Friday, February 29, 2008

Another Grey Day -a Friday

Spring isn't too far away. Maybe there'll be sunshine then! There's been grey skies for days now and I'm ready for sunshine. I made some kid birthday cards today and had fun with it. Dad 's day was a prednisone day so he slept all morning and hasn't felt too good this afternoon either. It affects me too. Maybe that's why I don't have any energy. I have money, but no desire to spend! I must be sick!

Tonight I'll be going to the church for a supper. Everyone is to bring a macaroni dish. Karen said she made a big bowl of macaroni and I could have some. That's good since I don't cook anymore and I have no good recipe for macaroni salad (not one that I would make for anyone else to eat!) I think there'll be a silent auction. I've never participated in that and don't know how it will be done. Hopefully it'll be fun to get out and see everyone. Maybe Ann Lobell, the organist, will be there and I can give her the dimensions of the organ I have and want to get rid of.(of which I want to get rid--no dangling participle there, hardy -har -har!)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dictionaries are Fun

Actually, I'm not using a book dictionary, just my Franklin hand held professor. It's nice. I was looking up the definition of "grey". One can spell it "gray" also so I wondered if it has the same meaning and it does! We are having a grey, gray day. I am in a grey, gray mood. This computer doesn't recognize the spelling of "grey". But the Franklin did! (they're coming to take me away, ha'-ha, hee-ee, ho-ho, to the funny farm where everything is.......and that's where my memory leaves me. hardy har har.

What's a matter with this computer????

I tried to leave a comment on Trudy's blog but it wouldn't accept what I was typing in and just now when I wanted to do this post I had to sign and make like I was creating a blog to get to "new post"!

Karen couldn't come over for our play day yesterday and I didn't have the energy to go to town today so it's really been confining. Friday the youth are having a supper at church, that I wasn't going to, but Karen said she would pick me up and I could be company for her. She and Bro. Decker go in separate cars since he goes from work and after supper he usually goes off to talk with he Spanish speaking people. We will keep each other company. I don't like to go to places by myself so I will get a chance to got out of the house.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just a little off the top.....

After washing my hair this morning, I decided it was time for a trim. I went into town and decided to go to the Shoe Store and get a new pair of shoes first. I found out that if I didn't get my hair dried with the blow dryer it was only $14.00 instead of $18.00 . I got a pair of shoes (which I'll take back tomorrow) and then got my hair cut. I said ," take off just a little", but I think the girl was paid by the pile of hair on the floor by her chair! It's short, but as I always say, "It'll grow!"

I came home and made one card. I think I'm burned out or something. I sit down to make a card and no inspiration comes. I guess I got spoiled by the double sided paper I had . The paper was so pretty I didn't have to change it much in order for it to look good. I have five more cards to make from the kit I bought so I guess I had better make the rest of them. If I take a break from card making, maybe the creative muse will return. What is a "muse'? It's a noun meaning a state of deep thought or dreamy abstraction, a source of inspiration. The word is from Greek mythology and is any of the nine sister goddesses of learning and the arts and it is from Middle English. That's enough of the English literature lesson. You won't be tested on it, but it would be good to remember what it means.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Visiting Teachers Came

I was having trouble thinking of what I did this morning. I knew I hadn't gone back to bed. Then I remembered about my visiting teachers coming. It's been a while since I've had V.T.s and we had a nice visit. Jan Laytham and Ginger Scandlen are my V.T.s.

Trudy's blog was very sobering! Our country importing wheat by next year! And maybe a depression! My parents lived through the depression of 1929. I still have the food ration books, but I think they were from World War ll. Any way, it's all very disturbing.

I didn't go to the cancer club meeting. They were going to discuss about the Relay for Life and I was in such a down mood that I would have rained on any parade. I felt better after I ate supper. I made one card, my way. I have made five cards from the Stampin' Up kit. It was something new and different and I'll have to get used to the new method. I'll get to go to the exercise class tomorrow and I'm glad. Dad's getting ready to order his new computer. It will make him happy and he deserves some happiness. He's so sweet. He's always telling me how much he loves and appreciates me. The feelings are mutual.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Went to exercise this morning. It was good and it looks like I'll get to go wed. too. I had an appointment with Dr. Sharp at 1:20 PM. While I was in H'ville, I went by Hobby Lobby. I had printed off a 25% off coupon and used it to get some printed paper, a corner rounder and a little tray with a spout that you can use glitter with and then pour the excess back in the glitter container. I tried it , using the glitter, on a piece of scrap paper, but the glitter got over everything as I tried to pour it back. After exercise, I got my nails done.

