Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Good Day With Family

Mary Kate and Richard and Sophia and Nate spent the night here Friday night. Saturday morning we went to H'ville to do some shopping. When we got to the mall, Mary Kate asked it I wanted a wheel chair and I said "yes". Boy, I was really short sitting down looking up at people! Richard and Nate wheeled me around. I could have walked but enjoyed a bit of spoiling!

Mary Kate brought me a beautiful necklace made by her friend, Heather. It's made out of crystals and is very pretty. We met Trudy,George, Forrest, and Sadie for lunch at a new hamburger place called 5 Guys. It was good and especially nice having the family all there, except for Frankie and his family. Little Josh threw up again when they got out of the car at their home, so I guess it was good for them to leave early so they wouldn't expose Grampie to some germs.

After lunch, we all came back to our house for family pictures. This is an annual event. Trudy had her large camera and Mary Kate had her camera and Dad had his camera and it was quite a circus! But hopefully someone got some good pictures. During all of this we were watching the Auburn-Alabama football game. Alabama finally beat Auburn after losing for 6 straight years. Bama plays Florida next week and it will be for the SEC title. If we win that game, we will have lost no games during the season.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day 2008

Frankie and his family arrived at 9:30 AM and we left for Trudy's about 11:00 AM. They had read the sale papers so we had to stop at Walgreen's to get some allergy medicine that was really cheap. We got to Trudy's after noon. Richard really wanted turkey so Mary Kate stopped at a store near Trudy's and got a turkey breast! She had made her favorite stuffing and we had white and sweet potatoes, chicken soup and some faux chili I had made but couldn't put the chili sauce mix I had planned to use because it had corn syrup in it and Mariam is allergic to corn. Almost everyone in Frankie's family has food allergies. But there was plenty of good food to eat and no one went hungry!

After dinner, Richard, Mary Kate, Rachel, Trudy and I drove into Huntsville and went to Walgreen's and and CVS Pharmacy to get some Christmas presents for the kids. Frankie and Rachel looked at the sale papers that came Wednesday and saw some great deals.

Josh threw up when they got to our house so he went to bed right then. Rachel took his temperature and it was up a bit. They were so worried that he would be sick and Frank might get the bug and he has surgery in 4 days. So they packed up early this AM. Frankie had to tie all the packages on top of their car. They have a Ford Taros station wagon so he had some rails to tie everything to. Josh was active this morning but you could tell that he didn't feel quite up to par today. Kayla got her two dolls from Karen Decker and she was thrilled with them. I had gotten Luke a Rubic's cube that would lie flat or would turn into shapes and he solved the puzzle right away!

After Frankie and family left, Frank and I just went back to bed and rested. I had walked and stood a lot Thursday and my knees were hurting.

Mary Kate called and said she and her family were coming over here to spend the night. She then called back to say she had missed the road she needed to turn on and was headed to Thach! That will probably take them to I-65 and they can turn south and get back into Athens.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Left Early

We left the house at 8:15 AM and headed for H'ville. We took I-65 and then Hy. 20. It's longer, but quicker. We found the Medical Mall but walked in the front of the building and had to walk the length of the building to find the right office. Frank had his vital signs checked and had an EKG, which was normal. The nurse went over the medicines he shouldn't take and we were through by 10:30 AM and then went to the Franklin Building, to the Pain Center to get Dad's Rx and then on to an appointment with Dr. Phillips. It was in and out there and we were on our way home. We stopped at McDonald's and we both got a McFlurry and an order of fries. Yes, that was a very nutritious meal....NOT! But it did taste good!

After we got home, I tried to make a pot of chili. I had about 2-3 lbs of ground steak and not enough tomatoes, so I added some tomato sauce. Then my beans were white beans and no chili seasoning. What I was going to season it with had corn syrup in it and Mariam is allergic to corn. Hopefully Trudy will have some chili powder and someone can season the chili so it will taste good enough to eat.

Mary Kate and her family are probably there by now (7:45 PM). Frankie and Rachel called and said they were stuck in traffic in Knoxville and asked if it would be okay if they spent the night at their house and got up early and got here by 8:00 AM. Of course it's alright. One trip going to Florida for Thanksgiving, we got cough in traffic near Atlanta that was bumper to bumper! No fun at all.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Didn't Do Cans

I got up early so I could pack the car with the cans Trudy wanted, but she called and said that Sadie was home sick with a cold. I was all dressed up with no place to go. I had to call Medicare for some information, so I did it. I got things straightened out and then called the Dr.'s office involved. Then it was lunch time. I put some laundry in and practiced the piano a little.

