Saturday, May 31, 2014

Home Again

Sadie and I left LaGrange about 11:00 AM EDST and got home at 2:15 PM CDST. We lost an hour coming home. It wasn't a hard trip. We thought we were lost going through Birmingham, but after stopping and asking, we were just not further along as we needed to be.

It was so good seeing Mary Kate, Richard, Sophia and Nate. We went shopping and to Callaway Gardens. We saw the bird show, raptors, and went to the beach so the kids could swim and play. I didn't bring a bathing suit so just sat in the sun and got tanned.

I got a new purse at the Khol's in Tiger Town in Opelika, AL. Seems like I get all of my purses at Khol's. It's a big, black purse with three compartments and an outside zipper and a place I can slide my cards into. I really like it. We got the brakes fixed on the Honda van and visited a friend in LaGrange who's son is on a mission in Brazil. Friday evening we went back to Opelika and ate at C.C.'s Pizza and then Richard drove to Auburn and showed me the campus. It's doesn't seem to be as large as the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, but I was glad I could visit the campus of our rival school.

Nate was going to Scout camp today and Mary Kate and Sophia were going to Atlanta on a temple trip, so Sadie and I left when Mary Kate did. It's a 4 hour drive but it's almost all interstate and fast driving. There is a section of two lane roads that leads from the interstate to LaGrange but it goes by pretty quickly. Trudy said we could go every 6 weeks if we wanted to. May take her up on it. I think I need new tires on the Accord. On the front, at least before my next trip.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just Waiting

Spent the morning in the recliner snoozing while Frank did the same on his bed. The seroquil is working fine and he doesn't have any of the edginess he had before. I've got to call the Dr and tell
him it is working.

Waiting for Trudy and Sadie to get here tonight. Sadie and I will leave sometime in the morning.We are both excited. Mary Kate will have to send directions on how to get there for it's been 11 years since I've been there. Sadie might know how to get there but we'll be going from Interstate 65 only Hy 20 and then off on another road after that. It'll take 4 hours. We'll gain an hour going down. Frank doesn't know we're going for I didn't want him to want to come along too. He can't travel 4 hours plus he can't go and do like we will be doing. Trudy and Jennifer will take care of him.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

We haven't done anything except go to the pharmacy to get another glucose meter for Frank. He "misplaced" his other meter in all of his rearranging his room. We haven't taken a blood sugar reading since he got unruly with his Alzheimer's. That's been about 3 weeks. He's been eating the same so I don't think his number has been too high. Last night, he ate Graham crackers and then wanted a peanut butter sandwich. He was really hungry. I feed him lots at lunch today so it would tide him over until supper. So far, so good.

Tomorrow night, Trudy and Sadie will come over to spend the night inn preparation for Sadie and me to go to Mary Kate's house. I'm excited and have already been writing lists down. I have no luggage so will have to pack in soft bags. I hope I have enough.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


George came over to pick Trudy up and brought a small upright freezer to us. He got it in the house and plugged up but it wasn't cooling. He unplugged it and said to let it sit for a day and maybe it would work. II was going to unplug the big freezer and George could have helped us clean it out when it thawed during the power outage due to the tornadoes. But I had too much stuff in it that wouldn't fit in the refrigerator freezer, plus Rosko was in there and I didn't want him to thaw. He will stay in there until we can find a place to bury him.

There are 21 trees down in our back yard due to the tornadoes. It would cost too much money to have them removed. It would take almost all of our savings. George said something about having the tree man set up his chipper and shred the trees limbs into the woods and have a big pile of chipped wood in there. George said it was too big a job for family to do.

It was fun having Trudy here for 4 days and 3 nights. She and Sadie will be back next Tuesday night. Sadie and I will travel to LaGrange, GA the next day to go visit Mary Kate. Trudy will stay with Dad. We will be gone4 days. It will be so much fun.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Crazy Day

Trudy, Frank and I left the  house at 10:15 AM for an 11:15 appointment at the Pain Clinic in H'ville.
We didn't have to wait very long to see the Dr and come back to the car and waited until Trudy got through seeing the Dr. too. Her appointment was at 1:15 PM. We ate lunch at Chick-fil-a. Trudy and I got the chicken salad sandwich which was pretty good. Dad got a two strip Kid's meal. Afterwards, we drove to Meridianville to pick up Trudy's meds. At 3 PM we stopped at-can't think of the place now, they serve Mexican food- and got some tacos. I wanted something sweet so we drove across the highway and we got 3 peach milkshakes. Taco Bell, that's the place.

