Saturday, January 31, 2015


I went to H'ville to take back some Land's End merchandize to Sear's. I got there 5 minutes before they opened. I then went back through Madison and stopped at Academy Sports and bought a pair of athletic shoes. I should have gotten a pair like I had, but didn't. I went to Khol's after that and bought a couple of shirts. I had a bunch of coupons plus a $10.00 off card for my birthday. Today was the last day I could use that.

After wearing the new shoes in the house, I decided they weren't wide enough, so I will take them back Monday and get a pair of the exact same shoes that I have. That way people won't know I have another pair of shoes. I have two pair that I don't wear any more. The soles are too thin. I need shoes with a thick sole with more support. I'll see if Mary Kate wants them or if she doesn't, I'll give them to the Salvation Army.

Mary Kate and Nate will be coming up the week-end of President's Day. I remember when we celebrated each President's birthday separately. Sophia has something she has to do and won't be coming.

Friday, January 30, 2015


Exercise was great as usual. Didn't go anywhere except after lunch. I knew I had paid Heritage Propane when I got the bill. I pay online and I retrieved the copy of the bill and took it to Regions bank. Later on in the month, I got a late bill from them. I wrote a check and paid it again. I went to the bank to see if they paid them and they had. The lady told me to wait until Wednesday and check back with Heritage to see if they had gotten the check from the bank. I know I have paid them twice this month. If they have both payments, they can put one on next months bill. I was really shocked when I got the late payment because I always pay my bills on time each month.

I go see Dr Michael Knight Tuesday. He was the one who made my denture and I have never been satisfied with it and now it's hurting my mouth. There's just not enough room in my mouth for the denture and my tongue. Plus, I have a bump on the end of my tongue that really hurts and that makes my mouth really sore. I don't usually complain but this is very uncomfortable. I have to have such a thick denture because I bit through two other ones he made for me. Maybe they make stronger dentures now so that it won't have to be so thick. I'm to young to go without my teeth but something has to be done with this situation. (Haha-I know this is funny...).

I'm hoping we get to go to church Sunday.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Family History

Trudy came over and spent the night. We went to the Family History Center at 9 AM. It doesn't open until 9:30 AM but Sis Walker gets there early and I want to be the first person there. Trudy learned how to scan pictures and I released about 26 people to have their work done. I still don't know what I'm doing. Sis Walker is such a great help. We left at 11:00 AM. I was getting tired and hungry.

On day two of my diet, I'm well under the 1,300 calories the website said someone of my height, age and weight should be. I think I've already said this but I'm 25 lbs over what I was when I got married. That's 47 years of eating. This class that Janet is conducting is motivating me to want to loose at least 5 lbs and a few inches here and there. We've only had one class and will meet again next Monday. It's Thursday now. I need to ride my bike but I don't want to.

Frank sees Dr Walker today about his broken knee cap. We want Home Health to come in and teach us exercises to strengthen his legs. Janet said falling is caused by weak legs. I need to do more walking or biking and walking up and the stairs to strengthen my leg muscles. I sit too much. Frank fell Sunday and Tuesday night after going to the bathroom. He doesn't know what makes him fall. If he had his natural hips, he would have broken one of them, he's fallen down so much. But both of his hips have been replaced for 20 years.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Got my hair cut. Let Kari mousse and blow dry my hair and it looks really nice. It only costs 4 more dollars for her to blow dry it and I think I'll have her do it next time. It's short but that's the way I like it.

Trudy came to the salon while I was getting my hair cut. She went on to the house and I went to Walmart for groceries. We were out of fresh veggies and had to eat canned peas and corn. I came home and cooked cauliflower and kale for supper. I have broccoli to be cooked as soon as I have room in the refrigerator.

Tomorrow, we'll go to the Family History Center. My Canon scanner came in today. Trudy got on the phone to Canon and a nice guy walked her through how to figure out how to use it. I could order it with one "click" but I surely couldn't have learned how to set it up. I scanned in the pictures I was going to take to the FHC and have done there. We still have to learn how to name the photos and get them into the genealogy charts. Learning goes on forever!

We have an appointment for Frank to see Dr Walker tomorrow. I called to have him get home health to come out and show us how to strengthen Frank's legs so he won't fall but he has to see him first.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Exercises

Today, at 10 AM, I went to Round Island Baptist Church to exercise with another of Janet's exercise groups. It's still Silver Sneakers but with this group she can do harder things. We walked around the gym 6 times and did push ups on the walls and did some new moves she wouldn't do at the senior center. I really enjoyed it. I won't be able to go on Thursday. It is the day I do Family History at the church. I'll get to exercise M-T-W-F.