We have to light the pilot light in the stove downstairs and give the birds a shower. I got my sewing machine out and hemmed a pair of pants. The hem is so tiny that I don't think it will work right. If not, the Salvation Army will get them. My machine is really nice but it's too bad such a piglet is operating it!

Tomorrow we do pre-admissions at the Medical Mall in H'ville. I think the building once was a mall but must have gone out of business and H'ville Hospital made it into offices and testing sites. We see Dr. Phillips and get Dad's Rx too. It'll be a busy day.

It's in the 50's today and Thanksgiving will be the same. That'll be nice so the kids can go out and play and won't be pent up in the house all day. I'm looking forward to a nice day away from home.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Town Day

I was going to exercise but it was raining and Frank wanted me to get him some things in town, so I missed exercise and went to the bank and then to K-Mart and to buy a battery for the truck and then when I got home , we found out that the battery was too big for the truck! After lunch, Dad went back with me to the battery shop and got an upgrade on the battery and it fit. We stopped by the bank and the Post Office and then back home. Late in the afternoon it finally stopped raining. At 6:00 PM I went to Karen's house for our scripture study. It was great as usual. Tomorrow, I'll get up early and load all the cans and lids and oxygen packages in the car and take them to Trudy's. I'll be glad to get rid of them and they are in the process of canning, so it's the best of both worlds!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Sunday

It's been a quiet could a Sunday be loud with only two people and three birds?
I wore my fall outfit to church. The skirt has colors of dark brown, beige and shades of muted orange and I have a dark brown suit-type coat to go with it. I like the outfit. I forgot I was going to wear my new purple pinstriped shirt and purple vest with a black skirt. Something new I got last week. I can wear the purple tomorrow when I go to exercise and buy a new battery for the truck. I have a list of things I have to accomplish tomorrow so I can't be long from the house. I've got laundry, improving some soup I made a couple of days ago and planning some meals for when Frankie's family comes Wednesday evening. Not a very long list but it has some important things on it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baptism Day

I thought I had done nothing but then remembered I had gone to the church to play the piano for two baptisms. A friend of Nancy Barker's Leslie and her son Elijah Donnelly were baptized today at 12:00 PM. I need to practice the hymns also when I practice. This week has been a bad one for practicing the piano. The two trips to H'ville messed up my timing getting things that I wanted to do done. They were good for Frank so I can't be ruffled about it.

Besides practicing, I need to make some cards! It's been a long time since I've made any and I miss the feeling of accomplishment I get when I create a card. We haven't been having our card parties because Mary had surgery on her hand and arms and hasn't been able to stamp. It's a cruel world.

Thanksgiving is four days away! I just talked to Frankie and He and the family will be here around 7 PM Wednesday night. Now, I'll know how to plan my meals ( planning will be difficult but I've heard one does better when there is a plan....).

The battery in the truck is dead and I will get a new one for it tomorrow. Trudy is ready for the cans and lids we have here at the house (in the way, by the way!). I'll take them up Tuesday morning. They have dry packed 24 cases already. I'm really proud of their efforts.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Typical Friday

Went of exercise class and then on to Walmart for some groceries. I got home about 11:00 AM.
I made a pot of veggie soup. After we got back from Huntsville, I had a bowl and found out what it needs. I need to put some meat in it and a lot more veggies. I had to put the soup in three containers. I should have used a smaller pot. The bigger the pot, the more soup I make.

The neighbor boys forgot to take our trash out for us so Dad was out at 9:00 PM toting the trash can to the road. He tried to use the truck to drive the trash out but the battery was dead. I'll get a new one tomorrow or Monday. It seems like all our old trucks had bad batteries. Maybe, they weren't driven enough to keep the battery charged. It's good that Frank can still do stuff like taking care of the batteries. I can't see me undoing a heavy battery and taking it from the truck! Dad wanted me to learn how to change the oil in one of our cars years ago. I told him as long as there was a man alive on the earth, I would not be changing my own oil!

In Key West, soon after we were married, he looked under our bed and saw dust. He said I should sweep under the bed. Well, I told him when he started sleeping under the bed, I would sweep there. I'll take care of the dust I can see, but if it's hidden or over my head, I don't go looking for it!

