Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost Curves

I set out at 9 this morning aiming to go to Curves and then on to H'ville, but I decided to go to H'ville first. I got to Penny's just when the Mall was opening. Penny's didn't have the pj's I wanted for Dad so I went on to Belk's. There I found a light, all weather jacket for Frank and got him a pair of lounge pants too. This will be his Christmas present. I shopped at Belk's and found a black skirt and a white pull over for me. At Penny's, I got 2 pull overs and a pair of black pants. I hope Dad gives me money for Christmas so I can replenish the "well".

When I got home it was 12:15 PM and I fixed lunch. Later I took up the pair of pants by hand. It was stretchy material and I didn't want to mess with the sewing machine on that fabric. It would have worked but I just hemmed them by hand. I will finally have enough pants that fit right.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bama Wins!

Alabama beat Auburn this year! I watched the game and it was good. It's always good when we win.

Monday was Monday. I did the usual things. Found out that Frank didn't take his medicines Saturday and that was why he has been so sick over the week-end. He took them this morning and is beginning to feel better. I was distracted by our guests and didn't notice he hadn't taken his pills. I'll have to do a better job next time.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sad Farewell

Our guests left at 11 AM. They were going to Trudy's house but no one was going to be home except Trudy. The others had gone air softing. Mary Kate and Richard were disappointed that no one was going to be home. They left to do some more shopping in H'ville, eat lunch somewhere and then go on to Trudy's house.  It was sad to see them go. It's always good to see them come but it's getting sadder to see them leave. I guess my heart is getting musher  the older I get.

Frank had a really hard morning and is still in bed. He didn't get to tell the family good-by.

The Auburn-Alabama game is today. I'm going to watch it. Hope Alabama wins!

Friday, November 25, 2011


We had a nice Thanksgiving. Mary Kate and her family were here because Sadie got sick and we couldn't go over there. I got a smoked turkey and MK made her dressing and we all had a feast! Dad was having a bad day and joined us later on. We stayed up until 10:30 PM watching "Elf" which was a cute movie.

We left the house this morning at 7:30-8:00 AM and drove to H'ville for Black Friday. We went to several stores and I got to go to Penny's and get two purses. I got a red and a dull green one. They are both rather alike because they are made by the same company, Liz Claiborne. They were marked $50.00 but I got each for $20.00. I love the sales on the purses! I bought a pair of long white socks at Target and that was all I spent. We went to Dick's, Target, Michael's,  and stores in the Mall. We were away from home 8 hours! It was great fun and not too tiring. I love to shop! We ate lunch at the food court in the Mall and saw Trudy and Sadie, who were out shopping, too.

We're trying to watch a movie at home tonight, but we have never used the DVD before are we're having trouble getting the machine to work. It's almost 8 PM now and I think going to bed early is a good idea! Sophia and MK are working on a project Fia has for school on Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Stormy Weather

The cold front wasn't all that cold and we didn't get any storms. It was in the 50's today. I took Dad to H'ville to the Dr and I just wore a button down shirt and a vest. I was a little chilly at the Dr's office and would have liked to have had a light coat on. We got home and had lunch, and I had to go to Janet's house at 2:30 PM. After that, I went to Lawler's Bar-be-cue and had to wait in line for 30 minutes to pick up the smoked turkey! Everyone had the same idea at the same time! Then I went to Walmart for some milk and veggies and bread for Mary Kate's family. Walmart was a madhouse! I had to park in the last parking space right before the highway. I got checked out fast and was soon on my way home.

When I got home, Frank got into the turkey. It was cold and wrapped in plastic. He didn't much like it and will warm his up tomorrow. I had soaked some beans and had to cook them. They will be done by 9 PM tonight. I think MK will make her stuffing. There is no room for anything else in the refrigerator so I hope she's not bringing anything. I did get some fresh veggies so we can eat healthy tomorrow. I have no dessert planned but I do have cake mixes and brownie mix. We will be well fed on Thanksgiving day.