Before supper dad helped me with getting five of my prescriptions ready to mail to Medco, the mail order pharmacy we get our drugs from. From which we get our drugs, would be the proper way to write that. Then, you're not ending a sentence with, um-m-m, I've forgotten what it's called. Anyone out there know what I'm talking about?

When I left and got back from H'ville, the Adams were working in the yard again. They must watch the weather reports to know when it's going to be a good outside day. It got up to 62 degrees today. Tonight it's going to rain and then drop down into the 30's! I did force myself to prune four butterfly bushes so I could throw the prunnings into the fire. Bobby Adams must have a good blueprint in his brain to know how to clean and fix up the yard so well. It looks like their woods now. You can see back into the woods now. Brenda says we'll be able to see the deer that come back there. The deer might not want to come now that our woods are all cleared out-they'll have no where to hide! It would be nice to move the swing and the kids swing set back there under the trees to have some shade. Mary Kate, oh, Mary Kate, when are you coming for a visit? We could move them then!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday's Muesings

Went to church, wore my red suit. I got cold so next week I will take a blanket. I also forgot a snake (ha-ha! I meant a snack). Don't expect the Bishopric would appreciate me bringing my snake! No, I don't have a snake! I guess it's my age that makes it hard for me to sit through my meetings. Having a snack does help. I eat breakfast, usually oatmeal and milk, at 7:45-8:00 AM and by 11:00 AM my blood sugar gets low, and I'm ready for a snack. I've always thought it rude to eat during church meetings, but I want to feel good. It's usually in the last meeting, R.S., that I might carefully slip something into my mouth. Anyway, I'm in the back row by the piano and I don't make smacking or grunting noises when I munch my snack. It is usually 1:30Pm before I get home and then I can have lunch. There, I've finished rationalizing that.

I finally got around to making my first Stampin' Up card today. It was easier than the fear I had built up over it! I guess the fear came from having to follow the directions. The card looks good. The card making frenzy I was in a couple of weeks ago was because I had already made the cards, I just had to put them together and I could do three or four a day easily.

Talked to Frankie tonight. He and the family are doing good. Mary Kate, dad thought you had made the card you sent me. I was working on a dark green card and he asked me if I ever did any bright cards like you sent me! It took a minute to explain the fact that I had made that card and had sent it to you, and then you sent it back to me! Trudy, I can't make the computer make copies of my blog. If I print out the blog I've just written, I get one printed page and three blank copies, or copies with only Granny's Blog on it. I don't get the pictures or anything. I don't want to waste three pages so I haven't been printing anything. Dad had some way to do it with copying and pasting, etc. but I don't know how to do that yet, and haven't been in the mood to learn. You'll have to come over and make me want to learn. Frankie, if you don't want to get on the computer, you don't have to read my blogs. It's just a way the girls and I communicate.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Night

Had a good day. Drove into town to get some gas and then on to Wal-Mart for some Zantac for my stomach acid and I got a five drawer plastic container for my stamps and ink pads and there is lots of room for other things. I wondered if it would make my room too cluttered, but I had cleaned out my closet floor and there was room for my sewing machine. Now the new container sits beside my table and every thing fits just fine. Thanks for a basement! It's a life saver. No room for something, just put it in the basement. I haven't started on a new card yet. I did assemble the various parts, but I haven stamped or anything.

Speaking of the basement, last Sunday I asked Sis. Lobel, the church organist, if she would like the organ I have. She seemed interested but hasn't called. I'll see her tomorrow and will ask her again. That is a nice place for more food storage shelves. I really have to make a run to Sam's soon. Gas has gone up to $3.14 a gal. I think that is what it was. It had been $2.99. At the grocery store, most things I would put into the cart was a dollar or more. Now it's $2-3 an item.

Here's a recipe for self-rising flour. If you don't have any self-rising flour, use one cup of all-purpose flour and add 1 &1/2, 1 1/2. one and one half teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of table salt. I don't bake anymore but I saw this in Heloise and thought it was a good idea to know. Also, don't wash your clothes with any towels. The towel will leave lint on the other clothes. It's been years but I've finally caught on to this one. Plus, it was in my "The Queen of Clean" everything book. My mother didn't get a washer and dryer until I was in college so I was ignorant of how to treat the laundry. I would take clothes to the laundromat for her but I didn't know anything about measuring the soap. I just poured in the soap until I thought it was enough. At the university, I thought I would Clorox my sheets, so after I put them in the machine with the soap, I poured the Clorox right on the sheets. Several weeks later when I noticed big holes in my sheets, I realized what caused them! Even today, I am Clorox shy. Got to go read my Relief Society lesson.

