Thursday, June 30, 2011

Temple Day

Ann and I went VT this morning. We only saw Mary Lou and will get every one next Thursday.  I've worked around the house and am waiting to go. I'm out of beans so will have to fix something else for Frank's supper. I really don't like having an appointment in the afternoon for I tend to not do anything until it's time to go.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Go

I don't usually go to the exercise class on Wednesdays. I read from my book, The Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt, and then took a short after breakfast nap. I didn't go to Curves but did get out and went to Lowe's for some parts that Frank needed. I got all of the wrong stuff. I should have gone to Collins Supply which I finally did and got the right stuff. I'll get a big refund from Lowe's when I take the stuff back. Stuff, stuff, stuff. "Things" would have been a better word.

The castors on Frank's computer bed are worn out and that's what I got for him at Collins. Forrest will be over Friday and can help him put them on.

An old friend from high school "found" me on Face Book. I'm glad she did for we were great friends in high school.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On The Road Again

Back to H'ville for a Dr visit. This time Frank saw Dr Arora for a nerve test. He had some needles stuck into his back and the audio of the computer was turned up and the sound was like static on a radio. Yes, I got to be in the room with him. We go to so many Dr's that I hate to sit in the waiting room and be bored. I'd rather be back in the room where the action is going on. The Dr said that the pain in Frank's leg was coming from his back and that it was a process of the rheumatoid condition. At least he know knows why the leg hurts so much.

We were going to stop by Newk's for a sandwich to take home, but he felt nauseous and just wanted a Frosty so we stopped by Wendy's and had one.

It was storming outside when we got up at 7 AM and it rained on us as we drove to H'ville and back. It had stopped when we got home and the rain gauge had 2" in it! We're still in a "no burn" situation. I guess our burn pile will have to wait until Fall. I still have some pruning I needed to do just to shape up some bushes.

Monday, June 27, 2011


I taught at the Senior Center and then went to Curves. When I got home, I needed to read about Jacob in the Old Testament for our study today. It's familiar material and was good to review.

Frank has a Dr appointment tomorrow at 1:30 PM. He'll get a nerve test for his leg and hip. Hopefully, he'll find out why his leg hurts so much.

Don't feel like writing much tonight, so this is all I will do.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Open House

This afternoon was the open house for the new and expanded LDS chapel in Athens. I took the tour and we went to every room in the building that is used for teaching and were told about the activities that goes on in the room. It was all very nice. The cultural hall was set up with the round tables with table cloths and good food was served. I hope enough non-members came to make it a successful event.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Today I went to Lou C' Boutique for a luncheon and to be in a group of cancer survivors. Three nurses from UAB came to ask us questions about our experiences and needs as breast cancer survivors. The lunch was catered by Newks, a sandwich shop, I think. I had a chicken salad sandwich and could only eat 1/2 of it. There was a fruit cup of real fruit and a large brownie. It was very tasty and I ate the other half for supper!

I knew all of the ladies from the support group Lou used to host. One of the ladies was 13 years out from her cancer and I am 81/2 years out. I really have no concerns except for bone health. They wanted to know of our experiences and needs as breast cancer survivors. It lasted 2 hours and I hope they got the information they were looking for. The ladies were very sweet.

The thunder was rolling when our meeting got over and I hoped I would get home before it rained and I did. We really didn't have much rain but there was lots of lighting and thunder and the skies were overcast, which kept the temperature down.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today is Frank's birthday. He an official Senior Citizen now! I got him two shirts and a pair of lounging pants (that I have to take the length...). The shirts weren't 100% cotton so I had to take them back to Goodies. I had bought them on-line and had forgotten about the 100% cotton deal. While I was taking them back, the sales clerk asked if I wanted to shop around and I said, "yes". I hadn't thought about looking at Goodies for 100% cotton button down shirts but they had some! I got a green plaid and an orange plaid shirt. He was pleased with them and I took the old two shirts he would wear out of his closet and took them downstairs never to be worn again! They looked like they were from the '40's.

I then went to Walmart to get a new battery in my watch and get some bananas. I looked for white knee-highs but they didn't have anything in white. I then went to K-Mart but they didn't have any either, but I did get a long pair of white socks that will do until I find what I'm looking for. I even went to Walgreens. They didn't have any knee-highs but I did find a can of shaving cream that I had just run out of and bought that.

