Saturday, February 28, 2015


It was a slow day starting off, but after lunch I got into high gear. I vacuumed the floors then mopped them. Gave Frank and hair cut and shave and helped him shower. Cooked goulash and washed two loads of clothes. Brought the ladder up from the basement because we have two light bulbs that are burned out and when Bro Decker is over tomorrow, I'll ask him to change them. I don't want Frank to get up on a ladder and I don't want to climb up either.

Mary Kate found a little Yorkie dog that is up for adoption but it is in a town near LaGrange, Ga where MK lives and they won't give me a chance to adopt it because they have to meet me and that's a 4 hour drive away. They are charging $450.00 to adopt the dog and they have my pet history and the name of my vet. They ought to know that if I take care of two parrots for 25 years that I will take good care of a dog. We might have to look some more. I don't want to get my hopes up. It can't be just any dog. Preferably an adult, potty-trained, small lap dog that doesn't shed. A Poodle, Yorkie or Bishon Frise. I know I didn't spell that last name correctly and the computer didn't know either!

Friday, February 27, 2015


We went to Dr Morgan's today for a procedure but they forgot to tell us about the antibiotic Frank was supposed to take and we had to reschedule the procedure.

The snow is still around but the roads were clear. The ice melted off the ramp and I swept the remaining ice and snow off of it this afternoon.

Mary Kate has been wanting to get me a dog and I have started looking online, too. It's amazing the price that's wanted for the Poodles I was looking at. MK was looking at a rescue Yorkie for me, but it's in GA and they want to meet me, so that's out. I will let her look for me.

Our crud is better but I'm still feeling the effects of it. It wasn't bronchitis like I thought it was. We still are coughing but not like last year when we had to go to the Dr with it. If we can survive til Spring maybe we'll make it.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


We got about 12" of snow yesterday. Everything was covered. The temperature was above freezing all day and a lot of it melted. We have a Dr appointment tomorrow so we'll be able to go. The snow is almost all gone off the car. The weather is supposed to be colder tomorrow but warming up on Saturday. I'm ready for Spring now. One snow will do it for me. It has snowed in April before so we're not out of the woods yet.

We just laid around sorry today. Still feeling under the weather because of our colds. I think the worst of it is over. Now just to recover and stay healthy.

Mary Kate wants me to get a dog and is looking for one for me. I haven't talked it over with Frank yet. He probably would agree if I insisted. He gets some time everyday loving on his bird but my bird wants to bite me every time I'm around him so he's no fun. If I had a dog, then I would have reason to walk down the road and get some exercise. That would be fun. I'd have to buy a couch cover to protect the couch and chairs. I finally get nice furniture and now I want a dog that would be all over it. You can't have nice "things" and have kids and animals.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It wasn't snowing this morning...

We made it to H'ville for the Pain Clinic appointment and were back at home by 10 AM. I went out to get the mail at 3 PM and by 3:15 PM the snow was really coming down. It's 7:30 PM now and the show hasn't slacked up. Trudy says they have 4" but I believe we have more. I think the farther South you go the deeper the snow. I have plenty of milk and every thing else so I don't worry.

It isn't even 32 degrees outside. Maybe during the night it will get colder but it's above freezing now.

I turned the gas heat on in the basement. It was 65 degrees down there and it's 70 degrees now. This virus I have makes me feel colder. We have the house set at 77 degrees. Bumped it up one degree yesterday before the big snow storm. I know that it isn't much snow for the Northerners but for the rednecks, it's a lot of snow! We don't know how to drive on it and it's down right inconvenient. It is pretty, but that's all. Ah, for the life in Key West now.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The weather was just cold today. I didn't go to the church to exercise for I was feeling bad and my cough was worse. Frank had an appointment with the orthopedic Dr to see about his knee. It is healing nicely and the Dr gave him some range of motion in the knee. He can bend it a little but not to 90 degrees yet. I heard that the weather is going to get bad tomorrow so I got some milk. We have a Pain Clinic visit tomorrow early and the weather isn't supposed to get bad until after lunch so I believe we will be okay.

