw. It was all good. George finished the kitchen floors last night and they really looked good. They are hard wood. The tile was going to be too heavy for the floors to hold so he got the wood. The house was cleaned and everything looked good.

We got to meet Ashlee and her mother, Georgia. Forrest and Ashlee will be getting married next year. They didn't eat at the table so we really didn't get to know them.

Tonight, Mary Kate got the sewing machine out and made some cute hand warmers filled with rice. She took up the sleeves of a blue jean jacket Trudy had given me and took up the pants she got at Kohl's. The Auburn-Alabama game is on now. Richard is rooting for Auburn and I for Alabama. right now Auburn is ahead. They beat us last year and I hope it won't be a repeat this year.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Frankie and Mariam and Josh are on their way here. They will be here before Mary Kate and her family will. I've got a place for everyone to sleep. Trudy and family will be here Thursday after all. We will probably eat in shifts. The kids first and then the adults. It's time to read the scriptures so I'll stop.

Frankie and the kids got here safely. MK and family will get here around 9:30-10:00 PM. We will get  up at 7 AM and get the meal going. Trudy and family will be over at 12:00 PM. It was good I cooked the pork roast in the crock pot for Frankie and kids were hungry when they arrived.

I picked up 2 smoked turkeys from Lawler's this afternoon and got two bags of ice. I was afraid the two turkeys wouldn't fit into the refrigerator but they did. Luke sent a pumpkin pie but most of it was eaten by his family. There is some left for tomorrow.

George has been trying to get the flooring down in the kitchen so he might not have had time to make and pumpkin pies like he usually does. Then again, we are going to his house Saturday for the traditional family Thanksgiving dinner and he might have some by then. They are having septic tank problems and I hope they get it fixed before Saturday.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Getting Ready

I swept and dust mopped and Bona-ed the floors getting ready for company Wednesday night. The floors look nice and I don't know why I don't put Bona on them more often.

Trudy and her family won't be here Thursday and that will mean more room in the house. We will be strapped for space anyway. We, minus Frankie and family, will meet at Trudy's Saturday for our regular Thanksgiving meal. Frankie and family have to leave around 8 AM Friday. Then Mary Kate, Richard, the kids and I will go Black Friday Shopping. We go late enough that we don't have many people to deal with. I think last year, Khol's was busy but they sometimes are busy anyway.

Ferguson, MO has had riots last night because a policeman wasn't found guilty by a Grand Jury. They burned down their own town! Tonight, the police are waiting to see what happens. Bill O'Reily is on now and I want to watch him and see what he says.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Package Arrived

Went to exercise today. The senior center will be closed the rest of the week for Thanksgiving. I shopped at Walmart for some groceries afterwards and then came home. Frank didn't go because he still has a bad cough and doesn't need to be around others. I don't think he's contagious but the cough sounds bad. I got him two bottles of expectorant and maybe that will help.

I cleaned downstairs today. The floors were dirty. I don't clean down there on a regular basis because no one lives there. Trudy comes once a week and I guess I should sweep the floors once a week for her sake. I cleaned the bath tub. There's a light out and I couldn't see how clean the tub was but I put enough scrubbing bubbles in the tub to float the dirt away and then I used the scrubber to help clean. Trudy says she will bring the other air mattress over. We will have 13 people staying here during Thanksgiving.  Mary Kate's family of 4, plus Trudy's family of probably 3, and the 2 of us plus Frankie's 3. That's 12. I was counting Forrest in with Trudy's family, but he will probably be with his girl friends house for Thanksgiving. I have 2, 10-12 lb smoked turkeys ordered and I will make potato salad instead of dressing. Mariam can't have corn products and the dressing at the grocery store had corn syrup in it. Frankie said he would look in Knoxville to see if there is any corn-free dressings there. Mary Kate, I just talked to her and then forgot what I was going to write...she is making a wild rice dressing she can eat because it doesn't have any gluten and it's good.

