Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Chair Is Gone

My brother and sister-in-law came up and took the chair they had loaned me after my knee operation. I got good use out of it. After we got the new couch, I moved it into the kitchen and had it at the table with the other chairs. It kind of looked at the table but it's gone now.

We had a nice visit and Ruth and I walked around the yard and looked at the fruit trees to see what kind of crop we would have this summer. We won't have to many pears. The blueberries weren't as full as last year but we will have some. The apple trees in the lower orchard will have plenty of apples on them. I still have blueberries from last year in the freezer. Ruth was lost 20 lbs. and really looks good. She wants to loose 20 more pounds

Friday, May 29, 2009

No Occasion

Took Frank to the Medical East place to get a blood test done to see about his PSA score. We went in and had it done and then came right back out. Nice. There was the usual Friday traffic but not too bad. We came right home afterwards.

Forrest says (on Facebook) that he wants an S10 truck to put some muddin' tires on. I told him I had one I would sell him! I don't think his parents would get it for him.

Mary Kate has been blogging about her trip and it sounds like they are having a wonderful time!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Read On

I have three books I have started reading. One is "How To Avoid Probate By Creating A Living Trust". The others are, "The Executor's Guide" and Mark Levin's "Liberty And Tyranny". All three are interesting to me, but perhaps starting three at the same time was a bit much.

I had my last PT session today. Frank called them to ask how much it was going to cost and I guess they reviewed my goals and decided I didn't need to come the next three times. I'm glad. It really helped me but I was tired of going three times a week. I'll continue to do the exercises, being sure to include my left leg since I plan on having the left knee replaced sometime in the fall. Having the pain of the right knee gone has really made me happy so getting rid of the pain of the left knee will be great!

We had sunshine today with the dark clouds. The forecast says we may have storms tonight. We get the grass cut and then it rains right afterwards and the grass gets growing faster! We have several trees that need their lower limbs taken off. Frank said that Mr. Sims can do that too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thunder Again

The forecast called for showers today and especially tonight. I went to Walmart for groceries and the stuff on the list after lunch and didn't get rained on but I did hear a little thunder now.
Frank has had some "oldies" on the stereo all afternoon and it's been nice hearing that music once again. I spent $166.00 on things that were on the list but I didn't get any meat or milk-well, I did get two boxes of powdered milk-but I like the 1-2% milk but I still had some, plus it wasn't on the list!

Mary Kate is blogging while in the Philippines and it sounds like they are just starting to have fun. She has been worried about the heat but said it hadn't been too hot yet.

Trudy, Sadie and Forrest are having fun at Mary Kate's house. Forrest has a friend, Ryan, who's mother is a friend of Mary Kate's and that is fun for Forrest. Now to fine Sadie a friend.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It stormed all day and made me anxious about driving to H'ville today. By the time I went, the rain had stopped. It didn't rain on me at all on the trip. I saw Dr. Shergy and he was glad I got my knee done.

The cancer meeting was canceled tonight because of the weather. Dad still feels bad so it's 6:50 PM and the birds are put to bed and I'm in my PJ's ready to watch TV.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday With Rain

This is the second day with Frank running a fever. He's been out of it all day and night. He won't take enough Tylenol to break his fever. He nibbles on 1/4th a tablet. The last bout with fever I got two Tylenol's in him and it broke his fever. He sweats it out and he doesn't like to be all wet and sweaty. Who would,but why tolerate the fever?

I didn't do anything to day but look after Frank. I should have done some laundry, but his illness stops me in my tracks. I can do the laundry tomorrow. I have a 3:00 PM Dr. appointment in H'ville tomorrow. Frank has an appointment Wed. to see Dr. Morgan. The cancer meeting is Tuesday night at 6:00 PM and I need to go even if I'm tired from going to H'ville.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stormy Sunday

Frank had gotten up at 2:00 AM with 103 degrees fever. He woke me up at 5:00 AM moaning and groaning and almost thrashing around. His head didn't feel like it had any fever but I guess it did. He fell back asleep and slept for 11 hours straight. He didn't have any breakfast or lunch and is having a lite dinner now.

