Friday, February 28, 2014

Grocery Shopping Day

We were almost out of milk and the ice box was bare so I went to Walmart to buy groceries. I had to stock up on some vitamins and fiber, bread, cereal, fruit, etc. I got a new table cloth, plastic, for the table. I had been just using a runner, but was tired of it. I got a nice beige background with green ferns on it. Green is the theme of the kitchen with red accents. It brightens up the kitchen.

This afternoon, I turned the TV off and read over my new Jitterbug Touch 2 phone instructions. Mary Kate set it up for me. I found I had used all of my Data (I don't really know what that is...) and that I needed more minutes. I called and was helped with more minutes and more Data. $5.00 here, $4.00 there and it adds up. I got set up on the 5Star Urgent Response and I know that will cost more money but it seems like a good thing to have. I love calling with the phone. I even texted Frankie on it. Just a short message.

Trudy had another heart spell and passed out and hit her head on something. She ssaid she had a black eye and a cut on her cheek. The Dr wasn't able to finish the ablation because she had started bleeding so will have to do it over again. She's on a heart monitor now.

Mary Kate and her family are going to the temple tonight. This will be Nate's first time doing baptisms. I hope he feels the spirit on the temple.

My leg still hurts. I filled out some papers for when I go see Dr Freudenberger for my back MRI. I filled in the questions like I was going to see him for the pain in my leg. I don't hurt anywhere else. It's raining tonight, but the weather doesn't seem to affect the way the leg feels.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


We had our monthly visit to the Pain Clinic today. Afterwards, we drove to Trudy's for a visit. We left for home at 4 PM and had to stop by the pharmacy before we came home. It was tiring but a nice day. There was a time when Frank couldn't sit that long from his RA pain but that has changed. Now he goes with me to my Dr visits. I see a spine Dr in March and he is going. Trudy wants to go too so we'll have crowd in the Dr's office!

This Dr is a spine Dr. My back isn't hurting but Dr Alexander saw some disc problems on my MRI and recommended that I see the spine Dr. I was filling out the papers he sent me and all the pain problems came from my right leg where the femur was broken. It has healed but I sure have pain when I put any weight on it. Dr Walker said it shouldn't hurt if it's healed and I will get Dr Fruedenburger to admit he doesn't know why it hurts if he can't find a reason. It's 8:30 PM and I've got to check in on face book.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Silver Sneakers

I really enjoy going to Silver Sneakers. It's at 8:30 AM at the senior center and I try to go M-W-F. Today was a cold day, temps in the 30's and I guess the cold kept some of the people away. Temps in the 30's isn't so bad, it's the wind that blows and makes it feel even colder that's bad. I had a bill to pay that was near the senior center and after I did that I came home. I had gotten up at 6 AM and was a little tired so I tried to nap in the recliner when I got home. In fact, I've been tired all day. Must have been some left overs from Frank being in the hospital Sunday or early Monday morning.

My right leg is still hurting. The surgeon couldn't tell me what was going on. His x-rays showed the work he had done with the plates and screws was okay and the bone had healed but he didn't say why it was hurting. The x-rays showed some arthritis in my lower spine and he had me get an MRI. The results of that test showed three discs that looked abnormal and he wanted me to see one of the spine Dr's at Sports Med. I'll see Dr Fruedenburger in March. Don't know what he'll say. My back isn't hurting. I know I have a collapsed disc from the osteoporosis but it doesn't hurt except when I get out of bed in the morning. It's kind of hard moving around in a foam mattress.

Frank is feeling better but isn't active. He stays in bed all day. On his bed in the living room or on his bed in his room.

