Friday, October 31, 2014


I wore my wild black and grey wig with black clothes to exercise. The wig I had for Frank was too small and it hurt his ear that he hurt when he fell down yesterday. I've never seen a bruised ear before but his has turned blue and is swollen some. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt worse. The best costume this morning was the man who wore the Elvis mask. It wasn't a full face mask but it made him look like Elvis.

Trudy over-slept today and will come over later this evening.

The man came to fix the air conditioner today. We drove in from exercise and he was right behind us. It took him a while to do it but it's good to know it's ready for winter. We have frost warnings for tonight. It's getting long sleeve weather now.

Forrest has hurt his back some way and is having to go to the chiropractor. It's going to take him 20 visits to get it fixed. It'd better be fixed after 20 visits-$$$$! His spine is straight instead of being curved.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Better Day

It was a much better day than yesterday. I got Frank up at 10 AM and we went to the PO and bought some stamps and then went to H'ville to Hobby Lobby to buy some card making things to send to Mariam. I put one card that I had made with instructions on it in the box. I'll mail it off tomorrow after exercise.

We can dress up for Halloween if we want to for exercise and I'm going to wear black and my old wild hair wig. Frank doesn't want to wear anything. I have an extra black wig he could wear but he's fuddy-duddy and won't participate. I'll look good going into the Post Office with my wig on. My hair will look as wild after wearing the wig for an hour so I might as well leave it on. Maybe I'll take if off, who knows.

Trudy will be coming over around 2 PM and will spend the night with us.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Do Nothing Day

We enjoyed exercise but came home and did nothing. Frank went too his room to read and I watched some news on the TV. Trudy had washed all of my clothes while she was here. I did sweep and dry mop the floors, but after that, nothing. We had lunch at 12:00 PM but after that, nothing. I didn't even want to play the piano. I had all the time to do it, I just didn't.

Tomorrow, we'll go to the PO and buy some stamps and then to Walmart to take back a robe I bought that will be too warm. I must practice or find something to do so it won't be another wasted day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eye Dr

I got my eyes checked today and they hadn't changed in a year so I don't have to have new lenses. That's good for they are very expensive since they are the no-line bifocals. I went to Walmart for groceries afterwards. I got three small pumpkins to decorate with. I had changed out my summer flower arrangements to the fall colors and the TV stand didn't have any orange, so I got the small pumpkins to go there. It looks good. I got home and Dad was still in bed and was okay. My eye appointment was at 9:00 AM so I was home by 10:45 AM.

Trudy came over after a therapy appointment. She will have to leave early in the morning to go to a Dr appointment with Forrest. I will get up at 6 AM to shower and wash my hair. We will leave to go to exercise at 8 AM and Trudy will leave around 8:30 AM. It's been a short visit but she said she would come over another time when she could stay longer. We are anticipating Thanksgiving when most of the family will be at Trudy's house. We don't know about Frankie and Rachel, whether they will come as a family or just Frankie and the two little kids. It will be fun. Trudy will spend the night Thanksgiving and stay with Frank while the rest of us go Black Friday shopping. That's always fun. I usually get a new purse then. I've had so many new purses lately, 2, that I probably don't need another one but I love purses and will probably get a new one anyway.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dr Visit

We didn't go to exercise today for I had a Dr visit with Dr Sharp at 10:40 AM in H'ville. My left hand has been shaking and he said it was because of the Abilify and that we would try to go down on the dose and see if that helps. It may or may not help. I got my other meds and we went to the pharmacy after getting back to Athens.

Tomorrow, I have a eye appointment. I think it's time to see the optometrist. My right eye is bothering me a little. I had a friend that had cataracts taken off and she sees much better. I wonder if I'm getting a cataract in my right eye.