I counted up my calories and was 300 over the 1300 I was shooting for. I'll leave out 2 milks and a bread and Smart Balance buttery spread. I still have to set some goals. I want to get my BMI down and I want to cut calories and I want to loose some inches. I just have trouble putting them down in goal form. I'll have to exercise at home. Get on the recumbent bike and walk up and down the stairs several times. I'm tired tonight and don't want to think about it.

Tomorrow, I'll get my hair cut and probably buy some groceries. We're out of fresh veggies. I called the Dr today about getting home health to come and teach us some exercises for Frank to do to strengthen his legs. Janet said that weak legs could cause falling. Frank fell last night but couldn't wake me up. That's twice he's fallen in a week. I hope he's not hurting his knee when he falls.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Karen came over and we went to exercise. We were going to another class held by Janet about changing life styles and loosing weight at Round Island Baptist Church at 12:30 PM. I got Frank's lunch ready early so he would be finished and ready to be in his room when I left.

The class was 1 1/2 hours and we went over things that we would be talking about in the upcoming classes. We are to keep a food and exercise diary and to share it with Janet and we are to count calories. I had a calorie counting book but don't know where it is, so I ordered another one from Amazon and will get it in 2 days. I just don't know how to figure out how many calories in a serving of goulash is and how much is a serving. I want to be able to eat as much fresh veggies as I want but I'll have to see how the calories go. I looked up on and it says a person my age and height and activity level should weigh 119 lbs and eat 1,300 calories a day. I was 125 lbs when I got married and would love to weigh that now! I'd have to loose 26 lbs to achieve that. I feel motivated to try to loose weight and rev up my activity level. Janet teaches another exercise class at Round Island Church on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 AM and I'm going to try to go to that. Frank is always back in his room sleeping or reading and I am sitting in the living room watching TV, doing nothing, so it would be good to go exercise again. That way I would be exercising 5 times a week. That should help with the weight loss.

Wednesday, I get my hair cut and Frank did have an appointment with the Pain Clinic but I looked at his leg and thought it would be good if Trudy could pick up the Rx for us since she's coming over anyway and that would keep Frank from having to get out with his leg brace on. I'll call tomorrow and see if she can pick up his script.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Frank went back to bed and Trudy and I went to town. I tried going to a nice consignment store but they had had a water leak and couldn't open at 10 AM. I couldn't find another thrift store so we went to Walmart to look for 18" chains to put the jewelry we made on. I have two pieces a piece that I want to send to granddaughters and I wanted to send a chain along with the pendants but Walmart didn't have any inexpensive chains. I guess I will have to put another order in to Dreamland Jewelry for the chains. They have silver chains that don't cost very much and look really good.

I had an appointment to get my hair cut today at 11 AM and Trudy needed a haircut, too, so I just gave her my time and made another appointment for me. She got a good cut. Didn't seem like she got much cut off but she could tell.

We got back home and she ate lunch and packed up her jewelry things and papers and went home. She'll be back next Wednesday.

Sadie has bought her plane ticket to fly to Utah and see her friend that is going to school in Idaho. She will stay with some of her Dad's people in Utah and will take the tram up to BYU Idaho to see her friend. That's where Sadie has applied to go to school. That's going a long way for a 17 year old but she is determined to make the trip.

Forrest will be getting married August 29, 2015.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Craft Day

Went to exercise today and then came home and made 15 chochip cookies. The Walkers were coming over for craft day and I usually have cookies for the girls. I had bought them finger nail polish and things to put their toes in while they polished them and some smelly soap. They were excited about their gifts. Trudy was here and we make pendants out of glass tiles and craft paper. I found one with birds on it and I made a tile with it. I made four more that I will send to grandchildren. Everyone was excited about making the jewelry and everyone had a fun time. Next month we will probably make something to do with Valentine's Day, or not. Carol and the girls will come up with something.

I have a hair cut tomorrow. I started cutting on it myself last week but stopped before I had gone too far and made an appointment.

