Saturday, February 28, 2009


The forecast for tonight is for snow, maybe. Nashville might get some, and the Shoals will get it is Nashville does but I don't know about us. My granddaughter, Sophia, lives in LaGrange, GA, and she called tonight and said they were hoping for snow, too! They live farther south than we do so I don't know if they will get any. I hope for their sakes they do.

I decided to stay in my p.j.'s all day. They are comfortable and I knew I wouldn't be going out today, so I did and have been very comfortable all day. Clothes are nice too, but one day in pj's has been nice.

I will be having the Sacrament with Frank tomorrow. We'll sing songs and have a testimony session too. It will be lovely. I'll miss the routine of church, but I can't go.

It is three weeks and two days until my surgery. Trudy will be coming over here while I'm in the hospital to help with Dad. Mary Kate will be coming sometime and I'll have the Relief Society to help out. I'm really looking forward to the time I don't have the pain in my knee. The other knee needs the operation too and I hope to get done as soon as possible.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday's schedule

Didn't do much until 1:00 PM. Then I drove to H'ville to Dr. Knight's office, where I got me teeth fixed so they could to the lab and get really fixed. I am now the toothless wonder, confined to the nether most parts of my home. I can eat oatmeal and drink milkshakes and I may get the blender out and see what tasty thing I can blend and make drinkable. Please take care of your teeth for you won't want to be without them!

Today, Friday, started off with a thunder storm and rain. I washed clothes yesterday so I may clean up my room. Dad's room looks like a room from Clean House, but he won't let me help him clean it up. He doesn't feel like doing much about it himself but he's very protective about his "stuff".

Obama and Congress are passing spending bills that will take future generations all their lives to pay off. Our country is really going down hill fast. I can see the hand of the Lord in all of the confusion. All of the Ten Commandments are being broken and the secular-progressives are still trying to kill all of the Christian symbols and have them taken out of our cities. I'm reading Culture Warrior by Bill O'Reilly and it is good. He exposes the secular-progressive doctrine that is in operation today. The movement to change the definition of marriage so gays could get married is one of their projects. The Lord uses the natural forces of nature to pass His judgments upon mankind. Think of the fires is California and Australia. Earthquakes and droughts, giant hailstorms that destroy crops, all these things reap judgment on mankind. Now we have a man as President who wants to move the country towards Socialism. We will began to loose all of our rights.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dr. Moore Visit

After waiting for 2 hrs., I finally got to see Dr. Moore. He apologized for the wait. He took new x-rays of my knee, the nurse gave me a green notebook with instructions in it and I was on my way. The operation date is March 24. That's Mary Kate's and Frankie's birthday. Frankie's surgery is March 12.

I will go into Crestswood hospital Tuesday, the 24th, and be operated on and then stay until Friday when I'll come home. I don't know if I'll get to go to the rehab hospital or not. It will be quite an adventure and I am looking forward to getting better and less pain. WaHoo!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sam's Day

I invited Karen to go to Sam's with me today and she did. We just drove to H'ville and went to Sam's. It didn't take too long to find what I wanted and then we checked out. Karen packed the trunk like a professional. She even helped me unpack when we got home. Stacey was supposed to take the shith tzu's to the groomer today, but Dr. Hammons wouldn't let them stay there because Bro. Decker had given them some of their shots and a real vet hadn't done them. He just wants to make more money by insisting that he give all the shots. So we met Stacey and the two dogs and got them for Karen to take home. They are cute little dogs and are pretty obedient.

I see Dr. Moore tomorrow morning and will find out when I get my surgery. Before the surgery, I'll have to see Dr. Knight to get my teeth fixed. They split tonight and Dad epoxyed them together. I hope I can stickem them in my mouth so I can go to the Dr. without looking like the Granny on The Beverly Hill Billies! Dad like to fix things and I am glad!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ah, Monday

I was awake at 6:00 AM so I decided to get up and get dressed since I was going to exercise class. I got there with 15 minutes to walk. It's a nice class even though I don't know everyone's name. The longer I go the more names I'll learn. I plan to go Wednesday and Friday.