It was a lonely day. I didn't go to church because he was so sick. I've lain around and read some of two books plus the scriptures. Such is the life of a care taker.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday #2

Didn't do much today. Frank felt better. We ate the roast that he couldn't eat last night. It was sort of tasty but nothing to write home about.

Mary Kate and family are in the air over the Pacific ocean now on their way to Guam then to the Philippines. They will be back home June 15th.

The new couch still looks good in the living room. I've got to stop eating on it for fear of getting a stain on it! I wouldn't let anyone else eat there so I shouldn't either. Maybe after the new has worn off a bit!

Friday, May 22, 2009

PT Again #2

I thought today was my last PT day but I have 4 more. They must be following the Dr's orders and he had a set number of exercises I had to do. Today Brooke worked with me and I used some weight machines. She would say, "Can you do this much weight?", and I would say yes and would rise to the occasion. Afterwards, I walked through Piggly Wiggly and bought a few groceries. I didn't want to go to Walmart and have a lot of walking to do. When I got home, my legs told me I had exercised too much! I had to lay around much of the day.

I got a beef roast the was $6.00 off so I came home and put it in the crock pot with a can of mushroom soup on it. It cooked all day and was very tender. Frank had had a bad night and didn't feel good all day and his taste buds couldn't take the roast. I guess I'll eat a little bit and freeze the rest for when some comes over. I had made potato salad sans the eggs ( I was too tired to boil the eggs!) and I put a little too much mayo in it. It was still good.

Mary Kate and her family are flying to the Philippines tomorrow. They'll fly from Atlanta to California and from there to Guam and then to Manila and then to Richard's mom's home in one of the islands. I'll fear for plane crashes until they are safely back.

Trudy and kids will be house sitting for Mary Kate and taking care of their two dogs. Trudy will also be doing some painting for them. She loves to paint!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

TV Day

After my PT, Frank and I went to H'ville and Sam's and got the Samsung TV. It's for his room and he'll have to set it up sometime. The man from Direct TV came and connected the living room TV and now we get the Dish network. It's very clear and the images are sharp and it's good to get away from the local channels.

I have one more PT and then that's all. I can almost get my leg straightened out and I can bend it more. PT has been good but I'll be glad not to have appointments three times a week. Then I'll be complaining that I have nothing to do, ha-ha-ha! Always reserve the right to complain!

They are having a case lot sale at the arsenal tomorrow and Trudy and Cay want me to get them on the arsenal but I really don't want to go. I will if Trudy calls tonight. I could use more cases of veggies, but I don't know where I'd put them.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Furniture Day

My new leather couch came today! I was worried that I may have made the wrong choice in the sofa, but when it came and was in my living room and I sat on it, it was just perfect! It's a milk chocolate color, has three cushions that are attached and has two recliners, one on each end. I'm really happy with it! Now I have to get my brother to come and get a rocker he loaned me when I had my knee operation. The house is too small for all the furniture I have in it.

Sandy Summerfield called tonight and we talked for a long while. She's been sick for a very long while but thinks she's coming out of it now.

Tomorrow, after I get out of PT, we are going to Sam's to take back the Vizio TV and get a Samsung instead. The Samsung is a much better set than the Vizio. After we get back, the Direct TV people are coming to set up the TV in the living room. It won't be HD but we will be able to get Fox TV. We justget the local stations now and it's the pits watching those programs.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Visit

I took my antibiotic pill before I went to the dentist and was supposed to bring the pill bottle with me, but I grabbed the wrong bottle of pills! The receptionist said she could call Dr. Moore's office and get the name of the medicine from them. Then, the next time I need dental work, I can call Dr. Knight's office and they can call in the medicine for me. I have enough pills for two more visits and since I just go twice a year I have plenty right now. I saw Shelley Merrill at Dr. Knight's office.

After the dentist, I stopped by Sam's and got another TV. I thought it was for the living room but Frank connected it in my room because he said it was a better TV than the Visio and he was right! The picture is so good, it makes you want to watch more TV! At first, I was stressed out about having to get the TV, but the Sam's worker carried it to the desk for me, checked me out and then walked it out to the car and put it in the trunk for me! Can't beat service like that.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Forgetful Day

I had a dental appointment in H'ville this morning and I got down to Glaze road and remembered I hadn't taken the antibiotic I was supposed to take before going so I returned home and called the dentist and rescheduled the visit for tomorrow. I have to take one pill today, one tomorrow morning and one tomorrow night. Can't risk getting an infection or it could hurt my new knee.