Thursday, I have an appointment with my family Dr and now that I have this bronchitis he may give me something for it. I think my carpol tunnel has come back. My hands tingle all of the time but so do my feet and legs so I'll ask the Dr what he thinks is up. Getting old, I bet.

Mary Kate texted me this morning saying she is getting the "cold" also. Trudy said it went through her family.  We had bronchitis last year and it took a month and a half to get rid of it. We usually manage to stay away from sickness but was right it the home this time. George had it and wasn't feeling good but he wasn't coughing or sneezing. I guess it's an air borne disease. Just something to gripe about...

Monday, February 23, 2015


Got up at 5 AM and looked outside and there was ice on everything. Went back to bed and watched Fox News until it was time to eat breakfast. Didn't even try to go to exercise since the ramp and car were covered in ice. Went back to bed and was lazy until around 10 AM.

We had our diet class today and the ice was gone so we went. It was about exercise and the benefits of it. Next week, we will meet at a super market and pretend shop, looking at labels, etc. If we were going to Walmart, I would do some real shopping but the majority said to go to Hometown grocery.

Tomorrow at 10 AM I will go to the Round Island church to exercise. That afternoon Frank sees Dr Lawrence about his knee and hopefully it is healing by itself. Wed we go to the pain clinic. Thursday I have a Dr appointment in Athens, and Friday we have a Dr appointment somewhere, I can't remember where now. I have to make an appointment to take the birds in to get trims. Gert is trying to fly and he needs a trim. I need to go back and see the dentist to have my teeth adjusted. Tomorrow will be the only time I'll have to exercise. I need to exercise at home but it's so hard to get the motivation to do it.

The crud I have was hurting today when I coughed. I hope it doesn't get any worse. That's what I've been saying each day and it's gotten a bit worse every day.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

No Snow

When I got up from my after breakfast nap, all the snow was gone! It had rained and the snow melted. In fact, it's rained all day.

I've caught a cold and just lounged around today and stayed mostly in my recliner with my eyes closed. Hopefully, the rain will stop by tomorrow morning. We will go to church but it's hard to hold the umbrella over Frank and not get soaked myself. I'm just glad it's not snow.

Friday, February 20, 2015


It was very cold this morning. Karen had called last night saying she wasn't going to exercise because of the cold weather. I said I was going if there was no snow on the ground. We had a nice crowd for the weather. After exercise, I went to Walmart and got some fresh veggies and diet Pepsi, bread and ground turkey. I'm ready for the weather now.

I got home at 10:30 AM and it started snowing at 11:00 AM. It snowed steadily until the road was covered and the ramp and most of the grass. It was probably about 2-3".  I  made a big pot of veggie soup. We had it for supper. It needs some more tomato taste, like tomato sauce, if I have any I can put it in tomorrow.  It's filling and good for the diet. I have no laundry to do tomorrow so maybe I can play the piano and use the exercise bike. I'll need to find the CD player I have in the basement and get some rock 'n roll music to play while I cycle.

I've been going to bed early and getting up around 5 AM. This morning I stayed in bed and watched an hour of Fox News before I got up. Usually, I get up at 7 AM.

Trudy signed me up on Pinterest but didn't show me how to use the site. I would like to know and the next time she's over here I'll get her to show me how.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

No Snow

No snow today but it was 19 degrees F this morning. The skies were blue but I've heard that we are to have some freezing rain tonight or tomorrow. I went to the Dollar General and got 3 gallons of milk. Now, I'm ready for anything. Frankie called and said Monday Knoxville had snow and ice and that the kids got the whole week off from school.