One the way home we stopped at Sally's Beauty

Supply and Trudy went in and got a Peanut hair groomer. We had been using a Whal big clippers for years and this small trimmer will be nice. Trudy will trim Frank's beard and hair tomorrow.

The sitter will come over tomorrow and Trudy and I will go out and play. We have to get groceries and I can take her to a consignment store I've found. We shopped at Value Village in H'ville and I got 2 shirts for Frank and 3 blouses for me. Trudy got her summer clothes there. We stopped at Goody's in Athens and she found her favorite jeans on sale for $6 or $9 dollars a pair and I got her 4 pair. I got a nice silver necklace that is full of bling. When I'll wear it, I don't know. I have plenty of jewelery. Not the real stuff but I really don't want that. I like the costume jewelery more. Don't worry about having it lost or damaged.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

RIP Rosko

After we got back home around 1:15 PM, Trudy noticed Rosko down on the floor of his cage. He was laying down. I scooped him up and held him against my body for warmth. He had his eyes closed but he was still alive. I held him like that for about 45 minutes. He nipped me gently and fluttered his wings and then he was gone. We had Rosko since 1990 so he was 24 years and 4 months old. He had been acting strange the last 3 or 4 days. He wouldn't settle down when he was covered up for the night and he stayed all fluffed up and always wanted to be near a heat source. He was an old bird and loved the heat. He was our watch bird. When anyone drive up to the house, Rosko would sound the alarm. I could hear him when I came home and walked up the ramp.

 Rosko was originally Frank's bird. We picked out an egg and when it hatched and got old enough to go home with us, he was ours, but as time went on and Frank wanted a larger Amazon bird, Rosko had to take a back seat to the blue fronted Amazon that we got. She is our talker.

He was a nanday conure. A dark to medium color green with a black beak and cap on his head - not a literal cap- but the front part of his head was black. He had beautiful olive green eyes. His stockings on his legs were red and the feathers around his vent were red. He was a handsome bird of small to medium size. He wasn't a talker even though he learned to say the name of my daughter, Mary Kate. She  would be studying and he would say, "Mary Kate, Mary Kate" and she would say, "What?" back to him, then he learned to say, "Mary Kate", "What!" He liked the same toys in his cage and didn't take to new ones very well.

I picked up Trudy at her house at 7 AM and we drove into Huntsville and got to the VA office at 7:45. The office didn't open until 8 AM but it is a first come, first served place. We were 3rd in line. The man, Harley, helped us in that I think we will get some funds to help out with the sitter that comes M-W-F so I can go to exercise and shopping or whatever else I want to do. Plus, we found out that Frank, even though he didn't fight in Viet Nam, he served during time of war and would be able to stay in a VA nursing home. We had heard that the VA nursing home in H'ville was open only to combat vets. Trudy came back home with us and will stay until Saturday. Tomorrow, we both have visit to the pain clinic. Frank at 11:15 AM and Trudy at 1:15 PM. I don't know what we will do with the "in between time".

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trees Revisited

When I told Trudy of the price to remove the trees, she talked me out of it. She was right. That would deplete our savings and with Dad's health like it is, I may need that money. I guess the trees can stay where they are for now. Richard has a chain saw and maybe George. Mary Kate said to just cut off the branches and let the naked trees just lie there. I really want them removed but I guess it's not worth our saving to do it. Trudy said she would call the man tomorrow.

