Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Day Again!

I didn't make it to the exercise class today. I'll have to set the clock to get me up at 7:00 AM. Then I'll be able to get dressed, get Dad's breakfast and then leave the house. I can walk in the building until 8:30 when the exercise begins.

I shopped at Wal-Mart this morning. Spent a lot on nothing much. Needed to get some sticky back Velcro but it wasn't on my list. I have to take Dad's new shoes to the shoe shop to get them stretched and they were closed today, so I'll go out tomorrow and then I'll get the Velcro.

I spent all afternoon copying File Folder games onto card stock. First, I had to learn how to use card stock in the copier. I copied one and then colored it. It took over an hour just to do that. Then, I began copying more pages and finally ended up with 6 complete games. The coloring is tedious. I think I have to cut all the pieces out before they are laminated. This is quite a project but I am enjoying it. If I'm going to teach the 5-6 year olds, I'm going to have to be prepared with games and things to take up the time I have after I give the lesson.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday 3rd

I drove Sadie home Fri afternoon and had a nice visit with Trudy and George. I saw Carhartt and Benny. Benny is a standard black Poodle. He's still a pup but is quite large. It's funny to see little Carhartt play with a little dash hound! I got Carhartt in my lap and he fell asleep and it was a joy for me to be petting a dog again.

Saturday, I mainly vegged out. Making up for being on the go with Sadie.

Mary Kate told Frankie she couldn't come up for his operation, and she will be at our house the second week in July (I think this is right....I know she's coming sometime...) Maybe Trudy will be able to go to Knoxville for a couple of days. Dad is recovering from doing a lot of sitting and working on the Ham radio. Tonight is the MARA net where he calls in to all the men who are Ham operators too. Hopefully, he'll be able to use the new radio.

My Primary class went okay. I'll be the teacher for a while or maybe forever. I had all the children on the roll, 5, plus a visitor making 6 children. The lesson was the Savior is the Good Shepherd and I had cut out pictures of lambs for each child. I took cotton balls and glue and we glued "fur" on the lambs. The kids liked that. I tried to tell them to pull the cotton balls apart but the girls already knew what they wanted the lamb to look like and almost used all of the cotton balls before the boys even got started! I had a puzzle for them to put together and they liked that and Trudy had loaned me a memory game she had made and they liked that. We were still playing the game when the bell rang. Some lady , who is here for the summer, will be coming into my room to help in some way. Don't know if she'll be teaching too or what. I told Karen that I wanted to make some of the file folder games and she's coming over Wed. and we'll start making some. I might enjoy teaching this class after all if I can just find enough things for the children to do during the time I have them.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sadie to Hazel Green

Went to See Dr. Sharp yesterday. He's started me on another antidepressant, can't think of the name of it, I've taken it before. I hope this makes me feel "normal". After the Dr., we went to Hobby Lobby and Sadie picked out a paint-by number set and I had the 40% off coupon, plus I got a big denim bag for Primary stuff. I got some play doh but I don't think it is on the list of approved materials. The kids would love it, though.

I made a cake and Sadie is frosting it now. I think it is her official birthday cake, since she didn't have one. She'll take it home with her so Dad and I won't be tempted to eat it all at one sitting!

Frankie is to have his neck operated on July 7th in Knoxville. He's asked Mary Kate to come up and help with his family while he's in the hospital. She'll come here for a few days and then go to Frankie's house. I'll be taking Sadie home in a little bit.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot Day

It got up to 95 degrees today. It was hot in the car when Sadie and I went to town. Dad wanted us to find some socks for him and we found some 87% cotton. He has so much trouble with his feet. He really wants 100% cotton but they aren't made like that in the stores. We stopped by Radio Shack and got some connectors for the radio. I talked with Sophia the other day and mentioned Dad's ham radio and she thinks he has a radio with a ham on top of it! It does make sense!