Haven't done much today. The PT from Home Health came by and discharged Frank from their care. I got the tubes from the car and we can exercise our upper bodies with the tubes. Don't know it I'll be going to exercise tomorrow or not. If it's sleeting, I won't be going. The weather is supposed to be bad tomorrow. Less than a month until Spring, I think. It has snowed in April, though. Ugh! I hate snow.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Woke up to snow on the ground and a little coming from the sky. It was 32 degrees so the snow wasn't going anywhere. It was snowing hard when I cancelled Frank's Dr appointment. By the afternoon, the snow was gone but I didn't know in the morning what the afternoon would look like. We'll see the Dr about Frank's knee next week.

I called J&J Heating and Cooling about a noise I was hearing in the basement by the heat pump. The house is 35 years old. I don't think the heat pump is that old but I didn't like the buzzing noise I was hearing. The young man said it was the pipes vibrating when the outside unit defrosted. He tightened up some screws that held the pipes on the wall and that was it. It cost $75.00 but I had two coupons for $25 & $20 dollars so the final cost was only $30.00. I see the coupons in the paper all the time but never thought I could use more than one so I'll cut out other ones that I see.

I washed some towels and sheets and will have to wash more towels tomorrow. The upstairs toilet over flowed and I had to use many towels to sop up the water on the floor. I would never put laminate in a kitchen or bathroom again. I don't know what I'll do tomorrow. Maybe work on Family History. I'm to go to church tomorrow and work on it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Store Bought Teeth

My new denture came in today. Frank and I drove to Huntsville to get it. It has metal in the center to make it stronger and is thinner than my old one. I look forward to having a thinner denture so I won't be grinding my teeth like I was with the thick one.

We stopped by Sam's and I checked about my card and it ran true to the type of card it was. Yesterday, the check-out said my extra credit wasn't showing but I had paid online. They said to pay in the store because sometime it took a while to show up when you payed it online. We came on to Athens and stopped by the pharmacy for an Rx and then came on home.

After supper and scripture reading we listened to Ray Stephan's greatest hits and then Frank went to his room to watch TV and I put some wash in. I had two loads and one is already finished and the other one is in the dryer.

I've lost another pound. The staying at 1,3000 calories isn't so bad now. We have exercise tomorrow and may go to H'ville to Sam's or to Walmart in Athens to get some cans of beans. I would like to get 2 cased of pinto, black and Navy beans to put downstairs to have on hand. Our food room has got mostly paper products, a wheelchair, other fold up chairs and misc. things but little food. I could get some fresh veggies too. I have a bag of kale to cook and two cabbages. I can cook the cabbage and smoked sausage and tomato and onion dish I like. Could uses some broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Guests Leaving

We got up at 6 AM in order to leave to shop at Sam's early. We got there about 8:30 AM and the store was just about empty. Mary Kate bought some things and I did too. At check out, I found out my card wasn't updated to the shop early card. I renewed my account online and when we got home, Mary Kate pulled up the bank records and found where I had paid. I have to take the copy by the store now and get it corrected. The clerks at Sam's said to renew at the store instead of online.

We went by Academy Sports on the way home and MK got some more work out pants and a pair of boots for Sophia. It began raining while we were in the store. I was afraid of snow for today but we were lucky.

Mary Kate and Nate left at 10:30 AM to beat any bad weather they may encounter. They are driving South and shouldn't get any ice on the roads. Ice had began forming of the railing of the ramp even though it's above freezing. Can't handle ice and snow. Don't know how they do it up North.

Nate has really grown up. He 13 now and very polite and helpful. I'm so proud of him. Sophia couldn't come because she had Youth Conference during this time.

It'll be good to get back into our usual routine. I did okay diet wise during everyone's visit. MK made a big pot of veggie/ground turkey soup and it is very good and low calorie. I'll have to start my food diary back.

