Friday, October 31, 2008

Almost End of the Week

Halloween! We never have trick-or-treaters so it's just another night for us old geezers. I had bought some candy that we didn't like so we wouldn't eat it and it worked! Frankie, Rachel and their kids ate it while they were visiting. They are like us...if there is anything sweet is the house, we will break a leg to get to it. Sugarholics we are, we are!

I was tired this morning and slept in. I think I go back to bed in order to let my meds work and when I get up my knees feel better, so I can get up and go. I helped Dad do the bills and walked out to the road to check the mail a couple of times not to mention the number of times I walked up and down the stairs. Whew! It doesn't take much to make me tired.

I told Dad where a new Apple store is in H'ville. Maybe we'll be going there sometime next week. It's in the newest mall in town and we would have to see if we could get parking space closer to the store.

I didn't think it was exercise time and didn't wake up early enough to go. Maybe next week will be better.

End of the

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grocery Day

I finally was forced to go buy groceries...I was tired of not having anything I wanted to eat! I got almost everything on my list. I forgot the hot chocolate. I have some blackberry zinger tea that I can have before I go to bed. That will relax my soul the same as the hot chocolate does. I even got some ice cream. Frank wasn't impressed that I got cookies n' cream, but I can get vanilla next time.

Trudy really survived her surgery well. She has to recover for 6 weeks. She still gets to scrapbook or feels well enough to do it. Life is fragile.

I took an extra pain pill before I went shopping so I would feel like going. Going up and down the stairs is hard and I feel the bones grinding on each other! Not a good feeling. I wonder if Dr. Moore would consider replacing both knees at the same time? Maybe that would be too much for me to handle. As soon as Dad is over his operation, I'll schedule mine. Old age is not for sissies!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chili Cook Off and Trunk or Treat Night

Today was our play day but I had to go to H'ville to get Dad's Rx so I asked Karen if she would like to go and she said "Yes". We started off around 9:30 AM. We first went t by the college book store for Karen to get some things laminated and then we headed to H'ville. We got the Rx and then we went to Main Street in Madison looking for a doll store. We found it, but they didn't have much of a variety. Before that, we walked around the newest mall. The one with the gondolas and the carousal. The stores are too ritzy for my blood! After all of that, we headed to Trudy's to see how she was doing and I had some of Dad's shirts to take to her. We had a nice , short visit. I got to see Benny's (standard Poodle) new hair cut. Forrest was home with his stomach problems. After our visit, we came back to Athens to the book store and the pharmacy. We got back home about 3:00 PM. Karen had to make some spaghetti for tonight. She came and picked me up at 5:30 AM. She cooked spaghetti because she doesn't like chili!

The cultural hall was full of people! The food was good and the trunk or treaters filled the parking lot outside. There were games set up in different rooms, but we left before all of that.

It was a good and fun day.

Jackie, I'm glad you enjoy my blogs. My life is so dull, I'm glad you like them! I know how it is with being connected. I enjoy Mary Kate's and Trudy's blogs very much.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It was cold and windy today. I went outside to cut down a small Crepe Myrtle that was growing too near the mama plant and then I had planted a small bush too near the road that goes around the house, and when the small bush grew larger, and it was going to get very large, it would probably over shadow the road. I cut all the green off of the bush but it will slowly grow back. I might as well leave it for by the time it gets overgrown I might be sitting on a cloud playing the harp!

Went to Karen's house for our study tonight. Monday night, I was too tired to go so we did it tonight. Her little Shih Zoo's were in their corner pen just a tussling around and playing and having a good time! I really wanted to watch them instead of concentrating on the lesson! I told her Kayla loved porcelain dolls and she gave me two dolls I can give Kayla. She got them before she learned she didn't like them. She has American Dolls now. She has one dressed up like the big, bad woof and another dressed like Little Red Ridding Hood. Too cute!

If the cancer hasn't spread, Dad will have his operation the first Tuesday in Dec. He'll be well for Thanksgiving. If it's spread, I don't know what will happen. I don't believe it has spread.