It's been a busy day. Whew! I'm tired. It's going to go down to 17 degrees tonight and I bet I'll turn on my electric blanket. I might not go to sleep with it on, but some time during the night, I'll get cold and turn it on in my sleep.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Apple Store

We made a quick trip to the new Apple store in H'ville today. We went I-65 and Hy 20 and got off on Old Madison Pike and it took us right to the shopping center. The Apple Store wasn't too far away from where we parked. Dad was like a kid in a Christmas store! We stopped at Wendy's for lunch (in Athens).

This has been the second day I have had no energy. I've been content to just sit and do nothing. Hope I have some energy tomorrow.

Don't know what we'll be having for Thanksgiving. I know we'll have dressing and pumpkin pie, but I don't know what else we'll be having. Soup was mentioned and I can make a pot of soup. Seems like no one wants turkey anymore. I'll have to talk with Trudy about it. Also I need to know when and how long Frankie's family will be at my house. I'll need to have some food for them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dr. Visit

It was a clearance for the surgery Dad's having Dec. 2, 2008. He'll probably see a heart Dr. at the sign in place for Huntsville Hospital next week.

I took up two pair of pants. The dryer seemed to make the pant legs a little shorter, but I would need really tall shoes to make them look good. I don't like the legs too baggy because I'm such a shorty. My closet is really full. Maybe Mary Kate can help me weed some clothes out.

It was 43 degrees outside today and the wind was blowing. It was warm at the Dr.s' office but cold again when we came out.

Karen's daughter Heidi and her baby (11 months old and a cutie) and her two dogs are staying with her while her husband finishes some training and finds them a house in Utah. The dogs are min pins-miniature ...I've forgotten the name of the breed! Heidi's two dogs and the two shihzoos make a house hold of pets! The cat holds her own and chases the dogs away from her feed bowl in the upstairs bathroom. The baby, Christian, is a happy baby and really cute.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Let's Begin!

Begin a new week, that is. I got to exercise class and enjoyed it. Afterwards, I decided to go shopping. I was going to Goodies but it was 9:30 AM and they weren't open so I went to Walmart instead. I found a red quilted coat, and purple striped long sleeved shirt and a purple vest and two pair of pull on pants, one purple and one red. I took up the sleeves of the coat and may have to shorten the length on the pants. I washed them and just now put them in the dryer. Hopefully, they may get shorter in the dryer! I have some other sewing I need to do so I'll get my sewing machine out and do it all. Walmart's jewelery section is the pits now so I went to Goodies to get some jewelery to match my purple things. I also found a pull over shirt that had purple and green and black stripes on it.

I just came from Karen Decker's house. We had our scripture study tonight and it was good. I always leave with a heightened spiritual experience, which is wonderful. We didn't talk so much about the lesson as we did the creation. It's just awesome.

Dad sees Dr. Walker tomorrow afternoon. I need to clean up my room. It's getting cluttered and I haven't wanted to face it. Ha-ha-ha!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good Sunday

Church was good. Primary was good. I get to sit at the piano and watch Sis Decker work her magic with the kids. I came home and started to do some study at the computer but got sleepy so I took a short nap. Our home teachers came over at 5:45 PM and we had a nice visit.

I learned something new about the computer yesterday while I was looking up the atonement on I was reading two lines about the subject and found that if I clicked on the title of the work, the entire article came up! I'm learning little by little about this machine and someday I may know a lot about it! I'm not holding my breath....

Got exercise class tomorrow. I really miss it when I don't go. Don't have a very busy week so far. Dad goes to Dr. Walker for a cardiac test to see if his heart is up for the operation in December.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nashville Was Good

We arrived at the Conference Center with about 20 minutes to spare and got good seats in the back. Some tall lady sat in front of Pat but I could see well. We ate lunch in the car in the parking garage and after that we sat in different seats. Then a tall blond sat in front of me and I couldn't see! I had money to buy things but I saw nothing I wanted to buy and the music didn't crank my tractor so I didn't spend any money.