After exercise, I went to Walmart to buy some groceries. I plan to go to Sam's this week. We've been eating the veggies I get there so I want to stock up on more.

I had to thaw the car out this morning. I hate to have to scrape the windshield so I just warmed the entire car up.

Obama is on the radio now with Rush commentating too. Our economy is going down and Obama is helping it tank.

Karen and I will meet tonight and go over D&C 43-45. I couldn't get into these chapters and I don't know where the Institute book is. I think that calls for a nap!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Glad Saturday

I hope I don't get graded on my titles of my blogs...I had gone back to bed at 8:45 this morning when I thought about the card party I had today. I got up and got dressed and drove to the Blackburn center but no one was there! So, I went to town to The Shoe Dept. and bought a new pair of shoes (I don't think they sell old shoes). I got Rebock and I wanted black but all I found was white and they felt good on my feet. They were on sale and I only spent $38.00 for them. When I got home and checked my e-mail, I found where Mary had canceled the party. Seems like I was the only one who was going to be there! They had 9 last month and I had forgotten about it. I'm rather glad I missed it because with that many people, I would have gotten lost as to what we would have been doing. I e-mailed Mary and told her I wasn't upset about it. I needed to get up and get out anyway.

It was in the 50's with the wind blowing some. I think we should get some rain tomorrow. It needs to be warm to rain.

We've been eating the Pizza in a Bowl recipe but Frank said he'd been eating too much cheese and didn't want to have the Pizza anymore. He said cheese is "binding"!

Mary Kate and Sophia and Nate have been visiting Frankie and his family this week-end. Trudy will go up to be with them when Frankie gets his ankle fused. That will be good. I only wish I could go up but I have my person to take care of here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Okay Day

I didn't make it to exercise today because my knees hurt from the exercise I got yesterday walking around Lowe's so I went back to bed. It felt good.

I swept the floors and dust moped them. Lunch was what I cooked last night, Pizza in a Bowl, sans pepperoni. The pepperoni would be too salty for Frank and I don't really care for them either. This time through ,I didn't follow the recipe exactly. It called for pizza sauce and I had mistakenly used it for spaghetti so I used the spaghetti sauce in the Pizza in a Bowl. It had a lot of mozzarella cheese it and it was good. It will feed us for several days. I'm glad I've found a recipe that Frank likes.

It got up to 45 degrees today. We get so spoiled with the warm weather that it's a shock when winter comes back. Bring on the warm days, I say, bring them on.

My brother and Ruth bought all new living room furniture and they are going to give me a rocking chair to use when I get back from my operation. I can clear away some junk in the living room and put it there. I'll be needing to flex my knee and I can do it sitting in the rocking chair and rocking. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

There Goes the Week Again

Thursday already. Time is surely flying. I was rested up from the trip yesterday and Karen and I went out today since I couldn't go Wednesday. We were going to Lowe's to look at the spring flowers and plants, but Karen decided that it was too early for there to be many plants out so we went on a tour of the Antibellem (definitely, wrong spelling...) homes in Athens.

The homes or the period of time was from 1830 to 1865. There was one home that was built in 1802. We had a CD and a brochure to follow and the way was marked with signs, so it wasn't too hard to find all of the homes. I've lived in Athens for 29 years and had only been to the Houston library. Houston was a governor of Alabama way back when. He gave his two story home to the city as long as it was used as a library. The building can be toured and is furnished with period furniture and nick knacks. We have two library's in the town.

We ended up at Lowe's anyway for Frank wanted a clamp and I was able to get it for him.

