Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Work Day

I was supposed to get down to Danny Boy's gate and unlock it for a man that was going to mow the yard. I forgot and went back to bed. I got up at 10:00 AM and the first thing I thought of was the lock! I should have written it down so I would have seen it when I was up at 7:00.

My knees bothered me until the afternoon. But I was able to do the chores and practice the piano. While I was practicing the piano, the laundry was going round and round in the washer and dryer. I got 2 loads washed, folded and put away. About 3:00 PM, I ran out of things I wanted to do so I reclined on my bed and read the Reader's Digest. I believe I would enjoy the large print and wrote a letter asking to switch my subscription to the large type. (only the Shadow knows if I can do that...)

It was Prednisone day for Dad, so he didn't get to feeling better until the afternoon. Tomorrow, we'll be going to H'ville to see the Dr. It's not a bad trip. I have to go by Dr. Dang's office to get a permission slip saying it's okay for me to take Forteo. Then, I have to be back in H'ville the next day, Thursday, at 8:00 AM! Quite the little traveler here.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Back To the Grocery Store

That sounds better than "going to Walmart". I got up at 7 AM and took a shower, planning to go to exercise class. I called Dr. Shergy's office at 8 AM to see about getting on the new medicine sooner than December and then decided to stay home and wait for the call. The nurse did call and I need to go by Dr. Dang's office to get a statement saying that he says it's okay for me to take the medicine. So Wednesday when Dad goes to the pain clinic, we will stop by Dr. Dang's office to get the okay. Then I will go to Dr. Shergy's office Thursday to learn how to give myself the shots. I'm excited! I've always wanted to learn how to give shots, to myself or someone else, with a small needle, of course!

I went to get groceries so I wouldn't be bored. We didn't need anything except Ziploc sandwich bags. I got a case of beans, two boxes of powdered milk, some no odor dryer sheets, a wash basin to hand wash a blouse I have and some disposable razors. I just remembered I had the blouse soaking in that new basin, so I went and washed it. It's hanging on the bathroom shower curtain now. It's a pretty white blouse with lace and pearls on the front. I have babbled on and on because the blog wasn't saving my blog. It's working now so I can shut up! Ha!

I got a pair of reading glasses. I used the last frames I had for my regular glasses and the lens just cost $65.00. Dad said he would pay me back. I'll keep the extra reading glasses at the piano where I will use them, and then put them in my purse for Sunday. I can see the music better with the reading glasses. I have a special pair I use with the computer, but they won't do for the piano.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day Before Sunday

I've gone a little stale on my blog titles. There's just nothing exciting happening in my life right now.

I was going out today but figured if I did I might spend money so I stayed home. I went downstairs and tried on all the long pants I had hanging in the closet. They all fit. That saves me money. It's still not cool enough for long pants but they surely did feel good, plus I wouldn't have to shave my legs every other day! Ah, long pants and long skirts... I've practiced the piano twice today and if I can do it every day, I'll get better. Dad got up after lunch and took care of the birds. He is loud and raucous and they love that. Plus, he gives them treats and they like that. I'm too quiet to be much fun for the birds.

Next week is Conference and I have a card party in the AM and the Fiddler's Convention is that week-end too. Ruth said she and my brother were going to come up, but that was some time ago. I'll have to see if they still plan to do that. The Fiddler's Convention is a fun place to go and drop some money!

It's really nice outside. Too bad I can't make myself get up and go walking or something. I have to file my nails. They have finally gotten over having acrylic nails over them and they have grown out. I noticed I needed to file them when I was playing the piano. Boy, I can't take much more excitement!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally Friday

It doesn't really matter that it's Friday or not. When your days are filled with nothing, it doesn't matter what day of the week it is. I did go to Walmart for some groceries this morning, and to the bank. It worries me that a lot of big banks are closing so I got some money out to have at home.

I was practicing the piano and got really down. I should be able to play this music without any trouble. I have to practice though since I haven't done much these last 5 years. I must be humble so the Lord will help me be strong again (and practice)! The middle c on my piano doesn't play most of the time and it irritates me. I don't know if it's something that can be fixed or not. It really doesn't need tuning again but the next time it gets tuned I'll see if the tuner can fix it. Maybe it is just getting old and worn out, like me!