I tried calling Trudy to see how Sadie was doing but got the answering machine. I still want to go shopping Friday. Hopefully, we will.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Change of Plans

Trudy called to say that Sadie was sick so Mary Kate and her family will coming to spend the night at our house Wednesday night. I called around and found a smoked turkey at Lawler's Bar-be-cue and I plan to pick it up tomorrow afternoon. I'll go to Walmart and buy some bread, milk, and veggies so MK's family can have something to eat while they are here. We'll go to Trudy's after Sadie is well. The turkey will cost $33.98 for a 10 lb smoked turkey. It's worth it having someone else to cook it. I don't know when we'll go shopping.

We had another warm day but with dark clouds. The paper said we could have some rough weather tonight when the cold front moves in. Hopefully it will only be rain and no tornadoes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

So Usual

My life is so uneventful that anyone who reads my posts for a while can predict what I am going to say. I did the usual Monday things. Because it's Thanksgiving week, Curves won't be open Wednesday so I'll only go once this week. I'll have to be sure I exercise in my home gym this week. I see Janet Wednesday at 2:30 PM. Frank has a H'ville Dr appointment at 10:15 AM but we will be back in time for me to see Janet.

We finished Deuteronomy this lesson. Saturday, I read from chapter 11 - 32. Moses was a great man. All he did for the children of Israel in teaching them and leading them to where they were ready to go into the promised land was dynamic. Joshua is next and I need to read it before next Monday.

I got all the ingredients for the peas and asparagus casserole for Thanksgiving. I got a couple of TV dinners for Frank. He will be alone while we all are celebrating at Trudy's house.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good News

Frankie called tonight. Said Rachel was home from the Mayo Clinic a few days early. The Dr said her
problems were caused by her migraine headaches. They gave her some different medicine to take and hopefully she will get better. Frankie still hasn't decided whether to keep teaching school or not. He needs to help Rachel with the day care business.

I went to the neighborhood breakfast at Cracker Barrel. There were about 12-15 people there. Maryleen sat across from me and another neighbor I can't remember her name sat next to Maryleen and I listened to their conversations. The breakfast I ordered was too much. I don't go out to eat enough to know what to order. Maryleen ordered two biscuits and two sausages and ate one and took the other one home for later. That would have been enough for me. I'll order that next month. I liked Cracker Barrel better than Shoney's.

Dad and I vacuumed the floors and I mopped them. They surely look nice now!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Dr Visit

Frank saw Dr Moody for his eye check-up and all was well. He got to take off the clear eye shield he was wearing. He's still putting drops in his eye. He'll see Dr Moody one more time and will get a prescription for some glasses that will help him read better.

I went to Curves after the Dr visit and then went to Isom's orchard to get 1/2 peck of apples and then stopped by Walmart to get Frank a turkey TV dinner. I got a couple of them and three cartons of powdered milk and 4 loaves of bread. We eat lots of bread. Well, I only eat 1 1/2 pieces a day but Frank eats more. I like to have plenty of bread in the freezer so I won't run out.

I wanted to know how many calories were in cooked wheat berries so I Googled it and found an answer!  1/2 cup of berries have 151 calories in them, 6 g of protein and 4 g of fiber. I also wanted a recipe for the peas and asparagus casserole I am to take to Trudy's for Thanksgiving and I found one that was just right! The computer is a marvelous thing.

We got a sample of freeze dried food from Wise Foods and I fixed it tonight for supper. It was lasagna and I just boiled 4 cups of water and then stirred the food in and let it set for 15 minutes. It was gross! Frank wouldn't eat it but I have more will power and I forced myself to eat a cup of it. It had 49% of you daily dose of sodium in it! We won't be buying any fancy, costly, freeze dried food in the future.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Operation Okay

Frank's cataract operation went well. It surely was quick. I had no more than settled in the waiting room until the nurses station was calling me back. We got to the hospital at 8:30 AM and were home by 11:30 AM. Frank has a plastic guard over his eye and has to put drops in his eye every 2 hours and we go see the Dr tomorrow morning for a check-up.

Came home and had to cook lunch. Frank had some beans left but the hamburger was all gone. I had 2 eggs and bread and Smart Balance for lunch. I made a full skillet of hamburger, tomato, Rotel tomatoes, and bean mix. I put 3 cans of beans in it to make it go farther, plus I like the extra beans.