Sadie helped me make some potato salad last night. She pealed the cooked potatoes and chopped them and chopped up the hard boiled eggs. I put too much mayo in it but it was lite mayo. We have a cake to cook and frost but I'm waiting 'til later to do that. Maybe she'll take the cake mix and frosting home with her. Then, I won't eat any of it. I was going to say "be tempted", but I wouldn't need the temptation, I would just jump right in and eat away!

Dad is cleaning the bird cages now and Sadie loves to watch him. He gets Rikki out and put her on her perch and she talks and makes all kinds of weird noises. Sadie makes weird noises too and just loves it! Of course, the birds like all the attention.

Sadie got a bead set and has been making necklaces. I found a container that her mother had given me and I gave it to her and she put all of the beads in the compartments and it looks really nice. It keeps the beads from scattering everywhere, too.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sadie's Here

Trudy and Sadie came over Sun. evening and Trudy spent the night too. I had to go to H'ville to get my crown glued back on at 10:00 AM so Trudy and Sadie couldn't sleep late. While we were in H'ville, we went to Wacky Bear and Sadie got a stuffed mouse with some cute P.J.'s. After we got back into Athens, we went to the pharmacy and she got a Webkins chicken. She now has about 14 Webkins!

I see Dr. Sharp Thurs. I'm having some bad feelings. I can't find enough things to fill up my time. I feel like an empty barrel. I thought the feeling would go away when Sadie got here but it is still an underlying feeling. I hate to think I have to spend the rest of my life like this. Maybe Dr. Sharp can help.

Sadie and I stopped by Gigga Parts and got Dad some cable and connectors and things where he can hook up his radio to the big batteries. Someone will have to come over and help him wire up the antenna at a later date. We had to wait major time. I told Dad that was his birthday present and he said, "a gift of service?", and I said yes!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Got Through It

Stacey Decker came and got me for church since her parents are out of town. It was fun riding with her and getting a chance to talk with her. She's a very neat kid (young lady!)

I had 5 children in Primary. One little boy, Alric, misses one Sun., I send him a "miss you" card and he comes the next Sun! I had one visitor, Mia, and she was very nice. In fact, all of the children were pretty reverent in sharing time and in class. My lesson was over in 15 min. and then they got to color a paper plate I had put a smiley/frowney face on. They were happy coloring today and playing with the stuffed animals and bean bag animals. I was hoping today would be my last day in the classroom but the Primary Pres. was just today talking to my replacement and she already has lots of things to do. I would be taking her place at the piano when I get a replacement. Karen had loaned me some file folder games but I didn't have the courage to get them out with so many kids in the room. I have too much stress at home to deal with stress at church. I am growing fond of the kids but I will be happiest at the piano. Plus, it will cause me to practice at home which I need to do desperately.

Trudy is probably on her way bringing Sadie over to spend the week with us while she goes to Girl's Camp. I hope Sadie has a good time here. I still want to go to the Senior Ctr. for the exercise, from 8:30-9:15 AM and I have to get a dentist apt. for I lost a crown and Thurs. I have a Dr apt in H'ville, but Sadie can go to all of them with me. I don't think she would want to go to the Senior Ctr. with me!

Frank is busy charging the two wheel chair batteries he'll be using with his ham radio. Tonight is the night they all call and get on the net. He still needs some kind of connector before he can use his new radio. It's always something! I'll be able to get it when I go to H'ville this week.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

No Title

I won't be going on the trip with my brother June 30. He will be with his children at Bill's house. Bill is really having a hard time with the death of his 5 yr. old daughter, Grace. Jim suggested the family meet at Bill's the 4th and Bubba will be there. I suggested July 14 for the trip since Mary Kate and the kids are coming the next week. We'll see what happens....