The stuff I ordered in the mail is coming in. I got a bright red sweatshirt that I wore today. It feeds good to have a sweatshirt on. It looks like I have an under shirt on and that gives it a finished look. I got another sweatshirt, this one pink with darker pink decorations. It has a ruffled collar. Today I got a thing that helps button up buttons. Sometimes, I can't grasp the buttons and hold them long enough to button up a blouse and this contraption is supposed to help with the buttons. I also got a hard case to hold my credit cards. I already have two and needed another one to hold more cards. No wonder my purse is so heavy!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It Was Supposed To Only Ten Dollars

I slept in and enjoyed it. Frank got a good nights rest and felt better today. After lunch, I went to Goody's to use a $10.00 gift card they had sent me for my birthday in January. Of course, they just want you in the store and know that you probably will spend more than the $10.00 they sent you, and I did. One of my vices is shopping for clothes, or any other thing. I got a nice, light denium-like dark blue skirt that is ankle length on me, two blouses and a purse. The purse I really liked was $15.00 more than the purse I got, but I like it pretty well. I don't really need a new purse. The idea just came into my head and I acted on it. Actually, it's the same style as my not-so-old purse. It's big enough to hold my Kindle, papers from the Dr and lots of little things but it's not too big for my short little self. I'm not a shoe person, but a purse person.

Trudy is taking medicine that's making her a zombie. I talked to George about it and he is going to talk to her friend that works for her family Dr.  Someone needs to know what this combination of meds is doing to her. Hopefully, the right Drs can be notified and something can be done. I called Frankie and told him about the situation and that coming to see her this week-end might not be a good idea. I told him I would keep it touch about the situation.

I got my blog book and it is about 1" thick. It covers a year or more blogs. I think it's the 4th one I've had published. It's be a record for my posterity. Sometimes, I'm tired and don't want to blog, but since it's a record of my life, I need to blog every night or day, plus my friend, Kathy would get worried if I stopped for any length of time. It really doesn't take much time to do it. I spend more time on face book than blogging. I don't usually write anything of fb but I do comment on others fb offerings. I keep up with what my friends are doing.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Night

Sunday evening, Frank began throwing up. He couldn't keep anything down and his legs were cramping a lot. It got so painful for him that he called 911 and they went an ambulance for him. This was about 11:30 PM. I left the hospital about 2:00 AM Monday morning and slept in until 8. I had an appointment with Dr Walker at 10:45 AM and then expected to go pick Frank up then. I got to the hospital at 11:45 AM and he was having lunch. His colon was impacted and they fixed that. Dr Walker said that could cause vomiting. I was worried about his diabetes but he did okay.

After my Dr appointment, I went by the pharmacy but they didn't have one of my prescriptions called in, so I went to the hospital. I was expecting to get Frank right away and leave but he was admitted to the hospital and he had to be discharged. After waiting several hours, we did get to leave.

Karen was waiting at the house when we got back. She had come over after her PT appointment to show me how to use my iPad. She showed me enough that I can use it in Sunday School. I can have the lesson and the scriptures, Old Testament, open...I don't know enough about what I learned to be able to describe it, but I can see the iPad will enhance my being prepared for Sundays.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I went to the pharmacy but it was too soon to fill one Rx and my prescription had run out on the other, so I came home empty handed. I washed one load and talked an hour on the phone with a friend and watched some TV with Frank and the day was gone. Trudy said she was coming over Sunday evening and spend the night. I have a Dr appointment in town at 10:45 AM and hope she stays until after I come back which will be lunch time. The appointment is just a follow up appointment so shouldn't take long. I need a new prescription and I want to complain to him about my leg hurting but there isn't anything else wrong.

I should hear about the MRI next week, I hope, to see if there is any reason for the hurting in my right leg. Perhaps it's because the bone was broken that it hurts. I don't like it but will stop whining about it sometime...

Friday, February 21, 2014


The paper from Sports Med said the appointment for my MRI was at 10:30 AM so we got there 15 minutes early. After waiting for a while, I was told my appointment was at 11:50 AM! We waited there in the office until I was called back.There wasn't any place we wanted to go. Afterwards, we went to Chick-fel-a for lunch. Sadie was working and I found out Trudy was released from the hospital at 4:30 AM today. She has an infection and I guess was sent home with antibiotics. We ate in the car and then drove home. I forgot I needed to go by the pharmacy and will do it tomorrow.