I need to get serious about making the peas and asparagus casserole for Thanksgiving. I've got the peas, just need the asparagus and mushrooms and mushroom soup and maybe some shredded cheese.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rainy Weather

It was 72 degrees at 5:00 PM last night and we had a cold front move in and it really rained this morning with more to come tonight. Mississippi had tornadoes and some bad weather went over LaGrange, GA. I hope we don't have any bad weather out of this front.

I took my pants over to Karen's today and we got them fixed all except the red pair. Instead of getting a pair that fit but was way too long, I got a pair that was a size too big but I wouldn't have to hem them up much. What faulty thinking! The pants had pockets and a fake thing on the front and that kept them from being altered the way I had figured out. Money down the drain! I did learn that you measure your correct inseam and add 3" to that and that's were you cut the pants off. In the case of my petites, I take out the hem and then measure and don't cut anything off. I think the inseam of the petites is 27" and I'm 25 1/2".

Dad is getting ready for his eye surgery tomorrow. We'll go to the hospital at 8:30 AM and he'll be operated on at 10:00 AM. It's an out patient thing and we'll be home that afternoon, with a follow up at the Dr's Friday morning. I think he'll still need some prescription reading glasses.

I work out at 4 PM today.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Shot

I saw Dr Shergy but it wasn't for a Prolia shot. I guess it was a visit prior to my shot in January. I asked him about the mouth problems and he said that all the drugs for osteoporosis had the same side effects and that changing wouldn't help. The next time my mouth hurts, I'll go see the Dentist. I had to stop by Walmart to get some Smart Balance and bananas and found a neat winter gown that I got too. The sleeves are too long but I'll probably just roll them up.

I got the sewing machine out today and was going to hem up the four pair of pants I've had waiting for a while. I cut off the hem of the new pants I bought but started on a pair that Mary Kate had tried to take up for me but cut too short. I was going to sew some lace on the edge and then turn up the hem with that but I realized the pants were of a stretchy material and the lace wasn't and I chickened out on doing it myself. I called Karen and asked her to help me and tomorrow I'll take my pants and go over to her house and get them fixed. She will show me how and I'll do the work.

At 4 PM, I have a work out at Janet's. I enjoy going and working out with her.

Monday, November 14, 2011

So Many Mondays

Coming up with a different title for each Monday is a challenge. The Primary program went well. We had several members of the congregation make comments about how good and spiritual it was and how tender the songs were. The children and adults worked hard all year to get the program together. Next, we prepare songs for Christmas. The children already know two of the three songs we'll sing. Then, come January, and we'll begin working on another Primary program!

I did the usual Monday things. Taught at the Center and did Curves and went too Walmart. Dozed a bit in the afternoon but didn't really get in a good nap. I go to see Dr Shergy tomorrow for my Prolia shot. I'm going to see if I can switch to the shot I would have to take just once a year. The Prolia makes it hard for any surgery to be done in my mouth and it may make my gums sore, don't know. I just thought about insurance...the new shot may have to be okayed  by the insurance before it's given.  I'll find out tomorrow.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beautiful Fall Day

It's been cool in the mornings but warms up in the afternoon. We removed the hoses outside and drained on and I took the bad ones to the burn pile to be disposed of. I had three sprinkler hoses to put in the shed. The first one I tried to coil up nicely but by the third one, I was just trying to cram it all in so I could shut the door of the shed!

Dad checked the level of the gas in the propane tank and we lit the heater downstairs. We don't need it yet, but it was one of the things we had on our list and now it's done. There are still lots of boxes to get rid of downstairs.

Tomorrow's the Primary program. I've got my songbook fixed so I'll know what song comes where and when. I'll be glad when it's over. The parents love the program and I bet the kids like to be in it too. Next we'll be learning Christmas songs.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Up And Away

The title has nothing to do with my post. I had a lot written and this update come on and I updated it and when it came back, most of my post was gone!

I took Dad to the Dr in H'ville today. We ate at Wendy's. The Singles weren't good. One without cheese has 460 calories and the chocolate milk had 160. I should have had a diet drink instead.