I got another shipment of CD's in today. We listened to the Reader's Digest Amazing Grace. The first CD was interesting and I will listen to the 2nd CD while I go to sleep tonight. I got come Celtic tunes and 4 Christmas CD's.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Went to exercise. It was Friday and the month of October we were to wear pink each Friday for breast cancer awareness. I wore my long sleeved pink shirt I got from the Wellness Ctr. Some thought it was the dress up day for Halloween. I'll have to find out when the dress up day is because I found my favorite wig.

We didn't have anything to do in town so we came home and Frank lay down on his bed and I forgot what I did. It was a slow day. I didn't have to cook for I have all kinds of food in the refrigerator. I have some goulash, barley soup and chicken I did in the crock-pot. Plus I have some yellow squash in the refrigerator that I must cook tomorrow or it will go bad. I need to clean the refrigerator out and get rid of some of the stuff that we're not eating.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I went to the Dollar General to get some milk while Trudy was still here. Dad was still in bed. Trudy left a little before lunch. Had to get home so she could help Sadie study for her ACT test Saturday. Sadie and Forrest are taking it Saturday. Trudy ordered a cover for her ipad and it was quite expensive and I went in on half with her and she wrote me a check. I gave her $10.00 in cash to buy crickets and she gave me a check for $35.00. While Frank and I went to the pharmacy, I stopped by the bank and got the check cashed. Then we stopped by Cream Delite and got an ice cream. It was really good.

After reading the scriptures tonight, we listened to a CD by Vocal Point. It's an a Capella vocal group of 9 BYU boys. I don't know if they are still in school or not but their voices match and blend so well it was a treat for our ears. It was mostly hymns and it was beautiful. I have another CD that I will listen to tonight,  a Thanksgiving of American Folk Hymns. It's by the choirs and orchestra of BYU. I love folk music of all kinds and this should be a good CD, too.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


We didn't go the exercise today. We went to Dr Walker's lab so I could get my thyroid tested again and then we went to Walmart to get the Allegra D. It's about $6.00 cheaper there than the pharmacy. We came home and it was time for me to get ready to go to church for the funeral. I was dreading seeing the family but it was necessary. I'm so glad I did. The children were grieving but it was nice to see them again. The service was nice. Bro Decker gave the eulogy and it was about him knowing Charlie for 10 years and some of the things that he remembered about him. Charlie's daughter, Jill, spoke and then Charlie's older brother spoke. The chapel was full and the Relief Society had dinner fixed for those who were going to the cemetery in TN. I remember the cemetery from the time Charlie's first wife was buried. I didn't go but came back home. Trudy was here asleep on the couch when I came in.

I had but a hen in the crock pot this morning and we had it for supper. It turned out good. I put some seasoning on it I got from Sam's and it made it taste good.

Trudy ordered a cover for her ipad and I ordered 3 books from Deseret Books. Two books for Dad and I, Acts through Revelation, and a Book of Mormon study guide for Trudy. My money is getting slippery.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Called Off

I was dressed and ready to go to Relief Society tonight-I got dressed in the morning with what I was going to wear-when Karen called and said the meeting had been called off because of Bro Crosby's funeral tomorrow. Now, I have all of this beef barley soup in the freezer and we are eating on the other batch I made for us. I now have plenty of fixed food in the freezer. I have a big hen to put in the crock pot tomorrow and I have the funeral to go to. I've got to go by Dr Walker's lab and get my thyroid levels  checked again and then go by Walmart and get some Allegra D for Frank's allergies. I guess I'll do all of that after the funeral. Trudy will be coming over at 11 AM and I will go to the church around11:30 AM or a little later. I want to see the family and the funeral starts at 12:00 PM. Bro Crosby was a fine man and was a good example of Christian living. He was only 62 years old.  His 1st wife proceeded him in death and his 2nd wife was deported and lives somewhere in Mexico. His three kids and their families will be there and possibly others. LDS funerals are nice and the gospel is usually preached in them, except for Bro Mitchell's. He wrote his own eulogy. I want to do that but I don't know what to say. I will plan my funeral, too, and will have lots of music in it. I may have to consult the Bishop with my plans. This won't be anytime soon. Just something to think about.

