Friday, January 31, 2014


I left for Trudy's at 7:15 AM. She had a Dr appointment that she needed me to take her to. It was at 11:00 AM so she, Sadie and I had some time together. Sadie had to leave for work at Chick-fil-le at 10:30. Trudy was walking down the hall when I got there. Before, she wasn't able to walk by herself. She used her walker to get to the car and into the Dr office. She had to move very slowly. The Dr said he would recommend for her to go to Vanderbilt for a second opinion. When we got back to her house, a friend was driving up to visit. They brought Sub Way sandwiches. Trudy isn't eating and is drinking Ensure instead. She has no appetite. One of the reasons she went to the Dr today was she had some blisters on her back and they thought it might be the shingles. The Dr proscribed a medicine that if taken within 24-48 hours would help with the pain of the shingles. I left for home after I got Trudy settled in her bed in the living room. I had brought her egg carton that was on the bed downstairs, and put it on her living room bed. Carhartt, the Dash hound, wanted to lie next to Trudy in the nice comfy, warm bed. He is so cute.

Mary Kate called to see about Trudy. She and the children are coming up the President's Day week-end. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not So Cold

It got up into the 40's today. I went to Walmart for some groceries and my coat was too warm.

My leg hasn't hurt as much today. I stopped by J&G and got a flower arrangement for the living room. I had a Christmas flower pot there and it kinda of hid some messy stuff behind it, so I thought another arrangement was in order. It will take us through Spring and Summer and I'll get another arrangement for Fall and Winter.

I going to take some food over to Trudy's tomorrow. I'll get up and make it in the morning. She's not eating and the Home Health people said if she didn't eat, she would have to have a feeding tube put in. I got some Boost for her and the food I'm taking is mainly for her family. She may eat a spoon full or two.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I thought yesterday was cold. It was 7 degrees this morning at 7 AM. I went to exercise anyway. It was cold at the senior center but we warmed up with the exercises. Friday, I will wear more clothes.

I went to Karen's after the senior center. I vacuumed her floors and took out the garbage for her. She has about 3 more weeks in the wheel chair before she can put any weight on her leg. Vacuuming the floors isn't hard. I'll need to do it once a week. I was caught up in my own problems and didn't call or go see her all last week and that was when she had the infection in her incision. I felt bad. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I can't help others in many ways so I need to help out all I can when I can.

My thigh bone, the one that broke after my hip operation is hurting. I talked to the Dr's nurse and she said the bone had healed and didn't really know why it was hurting. It's worse at night after I've walked around a bit.

Trudy is home and set up with a hospital bed, a wheel chair and a walker. Home Health is coming tomorrow to see her and help her decide what to do next. They are talking about going to Vanderbilt in TN. The church is sending in meals and I sent them a check for groceries. She's having a lot of pain in her back. She has medicines for her heart but she wants the operation so she won't have to take pills. I'll take the pills, thank you.

Mary Kate and family had 1-2" of snow in LaGrange, GA. Birmingham and Atlanta were caught off guard with the snow and had a lot of traffic jams and wrecks. The snow missed us but the cold weather didn't. The heat pump has been working over time and the gas stove in the basement has been going, too. It's only 50 odd days 'til Spring but I've see it snow in the middle of March here.

I bet Frankie had snow in Knoxville. I haven't heard from him. I'm just thankful we didn't have any snow here. I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow for the basics.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A warm 18 degrees this morning. If the wind wouldn't blow, it wouldn't be so bad.  It was lightly snowing when I went out to the pharmacy. It looked like someone had spilled flour on the road and it was blowing back and forth.

Ann and I got out and did some VT at 1 PM. I have a down coat that keeps me warm. It was in the basement closet for years but I had to bring it out this year. New Orleans is supposed to get some freezing rain tonight. The cold front has really hit the Deep South.

Tonight is President Obama's 5th State of the Union address. I don't plan on watching it. It'll be more of his lies and I don't like what he has planned for our union. We'll hear about it tomorrow on Fox news. Our Constitution is hanging by a thread and he's planning on governing by writing executive orders and skipping Congress. He refuses to work with the Republicans and the Senate is Democratic and on his side, so nothing gets done that needs to be done. Enough of this garbage!