I dated all the cans of veggies Trudy got me and put them in the shelves. Most of the downstairs is in shape, but I have lots of empty boxes that are in the way. We have many large boxes that need to be thrown away if I could just get Frank to let go of them. Some have been downstairs for years! Maybe next trash day...I need to work out today but I am tired so I might not do anything today and wait until tomorrow to do it (put off until tomorrow what you don't want to do today!).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Empty Bedroom

Trudy and Forrest just left. Trudy had shopped a Kroger sale and had gotten me a bunch of canned  veggies and they brought them over and they got the bed that was in Trudy's old room. Forrest needed a new mattress and I gave him the mattress and the bed furniture. I hope it will be firm enough for him. I noticed I had a board between the mattress and box springs but maybe it'll be an improvement over what he had. They brought over a metal shelf to put the veggies on and will come back next week-end to help put it together.

We go to see Dr Phillips tomorrow. I bought some more clothes at Goody's today. I got some button down shirts and a pair of pants. I have several pair of pants that I need to hem up. Even the petites are too long! Standing next to Forrest, I look as tall as a toad stool! He's over 6' and is only 17 yrs old and is still growing!

I cleaned out my closet and gave Trudy 2 large sacks of clothes that I have outgrown. They have a "sisters closet" at church that everybody gives to and can take out of when they need it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Easy Day

I didn't have anywhere to go today, so I went back to bed for some good, sweet sleep. Got up at 10:00 AM and got dressed. In the afternoon, I practiced the song I'm singing with a group Shelley got up for Christmas. The alto is really low and tricky at places so I want to practice it well before the next practice at church. I also ran through the music for the Primary program. I'll need to read the parts in full so Sunday I'll know where the music comes in. I'll be glad when it's over.

After playing the piano or maybe I exercised before playing the piano...I rode my bike 20 minutes and worked with some weights and tubes. I waited too late to go to Curves and it will be closed Friday for Veterans Day. The Center will be closed too. Frank has a Dr appointment in H'ville Friday and I won't miss out on teaching since it's a holiday.

Got another Stronger Seniors Chair Exercise Program. It's nice but too easy for me now.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exercise Session

I had a good work-out with Janet today. It was a warm day, got up to 74 degrees, I think. I had on sweat pants and really got a sweaty work-out! I cycle for about 20 minutes and then I lifted weights. I sat on a big ball to lift weights some times and placed the ball on the wall to do squats with. I'm lifting 6 lbs on the bicep curls now. I only have 5 lbs to work with at home. I'll go to Curves tomorrow, and will work at home Thursday. I missed working at home a day or two last week.

I washed a load of clothes this morning and read my scriptures. I went back to bed and got up at 10:00 AM. Even though I was up earlier, I didn't feel quite up to doing anything. 10:00 is the time my body wants to begin work. The times I have to leave the house by 8:00 AM are okay for the bed isn't there calling my name! Frank has cataract surgery next Thursday and I have to have him back to the Dr the next day, so I'll have to tell the ladies at the Senior Center I won't be able to lead the exercises on that Friday. Tomorrow was a temple day but I forgot to plan for it. I need to get on the ball for I also forgot my sister-in-law's birthday which was the 7th of November. Wo, is me!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Monday

I did the usual things for a Monday...Senior Center and Curves then home. I cooked some hamburger chili for lunch and after lunch went to Karen's for scripture study. We're studying Deuteronomy. It's pretty cool. I read the first 10 chapters last night. Next week it will be the rest of the book.

I was sleepy after study so I came home and finished the book I had been reading and then took an hour nap. I guess I was still tired after driving to B'ham and back. Tomorrow I'll do laundry and have my session with Janet.

The leaves are almost gone on the maple tree that's outside the kitchen window. It was a pretty yellow color and now the ground is littered with leaves. When the sweet gum tree out near the road finishes getting rid of all of it's leaves, I'll have to clean out the drain pipe. I left it full of leaves last year but with two years of leaves clogging it up, we might have trouble with it. Maybe, I'll get the neighbor boy to help me do it and pay him to help.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Great Week-end!

Trudy and I left Athens Friday at 1:55 PM. We didn't have any trouble finding the hotel. We got there before Mary Kate and we checked into the room. The TV didn't work good so when Mary Kate got there they put us in another room. The room had too large beds, a micro wave and refrigerator that wasn't too cool. The girls went wild jumping from bed to bed and having a great time! The beds were a little too high for me to just sit on-I had to jump up to get on the mattress. It was funny.