I played in one of my songbooks this afternoon. They are love songs. If somebody loves you, it's no good unless they love you, all the way. Can't remember the name of that song, but I love it. I've got to practice it so I can put the feeling in it. It's really a neat book, and a big book. I have one of Gershwin's songbooks. I have a Peter, Paul, and Mary Anthology that I've read through. There's a lot of songs in that book I'm not familiar with. I've got plenty of music to keep my busy for quite a while. I've ordered more CD's too.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Soup Time

Went to exercise with Dad and enjoyed it. Then had to go to Walmart to get some soup fixings. Tomorrow night is Relief Society and we need to bring a soup. I got some barley and some lean ground beef and some mixed frozen veggies and some garlic. I had the rest of the ingredients. It called for 1/2 lb of ground beef and I decided to make a double batch so we could have some too. One recipe called for 5 cups of water and I put in 10 cups. I had to go to the Dollar General to buy some containers large enough to put it all in. I have a big hen thawing that I will have to cook Wednesday when Trudy comes over. Some of the food will have to go in the freezer for I'm running out of room in the refrigerator.

Maybe tomorrow I'll clean downstairs. It's not too dirty for I just cleaned it for Frankie's visit. I do need to use the new spin mop. I have a little vacuum I can use instead of just sweeping.

The trees are starting to turn colors. The Dogwoods are really pretty. Our colors don't get as vibrant as the colors up North do but it's nice to see what we do have. It was 43 degrees this morning when we left for exercise and we wore light wraps but by 9:15 AM we didn't need the jackets at all.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


We didn't do anything today. I washed some sheets and clothes. My ring I ordered from The Danburry  Mint came in and I like it. It is very pretty. I now have two rings on my right hand.

We read tonight and then listened to some hymns played on an acoustic guitar. It was very soothing.
We won't get the sacrament tomorrow for it's Stake Conference. I think driving to H'ville, and sitting through a 2 hour meeting would be too much for Frank, so we aren't going. The next Sunday we will go to church.

Bro Crosby died today. Trudy texted me and I called Bro Decker and asked him. He didn't know anything about it and said he would find out and let me know. Karen called later and said it was true. Evidently, the men in Charlie's family all died young. He was just 63 yrs old. His funeral will be next week. We will go to the funeral.

Trudy will come over Wed/Thurs. I have Relief Society Tuesday night and Bro Decker is coming over to visit with Frank and Karen and I will go to church. We're to bring a soup and the recipe. I haven't made soup in a long time. I have  some barley and I could make some barley soup, I guess.

It's getting a little cooler and I hope the really hot weather is gone for good. I love the seasons.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Went to exercise as usual, stopped by the pharmacy and came home, no, went to Walmart for a few groceries and then home. Carol Walker and her girls were coming over at 1 PM and I wanted to make some cookies and have nice plates and cups. I got some Fall plates and red cups that you could write your name on after you pulled off the strip of paper that covered a black part of the cup. The girls liked that.

I got some Toll House frozen cookies to bake and we had milk with the cookies. Carol brought some card making materials and we all made a bazillion cards. They were pretty easy to do with flowers and brads and a kind of name tag that was glued by the flower. I think I made about 20 cards. The girls were Katherine, Emily and Samantha. Sarah wasn't feeling good and didn't come. Carol has a son, Jacob. He was helping the Bailey's move. All of her children are great and the whole family is very nice. James is a member of the Bishopric now. I'm glad we're going back to church and I can see him preside.

After the Walker's left we watched TV until supper time. We listened to rock 'n roll music after supper.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nice Day

We went back to sleep this morning and it was great. Being lazy is what it's called. Listened to the radio instead of watching TV. Some man was on the TV talking about Ebola to the Congress. President Obama seems to be doing every thing he can to cause the spread of the virus in the U.S. He's sending soldiers to the West African countries and they will be exposed to the Ebola virus and bring it back to the States. My Patriarchal Blessing says that when the plagues and pestilences are poured out upon the country, that I and my family will be blessed to  be spared to go on and finish our mission in righteousness.  Even without this blessing, I don't know if I would be worried about it. We don't travel and don't go out much to mingle with people who would be exposed to the virus. It's the signs of the times. More will be poured out upon this nation because of its wickedness. The safest thing to do is to keep the commandments and stay close to the Lord.

