Friday, April 30, 2010

Wonderful Day

I had a great day shopping for new clothes. I went to Penny's and then to Kohle's. I found pants and shirts. I came home and cleaned out my closet so I would have room for my new clothes. I think everything will fit if I loose more weight.

I went to the Senior Center this morning then on to Walmart for groceries. I got back to the house at 11:00 AM and after lunch I wanted to go to H'ville to shop. Athens has no good stores to shop in so I have to go to Madison or H'ville. I had stayed home yesterday and I'll be home Saturday so I wanted to go out today.

Frank had ordered a pair of shoes and I picked them up and then I went to Penny's. Most of the clothes were on sale but it still cost a lot. I stopped by Khole's (I've spelled it two ways, maybe one way is the right way!) and found pants and shirts. I had a good time but it wasn't a high.

Saturday will be spent paying bills and washing clothes. I have to go over to the Decker's and feed the two cats and clean out their litter box. I go over every third day to check on them until they get back from vacation.

Wonderful Day

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lazy Day

Did the usual for a lazy day. Not much of anything! The weather was beautiful today and they have forecast rain for tomorrow evening.

There are a lot of sales going on right now. Makes me want to go shopping. Trudy called today while she was in Penny's asking if Dad needed any more P.J.'s. I told her I had just bought him two pair and he didn't need any. She was sweet to think about him.

Tomorrow, I'll need to go to the grocery store. The oranges I got last week were very old. I'll have to watch out when I get some more. I need some apples too. Soon, the local orchards will be having fruit.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trip Was Successful

We had appointments with different Doctors in the same office building at different times. Dad went first, but I signed in early. They take names as they come in, so I was able to see the Dr. early. Dr Shergy told me to stay on the Forteo until October and then I would get a bone scan. It's six more months and I will have been on Forteo two years. It's supposed to make my bones stronger and I hope it has.

On the way home, we stopped by Penny's and I returned the clothes I had bought the previous day. Then we went to Best Buy but they didn't have what Dad wanted and we came on home. We had eaten lunch at 11:00 AM so I was hungry and I ate some cabbage and the rest of the mushrooms.

We got the grass cut late last evening. It must have been dark when he finished. It surely looked good this morning.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Going Back

Dad didn't like the shorts, thought they were too "loud" plus the pockets weren't deep enough. The two pull overs I got were too tight, so they will go back too. Tomorrow, we both have appointments with doctors that share the same building, so I guess we can stop by Penny's and I can run in and get the costs taken off my card.

It's been cloudy and overcast today and the wind has been blowing. We haven't had any rain yet but it looks like we could get some any minute.

I went over to Karen's to pick up the house key. They are leaving to go on their vacation Thursday and I will go over every 3rd day to feed her cats and clean up after them. They have a grand-baby that will be blessed in Provo and they want to be there. They'll get to see all of their family except one son.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Went Out

I went to the Senior Center today and the bank and came back home for a few moments and then went to H'ville to meet Ruth at Bridge Street. I never really like to go there because the prices are too high but we found a costume jewelery store and found some things on sale. Then we went to Dulce to eat lunch. It was a fancy place with goblets for water or whatever you wanted to drink. I had planned to stay on my diet with a food bar and an apple but I got a spinach salad and some split pea soup instead. It was good but it probably had too much fat in it for the diet. I'll get back on the diet at supper time.

After lunch, we went to Penny's to get Frank some lounge pants. I got two pair of long ones and one pair of shorts. I found two knit shirts on sale and a sweater-type thing for $5.00 for winter. Frank didn't like the shorts so they will have to go back. We have Dr. appointments next week and we can take them back then.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Day Today

I had heard that today was to be full of storms and it was true! This morning Frank and I were planning and carrying out our plan for emergencies. The weather got really dark and it rained really hard with thunder and lighting. I was going to a baptism at the church but the weather scared me away, plus we were packing and taking things downstairs to put in our safe room. Under the porches is a little alcove where we can take ourselves and the birds and be safe from any destructive weather. We carried all of our stuff downstairs and watched the weather on the T.V. We had no tornadoes but we were prepared.

Tonight was the adult session of Stake Conference. I rode up with the Deckers. It was a wonderful meeting. I connected with each speaker and it was great! The choir sang great and the organ music was great and it was a good meeting. It had stopped raining when we got out and we had a nice drive home. The Lord protected us this day and we are thankful.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Slept In Today

Got to bed about 12:30 AM last night and decided not to go exercise this morning. I didn't get out of bed until 9:00 AM.