Monday, January 27, 2014


I had to be in Hartselle at 10 AM to take the birds to the vet. I always leave too early and got there at 9:45 AM. After waiting a while and talking to a lady that came in with a blue fronted Amazon, we got to see Dr Jan. We've been seeing her for at least 24 years. Rosko is 24 years old now. Rikki, Rosko and Gert all had their wings, beaks and nails done. I have to spray them or mist their noses daily. I don't have to drench their feathers, just get some moisture into their sinuses. I have been lax in doing this because I thought I had to get them really wet. As I get older, it's getting hard to carry three bird carriers down to Hartselle for their check-ups. It cost $150.00 just for trims, but Dr Jan makes it worth it. She gives me a hug every time I go and that means a lot.

Going VT tomorrow at 1 PM. We'll be seeing Karen. Mary Lou didn't feel up to guests.

Haven't talked with Trudy today. She's still in the hospital.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hospital Visit

I left at 9 AM to go visit Trudy in H'ville Hospital. While I was there, she was taken for a heart echo-gram. Also, while I was there, the heart Dr came in and said that nothing was wrong with her heart. She just has the syndrome where her heart races for some reason. There is a procedure for that. He spinal chord is alright but they don't know why she can't stand and walk. George and Sadie came while I was there. I left at 1:30 PM. That hospital is very large and at first I got off the elevator at the wrong floor to go to my car. I thought, "Oh no, what if I can't find my car!", but I noticed that I had gotten off at the 1st floor instead of the 2nd so I got back on the elevator and made it to the 2nd floor and found my car right off. I'm getting too old for this kind of excitement.

I got home to find that Frank had eaten a banana and a brownie for lunch. When he saw me fix me lunch, he said he wanted some of what I was eating. I cooked three fresh veggies this afternoon so we will feast on veggies tonight. Mary Kate called to check on Trudy. Trudy's in sad shape right now. She's dehydrated and the nurse had a hard time finding a vein that would work. She called in the big guns and that nurse was able to get it in.

Friday, January 24, 2014

No Exercise for Me

I set my clock to get up a little early so I could be at exercise on time, but it woke me up in the middle of a dream and I turned it off and didn't get up, so I didn't go.

I went to Walmart to get a few groceries and then came home. I washed my sheets and made the bed. Mary Kate had sent me a package and it came today. It was a pair of house shoes and they fit and a pretty black bag with colorful sun and butterflies and with "Nassau" printed under the butterflies. Now, it will be my Sunday bag. I've tried two bags and they were both too big and now maybe this one will fit the bill. It is very pretty. She got it on her and Richards cruise to the Bahamas.

The emergency room Dr told Trudy he had looked at the MRI and nothing was wrong with her and she should just go home. How rude! If he knew her history with her degenerative back disease, he wouldn't have talked like that. I just called her and she's getting tests done and sounded good. She's going to do something about the hospital dismissing her in her condition. She did get re-admitted and is in room 1842. I"ll go see her tomorrow.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

No Title

Trudy's 48 hours at the hospital was over and they sent her to the Pain Clinic. How she got there, I don't know because she couldn't walk. I'm missing part of the story. Anyway, she's back in the hospital waiting for more tests. Surely, we'll know something by tomorrow night. She's admitted to the hospital now.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Athens ER

I was asleep by 10 PM and Frank woke me up at 1 AM saying he fell and cut his thumb open. I cleaned up the blood on the floor and we got dressed and went to the ER. That was about 1:30 AM. He got 7 stitches in his thumb, got a tetanus shot and got his  thumb x-rayed.  It was 5 AM when we got home. We went back to bed to try to get some rest. He hasn't had much pain with the thumb and his other pain meds are probably helping with that. The Dr gave him a prescription for an antibiotic and some pain meds but the pain meds had Tylenol in it and it makes him sweat and he won't take it.

Trudy's still in the hospital. She hasn't seen her heart Dr and will see the neurologist this evening.
she can't walk and will have to have some rehab. Will know later what the neurologist says.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

H'ville ER

Trudy called tonight to say that she was going to have a mammogram and her heart started acting up so she went to the H'ville Hospital ER and while she was there something happened to her back and her legs went numb. She was waiting to go back and get an MRI and she may be having a back operation soon. She told me to call Mary Kate and Frankie which I did. I tried to call her back but her phone was on answering mode. She's been helping take care of Lyndel all week and I guess she has gotten all stressed out.

