Thursday, May 31, 2012

Didn't Get To Go

Frank woke up with fevers today. Ruth called and said they were caring her son to Nashville and that we wouldn't be getting together and I had to call Karen to say that I wouldn't be going to the temple with them.

We don't know what caused the fevers but he stayed in bed most to the day. Well, we do know that the arthritis is the cause of the fevers but we don't know if we did anything to cause them. It's hot out today. In the 90's. I hope my new keyboard comes in soon. My fingers get lost on this one!

I wrote 8 pages of notes for My Life Story. I got started on the college years and ended up in Key West, married to Frank. It should type out to 12 or more pages. Good start.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hospital Visit

I taught the seniors this morning. Our tape of music hasn't been playing so I brought a Sliver Sneaker CD and played it. I think everyone agreed that they didn't like it. I'll use the Bach tape I play in the car all the time for Friday.

After the exercise, I went to H'ville to H'ville Hospital to see Sophrona and carry the information about the brown recluse 1st aid kit. I brought a magazine I had just gotten, too. Her bite looked bad but she said it didn't hurt as much as it did. She was broken out in pink dots and her hands were swollen. Dean was there with her. Frank ordered three 1st aid kits and 30 spider traps. We will definitely put some in the basement around all of the boxes we have. The next time we open a box from downstairs, we will wear gloves so as not to get bitten should a spider be in the box.

I came home and had another Write My Life Story lesson to read. It gave lots of ideas on how to remember things from the past. I now have a bubble page and two other pages of ideas to write about. I don't think this project will ever have an end!

Tomorrow, is temple Thursday. Karen got back home Tuesday. I just called and talked to her. She had gone out West to be with her next to youngest daughter who was having a baby and she got to see her other daughter and grandchildren who live just a few blocks from the daughter she went to visit. She rather hated to come home, she was having so much fun with all the grandchildren around.

Ruth called and said they would be up tomorrow. She was taking her son to the bus stop in Athens to catch a bus to Nashville and from there he would catch a plane to fly back home. I'll met them at the store on Hy 72. Ruth likes to shop there every time she's up this way. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I got up and got ready to go out of the house after lunch. I had to go to Luc's Boutique because one of my new bras was tearing up. It cost $41.00 and I wanted another one. Lou agreed with me and she'll call me when it comes in. Next, I went to the hospital to see Sophrona. She had been bitten by a brown recluse spider and was admitted to the hospital. She wasn't there. I was to see Janet at 2:30 PM and I was way early so I stopped by Hardie's and got a diet drink and sat in their parking lot drinking and reading the paper. Soon, it was time to go to Janet's. I had a good work out and came home and read about the Primalburn information. I've read and made copies and now will have to digest what I've read and make a plan to follow.

Sophrona was in the H'ville hospital. I called her to find out where she was and I'll be going to see her tomorrow and will bring her to information we got about the 1st Aid Kit for brown recluse spider bites.  She said she had some carbon at home but her house is being fogged tomorrow and they won't be able to go there. I'm just worried that there will be tissue damage to her leg. The 1st aid kit is supposed to prevent that.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dieters Delight

I've had two capsules of Dieters Delight today and didn't feel much of a difference. Maybe like I took a lot of vitamins. Perhaps tomorrow will be better. I have until Wednesday to use my 10% off coupon for a two months supply. I should know by then if it works or if I want to continue taking them. It sounds too good to be true.

My mouth is still sore, depending on what I eat during the day, so I mixed up a protein shake for supper.

I went to town to take back some merchandise to Walmart and Goody's. I looked around in Goody's and saw lots of clothes I liked and wonder if I want to go back tomorrow when it's old people's day. I don't need any more clothes but it is my main weakness right now. I have a new skirt that I have to take the waist up in. It's really too long but I can roll the waistband up and make it a little shorter, if I take it up.

Frank ordered me a natural keyboard. I really think I like a natural curve rather than a straight keyboard. We ordered a program today and it had to be downloaded in PDF files so I'll need to learn how to navigate through them, now. It's good that I'm having to learn more about the computer. My brain gets frizzled doing it!