Frankie is really working hard on his dissertation  and hopes to have it finished soon. He has to get this degree so he can get a good job. When he applies for jobs, they see he's over qualified, and they don't call back. I bought him and the kids some socks at Academy Sports. Their sock condition was sad.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Shopping

We didn't make it to Sam's. Frankie took the kids to the Space 'n Rocket Center and Mary Kate and I went to  Madison to Academy Sports and Khol's. Trudy stayed home and slept so we did do any thrift store shopping.

Mary Kate bought Nate 2 pair of shoes which she could take back if he didn't like them and she got some work out clothes. I got one pair of Capri's that I'll have to loose a few lbs to get into but will give me the incentive to continue to diet. Nate had to pick one of the pair of shoes to keep and he wanted both pair so I bought one pair for him. He was so happy! He loves shoes. We stopped at Khol's and I got Frank a new 100% cotton shirt. It's a really pretty light green checked short sleeved shirt. I don't need any clothes so didn't buy anything for me.

We stopped at the Madison Walmart to pick up some groceries and Mary Kate made a big pot of veggie soup that was yummy. The rest of the family had pizza. I did pretty well on my diet today. I wasn't keeping the food diary today but I ate sensibly and had veggie soup instead of pizza tonight. We watched a very funny movie tonight and everyone was laughing hard. It was fun.

I have to up at 5:30 AM to help get Frankie and family up and fed and on their way as soon as posible I didn't do our medicines today and will have to do that when they are gone then get my shower and get dressed. We will go to church tomorrow for sacrament meeting and then come home.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Family Together

Frankie came in last night around 8 PM. Trudy came over at 2 PM to enjoy the craft the Walker's brought and Mary Kate and Nate came in around 7:30 tonight. I wasn't expecting them until 9 PM so it was good they got here early. Trudy didn't sleep well last night so has gone to bed early. Frankie and Mary Kate are leading the band in a rousing game of Uno in the kitchen. Dad is watching TV. I couldn't hear the TV so I came here to blog. It's nice to have the three children here together. This hasn't happened in a long while.

Tomorrow, Frankie is taking the kids to the Space n Rocket Center and we girls are going shopping at the thrift store in H'ville. Maybe we'll hit Sam's. I'll spend too much money there but we can eat it.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Family History Time

Today was the day I go to the Family History Center. I had found some information on my own and needed help in untangling the information. Sis Walker always knows how to help me. We did some merging of individuals and I typed in Mary Peg's information as wife to Ritchie. I'll have to do more work at my computer to find other names to work on.

Frankie and Mariam and Josh are about 1 1/2 hours away. They're coming from Knoxville, TN and will stay until early Sunday morning. Trudy is coming over at 2:30 PM and Carol and her daughters will be here at 2 PM to do a craft. Trudy will spent the night Friday night and Mary Kate and Nate will come in about 9 PM Friday night. I hope Frankie will take Marian, Josh and Nate to the Space 'n Rocket center in Huntsville while Trudy, Mary Kate and I shop in Madison and H'ville. I feel it's okay to leave Frank for several hours that we will be gone. Mary Kate will stay until Monday afternoon. It's a 4 hour drive to LaGrange, GA and a 4 hour drive from Knoxville. I really appreciate the children wanting to come home for a visit.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Exercise this morning and then we went to the Dollar Tree and I got the Walker girls their presents. I like to get them a little something for coming over and making my day brighter not to mention the craft they bring and we make. I got them each a plastic long stemmed goblet with Valentines on it. Two clear and two red goblets, two Valentine pencils and a small Valentine with chocolates in it. I got Carol a small red heart-shaped vase with red roses in it. I didn't think she would like a plastic goblet. Everything looks festive sitting on the table waiting for Friday afternoon to come.