Nate passed the Sacrament last Sunday and he's the President of his Deacon's Quorum. He's the only one in the quorum but maybe he can activate someone.

Mr Rooter came and fixed the sewer pipe under the road today. They are very nice and I will use them for all of our plumbing needs.

Monday, January 20, 2014


It was a holiday so we didn't have exercise. Martin Luther King, Jr holiday.  I slept late and then went to Walmart for a few groceries. Read some in the new book I got from Amazon. Actually, I got two books and they were used but in great condition. The dust cover on one needed some repair but the book itself was pristine. I had just finished reading, When I Get Old, I Shall Wear Purple, and I searched the publisher on Amazon and found these two other books. So far the second book, I Am Becoming the Woman I've Wanted, isn't as good as the Purple book. I'm 2/3rd the way through it. The second book is, If I Had My Life to Live Over, I Would Pick More Daisies. They are about women who have aged. They're short stories and poems. I bought one for my Kindle, Over Seventy, but it was a short book in semi-verse and I was disappointed it was so short. I didn't much like it, though.  So I didn't do much of anything today. Tomorrow, Mr Rooter is coming to replace the pipe under the road. I'll have to stay around home because they will probably want to be paid after they do the work like the time the line was unstuck to the bathroom. I was expecting a bill from the company, but the young man who did the work wanted to be paid then. I guess it would be easy to get the work done and then not pay the bill. Doesn't matter, pay now or later.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stake Meeting and Gun Show

I was invited to the RS stake meeting so I went. I sat with Joy and the other RS presidency. The meetings were excellent but the pianist didn't really need to be there. From there I drove to H'ville to see my brother and Ruth at the gun show. The parking lot was full and so was the hall. They hadn't sold much but there were many people there. I visited a while and then left to be back home by 3 PM like I told Frank. There was lots of traffic the way I like to go. The interstate would have been faster but I don't like to drive that way, so I put up with traffic.

The choir sings tomorrow. I'll need to be at church by 8:30 AM to go over the song. I've practiced it all week but I didn't play it today. I'll run through it in the morning before I go to church.

Trudy stopped by the gun show before I got there. She's wearing a heart monitor to see why her heart is racing so much. She has a good friend who is dying of cancer and she's helping out with her. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lab Test

We went to the Athens-Limestone hospital to get a test done to be sent to Dr Phillip's office. The hospital waiting area was full and I felt uncomfortable about germs. Where do sick people go except to the hospital. We didn't have to wait long. He had to get his calcium level tested. We take Citracal tabs and drink 3 glasses of milk a day plus eating a meal of cottage cheese once or twice a week. We get our calcium levels taken because we get the shot, Prolia, that treats for weak bones.

I finished re-reading the anthology, When I Am Old, I Shall Wear Purple. Being older, I appreciated it more. Since I am older, 71, I wear bright tennis shoes. They happen to be in style and I like them. Would I wear them if they weren't in style? Probably. Being older makes you not care about what other people think.  I found three books about old women on Amazon that I ordered. One was for the Kindle and the other two are hard cover or paper backs. I'll get them Saturday.

We had the electricity off for 1 1/2 hours today. The telephone pole between Bobby's and our house needed replacing and the power had to go off. We share a transformer and the men got everything shifted alright. We sat and ate our Burger King lunch while the lights were out. The birds seemed a little nervous about it but they were okay.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


It was good to get back to exercise. There were 31 people there today. Afterwards, I came home.

I had put a load of clothes in the washer before I left home and I put them in the dryer and loaded another load in the washer. While that was going on, I put some Mr Clean in a bucket and mopped the bathroom floor. I had some Scrubbing Bubbles for the tub and they did a good job of cleaning it. Next came the washing of the wet towels. They smelled bad wet but after they were washed and dried they were alright. The last load of towels were so bad that I washed them twice before I let the cycle finish. They are in the dryer now. I'll fold them later. I called Mr Rooter and scheduled a time for them to replace the pipe under the road so there will be no back up again. We've lived here 34 years and have only had the septic tank pumped out once. The line into the house was stopped up this time. I guess it doesn't matter what causes it to back up the result is the same.

I practiced the songs for choir. We sing this Sunday. I need to practice the piano every day til Sunday so I can get the songs right. They are not too hard but they are not that easy either.