Trudy went home today-the day after she was operated on! She has pain medicine as she needs it and will probably get better faster at home. The Relief Society has planned for meals to be brought in 'til Saturday, I believe. That is really a nice feeling to know your family is taken care off when you can't do it yourself.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saw Dr. Morgan

Conference was good Sunday too. I was just too tired to blog when I got home.

We saw Dr Morgan today. Dad's prostrate cancer is moderately aggressive. He'll get a bone scan and a CT scan to see if it has spread. I don't think it has. Dr. Morgan has a sense of humor, which is good. We go back to see him Nov 10. Are you supposed to leave out periods like after "Dr"? Sometimes I use periods and Dad says not too.

I wonder how long Dad will have to recover from the operation...The Dr's use a robot guided by the Dr's hands, and from what I've read, they make four small slits in his belly for the cameras to see in and I guess they'd have to make a small slit somewhere to get the prostate out. Maybe I can watch the, I'm too short to see the action!

It was cold (50'60's) and windy today. I'm not ready for it to get that cold so soon. I can't wait for Dad to get better so I can have my knee replaced! I'm so tired of not being able to walk straight. I'm still thankful I can walk but I'm getting impatient!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stake Conference Saturday

Mary Lou and I will be riding to the Saturday night (6:00) session of Stake Conference with the Decker's. They will be by for me around 5:00 PM. I hope it will be fun for I still feel bad. I went to town to Staples to get some new labels. I was out of Frankie's address labels and needed some more. Dad and I struggled over how to print them right and finally got one page to work. Then, he remembered we could have just hit "center" the page and our task would have been done. Computer, one. Frank and Jan, 0.

I don't know what to wear tonight . It is cool and I think the Stake Center is cool too, so I need to dress warmly. I might wear my new fall skirt and brown jacket. I think the skirt is a bit long but who cares. No none knows me and no one will remember me so it like so many sands through an hour glass. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (she says as she rubs her evil hands together...)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Half and Half Again

That's funny that I already had a title called "half and half"! Half my day was serene and half was busy. I took Rosko and Rikki to the vet in Hartselle, about40 min. from here. The Dr. was behind so she had the birds in the back for a trim while I sat in the waiting room. All the birds were healthy but Rikki is too fat. That's bad because that can cause fatty liver disease. We need to take her back to Dr. Jan for a blood test to check to see if she has FLD (fatty liver disease). We've been feeding the birds too many treats and Rikki is the most inactive of the three. Dr. Jan said it was like us eating a pecan pie every day. Mama Mia! That would be a few pounds in no time, and I don't even like pecan pie!

Frank is fighting a chest infection. He's taking medicine for it. We see Dr. Morgan at 11:00 AM Monday and see what the options are. Life will be on hold after that until we know what to do. I think my feeling bad was a minor sinus infection. My right eye has been crying for two days. It's madding to be in a store and have a tear running down my cheek! I hope it gets better on it's own.

The weather has been rainy with the temps in the 60's. Nice. We got 1.2" of rain but I think we are still low for the year.

Trudy's operation is Monday. I guess George will take off work to take her to the hospital. I hope she gets to stay in the hospital for two days at least.

If Frank has to have an operation, Mary Kate will come home for it. She was wanting to know when to come-while he's in the hospital or when he comes home. I think during the operation would be best. I will have to come home to take care of the birds at night. I thought she could spend the night with Trudy or she could come home with me and go back the next day. I would like that. Company is better than no company!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy Day #2

I had to stay up today so I could go to Lowe's to get the storm doors. Actually, I didn't "get" the storm doors but paid for them and arranged to have them delivered and installed. The man said the deterioration of the doors was caused by water getting inside the door and swelling and then puncturing the metal. I had a termite salesman tell me that termites had done it! You really have to strain the stuff you hear or read.

Then, I went to Walmart for some envelopes and lip balm and then to Herbs 'N More to get Dad some herbs "N stuff. Isn't "stuff" a neat word? It covers a multitude of "things"! I used the word "portend" in a letter I wrote today, so my vocabulary can go from "things 'N stuff" to other words. That word just popped into my mind, who knows from where. I actually may be smart underneath all the dumb!

I still feel like I'm catching a cold or something. My injection says it can cause a scratchy throat, but I've been taking it long enough that I would have thought it would have happened as soon a I began taking the drug. Only the Shadow knows!