I told Mariam to bring her colored markers for I have some very plain cards she can decorate and she's going to bring her new doll and I bought some doll clothes from Karen that I will give her. I bought a football for Josh. Maybe it will be pretty Thanksgiving Day and the men folk can go out and throw the football around. It will be a fun time if we don't strangle each other being all packed into this little house!

The package from Amazon arrived today instead of Saturday. The mess up was probably at the Athens PO for Amazon said the package had been delivered when I checked with them. It was a battery operated callas remover for the feet. It works pretty good. Something I could have done without but didn't. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

No Day

We did nothing today but watch a little football this afternoon. I had a package from Amazon that should have been delivered today but wasn't. Don't know where it is.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Frank didn't go to exercise but I did. Afterward I picked up the two pictures I had framed. They did a good job.

Last night taking Trudy to meet George and Sadie was very revealing to me. We took the back roads-I wanted to see how Trudy came to our house. It was dark and traffic was heavy on the two lane road. I had trouble seeing at night while driving. After dropping Trudy off, I was going to go back the way we came but I missed a turn off. I wasn't lost, I just didn't know where the road we were on was taking us. As it turned out, we ended up on East Limestone Rd which lead to Hy 72. I could see better on the 4 lane road. I guess my driving at night is coming to a close. I'll try not to drive at night and only do it if I can stay on the 4 lane roads. Traffic is heavy on all the roads around here, especially in the afternoon.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We skipped exercise today and went to Hazel Green, AL to pick up Trudy. We got to see Sadie and Forrest for a few minutes and then we stopped by Walmart to get a few groceries. I was going to get some Allegra D there for it is a few dollars cheaper than the pharmacy but the line was too long and we went to the pharmacy anyway.  I thought Sadie might pick Trudy up tomorrow over here but I may end up taking her home, too. It doesn't matter.

I have to be at Pep Boys at 9 AM tomorrow to get the oil changed in the Accord. I have a coupon and it will only cost me $19.99 for the oil change. Maybe since I have an appointment, I won't have to wait an hour or so for it to be done. I like going to Pep Boys.

The weather has been cold here, but it will be warming up into the 45's tomorrow. Snow has really been a problem around the Great Lakes. Some places have had 56" of snow and will still get some more. Being a Southerner, I don't like snow at all! When we were all younger, it wasn't so bad but I am far too old to have to deal with snow. We might have a hard winter this year. It was a cold one last year.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Relief Society

Trudy was to come over today, but George's truck broke and he had to use her car to get to work. We will pick her up tomorrow morning and bring her over and Sadie will come get her tomorrow afternoon.

Bro Decker will come over tonight and stay with Frank while Karen and I go to church. We'll be fixing the Ward Christmas tree and making small trees for shut-ins. It should be a good meeting. We're to bring some Christmas cookies, etc, but I only have 4 frozen Tole Houses cookies left so I'll just not eat any of anybody else's cookies. I don't make anything from scratch if I can help it. I need to get 4 bags of frozen cookies and put them in the freezer for such things as this.

I took Frank to the Dr today. He has bronchitis. He's not coughing that bad but he's wheezing and the Dr gave him two medicines to take to get rid of it.

I haven't needed my down-alternative blanket I got for my bed during the first cold wave we had. It was 26 degrees this morning but the house wasn't that cold. It's on the foot of my bed waiting for me to pull it up.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Exercise was good. Frank didn't go because of his cold. By the time I got back, it was time to get him dressed in order to go to H'ville to the dentist. We  got there about 15 minutes early. They had redone the reception room and it was very cozy. We both have appointments at the same time that way we get through at the same time. We drove on home and didn't eat out. I like to eat at Chick-fil-a but at lunch time it is such a mad house that I don't look forward to going there.

