Monday, July 29, 2013

Point Mallard

We got on the road about 10 AM. Trudy got here with Sadie about that time. Trudy was going to be with Frank while the rest of us went to Point Mallard. It was Mary Kate, Nate, Sophia, Sadie, Jacob and Lil, Heather's children. We had some trouble finding the place, but once there we got in and got a place to sit. We went on the Lazy River first. It was fun floating around on an inner tube. The sun wasn't always out so it was a little cold but it was fun. We stayed there four hours.

We came home and Forrest was here. He had come from work. He's into air softing. It's a game where they have guns and they shoot pellets. He loves it.

Frankie called and said he and the little kids would be coming here Friday evening. It will be fun having them here.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paint Ramp

Today George and Sadie came over and painted the ramp. I was told that one gallon of stain would do it, but the stuff we were using soaked into the bare wood and Trudy and I had to go back to Lowe's to get two more gallons and George said they had to scrape the last of what was in the can to finish off the last of the ramp. So 3 gallons barely did it. I helped some and got some sun. After they finished painting, they picked blueberries and got quite a lot. I have some for Frank to eat and Mary Kate and her crew will have some to eat, too. Trudy had spent the week with us but went home with her family. She'll be back Monday but Wednesday she has her surgery.

I called Summer-Rae and got her to cover for me at church so  I can be here when Mary Kate gets in. I hope she doesn't get in in the afternoon. I thought she might be here mid morning. Richard called and said she was bringing one of Heather's sons with her. I thought where will he sleep. Trudy took her mattress topper home with her so there's only egg cartons and an air mattress for guests. I hope we get to go to Point Mallard Monday.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Martin came over and measured the place where he will install the grab bars. He wants to put boards up to install the bars too so it will be safer. He'll be back next week.

I went into town to the pharmacy and then to Walmart to get some groceries that were gluten free. Mary Kate and family are coming in late Saturday night. They've been to see Frankie in Knoxville, TN and will see us on the way back. I think we're going to Point Mallard Monday. Trudy will be here to stay with Frank. I look forward to getting away from the house for a little while.

George and Sadie will be coming tomorrow morning about 8:00 AM and we'll will stain the ramp and maybe burn the burn pile if we have time. It may rain tomorrow evening and would put out the fire so we wouldn't have to watch it all night. Forrest has to work tomorrow so we won't see him.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Railing Up

Martin came over this morning and put the final hand railing up. He measured the bathroom for the grab bars we bought. There will be one by the water closet (hehehe) and one a little higher for after we're out of the tub to grab onto. Now, if Frank will only get better...

I ran to town to return some signatures to the bank and Frank's shoes to the cobbler to get stretched. Came back and cleaned out a place for some important things we had in the filing cabinet. We didn't find the deed to the house. Maybe we can get a copy from the courthouse. Got to make an appointment with a lawyer for sometime. Need to see if we can sell the burial plots back to the city. Trudy wants us to be buried in Hazel Green. The cemetery is connected to a Baptist church and they may not want Mormons in their cemetery!

Last night Trudy couldn't sleep so she cooked several meals with meat we had thawed. The beans and rice dish was seasoned too much so she will take them home with her. The meatloaf was good. Frank ate all of his food tonight and his sugar was 126, which is good.

I writing in a book called, "My Life, My Way". I got it from a catalog and it's a journal of my life. It has questions and I answer them. Trudy is interested in journals.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Work Day

Trudy and I cleaned out the towels in the big bathroom. Bro Hansen came over this morning to put up the hand rails and while he was here we went to Lowe's and bought the stain for the ramp. We forgot the railing for the bathroom and had to go back. We went to Regions and Compass banks and did some online business. I was addle brained before we got out of the banks. Trudy'll have to show me how to do the online banking. I grasp some of it but not all. We found out how much we are paying for my Tract phone, $33.21 a month. Trudy wants me too get an iPhone but I don't know yet. I still have to learn how to use the iPad.  Bro Hansen will be back tomorrow to finish the railing he is putting in and he will install the rails in the bathroom. The mirror will have to come down and put on the outside of the door.

Trudy had a heart to heart talk with Frank and they were both crying. I went downstairs to get the bird sheets. I want to talk with him after we see Dr Boyer again in November. Frank said he feels like he's slipping, and he is. He's having PT every week and I hope he'll get some strength back but he may not. He doesn't eat much and is down to 156 lbs. from 174 lbs. He has gone down hill rapidly.

Trudy is going to have a talk with Frankie and Mary Kate about coming to visit soon for we don't know how Frank will be doing. Mary Kate is coming up next Monday. It would be good for them to see what shape he is in.

