Friday, November 30, 2012

More Beans

Janet came to the exercise class today. She went through the exercises with us and said she enjoyed them. Joyce gave me a Christmas card with a $20.00 Walmart gift card in it. That was so sweet and unexpected.

I went to Walmart for a few things and then to Lowe's too get a lamp shade and plant. The lamp shade in my room just fell to the ground all by itself yesterday so I had to get a new one. I found a nice plant for Janet for Christmas. Then I went to The Shoe Dept. to get me a new pair of bedroom slippers. Got them home and they were too short. I had tried one one at the store but I didn't stand up in it so I didn't notice that they were too short. I can't find the receipt but I have the tag with the price on it. I'll take them back tomorrow and see if they have a 9 in the style. I can take Janet's plant to her, too. I just don't know how I'm going to feel when I stop the pain meds. The one day that I was late taking them, I had a serious pain in my right hip and if that comes back, I'll be in bad shape. I was walking through Walmart today thinking what if I couldn't go strolling along doing what I needed to do. How would it feel? Not good, I'm sure.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Temple Day

Ann and I went VT to Mary Lou's today. Had a nice visit. Got back home and fixed lunch. I had cooked the 15 Bean Soup in the crock pot on low all night and this morning I turned it up on high. By lunch time the beans were thoroughly cooked. I had put too much water in them and had to dip it out but the beans were done. Now to see if Frank likes the way the beans turned out.

I'll be ready to go to the temple by 3:00 this afternoon. Karen usually comes by soon after that. Summer-Rae is going too so it should be a good trip. She always has something to talk about where as I'm pretty quiet.

Last night my hip was bothering me and I couldn't get too sleep. I got a heating pad for the hip and turned it on high. It felt good but I fell asleep with it on high and I woke up during the night with my hip itching badly. I got up and put some alcohol on it and fell asleep again. The skin was splotchy this morning. Won't put it on high again.

It's 2 weeks before my surgery and my hip is hurting more. I'm afraid it will hurt a lot after I stop taking the Arthrotec. I still have exercises to lead and hope I'll be able to do it.

I'll get to bed at 12:00 AM tonight but it usually isn't any problem to get up at 7 AM. I might need a nap tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Day

Frank had fevers this morning but he wasn't so bad that I couldn't go out. I had to lead the exercises at the senior center and we had a good morning. I got to talk to the ladies and that is always good. Janet is coming Friday to sit in and see what we do. She is thinking of doing some of the classes for me when I'm recovering from my operation. I hope she will fill in the entire time I'm gone. She will have fun with the ladies. Wish I could be there. Who knows, we might incorporate some of the things she does in our routine.

I had a workout with Janet today. I didn't make an appointment for next week because I won't be taking any Arthrotec and might be in pain. I just don't know. I'll contact her one way or the other.

I stopped by the bank and got change for a large bill and wanted to go by Dollar Tree and Goody's but since Frank was in bad shape, I came on home.

Will go VT again tomorrow to see Mary Lou. We'll go at 10:30 AM. I have a temple trip that afternoon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Went VT today. Saw Karen and found the house of a new sister we have but she wasn't home. We left her a note and an orange and grapefruit that Ann had brought back from Florida.

Moved my room around so I can get into bed on my left side. With my right hip being operated on I couldn't get into bed on that side. Next week I'll have to stop taking the Arthrotec for 10 days before the operation. I'll really get to see what pains me then. I expect my back will hurt and I know my hip will hurt, too. I'm not looking forward to that.

Don't know if I should decorate for Christmas or not. I'll have a week before and two weeks after Christmas to enjoy the decorations, mainly the tree, before they have to be taken down. Will I feel like taking them down? I guess Frank could do it. The tree is a very small one with lights on it. In fact, I leave all the decorations on the tree and just unplug it and put in storage so when I get it out it will be all decorated. My Dad used to do that and I got it from him.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Usual Monday

I had a good exercise class and came home right afterwards. Did my pills and then exercised some downstairs. I was all ready to ride my bike but the resistance wouldn't work. Later, Frank checked it and the batteries were dead. I've had the bike since '09. We replaced the batteries and it worked fine. I didn't exercise on it then. Will have to do it another day. Tomorrow, Ann and I will go VT to see Karen and try to find a new sister who has been put on our route. Wednesday, I see Janet and Thursday Ann is trying to see if we can see Mary Lou Thursday morning. We're going to the temple Thursday afternoon.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day After