Friday, February 22, 2008

End of the Week

Can't believe it's Friday again. Time flies whether you're having fun or not! I slept in to kill time. Forgot what I did after I got up. But I did take the doll and her dowry (extra material I had bought thinking I would be making doll clothes with, etc.)
over to Karen's house. Karen paid me. I didn't stay long because she was working on her Primary singing time project. It was a large pansy with a hole cut out where a child could stick his head in while the other children sing,"Little Purple Pansies". She's also working on Stacey's prom dress. It has a white under dress with black see through material on top. Black and white, Clements High School colors! She spent about $60.00 on the material and the other girls will say they spent $300.00 for theirs! It helps to have a mother who sews like a pro.

My Stampin' Up order came in and Mary brought it by tonight. My mind is too tired to start on a card tonight, so I'll wait 'til tomorrow, I took six cards to Brenda Adams as a token of what they doing in our yard. I gave them to Bobby and by the time I got home Brenda called and wanted to know if I had make the cards. She really liked them, which makes me feel good. She gave me three salmon patties she had made. They were good, better than mine.

Didn't go to the Wellness Center. Didn't even think about it! I'm so committed to good health. The new arthritis medicine I'm taking, Arthrotec, is doing a number on my stomach. The directions say to take with food, which I do, but after supper my stomach is acid and I take Tums. I surely hope I can still take this medicine for it really takes the pain out of my bone on bone knees. Oh, well, it's always somethin' At least it's not moss! LOLLOLLOLLOL!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Do I Have To Have A Title?

It was a gray day today. It's supposed to rain tonight. We had a burned out turn signal on the Accord so dad got the cardboard out (he lies on the cardboard on the ground) and replaced the bulb. We plan to keep the old 1990 Accord even when we get a newer model so I'll have a car I can carry friends in. The Accord would be the car I would take dad to his Dr. appointments in. He has to lie down with his feet up on the dash board now. It will be great to get a newer car!! Eighteen years is a nice time to keep the same car!

With my stamp order, I'm getting a kit that will show me how to make a couple of cards. Plus, I''ll learn new layouts. It'll be fun to get something new. Since I'm not in so much stress, I haven't been making as many cards.

Went to Wal-mart for groceries today. It wasn't cold enough for a coat but cool enough for a jacket. I counted my money so I wouldn't go over the budget. Picked up my anniversary ring that had lost a stone and had to go back to get fixed. It didn't cost anything, but I was ready if it had! I bought two pair of scissors, didn't really need them, and only went over the budget by $2.00. We eat cheap since we only eat 15 bean soup (minus the soup)! I'm eating them now because I either put honey mustard or pineapple chunks on the beans so I can taste them. Yum. I thought about getting some meat, but beans are easier to chew! LOL. Also bought some cookies. Last night I was so hungry for something sweet that I was eating out of the Nestles chocolate milk mix! I wasn't going to mention the cookies to dad, but he was helping me put the groceries away and found them! There are a few left I think.

I should go to the Wellness Center tomorrow (no plans to do it right now...) and go to the therapy pool. There are classes in the pool but being so short the water level on me is too high for me to enjoy them, plus they use the cold pool and I am entirely too old to get into cold water!! There are two pools, one where you can swim laps if you want, and the therapy pool. The therapy pool goes to 4'4'' with one end a deep end. It is 80-90 degrees and feels really good. I walk around a number of times to exercise my knees. It's cold when I get out of the pool and go to the dressing room. If it's too cold, I don't take a shower, I just go home reaking of chlorine. That helps keep the moss from growing on me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some Day

We left the house at 10:00 AM to go to H'ville to see the Dr. The Adams, Bobby and Brenda and their daughter Tracy were burning the burn pile that had been neglected for 4 or 5 yrs. After the Dr. visit, we ate at Crystal Hamburgers. I couldn't taste them but dad ate three and I ate two and all afternoon I regretted it! When we got home, Bobby had his tracker going smoothing out the ground. He had cut down small trees and gotten rid of a lot of brush. I is looking so much better! Gosh, if we had paid someone to do it, it would have cost big bucks. They are so nice. We love them and I think they like us a little bit.