I've had a hard time staying on my diet today. I've been empty and a little hungry. I cooked some fresh Brussels sprouts and ate a bowl full with diet liquid butter poured on them. That filled me up until supper. I have a rotisserie chicken but I'm saving it for Friday when Trudy comes over. If we shop at Sam's, Saturday, I will get 3 of their rotisserie chickens and put them in the freezer. Sam's chickens are larger than the Walmart chickens are. I have Talapia for when Mary Kate and Nate come. MK and I will go shopping when they get here because she doesn't eat the things we do. A lot of the cabbage, Brussels sprouts and beans I put in the goulash bother her digestive system, so we go shopping for what she can eat. She's on a gluten free regimen, too. We'll have to cook for Frankie and Mariam and Josh. Mariam can't have corn products but can eat the rest of the food. I have 3-5 lbs of potatoes to make potato salad with. I will cook the potatoes tomorrow.

I got a shipment from the catalog Signatures. I got 6 Elvis CD's and a Ray Stephens CD, plus an electric egg cooker. I cooked 7 eggs and don't know what to do with them now! Mary Kate doesn't eat eggs, so I won't put them in the potato salad. I like them plain and I could make deviled eggs. I just couldn't wait to use the egg cooker. It's time for supper, so I'll quit.   

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Exercise

I got to go to the Round Island exercise group today and it was a joy. We meet in the church gym and we walk around the gym 2-4 times during the exercise time and we do harder exercises than at the senior center. We also don't sit as much. I need the challenge of doing more. Plus, the ladies and one gentleman that go there are very nice. There is one lady that is 4'10" too. I told her about the Land's End jeans that you can buy with a 25 1/2" inseam. I don't have to take up my jeans anymore.

I came home and after lunch snoozed in the recliner. Talked to Frankie a long time last night. He and the little kids will come down Saturday some time and leave Sunday. I bought some cookie dough cookies from Mariam and they have come in and she wants to deliver them to me. I should have just given her some money and not ordered anything. It's a 4 hour trip for them one way.

Mary Kate and Nate will be here Friday night at 9 PM. Trudy is spending the night, too and we plan to go shopping at Value Village on Saturday. Trudy can't do much shopping because of her back but we can do some. We'll stop at Khol's and I have a 30% off coupon. I don't need anything but you never know what I might get. It's a 4 hour trip for Mary Kate, too. I'm so glad that they want to come home and visit. I want to shop at Sam's. I'm low on food and need to get some for the food room. All I have left is green beans which we don't eat unless I'm out of fresh veggies. I made a pot of goulash using 15 bean soup that I cooked today and 2 pints of hamburger meat that George canned. It turned out alright. I think I like it better using the canned beans but I have many packages of 15 bean soup already and will have to buy the can beans.

The Big Band CD's I ordered came in today. We listened to some of the songs tonight and it was good to hear that kind of music again. They're 4 CD's so we have plenty of music to listen to. I have a Ray Stephens CD on its way any day. We performed many of his songs when Frank was well and played the guitar. Ahab the Arab, Shriner's Convention, and other songs. It's fun to listen to them again and sing along with the music.

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Little Earily

I had 8 AM on my brain, I guess because I normally go to exercise at this time, so we went for Frank's CT scan at 8 and the appointment wasn't until 10 AM. The wait wasn't too bad and we were through before 10 AM. We came home and had lunch and then Karen came over and we went to the diet class. I have lost 2 lbs in 3 weeks. A slow loose and one I can keep off. I've devised a way to exercise on the bike. I will dig my CD player out and play some rock 'roll music while I'm peddling away. Some loud, raucous music will get me in the mood to exercise. While I'm in the basement, maybe I'll want to play the piano, too.

Tomorrow, I plan to go to Round Island exercise. I went one time but had things come up so I couldn't go back. The exercise there is harder than the senior center and I enjoy the challenge.

I ordered some flowers today online. I thought it had something to do with my Fuel Rewards program with Shell, but I don't think is was. Oh, well, I'll get a nice bouquet of flowers soon.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Is A Special Day, It's The Day We Get Ready For Sunday

That's a line in the Primary song book we used to sing when the kids were little.