I really look forward to getting my knee done. I'm going to tell the Dr. I want to schedule the same operation for my left knee as soon as possible. I have high hopes of getting rid of the constant pain and disability I have now. I want to work in the yard again and to be able to plant flowers and enjoy the outside. Being able to walk for exercise would be nice too.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drs Day

Frank had a Dr visit at 9:40 AM in H'ville and another one at 12:40 PM. After the first appointment we drove to the second appointment and found a good parking space and got comfortable in the car and just waited until 12:40. We listened to the radio and relaxed. The time flew by and he was out of the second appointment in no time. We ate lunch at McDonald's at 1:00 PM. Before we came home, we had to run by the pharmacy. A big storm was forecast for the H'ville area, but the skies cleared as we drove west. It may rain tonight, but the skies are blue now. The temperature was in the 70's and a cold front is moving in so that should bring us some bad weather. Sunday's temps are to be in the 20's, bur-r--r-r! So far we haven't had much cold weather.

I see Dr Moore in a week from today and we will plan when I will get my knee operated on. I can't wait! That was stupid...I'll have to wait!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Signs of Spring

Buttercups are up. The weed, Hen Bit, is showing her purple blooms. My maple tree is beginning to bud and the privet tree has tiny green leaves on it. We have about 6 weeks of bad weather left and it could snow in the middle of March as it did years ago.

The battery in the truck is dead again but Frank go a switch that controls when the battery is used and the battery should stay charged all the time. Something in the truck was draining the battery even when the truck was just sitting there. The temperature was in the 50's but the wind was blowing and made it feel cooler.

Monday I went to exercise class and then on to Walmart to buy groceries. After I got home and cooked lunch-spaghetti and Italian sausage-I had to take Frank back into town. My knees were really hurting. I called and made an appointment with Dr. Moore to see about getting my knee replaced. I'll be in the hospital for 3 days and I can go home to rehab or I can go to the rehab hospital for a week. I'm going to stay as long as I can so I'll be ready to come home and move around. I'll have to learn how to walk up and down steps for I have steps to go in and out to the house and I have to be able to go up and down the basement stairs.

Trudy and her friend Cay and Sadie and Cay's two sons come over for a visit. They were in town planning for a party and wanted to stop in for a while. Dad dazzled the boys with his ipod. Trudy gave Cay a tour around the house and then they left. It was a nice visit.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday didn't do much that I can remember. I think I pruned the remaining two butterfly bushes in front of the house. I dragged the remains to the burn pile. Hopefully, I'll feel like charging the battery of the truck so I can drive to the burn pile and dump the other remains too.

Sunday has been good. Church was good and my visiting teachers came around 2:45 PM. We had a nice visit. They are Karen and Stacey Decker. Then at 7:00 PM, Bros. Decker and Hill came home teaching. We always have a good time when they come.

I was listening to Glen Beck and the TV and he said the powers that be are trying to put the mantel of FDR on Obama and one of the first thing that FDR did when he came into office, was to declare a bank holiday. He froze the assets of the banks. I wasn't sure what that meant so I asked Bros Decker and Hill what it meant. They said that the bank wouldn't be able to do any thing with their (our) money while their accounts were frozen. How could we access our money? How would we pay our bills? The banks are pretty messed up now. I like to watch Glen Beck but he raises questions that make me uncomfortable. Our future looks pretty grim already. One man on his show has a nack of predicting the future and said we were headed for a BIG depression, that a lot more retail stores would be closing. And that would some how affect the banks even more. Trust in the Lord and lean not unto thine own understanding. That's what I need to do. That and stop watching so many news programs.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pruned At Last!

My husband was very sweet this Valentines day. He got me two Bill O'Reilly books and today a Vermont Teddy bear came in the mail! It is black and white like a cow. Actually, it sort of reminded me of a panda teddy bear I had when I was a child. Now I have three Vermont Teddy bears. The others are packed away in the top of my closet. The O'Reilly book, A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity, is an easy read and I'm already 1/2 way through. The second book is a paperback and is the Culture Warriors.