We went out for supper and ate at a Mexican restaurant. I didn't know what to order but found some talapia that was broiled with a bunch of veggies. It was pretty good and the girls got this flaming, sizzling pan of veggies and meat to make tacos with. We wanted to eat healthy and it was a good meal. I paid for it and it was $28.00. Next, we went to this giant thrift store and I think the girls got a few things. We went back to the hotel and watched two movies and finally fell asleep around 12:00 AM. We had to get up for breakfast at the hotel by 8:30 AM so we went without make-up! It was a good breakfast with eggs, bacon, bagels muffins, waffles orange juice and milk. It was a hearty breakfast for us. We then started out for a morning of shopping!

We found an even larger thrift store and wandered around there for some time. We wanted to try on the clothes but this store didn't have any dressing rooms. I put some shirts back but got four. Both Mary Kate and Trudy got clothes. Then, it was time for lunch at 1:45 PM. We ate at the Olive Garden. It was pricey but the girls shared one entree and I got some ravioli that I knew I could chew. The salad was excellent and the waiter was very attentive. When we first got there, he offered us a taste of wine! We declined and ordered our food. It was a nice leisurely lunch. We next went to some outlet stores.

The outlet stores were all new. I went into the Famous Shoe Store and bought a pair of Sketchers tie up tennis shoes. The size 8 was a tad too big so I got a wide 7 1/2. I hope I didn't mess up by going down a 1/2 size. Mary Kate bought some work- out clothes and we wandered around looking. we finally got our fill of shopping and went back to the hotel where MK's car was parked. She had complained of smelling the car, so we checked her fluids. She was almost out of oil and her radiator was lot. We went to a Shell station and bought 2 quarts of oil and put it in. We put some water in the radiator too. We said out good-byes at the service station and went our separate ways. Trudy and I got home about 4 PM. She helped me get all the things in from the car. She came downstairs to look at the bed and headboard Forrest is getting. We'll have to move quite a bit of stuff for them to be able to get the mattress and box spring out of the bedroom. The bed is full of storage. It was a great Fri-Sat for us and we plan to do it with Sophia and Sadie next time and make it a temple trip, too. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dreary Day

It had rained during the night and more leaves fell off the trees and it was dark outside, so I went back to bed and read the scriptures and then some in the book I'm reading now. It's about the life of a slave girl in her own words. It's pretty interesting.

We made papers for Rikki's and Rosko's cages and cleaned the eyes of the stove after I let the beans boil over and spill all down into the stove top. I had given up on ever cleaning the pans under the stove eyes for they were so dirty and it takes really hard scrubbing to get them any way clean. But Frank took the eye off the spilled part and then proceeded to get all of the pans out, so I had to clean them. They still have some stains on them but I was able to get them shinny looking and clean anyway.

I rode 20 minutes on my bike but didn't take any time to lift weights or work with the tubes. Maybe I'll skip Curves tomorrow and just work downstairs. I'll be needing to get ready to go to B'ham too but that won't require much time. I'll have to read Trudy's e-mail to see if we need to buy any supplies before we go.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Buying Fever

Went to Curves this morning and the pharmacy and by Goody's today. I bought some clothes. I have a lot of pull-overs that I think are too small for me now so I'm looking out for some blouses and other pull-overs. I need another pair of tie up tennis shoes or other kind of tie up shoes for the Nike's I have aren't comfortable and they are fairly new. My mule-type tennis shoes are very comfortable but I need a pair of tie up shoes too.

Looking forward to girls night out Friday! It may rain Thursday but hopefully Friday will be clear. I don't care...we'll have fun no matter what happens!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bill Day

Paying the bills was almost the only thing we got done today. I had an appointment with Janet at 3:30 PM and after that I went by the PO and mailed the bills, the ones we didn't pay online.

I'll go to Curves in the morning and will go by the pharmacy to get two prescriptions filled for Frank's eyes getting ready for the cataract surgery. This will be his second eye and his vision should be good after the operation. It's scheduled for the 17th of November.

We didn't have any trick or treaters last night. We live in a neighborhood of older people plus we are out in the county so no one comes by.