I still have the terrible cough. It's getting some better but I still cough hard at times. I'll take Frank to the hospital tomorrow to get a lab test of his calcium. Dr Phillips' office wants the test done. It's supposed to rain tonight and if it's raining tomorrow, we not go get the test done. They said we could have snow showers tonight but no accumulation. I'm ready for Spring.

My right leg is hurting some or is weak. I went up and down the stairs a lot today and it hurts when I walk on it tonight. I guess it's a big deal to have a broken bone.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pain Clinic

Had to be at the Pain Clinic at 9 AM this morning just to pick up the Rx and see the nurse. If he had had any problems, then the nurse would have been able to help, but no problems. The problem was at the pharmacy. Our co-pay went from $40.00 to $147.33! We have a charge account there and they said they could take it off the charge  if we didn't want it but Frank has to have it so we got it. I imagine most of our medicines will go up. TVA has a new drug company and their formulary is probably different from what we were used to.

I went shopping after lunch. Got some fresh fruit and veggies and some disinfectant to clean the downstairs basement with. I have lots of laundry to do and will get up early to put a load in before I go to Silver Sneakers. I hate the thought of having to mop the floors but I have to do it. I got some rubber gloves and lots of cleaners. I have to clean the tub and shower curtain, too. Ugh! We're having the sewer pipe replaced under the road that goes around the house and we should never have to go through a back up again.

Trudy is still at the hospital with Lyndall. They are trying to get her in some sort of cancer treatment. It's on her spine and I don't know what they can do. This may be her ticket home.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Eye Appointment

Frank had an eye exam with Dr Moody this morning at 8 AM.  It had been a year since he had been in and his eyes were okay. We got out in time for the bank to open so I could make a deposit and then we came home. It was raining and I needed to buy groceries but the rain kept me in. I worked some in the downstairs bathroom but need to get some disinfectant before I can mop the floors. I want to get some to put in the washing machine too. The towels are nasty and I don't trust just soap and hot water to clean them. Bleach will take the color out of the green towels so I don't want to use it. I need to get some rubber gloves, too.

We have a pain clinic appointment tomorrow at 9 AM and we'll leave at 8 AM. I'll do my shopping after lunch. I've got to find something to do with my time. I spent all afternoon snoozing in my recliner today and I can't do that the rest of my life. I don't have the desire to do much of anything. I have to practice on the piano and I should do it every day but that's just about an hour a day. Once I get the disinfectant I'll be working downstairs on the bathroom and laundry.

My leg hurts some where it was broken. I can still walk okay but it hurts to put all my weight on it when I'm putting on my socks. I'm lucky it could be fixed so I shouldn't complain.

Trudy's friend, Lyndel, is dying of cancer of the spine. Trudy is spending time at the hospital with her. It's hard to loose a friend like that.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mr Rooter

We waited all day to hear from the Mr Rooter company. In the afternoon, I called them and the lady said that they had us down for Sunday but since we were backed up, she moved us to today and said they would call when they were ready to come out. We got the call at 5 PM. A young man by the name of Josh came and found the septic tank and dug it out with a shovel. The tank was okay but the line coming from the house was blocked up. He did the rooter thing and eventually the tub and the toilet drained. He said that the road around the house ran over the line or pipe and had squashed the line. That the rooter had a hard time getting under the road and then it ran free. He suggested a procedure that would install new pipe and would fix it so it would never back up into the house again. About a $550-650.00 job. It would be worth it to guarantee no more back ups. We'll cogitate on it.  Frank's toilet overflowed when he flushed it, so I used 6 towels getting up the water from the floor. Monday, I'll be washing towels all day. I have the rugs in the washer now. I was afraid to use it, the washer, while things were stopped up. I'll take care of them before I go to bed. Then Monday, I'll have to clean and disinfect the bathroom in the basement. Water was everywhere in there and coming out the bathroom door. Oh, the joys of being on a septic tank.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Oh, No

The Cook's termite technician came and found water in the basement. I had been down there yesterday but only went as far as the piano. The toilet had overflown and the tub was full of water! I had three rugs that were sopping wet which I put in the washer to get the water out, and I put towels down to catch some of the water. What water we use upstairs drains through the basement so we're not using any water upstairs. I called Roto Rooter and they said they could come tomorrow. She said it sounded like a backed up septic tank but with the very cold weather we've been having, I thought some pipe might have frozen somewhere. It's an unsanitary mess and I will have a lot of cleaning to do after it's fixed.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Today was my day  to take food to Karen. I baked a devil's food cake, iced it with Cool Whip and sprinkled Heath bar nuggets on top. I cooked some sausage and added a can of dirty rice mix to it. It was too salty but I hope she can eat it. I made some mashed potatoes with butter. I had never tried this kind of potato flakes and they were very good. Idaho, yellow buttery potatoes that really tasted fine. I will have to get some more. They came in a 4 serving pouch. I took the food, visited and came home and fixed lunch for us.