Tomorrow morning, Frank will see Dr Walker about his cold and tomorrow night is Relief Society. Trudy will be here so Bro Decker won't have to come over to sit with Frank. We're doing something for the Ward Christmas tree and making little trees to give to shut-ins. It should be a good meeting. The Deckers will be leaving soon to spend the month of December in Utah. They'll be seeing family.  In fact, all their family is out West. When he retires, they will move to Utah to be with family.

Wednesday, the Walker's will be coming over to do a craft with me. I have the cookies I made last week in the freezer and hopefully they will be okay. I have each girl a insulated glass with fall leaves on it. I got one for Jacob, also. They didn't come last week because the girls had colds. Maybe everyone will be okay Wednesday.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Football Saturday

The Alabama-Mississippi State football game started at 2:30 PM CT. Miss State was undefeated whereas we were 8-1, but Alabama dominated the game. I've forgotten the final score but we were more that a touch down ahead of them. It was a good game to watch.

I went out to the Dollar General 11/2 miles down the road and got 3 gallons of milk but other than that, we didn't go anywhere.

We're going to try to try and stay for all of the meeting tomorrow so we'll stay from 9-12 PM Sunday School meets in the chapel where the sacrament meeting is held and when I go to Relief Society, Frank will move back into the room the curtains separate behind the chapel. I'll see if I can get Bro Knowles to sit with Frank. Bro Knowles and Bro Wright are our new Home Teachers, and I want to tell them we look forward to their visits. We need someone to install new outside lights on the house. I have the lights and a long pole that screws the lights in with and just need some kind soul who will do it for us.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Janet was back from Paris and was at exercise. She leads the Silver Sneaker's work out. I learned the name of another member of the group. Her name was Kathryn. Slowly, I am going to try to learn the names of everyone who comes regularly.

I took two pictures by the frame shop to get new frames. I need to call or go by and tell them to put new glass in one of the pictures. It's a crewel picture of a house my mother did long time ago, maybe in the 1920's or later. They were open at 9 AM. A lot of the stores on the square don't open til 10 AM. Then I went to the Dollar Tree and got some tissue paper. I got a small present for Janet and I had a small sack to put it in but it needed some tissue paper to go in it. It's a small plaque that says, "Paris flea market" on it. It was very inexpensive but I thought she would like it since she's just returned from Paris. 

Frank didn't go to exercise today. He asked for a bottle of expectorant and I did have one bottle. I'll have to get some more. His cold has gone into his chest but he feels all right.

I ordered two smoked turkeys, about 10-12 lbs. The lady said one would feed 15 people but I don't think it will. I got one for our house and one to take over to Trudy's house the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Both of them will be $80.00. But it's worth it to me to not have to worry about what to fix for family. Frankie and Mariam and Josh will be here Tues and Wed and Mary Kate and her family will arrive Wed night. My refrigerator isn't large enough to fit all the food in. I'll have to clean it out and get rid of things like the Greek yogurt no one is eating and we'll have to eat the cottage cheese that's in there and make room for turkey and potato salad. Frankie likes my potato salad and when he's home I try to have some. Last time I used 3 lbs of red potatoes and it made 3 lbs of potato salad! A gallon Zip Loc bag held it all and the bags take up less room in the refrigerator. I get nervous when I know I have to cook for people. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Didn't do anything this morning. Tried out my new blanket and it was very cozy. Trudy came over this afternoon and will stay until 8 AM in the morning. She brought her guitars over to jam with her Dad but his fingers hurt and they just got out two or three chords and I know nothing about playing the guitar. My hands are too small to make the chords. I'll stick with the piano.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Flat Tire