The week-end was nothing to write or read about, and today was about the same thing! I did cook supper this afternoon for there were no left overs that I wanted to eat. I fixed our kind of chili. It turned out pretty good and we'll have left overs for tomorrow. Our kind of chili is chili with very little seasoning. I have a packet of chili seasoning that I sprinkle a little over the meat and it's just enough flavor but you can't tell it's chili.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Week

It's the middle of May already! Time is really flying by. I had PT at 9:30 a.m. and had Marty. He really stretched my leg but that's what it needs. After that I went to Walmart to buy some bread. Piggy Wiggly didn't have the kind Dad likes but had some I liked. Walmart doesn't carry what I like so I'll have to find something there that I will eat. I don't want to go to two stores just for bread, or any other thing!

I came home and rested for a while. Tomorrow will be wash day. The house stays pretty clean without much effort.

Mary Kate sent a note and picture of Sophia's new birth sister (Sophia is adopted. I got to meet the birth parents and they are very nice. They came to Sophia's baptism last year). Sophia is excited about having a sister, even though she lives is California (?) Nate is excited too.

Mary Kate sent me a beautiful pair of home made earrings. They were a late Mother's Day present. They are very lovely.

Trudy carried a group of leaders and young women to Girls Camp pre-camp. Showers were forecast but they went anyway. It might not have rained on them.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trash Day Again!

It seems just like yesterday that we took the trash out, but it's Thursday again and out goes the trash. I saw Bobby Adams taking it out for us. His grandboys usually take it out for us.

We have three piles of fire ants. I've been stirring them up hoping they would move and go some place else, but it isn't working. I haven't gotten bit yet. I must get some poison to kill them with. I just don't feel like doing it, but if I have the poison, I'd do it.

The men from Dish Network came today and hooked up my TV to to HD. The picture really, really looks good! We don't have any signal on the living room TV and Dad is hooking it up to the receiver hoping to get it to work. We may have to get a new TV for the living room if Dad doesn't get it to work. I bet he does. He's good at stuff like that and he enjoys fixing things.

I got a hair cut today and then went to the grocery store and then on to PT at the Wellness Ctr. I had a man for my PT and I thought he would be hard on me, but he was easier than the girls! I go again tomorrow and I think I have one more week of it. The leg hasn't been giving me any trouble but the other knee has been a real pain! I really haven't enjoyed the new knee because the left knee has been so painful. This too will pass!

The weather is still rain and grey skies. The cotton farmers haven't been able to plant all of their crops and the cotton that is up is suffering from the lack of sunlight. We are 20 something inches over the normal amount of rainfall for the year. It's better than being in a drought, but too much of anything can be a problem (except good health!).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day Out

We went to H'ville to Dad's DR appointment and after picking up his Rx at the pain clinic, we headed for Sam's to look at TV's. After Sam's we went to Best Buy, but they didn't have anything he liked plus the carpet smelled bad and it irritated his allergy...We came back to Athens and went to the pharmacy, then came home. I rested for about an hour. By the time I get my energy back it'll be time to get my other knee done! I must get it done before Obama ruins our health care system.

The news is saying Medicare and Social Security are in trouble and will be out of funds by 2017. I don't know what the future holds but it sounds like it will be interesting. There will really be a ground swell of people protesting if Social Security goes bust! It's in trouble because of so much unemployment. There are less people paying into the fund and there is less money. Our country is really in dire trouble and I hope I'm not around to see the end of all our freedoms and the end of the country that I've grown up in and love.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Day Is It?

I had to ask Frank what day it was, I couldn't remember. Yes, I had another exciting day of living. I don't know why I have nothing to do or want to do. The house is clean, the laundry done... I don't think I can blame it on the operation because I've felt this way before. It doesn't help that Frank is in the bed all the time. If he was well, we would be doing things together. We go to the Dr. in H'ville tomorrow so we'll be out of the house for a while. Frank wants to go by Best Buy to look at a flat screen TV for his room. We'll upgraded for HD.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Visti

Church was good. My knee hurts when I sit too long. Don't know why.