The young boy that usually takes our trash to the road missed last week and I forgot to look to see if he had done it, so we missed having the garbage picked up. Today, I took it out myself. The garbage container had two weeks of sacks in it and was very heavy. Then I had two bags full of boxes and three boxes that weren't in sacks to put out. And another box came in the mail today, so I took it out, too. I do a lot of mail order and the boxes pile up. The garbage is picked up Friday mornings but we have to get it out Thursday evenings or get up early Fridays to take it out.

We're having lovely Fall weather. There's a breeze blowing and the humidity is low. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be up to 86 degrees. Lovely, lovely weather.

I spent enough money at Khol's that they sent me another card. I don't know what the value is of the new card but I'll activate it and get 15% off my next purchase. I really like Khol's.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Birds to the Vet

Exercise was great. Came home and Frank lay down. Said he was tired. After lunch, we loaded up the birds and went to Hartselle to the bird vet. It only takes 30 minutes to drive and I keep forgetting that so we sat outside in the car for 15 minutes because we were so early for our 2 PM appointment. The birds were well, they just needed their wings and nails and beaks trimmed. It's always a pleasure to see Dr Jan. She  gives us a hug before we leave. Now, just who gets a hug from their vet? It cost $43.00 per bird and we had a $30.00 credit. Having pets is not cheap.

It was a little cooler today after the cold front blew through. It's supposed to warm up in the mid 80's by Friday. It was cloudy all day but we didn't have any rain. Tomorrow, I'll clean house. I can try out my new spin mop downstairs...maybe, we'll see.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Relaxing Day

We slept in today. The storms last night were fierce but we didn't have any damage. There was damage in Colbert Co and in Athens. Downed trees and trees of houses but we were spared. It is 10 degrees cooler now. The cold front was what caused the weather uproar.

I washed three loads of clothes and played the piano while that was going on. I love the new books I got. I also got two CD's in the mail today. I don't even remember ordering them! I've been on a CD ordering rampage lately and have to stop. Frankie was telling me that CD's were becoming obsolete and the digital music was the way to go. I don't have any mp3's or a smart phone to download music too, so I have to stick to CD's.

Since Frank can sit for a long time, we are going to go back to church in two weeks. Next week is Stake Conference and that would be too long for him to sit but the next week, we are going to church. We'll go early so to get a good seat. I know a lot of older people who remember Frank will want to say, "Hello" to him. It will be so good to get back to church. I have missed it so much. I have many church clothes that I can't wear at home-jackets and things-that I'll be able to wear now. I dress in Sunday clothes at home for the sacrament, but it's not the same as dressing in Sunday clothes and getting to go to church and being  with the other Saints.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Usual Monday Things

We went to exercise and enjoyed it. Frank's nose runs so much-his Allegra D pill hasn't started working by then-and he has to blow his nose a lot. It doesn't last 12 hours. It almost takes an act of congress to buy Allegra D. It contains sudafed that people use to make meth with and you have to show your driver's license and almost sign your life away to buy it.

We stopped by Dollar General and got 3 gallons of milk. It's more expensive there but Walmart is on the other side of town and convenience is nice.

I wrote a letter to Frankie and gave him a $50.00 check  to  pay for half of the doll Mariam wants for her birthday. She wants an American Girl doll. Karen makes clothes for dolls that size and sells them at the consignment store and I will buy some for Mariam's doll. I also wrote notes to Mariam and Josh. I took them out to the mail box and later remembered it was Columbus Day and the mail wouldn't be picked up so I brought them in the house just before a huge storm blew up. Tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be bad weather wise. A cold front is moving through and we can have wind and maybe tornadoes. We prayed for safety. Last April the tornadoes came too close to the house to want any more. Our woods are still all torn up with downed trees. The tree man is supposed to come this month and clean them up. It will cost a lot but it needs to be done.