Had to go back to Wal-Mart today but it was to save money. Dad had called Advanced Auto Parts to price a battery charger. He wanted me to go to Wal-Mart to get something to place the batteries in so I called W.Mt. to see if they had the charger too and they did. The charger was about half the price as the other store wanted. I also got a $3.00 frame to put our family temple picture in. I had looked at it and thought it would look better in a nicer frame and it did. Came home and watched TV for a couple of hours and them practiced some Primary songs and then it was time for supper. I've gotten where I can't eat beans, so I'll have to figure out what kind of food I want to eat in case of an emergency. Either that or I'll starve!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Again x 3

Went to exercise class and then took a computer disc to Staples to help the guy fix Frank's computer (PC). Stopped by Wal-Mart and got a baby shower gift for a sister in Primary, and then came home. Frank was sick when I left home. I had to make sure he took his medicine and helped him eat some oatmeal before I left. When I got back, instead of him being in his bed, he was on his living room bed running a high fever. I got 2 Tylanol down him and helped him get back in his bed. He went to sleep and by 12:30 PM the fever had broken and he felt better.

After lunch, we went to the battery store and got two small, but very heavy batteries, to power his ham radio. It took both of us to pick one battery up and bring it in the house. I hope all this will make his radio work fine. Auto Zone didn't have the battery charger he wanted but he said he could use the one we already have.

The Accord muffler has a hole in it so we'll need to get a new muffler in the near future. It isn't loud right now and I'd like to let it get loud so I could make like I was driving a street rod! Ah, just wishful thinking.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Waiting Again

I saw Dr. Walker today for my 6 mo. check up. I get a "A" for waiting. I got an EKG and my heart is alright. My blood pressure was 100/75 or something like that, and I got blood drawn again. I aught to be good for another 6 months!

Went to Wal-Mart for some groceries. Also bought a new night gown. I like my P.J.'s roomy and I get an x-large. This gown has a square neck and that makes it too big! I'll have to get my machine out and take it up to keep it on!

Dad's PC is almost ready. His room is really a disaster but he doesn't feel well enough long enough to get anything done. June 30th I'll go to Faulkville to visit my brother and we will go to Jasper, AL, where my maternal grandparents lived. I want to go to the cemetery and find the graves of my grandparents and uncle and aunt. We were there previously but couldn't find the graves. They are there, we just didn't go far enough. It will be a fun day. I think we will go in his Miata with the top down. It's always fun to ride in a convertible!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back To Huntsville

I used to like to drive places but I don't any more. I guess it's the stress of the traffic. It won't keep me off the road but I just realized I don't enjoy it as much as I used to.

Usually, I don't have to wait at the Dr. I visited today, but I got there 15 min. early because sometimes they will see you as you come in but today I had to wait 30 min. added on to the early 15 min. Then once in the room, the waiting game continues. Then, the Dr. whizzes in says "hello, how are you" and then is gone! Actually he took care of me. I had lab and in Sept. I will have a bone scan before I see him. He wrote me 3 prescriptions I needed and then I was gone. I had to stop by Giga Parts for Dad, to get him a new radio and then I came home.

The reason I was early at the Dr's was that I left from the exercise class at 9:15 AM. The exercise isn't as vigorous as at the Wellness Ctr. but the social atmosphere is better and I think I need that as much as the exercise.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Air Conditioning For The Truck

I took the truck to Big 10 Tires today to get the air conditioning charged up. I didn't want to wait around so I walked to the dollar store and strolled through it. I bought a $8.00 purse. When I got back, they gave me the bad news. The compressor was bad and that would cost abt. $800.00 to fix. WELL, that wasn't going to happen and I didn't want to charge it when it had a leak, for I don't drive it that much and I would hate to think the juice was leaking out with it parked in the yard. Last summer Karen and I drove it to H'ville with the air broken and it was a very hot drive! I guess it will just be a yard truck. It does drive well and the radio still works and it has power steering, but it won't have air conditioning!

Today was a slow day but it seemed to pass quickly. I prepared my Primary lesson. Now, I'll have to learn it so I won't have to look at my notes too much. I don't take the book with me. I will next Sun. for I hope it will be my last day in the classroom. I don't really have the patience to teach such young children. With the stress I have at home and my age, I think I will do better at the piano. Sis. Shelby, the President, wants everyone to be happy and when she gets another teacher, then I'll start playing the piano. Yeah!!