Trudy always wonders who she looks like in the family. Tonight when we were looking through some old pictures we came to on of my mother's pictures and we both thought she looked like her through the eyes. Trudy was happy.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dr Visit

Frank had to go to H'ville to get his Prolia shot. He got out to the car with his three wheeler and I folded it and put it in the trunk. At the Dr's office, I got a wheel chair and got him in it and wheeled him to the office. It was the only way he could have gone to the Dr for there was too much walking to be done. Trudy thought the appointment was at 12:30 PM but that was the time we left home. She was there far too early but we got to see her before she had to go. She met us at home. She is  staying here until Wednesday.

She has started to clean out Frank's three drawer filling cabinet. We need the dead to the house and other legal papers and they are somewhere in the filling cabinet.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lazy Saturday

Frank fell again this morning. I had gone back to bed when I heard him fall. He thought to take some steps without his walker and down he went. He had a red mark on his head. He scooted back to his bedroom where we got him up on the bed. I think he realizes now that he has to have his walker whenever he wants to move.

I went outside to move the garbage cans so Steve could cut the grass but he was already there and moved them for me. I then went to the pharmacy to get some meds.

Frank and I watched some TV in the living room. The TV is his room doesn't work for some reason. I sat and dozed in the recliner (my favorite past time lately...). Maybe I'll ask Bro Rudy to come over and see if he can fix the TV for Frank.

The choir sings in the morning. My injury to my hand doesn't interfere with my playing the piano. I called the Decker's and told them we needed to be at church by 9 AM. They were out so I left a message on the answering machine.

Friday, July 19, 2013

End of the Week

I had an appointment with Dr Shergy today. It was just for a check-up. I haven't had a bone density test in 3 years so I'll go back in a few months and get that done. I left at 10 AM and got back at 1:30 PM. There was a long line for lab and I had to wait there. I stopped at McDonald's for a hamburger and coke and ate it on the way home.

I called for a grass cut today. I need to move the grill back in place and take the three old garbage cans down to the burn pile to be disposed of before Steve gets here to cut the grass. Maybe when Trudy and George and family are here to stain the ramp, we can burn the pile too. It needs to be burned sometime.

Frank was still in bed when I got home. He wouldn't eat anything for lunch but did eat a light supper. His appetite isn't good anymore.

The PT lady came today. We'll have PT twice a week for 5 weeks.

I listened to my new CD's on the way to H'ville today. They are old songs that are not rock 'n roll. It was different at first but I really liked listening to them as I went along. I have another CD in the car I'll listen to tomorrow when I drive to the pharmacy. I asked for another prescription for Arthrotec and instead of writing one for me, they phoned it into the pharmacy and I need it send it to Express Scrips instead. So I'll have to ask the pharmacy about how I can send it off instead of getting it from them.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

House Washing

Bubba and Ruth come at 9:00 AM and brought their pressure washer and Ruth washed the house. I sprayed some cleaner on the siding and then she washed it. It really looks fresh and clean now. Bubba had a mini class reunion in Sheffield so he left early. Ruth and I picked the blue berries and got quite a lot. I got quite a lot of sun, too. I can really be called a "redneck" now. I gave Ruth most of the blueberries and I kept a small container of them. There are more on the bushes that just have to get ripe. I just don't particularly like to pick them myself.

I got Frank in the shower and washed him clean. He got out of the shower but lost his balance and fell back into the shower bringing the shower curtain and rod down with him. I got caught up in the fall and have a bruise on my left arm and right hand. The hand is sore and I hope it doesn't interfere with my playing the piano for the choir sings this Sunday. If worse comes to worse, I could direct and Summer-Rae could play the piano.

I go see Dr Shergy tomorrow. It's just a routine visit. I have to see him before I get a Prolia shot for my osteoporosis. Frank has started taking the Prolia shots too.

Mary Kate and kids are coming Sunday. She's going to TN to get her hormones checked and then on to see Frankie. She said she would probably come here for Church and maybe Monday we could go to Point Mallard. Trudy could come and be with Frank while we were gone.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Janet was back from her vacation and we had a good work out. I came home and then went to Ann's
house to pick her up to go VT. We went to see Glenda who lives out in a ritzy subdivision near the nuclear plant. Their house is on the water and is very beautiful. Glenda has Parkinson's disease but seems to be stable right now. We had a very nice visit with her. Ann and Russ are going to go over and teach them how to use their computers so they can do family history.

The home health came today to help Frank with some exercises to gain strength in his legs so he can walk better. I need to contact Janet after the PT is over and see how much she would charge to come out and work with Frank with some weights and build his upper body strength. He still has trouble standing and getting around.