Thursday, I went to the Family History Center and added my grandchildren to their families and added two pictures, scanned two pictures to Frank's mother and dad. When one pulls up their genealogy information now, there will be a picture of both of them on their records. Trudy says she knows how to do this and we can scan the pictures at home. I have pictures of Frank and me, my parents and grandparents and some of Frank's grandparents. There's a lot for me to learn about this stuff. I hope my brain is up to the learning.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


This morning I went to the bank to get some money for the tree men. They started yesterday removing the trees the tornado blew down in April of 2014. They finished up today. I had a Dr appointment in H'ville at 2:40 PM so gave Bobby the money to pay the men. They worked most of the day on our trees today and then started on Bobby's part of the land. The main man was out of town today and will probably come tomorrow to get paid. It surely looks better without all of the dead trees laying outside the house. They put the debris back into the woods and someday the vines and grasses will cover the piles of wood.

I went to see Dr Shergy today. I left early and got there about 20 minutes early and got right in to see him. I was so surprised and glad I didn't have to wait a long time. I had messed up. I should have seen him the day before Thanksgiving for lab work for my Prolia shot, but I had to pick up the Thanksgiving turkeys, so I canceled the appointment. This puts me late on getting my shot and messes up things. I didn't know it would cause all that trouble. The turkeys weren't all that good anyway. Next year, I'll cook my own turkey. The smoked turkeys cost $40.00 a piece and I got two. A fool and her money are soon parted.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Karen and I went to exercise. Afterwards, we stopped at Dollar General so I could get some milk. I like to have 4 gallons on milk in the refrigerator at all times. That way I know that we won't be running out. We drank powdered milk for years, but after I had my hip replaced I got the taste for 2% milk and refuse to go back to powdered milk. In fact, I gave away about 15 big boxes of powdered milk I had had for 3 years to a friend who has 6 children. She uses it in cooking and was glad to get it. It was still good.

I cooked Brussels sprouts and kale this afternoon. We still have some of the pork roast I cooked for Frankie's family but we didn't eat. I've decided I don't really like it but we will have to eat it until it's gone. We finished the cabbage and sausage dish and still have goulash to eat. I've been eating too much lately and am getting as round as a toad.

Today was our 47th wedding anniversary. My dear friend Kathy sent us a card that we got yesterday and it reminded me that our anniversary was today. Otherwise, I probably would have forgotten. I believe the hand of the Lord was in us getting together. I was from North Alabama and he was from MA (can't spell it). He was in the Navy stationed in Key West, FL. I was teaching private piano lessons in Tuscaloosa, AL and got word of a teaching job in Key West. Calls were made to the University of Alabama and I accepted the job. I didn't have a teaching degree but they needed someone so desperately that they took an Arts & Science major.

After I got to Key West and got to the school, I met another teacher, Kathy. Her husband, Bill, was in the Navy and he was stationed at Key West.  Kathy and I became good friends and two weeks after I had been in Key West, they introduced me to Frank.

Frank and his buddy, Dale, arranged dates with me and my room mate, Angeline. Frank was with Angeline and I was with Dale, but as the day  progressed, Frank and I became a couple and 4 months later, we got married. We both had to go to the Southern most part of the US to find each other. A Southern girl and a d--n Yankee. We lived in Sheffield, AL for a while but couldn't find a good job so thought going to MA would be the thing to do. We lived with Frank's parents for two months and then Frank go a job offer back in Florence, AL which is across the Tennessee River from Sheffield. This brought us back to the South, which saved our marriage. (You can take a Southerner out of the South, but you can't take the South out of a Southerner). I was in cultural shock all the time I was in Yankee land. Frank didn't want to stay in MA either, so with the job offer, we moved back and 47 years later we are celebrating our wedding anniversary, thanks to Kathy and Bill. They've been married 48 years and they are a great couple. They will make it to 50 years before we do, but we all will be very happy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I went to town to see about some withdrawals I noticed on the credit union statement. All was well. I just didn't know how to read the statement.

Then, I went to Walmart. I got a new gown and a funny pair of pants that I can use  on Sundays when I don't want to use my M-F pants, plus I got some diet Pepsi. I bet the Dr will tell me that cola is bad for the bones. I surely enjoy sipping it during the day.

I didn't see Monday's post. Frank went to the Dr and he said Frank didn't need any operation on his knee, just to keep the brace on for 4 more weeks. We stopped by Chick-fil-la and traded in two toys for some ice cream. The ice cream was too soft for a cone so we had it in a small container. It was good.