You were right about the alligator soup, Mary Kate. I made sure I had the soup made while you were at school so you wouldn't come home and demand the furry, green, moldy things in the rear of the refrigerator for your science projects. After all, that's what gave the soup that good homemade flavor. Sometimes dad will complain of odors in the refrigerator and I tell him if he can find the offender I'll take care of it. After all, they don't make refrigerators for short people. So if it's over my head and I don't see it...I don't clean it!

Mary Rager called to say that the Stampin' Up order was coming in Fri. I asked her if she would put my stamps together and she said yes. She is a sweet person..I can't wait to get some new ideas for card making. Kathy, some of the cards I sent you were made with a glue stick and they might fall apart! I hope not. Live and learn. Years ago we used a glue stick but now a permanent glue is used. I think I will cull the stamps I don't use and put them back downstairs so my room won't be so cluttered with stamps I don't use. Since I have an index of all the stamps I have, if I want one that isn't upstairs, I can look up the stamp number and then go downstairs and get it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bird Tuesday

The birds and I spent most of the afternoon at Dr. Jan's. They really needed a nail trim. Gertie likes to sit on my head sometimes but it feels like a chicken hawk is sitting on me. He will be glad to be allowed back on his top roost again. All three bird's gram stains showed some increased bacterial action so I got some medicine for them.

I think the name of the man who delivered the gravel next door was Orrie Mullins! Next time we need some road work done, I'll have dad call him... Or was it Boliver Shagnasty (spelled with a double nasty) or Julian Newfrost? I think Bobby came up with Orrie Mullins. I feel like I need to make some cookies to take to these neighbors for all the troubles they have had building a mansion in a swamp. Or I could take them some of my homemake alligator soup. after all, I got the gator from their property!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Holiday Monday

When every day is a holiday, we don't get too excited...I made it to exercise but will miss Wed. My body feels better when I do the exercises. That's why old people are crabby, they don't exercise or stretch enough.

Made two cards today and re-glued some others. The new permanent glue is surely very tacky. Once it gets on the paper, it sticks! With the glue stick, I could reposition things if I didn't wait too long.. Trudy's ready for me to move on to other things besides my cards. If I do, I won't have any friends left (oh,no! Jan's crafting again and sending me the results!)

Today was a better day for dad. He slept all morning, but as the afternoon wore on , he felt better. He was in good spirits.

The poor neighbor who's building the new house next to us. It's been raining a lot and trucks delivering materials get stuck in the mud and can't get out! Today the big equipment came in and scraped away layers of mud and put down some crushed stone. When it sets up, his road to the house should be very sturdy. No telling what that house will be worth when it's all fixed and landscaped. We'll have to plant very tall trees and bushes so no one will be able to see our humble abode!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Sunday

All the meetings were good. Maybe because I was all there, I wasn't just going through the motions. I took 32 cards to the Rel. Soc. secretary. There use to be someone who sent out cards for birthdays but they don't anymore. Our home teachers came over and gave us blessings. That will help, plus maybe dad's increase in the prednisone will catch up with him and make him feel better. Thanks for your kind thoughts Mary Kate. They help.

Tomorrow I'll go to the Wellness Center for the exercise class and then come home and do chores. Tues., I take the birds to Hartselle to the vet. They need nails
and wings trimmed. Wed., I take dad to H'ville to see Dr. Phillips. Both of those activities will take up most of the days on which they occur. Not complaining or anything...but I do reserve the right to complain!

Mary Kate, this morning in Rel.Soc., they gave out notebooks and two pages for Jan., water storage, from the Food Storage notebook you gave us. Our Ward is going to be doing it all this year! I guess I need to go along with it too. Although I already have some of the stuff stored.
Someone in the Stake knew some Amish people who were selling canned meat and I ordered 2 cased of beef today. Hopefully, it will be better than that canned beef I got at Costco. I'm feeling good now. Thanks for the comments and the prayers.