The weather has really been great! tempts in the low 80's and no rain. We could always use the rain, but there's none on the horizon.

Mary Kate called to see if some sausage would still be good past the "sell by" date. I told her if the meat wasn't slimy and it didn't smell bad, it was probably alright to eat. We had several boxes of cereal that were a year beyond the due date and they really smelled bad. I thought stuff like that had enough preservatives in them that they had a loooong shelf life. Oh, well, the Shadow knowes....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day After Yesterday

Pauline and I went V.T. today. We saw Rachel Bathouer and Mary Lou Hill. Rachel has MS and takes meds for it. She has two really loving children. I had her little girl, Kathryn, in my Primary Class. Mary Lou and Bob have a new puppy. Molly is her name and she is 3 mo. old. She is white and is a mix of Also and something else!! She'll be about 8-10 lbs. when grown. She chewed on our fingers with her sharp baby teeth. So cute! I brought 2 cards and had Pauline sign them and then I did and when I got home I mailed them. The church is divided into districts now. I missed the 5th Sunday meeting where it was explained and also R.S. where it was explained again. I think it has to do with Visiting and Home Teaching. So Pauline and I might not be partners again. She is in one district and I am in another. Time will tell.

I got my hair cut this afternoon. It was looking good a little longer but I had to roll it, which is no pain, and needed to use hair spray. I talked to Dad about it and he voted no hair spray, so I got it cut. It is very short but it will grow! Gert didn't seem to like it. He just bit my ears when I had him out and wanted to get back into his cage.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Doctor Day

I had my bone scan and then saw Dr. Shergy. It had been two years since I had had a bone scan and this one showed that I, at some time, had a stress fracture in my spine. One stress fracture leads to more fractures and Dr. Shergy wants to change my meds I'm taking for the osteoporosis. The new med is called Forteo and is self-injected. It's taken every 28 days for two years and it makes your body grow new bone. I want to try it but I have to consult my oncologist Dr. Dang about it since it (Forteo) caused cancer in baby rats. I'm all for it. The injections come in a pen that is filled with 28 doses. It would have a hair needle...not made of real hair, but as thin. I'll have to do as Dr. Dang recommends. My osteoporosis is such that I could fracture a bone If I fell down. Not a pretty sight! (ho-ho-ho...).

My knees have been hurting again. I had to stop by Walmart on my way home and the walking all over the store was bad with my knees acting up. I came home and almost took a nap. The phone rang a couple of times so that's why I "almost" got a nap.

Dad and I listened to the intro to the Doctrine and Covenants yesterday. It was nice.

The lending banks in Washington are going bust. The Congress is meeting and the President wants the tax payers to bail them out. Almost everyone doesn't like the Pres.' plan but some plan must be made to keep the world from exploding. I just want it to leave me alone.

Pauline and I will be going Visiting Teaching tomorrow. We'll see two sisters. We'll have to go out again or send a card or make a call to get everyone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Third Day of the Week

After my healthful walk around the track and then going to Walmart and walking, I was very tired this morning. I finally got back up at 11:00 AM. I had energy this afternoon but the morning was a loss. My left knee woke me up hurting. I guess my desire to exercise no matter what might be weakening.

I called Sis. Berry to tell her I wanted a ride to Women's Time Out. She's taking her van and I wanted to go. She wants me to announce it in Primary too and get her a list of all who want to go. It will be November 15, 2008. It's hard to believe there's only two and one half months left to go in this year.

Dad got my little fan I run all year fixed. It had run out of oil. I had already bought two more 9" fans to replace it. I'll use my new one tonight (because it's a pain to plug and unplug it) and go back to the smaller one tomorrow.

I see Dr. Shergy tomorrow. I have a bone scan and then I'll see the Dr. Hobby Lobby's coupon wasn't a 40% off so I won't be going there.