The big Sweet Gum tree beside the road is shedding it's leaves all over the road and the drainage ditch. Last year, I didn't rake the leaves up and the ditch didn't drain properly. So, when the tree gets through shedding, I'll rake the leaves out of the ditch and burn them. Hey, I might even burn them in the ditch!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visiting Day

I decided not to get the storm doors today since I had other things to do. I went to the sheet metal place but no one was there. I found the piece that Dad had made so I placed the check on a clipboard that was on the counter and then loaded the sheet metal piece in the trunk of the car. I called Dad to tell him to call the place and maybe someone would show up. The phone rang many times (and it was loud..) and from across the street I see this man come running to the store. It was the man I needed to pay. He gave me a copy of my bill and I told him I had already loaded it in my car. I was glad he showed up or I would have felt like a " thief in the night"!

I went by the pharmacy to pick up some medicine for Dad. He's caught an infecting from some where and needed a Z pac. I fixed lunch, played the piano and then it was ready to go visiting. We have four people to see. Two are mother and daughter so we get to see two at one stop. We got to see the other two people so we are 100% for October. Yeah!

I came home tired and felt like I was coming down with something so I got a Zicam out and swabbed it in my nose. I hope it works for I haven't been sick in quite a while. I've learned how to give myself the shots pretty well. I haven't got it down by memory yet, but I will in due time.

I carry the birds in for their trims Friday. All except Gert. I'm afraid I'd have to fight him to get him into the carrier and I not ready to do that. So Rikki and Rosko will go. Rikki's beak and nails have gotten really long and Dr. Jan will probably fuss at me for waiting so long, but I was waiting hoping Gert would get tamer so I could take him in too. It's alway somethin'!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Frankie and family got off about 10:30 AM. They got home about ...I don't remember what time it was when he called and said they had been home about 30 minutes. The little dog traveled pretty well. I know they were glad to be home. It's a true saying, "There's no place like home". We had such a lovely, lovely visit. Trudy felt the same way about their visit .

After they left, I got the big vacuum out and did the floors, then I went over them with the water and vinegar. I got up plenty of dirt! I like my floors to be clean. There may be a pound of dust on every thing else in the house but if my floors are clean, then I'm happy.

Tomorrow Mary Lou and I go Visiting Teaching. In the morning, I have to go to Lowe's to get two storm doors for the house and arrange the installation of the doors. Then, I have to pick up a sheet metal top that Frank ordered made for the well cover. We don't use the well anymore but we still need to take care of it. I have to feed the horse and cat while Maryleen and John are gone. Then it will be time for V.T.! I decided not to go to exercise class tomorrow I have so much to do.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Good and Happy Day

The kids really slept in this morning. They should have since they played hard yesterday! Frankie and Rachel were up before the kids and they took a walk down the road before breakfast. Later on in the morning, we all loaded up and went to Kid's Mart, a consignment store and they got a lot of things, mostly for Christmas. We found two dresses for Mariam, a very nice coat for kayla and a coat for Luke. It was fun shopping and I got to help out with the price.

Since Kayla is home schooled this year and she's a bit lonely, Rachel was thinking about getting another inside dog for the family. Well, this morning, Brenda Adams, my next door neighbor, call me to see if we wanted a dog. We didn't but I told her I knew someone who did! Brenda was happy and so were the Layton's. Brenda bought the pup for some reason, paid $200.00 for it ( it's a shiz poo, a mix between a shizoo and a poodle. He looks like that dog that I can't spell the name of, and is a charcoal color). He's 3 months old and is very cute! Brenda doesn't want an inside dog and is glad to get rid of "Bama". He even has papers! They'll take him with them when they leave tomorrow around noon. Tonight, they went over to Trudy's for supper.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Everyone got up early and we made it to church by 9:15 AM. We weren't there for long before Josh, the 4 yr. old got upset and Frankie and Rachel had to leave church and go home. I got a ride home from the Decker's and I got home around 1:00 PM. Primary went well. I didn't play too many wrong notes. Sis. Decker has the hard job being the chorister but she does an excellent job and the children respond to the things she does.