Trudy called and wanted me to run a errand for her and I did. I came back home and then walked down the road to feed Danny Boy a cabbage I had for him. It was also exercise for my diet. So far I've refused to exercise, but now I think I should. One can loose weight without exercising, but the exercise helps. The two weeks I was in the nursing home, I lost several pounds and was eating fried foods most meals and not getting much exercise. Go figure!

Stopped by Merle Norman and got some base and powder and saw a friend from the Senior Center. She's in her 80's but I didn't know it! She's a lovely lady and befriended me when I first started going to the Center. She said she missed me this morning but when I told her the time I got in, she agreed with my reason for not going!

We are supposed to get some rain this evening and I hope we do. I thought my young Maple tree was dying because I saw all this "brown" stuff on the leaves. I just looked at it from my kitchen window and worried that the leaves were turning brown. Frank finally looked closer and found that the brown stuff was actually seeds waiting the wind to blow them off! So much for the theory of a sick tree!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Usual Day

I made it to the Senior center today. Afterwards, I had to go to Walmart for some groceries. They are remolding the store and have moved things around. Seems like they are going to have a larger pharmacy. Don't know about the food section. I hope they don't fiddle with that section.

Came home and took a nap. Didn't do much afterward. Now, I'm for waiting time to go to bed!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trip Day

A man came to give us an estimate on the cost of replacing the block wall out back. I liked him and think we should use him, but Dad wants to get more prices.

We left for H'ville at 11:00 AM. We went to the Apple store and the shoe store where Frank ordered a pair of shoes. Then, we went to Sam's to look at the T.V.'s. I guess it's not time for us to get a new T.V. for the living room. We each have a nice T.V. in our bedrooms, and that's where we watch most of our television. We also went into Hibbits Sporting goods store and got some weights and a small ball Frank can use to squeeze to improve his grip.

We had lunch in the car parked in a parking lot. I had a food bar and an apple and I was hungry on the way home. When I got home, I cooked a cabbage and ate a lot of it. It's one on the veggies I can have an unlimited amount of. I was ready for supper at 5:00 P.M. Had two big ravioli in tomato sauce. It was good. The first supper dish that I didn't have to choke down.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Sunday, I found out that the schedule for the Madison building had been changed. Primary will be first and Sacrament will be last. We will begin Primary at 12:30 PM and will get out at 3:30 PM. It will be a challenge with people who have children. That's what life is about, challenges!

I didn't go to exercise today but went for scripture study. I had read the wrong section but it was all about the priesthood and sounded familiar. Will go to the temple this Thursday with the Decker's. Their vacation is coming up soon. I will feed the cats while they are gone, I suppose. Bro. Hill is going to feed all the animals and he may be feeding the cats also, I'll have to find out. Sis. Hill is having her knee replaced May 3rd. I hope she has it easy like I did.

I've been on my diet for one week and I haven't lost any weight yet. I need to exercise, but I don't want to.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Didn't go out today except to get the mail.

I made five cards. Three were birthday cards of the same design. I need to make other cards like that, making more than one card per design, because I need to send them to my friend, Kathy. I haven't been in the mood for cards, but today I just sat down and make some. I made two that were different from each other and the rest the same design. I get inspiration from the paper.

Gert decided he didn't like my short hair cut and wouldn't come out of his cage yesterday. Today, he saw Rikki on my shoulder and must have been a bit jealous because after that, he came out.

On Mother's Day we will begin meeting in the Madison Ward for church. It will begin at 1:00 PM and last 'til 4:00 PM. It will take some getting used to. The Primary children will probably be tired at that time. The Decker's will be on vacation so I will drive the first time. I don't mind for I know where the building is. Three other Wards meet in that building, so it will take some coordination to move around the building at the correct times. It will be an adventure!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hurry Up To Wait

We didn't really have to hurry up to wait today at Dr. Walker's but we sure had to wait. Dad got some medicine to help his nausea that he's been having lately and he got a new high blood pressure medicine. Hopefully he'll be able to take this new medicine.

The yellow pollen is still falling and the cars are yucky. Everything is looking good now that spring is here. Someone said that summer was a few weeks away! Surely not!

I got a hair cut today. I've found another hair stylist I like and I hope she stays at Kari's place. The hair cut is $20.00 and I give a $3.00 tip. Don't know if that's average or not. Hopefully, it is.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rx Trip

Karen came over at 10 AM and we drove to H'ville to pick up Dad's medicine. On the way home we stopped at Lowe's and looked at their spring flowers. They were having a sale. We both decided it took more ambition than we had to plant any spring flowers so we left empty handed. I did see some ferns that I would like to plant next to the porch. I may go back and buy some.