After going to Walmart today, I stopped by Goody's to use my $10.00 off birthday card. I got two shirts that were on sale and a pair of earrings. I have a $10.00 off birthday card from Khol's too but I don't know when I'll be up that way.

I ordered a pair of shoes, athletic, from Amazon that should come today. They are the same size and brand that I got last time I bought shoes and I hope they fit. They have wild colors, just like I like.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Family Here

Frankie and Mariam and Josh got here about 10 PM last night. We just said, "Hello, and then went to bed. They didn't get up until 9 AM. After they are we went to Walmart so I could buy the kids some presents. Mariam got a doll and Josh got a remote control helicopter and Frankie got a Rubic's Cube. We then went to the new Athens-Limestone library. The building used to be the old Kroger store and it's been converted into a new library. It's very large and I was impressed. Then we got some gas and drove out to see where Frankie's get together is. It's only about 2 miles from our house and it won't take him long to get there.

Sadie wanted to come over, too, so George and Trudy will pick her up at 2 PM from Chick-fil-la in Huntsville and they will be over at 3 PM. We already ate for it would have been too long for the kids to wait until 3 PM, but the hamburgers are already cooked and ready so it won't take long for me to get them ready. They should be here in 45 minutes.

Good Dr Visit

Trudy and George came over this morning so George could do some work for me in the yard. I paid him to cover up the holes in the ground that were made when I had two stumps ground and then to cut up the wood and carry it off. He did a great job. We had to leave before they were through to go to the Dr about Frank's knee.

The Dr appointment was for tomorrow at 9:30 AM but the card they gave me said Jan 19th at l:40 PM. They said they could get us in today so we waited a little less than an hour to see the Dr. The X-rays showed that the knee cap was healing and the Dr said to keep wearing the leg brace and see him in 4 weeks. That's great that Frank doesn't have to have an operation. The nurse adjusted the brace because it kept slipping down and didn't fit just right. It's on tight now and I hope I can get it this tight when he takes it off.

Trudy signed me up for Pinterest today. She didn't tell me the password that she used and I couldn't sign in tonight when I tried. I changed my password but then the computer said that it couldn't find the right page or something that I didn't understand. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

I got all the full names and birth dates of my 8 grandchildren to put on FamilySearch Thursday. I got back on the site and found some names that needed temple work done but I don't know how to do that and will have to have the ladies in the family history center help me. I'll be going there every Thursday for a long time to come.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Family Over

I had a couple of paragraphs written but didn't finish thinking I could come back to it but it disappeared so I will start over.

Frankie, Mariam and Josh come about 10 PM last night. They went right to bed after saying, "Hello". They got up at 9 AM. Knoxville time is an hour ahead of us and they were tired. After breakfast, we went to Walmart so I could buy then some toys. Mariam got another doll. It's the same size as the American Girl doll. Josh got a remote control helicopter and Frankie got a rubik's cube. He's teaching Josh, 10, how to solve the puzzle. We drove by the new Athens-Limestone public library. It used to be the building where the Kroger supermarket was. Now, it's our nice new, large library. We stopped and went in. It's really nice. Then we got gas and drove the back roads home. We drove to the restaurant where Frankie's high school class is meeting tonight and then we came home.

Sadie drove from work and got here before Trudy and George did. I had the hamburgers already cooked and they were good. Some of them were undercooked but I like my meat rare! We sat around the table and talked. It was a good time. Trudy, George and Sadie left at 3-3:30 PM and Frankie and the kids walked down the road and talked to the man who owns the horses and the end of the road. He said if they were here again and he was there, he would give the kids a horse back ride. The kids took showers and Frankie left for his shindig. He said he'd be home around 8:30-9:00 PM.

We won't be going to church because of Frank's broken knee cap. He seems to be doing better and we will see the Dr this Monday. He barely can get his leg in the car with the brace on and I think we will just wait until the brace is off before we go back to church. I'll call and get the sacrament brought out to us like they did when we weren't able to go to church.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Again

The time is just flying by. I woke up 15 minutes late today so was in a hurry to leave on time and forgot my list of things to do. I was supposed to stop by the Dr's office for an Rx but forgot so will have to get it Monday. Karen couldn't go shopping with me so we took two cars. Ken was off today and they were going shopping together this afternoon.