Bubba and Ruth are coming over tomorrow to wash the house at 9 AM. I'll have to get the hoses out of the shed and hook them up. I don't have the energy to do that, I think. I'll do it anyway and help all that I can. I need to cut some limbs off of the humming bird bush for it is touching the house and the ramp.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Day

Didn't have anywhere to go today. Can't remember if Trudy and I cleaned anything or not.

Dad is getting around with his three wheeled rollator pretty well. He uses the walker to go to the bathroom. Bro. Hansen came over today and measured the walls for hand rails. He is such a nice person. He told us about how much stain/water proofing we would need for the ramp.

Ruth called and said she and Bubba would be up Thursday to wash the house. It will be nice to get it clean of the mildew.  The next week (if it doesn't rain) Trudy and George and family will be over to stain the ramp. Next, we need the hand rails to the basement stained and our projects will be over.

I talked with Frank's sister, Mary, today after she had talked to Frank. She had noticed a change in him and thought he had had a stroke. I told her it was dementia. She knew something was not right.  It has come on pretty sudden in 7 months.

Tomorrow, I have exercise and one VT appointment. Trudy has a dental appointment at 8:15 AM, so she'll leave early. She put some drumsticks in the crock pot early this evening and they're in the refrigerator now so I won't have to cook lunch tomorrow.

Monday, July 15, 2013


I went to exercise and then came home at 9:30 AM. Frank had stayed in bed. I had fixed some turkey meat, ground with some tomatoes, tomato sauce and two cans of pinto beans. I should have just used one can of pintos but I didn't. I had a little chili seasoning left but it wasn't enough to make it taste good, so today I added another can of tomatoes and another full packet of mild chili seasoning. It helped it some but it wasn't what you would call good, not to me anyway. For supper, we had cottage cheese and grapes and milk and Graham crackers. Trudy came over after six and had some chili and cottage cheese and grapes. We talked a while and made a list of things we needed to do and then went to bed.

I got a name of a lawyer from Shelley and will contact him as soon we have the documents necessary. We have to put all of our property in Trudy's name so if there comes a time that one of us has to go into a nursing home the nursing home won't be able to take our house and property. We have to go through the filling cabinet and fine the burial plots and the deed to the house. Then we'll have something to take to a lawyer.

Dad seems to be going down hill fast. I need to call Dr Walker to get some physical therapy for Frank. He's lost all of his upper body strength and it's hard for him to get up from a seated situation. 

We're thinking about having a railing put down the hall and into Franks room.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another Fall

I was snoozing in the recliner and woke up too hear Frank hollowing. He was coming to get the remote which I had on a table near me and he didn't use the walker. I woke up as he was going down. He fell on an antique table next to my chair. The new chair caught his fall but he landed on his knees. He was able to get up onto the couch and from there I got him up on the walker. Tomorrow, the new rollator, a three wheeled cart, will come in the mail. I think it will help him if he will us it every time he tries to walk any where.

Trudy will be over after 6 PM tomorrow night and will stay 'till Wednesday. Mary Kate called tonight because Trudy had texted her about the fall. She has been called to be Primary President again. She was already working in the Primary and the Branch President said the Lord wanted her to be the president. She will do good. She wants the Relief Society and Young Women presidents to be her councilors.

She said they would try to come up again in August and we can go to Point Mallard to the swim park. I guess that's what Point Mallard is is a swim park. They have had a busy summer.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

No Day

The neighborhood breakfast was today and I went to that. We had the usual crowd. The Sweeney's, the Adam's, Diane, Sandra McDole and her grandson and me. I wanted to order just a fruit plate but didn't see any on the menu so I got blueberry pancakes. I didn't eat them all but it was really too many calories and carbs to be eating.

Came home and Frank was in his room. He still can't get around well so stays put. I was lonely today. I took a nap and time passed. Frank's blood sugar was high tonight. He doesn't eat much and I'm afraid he will loose too much weight. I, on the other hand, am not loosing any. I've given up my Cokes. Six months of drinking soft drinks will bound to help you gain weight. I really enjoyed them-sitting in my chair, sipping a cold Coke and feeling that sugar and caffeine coursing through my veins. Surely there's something in life that isn't fattening!

Friday, July 12, 2013


Went to exercise and we had a substitute instructor. Janet is in WI visiting and the girl who subbed for her was good and gave us a good work out. I stopped by the Salvation Army with a bag and then to the ReStore with two computer keyboards. Then I came home for I thought I had my students today. They didn't come so I practiced the new choir music I have.

