Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Pruning

While Frank was still in bed, I went out and pruned a privet plant that I want to grow into a tree. I have one in the old orchard that is really big that I pruned into a tree. I didn't do any pruning last year and I had quite a bit to cut out and drag to the burn pile. I need to tackle the big privet in the old orchard, too. If I hadn't been doing strength training I don't think I would have been able to to the physical labor. It felt good to be able to do the work. I also walked around the yard and picked up branches that had fallen off the trees. It won't be to long before the grass will be growing. Bobby was out on his riding lawn mower with a large bag on the back going over his lawn making it look nice. I wish I was able to do that, too.

Ann and I went VT this afternoon at 5 PM. We had never met this sister before.  She lives very close to the nuclear plant and has a wonderful view of the river from her living room and master bedroom. It's a new house and she gave us a tour. She has Parkinson's disease but it is slow in progressing. She likes to talk and our visit was very enjoyable.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pruning Done

Had a nice exercise day today. Had about 10 people and there wasn't a lot of noise while we were having our class. Went to Curves afterwards. Got there at 9:30 AM and there were 4 people there. I like it better when there are other people so I'm not the only one.

I had to get more bananas so I stopped at Walmart. Of course I bought more than bananas but it was stuff we could add to the other food. I got a roasted chicken and I had that for lunch. A bowl of cereal and a banana doesn't last until about 11 AM and then I get really hungry. I bought a real chicken which I will roast in the oven. I think I have one of those plastic sacks that you put a turkey in and I'll use it. The chicken should be nice and moist in it.

It was 70 degrees today and after Ann and I went VT, I pruned the three butterfly bushes and carried the prunings to the burn pile. Bobby had already burned the pile from last year for us and I need to go around the yard and pick up branches and take them to the burn pile. I hope to burn the trimmings before they get too large for me to do it by myself. I trimmed the Japanese Maple that's right outside the door. I cut away a lot of small branches and ingrowing branches. Don't really know how to trim one but I sort of shaped it up and got all of the low growing branches off. I need to rake the yard next to the house and poison the fire ants that have taken up residence in the dead roots of a butterfly bush out front. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and possible thunder storms in the evening. Ann and I have a VT appointment with a new sister tomorrow at 5 PM and then will hopefully get to see another sister who works, then we'll be 100% for February.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trudy and Temple

Trudy went to the temple today and did the work for Frank's brother, Freddie, and his nephew and his sister-in-law, I think. Anyway, it was all family. They must have had a great time. It's always good to do family.

I joined WeightWatcher's on-line and couldn't understand how to operate the system. I wrote back and asked if I could get my money back since I couldn't do it. I haven't heard from them yet. How stupid I am. I guess that's why I've been depressed today. I just read a lot and closed my eyes and hoped the world would go away! It didn't.  Frank said he could help me with it, but I bet even he couldn't figure it out. If I don't get my money back, he'll have to help me figure it out.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hair Cut

I was out in town after teaching and I dropped some things off at the Salvation Army. That was near Kari's place where she cut hair, so I stopped in to make an appointment. She could get me in at 4 PM. My hair was just long enough for the curl to be wild We forgot and I got some smelly mouse on my hair and I had to wash it and take a shower after I came home for it upset Frank. It did smell really loud!

It was in the 50's today and windy. The sun is supposed to be out tomorrow. No cold weather is forecast.  There are some trees with white blooms along side the highway. Wild fruit trees no doubt.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Going to the Temple

Don't have any work to do today so I'm just waiting until the time Karen will pick me up to meet Ken to go to the temple. There are storms predicted for tonight but maybe we'll miss them traveling South.

It's warm again today and was 78 degrees F in the house. Frank is cleaning the bird cages and I will read some to pass the time. I finished a Kirk Wallender Mystery last night and started another one. I guess you could call me a chain reader! I have ordered other books besides the Hemming Mankell books, it's just that I enjoy reading his books.

I have to feed the horse and cat tomorrow and will get up at 6:00 AM so I'll have time to do that and get ready to go to the senior center to teach. Hopefully, after the exercises, I'll go to Curves. I've only gone once this week.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No Pruning Today

The thought of pruning didn't enter my mind today. I think I got up after my after breakfast nap and didn't do much of anything. I read some today and then did two loads of laundry. I went to Janet's house at 4 PM and had a good work out. I did bicep curls with 8 lbs of weight for the first time. Maybe I can go higher sometime. I did play the piano today. I enjoy playing the hymns of the restoration and all other hymns.