I wrote checks for three magazines today. I've been kicked off of Dad's checkbook and I wanted the magazines. One was Guideposts, Archeology magazine and Reader's digest. It felt good to do it. I do things like that when the notice comes in and I used to have to wait on Dad to do it when he paid the bills.

We're having nice 85 degree weather now. There's not a speck of rain in the future so the temperature should stay about the same.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Second Day of the Week

Got to exercise class today. Walked one time around the Wellness Ctr track and then went to Walmart to get some cereal so I would have something to eat for breakfast. Bought another fan for my room and got an Autumn wreath with pretty colors for the door. My knees were okay today.

After lunch, I sorted the music I will be playing for Primary and copied some for me to keep at home. I stapled the music to another piece of paper so it would stand up by itself on the piano. I sorted September's bills and filed them away.

Tonight is the time that Karen and I meet to study the scriptures. She will be flying out to Denver, I think, to visit her oldest son and their new baby. She'll be gone about a month. Dad has his I pod set up to play the D&C lessons that we have been doing so we can do them too.

Reba Sims, the lady that cuts our grass with her son, dropped by some green beans, already snapped and some okra and some apple butter and a jar of jelly. I helped her pick two bags of apples from our trees. We'll have fresh green beans and okra for supper tonight. Maybe I'll make some corn bread too. In fact, I'd better start it now!

My friend, Kathy Best's daughter is having twins! She's not very far along so hope all goes well.
I'm thinking about going to Time Out For Women in Nashville next month. Sis. Berry said she would be willing to take her van up so several sisters could go. I'll have to talk to Frank about it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Night

Church was good today. I was nervous while playing the songs. My fingers must have been sweating for the keys felt damp. I was trained not to make mistakes and I get disappointed in myself when I make them. I also forgot my reading glasses which makes the notes easier to read. Maybe I'll get another pair of reading/piano playing glasses to carry in my purse all the time.

I missed blogging because I was having a worrying-pity party. I literally do nothing except for getting out three times a week for exercise class, which isn't much exercise for me, and then come home, do what chores I have and then just sit around. Being a caretaker is hard in a way. This week, after the Senior Ctr. exercises, I'm going walking on the Wellness Ctr. track. I even have my red hiking poles by the door so I won't forget them. I drive right by the place on my way home so I can stop and walk around. The only thing that might mess me up is the pain in my knees. The poles will help that. I'll just have to grit my teeth and walk anyway. I'll take a water bottle and some pills with me, just in case I need some extra courage!

Wed., I have a visit with Dr.Shergy for a bone scan and then a visit with him. I hope my osteoporosis is better. I'll tell him about the increased pain in my knees and maybe he'll give me stronger meds. I couldn't have a knee replacement until Dad sees Dr. Morgan for a prostate biopsy and Dr. Mallette to check all the moles and spots on his back from all the sun damage. If he survives those visits and my knees are still hurting, I say OFF WITH THE KNEE! It's easy to say, but I've heard the pain is pretty bad in recovery. Pain is not our friend!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brake Day

I went to the Senior Ctr. for the Arthritis exercises and then came home. After lunch, Dad called Big Ten tires and arranged for me to get the brakes fixed cheaper than at Express Oil. I waited over an hour for them to get done. I can't tell that they were worked on, but the things that were replaced were leaking and they needed replacing. The car runs well to be so old. I look forward to getting a newer car but the Accord is okay for now.

Trudy is coming over tomorrow for a visit. I'll met her at Kids World, a consignment shop and we'll look over the things. It's only been open for a few days so everything won't be picked over. After that, we'll just hang out and enjoy our visit. She made something for Dad's birthday. I can't wait to see it too!