I hear thunder now-I call it the clouds are growling. It may be a wild night.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Saturday Written Sunday

We left for the H'ville Space and Rocket Center around 9:30 AM. We took the wheelchair for Frank and Frankie's family pass got us all in. We looked around, got our picture taken and the kids rode the space needle (I think that's what it's called) Frankie rode with them, and another ride. It rained on us going in but the rain stopped after we were there for a while. Afterwards, we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. When we got home, a college football game was on. Auburn vs Texas A&M, I believe. Auburn won. Next, it was Alabama vs Arkansas. Alabama won by one point. It was a game full of mistakes. Then Ole Miss played, I forgot, I might have gotten the teams wrong, but Ole Miss won. All three of the teams we were rooting for won their games. Frankie went to Ole Miss and he was glad they beat Alabama even though he roots for Alabama normally. I root for Auburn when they are not playing Alabama. I graduated form Alabama so that's my school team.

Frankie, Mariam and Josh left after lunch and went over to see Trudy. She had her in-laws there and Frankie knows them and they had a good visit. I called him and they are at the Knoxville exit now and should be some soon. It was great seeing him and getting to love on the grandchildren.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


We got to Trudy's house about 12:15 PM. We had to stop by West Side Chevron to get $5.00 worth of crickets for Forrest's Bearded Dragon. Sadie was there and we had BLT's for lunch and a donut for dessert. We didn't stay longs for Trudy didn't sleep well last night and today she and Sadie had gone to the Pain Clinic to pick up the Rx's and I imagine she was tired from that. We got to see Carheartt and Benny, the dogs, and then we came back to Athens and went by the pharmacy to get the prescription filled. I do believe they are getting slower at the pharmacy.

When we got home, there were two packages waiting for us on the ramp. The spin mop and the small folding step stool came plus the CD holder I got for the CD's I use in my room. We're all set up for music now, plus I can have clean floors. With the upstairs floors, I use Bona and a special flat mop but I had nothing for the downstairs floors. I don't clean them very often since no one lives down there, but now I have a mop I can use after I've vacuumed the floors.

Frankie called and he and Josh and Mariam are coming tomorrow night about 6 PM and staying until Sunday around noon. I will have to go to Walmart after exercise to get another pork roast. It always turns out nice and tender and the family likes it. I'll also make another pumpkin chili. That should feed us for the week-end. I can get some sandwich meat and some white bread in case they like that. I have a loaf of homemade white bread that they can make sandwiches with.

Frankie said they would stop by Oak Ridge, TN and get a family pass to the museum there and it is good for a lot of other places so we will all go to the Space and Rocket Museum in H'ville Saturday. We could take the wheelchair for Dad in case it's too much walking for him.

Frankie said he had lost 18 lbs since he's been on his ADHD medicine. I guess it's helping him with his nervous eating. Looking forward to a good week-end.

Going to get my hair cut tomorrow. When it gets this long, it looks good but is too hard to control. It's too thin to roll and to use a curling iron on so I just let it air dry and comb it. So far, so good. My stylist always cuts it too short, but it always grows back!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Amazon Goodies

I got the 2 Joan Baez DC's today. Tomorrow I'll get the spin mop and small step stool and Friday I'll get another music book, a Gershwin song book. I played through the family song book today. It's fairly easy music and I sight read it all. The other books will take some practice but that's good for I need to  work on my technique. I'm really going to enjoy playing this music. Frank likes to listen to it too.

We're going to Trudy's tomorrow for lunch. Sadie called and wanted to know if I could print her a work application. I told her I wasn't that good on the computer. She is going back to work at Chick-fil-a. The babysitting job she had she had to drive to South H'ville and that was 45 minutes away and it didn't pay that well. She knows the works at Chick-fil-a and will enjoy it and she can use the money.