The Spirit told me to go to the conference but it wasn't until the last 15 minutes that I found out why! I had gone to the bathroom and met Rachel Layton there and we talked for a while. Both of us wanted to go but it wasn't over. After we finished talking and
I went back to my seat, the woman that was talking said that we all know that the Atonement gets us back into God's presence but that we didn't utilize the Atonement in our every day lives. I needed to hear that and understand what it meant. It sure was a long conference to learn what I needed in the last 15 minutes. I guess I could have learned more if I hadn't spent so much time talking in the rest room but that's neither here are there. The trip home surely did seemed like a longer drive. Tammy McRainey sat in the front seat because she knew the way and her seat was back and I sat behind her and even my short, little legs were cramped! We were in Mary Lou's Kia, which is a small car anyway. But it was a fun trip and I'm glad I made it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Night Before Women's Day Out

Mary Lou Hill will be driving her car and it is full. Mary Lou and her daughter Pat, me and Tammy McRainey are going. She will pick me up at 6:00 AM. Hopefully we'll be home by 9:00 PM. I'm excited about going so I hope I can sleep well tonight.

I got another sleeping bag that goes down to 20 degrees. So, now we have two sleeping bags and will get 2 72-hr. MRE's backpacks. When that's done, or before, I need to go to Sam's and get some more veggies that we have eaten and not replaced.

Don't really have anything else to say, so this is it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gloomy Day

It's been raining at night and we've gotten 1/2". The sky is grey and gloomy but I got out anyway. I bought a sleeping bag but Frank thinks it isn't warm enough. It only goes down to 40 degrees and that's not too cold. Then I look at it and it is an extra long bag! Why can't I find these things out BEFORE I bring it home? I brought a small rug back that I had paid $11.00 for and while I had it a few days it went on sale again and only cost $7.00! I guess it's best to take stuff back right after you see you don't need it!

I woke up at 3:00 AM this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I watched some TV and then put some Christmas stickers on some cards. I got the hankering to make some cards now. Time will tell if I do.

Trudy is my blog master and Sadie accidentally removed my flower border that Trudy had put on for me. She put another one on it and it's bright! I don't care, beggars can't be choosers!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Revenge of the Body

Body: So, you stayed out all day yesterday, walked miles on hard concrete and you expected a busy day today. No way, Jose!
Me: oh-h-h-h, ah-h-h-h, e-e-e-e-e! I didn't know what I was doing! I know suicide is wrong and I didn't know I was close to committing it! I'm paying now, are you happy?

Yes, I tried to walk today, then I had that conversation with my body! I was able to drive into town to pick up some new bras I had ordered and then back home. I did the laundry and put some dates on some bills and rested and moaned and groaned the rest of the day. I find it hard to realize my body is old, really old and doesn't want to do what I still want to do! Poor me, boo hoo. Now tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy and Tiring Day

I drove through Madison to get to H'ville and got to the dentist on time. I usually go I-65 but for some reason didn't today. After about 40 minutes, I was out until 1:20 PM. First, I went to Hobby Lobby. I wasn't in the mood to buy anything but managed to spend $18.00! Saw Pauline Falconbury there. Then, I went to Bridge Street Mall (or what ever it's called). I tried to find a short way to get to the Apple store, but there is none. If Dad got to go to that store, it would have to be in a wheelchair! After that, I went to Trees and Trends (it used to be wholesale jewelry) and looked at a thousand purses but didn't get one. You would think I could fine ONE purse out of all of the ones I saw. I picked out one, but needed a mirror to see if it was too big for short old me. It was a huge store and after walking around Hobby Lobby, Bridge Street and Trees n' Trends. I was all tuckered out. By then it was only about 45 minutes until I saw Dr. Sharp so I just parked in his parking lot and read the paper until it was time to see him.

Had a good visit and then started for home. By then, the hamburger I had for lunch had worn off so to get the energy to make it home, I stopped and got a Snickers Bar. Y-u-m-m! What? you know it only has 3 or 4 calories! Got enough energy to make it to Staples and got Dad two clear file boxes (he wanted 6, but 2 was all I could manage. One more stop for gas, and then I came home. Whew! Makes me tired to remember what all I did!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, 11-10-08

We saw Dr. Morgan at 1:00 PM. The tests came back negative. Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2008 is when he will have his operation. He may spend 2 days in the hospital. Mary Kate is coming up for the week. She will be good company. I'm sure we will see Trudy too and that will make exceptional company! We came home after the Dr visit.