Frank is giving the birds a both now. We may or may not give Gert a shower. We have to turn on the vacuum cleaner and he gets all excited and tries to take a bath from his water bottle. After taking out his food, we spray him in the cage with a bottle of warm water. His feathers look better after he's had a bath.

The open house at the church is this Saturday. I have to call Wanda to see if they would like to come.

I have two pair of lounge pants and a skirt to alter on the sewing machine. I guess I'll do it tomorrow. I want to wear the skirt to the open house. It won't take me long to do it and I enjoy doing it when I finally get around to doing it. But, I wait until the spirit moves me and sometimes I sit around a long time without doing anything!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Don't know why I haven't written in two days. Got interested in what I'm reading, I guess.

I went to Curves this morning early then came home. I needed to go to Walmart but it was raining so I decided to wait. We cut papers for the birds and I had a 4 PM appointment with Dr Shergy. I didn't know when I should have my Prolia shot but as it turned out I was late in getting it. I had some lab work done and I'm to get back in touch with him in July. They have to see if the insurance will pay for it. They did the first shot and I hope they will the next one. I should have chosen the one year infusion instead of the twice a year shot.

It rained some this AM and when I left for H'ville, the clouds looked ominous but when I got into H'ville the clouds weren't dark at all. When I got out from the Dr's office, it was raining and it rained almost all the way home.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Had nice church meetings. The Primary children sang three songs to their fathers and really sang out. I had forgotten to put on my piano glasses and had to tough it with my regular ones. I did okay. I just don't think far enough ahead. I drove myself so got home from church at 12:45 PM.

I'm not enjoying the third book of David Lender that I have been reading. He sets his stories in the stock market and Wall Street. There's too much wheeling and dealing going on in this book. I still enjoy reading with my Kindle but must find out a variety of reading materials.

I got Frank as Navy blue t-shirt and some blue plaid lounge pants for his Father's Day present. I think he liked the card the most. I just took a plain card and wrote some mushy stuff on it and he liked it!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Party Day

Today was the baby shower for Kimberly. It was in Fayetteville, TN. I found the road to the church without trouble. A storm blew up just as I was getting out of the car and I got rained on a bit before I got into the church. Kim got a lot of nice baby stuff. I left for home around 4 PM. I had thought of stopping by and saying,"Hello," to George and Forrest, for I drove right past their road, but I didn't want to be away from home any longer. I drove over 100 miles today, I'm sure. I'm thankful I have a good car to travel in.

I got home right in time for supper. After supper, Dad vacuumed and we read from Alma. Tomorrow is Father's Day and the Primary children will be singing to their Dads. I have presents for Frank but I haven't wrapped them up yet. He will be pleasantly surprised to get something. I've already got things for his birthday, June 23rd, too.

Friday, June 17, 2011


I was planning to go to the Senior Center today but the bed was calling my name and I yielded to the call. I was going to Curves before lunch but got distracted. Frank wanted to change the washers in the outside faucets after lunch and I helped him with that. He installed a part where we could wrap the hose up on the house instead of leaving the hose on the ground all in a mess. He installed two of them. One of the faucets leaks and I'll need to get some new insides for it so it won't leak. It was good to get that work done and out of the way. Tomorrow, I have Kimberly's baby shower to go to at 2 PM. I have directions to the church and I have been to the church but I'm still a little uncertain about going alone.

Trudy and Sadie are at Mary Kate's house and will stay until Sunday. I have been feeding Danny Boy and a cat or two for Maryleen.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exercise Today

I went to Curves about 10:30 AM. I was to wait until the bug man came, but he said if he wasn't there by ten o'clock he would be by at 2 PM. He's pretty punctuational so I could leave after 10 AM. I hadn't been to Curves in a week so I wasn't going to do the 16 reps like I usually do, but I ended up doing them anyway. The cardio part was making me sweat so I stopped doing those and just did the machines. I had to go to Lowe's and Walmart and I didn't want sweat running down my face! It's still very hot and dry outside and I had to be out in it.

There are thunderstorms  in the area but it's not a big percentage that we'll get any. Maybe tonight will be a better time.  We want to moisture to dampen the limestone dust from the road so we won't be tracking it into the house. Plus the grass needs the rain.