Before I was contacted about playing the piano, Karen had come over with a Finch Family File Folder book and we were in the process of running copies of various pages off. She was going to help me get some games together to help manage the time I have left over after I'm finished with the lesson. The call came while we were coping the pages, so we stopped that. She loaned me several games she had made up for that age class and it will really helped. I have really been blessed with talented friends. I hope they get something from my end of the friendship!

I have a Dr's appointment in H'ville at 10:30 AM. I have the exercise class at 8:30 and will go after that. I think I will cancel my membership at the Wellness Ctr. since I'm going to the Senior Ctr. to exercise. No use paying for membership that I don't use. If I had an exercise buddy, it would be different, but I don't. Jan Laytham goes to the Senior Ctr. so I know her and she has introduced me to her friends. I try to go early so I can do some walking before the exercise starts. It's mostly range of motion exercises. But I'm moving and that's what counts!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dirge of the Morning

What do you do when you wake up at 3:00 AM? What do you do at 4:00? At 5:00? At 3:00, I tried to get back into my dream. When that didn't work, I put some music on my CD player which is conveniently located near my head so I can play music and not inconvenience others. At 4:00 AM I listened to more music and then got up. It's 5:00 now and here I am. I'll wait until 6 or so before going into the other part of the house. Today is the day I take my Foasmax, which is the medicine I take for osteoporosis. I can't eat anything until 30 min. has past and I am hungry when I get up. This way, I'll take the medicine before I normally get up and will fool my stomach! Ha-ha!

Today, at 8:30 AM I'll go to the exercises at the Senior Ctr. Actually, I'll probably go a bit early so I can walk around the gym. I wanted to take the truck to get the air conditioning fixed, but Frank thinks you need to be the first one there so they can get right to the truck, so he suggested I wait until Tuesday to do it, which I probably will.

Frankie and his family will be coming the week-end of the 4th of July. They'll come Friday and leave Sun afternoon. The worst part will be the feeding of all 6 of them. Do they eat beans??? I haven't cooked in so long, I dread the thought. Maybe I can go to Sam's and buy some already cooked food. Kayla can't eat anything with wheat and I don't know about any other diet restrictions except Rachel is allergic to pork. I'll call Rachel and talk with her about what to buy and fix.

Mary Kate and the kids will come the Sun. that Frankie leaves. She will stay until Friday. She's no problem to cook for. We'll just go to the grocery store and buy what we want. Week after this week, Sadie is coming over while Trudy goes to Girl's Camp. Sadie will be old enough to go next year, so she's looking forward to it. Sadie won't be any problem to feed. I'll just take her grocery shopping and she can pick out what she wants.

Girl's Camp is a great experience. The years I went, 1st as a camp director and later as the Young Women's Leader, we slept in tents and cooked on camp stoves. Had portable out houses. Now they have permanent cabins. (that's cheating a far as I'm concerned....!). It's still a great experience in the heat of the summer, amidst all the bugs and snakes and creepy crawlers!
You can tell I liked all of the above. There's nothing like getting back to nature. I'm probably too old for it right now, but I loved it back then. I bet I went to Girl's Camp for 8 years straight.

It's 5:40 AM now and I can't think of anything else to say. Next time I see my Dr. I'll get some pills that keep me asleep all night. I don't need to make any more cards so I guess I'll go back to bed and read. Hope to have a good day today regardless of the time I got up!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Savage Sunday

I guess I was more tired from the trip yesterday than I thought. After Sacrament meeting, I was beginning to lag. Primary opening exercises were good but I had noisy children and I was in no mood to deal with that. I was a bear. I hope I wasn't too stern. My lesson was over in 15 minutes and I have them for 50 minutes! They didn't want to color and I had already played one game and was at a loss on what to do. One of the mothers was in with me and she had a bag full of file folder gamer which were super! There were matching shapes games and I don't remember what all she had, but I will have to make some of my own. In a file folder there are pictures on both sides of the folder and there is a baggie with the matching parts velcro-ed in the folder. Everyone but I probably knows about this. This is the busy work I need for the 5 yr. olds.