Frank had a sore throat and didn't go to exercise. I went and had a good time but when I came out of the senior center, I notices my right rear tire was very low. I had planed to go to Walmart and The Dollar Tree and then to Pep Boys to get the tire fixed but when I saw how low the tire was I went straight to Pep Boys. As I was stopped at a light waiting to turn right to go to Pep Boys, a couple from the exercise class, Larry and Mary, drove up beside me and told me I needed some air in that tire. I replied that I was headed to Pep Boys then. I had to wait an hour and couldn't sit any longer and walked across the grass to Dollar General. I got Frank some sore throat things to suck on and found some fall double-walled plastic glasses for the girls when Carol  comes over Friday to make a craft. I got a few other things and then walked back. The car was ready. It didn't cost anything and I was on my way. I stopped at The Dollar Tree and found 5 Christmas mugs to give the Walker girls and son if they come to make a craft in Dec. Even if they don't, I'll have a small present for them. Jacob is their son's name. He doesn't come to craft but I've included him in the things I get the girls. There's Kathryn, Sarah, Emily and Samantha and they are all such loving girls. I bake cookies for them so they have something from me while they bring me a craft. It's a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


 We slept in and after lunch went to Khol's. Being Veterans Day, I guess, everybody was at Khol's. There were no buggies and I had to wait in line to check out. I was looking for a down-alternative blanket for my twin bed and I almost didn't find it. There were lots of blankets in the wrong size but somehow I lucked up and found the right color and size. I got Frank a blue and brown plaid long sleeve shirt and got him a tie to match. It was expensive but I can always take them back if he doesn't wear them. I forgot about getting him a belt but I found one in Walmart and it probably cost $20.00 less. Probably not as pretty, but it will do the job. After going in Kohl's with Trudy and I, Frank decided to stay in the car and I was glad. With all the people and no buggy to lean on, it would have been more hectic with him with me.

I used the rest to the large cabbage to cook the cabbage, smoked sausage, onion and tomatoes in a 4 qt pot instead of the large skillet which wasn't large enough. It is very good and an old college roomy saw I had put it on Facebook and tried it too and liked it. It was nice hearing from her.

Carol and the girls are coming Friday to do a craft with me. I'm looking forward to it.

Trudy had a better night last night and feels like coming over tomorrow to spend the night with us. We're going to have some really cold weather, 43 degrees, so I may have to turn the gas stove on in the basement for her.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, Monday

Frank was feeling dizzy this morning so he didn't go to exercise but I did. Two new people came, a husband and wife, Larry and ...., Mary, that's it! Janet still has another week in Paris so we'll have subs two more times.

Came home and dozed in the recliner. I've got to turn the TV off and read or play the piano or do something. Having so much time on my hands is driving me crazy.

We'll go to Khol's tomorrow. I need to get a blanket for my bed. I can't have an electric blanket on it. I have a light blanket on it but when we have the cold weather that's coming, I will be cold if I don't get another blanket. Kohl's advertized a down alternative blanket I think I'll get. I hope I can get it in the color I want. Frank will push the stroller for me. That will take the morning or early afternoon up.

Trudy's been in a lot of pain. She was to get some more pain patches today plus she can't sleep. I can't imagine being in such  pain and not being able to sleep and get some relief in sleeping. I hope she'll be up to having us all for Thanksgiving. Frankie and Mariam and Josh may come down Wednesday and Thursday. He has to work Saturday, the day the rest of us have our Thanksgiving meal. That means I have to cook a Thanksgiving meal. I'll get a smoked turkey from Lawler's barbeque and can pick it up Wednesday afternoon. Stove Top Stuffing sounds good if it doesn't have and corn syrup in it. Mariam is allergic to corn products. I'll make potato salad. I'll have to give some thought about what to plan for the meal. I've still got a few weeks to go.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


After I did all our pills for next week, we had to go to the pharmacy and get two refilled. After lunch, Frank went to his room to read and I found a football game on TV. The next game was Auburn vs Texas A&M. No one had beat Auburn at home for 20 something games but A&M did it today. They lead most all the game but Auburn came within 3 points of A&M but fumbled the ball with only seconds left and Texas won by 3 points. Now the Alabama vs LSU game is on. I've been sitting all day and I don't know if I can sit through another game! Alabama is #5 and LSU is #15. It should be a good game.