When I told Karen that Sadie wasn't playing much with her dolls, she offered to buy back the one doll I have and the one Trudy bought from her. Sadie will probably want to keep her doll but my doll told me she wanted to go to Karen's house because there she would have someone to play with and she's bored here (and getting dusty). I only paid $30.00 for her, but I can find somewhere to put the money. What if someone really thinks I talk to the doll! Wartty-har=har!! (no one needs to know my secretes, do they.....tee-hee-giggle!!). I'd better quit or someone will think I'm being serious.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Good Day

I made 3 or 4 cards before lunch. I called Trudy to see if she wanted to meet me at Hobby Lobby and she said yes. I fed dad about 12:00PM and left about 15 min. later. Put gas in the car because I knew I wouldn't want to when I came back and drove on to H'ville. I was already looking at things when Trudy came in. She helped me know what to buy and most everything was on sale. Then we went to a scrapbook store and it was a very nice store. I got a corner punch but I didn't look at it carefully. I can't use it. It punches holes in the corners so you can fit photos in. Maybe Trudy can use it. Trudy came up with a great idea for my cards. Give them to the Rel. Soc. I like that idea. One of the cards I sent to Trudy's gang fell to pieces so I'll stop using the glue stick. I got some permanent glue and some vellum glue so all the pieces of the cards should stay together. Maybe my mad dash to make cards will slow down when I get back to going to the Wellness Center. I do it too escape the stress of dad's disease, plus I like to make cards.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Grey Day

I didn't do any pruning to day. Couldn't get a hold of anyone in the AM and it's rained in the PM. Karen called to say thanks for the get well card and that she was feeling better. We got to talking about Hobby Lobby and we both got on our computers at the same time and she showed me how to click on things that would show me more things to chick on. That doesn't make much sense, even to me. But I now know how to get a coupon for the Lobby.

Trudy, I did what I saw on your blog, what FLY Lady said about clearing out your magazines. While I was on the phone with Karen, I cleaned out my basket, partially under my bed, and have the magazines to give away Karen said she takes hers to Rogersville to the library and they resell them and make a little money for the library. I'll call the Athens library and see if they take donations.

Today was a very bad day for dad. He had fevers. I heard his alarm for his 9:00AM pill, but thought he was awake but he wasn't. He took it at lunch. He's been asleep all day.

I've made three cards so far. I hope I'll get new ideas when my new stuff comes in 'cause I'm gonna make cards each day and it would be good if they looked nice (if I can't give them away, I can always paper the bathroom....) I'm going to send you some Kathy, I'm just waiting to make some really good ones.

I read half of a paperback book called "A Three Dog Life". It seems that in the Australian outback, if it really got cold, it was called a three dog night. It's not abut animals completely but I will finish it. I played the piano some and the come upstairs and here I am .

I'm thinking of making a run to H'villle tomorrow and go to Hobby Lobby. I've been in the house all week and I need to get out.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Day That Shouldn't Have Been

Got up at 5:00 AM. I made a few cards and then dad got up. In my mind, I hoped he had ordered me dozens of roses and some chocolates, like it was advertised on the radio. He had said he didn't like roses but I thought he just said that to throw me off. Na-a-a-ah! I got a check for next weeks groceries plus some extra for me for my valentines gift. And then, he didn't react to my card and cupid poop like I thought he would, (he's been feeling bad for so long that he can't really react to much of anything). So that threw my world into a spin which lasted all
day. I took a small nap after lunch to make up for getting up so early.

I keep making cards and I'm afraid I'll burn out before my new stamps come in and I learn some new ways to make cards. I'd better clean up a bedroom won't be long.

Gee, Mary Kate, I thought I really had friends! But I'll take seven comments from you any day. You and Trudy. Kathy Best read my blog and said she was glad I was feeling better. She noticed my lovely grandkids too.

Tomorrow, rain or shine, I will go to my brother's house and tell them how to prune the trees. Ruth called at 12:00PM to see if I could come down then. I didn't have enough time because it takes about 45 min. to get there and the garbage had to be collected and put out for the neighbor boys to take to the road by 4:00PM. It will be good to get out of the house. Dad is taking more prednisone to see if he can pull out of the slump. I hope I helps him because it really makes me feel bad to see him that way.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Play Day Cancelled

Karen called this morning and said she had the flu or was sick and wouldn't be coming over, so I slept in. I was going to exercise, but last night dad said that this morning would be a rough one for him and to be sure I got him to take his 9:00 AM pill. As it turned out, he took the pill himself but I didn't exercise.

I cleaned out my closet and got clothes I figured I wouldn't wear anymore and took them to the Salvation Army. I didn't want to get out today at all because it was so cold, but I had 4 cards to mail and I missed the mail run. Some days the mail doesn't come until after 4:00PM and other days, it's there by 1:00 AM. Different carriers. I also went to Wal-Mart to get a few groceries. I found some yummy different- shades- of- tan paper and just had to have it. I've made two get well cards with the brown paper and they really look good!