At lunch time, I was going to read some more in my book when the weak thought of pruning the butterfly bushes came to mind. It got to to 70 degrees and is supposed to rain tonight, so I got out, got my tools and pruned two bushes. I dragged the limbs to the truck and loaded them in. Later, discovered the battery in the truck was dead. I don't drive the truck enough to keep the battery charged. Oh well, we can get the battery charger out and charge the battery someday. I have two more bushes to go. They are in the front of the house and nobody sees them but they do need pruning. Maybe tomorrow, if the rain doesn't come.

Mary Kate is going to visit Frankie and his family next week-end. Trudy will visit the week of his ankle surgery.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Day After Wednesday

Karen and I had a great time on our Wednesday outing. We went to Florence. We stopped at an Army-Navy store outside of Rogersville and checked the price of MRE's and then on to Florence to the Walmart store where Karen wanted some craft stuff and then we went to Tuesday Mornings in the Mall and then we hunted down The Magic Carpet store. Karen had a map or we wouldn't have found the place. It was a warehouse full or orential rugs! They were so pretty and nice but they were very expensive. I now know that I never will have a real orential rug! W drove straight home after that. The wind was blowing hard all day and as I was going over to Karen's house I drove through a downpour of rain but when I turned down Wright Rd., the sky was blue.

Mary Lou and I went V.T. this morning. We saw Antha Jo Perry. I like visiting her. Came home and took a cat nap on the couch waiting for the time to collect the trash. Frank threw away lots of magazines and the trash was heavy. I'm thankful the neighbor boys carry our trash out to the road.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stay At Home Day

After being out yesterday, I was glad to have a day at home. It's not like I go out a lot but I did look forward to not having to go anywhere.

I swept and dust moped the floors, folded some laundry, straightened the computer desk, cleaned the bathroom and tried to stay busy. I found time to read the January Ensign. I've read some of the February Ensign and we got the March Ensign today! I'll have to read faster.

Tomorrow is our girls day out. We are going to Florence to the Flying Carpet store. They sell oriental rugs. We thought it would be interesting to go and see what they had. It's Karen's time to drive and I'm glad. I drive so much it is a joy to just ride and look out the window.

I haven't pruned the butterfly bushes yet. I looked at them for a long while today but that was as close as I got to pruning them! The thought has to come first...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Trip to Huntsville #2

The trip to H'ville was uneventful. It was another 70 degree day and very nice. I saw Dr. Knight's son, who is in practice with him now. Since there are two Dr's Knight, the son goes by the name of Dr. Drew. His first name is Andrew. He was a nice young man. I thought I would get my denture glued together again but he seemed to think I might need a new denture. He wasn't pushing it but I'm ready for some teeth that fit right! They are putting in the papers to see if the dental insurance will help pay anything on the new denture. If not, it would cost $1,000 dollars.

After I got home, I needed to go by the P.O. to mail Valentine hearts to the grandchildren. I believe they will get to them by Valentine's Day. Next I stopped by the pharmacy to get an Rx for Dad. Then I came home and after lunch, I took a nap. Tonight was scripture study night and it was good.

Dr. Sharp had me go up on my Effexor and I believe it has helped. I don't feel desperate anymore. Hopefully, I'll feel good for a long time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

No Name

I've gone through all the names that come quickly to mind, thus no name. Church was good today. Logan Brown gave his coming home talk after his mission. He went to Uruguay. That's the wrong spelling but the computer didn't know it either! There were a lot of friends and kin there to hear Logan speak.

It was 74 degrees F. today. We will have more winter weather sometime but so far it hasn't been too bad. We had some cold weather into the teens last week but then it warmed up. I'm not complaining!

I have a dentist appointment at 9:20 AM in H'ville tomorrow. I'll have to miss exercise class. I'll need to leave about 8:30 AM. A lot of "I'll's" in those two sentences...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bird Songs

It's 4:00 PM and this is the time the birds like to break out in song...noises, words, phrases. One starts and the other two chime in. It's interesting to hear them. "Hey, Gordie", Rosko squawking Rikki saying, "Rosko!" "Hello" "Daddy", more noises, "Oh!", "Come 'ere".