Talked to Frankie and he said he'd see if he and the younger kids could come for Thanksgiving Wednesday and Thursday. The family gathering will be the Saturday after Thursday. He can't stay for it for he has to work on Saturdays. That means I'll have to have a Thanksgiving meal at my house on Thursday for them and then another meal on Saturday. I'll order a smoked turkey or maybe two. It's probably time to order them now, but I'll have to pick them up Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I'll cheat and use Stove Top Stuffing and sweet potatoes in cans. I'd better start planning the meal now and not wait until the last minute.

Trudy isn't doing well at Mary Kate's. Had to go to the hospital to get some pain meds and she is having trouble sleeping. She has to slow down when she comes home. The drive home will be painful. Mary Kate was going to take Sophia and Sadie skating tonight. Richard and Nate are at Richard's brother's house, so it's just the girls at home.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Air Conditioner Fixed

I got up at 7 AM and got ready to go to exercise and around 7:45 AM got a call from Kevin saying he was on his way to look at the air conditioner, so no going to exercise. Frank went back to bed and I cooked two pounds of ground turkey and fixed goulash and cut up broccoli and microwaved it. Kevin said the filters were clogged up and he replaced them and took some gas out of the air conditioner and it was fixed. It's been cool today so we haven't had to run it, but I did notice that the temperature was at what we had set it to, 78 degrees. I knew the filters were dirty but I was procrastinating doing anything about it. Tomorrow, I will vacuum the air filters upstairs and the floors and curtains and blinds and mop the floors.

The day was very long since I got up early and was ready to go by 8 AM. Tomorrow, we have to go by the pharmacy and get the Rx filled and the cleaning I'll be doing should keep me busy.

Trudy called and said she spoke with her lawyer and he said her disability was assured with the double fusion of her back. She will bet back pay and will be able to get some dental work done and pay some bills. Too bad it won't end her pain. She's having what she calls nerve pain at Mary Kate's house. She's going to get a Priesthood blessing for it tonight and hopefully she'll get some relief. She's got to slow down and be content to rest and heal. Her mind says "go" but her body says, "I'll get you for this".

Thursday, November 6, 2014


We left early for the Pain Clinic appointment. When we got there, Trudy was just checking out. She and Sadie were then leaving to go to LaGrange, GA to visit Mary Kate. It was nice seeing them before they left.

We were about 15 minutes early for our appointment but they took us on back. There's never any waiting at the Pain Clinic. We decided to eat at home instead of eating at Chick-fil-a because it's so crowded at lunch time. When she gets back from visiting MK, Sadie will be working for the H'ville Chick-fil-a on University Ave again.

I took a short nap in the recliner after lunch and when I got up Frank had already gone to his room. Said it was hot in the living room. It was 80 degrees and it was set for 78. I lowered it to 76 degrees but it wouldn't cool so I called J&J and told them we had just had the air conditioner fixed and it had run right for several days but now it wasn't cooling. It's been cool outside but the house gets hot so we've been running the air conditioner. Soon, we'll have it on heat again. J&J said someone will be out to see about it tomorrow sometime. We have exercise  at 8:30 AM and have to have the Rx filled but we should be home by 9:45 AM. Surely, no one will be coming out that early.

The tree man isn't coming very soon. He has to work for the farmers, said that was his bread and butter, but that he hadn't forgotten us. I'm afraid the money I put in the account will get spent before he gets to the trees. Every time someone comes to do a service, they charge a service  charge and it comes out of that account. Doesn't do any good to worry about it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We Won

The Senate is Republican now after being in the Democratic hand for 8 years. People are so tired of nothing getting done in the government except what Obama wants and he is trampling all over the Constitution, like it didn't even exist. His oath of office was a lie. He promised to uphold and to defend the Constitution and he's not doing it.