I don't need to be going to the cannery if it makes my Sundays crazy. It was nice to go for the first time and help out but maybe I'm too old and out of shape to do it. I did enjoy getting out of the house. It's hard to get old and not be able to do the things I used to take for granted.

I think I will drop my membership to the Wellness Ctr. and go to the Senior Ctr. instead. They have exercise classes Mon-Wed-Fri. The exercise isn't as hard but I will still be moving! Jan Laytham is involved in it and I went last Fri. to check it out and met some nice people. They use a short pole and a nerf ball. I was given a new ball and Jan gave me her husband's wooden dowel because he can't exercise because of his arthritis, so I'm set to go. The center opens at 7:30 AM and people come early and walk and the class starts at 8:30 to 9:15. I think I'll go tomorrow. Maybe I'll drive the truck and get the air conditioning fixed. Dad just said it might just be the truck, meaning it would be broken for ever and not fixable. I hope not. It drives nicely and doesn't look too bad except for the rust on the hood. Maybe George can help me spray the rust away. He has some landscaping rocks for me to pick up and it surely would be nice if we (I would help) could sand and spray paint the rust away. I don't really care what it would look like, just keep it from rusting more.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grand Canning Day

Karen Decker and I left my house at 7:30 AM ( in her van). We met Sharmon Kitchens and we three drove to Hendersonville, TN to the Bishop's Storehouse. There we dry canned pinto and black beans, rice, quick and regular oatmeal, apple slices, dry milk, refried beans, carrots, drink mix and I think that's about all. It was a big job for just the 3 of us, but we got it done. Oh,we canned red winter wheat too. There are 6 cans in each case and the wheat weighed the most when we had to move it. I don't know how many cases we had, but the back of Karen's van was full and we had taken the row of back seats out. We were loaded to the gills. I only had 3 cans of apple slices. I had ordered some macaroni but they didn't have any. I can buy it at the grocery store, anyway. I don't really like macaroni but it will give a variety in our diet, if necessary. It would have been good to have had some men to load all the cases into the van. Bro. Decker met us at the church and helped unload and load the cases into Sharmon's truck.

Bro. Decker had been assigned to clean up the church so we all went in to check everything out. This was 5:00 PM. We had to move some chairs around but everything else was pretty clean. Sis. Shelby, the Primary President was there and we talked to her for a few minutes, then we went home. I had had 2 eggs and a piece of bread for breakfast and a bar for lunch. After 3:00 Pm, we stopped at a store and I got a diet, caffeine free Pepsi, and ate another peanut bar. I got home after 5 and I was hungry! All in all, it was a good day of service.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Health History

About the time I was 42 Years old, I found a lump in my right breast. I got it monogrammed and sonogrammed (I think that's the name of the test-it's the one where they smear K-Y jelly on you and the rub some instrument on the spot and it tells them something). The lump was declared benign. This went on for several years. By then, I had changed Dr's, because Trudy was taking my first grandchild, Forrest, to see a GP Earnest Hendrix. In the course of seeing him, I would get my pap tests done but he didn't send me for a mammogram. When I asked, "Why?", he said his patients complained of the discomfort of the test, so he didn't send them. I should have taken the initiative to ask for one on my own, but I didn't. After 14 years of having this lump, it turned into cancer. I hadn't had a mammogram in 4 years, so if I had insisted on the test, I might have caught it earlier.

When I had gone to Mary Kate's house to help her move some furniture, and I took a shower, I noticed a change in the right breast. After I got home, I went to see Dr. Hendrix. He mashed around on me and didn't find anything but said he usually sent patients to a surgeon if they had any questions, so I saw Dr. Ravi. He did a biosipy(sp) and found cancer. I had to come back to see him to get the stitches out when he told me it was cancer and we made an appointment to remove the breast the next morning. He sent me home without taking the stitches out! I took them out myself, not realizing I was going to loose the entire breast the next day! I was in the hospital 2 days without too much pain and then came home.

