Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At Last I'm Free!

I can drive now, not that I want to. I need to go to the grocery store though and I'll have to go pick Rikki up when she can come home. It's just been a month since my operation. I saw the last of the homes therapy ladies today and they closed out my case. Dr. Moore wants me to get some out patient PT and I will go to the Wellness Center for it. I'll see them Friday at 8:45 am.

Karen took me to the Dr. today and afterwords we went to the consignment shop that used to be Cricket by the Creek. It's upscale used goods and very attractively displayed. I saw a purse that I liked but it didn't close at the top and I knew my stuff would eventually fall out so I passed it by. I would like to get a new purse for the summer. We stopped by the pharmacy and then come home.

Dad got two antennas for the TV's to make the local channel come in clearer. Gave us a taste of how HD TV will look. Looks pretty good!

There is a Swine flu epidemic going around now. Not too many people have it yet but it's all in the news. Obama is giving an address on the TV so I can't watch Bill O'Reilly until after he is gone. Then O'Reilly and his pals will take apart Obama's speech and I don't think I want to listen to that. 1,000 stations on TV and I have to grumble about it! Always reserve the right to grumble about things...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good News

Trudy came over and we took Rikki to the Vet in Hartselle. We left her there and I will pick her up tomorrow afternoon. We called and they said that her leg wasn't broken, maybe just sprained. They were giving her pain medicine to help her out.

I didn't have many pain pills left and my knee didn't hurt this morning so I didn't call for more medicine. With all the walking around I did today, I wondered if it was going to hurt a lot. It didn't. It's been uncomfortable and but not something I can't stand. I see Dr. Moore tomorrow and think I'll ask for another prescription just in case. I'll probably get to drive after tomorrow too.

My knee is perfectly straight! It was so bent to the inside that I wondered if even the Dr. could get it straight. I'm really pleased with the outcome. Dr. Moore is a good Dr.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Green Monday

Today wasn't really "blue" so I choose "green" as the color because the outside is so green now. A lot of my Iris are blooming and they are very pretty. If I had a wish, it would be to have beds and beds of Iris all blooming at different times so I would always have them to look at.

Dad was very busy today. He changed the ballast in the florescent light over the couch and the light is much brighter. He had to get a ladder from the basement and get out tools and things to fix it with. It does look much better.

Just had a phone call from Sports Med confirming my appointment for Wed. Since Trudy wanted to go to the Temple, I called Karen and she said she would take me. I bet Dr. Moore will say that I can drive again. That's good and bad....I don't need an excuse to stay in now abut when I can drive, I'll have to go grocery shopping! I don't think my knee feels that good!

Trudy will be over tomorrow to take Rikki to the Vet. She is definitely favoring her left foot. Frank took her top perch down today and it was sad tonight when I put her to bed, she climbed up to the top of her cage and put her foot out to get on the perch, but it wasn't there! It was so sad that Frank put the perch back where it normally is. We didn't want her clinging to the top of the cage all night.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bed Time

Church was good today. My knee got a little stiff but nothing major. The receptionist at Dr. Moore's office called in a lesser strength pain medicine for me and it doesn't work as well as the higher strength does, plus it says to take one tablet every 4-6 hours and I take 2, plus with the weaker medicine I take 2 tabs and then a third about an hour later. I can't sleep if I feel any pain. The old mind zeros in on the pain and sleep just stays away.

Frank thinks his bird,Rikki, has something wrong with her left foot. Until I can drive, I have to depend on Trudy to take me where I need to go. If the bird is sick, she needs to go to Hartselle to see the Vet and Trudy would have to take us. Frank couldn't get a hold of Trudy tonight. I have an appointment with Dr. Moore Wed. but Trudy wants to go to the Temple so I'll change the appointment. The only problem with changing the appointment is it makes it longer for when I can drive. Oh, well, such is life (can't say that in French...)