Just found out that Sophrona has been bitten by a Brown Recluse spider. She's being admitted to the hospital tonight. Must look up Brown Recluse.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slow Saturday

I washed some clothes this morning and went out to town in the early afternoon. I went to Herb's n More to get some samples of Dieter's Delight. They sell a three day supply so you can try them out. The reviews say it gives you energy, without the stimulates, and makes your mind alert. Both of us need this feature. We decided to wait 'til Monday to try the pill out. You take two capsules a day. One after breakfast and one after lunch. Everything in them is all natural. I asked if old people could use them and the owner said , "yes". Other people have had great success with them and I'm excited to try them. It'll cost $75.00 for a two months supply or $75.00 a month for the two of us, if we can take them.

Went to church for LaDreama Ford's baptism today. I didn't realize she was 11 yrs old. She sits up front in Senior Primary so I guess she is older. She is a sweet girl and I enjoyed being there. There were refreshments but I left so I wouldn't be tempted to eat anything.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Frankie emailed and said the Kayla had received a $125.00 scholarship to a piano camp she was wanting to go to this summer. THAT'S GREAT! SHE WILL REALLY LEARN AT THE CAMP. I hit the caps lock and I don't want to go back and write that again. I never went to a piano camp but I did go to band camp in Tuscaloosa, AL for several summers. It was fun.

I just finished lesson 4 in my writing class. I'm supposed to write character sketches of the supporting characters in my life story. I'll try to do this. Since I will be writing essays on each person or situation, I don't know how this will help but it might.

I got up at 6 AM this morning to water my tomatoes and flowers. It didn't take long and then I showered and washed my hair and got ready for the rest of the day. I went to exercise and Curves. I thought about a nap this afternoon but I was cooking a pot of beans and I tend to nap while the beans burn. I got on the computer instead. Time passes quickly when I'm on the computer and the beans almost burned!

Writing a blog most every day should help me writing my essays about the events of my life.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Keyboard

Frank gave me some money to buy a new keyboard and while I was at Walmart, I picked one up for $28.00. I came with a mouse and I like it because it's smaller than the one I was using. It's not a natural keyboard, one that curves, but I guess I'll get used to it. At Staples, they were charging $80.00 for a natural keyboard and mouse.

I went by Public's too to get some popcorn that Mary Kate had bought when she was here. I got the popcorn and some Ham 15 Bean Soup. Walmart has quit caring them. We eat them so much that I like to keep a good supply of them on hand.

I went to Janet's house for a workout and came home after that. I need to water the tomatoes and flowers. It got up to 93 degrees today. I may get up at 6 AM tomorrow and water the plants and then come in and take a shower and wash my hair. I have exercise tomorrow and Curves but there won't be exercise Monday for it is Memorial Day and the center will be closed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I taught at the Senior Center but didn't go to Curves for I had to come home and get ready to go VT.  Ann came by and we went to see Mary Lou. We got there too  early and she wasn't home but we met her as we were driving out of her drive way. Wee went in and had a very good visit. Ann had gotten a hold of Glenda and she was alright. Her husband was getting ready to go out of town and she was going to stay with one of her daughters so we can see her next week. She has Parkensens disease but is course is slow.

Didn't do much the rest of the day. Tomorrow I'll have a piano lesson and a workout and maybe I can wash clothes or something constructive.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Day

I had planned to go to town and take back a blouse to Goody's and Walmart but I figured I would be tempted to buy something, so I didn't go out.  The day went by slowly but it was a good day.

Ann and I went VT tonight at 7 PM to see Joy. We had a good visit and Martin, Joy's husband, fixed some treats and served us some and we got to bring home three treats. Frank loved them! It was a good visit. We'll go see Mary Lou tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM. I gave the lesson about Relief Society and I benefited more than anyone else, I believe. After seeing Mary Lou, we'll go and see if Glenda is at home. Ann has been calling her but hasn't been able to get her. Maybe if we just "drop in" on her we'll find her home. Ann said the Relief Society President said Glenda was moving, but we think after all they put into their beautiful home, they wouldn't be leaving it. Hopefully, we'll get to see Glenda tomorrow and find out.