It's still very warm outside now. There were some storms out tonight but they missed us. It's going to get up to 72 degrees F in the next few days and there will be storms. If a cold front hits us, we'll have tornadoes! Our air conditioner still comes on in the house at times! The weather is really weird.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Pruning Day

Maybe tomorrow I'll prune. It's time but I still don't want to. Today I went shopping at Walmart. We needed some food and I had been putting that off too. I put away all of the groceries. I had bought a chicken cooked at Walmart and really tore into it because I was very hungry. I finished putting the groceries away and then fed Frank. He's giving the birds a shower now. I have been in his room helping him clean up a bit.

It's been in the 60's again today. Winter has forgotten where we live. I'm not disappointed I love the warm weather.

We were to watch the Hillsdale College course on the Constitution last night, but we watched Glen Beck instead. I guess we'll watch it tonight.

Someone told me that in Great Britain they had made ownership of guns illegal. A homeowner shot a burglar and the homeowner got into trouble for having an illegal fire arm and the thief went free! I think I'll make a donation to the NRA so they can help keep our 2nd Amendment rights. Everyone wants donations! We support the VFW and the DAV and I have people call me once a year for the fire department, dying children's fund, etc. All worthy organizations but I have to draw the line somewhere! I hate it when people call wanting money. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Start of the Week

I used the rubber bands with the seniors today. Everyone agreed that 10 reps were enough! Hopefully, we'll  able to go up gradually, Maybe not. I had a hard time concentrating today for Channel 31 news had two people and a camera there getting news about Poke Sallet Follies that will be presented in March. There were other people around talking and I would loose my train of thought. We got through it anyway. I went to Curves. I'll have to go Wednesday either before of after my piano lesson at 10 AM. I've not been working out here at home like I started out, either. I need improvement in lots of areas of my life.

Tomorrow if the weather is in the 50's like today, I'll so some pruning of the butterfly bushes and maybe the crape myrtles. I have a privet bush that I'm training to be a tree and it needs pruning. It may be fun working outside!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I stayed in bed until my muscles hurt and then decided I'd better get up. I did a load of clothes and folded them but I haven't had much to do today. We thought about cleaning up Frank's room but it's a bad day for him plus I'm not in the mood to do it today. There will be a lot to wash when we do clean up and I really don't want to go back downstairs today.

The weather people said that we were in a La Nina weather pattern and that we might have a warm spring but with the chance of tornadoes, which will surely come if we have any cold spells during that time. We really haven't had a winter yet. It's in the 50's or higher today and it's Feb 18, 2012. No use worrying about things I can't change. This weather does make me nervous. Not knowing makes me uncertain....

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday To Huntsville

There was an exercise we were doing at the senior center that I didn't think was doing us any good and I deleted it and added two exercises with some large rubber bands that Janet gave me. We did them for the first time today. I only did 5-6 reps because I didn't know how strong the ladies were but I think we will try more next week.

I came on home after exercise and took Frank to H'ville to see Dr Phillips. I took my Kindle alone so I would have something to read. We had a while to wait. We got out around 1 PM and we were both hungry and I wanted to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken. We found one on the way and stopped there. For $2.99, we got a two piece chicken dinner with a biscuit and mashed potatoes and gravy, plus I got a drink. We sat outside and devoured the meal. I was sitting up and Frank was lying down and it was hard not to get chicken juice all over us. It was so juicy and greasy and so good! Frank got juice on his neck because he was prone. I ate everything except my mashed potatoes and then when we got home, I ate them. It was a fun trip but it was hard on Frank and this was a "good" day for him.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Work Out Good

I leave the houses at 2:15 PM and pull up in Janet's drive with about 3 minutes to spare. I start off the exercise on the bike and after about 20 minutes we do strength exercises. I asked her about an exercise I do with the ladies at the center. I didn't think it really was doing any good and she agreed. She gave my 8 rubber bands, large, and I will do some bicep and triceps exercises instead. I already had 2 bands she had given me and that will make 10 in all. On a good day we have 10 ladies who attend, really more for all don't sit up front to work out.  I think I'll start out doing 6 reps and ask how that feels to everyone and then gradually work up to more.  It would be nice if I could get the center to get some exercise bands for the seniors.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

H'ville Again

I went to H'ville this time to get my Prolia shot for my osteoporosis. I was in and out in 30 minutes which was nice. I went to AB Stephens music store and bought two books for Carrielee. I thought she was coming today since it had been a week since she came, but she didn't come. I'll call tomorrow to tell her mom that we need to pick a lesson day and then stick with it.