Trudy and her family came over at 4:30 PM just in time to roast hot dogs on the fire that Luke and Frankie made. In fact, he used up all of the wood in the burn pile and now I don't have to burn it!

Frankie and Rachel and kids walked down to feed the horses some apples and he toured the woods he used to play in when he was a kid. In the evening the kids played outside with Trudy's kids and they had a great time!

After supper, we opened the birthday presents and little Josh was such a happy boy. Mariam was happy with her gifts too. It was good for Frankie and George to visit and Trudy and Rachel to visit with each other. Families are a wonderful gift.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Day

Frankie, Rachel and the children came around 1:30 PM today. It was so good to see them. I met them at Walmart and we bought some groceries for the visit. After lunch, we walked down the road to feed Danny Boy some apples. Then we noticed the Calvert's alpaca herd. It seems like they have 6 alpacas. Luke got one to come up to the fence but it didn't want an apple. We saw some horses at the end of the road so we had to walk down there to feed those horses! It was a fun trip.

I cooked 3 lbs. of potatoes to make potato salad. Kayla chopped the potatoes and the hard boiled eggs up and mixed everything together. I almost forgot the sweet pickle relish but remembered after one bite of the salad. There were some hot wings left over from when Forrest was here and everyone enjoyed them. Mariam and Josh played with Play Doh for a while before we walked down the road. After supper, Kayla and Luke played computer games with Grampie and Kayla also practiced the piano for a while.

It's 8:30 PM and all is quiet. Everyone is tired. I said we needed to leave for church at 9:00 AM. That way we would get a good seat and would be on time. We'll have Josh and Mariam's birthday party after supper. Trudy and her family are coming over for a while. George's father is in the hospital with heart and bladder problems. It'll be good having everyone over.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Again x4

After exercise, I bought some groceries and things for the kids coming tomorrow. Later, I took Dad by Tennessee Valley Wholesale to get some plumbing parts. After supper, he got a little inspiration about why the water didn't run fast in the sink. We went downstairs and Dad changed the the filter screen at the facet and it was full of gunk. He put a new one on and the water gushed out! Wahoo! Success! We do want to replace the facet one day soon, but not before Frankie's visit.

My knees are hurting and my right knee, which will be replaced first. turns in so much that it rubs against the left knee. It will really feel good to have a straight leg for once. I'm thinking of having it done in December.

Dad ordered some new pillows that have tiny beads in them. He's looking for something that will help his neck while he's in bed. I slept with one last night and I liked it. They had a bad smell that needs to be aired out, but that didn't bother me!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shot Day

It was a go back to bed day so my day started at 10:00 AM. It was $2.00 a flu shot day at the Health Department. Instead of long lines at the Health Dept. building, they had a drive by clinic at the SportPlex. I wanted to go early but Dad didn't get ready until 1:00 PM and by the time we got there, they had run out of medicine! They told us to come by the Health Dept. tomorrow and there would be more meds and someone would come out to the car and shoot Dad! Instead, we went by Athens Pharmacy and paid $15.00 and shot to not get the flu. We're both glad we did it that way. I'll have to go out tomorrow and go by the bank, but Dad will need to rest.

I can buy some Soy milk and Rice Krispies for Kayla until I find out what else she can eat. It will be a fun visit.

I was thinking of having Josh and Mariam's birthday on Sunday afternoon. That way, Trudy's family would be able to come and enjoy the party and still get home in time to go to bed early. I hope everyone agrees with that idea.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shopping Day

After exercise class I went to Walmart and got new bathroom things for the downstairs bath.
The new shower curtain is a light color with palm trees on it. The bathmat is white in the middle with a dark green border and a palm tree. I bought the toothbrush holder in the shape of a palm tree-dark brown with green leaves on the top. I got the glass and soap holder too. I also got 4 new light green towels and a top cover for the toilet and some little palm trees to hold the shower curtain in place. It was a pricey purchase but it's time I did something with that bath. I do have visitors and it looked so bad before. It needs more light but I don't know what to do about that. I also bought some dried beans and two jars of peanut butter.