I called Tracfone and cancelled my phone. Now that I have the Jitterbug Touch 2 phone, I don't need the other phone. They don't make it easy of cancel the phone. I had already copied all the important numbers from under the battery in the phone. Mary Kate found where the battery was and I copied all the numbers I could find. I was ready for Tracfone! They charged a credit card each month and I hope they will stop now.

Mary Kate set up the Jitterbug for me. On the screen are the people I want to call and I just touch their name and the phone automatically calls them. Pretty neat, I say. I still need to read the directions for the phone and learn all I can about it...Naugh!

My shoe caraselle (I know that's spelled wrong, but the computer doesn't know how to spell it either)
from Foot Smart came today. I put it together, with Frank's help. It will hold 18 pair of shoes. I don't have that many shoes but I have a place for them if I ever want to have 18 pairs.

I've ordered several things online lately so should be getting things in the mail for a while. I ordered two pretty sweatshirts and by the time I get them, the weather might be too warm to wear them.

I'm enjoying my iPad. I use it mainly to text and to read and study the scriptures with. I finally got my Apple ID and password so I can go on the Apple store or where ever I need the ID and password.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Got my hair cut at 9 AM. It's short but that's the way I like it. Then went to Walmart to buy groceries. I forgot my list but got everything that was on the list. I buy pretty much the same stuff each  shopping trip. I'm going to investigate ordering things, grocery items, from Amazon.

Came home and cooked broccoli and cauliflower. I  had some goulash left over and we ate it all tonight. I'll have to cook tomorrow. We also go to H'ville to Sports Med for me to get en MRI. I don't know how that's going to show why my leg hurts but Dr Alexander wanted me to have it. He says x-rays show arthritis in my lower spine. If he can't find any reason for the femur pain, I think I'll go see Dr Moore, the Dr who did my knees in 2009. There must be a reason for the pain and I want to know what it is.

Trudy is going back into the hospital tonight. She is running a fever and the Home Health nurse said she had to go back into the hospital. Her cell phone doesn't work right and she doesn't know when anyone calls or texts. She said her chest, heart, hurts where they pierced her pericardium during the ablation. She has had so many problems this year and last year too.

Mary Kate and Sophia are going to Athens, GA for Sophia's choral concert. They will be gone two days.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Went to Silver Sneaker's this morning. I came home afterwards for I thought Frank had a Dr appointment at 11:15 AM. As I sat at home, I had the impression of call the Dr's office and see if the appointment was today. It's for March 19th instead of February 19th. Glad I called. I snuggled into the recliner and shut my eyes. I had gotten up at 6 AM to shower and I was tired. I get my hair cut tomorrow at  9 AM and then I will go grocery shopping.

Talked to Mary Kate tonight and was talking about ordering food stuffs from Amazon. If you ordered toilet paper, you could collect a stash in no time. I think she said you could order 48 rolls at a time-must be a package deal. I might investigate ordering from Amazon. It would save time and gas money.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monday and Tuesday

Monday morning MK and kids got ready to goo home and then they followed Dad and I to H'ville to the Sleep Number store. We had to walk through Dillard's to get to the store. There were some might good looking clothes in Dillard's and the prices were up there, too.

At the Sleep Number store, Dad lay on a bed and found his sleep number, which is 40 and then we bought the bed. We said our good-byes to Mary Kate and the kids in the parking garage and we went our separate ways.