The day after family left has been one of rest. I did go to town to mail a box to Frankie of the things that were left behind and I stopped in at Goody's to take back a coat I had ordered online that was too small, but then I came home. We watched the Auburn-Alabama football game and Alabama  won big time. Will spend the rest of the day getting ready for Sunday.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Shopping Day

We slept in and didn't rush out to shop. I fried a pound of bacon and made regular and non gluten pancakes for everyone. We left the house around 10:00 AM. We stopped at Kohl's first as it was on the way to H'ville. Nate got a jacket and I found a dark red cross over purse that was originally $29.00 but with my $10.00 free Kohl's card and a 25% off card, I only payed about $ 15.00 for a leather purse. I like it but will have to get used to where everything is in it.

We met Sadie and Trudy at Game Stop and Sadie came with us shopping. She bought a set of earphones at Game Stop and then didn't have the money for her shoes she wanted at Dick's. We went to Hancock's fabric for Mary Kate to get some burlap and then Best Buy where Richard bought something for his new camera. We went to Burlington Coat Factory where Sadie looked for a pea coat but she either didn't like the styles or they didn't have her size. They are wool and black and will show every little hair and speck. I'll tell her about that. With two dogs at home, her coat would pick up all the hair of the dogs. We come on home after that. Everyone was hungry and maybe a bit tired.

After lunch, Mary Kate started packing up and getting ready to go home to Trudy's. They are staying 2 nights at their house. Luke left his jacket, and I found a pair of sun glasses that belong to Frankie and I included a small purse for Mariam in the box I packed up to send to Knoxville.

It was a very nice visit for everyone. A true Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Frankie and family came for lunch today. Mary Kate and family were already here. The kids played outside and had fun and Mary Kate and I made food to take to Trudy's. We all went to Trudy's at 6 PM and had a great time together as a family. Frankie and family left to go back to their motel when we left. They will travel home tomorrow morning and we will go shopping on Black Friday. The Walmart shopping was full of cars when we drove by tonight. There will be crowds tomorrow when we go out. I'll really too tired to remember much of the day.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Busy Day

Got up at 7 AM and cooked potatoes in the microwave and cooked eggs there too. Made two pans of brownies, one non-gluten and one regular. Made potato salad and went to Janet's at 11:00 AM. I had to do some last minute shopping at Walmart (third time this week), stopped by the pharmacy and then came home.

Frankie called and said they would be in town early and wondered if they should come here for lunch. I didn't have the food to feed them, so I told them to go on to their motel and the kids could swim and they could relax.

Mary Kate just called, 7:30 PM, Central time, and said that they were coming into H'ville and would stop by and get Sadie and then be on over here. Sadie was at the motel with Frankie's kids swimming. The motel has an indoor pool.

Mary Kate didn't bring anything for the children to sleep on and Richard said he would sleep on the floor, but Sadie can sleep with Mary Kate and Richard can sleep on the couch.

After I realized how many people would be here tomorrow, I had to make another pan of brownies tonight. I have clothes in the dryer too.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Relief Society

A lady from CASA came to the Relief Society meeting tonight and told us about the organization and what it's needs were. It was very enlightening. It works entirely on volunteers, and serves the needs of the aged and home bound in Limestone Co.

We tried to get the gas heater lit today but failed and called the gas company. Someone will be out tomorrow to look at it. We may have a part to replace. We've had the stove 22 years. Got it in 1990. It's given us good service.

Frankie called this afternoon and told us of a place, motel, where they would like to stay. It's a suite hotel with an indoor pool and sleeps 6. It $87.00 and night and we are going to pay for an extra night for them. I told them to stay at the suite hotel. They will have more fun there. The plans are that they will come here Thursday for lunch and we will visit until it's time to go over to Trudy's for the Thanksgiving feast. Mary Kate and family will arrive here Wednesday evening and will stay Wed. night and Thurs. night here and spend Friday night with Trudy and family. We will be going shopping Black Friday. I always look forward to shopping on Black Friday and going to Penny's and getting a new purse. I want another cross body purse.

