Friday, March 29, 2013

False trip

I went to exercise today and no one was there. It is Good Friday. I missed going Wednesday when Janet announced it. I will be teaching Monday for Janet can't be there. Mary Kate and the children will be there but she said it didn't matter. Nate has allergies and I bet Dad will catch something from him, but he said for them to come on anyway.

I went to Walmart after finding out there was no class. I got 2 night gowns and a pair of exercise pants. Mary Kate said she would take them up for me. She has a skirt she wants to sew on. I didn't have anything to fix for supper and MK said to take a can of chicken and a can of cream of chicken soup and some sour cream and mix it all together and top it with buttered Ritz crackers. I mixed it all together but left out the Ritz crackers and served it over rice. It was good and filling.

I had two loads of clothes to do today. I practiced the Easter music while the clothes were washing. Dad came down and fixed my piano light. He put a box with a switch on it so now to turn it on all I have to do is flip the switch and it comes on. It's nice that he can still do things like that. It seems like he's getting more feeble now. It's hard for him to walk and he gets confused at times.

Our new phones came in yesterday and we hooked them all up. What we don't have are the numbers of the people who were on the old phones. We'll have to program them into the new phones.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I took Frank to Collin's Supply today to get some electrical things to fix my piano light. We came home and then I had to get the battery charger for the old Honda. It's been sitting for months because the oil light had come on and we couldn't drive it. In the meantime, the battery goes dead. The charger is heavy and the other things I carried out were heavy. My leg didn't like doing those things and I had to take a pill in the morning. The oil light didn't come on when we started the car so maybe it doesn't have oil problems. It should have problems, it's a 1990 car with over 248,000 miles on it. The paint is rough but it runs. I don't like driving it because I have a 06 Accord that is pretty.

I didn't get to go to the temple tonight. I have felt weak all day. This afternoon was better, but I still couldn't have stood the trip, I don't think. Maybe next month I'll be able to go.

Mary Kate and the kids are coming Saturday evening for their Spring break. They'll stay 'til Wednesday. We'll go shopping of course! Nate has Hay Fever and I hope Dad doesn't catch anything from him. I bet he will but he told them to come on anyway.

I got my order today. It's Tineacide cream. I'm to put it on my big toe twice a day and try to get rid of the fungus. I can't believe I've got toe fungus at my age. Maybe that's one reason I got it-my age. Oh, the joys of growing older...I like ordering from because they send things right out in a couple of days.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Walmart Visit

I went into town about 10:45 AM. I got the blood pressure machine that Frank wanted plus some oatmeal and Jet Alert and two extension cords. Frank fixed my piano light but I have to plug it into an extension cord to get it to light up. He used a big industrial extension cord and I have to replace it with a smaller one. I didn't practice today and will have to make up for it tomorrow. I'll do it right after I get home from exercise. We have a dental appointment at 12:00 PM in H'ville so I might have to practice after that.

I usually don't take a pain pill in the AM and all the walking I did at Walmart and Big Lots caused my legs to hurt around noon and thereafter.  I've decided not to go to the temple Thursday. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I've got to be able to bend my right leg and knee better, plus its a long trip and a long night. I think I'll call Richard tonight and see what he has to say about going and getting physical therapy. Dr didn't prescribe any but I might need some.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Routine

I went to exercise and then to Walmart. Frank wanted another blood pressure machine and I got one plus 2 gallons of milk. Don't know when we'll go back to drinking powdered milk, the 2% tastes so good. The blood pressure machine needs an external adapter and I have to take it back to Walmart tomorrow and see if they have another one that comes with the adapter. Seems like I'm at Walmart a lot, and I am!

At one o'clock, Carol N. came over and cleaned part of the kitchen for me. I had the dishes in the dishwasher and had pulled all of the clutter off the counters and put it on the table. She then washed the counters and areas around the sink. Sunday, she had asked to help me and I accepted her offer. I was tired of looking at the grime in the kitchen. She is a sweet sister and I really appreciate her desire to be of service. She's had both of her hips replaced by the same Dr and I had. Her husband is a Buddhist but is glad that she has found a church she can grow in.

I was up all day, most of the day, and my legs are tired tonight. I did practice the piano 45 minutes. Frank got my florescent piano light where it will work again and now I don't have to practice with the lamp from the bedroom. The piece I am practicing on is for Easter Sunday. I played it the first time with the choir last Sunday. I did fairly well but will have to do better for Easter.