Tuesday, I had an afternoon appointment with Dr Alexander, the surgeon who replaced my right hip. The first operation, my femur broke, and I had to have the hip operation again to repair it. I saw him in December and everything looked okay on the x-rays, but the femur has been hurting ever since. It bothers me 24/7. He took x-rays again and everything looked fine. He said that I had some bad arthritis in my lower spine and he wants me to have an MRI this Friday. I bet he'll somehow connect the femur pain with my back! I guess I have really gotten old now with this femur pain. It will slow me down somewhat. Pain is not good no matter how slight or heavy it is. I guess I'll just have to get used to it. Frank went with me today and wants to go with me Friday. The MRI will take about an hour. He can take his mini iPad with him and read.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Family Here

Mary Kate and the kids and I went too H'ville to visit Trudy in the hospital. We didn't stay long for they came for her to do a test. She went home today.

Then we went to the Apple Store so Nate could get Grampie's iPod fixed. They fixed it and now it is his for $10.00. Nate was happy to get it since his got washed in the washing machine. We stopped at Barnes & Noble book store so Sophia and Nate could get a book. I always buy them a new book when they come to visit us.

We came home and moved the computer bed to Dad's bed and put his old mattress on the computer bed. I hope he likes it. It's a brand new mattress and it needs to be slept on. He mentioned about a sleep number bed but we don't need to buy another mattress, period. Plus, the sleep number store is in H'ville in a shopping center on the second floor. I didn't like the sleep number bed when I tried one out it the store.

Tomorrow after church, we will go visit Trudy and get the generation 1 iPad for Mary Kate.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Is Going

Went to the senior center today. The roads were clear but there were signs of snow everywhere. Mary Kate and the kids will be driving up from GA tonight for a 3 1/2 day visit. I cooked some goulash with rotoni instead of beans and MK is picking up groceries for meat balls we will make sometime she's here. It'll be interesting how I'll do shopping since my right leg hurts. It's not so bad in the morning, but as I up on it, it aches at night. That will not keep me from shopping! It's supposed to rain this week-end but maybe it won't.

MK bought a beginning adult piano book and had it shipped here. It came today. It's for Nate. I swept the last of the snow-ice slush off of the ramp today and maybe it won't freeze tonight and make it ice.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


It started snowing yesterday afternoon and must have snowed all night for we woke up to a winter wonder land this morning. We must have gotten 4-6 inches.  The temperature got up to 47 degrees and the snow has been melting all day. I got out to sweep the snow off of the ramp but it was too thick to sweep it off. I should have waited until this afternoon to do it and would have had more success. I got the snow off the car and drove to Dollar General to get some milk. Hy 72 was mostly snow less. Mary Kate will be able to drive up from LaGrange, GA tomorrow evening alright. I was getting sad thinking she wouldn't be able to come. Nate left his iPod in his pants pocket and the washing machine got it. He wants a new one and is saving his money for it. I'm giving Mary Kate a 1st generation iPad and Nate is excited about that.

Trudy is in the hospital again, this time getting a heart ablation. Her heart rate got up to 300 a minute and the Dr wanted her in the hospital yesterday. Hopefully, this will fix the problem.
She will go home tomorrow, Valentine's Day.

Our power went off last night and stayed off 12 hours. We ate a cold lunch. The gas heater in the basement kept the house warm and when the electricity did come on again the the heat pump started running, it pumped all the hot air in the basement upstairs and it got up to 80 degrees. I had to take my long sleeved shirt off it go so hot.

I've ordered a bread kneading machine. We have all that whole wheat and we have a grinder but didn't have a bread kneader and I am too old to be kneading bread. Maybe I'll be making whole wheat bread now. One person said they never made less than 6 loaves when they made it. 6 loaves would go a long way at our house. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No Snow-Snow

By afternoon, the snow that we had yesterday was gone. This morning, there was no snow on the ground, just rain. By this afternoon, big, globs of wet snow began falling with the rain. Now, the ground is covered with snow and it's still snowing. We may get 3-4" tonight. The snow will turn to ice if the temperature drops and that's not good. Don't know if Mary Kate will be able to drive up Friday.