Okay, girls, I'll send the cards but realize that the cost of stamps is going up. I do appreciate your comments about the blog. I talked to Richard today and he said he enjoyed reading it! Whee! I'm a star!

I made a Valentine card for dad and at the Stampin' Up card making morning, and I won a little gift that has some candy corn in shades of pink and rose and the little bag they are in said, "Heard you've bad, So here's the scoop...All you get is Cupid Poop!" He'll get a chuckle out of that. While I was at Wal-Mart, I bought a small Whitman's Sampler for Valentine's Day for me. It's okay to celebrate a day before!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Day After Monday 2-12-08

I was going to go to Faulkville (or Eva) to help Ruth prune her Bradford pear trees, but the weather for casted rain, so I called and said we could try for Friday. I looked in all of my tree books trying to find out how to prune the trees and couldn't find much. I then remembered what the girls had said about the computer, so I sat down and typed "how to prune Bradford Pear trees", and got a web page! I copied it and another page and with my book on pruning, I now feel confident we won't slaughter the trees too bad. Remember, we had a Bradford Pear tree out beside the shed and the ice storm cracked it in two (two pieces). It grows real fast and all the limbs grow straight up and there is no central stem like there are on other trees. This is an inferior growth pattern and when the weight of wind or ice hits the tree, the top splits open. Horticulture lesson for the day complete. You will be tested.

Cook's Pest Control came by this morning and put in termite containers all around the house. If the termites get into these containers, they remove the wood the termites are feasting on, and put bait in them. Then the termites eat the bait and carry it back to the nest and the queen and bingo! No more termites.

While I was out looking at the termite controls, I noticed that the top on the retaining wall on the south side of the house, had rotted away and there was a hole in the wall. It's made of concrete blocks so when the top cap block is gone the holes in the blocks are exposed. Some day in the not too distant future, we'll have to have the wall replaced.

I noticed the neighbors, Bobby and Brenda Adams and Harold, Nancy's husband were working on the other side of the chain link fence. Brenda was cutting the vines and trees off of the fence while the men were doing something else. I thought about getting a lawn chair out and sitting on our side of the fence just to watch them work! I like to watch other people work. Before I had cancer I used to like to get outside and do the same type of work, but now I can't. I just don't have the energy to do it. Mental or physical.

It's time to make some cards. I know two girls that need a card sent to them so I have to get busy and make a few.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, 2-11-08

I called in my order for Stampin' Up and Mary Rager, the teacher, stopped by and got my check. She also brought me a silver pen and several of her stamps for me to have fun with while awaiting my order to come in.

I vacuumed the floors and then waited until 3:15PM for my appointment to see Dr. Moore. He has lots of patients and I waited an hour before I got in a room, but he's worth waiting for. He took x-rays of my bent knee. The ligaments on the outside of the knee are shortened and the ligaments on the inside are stretched out. The knee hasn't buckled yet and there's no pain the pain medicine won't take care of, so it's my choice as to when I have the knee replaced. It's just a matter of time. Oh joy.

I used Mary's stamp of a basket of flowers and a small stamp the says,"Your kindness makes my heart blossom" and made a card. I stamped 6 baskets and colored them with the pieces of chalk I had left. Then I cut the baskets out. The fun was in the details. One card can take a lot of time to make but the joy is in the making. I got some free stamps with my order and one is about birthdays. We made a card at the party with these same stamps and I can't wait to make some Birthday cards with them.

Tony Allen had an operation on his back for a pinched nerve and I got a card "Thinking of You" and gave dad to send to Tony. I'll have to start giving away cards soon or I'll have to sleep in the basement!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I called my ride this morning saying I wasn't going to church-my legs and feet hurt-but then I thought of people who really hurt and still go to their meetings, and I called Bro. Decker back and said I'd be going after all. I don't know if it did any good or not because I felt like I was just going through the motions. Sort of clock watching. I had a Relief Society teacher meeting after church. Shelly Merrill taught and it was a good meeting, but it had been more than 4 hrs. since I ate breakfast so you know what I was thinking about! I came home and made a couple of cards but the creative juices weren't flowing so I stopped.