Sadie said Trudy wants us to stop by West End Chevron and but $5.00 worth of crickets. I'll have to get a carrier for them too. Oscar, the Bearded Dragon needs some food.

Trudy is getting to know Forrest's girlfriend's mother and Georgia, the mother, is interested in what Trudy has been telling her about the church.

After exercise today, we went to Walmart. Frank stayed in the car listening to the radio. I found two rugs I liked and got them. I washed the one rug that was in the bedroom and it looked better but it still has a red stain on it. I'll just have an extra rug on hand now.

I need to go the the frame shop and get an 8 1/2 x11" frame or have a picture a friend of Frank's drew of him when he was in the Navy framed. The old frame broke and it won't hang up. I have a crewel picture of a cottage my mother made that needs to be put in an attractive frame. I have it in my bedroom behind the TV and it would look so much better in a new frame. Things to do next week. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lazy Day

We didn't have to go any where today so we slept in. I got another order from Amazon. It was "The Great American Songbook, The Composers", Music and lyrics for 100 standards from the golden age of American song. I went through it and smoothed all of the 416 pages flat so it will be easier to read from at the piano. I'm familiar with most of the songs and will enjoy playing them. I don't remember the name of the other music books other than a family song book that has a variety of songs in them.

Tomorrow will be exercise and maybe I can get a hair cut. It's not long in the back but on top and the sides. I've enjoyed having it over my ears and will ask Kari to leave it that way. She usually cuts it too short, but it always grows. I've known her since she was in high school and love her like family, so I keep going to her for hair cuts.

I've decided to get new rugs for the downstairs, just runners. I looked on Amazon but they didn't have the size I needed so I'll go to Walmart or Lowe's. Since I got a new quilt for the bed, I want the other parts of the room to look good.

I get a lot of catalogs in the mail and I order from them from time to time and ordered a spin mop from one of them this morning. Then I got on Amazon and found the spin mop and ordered it and canceled the one from the catalog. Amazon will get it to me sooner. I can't ring out a mop any more and the spin mop looks just right. I'd like to mop the downstairs bedroom and maybe over by the washing machine. I love ordering things from Amazon because we have prime membership and I get things in two days. I've even had deliveries on Sundays which I don't want and have to be careful when I order stuff so I won't be getting anything on Sundays.

I have two CD's coming in tomorrow. It's some old Joan Baez songs. I remember when I first heard her sing and her voice was so beautiful and the songs she was singing were English folk songs . I was in college then. I don't care for her activist songs and I don't care for her politics.

We have 30 CD's in our new CD holder. Many of them are rock and roll songs, some country and other kinds of music. Now I need one for the CD's I play in my room at night. I fall asleep listening to the radio or music from the CD player.

Monday, October 6, 2014


After exercise, we drove to Madison to Khol's. I had $20.00 Khol's Cash and I wanted to buy a blanket for my bed. It cost $39.99 on sale so I got it for $21.00. I didn't get the color I wanted but it's a nice soft blanket and I think I'll enjoy it. We drove back home and later went to the pharmacy to pick up some meds and some Allegra D for Frank's allergies. It takes an act of Congress to buy Allegra D because you can make meth with it. We came home and I made a pot of goulash.

I'm using fresh ground turkey instead of the ground turkey in the small rolled packages and there is no liquid to pour off. I like that for with the rolled packages I would have almost a soup can of juice to siphon off and discard. I finished the pumpkin chili I had made. It was made with 2 pounds of ground pork. Not a lot of fat there either. I will make it again for Trudy when she needs some food. The Relief Society sisters are still bringing her food every other night. It had a can of pumpkin in it and some pumpkin pie spice too. I could taste the pumpkin but if I had put the chili spice in it, maybe you couldn't taste the pumpkin. It wasn't a bad taste, just an unusual one.

Trudy is going to pick up her Rx at the Pain Clinic and she'll pick up Frank's too and we will go up and eat lunch with her Thursday.