This diet is getting to me. The food isn't all that good and I have to eat many more veggies than I like. I'm not exercising like I should so after one week if I haven't lost a pound, I may have to break down and exercise.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beautiful Spring Day

Stayed up, got dresses and put some wash on. Played the piano some and got ready to go Visiting Teaching. We only saw one sister but Ann said she would go see the other one tomorrow. I 've got to go to H'ville to get Dad's Rx so I can't go V.T. tomorrow.

I got Frank to hook up the hose and I sprayed the pollen of the cars. Wow! What a difference a little water made. Now that I've done it, I'' continue to do it until the pollen is all gone.

I went to Walmart to get some cottage cheese and two heads of lettuce. I'm eating a lot of salad and I've almost gone through one head already. I had a chocolate bar for lunch and a big salad with mushrooms in it. The food isn't that bad but it isn't that good either! I'm glad I have it and hope I'll loose the weight I want to and learn some new eating habits along the way.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Diet Day

Went to the Senior Center today for exercise and then got gas and went to Karen's for scripture study. She forgot it was Monday, but it didn't take long to set up the card table and chairs. We talked 30 minutes before we turned the lesson on. It was good. I had read the scriptures the night before and could remember what they were about! After that, I went home.

The yellow pine pollen is so unsightly on the car. I don't want to wash it until all the pollen has fallen, but I don't know when that will be and I may not be able to wait that long. The car really looks sad.

This was the first day of the diet and after lunch I had to go to the grocery store. All I bought was greens, greens, greens! I already have the food to eat and only have to provide the sides. I can tell I'm on a reduced calorie diet. My body tells me that! I need to measure inches but I'm tired tonight and don't want to do it now. I have a snack tonight and I will eat it just before I go to bed so I can get to sleep. Can't get to sleep on an empty stomach.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beaautiful Saturday

The grass was mowed three days ago and the yard really looks nice! I scattered some bread crumbs out for the birds and I hope the night creature doesn't come along and get them. The trees are that yellow-green color when they first put out leaves and you can still see through them. The red buds age blooming too and the dogwoods aren't far behind. Spring is truly beautiful.

I helped Dad with the Dr. and medical figures for the income tax. I cooked some yellow squash I had bought at the super market and they weren't the freshest in the world but they were still a treat. I'll have to go to Walmart Monday and get some veggies and greens for when I begin my diet. There will be a change of eating that's for sure.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Ending

Today was a happy ending to a very nice trip. Mary Kate, the kids and I, went back to H'ville to take back things to Target and we went to Penny's to get Dad some p.j. bottoms that were 100% cotton. We had made our lunch and we ate it on the way to H'ville. We drove over to Jones Valley to Fleet Feet so Mary Kate could try on some exercise shorts that had a skirt attached too. They didn't have black and that's what she wanted.

After we got home, the kids were playing with Grampie and M.K. and I walked down the road. I could only go one time but she walked-ran for a while and got hot and sweaty. After a supper snack, they went to Trudy's house to spend the night. They will go home tomorrow (Sat.). We surely have a good time when they come.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Shopping Day

We left for H'ville around 9:30 AM and Met Trudy at Michael's. We looked around and left Trudy there and went to Target. Mary Kate got the kids some clothes and we picked Trudy up and went to the Mall to eat lunch. Trudy and I had Subway and Mary Kate ate our left overs, which was a lot from me. We then took Trudy back to her car and we came on back towards Athens. We stopped at a CVS outside of H'ville and then went to Kohl's. Oh, we went to Shoe Carnival and I got a nice pair of black sandals. At Kohl's, I got two nice shirts. Mary Kate got some more clothes for the kids and we came back to Athens.

Kid's World was open and we stopped there. It's a consignment store that's open twice a year. Mary Kate found lots of shorts for the kids and I got two pillows for the couch. They were $16.00 for two and the ones I saw at Walmart were $13.00 a piece! They look good on the brown leather couch.

We got home in time to put the turkey roast in the oven. The children got shoes with heelies in them so they put them on and went outside to skate. Mary Kate went for a run and the kids and Grampie had fun together. It's been a good day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TripWas Good

We left for the temple at 7:00 AM. Got there by 8:38. I missed the turn off but Karen knew what to do. Did 2 sessions and ate our lunch on the temple grounds. Admired all the flowers in bloom. Mary Kate and the kids beat us home by 30 minutes. It was a nice trip.

