Monday, August 31, 2009

What Can You Say About Another Monday?

I mainly rested yesterday. I watched BYU TV nearly all day between naps. I'll go back to church next week ready or not. The Primary will be practicing for their program and I need to be there to play the piano. Sis Osler doesn't want to play for the program and I'm so grateful that she has stood in for me while I have been away.

PT comes at 11:30 PM today. I still haven't contacted the Dr. about seeing him since the operation. I've been doing so well and the swelling has gone down and the staples are out so why wait around to see the Dr? I figure after I'm through with Home Health and need some instructions for the Wellness Center then will be the time to see the Dr. Maybe I'll call the office and see what they think of my plans!

Frank will probably finish the door today. The kitchen is cluttered with the guts of the doorknob and paint brushes are all on the table and I would like to clean up everything to make it look better.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Again Saturday

It's been a beautiful fall day-I guess it's not officially fall yet, but the weather is really nice. Of course, I haven't been outside much!

Dad is going to spray the birds and then paint the door. I'm afraid he'll use all of his energy on the birds and not get to the door.

I've only had one pain pill today and feel a bit tired. I iced my knee and the swelling seems to have gone down a bit.

Frank decided to spray the birds tomorrow and do the door today. Yeah! I want the door fixed so I can put the curtains back and have things normal again. Brenda Adams brought over about 1/2 of a chocolate pie today. It is very sweet but good!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Door Getting Fixed

Today was a bad for Frank but he's feeling better for he is caulking the door before the paint goes on.

Trudy came today because she had gone shopping for us. We didn't need too much stuff but we did need some food. She sat a chatted for a while before she had to go back home. She'll be back over next week to take Frank to the Dr. They asked if I wanted to ride along and I haven't decided yet. I think I'm feeling better and better each day. I still feel pretty weak though. It's only been 3 weeks since the operation and in another 3 weeks I should feel much better. It seems like last knee I was doing pretty well after 6 weeks.

After Trudy left, I lay down and then around 3 PM I had to take my first pain pill. Frank had gotten up and was working on the bird cages and then he started working on the door. It's funny not to have a door knob! I just put my finger through the round hole in the door and open it!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pretty Good Day

Yes, Mary Kate, we were locked out of the house. Dad had driven the new Accord and it didn't have the house keys on it for some reason. So your Dad got a brick and bashed in the doorknob and with the aid of a screwdriver from the car, got the door unlocked. He got the door ready for a coat of paint but then ran out of energy to paint it and put the new doorknob on. It'll be finished before Sunday I think. Instead of a round knob, it is a lever that moves up and down and is easier on the hands than a round knob.

PT came again today. I wasn't expecting them today but it was okay. My pain level was about the same as it was yesterday, 2-3, and the exercise felt good. The pain med says to take one tab every 4-6 hours and I've been making it almost to the 6 hour time period. I've had two so far and will take another one when I go to bed so I can sleep. It's hard to sleep when you have pain on your mind!

Dad drove me to the Dollar store and I bought some milk and ice cream. It wasn't Blue Bell, but it's cold and sweet! I'm definitely not ready for any shop 'till I drop excursions yet but I must be patient, oh yeah!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hump Day

I heard this on the radio about Wednesday being "hump day" or the middle of the week, I guess. Dad and I drove into town to get some keys made for the new lock. We had to bash the other door knob in to get into the house. We've had this new lock for the door for several months and Frank was waiting to get the entire door painted before we put it in, but now we'll just paint around the lock and finish the door at a later date. Maybe Trudy will do it for us.

The PT therapist just left. She put me through my paces. I did good but I can improve on the lying down exercises. They leave me tired. The entire leg must be rehabilitated and not just the knee. My right leg is doing great. It really is my good leg.

The short trip into town really took a tole on me. I must be patient and not want to go out just because my mind is ready.