That was the 3rd or 4th week of Dec., 2002. By the end of the month, Dr. Ravi put a port in my chest (the place where the needle would be put for the chemotherapy). In Jan. I began taking chemo every three weeks for maybe 6 mo. After that, I had 27 doses of radiation. I had to drive to H'ville 5 days a week for a 12 min. treatment. The chemo and radiation were very debilatating and it has taken me 5 years to get over it, if I have even now. Five years of survival is sort of a bench mark for surviving cancer and I have reached the five year point. I recently had a chest x-ray and it showed a spot on my right lung! I panicked and thought the cancer had come back. I had a CT scan and my oncologist said it was a scar from the radiation! Whew! I guess there will always be scares.

I didn't like the way I looked one sided, so almost a year later, I had the other breast removed. I was relieved because if the cancer did return, it wouldn't have a place to return to! I know it can come back anywhere but I like being flat chested, when I want to be.

If I have any advice to give, it would be to have any lump removed! Benign or not, it can always turn into cancer, so be on the safe side. It's your body. Take care of it. Have all lumps removed. Don't take a chance. Nothing is worth the agony you will go through if it turns out to be cancer. Yes, if caught earily, it can be removed and the chances to it coming back are slim, but why take that chance if you can avoid it. I'm Jan Layton, and I approve of this epistle.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Clean Bill of Health

A visit to that Dr. is a real ordeal! I don't have to wait in the waiting room long, but once I get into a room, I wait an hour before I see the Dr. Today, he had to wait on the CT scan that was supposed to already be there. He's a nice Dr. and he said the spot on my right lung was just a scar from the radiation I received on that side. I'm glad to get that over with! If I hadn't gone on the internet and looked up "lung nodule" I would have been better off. Too much knowledge can be bad at times.

I met Trudy and Sadie at Chick Felay ( I don't know how to spell it and neither does the computer) and we had an ice cream and then went to the Dr. After that Trudy took me by the pain center to pick up Dad's Rx and then I went by the store and got Dad's new shoes. I came home the way I went, by I-65. Then, I had to stop by the pharmacy and get the meds. I was wiped out by the time I got home.

After supper, we went outside for Dad to look at the chimney to see how to affix his copper antenna for his ham radio to it. That was an awkward sentence wasn't it? I had noticed some Virginia Creeper growing up the north side of the house and Dad removed it. I have some young trees growing in some Iris along that side of the house. Since I haven't been going outside much, green things are taking over!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time For A Picture

These flowers are gone now but they still make a pretty picture.

I went to Wal-Mart and got two twin air mattresses and a hand pump today. I also got a pair of shorts and a new shirt (I passed by the "Used" shirt...), Now, we have plenty of room no matter who visits us.

I visit the Dr. tomorrow to see what that spot on my lung is. Trudy is going to meet me and go with me. I'm going to suggest we eat lunch together so she will know where to go. It's next to Crestwood Hospital, but I don't know the name of the building. It may be ClearView Cancer Institute, or maybe not. I've only been going there for 5 yrs. One would think I would know the name of the building! I'm glad to get this episode over with. I surely was up-tight about it yesterday. When I Googled "lung nodule", it said only 15% survived 5 yrs. I guess that meant lung cancer. Hum-m-m. I could get up-tight again if I thought about this any more.

We thought we could pick up Dad's computer today but will have to wait until tomorrow. No sweat. We can do that. Pauline and I will be going V.T. Thursday. We see 5 sisters and hope to see everyone at one time or one day of driving. Gas is $3.89 a gallon now and has been holding at this price for the last few days.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Feeling Better

I felt better after the CT scan. I don't know why but I did. The radiologist didn't seem to think it was much of anything but I'm going to see what my oncologist, Dr. Dang, says in two days. I'm glad I'm not worrying over it anymore. Whatever happens, I"ll be able to handle it.