I bought food for this week-end. I came home and put the pork roast in the crock pot and cooked about 3 lbs of potatoes for the potato salad. I cooked the cabbage and tomato and smoked sausage dish and cooked some broccoli. I bought a cooked chicken at Walmart and that's what we had for lunch. I was going to cook goulash today but I don't have any room in the refrigerator for anything else. I may cook it and put it in the freezer. We'll see.

Tomorrow, Trudy and George will come over for lunch and visit with Frankie and Mariam and Josh. I bought 12 hamburger patties already made and two packs of buns. Trudy said she would bring lettuce and tomato and onion. I bought some diet Pepsi and diet Mt. Dew. I think George likes Mt. Dew. I got some potato chips, too. I will need to make to goulash for we will need to have something to eat Sunday.

I made the potato salad and it filled a gallon Ziploc bag to the top. That should last the entire week-end.

I'm having a problem with my legs and arms going to sleep and now I feel the tingling feeling outside of both my ears. I guess I need to see the Dr about it, sometime soon. Getting old is not for wimps!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Family History Day

Trudy and I went to the church to do family history today. I'm still confused about what to do. Sis Walker helped me unlock two individuals that I had  somehow locked last week when I was trying on my own in FamilySearch. We spent most of the time chasing a relative that I had sealed to the wrong family. I noticed in my notes that she was the daughter of the second husband and not the first.
Trudy learned some things too and it was a good morning. We stopped by Dollar General on the way home to get a garbage can for the kitchen. Trudy busted the top off the old one after it fell off. The new one is white and when the garbage sack is in it, the top doesn't want to stay on. I'll get used to it soon. It's sorta nice to have something new once and a while.

Trudy left before lunch but she and George will be back over for lunch Saturday when Frankie and Mariam and Josh are here. Frankie is getting together with some high school friends Saturday night and that's the reason he's coming down. He'll leave sometime Sunday. It will be good to have them all here.

After exercise in the morning, I've got to go by the Dr's office and pick up an Rx and take it to the pharmacy and then go to Walmart to buy groceries for the week-end and then back to the pharmacy and then home. I'll be cooking all Friday afternoon so I'll have enough food for the week-end. I'll fix the cabbage and smoked sausage recipe, buy a pork roast for the crock pot, get hamburger patties and buns and buy more Diet Pepsi. Trudy said she would bring chips and onion and tomatoes for the hamburgers. I have two pies left over from Thanksgiving that I forgot to put out that have been in the freezer since and I can buy some cookies for the kids. Mariam can't have food with corn syrup in it, so that might limit what I buy but maybe I'll find something.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Trudy came over this afternoon. She had her printer and computer set up to scan but couldn't do it. Bro Decker came by to fix the door and Trudy asked him if he knew anything about what she was trying to do. His knowledge plus what Trudy knew got the job done! We found some pictures we had previously made copies of with several pictures on a page and we scanned them into her computer in no time. If we had had to scan the individual pictures in, it would have taken days. Tomorrow, she will go with me to the Family History Center to meet with the sisters who help people and we will scan in pictures there. I have to be taught over again how to use FamilySearch because I didn't learn it the one time I was introduced to it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I vacuumed the floors and the air filters and then I went to town to run some errands. I was back home by 11:00 AM.

A couple of days ago a man stopped by and offered to grind a stump beside the road. He had an advertizement and I took it and said I would think about it. Today I called him and said I had 2 stumps that needed grinding so he sent 2 fellows out to do it. They just ground the stumps. Left the hole in the ground with the dirt and sawdust around it and the top of the stump on the ground. Now, to make it look better, I'll call Bro Tune and see if the young men could come out and fill up the holes and cart off the wood from the stumps for a nice donation to the Scouting program. If they can't do it, I can have Lance do it. I will have to pay him and I had rather give it to the Scouts. Or maybe George and Sadie would like to do it for the money.

When it dries up, Bobby Adams has some man who is coming to take care of the down trees from the tornado. It's been 9 months the trees have been down and it looks really bad. If the trees could be removed back to where I used to mow or the edge of the original woods, it would look better.

Monday, January 12, 2015


I noticed I titled Friday's post "Monday" and today is Monday. No telling why I got it wrong.

It was raining a little bit when Karen came over and we went to exercise and was raining a lot when we left the senior center. We went to Walmart for some groceries and then to Collins Supply for some striker plates for the front door. When the paramedics stomped the door in it busted the door frame up badly. Bro Hansen fixed it for us but over time, the door lock wouldn't keep shut. Bro Decker fixed it yesterday but said I need a new striker plate for the door and the dead bolt and that's what I got. We depend on our home teachers for little repairs like that.