I stopped and got an Icee in H'ville. One full of high fructose corn sugar and a good bit of caffeine. It was good but I didn't need all of the caffeine. I couldn't sit still to watch Glen Beck at 4 PM so I folded sheets. I had gotten lazy and had 4 sets of sheets to wash! I have mismatched sheets on my bed now and they are scratchy! Anyway, I did the folding and then I cleaned out the closet where the sheets were put. I now have about two wash loads of sheets and pillow cases that smell bad that I have to wash now. I think I'll give some mismatched sheets, etc. away instead of keeping them all. But they may come in handy some day, like if I have to make bandages sometime...!  Ha-ha-ha! Anything to keep the clutter! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Went to Town

I stayed home this morning for it was a bad day for Frank. After lunch, I went to town. I had to go by the pharmacy and by the bank, Walmart and Goody's. It was Valentine's Day and Frank had given me some money and I had a check from Herbs & More I needed to deposit. I really don't need to carry cash around since I have my debit card.

I got some bananas at Walmart and bread and some stars and stickers for my piano student. I also bought some Onida forks and knives, etc. for Thomas Merrill's wedding gift plus a pretty gift bag and tissue paper and card. I don't remember exactly when the wedding is but I think it's in May. I wanted to be prepared a head of time with the gift. They will be married at the B'ham temple and will have the reception that night.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Did Better!

It was Monday and I taught at the center. About 2/3rds of the way through our class, some people started playing a game where they threw metal washers at a target. When they missed, it made a loud clanging noise and it disturbed our class. If they do it again, I'll have to say something so it won't disturb our class.

Went to Curves and then to Herbs and More to get Frank some pills. What I got weren't the things he wanted so we took them back and I got a $40.50 refund check. The store owner is ordering what Frank wanted. Walmart's cheaper on a lot of things I saw in that store!

I came home with nothing to do but I wasn't going to waste the day like I did on the week-end, so I tackled the bathroom closet. It's been years since I've cleaned it out. I threw away a lot of things and carried stuff to the basement. The closet really looks good now. After I finished, I had to keep going back into the bathroom just to look at all the organization! Tomorrow will be wash day so I'll have something to do.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I see I have another do nothing day. I went to the neighborhood breakfast today and came home and did nothing the rest of the day. I did read some and took a short nap. Frank vacuumed and I went over a piece of music for choir tomorrow, but that's it. I just didn't have any "do anything" juice today. A sad story. We could have dusted Frank's headboard if we had planned it but we didn't. Wo is me! Got to do better.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Trip

I taught at the center today and then had plans to go to Curves but decided to go to Sam's and buy some food. I got to H'ville at 10:00 AM when they opened so it wasn't crowded. I mostly bought veggies and some paper products. After I loaded up the car, I headed for Trudy's house. I went the back way and wasn't certain of the way to go. I haven't traveled it by myself many times and only had one wrong turn which I corrected immediately. I helped Trudy finish some Relief Society invitations she was making. We had a bar-b-que sandwich for lunch which was really good, and finished it off with some Blue Bell ice cream. Forrest works at Blue Bell and brings home samples. It was very good. I haven't had ice cream in months and I enjoyed it.

Got home and Frank helped me unload the car. I drove it around back and we unloaded in the basement where the food was going to end up. We found some green beans that were several years old and I brought them upstairs so we can eat them before the newer beans are opened.

It was colder today and rain moved in. We're to have winter weather tomorrow and Sunday. The neighborhood breakfast  is tomorrow at 8:00 AM at Shoney's. It seems to come up quickly. I will go and hope Maryleen is there.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I forgot to bring my white towel today but we didn't work as hard an we did last week and I didn't sweat as much. The work out was good, like always. I wish I could afford to train with her three times a week!

Frankie called today. I had sent him an email last night and he was answering it with a call. Rachel hasn't had as many episodes with her health since he has come home to run the day care business. It's taken a lot of stress off of her. They all are doing fine. He didn't mention the children so they must be doing alright.

Tomorrow, I'll teach at the center and then go to Curves and then on to Trudy's to spend the day. She has some invitations for something that I can help her with. I have some things, jewelery, scarves and a night gown for her and/or Sadie. It'll be a fun day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Piano Student Day

Carrielee came for her first piano lesson today. She is going to be a quick study and I look forward to teaching her. I must begin playing the piano more so I can enjoy it again.

I read some and then took a nap to kill some time. Frank wanted steak burgers for supper so I fixed them. I didn't enjoy mine like I used to. It was a bit greasy and I'm not used to that much grease. I guess we got a boost of protein with it too.