The Crape Myrtles are blooming and really look pretty. Plus the butterfly bushes are blooming and the butterflies and humming birds are all over it! I think it got up to 91 degrees today.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Didn't Do Much

The lady from the home health service came out at 10:00 AM and discharged me from the nursing services. She said I didn't need any nursing services, just PT. It only took about 20 minutes and she was gone. I did some exercises for my knee and made it feel better. It gets rather stiff if it's not used. I worked around the house in the morning and then rested in the afternoon.

I made 2 cups of rotini and added a can of chicken to it with mayo and red wine vinegar and it was good. I'm glad to find a way to use the chicken. It was from an order the Relief Society made with the Almish. I have cans of beef too I need to find a use for.

I guess I'll call the Doctors office tomorrow and see when I'm to check back in. I'm anxious to start driving but I don't think I'm ready to do much walking. I only had one pain pill today and I don't know if it was some pain or just the stiffness that was bothering me. This too will pass. I think it was about 6 weeks last time before I was like news again.

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Monday Again!

I have a hard time remembering that the day is Monday. I called Dr. Moore's office to get some pain medicine and this afternoon Frank drove me into the pharmacy to pick it up. We came home from town to realize that the key ring we had didn't have any house keys on it! Frank finally took a brick and knocked the dickens out of the door knob and then got some screw drivers out of the car and worked with the knob until the door opened! Now, we will get to put the new door knob on that we've had for a while.

My project for today was to go through all of my cards I've saved for years and put the ones I wanted to keep in a scrap book and throw the others away. I accomplished the task. I have to put some more into the scrapbook but I'm tired of standing tonight and will finish it tomorrow.
This is one less thing my children will have to do when I pass away.

My pain level has been mild. The knee hurts now because I stood up too long. I'll get the ice out and maybe that will help.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quiet Sunday

It felt good to sleep in my own bed. I got up and did some things and later felt like I should rest so I took a good nap. We had chicken salad sandwiches for supper, got the birds out for a while and then put them to bed. Frank's spine was hurting him and my knee is very stiff. I hate the thought of therapy on it for it will hurt! I don't remember the other knee being as stiff as the left knee is. Then again it is still pretty swollen and even my left foot is swollen too. I should be a lot better is 5-6 weeks.

Karen called and said Primary went well. It was Primary's 110th birthday and she had a game, pin the star on the birthday banner that even the big kids liked to play. Primary is so much fun. I get to sit and participate in the hard work others have done!

I've had enough pain pills to last until tomorrow when I can call and get another Rx for some. This knee hasn't been as painful as the other knee was, but I know it will be painful during PT. I'll just have to buck up and bite the old bullet to get through it all.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home At Last

August 22nd and I'm home from the nursing home. I spent 8 days there with 5 days having therapy. The operation went well and I was walking by the third day. Actually, they got me up to walk the first day but I was pretty shaky. By the third or fourth day I walked pretty well.
The pain wasn't as bad as the first knee.

The nursing home drove me crazy. I felt too good and had too much time on my hands and there was nothing to do. Thankfully, Saturday came and I got to come home.

I'm having light to moderate pain but I'm walking good and that's what counts. I check my e-mail first and and now too tired to write much. Will try later.

Monday, August 10, 2009

On The Eve Of Destruction

I showered in the special "soap" and it made my skin really dry! I got Rosko back to the vet. and she said we would just wait and see how he does. Gert's gram stain was normal but now Rosko has to drink the Novasan water to make sure he doesn't get a yeast infection.

Trudy's coming over around 9:00 PM. We'll need to leave the house a bit early to get Dad's medicine at the pharmacy and then head for the hospital. I'm not nervous about the surgery, I'm a bit nervous that this knee might not heal as fast as the right knee did.

Frankie said that Forrest is coming over with Trudy. I think he's going to take the written part of the driver's test. Now that he's 15, he can't wait to start driving. I remember those years. Learning to drive was a big thing in my life. It's a little bit of freedom from your parents!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pain In The Neck

Ever since I stopped taking Arthrotec (arthritis pain pill), I've gotten this massive pain in my neck. It didn't happen in the spring when I stopped it for the operation but it's really bad now. Makes me wonder if I've got some cracked vertebra in my neck. Even when taking the Arthrotec my neck is stiff and it hurts a little but nothing like this. I can't move my head at all without it hurting. Ah, the joys of the Golden Age!