The pine trees are producing pollen and the cars have a yellow haze on them. It's quite a problem and it's ugly too! We have plans to go shopping tomorrow. We'll stop and get Trudy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I couldn't get into my blog tonight! "It" kept telling me I had the wrong user name of the wrong password. Blogger said they had sent me an e-mail and we found it but when I went through the steps to get it, it disappeared. ? But, with Frank's help, I was able to get here and that is what really matters.

I got a pair of reading glasses today. I had an old pair of frames and I got the reading glasses put in them. I will keep them in my purse and will have them on Sundays when I play the piano. I used to put my computer glasses in my purse Saturday night, but then I would forget them and playing the piano with my regular glasses is hard. Now, I'll always have them and there should be no reason for mistakes (tee-hee-giggle!)

I have been feeling bad mentally lately and if I don't start to feel better, I'll go see Dr. Sharp. Getting on my diet will help. I can't stand being this heavy. We're going to the temple tomorrow.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Beautiful Spring Day

I went to exercise and then on to Karen's for scripture study. She has all types of flowers blooming. I like to be at her house and listen to the chickens crowing (I guess it's the roosters doing the crowing!). and the other fowl making their noises. It's relaxing.

Mr Glaze and his partner, Phillip Craig, came out and gave us an estimate on how much fixing the back walls will take. I think we will go with them. Phillip knew Mary Kate. She graduated in 1993 and he in 1996. I knew his father from the Dulcimers. They were really friendly people and they do the work themselves. It will look good when it's all finished. We'll get crushed stone for the driveway too. All that with a new roof, will make the house look better. We need new shutters for ours have faded but I don't know when we'll get them.

I underlined in my diet booklet about the food I can eat. After M.K. and family leave, I'll start the diet. I'll need to weigh tomorrow and see how much I can loose in 28 days. I want to loose 10 lbs.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last Day

The 180th General Conference is now history. I took notes but found out that my days of note taking are over. I can't write or remember well enough to write anything down. The talks will come out in the next Ensign and I can read them then. Being Easter, a lot of talks were about the Savior. They were all good.

I rode 20 minutes on my bike today. I played a Roy Orbison CD. It didn't have any wild music on it. A ten song CD will last about 20-25 minutes. Riding to music really makes the time go by quickly. I practiced a couple exercises on the piano and then went back upstairs.

Spring is really here. The temperature got up to 84 degrees today, and the pollen in flying! I'm finally over my bout of hay fever and hope it doesn't return!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Talks

Today, the Conference came on at 11:00 sharp. I did try to take notes but after I wrote the first two or three words of the sentence, I forgot the rest of the sentence! Age, I guess. Tomorrow, I will just write down the name of the speaker and the topic and maybe a few words or so. I cannot write worth a flip and it is difficult for my hands to form the letters. Of course, I never write anymore. I had rather type any day.

Looking forward to the talks tomorrow.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wrong Day

I slept in and then got up, got dressed and got a note book and pen and pencil and got myself on the couch at 11:00 AM ready for Conference. When it didn't come on, I asked Frank why I couldn't get it and he said it was Friday, not Saturday! What a bummer. I was a bit irritated with myself for wasting the whole morning. I could have gone shopping and missed the crazed Easter crowd. I went shopping in the afternoon and had to deal with a crowded store. Waaaah!

It's great having General Conference Easter Week-end. It'll be great to sit at the feet of the Prophet and the Apostles and hear their counsel. I am going to take notes and hope to keep them from Conference to Conference and then compare the talks.

I'm going to make brownies when Mary Kate comes and I will start my diet after she goes home. I love the brownies and won't be able to eat them, or shouldn't eat them ever again! I can't just eat one! I want the whole pan. Um-m-m-m, with a glass of cold milk. Yum.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stopped Up Still

I still was affected by the hay fever today and didn't feel like doing much. I went back to bed until 11:00 AM and then I got up. Frank didn't feel well today either and we had lunch around 1:00PM. It's not good to feel bad. I'm so fortunate that I'm well most of the time and when I do get sick, I don't know how to act.

Mary Kate and the children will be coming Wednesday, April 7th. I look forward to going shopping. There's a new New Balance store in H'ville that we'll probably go to. I'm sure that we will see Trudy and the kids too. It's fun to be with family.