I will leave the house at 6 AM and get to Trudy's a little before 7 AM. We will then go into H'ville to the VA office to get there by 8 AM. It's a first come, first served office and maybe we can be one of the first to get there. I believe I have all of Frank's papers I need. I hope to get some funds to help out with the sitter we have coming 3 days a week. Mary Kate was even talking about having the sitter 24 hours one time so we girls could go to Birmingham for a girls night out. Don't know if we can afford that. It's $17.00 an hour. It would be fun. We've gone twice. Once just us girls and once with Sadie and Sophia.

I just called the young man who was going to take care of the trees and told him I wouldn't be needing his services for the trees. I can call him back if we decide he can help us in any way.

Monday, May 19, 2014


The tornado blew down 21 trees from our woods into our lawn. I called a tree service today and got an estimate of $9,600.00 to remove them and all the mess they created. That still leaves a large tree down on the left side of the property looking West. The homeowners insurance has a $1,000.00 deductible and then they will only pay $500.00 for tree removal. Some people are having trouble getting the insurance companies to pay up on homes that were completely destroyed. The Lord blessed us that the house wasn't touched. Well, there is a piece of a gutter hanging down outside of my bedroom window, but the gutter is still attached so I guess it won't be fixed if it still works.

I went to exercise today. I was almost late but arrived on time. Afterwards, I went to the bank and closed one account and combined the money into another account. Then I drove out to the interstate and bought some gas for it was cheaper than where I usually get it and then I drove downtown Athens and parked on the square and went to some snooty gift stores. One had Vera Bradly purses. I like all the inside pockets they have but I wouldn't buy one because they are cotton and would get dirty it carried every day. I love purses but not at that price. I went to the hardware store, Grey & Holt. They don't sell hardware anymore, just clothes. An Alabama T-shirt cost $40.00. They were pretty but I can get one from Walmart that says "Alabama" and not pay nearly that much. I got through with the stores at 11:00 AM and had to be home by 11:30 so I left town and came home.

I need to find something I want to do the 4 hours we have a sitter. I get out of exercise at 9:15 AM and have until 11:30 to do as I please. I have at least 2 hours to fill.

Frank slept most of the morning and will probably be up late tonight. That's his pattern, but the seroquil has helped his moods and he doesn't get abusive anymore.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Sophia and I went to church and I almost slept through all of it. All the shopping we did yesterday came home to roost today for me. They left around 3 PM today. Bishop Black came out and gave Frank a temple recommend interview. Matthew and Susie Newell dropped by and brought me a package of chocolates to say they missed me. I thought that was very nice. They are a cute couple and very talented in their callings and life in general.

Bro Hill came home teaching and told me to file on my insurance for the trees that are down in the back. I was thinking about paying for them myself, but I will call the insurance tomorrow. Bro Hill said one big tree might cost $500.00. We have 10-12 medium trees down and that would cost too much money for us to pay.

Mary Kate went over our finances and determined we could pay for the home if Frank has to go to one. I have to go by the bank tomorrow and close one account. The bank has been charging $10.95 for a service charge and that money can be put in another account.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Out

The sitter came at 10:00 AM and Mary Kate Sophia and I left to go to Huntsville. MK had some things to take back to Target and we stopped there. Then we went to Sam's and ate lunch at Tender's, a chicken place. Out to Bridge Street and to Old Navy. I got a shirt for Frank. We stopped at Academy Sports and Sophia got a pair of shoes and I got a red American flag shirt. Mary Kate got some things too. We stopped at Publix on the way home and then came home. We were pooped. Too pooped from all the shopping. I wasn't tired then and MK took a short nap but I am tired now. Frankie left to go home at 10 AM when we left. It's been a fun week-end.

Friday, May 16, 2014


Frankie wasn't able too come early like he wanted, but he came about 3:00 PM. In fact, I met him at the Limestone Lodge, an assisted care living facility. The have a special building that caters to people who wander and the doors are locked all the time. We visited and it was nice. About $3,800.00 a month. He would be close to home and all his needs would be taken care of. Something to think about. Frankie is going to try to put a key lock on the front door so when I go out with Frank by himself, he will be locked in and I won't have to worry about a key. I locked him in the house today when I went to meet Frankie and didn't tell him. I felt bad about it but I couldn't chance him leaving the house and wandering somewhere.