Monday, November 19, 2012


After exercise, I went to Walmart to buy the Thanksgiving supplies. I saw Reba there. She hasn't come to exercise for a long time. Seems like she's been sick. She had heard of my surgery so I guess the grape vine is doing well and good. She said she would be back when she could. Janet said she could take over for me some of the time. I see her Wed. at 11 AM and I will ask her then how long she can do it. I told the ladies that they would really like Janet and would have a fun time with her. They were glad to know they would still be able to have the exercise class.

I went into town again to get my bras from Lou's. I only got two instead of three. I'll have to call her tomorrow about it. Each bra cost $41.00. Medicare pays for it. I wonder how much longer we'll have Medicare.

I got some non gluten brownies to make when Mary Kate and Mariam are here for Thanksgiving. I think it's Mariam that's allergic to gluten. I also got some almond milk. Walmart will be open Thanksgiving so if we need something, we can always go there. I got a sliced ham for lunch Wednesday when Frankie's family is here. I got lots of bread for the sandwiches. I know I won't have something someone will want. I got a lettuce for the sandwiches and I already have some dill pickles and mustard. Got two kind of cheeses, too. Got kool-aid for drinks and will have the brownies for desert. I'll make some regular brownies for the gluten people. Then we will go over to Trudy's for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. Frankie and family will leave Friday morning, and we will go Black Friday shopping.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Phone Call

Rachel called about 9 AM and said the she and Frankie and family were coming to Thanksgiving. I didn't know what to tell her because we aren't having Thanksgiving here. She said she would call Mary Kate and talk to her. I really don't know what's happening right now. At first, Rachel said they would stay in a motel and Dad and I could pay for them to stay another day. They would come Wednesday sometime and go back Friday morning. Now, Mary Kate emails me and says that Trudy was feeling left out somehow and emailed Frankie and told them they could stay at her house. We were going to have Thanksgiving Saturday but now it might be Thursday...I don't really now at this point.

I washed three loads of clothes and practiced the piano and vacuumed the floor, mopped in front of the bird cages and put the leaf in the kitchen table. The oval tablecloth I was saving for when I used the leaf was too big so I threw it away. Made in China. Frank mopped his bathroom floor and we vacuumed in his room.

I've had a lot of time extra after doing all my chores. I hate having time on my hands and nothing to do.

Friday, November 16, 2012

No Class

They were having something at the Event Center today and we didn't have exercise at the senior center.  I went over to Wanda's house after lunch to visit her. She is in a large back brace to help stabilize her back after she broke it. One of their grandchildren was there. After I left, I stopped by Goody's and spent some money. I got 2 pull overs and some earrings. I need another box to hold my new jewelry. I've culled some earrings out to give away and I need to cull more. I got a box of 6 small earrings that will be good to wear daily when I'm not going out. I hate to not wear earrings since I have holes in my ears!

I drove Frank's car today. It's never used anymore and it needs driving. I discovered that the air conditioning does work. After the battery went dead, I couldn't get the air to cool, so I figured it was broken. But the air button wasn't pushed in. The radio works too. Seems like it was all static after the battery went dead and we replaced it.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Sophrona called at 9 AM to say that they had sickness at their house and didn't want to bring it here so Carrielee wouldn't be coming for her piano lesson. I just went back to bed until 10:00. I got up and got dressed for the funeral that was at the church. Susan Harris' mother had died and the funeral was today. I couldn't stay for the funeral for I had a 2:30 PM appointment, but I wanted to pay my respects to the family.

I had a good work out with Janet and she said she would substitute some at the senior center for me. I was happy to hear that. She will be a good substitute for me and the things we normally do.

Summer-Rae said she would sub for me in Primary, so that's taken care of. My right hip is hurting more and the pain meds aren't covering it up like they did. It's really time for me to get a hip replacement. Janet was saying that I would be a good patient because I was in good physical health. I plan to be a good patient. Pain makes a difference and if I can get through the pain, I'll have an advantage over the situation. I need to borrow a straight chair with arms to sit in when I get home. Maybe Karen has one I can borrow. Frank said we could buy one, but what would we do with it after I didn't need it? The house is too full of things now as it is.