It's unusually nice outside today, not that I've been outside, but it looks nice. It's going to be in the 60's Sunday. I have to prune some bushes and I should do it when the weather is warm, but I just don't want to do it.

I sure hope after I get my knee replaced, some of the energy to get things done will come back. My knees haven't been hurting as much lately but I haven't been using them much.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Here We Are Again

Yes, it's Friday again. Another week has come and gone. Yesterday, I didn't do much of anything since I was going to the Temple. We leave at 3:45 PM to get to the church by 4:00 PM. Billy Geer drives his van and he leaves the church promptly at 4 PM. Bro. Geer drove and Sam Mitchell was up front. Bob Hill was in the next seat and then Karen and I sat in the back seat. It takes 1 1/2 hours to get to the Temple. A lot of people were there. Maybe because the Temple will be closed next week and the rest of February for cleaning, I think. Billy always feeds us good sandwiches on the way back.

Today, I rested until 11:00 AM and then went to Walmart. I got two more pairs of PJ's to make a total of 4 new pair. I'm giving the Salvation Army my old ones. They're still good but a bit used looking for me. Since Mary Kate told me to get rid of my old PJ's, I've been ready to get some new ones.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bright Day

You can't really tell why I put that title on the blog...was the sun out? Had it stopped raining? No, I just had a good day and the sun was out but it was very cold and the wind was blowing.

Karen Decker went with me to H'ville to a Dr. visit. The Dr. visit was only about 15-20 minutes so she didn't have to wait long. Then we went to 5 Points to a little house called Mary's Beads, plus she had a whole lot of other stuff all over the place. The lady obvious hadn't seen living humans in a while, for she talked our ears off the entire time we were there. I saw a couple of bird paintings I would like to have, but I have no room on my walls of more stuff. Yes, I have stuff on all the flat surfaces in my house and have gone up the walls too!

Frank's PSA test was very low so that means the Dr. got all of the cancer. He's feeling better from the operation, but still has the pains of the arthritis.

Dr. Sharp told me to go up on my Effexor. I was feeling desperate again and having a hard time dealing with the time I have. I hope it works for I don't like to feel that way.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mondays News

I guess I was tired last night and didn't blog. I had a busy Monday. I got up at 6:45 AM to have enough time to get dressed, take care of Dad. and then go to exercise class. It was good to get back and see the people that go there.

After exercise, I went to the pharmacy, but Dad's medicine hadn't come in and I had an hour to wait so I came home. We went to see Dr. Morgan at 1:00 PM and after that we swung by the pharmacy to get the medicine. I had about an hour or so to rest up and get supper ready before I went over to Karen's for scripture study. The days are getting longer and it wasn't completely dark when I left for her house. When it's dark, I have a hard time telling which lane the cars are in that are coming my way and since it was lighter I could tell when to pull out. It's a dangerous place to pull out from unless you can see both ways.

Had to buy some groceries today and got me two pair of pajamas. Mary Kate said all my p.j.'s were old and worn out! I looked and she was right!

Tomorrow, after exercise, I go see Dr. Sharp at 1:00 PM. I told Karen to come go with me and we could explore H'ville some more. Dr. Sharp"s visits don't last over 15 min. There is a big merchandise store we can go to and there's a small shop that I went in with Trudy that I want to go back to. It'll be a fun day!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good Sunday

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning because I was down, but after I got to church, I began to feel better.

Don't really have anything to blog about. Sundays are really slow days. I do have the Super Bowl on but I'm not watching it right now. Didn't watch the half time show. I enjoy watching the game. I don't follow football during the season unless Alabama's playing, but I do like to watch a good game.

Hey, Jackie. It was good seeing you today. You looked really pretty. If you think your life is dull, justs keep reading my blogs!

It's time to get back to the game!