Amy Boston was at church. She's such a pretty girl and her two boys are so handsome. It's hard to come to church by yourself but maybe someday her husband will want to come too. I knew Amy before she was born. I helped Pat when they lived in Lawson's Trailer Park when she was pregnant with Amy. I was the Primary chorister when all the Broadhurst children were in Primary. I remember trying to get Amy to smile and I succeeded sometimes. She smiles a lot now!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Again

I haven't done much today. Mostly resting up from my all day trip to H'ville with Trudy. Got a shower using a small plastic table for my shower chair! I guess we won't be buying a shower chair. They cost nearly $100.00 and the little table seems to do the trick.

Franks been busy doing things all day. Now, he's working on the computer.

I'll go to church tomorrow since I can move around a lot. I hate to miss it when I have to. I'll be glad when I can drive again. I believe it will be a while for this knee to get really well. Several months probably. I guess I shouldn't really have been so active already, but I don't remember the Dr. telling me otherwise, and if they don't tell me not to do things, then I'll do them if I feel like I can.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Second Post

Trudy came about 10:00 am and we went to H'ville to look for a new couch. We stopped at Lazy Boy first, but didn't see anything that would "fit" me, so we went on to other stores. She took me to the furniture store where they had bought their dinning room table and we found a leather couch that had two recliner seats. I wanted it in brown, of all the colors they had. I feel like I have a new couch even though it isn't here yet! Trudy has a friend that wants the old couch. I hope she can come soon and get the old couch.

After the furniture store, we went to Sam's and we bought a new TV. Frank's TV had quit working and I told him he could have mine (I like to listen to the radio) and he got it that very night! I was tired yesterday and I walked to my room to lie down and watch some TV-ha-ha-ha! I had no TV to watch! We ate lunch at Sam's and then got the TV. Trudy wanted a new pair of walking shoes but the store we went too didn't have anything that she liked, so we headed for home. We had to stop by the pharmacy to get my medicine and then went home. Forrest had his last soccer game tonight. He was invited to play with the Varsity team. George, Sadie and Trudy were all there and I know they had a fun time. Good thing tomorrow is Saturday because I know every body will be tired.

Early Morning

When one goes to bed at 8:00 pm, one can expect to awake at 4:00 pm. I was tired all yesterday because I went out with Karen Tuesday and Wednesday. I realized Wednesday that I was going out too much, but it's hard not to want to get out when the weather is so nice. Thursday, I mainly stayed in bed except when the therapist came and put me through my paces and when the Home Health nurse came and interview me. Today, Trudy's coming over and we are going too look for a new couch for the living room and a new TV for my room. I'll be getting a flat screen TV and I'm excited. Frank took the old TV apart and ground it down so it would fit in sacks so the garbage men would take it off for us. They wouldn't pick it up as a TV but now they are taking it away as parts!

I woke up at 4 pm because my knee hurt some. I've been trying to ration my pain pills because it is the week-end and I'm afraid I'm going to run out before Monday. I have to take two pills to get relief and the pill only last 4 hours. Some days I would have to take 6 pills. I try to hold it down to 4 a day but some times I can't. I'll call this morning and see if I can get some more pills.

I don't know if I want a leather couch or not. This is really the first time I've begun to look. I know it has to be a "short" couch,or one that is comfortable for a short person. I dislike large furniture. Trudy wants to give the old couch to George's parents. The couch looks good because I've always had a cover on it. My knee hurts too much to sit any longer, so adios!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy Day Again

Got up early. The therapist called and said she would be coming over around 10:30-11:30 am. Trudy was over because she had bought us some groceries. She had some time, so I had her to organize the pantry for me. She did such a good job. I still have to put some brooms back in there, but hopefully I won't clutter anything up! I'm feeling good, but I don't have the extra energy to do more than sweep the floors and dust mop and do the clothes on Friday.

Karen called while the therapist was over. She wanted to know if I would like to go to Walmart with her to get out of the house. I did and was able to get some things Trudy didn't get for us. It was a nice trip but I really needed to stay home and rest. But I have plenty of time to do that and I can't pass up a chance to get out once and a while.