Frank had fevers again this morning so he's going up on his meds. The fevers leave him very weak and a bit disoriented. It's getting where it's hard for him to walk now. He just lays in bed all day and his leg muscles are very weak. I hope he can get some exercise somehow.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Things

I used the new music at the senior center today. "What Cats Like When You're Gone". It is mainly modern piano music with some bird sounds, etc. in it. I liked it and the exercises went along nicely with it. We won't be having exercise Friday. Everyone's invited to the Event Center for something.
Regina asked me what the exercises needed and I told her stretchy bands and some 2-3 lb weights. I'll have to ask Janet about how to use the weights but they will be a good addition to our equipment.

After exercises, I came home and got the grocery list and went back into town and went to Walmart. I bought some Pj's. They're fleece and they are very light and hopefully it'll get cold enough to wear them. I have to take up the length of the pants and the sleeves of the shirt. I bought three powdered milks for we are getting low on our supply of milk. They are about $17.68 a 20 qt. box.

I fixed the succotash recipe this afternoon. It called for two slices of bacon to be cut up and cooked crispy. The bag of corn and the bag of butter beans, the 3/4 c. of half and half and bacon made a large dish of succotash. It was good. I guess I'll cook some broccoli and cauliflower to take along with the succotash for Thanksgiving. We've having the feast on Saturday instead of Turkey day.

I have been wanting a new pair of bedroom slippers and bought a pair at Walmart but would like something more substantial. I ordered a pair online from Kohl's and they came in today. They are the adjustable kind with Velcro on the tops but the inside of the overlap on one of the slippers dug into my toes, so they will go back. I'll just have to keep looking. I got my last slippers at The Shoe Dept.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day In Hazel Green

I spent the day with Trudy and Sadie. We drove to the bank and store to get food for lunch. I had brought her a lot of genealogy. She knows how to use the church internet to find out who has had their work done. I got to love on Carheartt. Benny and another dog had to stay outside so Carheartt got all the loving. We had a nice visit and I got home about 3:00 PM. Trudy said she wanted to be with me when I went to my joint class at Crestwood Hospital, Dec. 5th. It will be good to have someone with me.

Tonight, I went to the Pink Ribbon Cancer support group at the hospital ed room. There is a new lady who is going to run the meetings and I think she will make a big difference in how the meetings go and I hope she will be able to bring the ladies back who don't come now. Her name is Tammy and she is just finishing up with her cancer treatments. In December of 2012, it will be 10 years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So far so good in it not coming back.

Monday, November 12, 2012

What A Day

This morning I ate some prepared oatmeal and then went back to bed because it was a holiday and the senior center wasn't open. I realized that Frank hadn't eaten breakfast with me and went in to find that he had a fever. I gave his some Tylenol and went back to bed. He acted okay but then I heard a crash and he called out to me. He had fallen and was lying on the floor of his bedroom. I couldn't get him up so I called our Home Teacher, Bob, and asked him to come over and help me, but Frank was able to get up by himself and get to the bathroom. I called Bob and told him not to come. I then realized that Frank hadn't taken his AM meds so I had to give them to him. He wasn't out of his mind so he took them and slept until 1 o'clock when the TV man came to see about the TV. Frank had to get up to talk to him and later stayed on his living room bed. He had a rough day. Tomorrow should be better, I hope, because I'm going to Trudy's to take her some genealogy she's been wanting. I hope he's better because I really want to get out tomorrow.

I cooked a pot of beef goulash and baked a turkey roast. We were out of cooked food. I microwaved the frozen ground beef and went from there. The turkey roast cooked for 2 1/2 hours. It was a nice meal. We had potatoes and cauliflower and had the roast gravy on the potatoes.

Yesterday, I read a couple of hours in the Calling All Cooks recipe book looking for something I could take to Trudy's for Thanksgiving. A lot of recipes called for cream soups and Mary Kate can't eat anything creamed like that. The recipes took a lot to time to prepare and cook. That was a cookbook that was made when women stayed home and cooked for their families-mostly from scratch, no prepared foods. I plan to make a succotash dish that has half and half in it, but I'll make a plain dish too so Mary Kate can have some.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Craft Fairs

Ruth and I met at the Train Depot in H'ville and went to the craft fair at the Round House (where the trains were turned around). It was full of people. I got a pretty multicolored glass bead necklace and some copper earrings, and a walking stick that had hand painted flowers on it. It only cost $12.00 and is very pretty. I figure I'll be needing a walking stick after my hip replacement. It'll be after I've healed up quite a bit for it doesn't give lots of support.