After Walmart, I got a new muffler put on the Accord and then I went by the pharmacy to get an Rx for Dad. The car is in good shape now. I was afraid the muffler might put CO in the inside of the car and that would be bad for the birds. I have an appointment in a week to take them in for trims. I've been waiting for Gertie to get more tame so I could put him in his carrier so all of their nails have gotten longer and Rikki's beak is very overgrown. Maybe Dr. Jan can tell me the best way I can get Gert to see her for his nails are long, too. We can keep his wing feathers cut but he's too active to get his nail cut at home.

Frankie and his family are coming for a visit this Saturday. They'll stop by the Nashville Temple before they come. Rachel's mother is driving down to watch the kids and then she will probably stay there with friends. They'll only be 1 1/2 hours away from us at Nashville. I swept downstairs today when I decorated the bathroom. There's a cot mattress on the floor left over for when Trudy and the kids stayed with us and I have two blow up air mattresses if needed. The other double bed is crowded with food storage but the bed can be cleared for sleep.

It would be nice to decorate Frankie's old bedroom. I could buy a spread and then make curtains for the windows since they are a weird size. And I could get a nice size rug to go in there. Hey! All this shopping makes me feel good and I haven't spent a penny!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Party Day

Mary Lou came to get me at 9:20 AM and we were some of the first to get to the Pamper Me party. We got manicures and pedicures which were lovely. The Valley Events Center is really nicely decorated and there was nice music playing. They had light refreshments and it was a nice, relaxing time. I was home by 11:30.

The Rooter man was climbing on the roof when I came home and he was gone shortly there after. The sink drains well now and I will never put any grease in the sink drain again. It's been 28 years before we had to have it done. I do know better than to put grease down the drain, but I rationalized by putting a lot of Dawn dish washing juice in the grease to cut it down before I poured it in the drain!

Frankie and his family said they will be coming down next week. I tried to call him to find out the exact day but I got the answering machine. Dad needs to fix the lavatory water fixture for the water comes out very slowly. We may need to go to Tennessee Valley Wholesale to get some plumbing parts but that's no biggie.

I would like to decorate the downstairs bathroom with a new, brighter, or more colorful shower curtain and some new towels. I'll have to look at what Walmart has. That will be fun shopping for new bathroom things. Maybe I'll go with green, but I guess I'll have to wait to see what shower curtains they have. I can do it tomorrow after exercise class.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Doctor Day

Went to exercise today and then came right home. When Frank has a Dr.s appointment, he doesn't like me going anywhere for fear he won't make the appointment. But I was only gone one hour and his appointment was at 2:00 PM. It was a pretty rough procedure but he made it through. He'll have to make another appointment to find out the results.

We've been having beautiful fall weather, not getting over 85 degrees during the day and down in the 60's at night. It would be nice to have this kind of weather all year round.

Trudy and the kids made it home safely from Mary Kate's last night. She called and we talked 'til she was home. George was glad to see them come home.

Tomorrow is the Party In Pink for the cancer survivors. I think I'll wear a skirt. You can wear anything but since it's a luncheon and everything will look pretty, I'll do the same! Mary Lou will come pick me up about 9:20 AM for the party starts at 9:45 AM.

I wish my blog could be more interesting and exciting, but I don't do much interesting or exciting things to write about.

I have some #10 cans with lids and oxygen packets I want to get to Trudy's house. I just need a time to take them over there. That would be interesting and exciting for me!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Plummer's Revenge

I went to bed before Frank put the sink back together and tried it out to see if the clog was gone. This morning, he said the sink is more stopped up than before! We will have to get Mr. Rooter out here sometime. Tomorrow, Frank has a Dr.s appointment at 2:00 PM and I don't know how he is going to feel afterwards. If he's not to bad, maybe the Rooter man could come Mon. If not, then Tuesday.

Tuesday morning I have a cancer surviver luncheon to go to. Mary Lou Hill is coming by to pick me up. This is a annual luncheon and has been quite good the times I went in the past. Anyone can go but the cancer survivors get in free. October is cancer awareness month.

I'll have to tidy the kitchen up. All the contents that one usually has hidden under the sink are all over the floor and counter tops. I'll just put everything on the table neatly so it won't look so bad. I don't like the way it looks now and it will be better with some organization in it.