We are down to one gallon of milk. I've had as much as 4 gallons of milk in the refrigerator at one time but We'll run out before I can get out to get more. Guess we go back to drinking powdered milk. Got plenty of that.

Did all my work yesterday so I didn't have anything to do today. I practiced the piano and studied the scriptures for a while but still had a lot of time on my hands. I'm not reading anything I enjoy right now. I'm reading a book just to be reading and that's not fun. Pity party, pity party.

Trudy texted me and said her heart monitor had alerted the Drs and they wanted her to go to the ER so they could control her heart rate. I know they must have snow there, too. Hope they can get back home okay.   

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Woke up this morning to snow. Traffic was going on Hy 72 but our road was white. We had a Dr's appointment in H'ville at 10 AM but they called and said to re-schedule. Little did the caller know that I was going no where with snow on the ground. By lunch, our drive way was clear and by the afternoon our road was clear but I didn't get out. We are supposed to have really bad weather again tomorrow so we'll see what happens.

I studied 2 Nephi 31 & 32 today. I had the scripture on my iPod and the Seminary lesson on the ipad. That was better than having the hard copy of the Book of Mormon open. I was in the recliner and was all comfy and studied two chapters. Maybe my brain will begin to absorb the study if I keep it up.

I washed clothes and practiced the piano while the clothes were washing. I fixed some goulash and two fresh veggies for lunch. We eat the same stuff all the time. I'm not complaining. I can chew it and it keeps Frank's blood sugar low. Who needs variety! The chicken we had from Chick-fil-la was so good that Frank wanted chicken for supper tonight. I had some chicken in the refrigerator that I fixed for him and I had goulash and fresh veggies. Good supper.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Went to the senior center for Silver Sneakers and then I met Ruth and her daughter, Tina, at Tuesday Morning. I had just pulled up and got settled when they pulled in, too. Tuesday Morning was not open until 10:00 AM so we went down to Big Lots and looked around. I bought some graham crackers for Frank. He likes to snack on them before bedtime. At 10:00, we went to Tuesday Morning and looked around. I found some twin sheets for $15.00. They have brown stripes on them, which I didn't really care for but they were nice enough to buy. I didn't go around town with them afterwards for Frank had a Dr appointment in H'ville at 3:30 PM and we had to leave at 2:30. We didn't get on the road from H'ville until 5 PM. I tried to call and cancel the appointment because the weather looked so bad. They have been forecasting snow and ice but that isn't until tomorrow or Wednesday. It's got to be clear by Friday for Mary Kate and the kids are coming for a visit then. We stopped by Chick-fil-le in Athens for some chicken and when we got home I had a large sweet potato that was already cooked and we had that with our chicken. It was a good meal. The sweet potatoes have been very sweet and delicious.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Slept In

Had a leisurely day. When I got ready to do Frank's pills for the week, I realized I had to go by the pharmacy and get some medicine.  I drove by the PO and mailed a letter and then got the medicine and came home. I should have practiced the piano but I didn't. I snoozed in the recliner instead. Frank woke me up at 5 PM wanting supper. I snooze to ward off boredom. I don't have any projects so I have time on my hands. I could have washed clothes if I had thought of it and then I would have practiced since I would have been in the basement with the piano but I didn't have that much to wash. I should have done the floors, but I didn't. Lazy me.

I need to read my Sunday School and Relief Society lessons for tomorrow. I like to be prepared but sometimes I miss doing it.

I played around with my ipad some.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Trip to Trudy's

I left early to go to Trudy's house. I took the new ipad and the generation one with me. She had to see the Home Health nurse and after that we went into H'ville to the Apple store. A nice young man set a few things on my new ipad. Trudy noticed his college ring and he graduated from Alabama. He was there in the 1990's when the football team wasn't good-they had no good coaches-and he says he tells the kids now how good they have it! Trudy had all of Dad's information erased from her generation 3 ipad so now it will have just what she puts on it. I have learned how to text and am thrilled. Can't text Frankie for his phone number won't work. I have to email him tonight and get the phone numbers and email addresses of Luke and Kayla for they use ipads in school. It will be fun texting them.