I'm planning on going to the temple Thursday with the Decker's and Summer-Rae but I realized that I cannot put on my shoes. I can't cross my right leg or reach down to my foot. Someone will be glad to help me but I'm not used to having to be helped. I would gladly help someone else so I shouldn't mind being helped.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Work Day

I used the garment bag to carry the dirty clothes and towels and sheets downstairs to wash and then folded them as they dried and carried them back upstairs. I went up and down the stairs many times before I was through with it all. I practiced the piano while I was waiting on a batch of clothes to wash. I had changed the sheets on my bed and wanted to put them right back on the bed. I thought I would need Frank's help but I didn't. The new sheets that came with the bedspread are very light and thin and look and feel good.

We ate left overs from what I fixed yesterday. I cooked some hamburger and tomatoes and rotoni. I forgot the onion which would have made it better. I also made a chicken and pineapple and rotoni salad. It's a light meal and that's what I've been wanting. It doesn't stick with you too long but I usually eat a piece of bread with Smart Balance on it and it lasts longer.

Mary Kate sent me pictures of their race today. It looked like everyone had a lot of fun. Oh, to be young again!  I look forward to when I can work out with Janet again. It will make me feel better. I just don't know when I should do it.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Went to exercise and then to the Salvation Army to drop off some clothes and things. I had a few things to get at Walmart. I ended up getting a new bath rug and two new towels that will match the new shower curtain and bath rug. I have a $20.00 off gift card to Walmart but I changed purses and couldn't find it. I got an old purse that I hadn't used much out of the closet and switched out of the other purse which is only 3 months old. I got the other purse out because it is big enough to hold the coupon holders that Trudy got for me. Of course, I couldn't find my list for Walmart and the two coupons I had for Kelloggs Raisin Bran. I usually buy Post Raisin Bran, but I would switch for the coupons. I did remember that packing tape and file folders were on the list so I got them.

It is cold now. The ground hog missed the prediction of an early Spring. We could have some rain tonight.

After I went to Walmart, I stopped at Goody's to return two pair of crops that I had ordered on-line that didn't fit. I looked around the store but I don't need any clothes so I wasn't in the mood to buy anything. When I'm in the mood to shop, look out, here I come!

Frank is doing better. The pain in his neck is gone. The Dr's office called today asking about the pain and he said it was gone or almost gone.

Trudy and Sadie have gone to Mary Kate's to run in a race in LaGrange. I guess it's LaGrange. It could be somewhere else. Mary Kate sent me a picture of Richard, Nate, and Sophia dressed in their race shirts and matching sun glasses. I hope Sadie gets a shirt and glasses too.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dr Visit

Trudy met us at Sports Med in H'ville. Frank saw Dr Cosgrove. He ended up giving Frank some shots in his neck for the neck pain he has all the time. The shots helped the pain. Trudy was interested in what the Dr said about Frank's back for she has the same problems that he has. The Dr can do a mild procedure  that doesn't require hospitalization. H goes in the back with a small hole and shaves part of the spine and then the pressure is removed and the pain is better. I expect Frank will get the procedure sometime in the future if Medicare will approve it.

We came back to Athens and stopped and got 2 Whoppers to go. We ate them at home. Gosh, what a good hamburger! I dripped juice on my shirt and pants. It really tasted good.

Trudy tied and knot in my curtains and they look better. I was going to buy a tie-back but now I won't have to. My bedroom looks fresher now.

I ordered a new watch from Amazon. I had had time to forget I ordered it when it arrived. It's a Timex but it's an upscale model and not like the ones I usually get from Walmart. It's gold and silver and has Indiglow and the date. I had to take by the jewelry store to get some links taken out so it would fit my wrist. I really like it. I had ordered two pair of pants from Stage Stores but they didn't fit, so I'll take them back to Goody's tomorrow. One pair I ordered did fit.

The weather has turned unseasonable cold. It was in the 20's this morning. It's supposed to rain, sleet, snow. sleet and then rain again, all tonight. They said no snow would accumulate. I've seen a big snow in March but I don't remember whether it was this late or not.

Frank wrote the birthday checks out and I got the cards ready for Frankie and Mary Kate. I got a nice card for my brother who's birthday is March 25th. I usually get a funny one but I got a nice sentimental one this year.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Curtains Up

Frank helped me and we got the last curtain up in my bedroom. It feels nice to have all the dust removed and the translucent blue of the curtain looks good.

Mike Campbell came over with our new insurance policies. We changed from Nationwide to Allstate because it was cheaper. We had a nice chat about family, his and ours.

Karen will pick me up for RS tonight. It's share your talent night. I'll not be sharing anything. It will be fun to be with all the sisters.