Trudy and her family came over for Mother's Day. She was going to bring the main dish and I made potato salad and got ice cream and sundae fixings. One of her counselors in YW got sick at church and she went to the hospital with her so they got here around 7:45 p.m. Then she realized that she had left the mail meal on the counter at home! I told her not to worry that I had the potato salad and they had brought a lettuce salad and I had two kind of dressings. I made some tuna fish salad and Forrest made a sandwich. Next came the sundaes. I had bought special sundae bowls for them and had plenty of toppings too. Trudy and Sadie ate most of the cherries before they could be put on the sundaes!

Trudy made me a book intitled "My Mother". She had pictures and journeling in it. It was very special. I am one lucky mother!

Mary Kate called and Frankie did too. Mary Kate is busy getting ready for pre-school to be finished and Seminary too. She said she forgot to get me anything she was so busy. It doesn't really matter for Mother's Day is just a nice day to remember your mother and I know that Mary Kate loves and remembers me. Any gift won't be sent back, though! Frankie is very busy also and Rachel has been sick, but he called anyway which I appreciated.

I thought my PT appointment was at 10:45 a.m. today but it was at 9:30! I called and got recheduled for 11:00 a.m.. I hate to miss an appointment and I missed one last Friday.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What A Gloomy Day

The sun was out some today but the dark clouds are still around. I shopped at Walmart today for just a few things and I've been worn out all day! My knee may be doing alright but the rest of me isn't holding up very well!

After I got back from Walmart, we vacuumed the floors (Frank did) and cleaned all around for family is coming for Mother's Day. Trudy is bringing the main food and I made some potato salad sans eggs and I got ice cream for sundaes after the mail meal. I got all sorts of toppings too so it aught to be fun. Since the couch is gone and we only have two chairs, we'll have to sit in the kitchen chairs in the living room. We'll eat at 5:00 p.m.

Today both knees were hurting. I really get tired of hurting. It cramps my style too much. Oh, to feel joy without the pain! Am I getting dramatic or what?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Thursday Night

Karen came by for me at 3:45 p.m. and we met Billy Geer's van at the church. There were 5 of us going. Bro. Geer, Bro. Mitchell, Sis. Shelby,Decker and myself. There was a nursery to be staffed with Athens and I decided I would help out too. We had about 15 children in a rather small room, but the children had a great time. My knees were hurting pretty bad so I just sat and held a baby, who was very good. We got to go on a temple session after we babysat. I had taken the last two of my pain pills at the Temple but they didn't work too well. I think all the sitting going down there and while I was there hurt. I prayed that the pain would be gone when I got home so I could sleep and it was.

The McGee's are coming to get our couch even as I'm writing this! They came yesterday, but I was gone and Dad had already put the birds to bed. We'll have to move into my room so they won't be upset by all the moving around. We'll be without a couch until May 19, but we have enough chairs to fill in the space. At least the space underneith the couch will get swept!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Going to the Temple

Since the Atlanta temple will be closing in another month, we have to make reservations to visit the temple. Some of the Atlanta people will be coming to the Birmingham temple and that will be a lot of people and in order to get a seat, we have to call and tell them we're coming.

I washed two loads of clothes and folded and brought them up and put them away. Whew! That was enough work for today! The garbage has to be collected and Dad is busy cutting up boxes or something. I have to be ready for the temple by 3:45 p.m. I'm rather tired, but feel as if I will receive strength if I make an effort to go.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

PT Again

It was a miserable morning, with rain coming down, when I had to go to my PT appointment. I saw a different therapist today but she was good. There were a lot of "no-shows" because of the weather so I got some extra time in. We worked on stretching my right leg and it didn't feel too cozy! After I left, I came home and hopped back in bed and rested some more.

The bug man, Cris, came today and found a fire ant mound around the front (back) porch. They had been there long before, but I didn't realize they had returned. Since March 24, or before, I haven't been able to walk around the property to check on things. I knew some fire ants had taken up residence out by the road where I plant my artificial flowers. One day, I got a stick and disturbed the mound. If the mound gets disturbed too many times, they will move it. I got one bite, but it didn't have any long, lasting effects. To keep things under control, one has to walk around their property every now and then to see what is going on.