A lot of the big mortgage banks are going bankrupt. The government's (the tax payers) going to bail them out. I don't know if this will effect us or not. Our society is really falling apart...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not A Typical Wednesday

Trudy did have plans to come over today so Karen and I canceled our get together. But Trudy's lawyer couldn't meet with them except today, so she didn't come over. After lunch, I went into town and cashed some checks and stopped by Goodies to see if they had any pants that would match a top I have. I bought some clothes yesterday and found a pair of pants that match one top I have and I thought I saw the other pants that would match. When I found them again, all they had were a size 8 and 14. The top that I didn't find any pants to match does go with one of the new skirts I have. I went through my closet again and got a load to go downstairs but the downstairs closet was full of winter clothes so I couldn't put anymore in! I'll just give them to the Salvation Army. Trudy is coming over Friday and we will get the brakes fixed then and we can drop the clothes off too.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Night Study Time

Just got back from Karen's house. We studied Sec.2 of the D&C. This study is really good. Listening to the BYU professors discuss the topic really opens your mind to what the section says.

We went to the hospital to get Dad's chest X Ray done. It's done digitally and there's no film to develop. Athens-Limestone is a pretty nice hospital. Since Dad can't sit or stand very long, a lady let him lie down in her office that had a bed in it. She was very nice and the x ray man was very friendly, too.

Frankie said the kids liked the file folder games that I sent them. They took them to church and the Velcro that the pieces were stuck with made a lot of noise!

The Primary Program went very well. The children read their parts well and were, for the most part, reverent. They watched a movie about Christ coming to the Americas but didn't have any popcorn. I guess the presidency reconsidered the popcorn. I could just see the children throwing the corn around. All in all, they were reverent the entire church time.

Wednesday, Trudy is coming over for a visit. I'll see if she will take me to Express Oil to have the brakes fixed on the Accord. It'll take about 1 1/2 hours to fix them. Then the car will really be in fine shape.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baptism Day.

Bro. Bailey asked me to play the piano for a baptism at 12:00 PM. Bro. Ross Harvey, a middle aged man, was baptized. Afterwards, he looked so happy! We have 4 missionaries here and one plays the piano. The other three sang a Primary song. The missionary at the piano played extra notes and was too loud for the singers. I always critique a performance, especially when the piano player over does it. The service was nice.

I came home and cooked some hard boiled eggs and made some brownies. Both were good! Dad is having another bad day. He made up his pills for two weeks and is now lying down talking to Mary on the phone.

The Primary Program is tomorrow. The Presidency is showing some sort of movie to the kids and they are having pop corn too. The kids will love it. They will still have their Primary lessons too. I'm so glad I won't be teaching my class anymore. I'm going to really practice the piano and try to regain the technique I have lost for not practicing over the years.

Friday, September 12, 2008

End of the Week, Oooh, Yeah

Dad's Dr. apt. went fine. He got some blood work done. His blood pressure was a little high. He'll need to check it at home. He's having a bad prednisone day now. He woke up this morning with a fever of 103 degrees. I helped his with breakfast and he's fast asleep now.

I got up at 10:00 AM. Folded some clothes and now I sit at the computer. I don't have any plans for the rest of the day. I'd better get some or I'll be major bored. I do have some scripture study to do and I think I'll do it right now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday Trip

Karen came over at 11:00 AM and we practiced one of the songs we'll be doing for the Primary program Sunday. After that, we headed for Ardmore and the Welcome Center. It was nice and very interesting. We got lots of pamphlets with suggestions of where to go. After that, we went to the Houston Library. We toured the big, old house that is a library now and it was very interesting. Next, we went to a new thrift store across from the Methodist Church and Karen bought some small candles and I bought an apple corer for 25 cents. Then we went to the Chamber of Commerce that had a visitor's center in it and we got some more pamphlets! Then we went to Dr. Pitman, the Vet, to get Karen's two puppies that were fixed. They, the vets, had gotten a late start, so the puppies weren't ready, so we came back to my house and rested until 4:00PM when she could and get the pups. It was an interesting day and I am tired now. It's fun to see the sites that are right at home under our noses.

Tomorrow, Dad sees Dr. Walker for his 6 mo. check up. Dr. Walker sees you every 6 months. That way he can tell if you're okay and nothing is sneaking up on you!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oil Change

My knees were hurting again today but I had to get out and get things done, so I went after lunch. I stopped by the post office to mail a couple of packages and then on to Express oil to get the oil changed. While I was there, I got the brakes checked. It was free. There is something in the brakes that is beginning to leak and on down the line sometime, this could explode and get brake juice on the brake pads and really mess everything up. It cost over $200.00 so I said I would have to talk with my husband before we did anything. I want it done so the car will be as dependable as possible for such an old car. We have about 232,000 miles on it and everything still works except the window washers. We pray over the car so it will keep running!