I've been busy putting away all the things I had to take off my computer desk in order to change out the curtain. I threw away a lot of stuff.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Good Monday

Went to exercise today. It's so nice to not have to lead the exercises and just do them. I went from the senior center to Walmart. I needed some milk and I wanted to buy some new curtains for my room to match the new bedspread I have. I just wanted toppers, but they didn't have them, so I bought three sheers in medium blue. They go all the way to the floor. I may get some sort of a tie back to hold them to one side, I haven't decided yet. Frank helped me. We had to get the vacuum out and dust the windows and blinds-what a mess! If I have the curtains pulled too the side, I will have to be more diligent in getting up the dust. I should have practiced the piano today but I didn't. I will have to practice after breakfast because Mr. Campbell is coming over with some papers for us to sign.

We still have one window too do, the one over the computer. The dust will be horrific and I'll have to cover the entire computer. I should be a better house keeper, but I don't have the energy or ability since my leg is still healing.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Last night, after we had gone to bed, Trudy was having so much back pain that she went home. She left a note to meet her and Sadie at Kohl's at 10:00 AM. WE met and had a good time shopping. I'm afraid that I've spent too much money since I don't know my balance right now. I'll have to call the bank and check on the balance. Trudy gave back my debit card. I used my Kohl's card today but it all comes out of the same place.

Frankie called the other night to see about Dad. We had a nice chat with him.

The weather was in the 70's today and the sun was shinning. If the saying about March is true-in like a lion, out like a lamb-we should have more of these nice days. The Bradbury pear trees are in full bloom and the sides of the roads are filled with trees bearing white blossoms.

I called Summer Rae and told her I would play for Primary tomorrow. Liberty was in bed last week and Summer Rae had to play the piano and watch a little child, too. She said that Liberty was feeling better but that she would be there to help me if I had some pain. I hope I won't have any pain. I won't be staying for choir, though. Hopefully, Frank will have the piano light fixed so I can practice the choir music.

Janet will be back at the senior center and I will get to just exercise instead of leading the exercises. Two seniors expressed a liking for the old way of doing things, but I like Janet's way. I'm younger than the others and that may make a difference.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Doing Nothing

For the past two days, I haven't done much and was tired when time came to write in this journal.

I led the exercises today. Two people told me they liked my style of exercising better than Janet's. It's less demanding than hers. I enjoy her work outs more. Maybe because I'm not the one doing the leading! Janet comes back Monday. I'm driving now and she won't have to come out and pick me up although I enjoyed it.

Trudy came after lunch. I wanted to go to Kohl's and we started out but after we dropped two packages at the PO, Trudy confessed she was too tired to go, so we stopped by KFC and got a bucket of chicken for supper. We'll go too Kohl's tomorrow morning. I have $20.00 worth of Kohl's cash and some discount cards that I want to use before the week-end is over. I want to buy some new curtains for my bedroom. I want some dark blue toppers for the windows.

The light over the piano is out and Frank will fix it next week. He tried to fix it today but it wasn't what he thought it was. I've got to practice anyway. I'll move the floor lamp from Trudy's room and plug it up near the piano. The music isn't all that hard, I just have to learn it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nothing Day

I guess I was tired from shopping yesterday for I haven't done anything today. I did cook supper and order some pants from Stage Stores. Frank has felt bad all day and has lain on the living room bed. It was supposed to be his "good" day but it wasn't.

The weather has been warm again. It didn't rain today but it was cloudy. I haven't been using my cane much today and my hip hurts now. I took an ultram and will see how it works.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dr Visit

Trudy took us to see Dr Alexander this morning. We were almost late for we were looking at the atomic clock that is supposed to set itself on day light savings time but didn't. We got ready to go in 10 minutes! It was raining hard all the way but we made it on time.

Dr Alexander said my hip was healed. He said my leg was shorter by 3/4 " and he gave or I should say I paid $23.00 for a 3/8" lift that was put into my right shoe. I do walk better now. I'm getting around better without my cane but I still need to use it.

Dad's MRI showed spinal stenosis in in his lower spine. He'll get injections first and if that doesn't help, then he'll need an operation on his back.

After lunch and rest, Trudy and I went shopping. We went to the bank first to get two of Dad's debit cards checked out and then to Publix for shopping. We went to Walmart for three things. We stopped by the pharmacy and got an Rx for my pain pills. It's tramadol and I sure hope it will kill the pain that is still left.

I drove the car today. It's hard for me to get in and out of it. I lifted the steering wheel up and that helps me get in and out.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

We Did Breathe

I got up at 6:30 AM and Frank got up at 7 AM. We ate breakfast and then went back to bed for our after breakfast naps. I got up at 9:30 AM and got into the shower. I remember when I couldn't get into the shower and it still is a thrill that I can do it now. I just wore my muumuu today since I wasn't going out. All we did was sit in the living room and watch Fox news. I'm sure we did breathe because we're still alive tonight but it was a do nothing day.