Frankie was amazed at the damage the tornado did to all the trees. We have about 15 trees down from the woods. I'll have to call some people Monday about having the trees removed, if I can afford it. We drove around the area the tornadoes hit and it was still pretty bad. A lot had been cleaned up. A big truck came by late this afternoon and picked up some of the tree litter we have beside the road on our property. The truck got full and he left some and I guess he will come back another day and finish picking up the rest.

Mary Kate and Sophia came around 7:30 PM. We all had a great time visiting. Frank was tired since he hadn't slept all day and went to bed around 3:30 AM this morning. So at 8 o'clock he went to bed and chased us downstairs with our visiting. It's 10:50 PM now and time to wind down. Tomorrow, the sitter will come at 10 AM and Mary Kate, Sophia and I will go shopping, and stay out until 4 PM. Mary Kate was talking about getting the sitter to stay all night one night and we girls could go to Birmingham for a girl's night out like we used to. That would be great. With Mary Kate doing my thinking, I'll be alright!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dr Visit

Sadie brought Trudy over today so we didn't have to go and get her for the Dr appointment. They wondered why we were back in the office so soon but we gave them a list of the things that had been going on and they understood why we were back. Dr Boyer changed Frank's medicines and made them stronger and told him to take his medicine. Frank has not been taking the meds like he should. He will suffer the consequences ultimately but I don't want him to.

Frankie just called and said he was taking Jason his brother-in-law to the airport early in the morning and he would just come on down here and see if he could help in any way. Mary Kate had called and talked to him about Dad and his antics and they are both worried about us. It will be nice to see him. They are talking about me selling the house, maybe, and Dad going into a nursing home. I don't know what the future holds but Frank seems to be getting worse faster.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To H'ville

I had an appointment at the Pain Clinic. Dr Alexander made it for me back in January when I was having pain with my right femur. By now the pain had subsided but I wanted to keep the appointment so that I could get some medicine in case the pain came back. I felt weird sitting there and telling about the pain that was almost gone. I got a prescription for pain pills and a nerve relaxer. He said there were procedures for my back pain and my leg pain that included a nerve block but I don't want anything like that. Maybe he saw through my lack of pain. I go back in 3 months. The pain medicine only lasts one month but I can get refills on the gabapentin.

I came right home in time for the sitter to leave withing the 4 hour mark. Jennifer wasn't feeling good and we had someone else.

Tomorrow, Frank and I will leave the house around 9 AM to go to Hazel Green to pick up Trudy. She wants to go to the Dr Boyer appointment with us. Frank's refusing to take his medicine. Today he didn't take his AM pills and I tried to get him to take them this evening but he refused. Maybe Dr Boyer can get him to take the medicine. He will get sicker if he doesn't take the meds. I'm a little sick of him, too, right now. This week has been relatively easy. He hasn't been so delusional. He thinks I should cook the steal cut oats with extra water so he'll have some left over to drink. There is no reasoning with him about how I cook the oats and I'm not going to alter the recipe so there will be left over water for him to drink.

It's raining cats and dogs tonight. It's good that it'll wash the tree pollen off the car and water people's gardens that they have planted. Frank decided tonight that we will have a garden. When I asked who will work it, he said we would. It's all a delusion because neither one of us could work in a garden. I wish it would stop.

Mary Kate and Sophia are coming Friday after school. She's arranged a sitter for Saturday so we can go out and shop and have fun.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Start The Day With A Bang

Before I could get my shoes on and tied, Frank was out the door and gone.
He was going to the dump to find a shirt I had thrown away because it was ruined with silly putty. I went out to the mail box and looked down the road but didn't see him. I came back to the house and then decided to walk back to the road. I looked up the road and quite near the highway was Frank and Harold, our neighbor. As I was walking up to meet them, Bobby joined us. Bobby asked Frank about the birds and we walked back to the house and came in and saw the birds. Then Bobby left. That was a close call. Hy 72 is very busy all the time and if he had gotten on the highway it would have been bad.

Went to the Alzheimer's support group and vented.

Mary Kate is coming up this week-end and it will be good to see her.