Tonight, I went over to Karen's house for our scripture study. It was a short lesson, but it was good. We had a good conversation about the lesson. She will be flying out to Denver (I believe to help her daughter, Heidi, pack up and move with the baby and two dogs, to Karen's home. Heidi's husband is else where job training and it will be a while until he finds a house for them to settle in. I think it will be in Utah. Ken had just come home as I was driving up. After he gets home, he has to go out and feed the horses and goats and chicken and guinnies and dogs. But he loves all of his farm animals. Next time Frankie and children are here, I'll see if I can take them over and show them the miniature horses, etc. That would be fun!

I have a dentist appointment at 9:20 AM and I see Dr. Sharp at 1:20 PM! I will be in H'ville all day. I got the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon so I can go there and there is an Apple store that I want to find for Dad. There's always fun ways to pass time in Huntsville, Alabama.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Didn't Leave the House

I like to go back to bed on Saturdays and listen to the radio but Friday nights and Saturday mornings are dedicated to football! Ah-h--h--hgh! When will I get my radio shows back? I finally got dressed about 10:30 AM. I cooked a pot of Great Northern beans and we had them plus some hamburger that Frank found in the freezer for lunch.

Mercy! I was so inactive that I don't remember what I did today. Gosh, what a life...I guess we are just waiting for Monday and the appointment with Dr. Morgan. I did play the piano today. I get sick when I think how much better I used to be. In the 5 years of not playing because of the cancer I lost a lot. Maybe I can recover some technique as I practice some each day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tired Day #2

It's funny that I already had a title "tired day". I got up at 7:00 AM but I felt too tired to go to exercise class. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed until the afternoon then I had to take a little nap. It rained last night and my knees didn't hurt as much. Funny how much the weather has an effect on us. Gravity keeps us over weight! The moon moves the oceans around. The barometric pressure enables people with arthritis to for tell the weather! Ha-ha-ha!

I need to buy another pair of Sunday shoes. I think I'll go to Penny's. That's where I got my last pair. We need to give the birds a shower tomorrow. And I need to put the bills up.

The Adams' grandsons take our garbage out for us and I had a half bag of Halloween candy that I put on top of the garbage can. After I was gone to the Temple last night, Frank said Adam called to say "thank you". I thought that was sweet. Frank and I gather the trash and then I take it out to the garbage can, put it in, and then wheel the can out to the edge of the sidewalk. The boys, Adam, Dage, and Shane take it out for us. They are sweet boys.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home Late

Got back from the Temple trip about 12:15 AM. It's hard to unwind after riding that long, talking and having fun. It's 1:05 now and I'm still waiting to unwind. It was a nice trip. Nine people went and Bro. Geer had to sit in back on the floor. He can't drive after having his back surgery. His van is getting old but maybe it will last a few years longer.

The weather man said we we were going to have thunderstorms after midnight tonight but so far no storms. My knees hurt really bad all day, so I expected the weather to turn bad.

I think I should go to bed now. Maybe the Sandman is around the corner!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Never on Wednesday

I was up at 7:00 AM dressed for I was going to exercise class. But before 8:00 AM, the people from Valley Imaging called and asked Dad to come back while he still had some of the contrast in him so they make some more images. So, I missed exercises and sat in the Dr's office for over an hour. I finally had to stand up because my bottom could take no more sitting! After that we stopped at Hardy's and got a sausage biscuit and brought it home. Yum-m-m! It was good!

After resting for a while, I drove the truck into town and took back a blouse I bought the previous day just because I was bored. Now, I want to take back the small rug I bought the same day. Just proves that one shouldn't buy things when one is bored!

I'm bored now but I have nothing to do. My knees hurt when I try to do much so I don't try to do much!

Obama won the presidency. We're in for four bad years. Before he was elected, he said he wanted to bankrupt all of the coal plants. Most of our electricity is produced by coal fired plants! Hopefully there are enough sane people in Congress that will thwart his evil designs.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Test Day

Dad had to get up at 5 AM to eat something and take his meds. I got up at 7 AM and got dressed and put on make-up and did my hair and got ready to roll. We got to vote about 10:30 AM. We used to vote at the Blackburn Community Center but we got notice that we were to vote at the Blackburn First Baptist church. I felt like we had been singled out to go else where, but noticed in passing that no one was voting at Blackburn. It was small and hard to get back onto the highway and now we have a better place to vote.