Janet called to say there would be no exercise tomorrow because of the Poke Sallet Revival at the senior center. She and Bob go on vacation next week and I said I would take care of the exercise for Wednesday and Friday. We see Dr Alexander Monday and maybe I'll be able to drive by then. I've really enjoyed being driven around by Trudy, but I expect I'll get to enjoy driving again when I can. If I can't drive, I'll get Trudy to take me to the senior center those two days I be leading the exercises.

Trudy may be coming over tomorrow and if she does she'll be bringing invitations for a Relief Society shindig and we will have to stamp and color the invitations. I also have to go to town to Nationwide Insurance to pay the bill. We forgot to pay it last month and got a notice today. Frank got the check already to go.

The boys took the trash out for us tonight and I will bring in the trash container in the morning. I think I can do it.

I only had 2 pills today! I went all morning until after lunch before I took one and had to have one after dinner tonight.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Kohl's We Go

Trudy, Sadie and I went to Decatur today and went to the new Kohl's Grand Opening. There were lot's of people in the store. I found a comforter and sheets, sham, pillow case and dust ruffle all together and got that for myself. I then bought Sadie some things. I had a 30% off coupon and a 15% off coupon and it reduced what I had to pay quite a bit. We had lots of fun together. Trudy washed some of our clothes and Sadie vacuumed the floors and air filters. I gave her $10.00 which she didn't want to accept but I told her I wanted her to have it. Teenagers always need money. Plus, she babysits and earns her own money.

It was P day for Frank and he was lethargic all day. He didn't take any caffeine tablets and he was almost asleep all of the time. We cooked a corn beef today and had cabbage too. It was good but a bit salty. Frank ate the Rotoni, chicken and pineapple salad. It is good and makes a light meal.

I walked a lot inside the house without my cane today. It was around 9:30 AM when I took my 1st pain pill and I had to take if since we were going out. The Dr's office did call in a new prescription so I'll have one for tonight. I think I'll see how long I can go without taking any meds tomorrow morning, working on taking only 2 pills a day.

Nate has or is getting over the flu. He had been sick a few days and Mary Kate finally took him to the Dr yesterday and he tested for the flu. I don't know what medicine he got because they said he was about over it. They were coming up next week-end because they had a teacher holiday but Mary Kate said she had the sniffles and with Nate getting over the flu, they better not come. We'll miss seeing them.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Janet came and got me for exercise today. I was able to do some exercises that I couldn't do three weeks ago.

Janet will be on vacation next week and I volunteered to take her place Wed. & Fri. On the way home, I realized that I still can't drive but I see the Dr the Monday before I would lead the exercises and maybe I can drive by then. Trudy will be able to take me anyway. The birds are hollowing and wanting to go to bed now.

Tomorrow is Frank's MRI in H'ville. Trudy called and said she had cleaned up her house and was too tired to come over tonight, so Sadie will be able to go to Seminary and they will be here about 8 AM. The appointment is at 10:20 AM. We'll eat lunch out. It will be a fun day.

Wednesday, we will go to the Grand Opening on the Kohl's store in Decatur. That will be a fun trip too. I can ride in the wheel chair while we shop. It will be an all day affair.

I've been walking a bit without my cane around the house and in my room, when the pain pills are doing their thing. I still need 3 a day or else I hurt. It's been 2 months now. It was January 10th I had the second operation.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I went to church today. It was Fast and Testimony Sunday. I got to bare my testimony. I missed doing it last month. Karen asked if I wanted to stay of all the meeting and at first I said "yes", but after I had walked up to the podium and sat back down again, my hip started hurting and I asked her to run me home. I will have to take a pain pill at church to get through all of the meetings. Maybe by the time I get better I won't have to have 3 pills a day, but for now that's what I'll have to do.

Trudy and Sadie will be coming over tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday morning we'll be going to Decatur to the new Kohl's store. They have a quilt for my bed that is $39.00 instead of $109.00 and I thought it would be fun to look around. I said I would buy Forrest a new foam mattress this month so it will set me back $3-400.00. I hate to think that my grandson is sleeping on a bad mattress.

I see Dr. Alexander in two weeks. Maybe I'll be able to drive by then. I hope he lets me have the pain pills if I still need them. When I had my knee done by Dr. Moore, I called for more pain medicine and the receptionist said he probably wouldn't let me have any but he did and that was the last bottle I needed. I don't want to stay on the meds longer than I need them but I do want them when the pain is still there.