Frank's leg brace keeps slipping down. The Dr's office said to keep it tight so it wouldn't slip. Don't know if I got it tight enough or not. Hopefully, the knee cap will heal properly or be well on it's way the next time we see the Dr.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Karen came over and we went to exercise together. She brought me brownies and some chocolates for my birthday. When I got home from exercise, I was going to just taste one of the small brownies and ended up eating quite a few! They have chocolate chips in them and they are good.

I ordered a Tiffany lamp with birds on the shade for my birthday. Anything with birds catches my eye. It will look good in the living room.

Trudy is coming over later on this afternoon and she will spend the night. Ruth and I are going to see Sister Act in H'ville Saturday afternoon. I'll meet her for lunch and we will go by some craft place she's found and then we'll go to the VB Center for the play, musical? I don't know anything about it. Last year, we saw Jersey Boys. It was good but it had way too much cursing in it. That detracted from the musical.

I got birthday wishes from my bank and Allstate agent and the Walkers sent me an ecard which I couldn't read for my Adobe reader isn't current. I down load it but it doesn't correct the problem. My brother called me yesterday to wish me a happy birthday. When I told him he was a day early, he said an extra day had been added to the month and it war really the 9th. I appreciated the thought.

After you get a certain age, birthdays shouldn't count and I am way past that age! I like presents, though.

I cleaned out the file folder holders on my desk and found my "lost" Write My Own Story essays. I didn't know where they were and the thought of all that work lost was disconcerting. Trudy will be glad I found them. She wants me to journal like she does, but I have no desire to journal. My blog is my journal. I had last year's blog printed and sent to me this week. It arrived yesterday and is one years record of what I've written.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Family History

I went to the Family History Center today at 9:30 AM. I was there 2 hours and I think I learned something. I went to Walmart and got a thumb drive for next week. We can scan pictures into the records. I worked on the genealogy a little bit tonight but don't know enough about it to use the program. I've got to get the names of all of my grandchildren and their birth dates and their full names-that's all 8 of them, before next week. I enjoy this work and look forward to the time when I won't need any help.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Karen came over at 8 AM and we went to exercise. She's not a morning person but she made it. She got hot during exercise and I told her next time she could turn on tone of the fans. I guess Frank won't be going with us until his knee is healed. Afterwards, we went to Walmart for some groceries. I was out of Diet Pepsi and milk and Karen needed some almond milk. Don't remember what I did the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, I got to the Family History Center at the church and begin learning how to us the computer to do family history. It opens at 9:30 AM and I'm ready to learn.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I ran the dishwasher last night-I try to only run it at night while we are in the back of the house because it is so noisy-and I found the sink full of water this morning. I called the regular plumber I use but he didn't do sinks. I looked in the Yellow Pages and found a Kenny Green. He ran a snake up the pipe and got it unclogged. He wasn't too expensive. I couldn't pay him out of the main account for I have no more checks. I've ordered more and paid for fast shipping but don't know when they will get here.

I called several people today for various reasons. I called Karen to ask Ken to get Bro Christianson and come over and give Frank a blessing for his broken knee cap. They did and they arrived at the same time. Bro Decker is coming over Thursday to see if he can fix our front door. The latch won't hold and the only way we can lock the house is with the dead bolt. He can replace the porch light bulb, too. He can just reach up and change the light where I would have to get a stool to reach it. Height has its privileges.

Tomorrow, Karen is going to exercise with me. She doesn't turn 60 until June but I don't think that will matter, I hope. Then afterwards, I want to stop at Walmart. I have run out of my Diet Pepsi. I drink it every day. I consume a lot of water, too, but the sweet taste of the soda is a nice alternative to the water.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Unexpected Things

Frank stayed home from exercise today because of his knee. After I got home from exercise, I called Dr Walker's office but he wouldn't be in the office all week and the nurse told me to take Frank to Medical East to see about his knee. He had fallen and knocked his right knee on the floor Dec 31, 2014 and it was still giving him problems. He got it X-rayed there and found that he had broken his patella or knee cap. So he had gone 5 days with a broken knee cap and we didn't know it. There was an orthopedic Dr next door to Medical East, a walk in clinic, so they put him in a wheelchair and wheeled him into the Dr's office. We didn't have to wait too long before we saw the Dr.  He put a big leg brace on him and told him to wear it 24/7-not to take if off except to bathe and to keep his leg straight. We'll see the Dr in 2 weeks and if it is healing, he'll move the gears on the brace a little so it will bend and I bet he'll have to wear it another 2-4 weeks. If the bone is not healing, he might have to do surgery and but 2 screws in the patella to hold it together. Poor Frank. He can't grow old in peace, something's always happening.