I vacuumed the floors upstairs and the air filters. I went to the pharmacy and then to Walmart for some fresh veggies. Of course, I got more than veggies but it was things I needed to get. I got exercise by walking in the parking lot at Walmart and walking around the store and vacuuming the floors today.

Frank spent most of the day in his room reading. I did change his bed. It was 64 degrees today and I went to the mailbox in shirt sleeves. I should do some pruning of the butterfly bushes while it is mild and next week, if it is mild, I will do it. I have 3 bushes to prune and that won't be too bad. I'll have to carry the prunings down into the woods since we don't have a burn pile yet. The woods look awful since all of the downed trees from the tornado were pushed down there. It will take years for the green leaves and vines and vegetation to grow and hide all the destruction. We had the view for 34 years. Now we don't go outside and won't see the view.

Thanks for the Valentine card, Kathy. It was so cute and when I saw it was handmade I was amazed! My cards weren't nearly as good.

Looking forward to tomorrow to go to church and take the sacrament and hear the talks and see friends. We have been going out the side door because it is nearest to our car but we miss seeing people. I want to see and speak to people especially since we don't stay for all of the meetings.

The diet is coming okay. I've lost 1 lb. in 2 weeks. I'm staying around 1,300 calories. I've left off a milk and all the bread I was eating plus the Smart Balance spread I was slathering on the bread. I don't miss the bread and the one 8 oz milk. I could drink milk all day, especially with some Nestle's Quick in it.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Dr Appointment

Didn't get to go to exercise today because Frank had a Dr appointment at 8 AM. It was in Madison and I drove fast to get there on time. We were in the morning work traffic. We registered at 8:03 and waited 1 1/2 hours to see the Dr. He spends a lot of time with you so that makes the waiting better but it's still aggravating to sit there and wait. He ordered a CT scan that can be done at the hospital in Athens and another test that will look in the bladder that has to be performed at the Dr's office in Madison.

Stopped by the Walmart in Madison and got some milk, diet Pepsi and bananas. I did well on my diet today but I didn't do any extra exercise except the walking I did getting into Walmart and back to the car. I brought the trash can in and walked to the mail box and back. That's my exercise for today. After lunch, I felt sleepy so I took a snooze in the recliner while Frank read in his room. I just have no desire to exercise even if it means that it will help me loose weight. I'm too old to exercise! I know I have to keep moving but I'll let going to Silver Sneaker's be my exercise.

Mary Kate and Nate will be coming up next week-end and staying 'til Monday. Looking forward to that. Frank said he could stay by himself. Either that, or we take him with us. Don't know which to do.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eventful Half of Day

Got up at 7 AM and washed my hair. Got breakfast and then Frank told me he had blood in his urine. I called the Dr before I left for the Family History Center. Since we are having Home Health come in the Dr's office said that a nurse from there would be out to get a urine sample. I left a bit after 9 AM.
When I came back from church, the nurse was just driving out of our drive way. She said she was headed to the hospital with the specimen. Hope nothing serious is wrong.

The names I had listed to work on didn't get any attention. Instead, I clicked on another name that needed work and spent the entire two hours on getting information on that person. I did get the information I needed to get online for I was typing that in the computer and was getting all various sites that didn't get me into the church site. This genealogy research is very detailed and if you don't know what you're doing, it can be very confusing. Sis Walker helps me a lot and I couldn't do it without her help. Two other ladies were there while I was there. They knew how to work the system.

It was a cold day today. The wind was blowing and made it seem colder. It was 41 degrees this afternoon. The weather man had predicted snow for over night but it didn't happen. I can do without snow forever.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All Day Appointment

We left for H'ville at 11:00 AM for a 12:00 PM appointment. Dr Knight said that he would need my teeth to send to the lab in order to get the right bite for the new denture but that I could come back to the office later on today day and pick them up. I said OK and called Trudy to see if she was home so we could spend the time at her house. She didn't answer but we decided to go on up anyway. We stopped by a Hardee's and got lunch. Frank got a small hamburger and I got a chocolate shake. Without any teeth, that's all I could eat. We got to Trudy's and the door was unlocked and she was in the bedroom asleep. Well, after I looked in her room, she wasn't asleep anymore and got dressed and came out. We had a very nice visit with her and Sadie came home from working at Chick-fil-le right before we left to go back to the dentist office. Trudy lives in Hazel Green, AL and that's about 30 minutes from the dentist.