I gave my money to Sis. Berry so I'm officially going to Womens Day Out in Nashville, TN in Nov. I think I will really enjoy getting away and having someone else be responsible for getting me there. I enjoyed it the last time I went.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Plummer's Delight

The other day I noticed that the dishwasher was backing up in the sink but didn't think too much about it. Today the sink stopped up-bam! Dad got his plumber's pants on and went to work. That was 6 hrs. ago. I had to make a trip to Lowe's to get some new pipe and a qt. of Draino at 6 PM. It's 8:30 PM now and Dad's on the phone with Kelly Ann. He still has to pour the Draino in and then put the pipes back together. Maybe sometime tonight the sink will be flowing. If not, we'll get the Rooter out here and put some muscle into the pipes.

Don't remember what I did this morning. I think I went to Walmart for something, but I don't remember what.

The Maple trees are beginning to turn beautiful orange colors mixed with the green that was already there. The Sweet Gum outside the front window is loosing it's leaves and has carpeted the grass underneath the tree. Fall is so nice!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

After the Party Is Over

It was nice having Trudy, Sadie and Forrest with us for two days. I'm glad they like to hang out at Granny's and Grampie's house. We surely love them, and all our children to visit with us!

Today, we just slept in. I wanted to go to exercise class, but I got up at 7:30 AM and Dad was sick this morning and I only had 30 minutes to get ready and get there and that's not enough time so I went back to bed to rest a while longer. I had to run to the store for milk. The kids drank an entire gallon of milk in two days! We have a Dollar General store 1 mile from the house and it's convenient to stop there.

Frank got to feeling better before they left and was getting the bird cages cleaned. The kids really like to watch the birds get out of their cages and play around and vocalize . Rosko rides around on Dad's shoulder and gets to be king of the hill for a few minutes. He's the smallest of all three of the birds. Rikki, the Yellow Nape, wouldn't hurt Rosko, but Gert, the Yellow Collar macaw likes to be king of the hill and he would go after Rikki, who is the largest bird. Gert wants to be the only bird on the hill!

"Close"in the last post should have been "clothes". It rained last night and we got 1 1/2 ". The world was dusty and needed a rain to wash it off. I know my car did!

The trees are starting to turn color. The Sweet Gums have green and orange leaves on them. The little Maple tree in front of the kitchen window is just thinking of changing. Bro. Decker said he would come over and cut some branches off the Maple tree that are hanging down to the ground. I used to be able to do that work myself but my knees won't let me now. Gr-r-r-r! Growing old is not for sissies!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Time

.Yesterday, Monday, Trudy, Sadie and Forrest came over to spend a couple of days with us. Last night we watched a movie called, "Meet Joe Black". It was really good. Today we went to town and went to thrift shops and Goodies. It rained but we didn't get wet. We came home about 1:00 PM. The kids spent 30 minutes a piece on the computer all afternoon long. Forrest and Dad played some computer games and Sadie created her blog. Now Sadie and Sophia will be blogging each other!

I went back to exercise class Monday and everyone (a few) wondered what had happened to me. I will get up and go tomorrow and will be back home by 9:30 AM maybe before Trudy and the kids are up.

After two thrift stores, we went to Big Lots and Goodies. I like Goodies because they have a good Petites department. I could really be a close hound if I let myself. I saw a fake leather coat with a fur collar and fur at the wrists that fit me. The collar was too large for a shorty so I didn't get it. I liked it though. I was thinking I wanted a leather coat this year, but I probably won't get one. It's nice to want!

I've been successful in giving myself my shots. The medicine is supposed to cause the body to grow bone and since I have osteoporosis so bad I need strong bones. I think I said I will take if for two years.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Sunday

Mary Kate, Trudy can go on my blog any time and change things around. She made that comment on the nurse giving me the shot, not me. Ha-ha! I felt I had to tell the truth when I wrote that blog!!

Had a nice, quite week-end. Conference week-ends are like that.