Sister Ossler came into Primary today to see how things were going on. I think she'll enjoy it and I hope she can do the program well. The Lord knew I was going to be out and He provided a substitute for me, so things should be fine.

At 2:00 PM, I'll take Rosko to Hartselle to get the bumps on his nose checked out again. Dr. Jan can see him this time. She had hurt her left hand and couldn't handle big birds but Rosko is a small one. I'll take a stool sample from Gert to get a gram stain done to see if he still has an infection. Hopefully the boys will be okay.

Frank has a chest infection and will get a z-pack tomorrow. Tomorrow night is the eve of the operation. I have some special soap I have to bathe with tomorrow night and again the next morning. It's to fight infection. I'm going to have to stop. My neck is killing me. Boo-hoo, baby.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I just got through looking at a lot of pictures in my albums. Pictures I didn't know I had and I know of lots of pictures that didn't show up...where are they?? These pictures were of the 2007 Kirkland, Ohio and Salt Lake City trips that Trudy and Mary Kate and families made.

3:30 PM and we just sold our S-10 truck to Dennis Johnson. He works with Steve Sims, the man who cuts our grass, and he knows how to fix trucks. He got it for his son, and will fix it up for him-fix the air conditioner and give it a good paint job-any paint job would make it look better. Now we are officially minus a truck and are down to two vehicles.

Back to the pictures. I took some of the flowers that are blooming in the yard and I didn't see them in the pictures I was just looking through. If only I knew how to find stuff on this computer.

I guess I'll finish packing for the nursing home today or Sunday. I'm getting a bit apprehensive about the operation now. I remember too much. Not about the pain, but just of the time it will take for me to heal. I can only hope things go as smoothly as they did for the first knee.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hair Day

I got my hair cut today getting ready for my hospital and nursing home stay. I decided I wanted the works so I took my own hair spray and gel. Nicole cut it dry and then washed it and dried it and curling ironed it and ratted it and it really looked good. Nicole can take a short cut and make it look good. Hopefully, it'll still look good by Sunday.

I shopped at Walmart and got some snacks for Frank while I'm gone. Trudy can pick up things for him while I'm gone. I can't believe it's only 4 days away-actually 3 days since Friday is almost over. I called the nursing home and they are expecting me. I will have the lady at the hospital call them when the time comes. Trudy will register for me. She is a real life saver in times like this. And an all around sweet heart all the time. I hope I will loose weight again. I've been eating too many sweets these last 4 months. My drug of choice, SUGAR!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday's Trip to H'ville

We left about 10:30 AM and drove to H'ville to see the foot man about Dad's insoles. Then we went to the pain clinic to pick up his Rx and then over to see Dr Phillips. After that, we dined on a fine cheeseburger at McDonald's and later topped it off with a Oreo cookie Blizzard from Dairy Queen in Madison. From there we went to the pharmacy to fill the Rx and finally home!

I need to get my hair trimmed since I'll be down and at home (or somewhere...) and my hair will really be bushy by then. It's really a nice length right now but give it another two days and it will be pre-bush.

We didn't have any rain today but the weatherman is still saying we may have storms tonight. The grass is getting to long now and most of the neighbors are already mowing. I hate it when the grass is so long that it leaves cut grass all over the yard. I used to rake that up and put it in different places in the lawn, but now I'm too lazy to do that! Either too lazy or have no energy for that activity....okay, so it's a combination of both!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hospital Visit

At 10:45 AM I was at Crestwood Hospital to pre-register for my upcoming surgery. My appointment was at 11:00 but the lady wrote my name down and didn't ask about the time. Whhile I was waiting, several other people came in. I got to go back first so getting there earily was a plus. They already had all of my information in the computer so I just had to enitial papers and get my blood taken and I was through.