We had a lazy morning and in the afternoon, we and Trudy went to Kohl's. Madison is 20 miles East of Athens. Except for the traffic, it's not a bad drive. Frank went in and walked around with the cart. I didn't try any of the shirts I got on because I didn't want to leave him alone. Trudy found 2 shirts and a pair of exercise pants for Sadie. My shirts fit. They are just a little long. I didn't go to the petite section. Kohl's doesn't have a good selection of petite clothes so I usually just get the women's size.

Trudy was in a lot of pain with her back. She and Sadie are traveling, 4 hours, to Mary Kate's house tomorrow. It's Fall break for Sadie and she wanted to go see MK. They will have fun. Richard and Nate will be gone to see his family so it'll be just MK, Sophia, Sadie and Trudy plus the two dogs.

We have a Pain Clinic appointment tomorrow. It's supposed to rain tonight but clear up tomorrow. Don't remember what was said about the temperature. Usually, it has to warm up to rain. Frank has been traveling well. His pain from the RA hasn't been bothering him like it used to since he's had dementia. The Dr said it was a mild case of dementia. I still have to run the house and finances but he is pretty calm and manageable. He enjoys going where I go, so I take him with me except for the times I run to the Dollar General to get milk. I was in Walmart yesterday getting the Allegra D and I got milk and veggies and when I got home I found that I already had 2 gallons of milk and now we have 4 gallons of milk in the refrigerator. But we drink a lot of milk and it soon will be gone.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


We went to vote around 19 AM. There wasn't a line but there were a good many  people coming and going from voting. We drove by the nuclear plant but the road was blocked so we couldn't get close to it. The morning was a nice one for a short drive.

Dr Walker's office called and said Frank's prescription was ready to be picked up at the office and we needed to go to Walmart to get some Allegra D and then by the pharmacy.

Trudy came over after supper. Her appointment is over at 5 PM and she's half way here so she comes over every Tuesday.

It warmed up enough that I turned the air conditioner on. It was 81 degrees in the house and it was just too hot. It's warmed up during the day, too. Maybe it won't get too cool tonight.

Monday, November 3, 2014


Had a hard time realizing it was Monday today. We went to exercise this morning and then by the pharmacy and then to Lowe's. I had to get some replacement bulbs for the outside lights and I got a pole-thing that helps you put the lights in without a ladder. Now, to get someone to do it for us.

Karen stopped by yesterday after church for a visit. She said Ken was sick with a sinus infection and also said that he found out that he is diabetic. They just got the news and the shock of it all hasn't sunk in yet. I gave her a crock pot recipe book. Ken only likes meat and potatoes and hates veggies.
Frank's blood sugar was 213 yesterday after lunch. I fed him some apple crisp that a friend had made plus a piece of cornbread and I guess that's why is was so high. Last night after supper it was 93. Go figure. I need to talk to the nurse and see if we need to check it more or what.

We finished Matthew and Mark and are half was through the study guide on the New Testament. I already have the next books we need, Acts through Revelation. We really enjoy reading from these study guides and are learning a lot.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st

It was in the 40's when I got up this morning. This is the first batch or cold weather we've had. I turned the heat on last night. It's set at 76 degrees and it took the chill off the house.

We all slept in this morning. Trudy said she got some sleep. After lunch, I went to the Dollar General and got some milk. If I have plenty of milk, I don't have to run to Walmart so much. It cost more at DG but it's the convenience that counts.

 I watched some SEC college football this afternoon and then got another game on after supper. We turned our clocks back and then went on back to our rooms. Trudy is at the Wright's visiting and getting her and her Dad's guitars tuned. She wants to learn how to play the guitar and she hopes Frank can help her but I don't know if he remembers the chords or not.

Tomorrow is Fast and Testimony day. I am thrilled that I get to bare my testimony. It's been months since I've been to church and now that Frank gets to go with me, it's really nice. Trudy will be with us also. George is home working on their kitchen floors trying to get them ready for when we all come over for Thanksgiving. It won't matter if they are finished or not. We will still have fun being together.