After lunch, I went to Ann's house and we went to Glenda's to VT but she wasn't there. We tried. The other woman we see wasn't available and wouldn't commit to a time we could come by.

I made some "cookies" out of bananas, oats, peanut butter, unsweetened applesauce, and unsweetened cocoa and I think I forgot the vanilla. There's only 37 calories and 7.5 carbs in them. If you're really hungry for a cookie, I guess they'll do.

I ordered a bathing suit from Land's End and a cover up. Mary Kate said something about going to Point Mallard and I didn't want to be left out. My other bathing suit made me look old and fat and out of shape. What gives? A new bathing suit should make things better! I haven't tried it on yet. It will have to do.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

No Day In Huntsville

Trudy called this morning or last night to say that she would get George to take her into H'ville to get her facet shots. I was going to do it but since Frank fell, she wanted me to stay with him. He stayed in his room all morning and didn't get up until lunch time and then stayed in the living room all afternoon watching TV.

Mary Kate visits an older lady in a nursing home who has a three wheeled rollator to get around with. I checked on Amazon and saw the product and liked it and ordered one for Frank. It should make his getting around the house much easier than the walker he's using now. It folds up and can be put in the car and will help when he has to go to the Dr.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unusal Day

Frank fell this morning and hit his head and right knee. He hit his head on the closet door knob and his body caught the garbage can but his right knee hit the floor. He scooted into the living room and I called Trudy up and we got him into his bed in the living room. We had a Dr appointment in town at 8 AM. Trudy brought up my walker from the basement and adjusted it so Dad could use it. We made it to the Dr and then home. He was pretty shaky even walking with the walker. We put ice on his head and his knee.

The electric broom I ordered from The Vermont Country Store came in today. Trudy got excited and put it together and vacuumed the floors! It picks up dust pretty well. I'll need to clean and wash out the filter every time I use it but that's okay since it's so easy to use and works well.

Trudy and I really cleaned up Frank's room today. We got everything off the computer bed and put the shelves that were on the wall next to the bathroom door on the  bed. We moved a rolling cart out of the way just as you go into his room and now it's a straight shot to his bed. Tonight I moved some junk from behind his bathroom door so the door will open wider so the walker can go in. His knee is bruised pretty bad and it's gotten stiff. I take Trudy to H'ville tomorrow for her Facet shots and I told him to stay in his bed in his room and not to try to walk around the house. I'll be gone all morning and might not be back until after lunch.

Trudy and George and family are coming over the 26th and 27th to stain our ramp. It's rained so much lately that nothing could be done about it. Hopefully, it will be dry that week-end.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trudy's Visit

Our project for today was to go through Frank's dresser drawers and clean out junk. He has one drawer full of socks. I probably should have thrown more away but they all looked good. I thinned out his lounge pant and shirt drawer. I accomplished what I wanted to do.

We all watched some Duck Dynasty and then got ready for bed at 9:00 PM. Have a Dr appointment in the morning so will have to get up earlier than usual.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Busy Monday

Started out with exercise and then went to Publix to shop. I wanted to try their meats instead of Walmart's meat. Of course I bought other things there too. It was a treat to get my groceries carried out to the car for me. I stopped at Lowe's and got some Bona for my floors and bought a small dust mop.

After putting away the groceries, I cooked some. I cooked a cauliflower whole in the microwave and it cooked just fine. I usually cut it up before I cooked it but I had read something that made me think that I could cook it whole. I'll never chop one up again. I bought cherries and grapes and strawberries. In fact I have hardly any space left in the ice box for any more food. I want to cook some taco soup tomorrow and that will make some room in the refrigerator. I didn't buy any cereal but I can stop by the store again and get some. Have plenty of cereal now but I've run out of Raisin Bran and that's what I usually eat for breakfast.

It didn't rain today for once. I saw on the TV that Madison Co. was having flood warnings. I bet the Tennessee river is up at Florence.

I ordered some things online and got two new laundry bags from The Container Store. They were on sale and I needed some spares. I just had the black net one and it is getting little holes in it.

Trudy was coming over today but she had to wait at the Pain Clinic for several hours before her appointment and was hurting pretty bad. She'll come over tomorrow.