Trudy and kids are coming over for a 2 day visit tomorrow. I want the front door painted but Dad said no. Maybe we can buy the new storm doors and arrange to get them installed. Forrest could help with that. Who knows what we'll do ( know who knows...)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cool Saturday

As I was typing the title above, it published the empty blog. I don't know why it will do that occasionally. I just gave myself the second shot. It's not hard nor does it hurt. It'll get better when I don't have to read the directions each time.

Had the card party today. I made three cards before I had to go. I wanted to get home in time to watch the conference. I just missed 45 min. of it.

I had the same anxiety I have when I play the piano( while making cards). Maybe this is something I will tell Dr. Sharp about. I don't know if it's left over from the cancer treatments or not. Maybe it's my bipolar.

It was 61 degrees when I got up, but by the time I left the house it was at 66 degrees. Our weather is getting cooler in a normal way. That's nice.

Dad had a bad day today. It's 7 PM now and he's on the computer. The guy at Staples, who has been fixing Dad's other PC said it would probably be ready next week. Then we can do genealogy on that PC. I don't really have any desire to do genealogy again but who knows. I might change my tune, especially since it's off-key.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Two times to H'ville back to back made me tired. I went back to bed and didn't get up until 11:00 AM. I didn't leave the house today at all. I helped Dad pay the bills and then filed them away. I washed a load to towels with some Clorox. I had stuffed them in the barrel while they were still damp and whew, did they smell bad! I'll probably add a little Clorox in each load to towels to keep them clean.

I looked on and it said bacteria could live in the washing machine and could make clothes smell bad. I knew a girl that put a little Clorox in each wash load she did. I guess if you only use a small amount, it won't take the color out of things.

I have a card party tomorrow at 10:00 AM. We make 4 cards and envelopes and by the time we get to the fourth card, I am mentally tired. General Conference is tomorrow so I'll watch the conference I miss that night.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

"I" Day

I got to the Dr's office at 8:00 AM. I had to wait 20 min. and began to get restless. By the time I was ready to bolt from my chair, there she was, calling my name. We passed the weigh in scales, probably no time for that...She showed me to a room, a cold room and I sat there and waited. Beads of sweat began forming on my forehead as I waited. Then, she appeared carrying a small black bag. As she unzipped the black bag, I noticed she had dimmed the lights, and locked the door. Then, right before my eyes, she drew out the dose pin with the needle shinning in the dark. I was about to ask a question when she leaped at me, got me in a head lock and wrestled me to the floor, pulled up my shirt to reveal my flabby flesh thighs and before I could break the head lock, I felt it. The pressure of the needle and pen against my left thigh. It was too late to squirm now, it was over. The medicine coursed through my body as I lay limp and dazed on the office room floor. She said in a matter of fact voice, " Oh, you chicken, get off the floor". I obediently did as I was told and she showed me how to use the pen. She said I didn't have to waller around on the floor to inject myself, to just sit quietly on a chair. Soon, the visit was over and the door was unlocked and I scurried away like a bat in dry leaves. I had almost forgotten the ordeal until I got home and noticed a small, red rash on my left thigh. The came the flash backs of the attack and all the ugly details...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Drive Day

We left the house around 9:45 AM to go to see Patti Sims at the Pain Clinic. The prescriptions weren't ready because Dr. Gantt was in surgery that morning and didn't have them ready. So we drove down California St. to go to Dr. Dang's office and I got my paper signed by him that said it was okay for me to take the new meds I can't remember the name of right now. Tomorrow, I'll leave the house at 7:00 AM to go see Dr. Shergy's nurse who will show me how to use the new meds. I'm excited about it. I have never given anyone a shot, especially myself, so this will be fun. The needle is very tiny so that doesn't scare me. I'll have to inject myself every day for 2 years. I guess by two years the bone gets as solid as it can be.

I have nothing more to say. I've had my hot toddie for the night and will brush my teeth and turn the radio or the CD on and wait for the Sandman (Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream, make him the cutest that I've ever seen....) I'll get up at 6:00 AM. I imagine I'll get into some work traffic at 7 in the morning.

Bubba and Ruth aren't coming to the fiddler's convention. Ruth will be out of town and Bubba probably doesn't want to come. I'd like to go. Who knows. Maybe I'll go by myself. Time for bed for sure now.