Joy said that the Relief Society was looking for a teacher and would I like for her to put my name in. I've been in Primary for three years or so and I'm not looking to leave, but it would be good to teach again. Interesting thought...

I Googled "essay" today and got 7 pages about how to write an essay. I thought that's what I would be doing writing my life story and I need to brush up on how to do it. It's been 50 years since high school and I had good English teachers that had us writing essays all of the time. But it's been 50 years!! I have another lesson on the Write My Life Story tomorrow. The instructor said to wait until the class was over before writing so we would have all the tools to do it. The class is structured for a book of life experiences but I only want to write essays for mine. The instructions will cover either one.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Usual

It's Monday and I did the usual Monday things but I didn't go to Walmart. I went to Staples instead. The keyboard on the Mac died and I was looking for a new one. The one I liked at Staples cost $80.00 and came with a mouse and I don't need a mouse. I've been looking online but haven't found one I like. I want a natural keyboard and the ones I see are too big or are too slanted. Maybe I'll go back to Staples and look at more. I wanted a wireless, but that doesn't really matter if I could fine a keyboard I liked.

For lunch, I ate a bologna and cheese sandwich. It didn't taste like the bologna I remembered as a child. Maybe it was because I didn't have real mayo on white bread. I chewed on my left side because it was soft but I paid for it tonight. My tooth, or the place where the tooth used to be, started hurting this afternoon and I took my denture out but it still didn't stop hurting. I took my Arthotec tablet at 3:00 PM and usually it helps the pain  but it didn't tonight. I had to take a pill the dentist gave me right after the tooth was worked on and withing 15 minutes the pain had faded. Pain is not our friend!

I received the two tops I ordered from Goody's today. One is just right but the other one has to go back. I'll go into town tomorrow morning and return it and look around for it is "old people's day" and I can get 20% off anything I buy. I really shouldn't buy anything for I'm scraping the bottom of the checkbook as it is. Can't wait 'til payday.

Frankie sent us some great pictures of their kids, our grand kids, so the birthday money can go out. We said no pictures, no money! I was afraid they might take offense, but they didn't. Frank's going to have to find a way to get them printed.

Mary Kate and family went to the beach this week-end with Heather's family, I believe. Athena, their little Yorkie puppy, is getting along with Obie, their other dog. Actually, Obie has accepted Athena, except he doesn't like to share his bones with her!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seminary Graduation

I did a little cooking this morning and washed three loads of clothes. Trudy had called and said that Forrest's graduation was tonight at 5:30 PM. I wanted to go so I left the house at 4:10 PM and got to the H'ville Stake Ctr at 4:50 OM. I was the first person in the chapel! Trudy came shortly after. Forrest was the only one to graduate from his Ward. It was a nice meeting and the speakers were good. The Spirit was there. Forrest and a friend left to go get some ice cream and Trudy and I parted ways so I could get home before dark. I got home at 8 PM.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dr Visit

I'm not writing on no event days or days that I do the same things over and over.

I carried Frank to see Dr Phillips today. Usually, we don't have to wait too long but today we were there 45 minutes before he got called back and then he was gone 30 minutes. I had taken a magazine along that I wanted to read but I forgot to take my bag in that contained the magazine! That won't happen again! I was so bored and there's never any good reading material in a Dr's office.

We stopped at the Fire House sub restaurant. It was the first time we had eaten there (we got it to go) and it was delicious! It really does beat Sub Way. But I bet it has more calories for it was very creamy where Sub Way is rather dry.

I worked out with Janet and we had a good work out. I worked up a good sweat.

I get my hair cut tomorrow. It's rather long. Not long in the back, but over my ears and in the back. I'm going to talk to Kari and see if she will leave some length on the top while she cuts the sides and back short.