I found this in the June V.T. report. "...You were taught and prepared for the circumstances you would personally encounter in mortality. ...Your memory of premortal life would be kept from you to assure that it would be a valid test, but there would be guidance given to show you how to live. Our Father's plan for salvation in this life with the opportunity of returning to Him would be called the gospel of Jesus Christ." ("Truth Restored," Liahona and Ensign, Nov. 2005, 78-79)
That guidance is what makes me know that I can handle all things that come my way.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gloom, Despair And Agony On Me

Now that the x-ray showed a nodule on one of my lungs and from what I've read, it's probably cancer again, my life is on hold. On hold until I get the CT scan. On hold until I find out the results of the test. I had a blessing today and was blessed with health so maybe the nodule will be gone. Hope so. Another episode of cancer wouldn't be fun.

I had 4 children in my class today. It went fine. I just need to have more "things" to do after the lesson is over. Seems like I had 30 minutes left after the lesson was over. We did the coloring pages and then I read them stories out of the Friend. I think it would go better if I knew the story well enough to tell most of it. I can't read for a long time and the kids get restless if the story is too long. I had one of the children's mother in with me today. She is a Primary worker, but is expecting a baby in two weeks so doesn't have a class of her own right now. Karen said she would help me get some games.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Saturday in June

Our temperature gauge said it was 100 degrees today! I only got into the car to go get the mail and the car is always hot. I talked to Mary Kate, who was working on mulching her new swing set (wooden), and she said it was hot in LaGrange, GA. I was surprised when I looked at the temperature and it was 100 degrees! I heard on the news that the whole southeast was hot. I guess "they" will blame it on global warming.

I didn't get going until 11:00 this morning and then I didn't want to get up. I changed my sheets and then got Frank's lunch. I've finished reading and paper clipping all of the Friend magazines I have. I subscribed to the Friend and was told I would get the June issue. It's funny ( not literally) how at different stages of your life, you need different things. I have really enjoyed reading all of the Friends. Teaching the young children makes me emphasize the basics of the Gospel ( I don't know if I should have capitalized the"g" or not...). It's making my testimony grow and I'm enjoying that. I get the impression I should enjoy my class and not worry about it. As long as I have enough things to do in class, I should be okay! I have plenty of stories to read in class and they seem to like hearing a story.

Another Saturday

Another Saturday

Another Saturday

Friday, June 6, 2008

Lovely Day

I got up early enough to go to the Wellness Ctr. annex but as I moved around, I decided my knees weren't up to walking an extra mile today so I bought groceries instead. I had talked to Dad about going to East Limestone and he agreed it was okay, so I will eventually go there. I'll call you Sandy and come by for a visit, if that's okay when I do come to the annex.

I almost bought two nice twin air mattresses today. As I got to the check out line, I noticed that I needed a special pump that didn't come with them, so I set them down and didn't buy them. I'll go another time and get the mattresses and the pump. I got my anniversary ring back from the Wal-mart jewelry place and decided to wear it only on special occasions since the diamells keep falling out! You get what you pay for. The air mattresses are for Frankie's kids to sleep on when they come to visit or for anyone that wants to sleep on them!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Trash day

Thursdays are trash days. It is picked up on Friday, but we have to get it out by Thursday night. Mission accomplished!

Dad's visit ( he looked up when to capitalize "dad" and when I use "dad" in place of his name, I capitalize the "d". When talking about any bodies dad, it would be a lower case letter. Does that make sense?) to the Dr. was uneventful. The Dr. didn't even charge him. Dad will go back if he needs to.

I went to the Blackburn center for Mary Rager's stamp sale. I bought one set and three small stamps. She had saved two punches for me and they were only $3.00 a punch so I got them too since she thought of me. I was looking for stamps to use with my Primary cards and I only found the one set. I'm running out of room in my room for much more stamping stuff. I guess I could empty out my dresser drawers to make more room! I've made several cards for the Primary kids. I don't take a lot of time in them because I know the kids don't care if the card took me an hour to make; they are just glad to get a card!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer temperatures

It is June. The temps were in the 90's today. I didn't really notice until I walked to get the mail about 4 PM today. The wind was hot and dry.