Bro Toone and 2 of the priests came out and pruned my Crape Myrtles and Butterfly bushes this afternoon. The 2 priests were 16 year old boys and they all worked so hard. They carried all the cuttings to the burn pile and even said they would come out and burn them for us. I could get some hot dogs and marshmallows and we could have a party. I guess we'll burn the pile in the spring.
I carried the big hose out to the shed and the boys put it in the shed for me. My leg is hurting now. I really shouldn't be doing stuff like that, not now anyway. It's been a year tomorrow that I had my second surgery done.

Mary Kate and family called and sang happy birthday to me. Trudy emailed me last night-morning and Frankie will probably send a birthday card late. That's okay. I accept all cards, early or late. My dear friend Kathy always sends me a card. I really appreciate her and her ability to remember everyone's special days.

After exercise, I'll take Frank to the hospital to get a calcium test done that his Dr in H'ville wants. I don't know why their lab couldn't do it. The weather has moderated and it isn't as cold as it's been so it won't be a bad trip.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I didn't go to exercise today. I overslept and hate to be rushed. I practiced the new song for choir and snoozed in the recliner a while. Talked with Mary Kate. They had a good time on their cruise.

The sister missionaries came out for a visit this evening. They gave us each a Book of Mormon and we put our testimonies in them and they will give them out as they see people. We have a very nice visit with them.

The pipes at the church burst and caused water damage in the side the Family History Center is on. That's the side we go into church. We don't know if we will have church there Sunday or not.

I have to get up early tomorrow so I can shower and bake a cake and fix lunch for Karen. The cake has to cool so the Cool Whip won't melt on it when it's spread on top of the cake. The lunch is from a can. It's called dirty rice and I have to cook a lb of sausage and add the contents of the can to it. I hope it turns out okay. I haven't fixed it before but it sounded good.

Trudy has facet injections tomorrow and plans to drive to Mary Kate's in LaGrange, GA Friday. She shouldn't be driving that far by herself. Heard from Frankie and things are going good at his place. The kids had a day out of school because it's so cold. I think Nate and Sophia missed school, too.

The sisters said they would come out and help me prune the shrubs. The young men were supposed to help but I haven't heard anything from them so if it warms up enough Saturday, we might be pruning the Crape Myrtles and the Butterfly bushes. There's a lot to prune and it will be good to get it done. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday-Still Cold

I think it was 8 degrees this morning. I stayed in and did some cleaning and went out after lunch. It was 15 degrees then. I had my down coat and a scarf on plus gloves. I didn't get cold and after I had been in Walmart for a while I wanted to take the scarf off.

I stopped by Goody's and took back the large shirt and got a medium red flannel shirt for Frank. It's nice looking. I didn't want to look for myself. I have so many clothes, I can't wear them all. Come Spring time and that will be another matter, depending on what I can wear from last season. I do enjoy buying clothes. I'm not a shoe person but I love purses. I didn't get a new one Black Friday like I usually do. I had bought a new one at Kohl's a month or two before so I didn't want another new one, but Mary Kate bought me a nice, light coat that looks nice.

I watched the Auburn-Florida State championship game. Auburn lead almost all the way but at the last moment, Florida State scored and time ran out. Auburn played a good game. They deserved to be the SEC champions, but the Tide is always going to roll.

Monday, January 6, 2014


It was 13 degrees F. this morning when I went to the senior center for exercise. Not many people came it was so cold. The senior center fixed meals and had those 60 and over take one or two so the food wouldn't spoil. I got 4, one for Frank and me and 2 for Karen. The food was pretty good and was filling.

After exercise, I went out to visit Karen. I took her some chocolate and some oranges and taught her how to cut a hole in the top of the orange and suck the juice out and then turn the orange inside out and eat the innards. She hadn't ever eaten an orange like that. I vacuumed the floors and loaded the dish washer for her. She can get around pretty good in the wheelchair but she can't run the vacuum or take out the garbage. The Walker's were bringing food for her this afternoon. I take food over Thursday and we will celebrate my birthday then too. I'll make the cake that Trudy made for us. Chocolate devil's food with a cool whip topping with crushed Heath bars on top of that. It is really good.