I called Dr Shergy's office to find out the name of a shot I take. It is Prolia and is for osteoporosis.  I need to get a shot every 6 months. It's time to get another and I'll go see him next Wednesday at 4 PM.

The last book I read on my Kindle could have been read in a day, but I finished it in two. It was a cute book. A mystery without any sex and violence. I don't know if I like mysteries that much. Another book I have had sex in the 1st chapter and I stopped reading it. Frank is going to put the Kindle in my name after I read the final book I've bought so I can buy the books with my computer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Dr Day

This time we went to see Dr Drew, the dentist. Frank had to have an old filling repaired. He did well.  Before we saw Dr Drew, we saw Dr Orao, a neurologist. He evaluated Frank and now Frank has an appointment for a nerve test. Hopefully he'll be able to find the reason his foot and leg and hip hurts so much. We ate at McDonald's for lunch. I had a hamburger and diet Coke and Frank had the chicken McNuggets which he said were terrible. My hamburger was dry but I was hungry and I ate it anyway.

We aren't parking our cars on the new crushed limestone drive way yet. We were hoping we might get some rain so it would wash away some of the limestone dust. The cars are parked on the East side of the house under some trees for shade.

The bug man comes tomorrow. We have been having a problem with ants again. The bait he puts down for them, they just walk around. They don't walk in single file or along the walls but they wander all over the place, looking everywhere for some crumb or morsel of food. I kill them murderously when I find them. I have no mercy. I will not share my kitchen counters with some little ants.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Work Day

I got up at 5:30 AM when Frank hollowed for me. His spine was burning really bad. He told me last night he might have a bad day today and he did. I called Jan at 7 AM to see if she could teach for me today and she said she could. Steve had a bad night last night too. The man was coming this morning to put the gravel on the road and I needed to be here for that.

I cleaned the kitchen this morning. Did the little cleaning that I don't usually do until it begins to show. I cooked some Quinoa and barley. I'll still trying to eat like the diet says. Sunday, going without food for so long during church, I ate the wrong things and was hungry all afternoon. Sometimes I just have to have a cheat day.

I don't know what I'll do the rest of the day. Wait to see how Frank feels and see if he gets to feeling better this afternoon. It's really hard when he feel this bad. I can begin a new book. I have one that's a little lighter than a murder mystery. I don't think I'll get any more books about murders. I didn't like the feeling I had after I finished that last book.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Slow Saturday

I read after breakfast for two hours. I got up because I felt bad that it was after 10 AM and I was still in my night clothes! I read some after lunch and I got tired of sitting but I finished the book I started yesterday. It was called The Innocent by Vincent Zandri. It was about a prison warden who got framed into a plot where a prisoner escaped and there were lots of murders. I don't know if it was the read but I didn't feel very up-beat today.

I looked out the front windows in the living room today and saw little plants growing on the lawn that I hadn't noticed before. I walked out to see what they were and discovered that they were little Sweet Gum trees growing up from the roots of the mother Sweet Gum trees in the yard. It's been so dry lately that the lawn mower hasn't kept the little trees cut down. The grass in the front yard is crunchy but in other parts of the yard, another kind of grass is growing, making the yard look a bit ragged.

It got up to 98 degrees today. It's still very dry and we could really use some rain.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Reading Frenzy

I finished my 5th e-book today in 3 hours. I started at 8 AM and finished at 11 AM. It was a pretty good read. I have to get used to new characters showing up in new chapters. I have trouble remembering the characters if they are introduced too quickly. I guess that's something I will get used to as I read more. I just bought 4 more books at $.99 cents each. One author, David Lender, is my favorite so far. I'm on his third book.

Frank had the worker cut a path down into the woods today to make sure the water would drain and not pool at the end of the drive way out back. Monday we'll be getting the white gravel on all of the roads-the one that comes from the street to the house and the one that goes around the house to the back of the house. It will look so good!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


They poured the white gravel out back today. The water will drain under the gravel away from the house. It's amazing how talented the men are when they are driving their machines. Everyone has been so polite and pleasant.

I've just been puttering around the house today. I washed a load of towels, took several large boxes out to be taken out with the trash. I baked a chocolate cake for Dage, the boy who takes out the trash for us. It has white icing on it and pink and white sprinkles on top of that. I usually make brownies for them, but I used a cake mix this time. I bought the throw-away pans with a see through cover so they won't have to bring a plate back. We really appreciate what the boys do for us.