Dad has Drs appointments tomorrow (Wednesday) so Karen and I won't be able to take a trip. And I'll be in the hospital the next Wednesday. Some times life gets in the way of things.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Monday #2

I went to exercise class today since I missed all of last week. Came right home and took a small nap or just rested. I had to wash whites for I've already packed for the nursing home and I run out of whites sooner now.

I go to Crestwood Hospital tomorrow at 11:00 AM to register and get blood tests done. Only 8 more days to go!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday News

Church was good (it won't ever be bad!). It just dawned on me that I won't be here to play for the Primary program! The program is 6 Sundays away and in 10 more days I'll be in the hospital with a new knee. I asked Jenifer Harris if she would play for me and she said she would. Now, I'll have to get the music to her. I began playing the piano in Primary just after the Primary program last year. Just talked to Jennifer and she can't play for the program. She is called to play the piano in the Spanish meeting which meets in the Relief Society room during our Sacrament meeting so she will be needed back there. She suggested that I call Susan Harris and ask for help since she is the music person for the Ward. I really need help!

Frank is slowly getting back his energy from his fevers. I have to call the hospital to see when I can pre-register and get a date to get my lab work done. I'm getting nervous about it now. Time is running out!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Brother

My brother, Dossey H. White, Jr., was 6 1/2 years older than I. He later changed his first name to "Doss" because too many people thought Dossey was a girl's name.

I remember walking to school with him when I first started to school. Sometimes we would walk home in the alley. As he got older, he went on to high school and I didn't walk with him any more.

He and our neighbor Nick Hobbs would go arrow head hunting. Sometimes he would let me go
with him. I learned how to spot arrow heads and one time helped him fine a burial place.

We had a small boat that he and my father had built from a kit they got from Sear's and it had a 7 1/2 horse power motor on it. He would get me to go arrow head hunting so I could help him carry the boat to the water. We had a car top carrier that fit on the top of the car and we would strap the boat onto the car and we would drive to the river and put the boat in. We would ride to 7 Mile Island and when the water in the river was low, we would hunt for arrow heads. It was a fun time for me. My family would also load the boat on top of the car and go to the river for a ride.

My Dad taught my brother to work on cars and back in the 50's one could find the parts to the old Ford A-Models he and got an old A-Model to run. One time he put the axle in backwards and it ran backwards when it was in 1st gear.

He always liked foreign cars and he had a BMW (I think that is what the name of it was. It wasn't a "beemer" but it was a sports car). Sometimes he would let me go with him to the car races at the old air base at Courtland where they would race the small cars. It was a lot of fun.

When he graduated from high school, he went to the University of Alabama and I ruled the roost at home!

Girl Scouts

My older brother was a boy scout and I went to his courts of honor and went with my parents when they took him to scout camp. I read his Boy Scout manual and all of his Boy's Life magazines. That made me a natural shew in for the Girl Scouts.

I was a Brownie as early as I could be. I remember going to the meetings and somewhere have a picture of me in my Brownie uniform. I remember riding the bus to go to my Girl Scout meetings. I learned how to do a hospital corner in making up a bed and I'm sure I learned something about sewing but I don't remember now what it was.

I loved to go to Girl Scout Camp each summer. I would go by myself even if I didn't have a friend to go with me. We stayed in cabins and had camp fires. I loved to sit around the camp fire and sing the Girl Scout songs. Going to the bathroom at night was quite a trial. The bathrooms were permanent latrines and there was always a buzzing sound coming from them. At night, with a flash light and all by myself, I would trudge to the latrine. That took courage!

After my Scout group broke up, I found one that had a lot of my friends in it and joined it. I have a picture of all of us girls standing behind a table where we must have had a ceremony or something. The Girl Scouts then didn't have the program like they do today but I went as far as I could go in the Scouts. I have good memories of being in the Girl Scouts.