I went to Walmart after the oil change and bought Dad some more snack bars with which he supplements his diet.

Last night (Mon) I went to Karen's house for our first lesson on the Doctrine and Covenants. We heard the voices, the video wouldn't come in, of four of the professors of BYU talk about Sec. 1. I was prompted to take my computer glasses so I could see up close better, but I didn't listen (dummy). It was a good prompting that I ignored. I won't do that any more. I'll have to use the same glasses to play the piano in Primary. I can use my regular glasses but it's a strain.
The study time was great. I have some studying to do for next week. I hope my brain will be in better shape too. The bipolar has changed the way my brain works and the antidepressant assists in helping the brain to work as it should. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

Tomorrow, we will do our Wednesday thing and go to Ardmore to see the visitors center at the state line. When we went to the veterans museum, they told us about it. I'm going to take my camera this time and start to take pictures of our travels. I enjoy getting out and traveling around to see the various sites in our area. Since I've mailed Frankie's children the file folder games, I can use the purse I kept them in as a purse. I like my black purse, which is very new, but it's too small to fit my camera in. This other purse is khaki colored with a green tree and birds and things embroidered on it. It's cute and I have lots of room to put most anything smaller than the kitchen sink. Mary Kate, I mailed you a pair of pajamas that were too small for me. I forgot to get an XL and they were too tight. Hope you enjoy them. Got to watch Bill O'Reilly now.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Blue Monday #3

I planned to go out and get the oil changed in the car and buy a few groceries, but Dad is having a bad morning with lots of pain. After lunch, I said I was going out and he said just get what you need and come back which means, "don't take too long". I decided to not go anywhere because my knees are hurting again today and I don't want to be walking and hurting.

I woke up at 4:00 AM this morning. I lay in bed listening to the radio and got up at 7:00 AM. I had taken a nap Sunday afternoon and I think that is why I woke up so early. Plus I didn't get any exercise all week-end. Ah, such is life...!

I made a pretty card this morning. I used a dark card and rolled and stamped with white ink. It seemed to lack something, so I added some glitter to the flowers. It's the first time I had used the white ink and that set of stamps in a while.

Tonight I'll go to Karen's to study the Doctrine and Covenants. I found the Institute book for it and I have a red pencil and pen and a notebook for notes, etc. I hope this will help my mind to stay clear. Dad does Sudocu puzzles to help his mind stay clear. I hope playing the piano will help mine plus the reading I'll be doing. A mind is a terrible thing to waste...especially if you have one. Of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Next Sunday Is the Day

We practiced the Primary program again today. It was the first time I went through it since I was in the nursery last week. We were able to go through it twice and it will go okay next week. We'll present it after the Sacrament is passed. Sis. Shirts did a good job writing it and organizing it. April Harris is playing the piano for it and I will begin playing after the program is over. The little children in my class are so sweet but I guess I'm too old for that young a class. I'm glad I won't be teaching it anymore.

Our neighbor, Brenda Adams, brought over 1/2 a watermelon this afternoon. I promptly ate the heart out of it! I knew Dad didn't want any so I slurped it down without abandon. Now, I'll have to carry the heavy rind down into the woods to dispose of it.

Maybe after exercise class tomorrow, I will carry my walking poles with me and walk around the Wellness Ctr. park. I need that kind of exercise desperately. Usually, I let my trips to Walmart count as my bone strengthening exercise but I don't go to Walmart that much. If I could discipline myself to do this I might could loose the pounds I know I've gained. Exercise is always a good thing for the body...it just hasn't been for my body!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another Lazy Saturday

I'm still catching up on the trips I made Wed. and Thurs. I typed a letter to Frankie and Rachel. I'm sending my file folder games to Miriam and Josh and I wanted them to know what was in the package before it got to them.