Trudy was going to do a craft day with Carol and her girls Friday, my birthday, but she had conflicts and had to cancel. We'll do it the 23rd or the 30th whichever is good for the Walker's. It will be a lot of fun when we get to do it.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


I don't usually write on Sundays for it would be the same thing every time-church was great and we watched BYU TV all afternoon or took a nap.

Today was Fast and Testimony day, being the first Sun day of the month. A few people mentioned Frank being able to come to church today and I know it made him feel good. It was a spiritual meeting. We left after Sacrament meeting and came home.

Ken and Karen Decker came by after church and shared with us their trip to Utah to see their family. They stayed about 1 1/2 hours and visited and we all had a good time. Bro Decker will come by sometime this week and fix the door. The handle won't lock and he will have to move some piece of the door forward so the handle will latch. He's our Home Teacher and fixes things we can't do for ourselves.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


It was raining when we got up this morning. It'll probably rain tomorrow, too, but I hope not. Frank fell Wednesday and hurt his right knee. It had a big goose egg come up one the knee cap. I iced it down and that helped but the knee has been hot for the last few days. We have ice on it today. Frank wants to go see the Dr Monday, but I don't know if he could do anything about it. It just has to get better on it's own.

Silver Sneakers starts back Monday. I've missed getting out of the house M-W-F even if it's just for an hour.

I ordered a terry cloth robe from a sale at Land's End. It came in today. It will be warm if the weather ever gets cold. I didn't have a bathrobe that was warm. This is an XL and is big but I'd rather have it big as small.

I ordered a pair of shoes from Goody's online. I thought I was getting Osics but it was Sketchers and I may have ordered a 1/2 size too large. I can take them back to the store if they are too large. I'm trying to buy a more expensive shoe so it will last longer and wear better. This shoe wasn't that expensive and maybe it will be a sturdy shoe.

I have absolutely nothing to say and I'm babbling.

The Family History Center will be open this Thursday at 9:30 AM. I will be there. I want to learn how to navigate the different genealogical sites by myself so I can do some work at home.

It's 62 degrees outside. It's stopped raining. It always has to warm up to rain. I see on the weather on TV that the North East is supposed to get some single digit weather next. Some of it may get us too-North Alabama.  Hi, Kathy!

Friday, January 2, 2015


I left home this morning before 9 AM. I needed to stop by the pharmacy for an Rx and drop a letter off at the PO and then take my extra pair of glasses to Jody's Optical to get a pair or reading glasses made. The print in the second edition of the New Testament Study Guide has smaller print in it and my no line bifocals don't work as well. I have reading glasses in my bedroom but would forget to get them or forget to bring them back so I took the last pair of frames I had and had them made into reading glasses for the living room. Now, I have no more glasses frames. I have computer glasses, piano glasses, 2 pair of reading glasses and my regular everyday glasses. It's been 2 years since I got new frames. I like what I have and don't wish to get new ones.

I dropped off a small stack of magazines to Pep Boys. The man was glad to get them. I noticed their choice of magazines was poor and I had a bunch at my house. I hate to throw away good magazines. I had gotten two from Ruth and subscribe to The Week, a news magazine that comes weekly, plus two 2015 calendars and a self-reliance catalog. The only ones they might not put out were the two NRA magazines. When I read the NRA magazine, I want to go out and buy a gun and some ammo!

I ended up at Walmart for some groceries. We were out of fresh veggies and milk. They were out of kale so I got some spinach and baby kale. I cooked 2 bags so we would be able to eat several meals from the one cooking. I cooked two bunches of broccoli this afternoon and will cook a cauliflower tomorrow. We still have cabbage, tomatoes and smoked sausage to eat plus some goulash. I forgot to get some ground turkey today but may have one pound left in the freezer.

Tomorrow, I will cook and wash clothes and I need to vacuum the floors and the air filters and play the piano. It's so hard to go down and play the piano now that I have nothing to practice for. I enjoy it once I get to playing but I don't play enough. I don't want to loose the technique that I have and I will if I don't play any.