Tonight was Relief Society Enrichment night. Karen came by and got me. The food was great! Turkey and dressings, casseroles, jello salads, cakes and pies. All very yummy. Afterwards, we had a short lesson about becoming close to Christ. Next, they were making stockings and salt dough ornaments. Karen said she didn't need any more stuff like that in her house and I felt the same way, so we left. It was a fun time out. Tomorrow, we will go to a few stores to look around for a couple of hours. We don't want to get too tired because Thursday is Temple day.

I saw Jan Laytham tonight and told her I wouldn't be able to lead the exercise class. I'll take the book back to her tomorrow.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Good Monday

After having set all the clocks back one hour last night, I forgot to reset my alarm clock. So, at 6:00 AM it woke me up. I wanted to get up at 7:00 AM! I think we can fool with the clocks all we want to, but our bodies have to get used to the new time.

I made it to exercise this morning. It felt good to get back. Afterwards, I went to Walmart to get another pair of sunglasses that fit over my own glasses and I found two pair of earrings I couldn't live without! I need another jewelery box-I already have two and one is , I can't spell it, an armrouir. I'll have to give a lot of my jewelery to my granddaughters and daughters.

At 10:00 AM (which was the time the store opened up) I went to Merle Norman and got some make-up. I know it's the high priced spread (phrase from an old commerical) but it was nice to have someone to help me pick out the right color. I got some base and powder and some cream to take it all off with and then got a box of free products. All of this is perfume -free. I tried one of the night creams that was free and it had perfume in, so I had to take it off. I've been perfume free for so long that a product with perfume really overpowers me! I still had the wrinkles and scars but I hope I will have a nice made-up look when I'm wearing it.

I tried to crank the truck up today but the battery was dead. Frank has a battery charger and after a while connected to that, the truck roared to life! Ha-ha! A 1994 Chevy S-10 really roarers! I drove it down the road and back. We also had to put air in the tires. They all had about 20 lbs. in each tire. You can tell the truck hasn't been driven since May or June. That's when the air conditioner stopped working and we found out the compressor was broken and it would cost too much money to fix it. Since it's cooler now I can begin driving it once or twice or more a week. I like driving it because it is a small truck and has power steering. It doesn't look so good since there's rust all over the hood, but I still like to drive it. It's a truck and it does what a truck is supposed to do.

Tomorrow, Dad has the two tests to see if his cancer has spread. Hopefully, it hasn't. We know the procedure if it's contained, but don't know what will happen if it's spread. That may be Dad's ticket home. I need him too much to see him off right now.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Sabboth Day

Church was good today. Primary was good and I think the children had a good time. We're in a slack time now with no new songs to learn to sing for next year's presentation. Sis. Decker has wonderful games for them to play with songs laced through them. It's fun for me to be in there!

We had a quiet day. I felt like taking a nap at one time but I was on the computer looking up knee replacement and rehab time. I've decided to do it but it will all hinge on how Dad's surgery goes and how long it will take for him to get well. Pain wise, I could go on without the replacement just yet but it has altered my way of life. I can't do any yard work and I can't do much walking ( not that I was in love with walking...but you have to walk to shop!!). Plus, the right knee is leaning over to the left knee so much that I'm afraid it might give way and I would fall to the ground! How embarrassing that would be! A poor old Granny falling flat on her face and probably foaming at the mouth by, don't want that!

Mary Kate called while she was pet sitting. She and her family are okay. In January, Nate will play basketball and Sophia will be cheerleading. What family fun that will be! She said Trudy was doing well. Hopefully, even though she likes the hospital, she will be able to stay from it for a long time!

It's only 6:45 PM but it seems later. Must be the first day of "falling back" from Daylight Savings Time. I don't know but I woke up at 2:00 AM this morning and went downstairs and got some ice cream! How can I blame that on falling seems like I fell off the wagon, instead. Oh, well. Will there be fat in heaven?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1 Already!

Time is really flying by now days. It's just two more days until we vote. I'm glad it's almost over. If Oboma gets in, there will be a lot of changes that no one will like. Some people believe he will put gas in their cars! Maybe the end is near. I would welcome it. I ain't scared!

I just rested today. Seems like that's about all I do. Being a caretaker isn't life in the fast track!

Trudy had to go to the hospital for a few hours today. Everything came out alright and she's home now. It's always something it seems.

I hope Allison is doing well, Kathy. I know it will be a real celebration when the twins are born. Grandchildren are such a joy!