We had lunch at Rosie's Canteen and it very good. Then we went to Lowe Mills. It is an old Mill that has been turned into an artist's place. I bought a pair of earrings that were made out of rolled paper, sculpted and with a small bead on the end. They are unique. Ruth bought some things there, too. It was a fun day and I got home at 4 PM.

Frank had a bad day but he would have had a bad day even if I had been home.

Alabama lost to Texas A&M today. They were coming back in the last few minutes, but a pass was intercepted and that ended any chance of us winning.

I had my washing to do after supper and have a dryer full and the washer going now. I'll be doing laundry until bedtime.

Friday, November 9, 2012


I went to H'ville for my prolia shot and then went to Sam's to shop. I was tired when I went to Sam's and after I got home and unloaded the groceries, I was really tired. I got 3-4 cases of corn, green beans and peas. Got some toilet paper and Bounty paper towels.

An old friend, Nick Hobbs, Sr., 98, died today. My childhood friend Nickey Hobbs had already passed away and this was his father. My brother and I were friends of the Hobbs family.

Tomorrow, I'm going to meet Ruth and we're going to craft fairs. It will be a fun day. I'm going to quit now. I'm tired.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Things

Carrielee came for her piano lesson. They haven't gotten the piano at their new house yet, but we played over some old pieces and learned about flats and sharps and worked in the theory book. She then learned the 1chord in C major and the 5-7 chord in C. I told her that was the most important thing she learned today. She brought me three chocolate chip whole wheat cookies that she had made and they were delicious! Her mother brought me a small Bell pepper and the birds enjoyed eating the seeds.

I had a workout with Janet this afternoon and then I went to Burke's Outlet and bought a griddle for Trudy. Her's wore out and Burke's  advertized a large griddle for $9.99. I was afraid they might be sold out but they had several left. I bought one for Trudy. I'm going over to her house next Tuesday to do genealogy with her and I can take it to her then. I sent her some money for the Court of Honor and for Thanksgiving. We'll all bring things to eat, too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Same Old Same Old

Obama was re-elected president. Our country is surely on the way out now.

During exercise, the CD messed up. I had another of the University of Mississippi choral singers but that's not a good one to exercise to. I came home and combed through the rest of my CD's and came up with three. One is a New Age CD. The music is mostly from synthesizers and it has no definite rhythm to it. The other two CD's are classical music. One a Bach cello solos and the other Mozart favorites. I don't know how the ladies will like it but I will see. Maybe I can look at a CD store.

Frank had an appointment to see Dr Walker today at 3:30 PM. We waited an hour to see him. They were busy today. Everything is okay with Frank, except for the usual aches and pains.

Thursday, tomorrow, Carrielee will come for her piano lesson and I will exercise with Janet. I have been exercising at home so maybe Janet's work out won't be too hard. Friday, I go to H'ville to get my Prolia shot, then Saturday, I'll drive back to H'ville to meet Ruth at The Train Depot to have lunch and go to two craft fairs. I look forward to the craft fairs, and the lunch and seeing Ruth, too.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I had to take the car in to get the trunk fixed. The man came out and I opened the trunk and her bent the trunk on both sides with his hands and bingo, it was fixed. No cost. I then drove to the place where I vote and cast by ballot for Mitt Romney. We haven't watched the election results for it's just too nerve wracking.

I found some genealogy material when I was looking for another thing and found the information the Trudy was looking for on Aunt Mary Peg, who passed away several years ago. I called her and we talked for an hour. We'll get together next Tuesday and I'll bring some genealogy material to her and we can sift through the information.

My hip is getting sore and I'm glad I'll be getting it replaced in December. I hate that I might miss Forrest's Court of Honor, but I'll try to get there if there is any way possible to go.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Usual Monday Things

I told the ladies at the senior center about my surgery. I may be out 6 weeks. I can go back for sure when I can drive again.

I came home and worked out downstairs. We're not having scripture study until the 1st of the year so I had lots of time on my hands today.

This Saturday, Ruth and I are going to meet at the Train Depot at 11:00 AM. They are having a craft fair at the Train Depot and then we'll go to Low Mills to see their fair. We'll eat lunch sometime between the two craft fairs.