I came home and snoozed a bit in the recliner and then got up and cooked some fresh veggies for supper. The BCS bowl game between Florida State and Auburn is on now. B-bowl,  C-champion, S-series. I want Auburn to win, but I don't know who will.

Tomorrow, I'll probably go to Goody's and take back the flannel shirt that was too large. Don't know if I'll get another shirt or not. I don't need any clothes and one more flannel shirt for Frank would be good. The ones he has are old.

Heard from Frankie tonight. It was cold in Knoxville today and they had about 1" of snow. The schools are closed tomorrow. It will probably be colder here tomorrow. I have a black part- down coat
that I got out of the basement closet to wear today. It has a hood and is warm in this weather. I'm ready for Spring already.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cold Saturday

I went to Goody's to get Frank a flannel shirt. All I could find were XXL but as I wandered up to the front of the store, I found a rack of flannel shirts. I got a large and a medium. The medium shirt fit and the large was too big. I'll take it back and see if I can get another medium.

Washed clothes and practiced the piano, dust mopped the floors and swept the porch and that's about all I did. I did cook lunch which we ate for dinner, too. I have some fresh veggies in the refrigerator that I can cook tomorrow.

The entire country is being effected by an arctic cold front. We haven't been effected too much yet but it's coming.

Trudy sent me an email saying that she's been in a lot of pain and has been really depressed these last two weeks. She's going to try to get some more pain meds. Her back hasn't gotten much better after the operation.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cold weather

It's a cold, blustery day today. I needed to go into town. I had two boxes of music to send to Kayla. She might as well have it now since she's still practicing and learning new music. When I die, she might not be interested in it.

I stopped by Dr Walker's office to pick up an Rx and talk to the girl that does the books at Westside. Our payment wasn't recorded and our bill for this month is $400.00 something. I never forget to pay the pharmacy or anybody else. One time I forgot to hit the "pay" key and the bills didn't get paid at all that month. I haven't made that mistake ever again.

I had to take 4 watches back to Walmart. I got them for Frank to look at but he didn't like any of them. That was $96.00 I got put back on my card. As I was doing that transaction, I heard my name called out on the store loud speaker. I was puzzled and went to customer service. I met Wanda there. She had called Frank and he had said I was there. She had made a cake for my birthday and had it in her car. We sat and visited for a while. I had to go back into Walmart to buy some fresh veggies and some food to take to Karen's the 9th. I got her a box of chocolates and I'm going to make a cake that Trudy made for our anniversary that was very good. It's a dark chocolate cake with Cool Whip on top and then Heath bars crushed up and sprinkled on top of that. It's really good.

The weather was cold and windy. Wanda said it was to get to 9 degrees by the weekend. Burrrrr! That's too cold for the deep South. I'm glad we got the gas heater fixed in the basement.

I have two new pieces of music to practice on. I worked on them this afternoon for about an hour.

The Sugar Bowl is on tonight. Alabama plays Oklahoma, I think. The Duke and Texas A&M game was good and A&M won. Watching the bowl games has been fun.

Mary Kate called about 9:30 this morning saying that they had just dropped the kids off at Richard's brother and they were headed for the ship for the cruise to the Bahamas.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


It's New Years Day and I'll be watching more football. It beats Fox News. Tomorrow, Alabama plays in the Sugar Bowl. They play at night. Last night I fell asleep watching a football game and woke up at 1:30 AM with the TV going and the lights were on. I shut everything down and went back to sleep. I was watching Duke and Texas A&M. Duke was winning but A&M played some exciting football in the second half. A&M's quarterback is called Johnny Football. He was pretty fascinating to watch but I think Duke had the more powerful team.

I could take the watches back to Walmart today but I don't know if I'll get out or not. I filled two boxes full of piano music for Kayla. I'll mail them tomorrow or Friday. Maybe going book rate they won't be too costly. I still have lots of music. Sophrona wants me to begin teaching again but I don't think I will. Frank's dementia is not going to get any better and it weighs on my mind. Plus Trudy comes over once a week to spend the day and night and it varies when she will come.