Frankie called last night. He was returning home from taking Kayla to a piano camp and we had a nice long chat. Mary Kate tried calling while I was talking to Frankie so I called her back. They had been to Savannah for a Villamor reunion and then Sophia's birth parents were in Atlanta and Mary Kate the the family had been driving back and forth to Atlanta to visit with them. They married and have a girl and a boy of their own. They were selfless in putting Sophia up for adoption and Mary Kate and Richard were lucky to get Sophia.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

L-o-o-g Day

When you have nothing to do the time wears on. Frank came in the living room and watched TV. In between watching with him, I washed clothes and changed my bed and made lunch. Then it was back to watching TV. We were on the military channel so I didn't watch much, but I didn't have anything else to do. I was looking through a catalog and saw some work search books. If it's easy enough, it like to do those. I liked to work the one in a bird magazine. It was pretty easy for me to figure out. I think I will order a book so I'll have something to do when Frank's in the living room watching TV. I left my choir book at church last week so I didn't have anything to practice the piano with. It would be good if I crocheted or did hand work. My eyes aren't good enough to do close work like that, plus I don't want to do that.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Bank Day

When my music students didn't show up, I went to the bank. I think I finally understand about the different accounts. I reduced the amount I put into the online banking and put it into the main account and found out about the account at Compass bank. I think I'm cooking with gas now that I understand the banking.

Came home and Sophrona called and said she would bring the kids over at 2 PM. Alita surprised me on how she can play the two chords on her ukelele. I taught her one more chord and she just lacks another chord and she will know 4 chords and she'll be able to play most any song. I tried to learn more chords myself but my hands just won't go into those positions. I have a songbook that has folk songs in it that I can teach her. We won't run out of songs to play and sing. Right now the songs we sing in the teaching book are a wee bit high for my voice, but when she learns the 4 chords, the key will be lower.

Didn't...don't remember what I started to say for I went to check Frank's blood sugar. It was 134 and at lunch it was 192. It's high but I don't know what else to do. I'm cooking the best that I can. He doesn't eat much and has lost about 12 lbs. I've gained some and it's because of the Cokes I've been drinking. I guess I'll have to switch over to Diet Rite. I can't drink anything with Aspertame in it for I'm allergic to it.

It rained again today. Not as much as yesterday, though. It may rain tomorrow, too.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th

It rained all day today so everyone's activities were damp. We don't celebrate so our plans weren't ruined. I even forgot it was a holiday and went out in the rain to check the mail.Tomorrow, I have to go to the bank and check on how much money we have. In fact, I have to go to two banks. There won't be any exercise for the center is closed because of the holiday. It will probably rain tomorrow too.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dr Visit

We went to the Pain Clinic to get a prescription for Frank's pain medicine. We ate at McDonald's. It's not my favorite place to eat but they have a chicken wrap that Frank can eat, but today his wrap was just a snack and not the big wrap he usually gets. I got the regular hamburger which is okay.

Because rain was predicted for today, I filled the trunk of my car with the bags of debris from the basement. I think I took 6-7 large bags out to the road. I'll do house trash tomorrow.

I've been reading about dementia and it depresses me. I feel like I'm on a journey that I don't want to be on but there's nothing I can do about it. It will happen. In the late stages of the disease, nursing home care may be needed. I would have to sell the house to pay for it and when the funds ran out, a medicare facility would be used. I guess that's why you have children-so you will have a place to live if you have to sell your home.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


While it was still cool outside, Trudy and I loaded up the car with maybe 10 cans of paint and took them too the ReStore. It's a Habitat for Humanity store where you can take items that they can resale.
Trudy really did a good job cleaning up Frank's part of the downstairs. We had to remove all of the boxes and things she threw outside while she was cleaning up and put it all on the burn pile. Maybe we'll get the burn pile burned this fall. Trudy left early since I didn't have any plans for today. She had to buy groceries and run errands. Sadie was with friends at Point Mallard in Decatur.

Tomorrow, I'll go to exercise and then we have a Pain Clinic appointment.

Monday, July 1, 2013


skipped exercise today. Got up at 6 AM and by the time I should have gotten ready to go out, I was sleepy so I went back to bed. Trudy came over at lunch time.

We went to town to run errands. I wanted to stop by the bank but we had to wait too long so we left. I can do it Wednesday. We stopped by Sonic and got a milkshake and went to a thrift store. I had to go by Walmart to take something back and then I was through and we came home. I was tired and think the milkshake had an effect on me. Trudy went downstairs and started working on cleaning out Dad's side of the basement. In 1 1/2 hours, she had cleaned everything up and had organized everything. Of course she threw all the empty boxes outside the back door and tomorrow we will have to clean up that mess, but the downstairs looks great. The floor is stained with rust where old paint cans sat for years but just sweeping and a mopping will do it good. I have many paint cans that I can donate to the ReStore place. I have an old cabinet that is full of small paint cans, etc. that I can get rid of if George or Forrest and pick it up and carry it away. Trudy is giving me a small upright freezer and we will have to make a place of it downstairs. The big freezer is full of bird pellets and other things. It will be nice to have extra freezer space.