Frank got my the dementions of my kitchen cabinets and I'm going to Lowe's tomorrow and see if I can get a price for new cabinets. I have no idea of what I want and it will open the door to getting prices from different cabinet makers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I got up late and after lunch, I had nothing to do so I went downstairs and exercised. I spent 20 minutes on the bike and the rest of the time with the weights and I did some squats with the ball. I did 16 without any weights and then did 16 reps with an 8 lb weight in both hands. I used the tubes a little. I don't remember too many of the tube exercises and didn't look up my papers that tell me what to do, but I exercised for 45 minutes.

My online class starts tomorrow! I'm scared! I wish I knew more about the computer. Frank can help me with what I don't know. I don't know if I will be able to remember things! I'm just nervous, that's all.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy Day

Did my exercising today but was too hungry to stop by Walmart and came on home to eat lunch. I took the car to Big Ten Tires to get the oil changed. The car was registering 10% of oil left and a tiny wrench appeared on the dash. I thought I had to take it in to the dealer but after the oil change, the wrench disappeared.  I had a $20.00 credit from Pep Boys and since Pep Boys have bought out Big Ten Tires, they honored it. The oil change was $35.00 and I got $20.00 off that. I did have to sit an hour while it was done.

I have a new skirt that I need a white blouse to go with and Goody's was having a 30% off sale online and I got two. Surely one of them will fit and look nice with the skirt.

I think the rain has moved out. It rained a little today but stopped this afternoon.

Frankie called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. He was gone from home yesterday and it was too late to call then. We had a nice chat with him.

George's mother died Mother's Day. She went quickly and quietly. Trudy in involved in dressing her, helping, that is.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Slow Day

The neighborhood breakfast was today. We ate at McKinney's at Tanner Crossroads. I didn't think it would be a good place, but it was! They had a long table set for us and the food was good. I had two pancakes and sausage. The pancakes were huge and the sausage was too, plus there were two sausages. I had the sugar free syrup but it taste too good to be sugar free, but I hope it was for I used a lot of it!

Tonight is Tianna and Thomas Merrill's reception at the church. They are married by now as they went to the B'ham temple today. I can't wait to see the cultural hall. I bet it's decorated to the 9's. I don't want to stay long. I have a gift for them. If I go around 7:15 PM maybe I won't be too early.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Little Bit Of Everything

Sophrona called this morning to say they couldn't come for the piano lesson because they were helping decorate the church for  Thomas' reception, Saturday night.

The shoes I had ordered from Maryland Square came today. The wedge heels slipped off the back of my heel so I packaged them back up and got them ready to mail back. The sandals fit, I thought, but when I checked the size, one was a 7 1/2 W and one was a 7 1/2 M. The wide shoe was for my right foot, which is 1/2 size smaller than my left foot. The shoe was a bit too large but I thought it would be okay until I discovered that they were two different sizes. I'll call the place tomorrow and see what they want me to do. I like the sandals but want both shoes to be the same size!

I saw Janet today and we had a good workout. I went to the bank and deposited the check Frank gave me for Mother's day and then stopped by Dr Walker's office to pay a small bill and then to the PO to mail the other shoes back. I came home and we watched Glen Beck on the new Roku.

I called Kari to make a hair appointment but she had taken a few day off to help with Thomas' wedding. It's really too long and doesn't look good. Maybe I'll call back and see if anyone else has an opening and get it cut. Since it's Friday they may be all booked up.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Little More Able

We went to the pain clinic this morning. We were in an out really quickly and came on home. It was too early to eat out anywhere, plus we couldn't decide on a place to go to.

Frank worked on getting all the newspapers sorted and thrown away and I did the laundry.

I read over the papers I printed from this class I'm taking. It begins May 16th. I had to find out where to go to get the lessons. The things I read plus a little inspiration and I think I know what to do, now. I wish I knew what to expect. I hope I can remember things enough to write them down. Now, my mind is too cluttered and I can't recall much of what happened in the past. It's enough just to live in the present!