We've had another hot and dry day. There's nothing that I want to do outside but I hate that it's so hot and dry!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Doctor Day

Frank has to go to the Pain Clinic every other month to get checked and to get his Rx and today was the day. Next month, I just go to H'ville and get the Rx. He had some fries and a chocolate ice cream cup from Wendy's, a Frosty I think it's called. I settled with a medium diet Coke and ate some of his fries.

It was hot today but the car ran cool and the air conditioner ran well. It's two weeks from summer and the heat has already started! We didn't have much of a Spring this year. It hasn't rained in two weeks but that has allowed the contractor to pour the slab out back. I haven't seen it yet, but Frank says it looks good. It was nice to have that money in our account but the work had to be done. It should add to the value of the house some day. It's so hot that there is a "no burn" policy in the state of Alabama. We're not in a hurry to burn the burn pile yet. Will probably wait until the Fall when the rains come back.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Day Behind

I had to take Frank for physical therapy Monday so we did our scripture study today at 1 PM. We studied about Abraham and Issac and the discussion by the BYU  professors was good. It's an awesome task to study the Old Testament but it's great too.

I washed clothes this morning and still have a load to put in the dryer. I was waiting until I got home so I could take the clothes out of the dryer as they dried. I went to Walmart this morning to get some Smart Balance and got some strawberries and some bread and eggs too. I should have gotten two dozen eggs instead of one because I boiled 6 of the eggs when I got home and now only have 6 left. I like to have enough eggs on hand always. They make a good supper if nothing else is fixed.

I've read 4 1/2 books of the Kindle and bought two more today. $.99 cents isn't bad for a book! I got through 50% of one book but the action had slowed down so much, I decided not to read anymore of it.

They pour the concrete for the new slab outback tomorrow. Soon the work will be over and the drains under the house should drain properly. We have a rather large burn pile now but it's too hot and dry to burn anything now. We also have a fairly large tree stump that will have to be burned.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I filled in for Jan at the exercise class. She had to take Steve to the Dr. I'm remembering more and more of the exercises but I still use my notes. There's always someone in the class that will help me remember the exercises and I guess I should try to go without my notes, but I don't want to just yet.

I went to Curves and there were other people there which was good. I don't like too be the only one there.
After Curves, I went on to Walmart to shop for groceries. I guess the store was full. I got everything that was on my list and it was over $200.00! The price seems to go up and up every time I go.

The men working out back moved the tree stump and put it on the burn pile. The tree blew down when the tornadoes struck May 27th. He has been scraping the gravel off of the drain field and has been putting it on the road that goes around the house. We will also have some white gravel put on top of that. Our house and grounds will be looking pretty good when all of this work is finished.

It's been 97 degrees today and a heat advisory has been in effect. The temperature feels like it's over 100 degrees. It is June 3rd but it's not time for those high temperatures. We haven't had rain for a week. The weatherman on the radio said we could have a thunderstorm tonight, maybe.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Usual Thursday

Thursdays are a clean up fix up kind of day. I showered and washed my hair, which I cut last night..., and got dressed by 10:00 AM. I helped Dad with his pills, which takes a while, and then we had to collect the garbage. We went downstairs and got rid of a lot of empty boxes we had stored (never know when you will need a box to send something in).

The painter painted the white parts of the house plus the rails that go up the porch steps. The back door downstairs hasn't been painted yet. I hope he does it. Seemed like a nice person.

I teach for Jan tomorrow. I didn't have to teach Monday for it was a holiday. She taught for Barbara Wednesday. She takes Steve to the Dr Friday. Frank has Dr appointments next week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Onward and Upward

Went to exercise to support Jan and then went to Curves. The room was hot with just two fans running and I was sweating before the second round so I skipped the cardio and just did the machines. I stopped by and got the car washed and vacuumed out the insides. The insides of the windows need cleaning. I've tried to clean them but didn't do a very good job. The window curves so much that I can't get it clean.  I know, no whining...

The painter was here today painting the walls out back. He's going to do the blocks below the siding also, plus the back door. Maybe the whole project will done soon. It'll be nice to have new gravel on the roads.

We just got through paying bills. The Cook's Pest Control man came today and that's all folks!