The weather has been in the 50's which is still too warm for this time of year but nice. I work out with Janet tomorrow. I must remember to bring a small white towel with me for I was sweating last week from the exercises I did. It was still great.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I had laundry to do today and I did some cooking at lunch. I cooked some brown rice to go with the beans. I heard that the added rice makes the beans a complete protein. It was good to have more variety in the diet. I cooked a cauliflower too. The birds like a bit of raw cauliflower.

The weather is in the 50's today. Frank found a yellow bellied sapsucker drilling holes in the Maple tree and he was concerned about the health of the tree. He called the extension office to ask about the bird. I told him it wouldn't hurt anything and Doug Chapman said the same thing! I looked at the holes it was drilling and they were perfectly round and the sap was oozing out of the holes. The bird knew what it was doing.

 We had a good day together. We exercised a while and then watched the Glen Beck show. Glen always shows the news that no one else is showing. He's interesting and sometimes disturbing, but it's the truth.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy Day

I taught at the center today. I got a small sack of apples but I left them sitting on the table by the radio! We had 10 people today which was a large group. I left for H'ville after the class.

I had an appointment with Dr Sharp at 11 AM. I got there an hour early but sat in my car and read until it was time to go in. I got my prescriptions and then drove to Costco to get some things that were on sale. I came home and had time too fix lunch and then left to go to Karen's for scripture study. We studied the life of Solomon.

This afternoon I had to make more hamburger mix and we had it for supper. Tomorrow, I'll need to cook a pot of beans. I think Frank is ready for more variety but I don't know what to fix since he's so sensitive to spices.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wet Again

It has rained all day. It's been raining a lot lately. It was a good day to settle in a do a lot of reading, which I did. I'm reading "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen. It's a good book and I'm enjoying it.

We did vacuum the floors and cleaned the air filters and bathed the birds. Gert gets his cage wheeled into the bathroom and gets sprayed while he sit inside of his cage. His cage is the cleanest of all the three! The birds were ready for the shower and really enjoyed it.

After I get through on the computer, I'll go to bed and read some more. Reading is by hobby now!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Friday again? The days just go clipping by and it's Friday again. I taught at the center and came right home instead of going to Curves. I had Carrielee coming for a piano lesson at 10 AM. I dusted the piano and got ready but she didn't come. They had problems at home and will be coming Wednesday at 10 AM.

After lunch, I loaded up the car with lots of children's books and things and took to the Re Store. And then I went on to the pharmacy for an Rx and then to Walmart to take back some magazine holders that Frank didn't like and picked up some groceries. We're fortunate to have the funds that I can buy extra groceries each time I go shopping. We'll never run out of peanut butter! Frank is the only one eating it right now but I usually  buy a jar or two when I go shopping. I bought 20 lbs of sugar this time.

It's still in the 60's even though it's February now. Rain is expected tonight. We got about 1 1/2" a couple of days ago. The forsythia is blooming and the buttercups are blooming. If the trees begin to bud and we have a hard freeze, it will kill the new leaves. I hate it when the car is all frozen and I have to start it early or scrape the frost off before I can go.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Working Out

Had a great work out with Janet today. We did hard exercises and I was sweating! I'll need to take a small towel with me next Thursday. I stopped by the bank on my  way home and made a deposit.

We watched Glen Beck on the Roku tonight. It was about the forces of good and evil in the world and how the worship of Baail was going on in our world today. I can see it in society in the way everything has gotten coarser, and society seems to be going down hill. The Wall Street Occupation was an example of degradation, filth, and attacks on women that goes along with Baail worship. It makes a lot of sense
since I watched Beck's program. He said there would be upheavals when we have the elections-like there were in 1968 when there were riots at the Democratic Convention. I remember those. That was the year we got married. There will be more occupying of more places and more violence and filth. What a future to look forward to. Knowing it's going to happen will help us make sense of it all.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Still Warm

It's February 1st and still in the 60's! I'm getting worried about the weather now. What's going to happen when it does get cold? Will it be colder than usual? I wish the weather would not act strange.

We did bills today. What bills were in. We still have a couple more to come in the mail. Doing bills online is much easier than doing them by check. I'm glad I've learned how to do them. This old dog can still learn a few new tricks. It just takes longer to learn!

I'm reading a book about Quakers and the underground railroad. I liked the reviews about it and the price was right. I felt I needed a rest from the Kirk Wallender mysteries. I still have several of his books to read and I still enjoy reading them. I just thought I needed to read on another topic.