Dad's TV blew up last night. I said he could have mine and before the words left my mouth, he had his old TV out and was getting mine out of my room! I don't mine because I like to listen to the radio. I guess we'll be getting a flat screen TV for my room.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Went to church today and enjoyed the meetings. Primary was good. Sis. Decker is really in tune with what the children will like and she knows how to teach them the new songs. It's a real talent.

My knee hurt a lot today. Maybe going to church was stretching it a bit, but I felt like going and all I did was sit during Sacrament and play the piano in Primary. It won't be long before it will be all better!

We had quite a bit of rain this afternoon. I was looking at the bird bath and was wishing someone would fill it up for the little birdies to drink and bathe in but of course I didn't make a move in that direction! The rain filled the bird bath for me. It looks like I'll have several Iris blooming in a few days. Iris are very pretty flowers.

Mary Kate and family got a dog. It's a Brishion Fresee (ha-ha-ha...check that spelling!) A small dog that's mostly white with large black eyes. Nate named Obie (as in obi wan kanobi). Hopefully they can bond with him before they leave for the Phillopines (the computer didn't catch that mispelling...what's a bad speller to do??) Trudy and kids will be house siting for them and can watch and play with Obie.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful day out side today. I walked to the mail box with a letter to be mailed and enjoyed the outside. My PT assistant came today. I forgot she told me to not do the exercises the day she comes (so she'll have something to do with me) but I forgot and did them about 9:00 AM. That's a good time for me to do them since I'm still in my PJ's and I like to listen to the radio at that time. My knee bends at 108 degrees now and I think I'm shooting for 110 degrees. It was 105 last time and I thought I wouldn't be able to get it any smaller, but I did! I'm still not used to the right leg being a little longer but as I heal more and do more walking maybe I'll get used to it more.

Dad has really been having a bad day today. He's been in a lot of pain. His legs are bothering him. I think he needs to strengthen the muscles in his legs so they will hold the bones better. Exercising is one thing that is hard to do. When you are young, you play games and do things that naturally exercise your body. When you're older, you have to exercise for the sake of exercise and it isn't that much fun!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Had the same day as yesterday-walked to the mailbox,visited with Trudy- I guess I didn't have the same day as yesterday for Trudy didn't come over yesterday! She had gone to the pain clinic to pick up Frank's prescription and then to the pharmacy to get it filled. She visited a while and we made some cards she had prepared. We just assembled the parts. They were cute.

Frank finished with the taxes about 3:00 PM and we drove to the PO to mail them off. He had to drive for I can't drive yet. Maybe I can after I see Dr. Moore next week.

Nancy Barker dropped by and brought us some brownies. She had to go to church tonight and she visited with us for a while before she went.

Kathy Best's daughter, Allison, had her twin baby girls yesterday. They looked like full term babies and didn't look small as some twins do. Allison has a son too, so now they are a family of five!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

I spent the morning before I got out of bed doing knee exercises. While doing the exercises, I got a call from the PT therapist saying she would be coming out right then! Yikes! I jumped out of bed and into some clothes, put my face on and there she was. I showed her the exercises I had just done and she just added a few more for me to do. My knee isn't painful, it just gets stiff and has a dull to medium ache in it. I walked out to get the mail today and all went well.

Sis. Gorton came over at 2:00 Pm and brought supper for us. She stayed for a short visit and it was nice.

Didn't take any naps today, just rested for an hour this afternoon. Now, it's time to put the food in the oven to heat. All in all, I'm doing good. I'll try and go to church this Sunday.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Two Days Home

Rested most of Sunday. Trudy had spent the night Sat night with us and it was nice having her on Sunday. The Home health nurse come by and put my in the system. The PT lady will come today between 12:30 and 1:30 PM. I swept the floors in the living room and kitchen and wiped up some spots on the floors. I'm tired now and will rest a bit before lunch.