Talked to Trudy last night. She and Sadie are learning to hook rugs. Actually, they are not working on a rug, but just learning the art of hooking. I finished a chicken by hooking, but I gave it to Mary Kate. I'm not interested in hooking anything anymore so I'll loan Trudy and Sadie my frames they need to put the burlap on in order to hook. I'm glad they are learning. Pat and Becky are teaching people the art. I may go up to Trudy's house and ride to Pat's with her one Tuesday to visit Pat and Becky. I haven't seen them in years.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today being Tuesday, the old folks day at Goody's, I went to Goody's to see if I could find the purse I wanted to get for Mary Kate. I found it among 75 other purses! I also bought two skirts and tops for Sunday wear. I have enough Sunday clothes now and enough summer clothes and should be able to stop buying.

The NRA did call and want a donation and I gave in  and donated. It's a good cause but good causes will leave me broke!

I bought a new Roku at Walmart. The other one was broken but Frank is having trouble getting the new one to operate. The lady who waited on me in Walmart said she didn't know anything about electronics and hoped she will be moved to another dept. She was very nice but I know how she feels. She didn't even have a computer at home and there she was stuck working in the electronics dept.

I didn't water the plants today for it had rained yesterday. I guess I'll have to water them tomorrow. I have laundry to do but will do it tomorrow afternoon. I put in a load tonight.

My shoes should be coming in soon.  I ordered two pair from Maryland Square and got wide size 7 1/2. Hopefully they will fit and I won't have to send them back. That would be lovely for I only have two pair of Sunday shoes and I usually only wear the same pair each Sunday.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Student Again!

I signed up for an online course, Write Your Life Story. It will be an autobiography (of course...). The course has a teacher and assignments and an exam and everything! It starts May 16. I've wanted to do this for a while but didn't know where to begin. I'm sure I'll learn more about the computer, too. It's connected with Athens State and is from their center for life long learning. It will be an adventure for me for sure!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


The tomatoes are planted!  It took me about 3 1/2 hours to plant the tomato bag and the tomato kit. I need to get some bug spray and other sprays to kill disease so I can be prepared for any situation.
Bending over and putting the soil into the tomato bag was work! The tomato kit was even worse! I had to mix some coconut fiber in water and then mix it into the soil. I filled the reservoirs and think the tomatoes will be self watering so long as I keep the reservoirs filled. I don't think I'll ever be ready to tackle a raised bed garden unless someone else puts the soil in for me and all I have to do is to plant the plants and take care of them. It's one thing to sit in the house and feel good and another thing to be outside working!

After cleaning up after gardening, I rested and the vacuumed the floors. We read the Book of Mormon and now I'm ready to plop myself in bed and read.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Senior Center Meeting

We didn't have exercise today for there was a program about elder fraud. There was a panel of people from the BBB, the sheriff and police dept, and various agency's that help seniors avoid different scams and schemes. It was a 2 hour program and they had refreshments and lots of hand outs. It was very interesting and I'm glad I went. I got extra hand outs to give to Mary Lou and Bob.

My tooth still hurts and I have to take my Rx early sometimes to kill the pain. It's been over three weeks now and it should gradually get well.

We worked on getting the bills we already paid in order tonight. It was somewhat confusing. I guess we are just getting older...Screw the golden years, as Dad used to say!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st

I bought my tomato plants and now I have to plant them. I opened boxes from Gardener's Supply and found the box that had the tray the tomato bag will sit in. It's supposed to wick the water from the bottom tray into the tomato bag. I opened the box that had the 4 bags of potting soil in them and the box that has the tomato cage in it. Maybe Thursday I can put the soil in the bag and plant a tomato plant in it. I have a tomato kit that has everything in it to grow tomatoes but I haven't opened it yet for I got it last month when it was too early to get it out. The boxes have been sitting in the kitchen floor for a month and it will be good to get them outside. I hope I will have success in growing a nice crop of tomatoes this year.