I'm really enjoying wearing my new blue jeans. I think I was born in blue jeans. I wore my new jacket this morning. It's fleece and light weight and is supposed to be warm. It's a pretty purple color.

I took my car to Bradford's body shop today and they said the springs on the trunk were bad and to bring it back tomorrow for a half of day and they could fix it. Karen said she could follow me in to droop off the car. I ruined the springs when I tried to force the trunk down on a bale of straw that I was carrying home to put on the well top. I didn't know I was strong enough to bend the trunk of my car!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Is A Special Day's the day we get ready for Sunday...

I left the house this morning near 9:30 to go to the Fitness Park to participate in the 1st annual Sherri Adams Pink Ribbon Run/Walk. The runners were finishing the race and around 10:00 the cancer survivors walked around the fitness park. There were a lot of people there and they cheered the survivors as we walked around the park. Afterwards, I went by the Salvation Army to leave some clothes and a magazine stand. I went to Walmart for a tarp to put in my trunk. While I was getting a bale of straw into my trunk, I slammed the trunk down too hard and now it leaks. I'll take it to the Honda place in H'ville and get it fixed next week.

I'm trying to get used to the fact that I'm having my hip replaced December 13th. I'm reading the material the Dr's office gave me. I'm most worried about the hip popping out. I've got to be able to sit in a car. I want to go to Forrest's Court of Honor December 21st but that's only 8 days after the operation and I may not be able to do it.

I had several friends comment on Facebook and give me encouragement. That was nice. I just wrote, "Bad news. I have to have my right hip replaced December 13". I don't usually write anything but I needed to write that.

I got two new pair of jeans I ordered from Kohl's. I went by my measurements  and the size fit. They look and feel good. They are Lee jeans and cost $37.00 a pair. It surely is nice to buy things online and not have the hassle of going to the stores and trying on everything. Don't get me wrong-I still love to shop, but it's nice to get the right size online. I even know what shoe size to order and get the right fit.

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Dr Appointment

Saw Dr. Alexander today and got x-rays of my hip and back. They came with bad news. I have some degeneration in my lower back which doesn't hurt much, but my right hip is bone on bone. Arthrotec must be a powerful drug, for it masked the hip pain I should have been having all along the time my hip was wearing away. I scheduled a hip replacement for Dec. 13, 1012 at 2 PM at Crestwood Hospital. I won't be able to drive for 6 weeks and that will kill me-ha. I can still take the Arthrotec until 10 days prior to the surgery. I was going to feed Karen's cats while she was away in Dec., but I won't be able to do it now. I won't be able to play the Christmas music for the choir. I hope I'll be able to go see Forrest's Court of Honor, December 21st.

I registered for a cancer walk/run tomorrow at 10 AM. I stopped by and got a packet today. I had stopped taking Arthrotec for my Dr. visit but took it when I got home. I don't think my hip will keep me from walking.

I'll have to stop leading the exercise class Dec. 12th. I don't know when I will be able to return.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Today I took the birds to Hartselle to see Doc Jan. I got there 10 minutes early and had to wait and then was put in a room and had to wait 65 minutes. Doc Jan takes as long as she needs with each patient and she even made a phone call while we were waiting! The bird all got trims. It cost $149.-- It costs more when you have more than one pet. She's worth every cent. I also got some more medicine to put in Rikki's water. Her tumor is slow growing and Rikki seems to be in good spirits and feeling fine. It will take her life, eventually. Gert was 24 years old in 1987 or 1997 so he's well into his 30's. He and Rosko has a wheeze so we need to mist them once a day. I'm to blame for not spraying Gert for I have to do it in his cage and it makes such a mess. Just a light misting each day won't be so bad, so I can do that.

I haven't decided whether to stop taking Arthrotec before I see Dr. Alexander tomorrow. If I do, I'll probably hurt a lot and it would be good for him to see me in pain. I want to see what the x-rays show. It's probably arthritis in the right hip. The Arthrotec has been hiding the hip pain, and a lot of age related pain-haha.

After I got the birds back home and had lunch, I went back out and had the car washed. It was a mess and I don't like driving a really messy car. The price went up from $5.00 to $6.00 for a basic wash.