Got to the exercise class today. I'm thinking about going out to the Easts Limestone annex on Fridays. I really need the exercise. I get no exercise at home. After class, I went to get my chest X-ray done so it could be sent to the Dr's office. I have an appointment with my oncologist next week. After that appointment, I'll just see him once a year. I guess I've been seeing him every 6 months since 2003. I've been cancer free for 5 years now. I hope I never have to go through that experience again. Tomorrow, I take Dad to the colon Dr. for a re-visit. Seems like we spend a lot of time at Dr.'s offices! I've been getting Gert out of his cage a little bit every night. He's still a bit, or a lot, skittish, but I hope the more I get him out, the more he will relax. The birds need to go to the vet to get their nails cut

I'm reading through old Friend magazines to find stories I can read to my Primary class. They seem to like to have stories read to them and it takes up time. I found a good web site sugar but I don't know how to navigate the site. My computer skills are slow to develop. Trudy is coming over Sun. and she can teach me some things while she is here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vote Day

We waited to go vote until 2 PM because dad wanted to take his PC to Staples to this dude who could fix it. We voted and then stopped by Dr. Walker's office for a prescription adjustment and then by the bank and then to Staples. It's good that dad's getting someone else to fix the PC because he had spent a lot of time trying to do it himself and couldn't do it. The young man didn't charge all that much either.

While in Staples or rather when we were walking out, I saw a lady that looked like Marie Maro. I didn't stop because we were going out but she was parked in front of us. As she came out, dad spoke to her. Later, she called and we talked for a long time. She really likes the Fayetteville Ward and is happy there.

We are planning to get another storm door for the front door. The old one looks so ratty! I'm surprised the neighbors haven't taken up a collection for us to get a new door! We were both too tired to go to Lowe's today while we were out. I want to get a new door knob too. I want one that has a lever instead of a knob you have to turn.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday, Monday #2

Woke up at 5:00AM for my bathroom break and was able to doze until 7:00 when I got up. I got up before dad did and got the birds going, but I forgot Rickki. Oh, well, win some, lose some and forget some. I got ready for the exercise class and went. My body was cooperating today all except my knees! I thought I had an appointment with Dr Shergy . In fact. I had him down for three dates! I called and found out the correct time I go to see him, which is the 18th.

Can't believe it's June already. Time flies whether you're having fun or not. In July, Frankie and his family may visit and Mary Kate and her family are coming around the 7th. It's always fun for family to visit. I hate the cooking part of it, though. Since I never cook anything except beans, I can't cook anything anymore. I won't try a new recipe because if Frank doesn't like it, what do I do with all of the food? Mary Kate and Trudy are always good at helping me in what to cook. When Forrest was over, he went shopping with me and told me what he wanted. That was fun because then I could cook food and know that someone would like it.

Frank finally got the blog addresses of Trudy and Mary Kate and me. He's been missing a lot by not reading them. Now I have to watch out about what I say! Ha-ha-har!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Late Sunday Night

It is late Sunday night and I'm just now blogging. I lost track of the time, I guess. My Primary class only had 3 kids in it and one was a visitor. I get through with the lesson really fast because they don't give much feed back like older kids would, but I had a review game where they dropped a button on a card that had three colors on it and there were cards of the same colors and when the button dropped on a red, the child picked up the red card and I read the question. After playing that, we got the coloring pages and crayons out. They liked that. Then after they tired of coloring, I read two stories out of the Friend magazine and they seemed to like that. Then the bell rang and I was through. One of the girls, Megan,a 6 yr. old, who was in my class last week, drew a picture for me. I was sad to tell her I wasn't going to be her teacher. She is the daughter of the Ward mission leader and I've told him I will play for baptisms, so maybe I'll get to see Megan by herself again and can give her some loving attention.