Karen and I are going to study the Doctrine and Covenants together. There's a course she can get on the internet that's 52 weeks long and that will fit our needs. I'll go over to her house on Monday night at 6:00 PM and we'll read and listen to the lesson and discuss the questions. Then I can come home and discuss it with Dad.

It's cloudy and overcast but no rain. It was 72 degrees about 1:00 PM. I haven't been out. I thought about going to town but my knees are hurting, on a scale of 1-10, about a 4. It's easier to stay still when it hurts. That's a bad philosophy in the long run. Dad's got to get a biopsy before I could have a knee replacement. Plus, the pain in my knees hasn't gotten all that bad. It mostly a nuisance now.

I customized two cards for Richard's and Kathy"s birthday which are coming up next week. Maybe I'm make some cards today. Hum-m-m-m, and maybe a nap or two!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Good Trip

I was tired from the activities of the day before so I rested. I made a card using my new crimper. It turned out well. Karen came by and picked me up at 3:45 PM. We had 9 people going. Bro Crosby and Decker sat in the back in camp chairs that looked very comfortable. We picked up Bro. Decker in Decatur and it was good to have him with us. The trip is 1 1/2 hrs. long. Terri and Karen talked about Primary things (I wanted to join in that conversation) and Bro. Merrill got me involved in some genealogy he had on his laptop. The time passed quickly and we were there. Bro. Geer always has food for sandwiches and before we left for home, every one had something to eat. I ate part of a Little Debbie brownie, but it was too rich to eat all of it. I have a package of brownie mix to make up at some time when my sweet tooth over powers my will power. I love the sweet chocolate flavor of brownies!

Today, I filled out papers for my bone scan later on in the month. I have osteoporosis and I guess he needs another test to see if the Fosamax I've been taking has worked. I helped Frank by separating some gelatin capsules so he could fill them with some herbs he takes. Rick Merrill is coming over tonight after supper to show Frank how to use the genealogy system on his computer. I will learn at some point in time, but probably not tonight. I didn't get to sleep until after 1:00 AM so I'm not too feisty today.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Had A Great Day

Karen and I left for H'ville around 10:00 AM. I had to pick up Dad's Rx's but we could go other places too. First, we stopped at Hobby Lobby. Karen had a list and I knew I wanted some stamp cleaner. We had 40% Off coupons so I got a crimper. Karen got some sewing things and then we went to get the prescriptions. After that, we went to Harrison's (I think that is the name of the place). It is a historic hardware store and is very interesting. They were playing some soft piano music in the back ground and we inquired about it and ended up getting a CD a piece. Then, we stopped at Sam's and had lunch. We both had a huge slice of pizza and it was good! I didn't spend too much and we were able to get it all in the trunk of the car. Karen helped me cart the food in the house. Dad and I will have to clean up the clutter in the food room so the new stuff will fit. I was pretty tired when I got ready for supper. Karen was going home and take a nap for she stayed up too late last night. I think I will go to bed early myself for it's hard to sit up to type this! We go to the temple Thursday night.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Hurricane Gustav came ashore today and hit New Orleans. The levies held so the damage wasn't as bad as it was with hurricane Katrina. The storm even got Baton Rouge. Maybe we'll get some rain from this storm. There's two more hurricanes out in the Atlantic that will probably hit the Carolinas.

The Republican Convention was scheduled to start today but the hurricane kept them from going through with their plans. They will just have a shorter convention and it will be better!

Went to Walmart and got Dad some cereal he was out of and got him another pair of lounge pants. We'll have to go through his drawers and make room for one more pair of pants. I got some padded hangers for some tops I have that have to be line dried. I washed the tops with a skirt and top that said to "hand wash", but they did alright and are being "line dried" now.

I cooked a pot to 15 bean soup today. I seem to get sleepy when I cook beans, so I took a short nap. I added extra water to the pot so I wouldn't wake up the the smell of beans burning in the pan. They turned out pretty tasty. They would have been outstanding with some onions and sour cream, but I didn't have any. Plus some hot corn bread, yum-m-m-m!