I had fixed Frank a plate for lunch for I knew I would be later than I normally am. I got back home after 3 PM. George and Trudy were going shopping at Sam's but I knew I would be too late to go with them.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

ipad and Jitterbug

I got the new ipad and the new Jitterbug smart phone today. I'll go to Trudy's house tomorrow and she can set up the ipad for me. I get frustrated because it won't accept my email address-says someone already has it-yes, that's me! Trudy will know what to do with it and will teach me.

I cooked goulash and sweet potatoes. I soaked black and white beans together and cooked them instead of using canned beans. I think I like the canned beans better. They probably cost more than do-it-yourself-beans but I think I will continue to buy the canned beans. They are 68 cents a can at Walmart. I cooked some turnip greens yesterday, and some broccoli and cauliflower. We are set for veggies for a few days. I usually get two bunches of broccoli and two heads of cauliflower when I buy some so I will have more to cook when we eat the first batch.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I found out how to get study helps with my reading of the scriptures but my 1st generation ipad wouldn't do it, so I ordered a new one. I'm probably getting over my head, but I think I can learn, slowly if surely. It should be here by the end of the week or first of next week.

Trudy called and was feeling better. She wanted to come over Friday but then found out that since she's with Home Health, she can't drive. I think she's rushing it a bit. She has been pretty sick and needs time to recover. She gets PT twice a week. She said she would talk with George and see if he would bring her over, but he may want her to stay home and rest.

I told Mary Kate she could have the old ipad and she was excited about it. I just don't understand all an ipad can do. I must learn.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vacuum Lady

I got up early and did a load of clothes and baked and frosted a cake. Someone had beat me to the frosting for when I opened it, half of the can was gone. I used what was left and put the sprinkles on top and it didn't look too bad. I went over to Karen's to visit and to vacuum her floors. It's be 6 weeks since she broke her leg and she will go to the Dr next Monday. She still won't be able to do heavy housework so I'll keep going over once a week to vacuum for her. She suggested that I look up a site on my ipad to help me in studying the scriptures. I couldn't get my old generation one ipad to bring up the site and ordered a new one. I guess now I will  have to learn how to use it. I have balked at learning and I'll just have to be open minded and determined to learn new things so I can get the best out of the new machine.

Frank had a Dr appointment to get the stitches out of his thumb. We got there but the nurse had just left for lunch. We had other things to do in town so we went to the bank and the shoe shop and then back to the Dr's office. The nurse was there and he got the 7 stitches out. It had started raining while we were there but it wasn't raining too bad so we didn't get soaked.

The Northern part of the country is getting snow and ice again and we're just getting rain. Memphis may get some ice and snow. It's really been a cold winter so far. Around here, it'll be 7 degrees one day and a day and a half later, it'll be in the 50's. A lot of people I know are sick and the weather may have something to do with it.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Show Down At The Pharmacy

I called in some medicine and had a prescription that was called in from the Dr and I went to pick it up. I was at the drive in window. The young man who waited on me said that we had gone beyond our charge limit of $250.00. I couldn't believe it! I told him I had just gotten the bill yesterday and hadn't had time to pay it, plus we had been charging there for 30 years and I needed the medicine! He talked to the pharmacist and came back with the medicine and gave it to me. I'll have to call them Monday and set things straight. The new insurance company, Catamaran, is not paying as much as Express Scrips did and our drug bill will be higher now.

I practiced the piano a little and helped Frank do his exercises. Tomorrow is fast and testimony meeting. The time is surely flying by fast. I dust mopped the floors. On the way home from the pharmacy, I stopped by J&G and bought another flower arrangement. I put it on the little table by the end of the couch. It's nice to have some good looking arrangements in the house. Now, to dust.