Dad is in the living room singing to the birds while he changes their cages. He wants to give them showers after that. I'm just having an off day.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Half and Half

Today was the day for the Stampin' Up party. I guess it wasn't a party, just 5 women and the teacher meeting at the Blackburn center. It cost $10.00 and we made 4 cards and decorated the envelopes. I was all eyes and ears to learn anything I could. No one was wearing perfume and all of the ladies were just like me, nice, but younger. Not real young, but some had children in school. It was a good age spread. I fit right in. I have to call Mary, the teacher, to order anything. Back to studying the catalog!

After I came home, I didn't know what to do. I'd used all of my creative mental energy at the party and didn't have much desire to do anything . About 3:00 PM, I asked dad for the Feb. bills so I could fill them. He wasn't really feeling good, but he got up to get me the bills plus some other records to sift through. I did the bills and then he come into the living room and helped me. That was what I did the other half of the day!

Friday, February 8, 2008

On The Go

For a day I didn't plan to do much, I've been busy. At 11:00AM I started to town to go to the bank, P.O. and Wal-Mart, but dad had to have lunch before I went. Then I was almost to Glaze Rd., and I remembered I needed the check book so had to turn around and go back home. Finally, I was on the road for good. I went to the bank(s), the P.O. and then to Lou's boutique to pick up a package about The Relay For Life cancer day. I have to read over the materials to see what it's about. I guess I'll need to be involved. After Lou's , I went to the mighty Wal-Mart. I wanted a sharp pair of scissors for the stampin class. I also got some stick on dots, and some Finishing Accents in blue and pink. I drolled over the paper but realized that I would be spending money at the Stamping Up party tomorrow and I didn't need to be spending anymore today. Oh, I did get a white sweat shirt for $5.00. It's cool in the house sometimes and a sweat shirt will be cozy. I saw one I liked at the Dollar Store, but it was $12.00 and I knew I could get one cheaper at Wally World and I was right. Of course, it didn't have Alabama on it!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


It was another warm day, no rain though. I went to the P.O. and then on to get my nails done. they had grown so long and I don't like them long. They get in the way of everything. They are a pail pink now instead of a deep,bright red. I like the red and go back to it often. I really love the nails. I was light headed all afternoon. Don't know why but it was a nasty feeling. Talked to Mary Kate today. I had sent her an e-mail asking her if she ever e-mailed anymore. I thought she might be too busy with Seminary, pre-school and family. She said she wasn't, she just didn't know I was on the computer every day. Trudy has made me a blogging maniac--I love it! It's a good way to journal. I don't enjoy writing in my journal, but typing is cool. Talked to Trudy. She put a good picture of Frank on my blog. She's getting it looking good.
Sat. is my Stamping Up party. I'll pay $10.00 and make 4 cards. I made a card out of the scrapbook materials I got from Big Lots with Sadie's name on it. Now to wait for a time to send it to her. I'll have to make the other grandkids a card with their name on it.
I didn't go on the temple trip. Frank has felt so bad for such a long time now that I felt I needed to stay home and take care of him. It's after 7 PM and he's starting to feel better.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stormy Night

Last night was very stormy in the south. It had been 75 degrees all day and a cold front moved in. I heard one of the local forecasters say to put the weather radio on and I did.(wrong!) At about 3:00 AM the alarm woke me up. I got up and found Dad looking at the TV weather. Thank heavens the bad weather missed us, but I'll never put the weather radio on again. I had trouble going back to sleep after that. I slept in this morning.
Today was Karen and my play day. We decided to go shopping and ended up in town. We went to this little store in the Quizno's Pizza group of stores(I don't remember it's name) to see what all it had. I had been there once with Mary Kate and Richard but didn't remember what all it had. It has church stuff, like flannel board stories of the Old Testament, home school supplies and some scrapbook stickers and other miscellaneous things. It was interesting. Then we found the quilting store and Karen wanted to find some material that looked like stones. She has a project that she needs material for paths and rock walls. No luck there. Next on to Big Lots. I got some dry erase markers, some pencil erasers and a $5.00 scrapbook kit. I figured I would get my money's worth in the paper alone. I make a couple of cards after I got home. I'm beginning to wonder what I'm going to do with all the cards. Paper my room with them I guess. They're the only thing that is keeping me sane right now.
I've decided to go to the stamp party this Sat. Karen said I could read about the meeting in the next Ensign.
Frankie called around 5:00PM saying they had arrived in FL okay. Someone is putting them up in a hotel or motel, which is nice. I think he said the funeral is Fri. or Sat. Rachel's brother, Jason Cummings, is flying in. He said it took about 12 hrs. to get there.
That's a nice picture of my eternal companion at the front of the blog. Thank's Trudy. Now, to get Dad to look at it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We Vote Today