Trudy and George are getting a "new" mini van. It's 7 yrs. old and has 143,000 miles on it. It has a little crumbled front fender, and I mean little, and the man sold it for $750! The little Civic they were driving was just too small for the children. I bet Forrest is over 6' tall and Sadie is 5'4" or more. A Civic is for little people like me! I have ridden in the back seat of a Kia and and I didn't have enough leg room! A tall person was riding in the front seat and had the seat all the way back.

At the end of this month, the Villamors will be leaving for 3 weeks in the Philippines. They are all excited! I just pray that they will all come back home safely. Trudy will be house sitting for them for a couple of weeks and then Mary Kate will get someone to come in to feed the dogs for the week that Trudy isn't there. I think Trudy will be doing some painting for them too. If I had the mind, I would worry the whole time they'll be gone, but I don't have the mind to do that!

Monday, May 4, 2009

PT Day

The physical therapy wasn't bad. I warmed up on the bicycle and then did some ham string stretches. Then, we went to a table and I lay down for the rest of the exercises.

Yesterday, my mind was really troubled about the fact that I might not be able to get more of the pain killer. Sunday, I had to leave church to take a dose, but the afternoon was free of pain. I got Frank to give me a blessing and he told me it might be time to get off the medicine (I didn't like that thought at first...) and that I would be able to get more medicine, if I needed it. Sunday night was pain free and I slept well (for me, that is). I have two pills left and I had to decide whether to take them before or after the PT. I decided to wait to see if I needed them, and I didn't! I guess I liked the medicine because it made me feel better - pain without pills - pills, no pain. It was not a feeling that I miss since I've stopped taking them. I had been praying that my knee would continue to heal but was not praying for the pain to go away. Dugh! Live and learn....

After the PT session, I went to Walmart to buy groceries. It was the first time I've shopped since the operation. After I got home, I rested a bit, but I was tired all day. Five weeks isn't a long time to get over an operation and I guess I will feel tired for a while.

A couple at church want our old couch. They're coming to get it Thursday. I hope by then the rain has stopped. They'll have to come to the "back" of the house to get it out of the living room. Hopefully, we won't have to move the bird cages. The new sofa will be delivered May 19th. It will take some getting used to. We've never had leather and the back of the couch is higher than the old one. It's really comfy to lie down on!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two Day Review

Saturday was a pretty good day. Tommy and Eunelda Parrish came over in the afternoon so Tommy could help Frank finish putting my TV on the wall. Eunelda and I had a good time reminiscing old times.

Sunday was good, too. It has rained steadily all week and is supposed to be wet all this next week.

I begin my PT at the Wellness Ctr. tomorrow at 8:45 a.m. I don't much want to do it, but I guess it is necessary so I will be obedient and do it. It's still raining now! We just had the grass mowed and by the time it dries up, it will be time to get it mowed again!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Almost Late!

I usually don't realize what day of the week it is so I spent time in bed listening to the rain storm and when I did get up, Frank reminded me that I had an appointment at the Wellness Ctr.! I got ready quickly and ran out the door. While driving there, I realized the appointment was at 8:45 am and not 8:30 a.m. So, I got there early and I had rushed out so fast that I had forgotten to get the paper Dr. Moore had given me. The first visit was just an evaluation but I did get a lift to put in my left shoe since my right leg is longer. I got some more exercises to do (oh, joy...) and now I have to get back to doing the exercises myself. I know the exercises will make my leg (s) stronger but I'm not too excited about doing them. It'll be better when I set up a routine to do them. I didn't mind them before the home health came and I can get back to doing them again.

Stopped by to see Lou after the Wellness Ctr. The Cancer Survivors dinner is next Tuesday and she said she would see me there. Then I had to go home and RSVP to get my name on the list. It's be a fun night. I'm still tired from the operation.

Dad is busy putting my TV on the wall. I think I'll slip downstairs and take a nap. Tommy Parrish is coming over to help him with the TV and I don't want to be in the way.