We see Dr Boyer this Thursday. I have a list of things to share with him and so does Trudy.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Busy Monday

Went to exercise and then to the Good Will store to get Frank some button down shirts. He's gone from wearing his pull overs to the button down. I got him 4 shirts for $3.99 a piece. I had bought him a nice shirt at Khol's that fit and matched his pants but the first time he wore it, he got some silly putty hand exerciser on it and ruined it. That stuff won't come out of cloth.

I came home and Martin was working on the door. Jennifer asked if I still wanted her to stay longer and I said, "Yes". I was headed back into town when I turned around and drove to Blue Springs Elementary school to see if they had any disaster relief assistance there. The didn't but gave me some papers that told me where to go. I had a little trouble finding Ripley road until I came back to Zehner Rd and from there found Ripley. I found the place where FEMA had set up and I went and applied for some disaster relief. Since I didn't have any damage to the house and the trees that were down across the road to the back of the house were removed, they couldn't help me. They gave me a sheet with names of churches that might help but I wanted to see if our church could help out some more before I asked anyone else. Maybe I should look into paying for someone to come take care of the trees and the wood. There's lots of wood that's been thrown on the burn pile, but Steve said not to burn it for it might melt the siding on the house, plus it would be a hot fire that would last several days. What to do, what to do?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I don't usually write on Sundays but today was different. I felt like I should stay home from church and watch Frank. Trudy came over at lunch and stayed 'til 7 PM. Since she wrecked her car, they are one car shy and she can't just get in a car and go when she wants to. At the end of the month, we are planning a trip to LaGrange, GA to visit Mary Kate for 4 days. Sadie will go with me and we will drive down Wednesday and come home Saturday. Trudy will stay with Frank during that time. I hope it all works out and will happen. I'm ready for a break.

Today was the longest day. I have nothing to do but baby-sit. Trudy was involved in journaling and writing letters to three missionaries. Frank was laying on his bed going through "stuff"-not throwing anything away, just sifting it from one box to another. I told him it all had to go back into his room tonight. I found him in my closet looking for something but I got him out quickly. He thinks my stuff is his stuff too. Makes me really mad. Leave my stuff alone!

I called Martin and told him about the front door and he said he would come over tomorrow morning and look at it. He can fix it and I'm thankful. This has been one month. Calling the sheriff on him and then having the paramedics busting my front door down, has been too much excitement. It's only going to get worse. Maybe I need a stun gun...

Saturday, May 10, 2014


When the tornadoes came through, they, it, hit our woods and took about 20 trees out. None were close to the house so the house wasn't touched by the tornado. We were without electricity for 4 days. After one day, a friend brought us a generator and we ran the refrigerator and microwave on it. Finally, the linemen got the electricity on for us Saturday, May 3rd. Wow! What a blessing electricity is and we take if for granted until we don't have it. The big freezer in the basement was okay for it has mostly bird pellets and bread in it. Trudy collected some meat out of it and threw it away. The garbage didn't run the expected day and it sat out next to the road for a week and really grew rank. I left the top of the can for an day and it aired out. It needs washing out but I don't have the energy to do it.

Frank has been sleeping in the daytime and staying up all night. Last night he went out the basement door and locked himself out of the house. I don't know how long he was out. I heard a scratching noise on the window in my room this morning, but, half awake, I figured he was in his room making noise. Not being able to get me up, he walked to the road and flagged down a neighbor and called for an ambulance. The door was locked but the man busted it open to get in to see if I was okay. I woke up to the sound of voices and people in my room. I said I was okay and finally everyone left. The door will shut but won't lock. I have good neighbors. Sandra just called to check on us for someone said that they saw an ambulance at the house this morning. I told her what happened and she said to call they if we needed anything. I'll have to get the door fixed and have locks put on them so he can't get out without my knowing it.

Trudy had a wreck in her car and totaled it. She wasn't hurt except her right foot hurts and she figures it was because it was under the gas pedal. They had full coverage on the car and will get to replace it. It's a miracle she wasn't hurt. The car crossed the median and landed in a ditch on the other side of the road.