Today we vote. We were going early, before lunch, but today is prednisone day and Dad is still sleeping. After I write this, I will get him up and we will go vote. We never miss voting.
A while back I found these old pictures of people I didn't know. Nanny Layton had sent them to Dad and he didn't know much about them. It bothers me to have pictures of someone and not know who it is. I found this genealogy book downstairs, I wasn't looking for it, but there it was. It was entitled The Waddells, Reed's Point and beyond. The name on the old picture was James Waddell, so I looked in this paper spiral book and found that this James Alexander Waddell was Nana Henry's father. Nana Henry was Nanny Layton's mother. Kids, Nanny Layton was your grand mother, Nana Henry was your great=grand mother and James Waddell was your great=great grand father. Five generations there. You, your parents, your grandparents , your great-grandparents and your great-great grandfather. I felt good that I figured out who was in the picture.
There was also a picture of Nana Henry's husband, Fredric Milton Henry. You remember , we used to call Nana Henry, Nanny Two Rooms, because that's how many rooms she had in Nanny Layton's house. You probably remember her better than I'm trying to describe her.
I've run the vacuum and damp mopped the floor and now Dad is getting dressed so we can go vote. The weather is unseasonably warm and it's going to rain. We got 3/4 " yesterday. Not complaining. We need the moisture.
Back from voting. the lady in front of me had voted the Democratic ticket. The Republican ticket was blue and the Democratic was white. We voted for Romney. I found I had bad feelings for the lady I didn't even know because she voted the Democratic ticket!
I'm having 2nd thoughts about missing my church meeting in H'ville this Sat. I thought I wanted to go to the stamp party instead of the church meeting, but I remember the Stake Pres. saying he wanted every adult member to be there. I guess I'll be obedient and go. I'll call the stamp lady and see when they are meeting again.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sun., No Actually Early Mon. morning

Sat. was Pres Hinkley's funeral. It was so nice but I cried the entire day the T.V. was on . Sun. services were nice. Fast and testimony service is my favorite service. I ate a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and then a scrambled egg with cheese so I wouldn't got hungry at church. Since I ride with the Decker's, I have to wait until everyone gets through with their after church meetings before I get home, which is usually 1:30 P.M. I'm really hungry then! I hate to eat at church but sometimes during Rel. Soc. I sneak a snack. I have a snack attack! We watched the Super Bowl and by the end of the 3rd quarter, I predicted the Giants would will. Frank kept saying they would pull it off, the Patriots, that is. The Giants won. Nice game. I went to bed between 9-10:00PM but awoke at 2:30AM and couldn't go back to sleep so I made several cards. I've been looking at the Stampin' Up catalog trying to see what all they have. I'm looking forward to meeting with the other ladies at the Blackburn community center the 9th for card making. I think I'll have to choose to miss a church meeting that Sat. to go, but that's what I want to do. Frank's not been having many good days and that's hard on the both of us. I've got to go to Sam's soon and stock up on groceries. I must get some variety in the foods or I'll refuse to eat any of it. The birds need to go to Hartselle to the vet, but that's half of a day off and I've not been wanting to do it. I want to go to Sam's first. Mary Kate and family had a nice short vacation to Chattanooga this past week-end. I'd like to go with the kids to See Rock City. I think they would enjoy it. Maybe we all can plan the trip again sometime. If Frankie gets the job in Oak Ridge, he may be working all the time. Such is life.

Friday, February 1, 2008


The slide show is great! It's amazing what can be done on/in a blog. I'm certainly impressed. I made 6 cards today. The lady brought by the Stamping Up book and said there was no smoking. Now I'll probably reak of perfume. I'll give it a try Sat. Feb.9th. It would really be nice if I liked it well enough to go every time and make some new friends. I need to find a way to mail my cards to my children. Back to the Stampin' Up--it will be an expensive hobby, but I have the basic stamps. I'll get to learn how to make cards the Stampin Up way. I'll have to be really careful with my money, but it may be lots of fun. Gray day. The weather is rainy and about 42 degrees. I'm bored, Dad's not feeling good plus we have to do bills today. That in itself is depressing! It's Friday and I usually try to vacuum. Maybe tomorrow for sure. The floors are really clean after I vacuum. Washed two loads of sheets and put them up. Spent 10 min. on the Gazelle. Now waiting to do the dread job-bills!