When we got to the dentist, they had my teeth and I was able to smile again! I was also able to eat a regular supper too and that was great. My new denture should be ready in about a week.

The milk shake was 700 calories and it put me over my goal of 1,300 calories a day by about 300 calories. Tomorrow is a new day and I'll get back to eating my regular food.

Tomorrow is the day I go to the Family History Center. I got on the tonight to see what I needed to do tomorrow and got 5 names we can check. Mary Lou is teaching a cooking class tomorrow at 11:00 AM at the church and I want to go to that, too.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

No Teeth

Had a dental appointment this morning in H'ville. I have been having major problems with my denture and my mouth has been hurting for a long while, so I finally said, "Enough!" and made an appointment. I got to see Dr Knight, the father, who made my original denture. I bit through two of them and the one I ended up with was very thick. It gave me problems from day one but I've had it for 10 years and finally gave up on it. I'm having a new upper denture made and he kept my old denture to try and fix it so it would be more comfortable until the new one could be made. I go tomorrow and get it back. I've had to drink my meals and won't be able to eat until tomorrow at noon.

While I'm in H'ville again, I will stop by AB Stephens and pick up a piano book for Trudy. She still wants me to teach her how to play the piano even though she only has a small keyboard to practice on. I don't really know why she wants to learn. She can't become proficient with out a piano and lots of daily practice.

I only went over my calorie count by 208 today. I strive for 1,300 calories each day and most days, it's only been a week, I make it. After I left H'ville today, I stopped in Madison and took my shoes back and swapped them for a pair exactly like I had on. I knew that style fit and was wide enough. It's hard for me to try on shoes in a store, walk about 13 steps and then decide whether they are the right shoe or not. I've never bought two pair of shoes just alike before but I like the color, aqua blue, and the style and the fit. I figured I couldn't go wrong.

I told Frank that I would be back in time for lunch so when I got to Athens, I ran into Walmart and got a rotisserie chicken and a bunch of bananas and then went to Herbs n More to get some protein powder. Had I thought, I probably could have gotten some from Walmart a whole lot cheaper than what I paid at Herbs n More. I rushed on home and got here about 12:05 PM. Frank had chicken and veggies and I had a protein shake with milk and an egg. It kept me satisfied until about 4 PM when I had a couple of graham crackers and a little milk. That's what put me over my calorie count for the day. 

Monday, February 2, 2015


Had exercise this morning and the diet class at 12:30 PM this afternoon. She checked to see if we were keeping our food diaries and we were. I've lost 1/2 lb in the first week. I'm on a 1,300 calorie maximum and have been able to keep it under that. I've cut out 8 oz of milk and 2 slices of bread. Smart Balance buttery spread is only 50 calories a tbls so I may add that back in. I've been a little empty but not too bad. My mouth has been so sore this past week two nights I just had smoothies for supper. I see the dentist tomorrow and hopefully he'll be able to help.

The other exercise class I want to go to is tomorrow at 10 AM but that's the time I have to be in H'ville at the dentist. I have a pair of shoes to take back to Academy Sports and I will do that on the way back.

The PT came from Home Health and showed Frank some exercises to do to strengthen his legs and will be back 2 times a week for 3 weeks. Hopefully, this will help keep him from falling.

It had snowed during the night but none stayed on the ground at our house. We saw some on bushes and roof tops going into town this morning. It's been at 32 degrees with the wind blowing all day. Our power bill was higher this past month but not too bad. I have to pay bills tomorrow.