I gave the two small goal bears that Nutrisystem sent me to Mary Kate and her small dog, Athena, has taken up with it. She'll go get it when they come in the house and hold it in her mouth for hours. She's chewed the nose off of it, she does that the first thing. I don't know if Obie likes the other bear or not.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Conference Day

Dad, Mary Kate, Sophia and I watched General Conference this morning and afternoon. Mary Kate had a project she was doing. Covering a large W with twine and then making and gluing cloth flowers on it. The W is for Walker and we will take it to Trudy's house tomorrow. We are going to watch conference with them in the morning. She has a V she is making for Villamor. Sophia had a book about drawing figures she liked and I provided her with a sketch pad and pencils and she drew. The second session, I washed clothes so I didn't get much out of the talks. I'll have to watch them again. Tomorrow will be the third and fourth sessions of Conference and hopefully I'll be able to concentrate on them. We will take two cars so Mary Kate and Sophia can leave from Trudy's house and not have to come back to our house to leave for home.

Tomorrow, MK will take up a denim jumper I have that's too long. It won't take too long.

Between sessions this afternoon, we went to Madison to Books a Million to get Sophia a book. She loves to read and I usually buy her and Nate a book when they come to visit. They didn't have one of the books she wanted but the H'ville store did so we drove on into H'ville and got the book.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fiddler's Convention

We met Bubba and Ruth at Arby's and had lunch at 11:30 AM and after that we went to the Fiddler's Convention held at Athens State University. Founder's Hall, where the seating for the music was, was saved from being burned by the Yankees during the Civil War. It is a two or three story edifice with four great columns in front of it. It's an upper level University and Calhoun Jr College feeds into it since it's only a two year college.

There are booths set up all over campus where venders sell their wares and where you may find fiddlers and banjo players and bass players warming up and playing a little music before the competitions.

Ruth and I  go every year and this time my brother, Bubba, and Frank came, too. Frank has never been physically able to go because of his RA but since he has dementia, the RA pain has lessened. We like to walk around and look and buy things at the venders. I got a necklace and matching earring set and when we stopped by Eddie and Pauline's booth, they gave me a chap stick and a bar of soap and some cleaning oil. They make the products themselves. I got hugs from both of them and I was pleased. Frank and Bubba didn't walk around with us, but sat in chairs in front of Founder's Hall. We got some Kettle Korn and some diet drinks and sat and talked. Frank finally got tired so we left. I don't know if Bubba and Ruth went back and listened to the entertainment or not. All in all it was a great day.

Mary Kate and Sophia are driving up for a visit. We will go see Trudy tomorrow.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I got up early and after Frank went back to bed, I went shopping. I stopped by the bank and then went to Walmart for groceries. Mary Kate and Sophia are coming Friday night and I needed some more food.

I got another port pot roast kit and will prepare it Friday morning and it can cook on low all day. My brother called this morning saying it was supposed to rain tomorrow for the Fiddler's Convention but the forecast I heard said it would rain mainly this afternoon and tonight. Perhaps, by tomorrow afternoon it will be clear. I called Ruth and told her that if it was raining at their house, it didn't mean it could be raining here. She wants to go by a couple of stores and then we will meet at Arby's for lunch. I already got a ball cap for Frank and will get a good folding chair to take too. The Event Center is showing a Smithsonian exhibit about the way Limestone Co worked in the past and if it's raining, we could go see that. It will be a fun day, rain or shine.

I cooked a small blueberry cobbler today using gluten-free Bisquick and Splenda. I've never cooked with Splenda, just used it in my cereal. Can't wait 'till it cools off so I can taste it. I have a recipe that calls for 2 bananas, 1 cup of oatmeal and a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter. Oh, and 1/2 cup of chocolate chips. Mary Kate is gluten sensitive but she could eat these cookies. Sawdust and chocolate chips would taste good.

I ordered 4 CD's of Appalachian folk music. The other folk music I ordered is really, old time country music and not very interesting to listen too, although I listened to all 3 CD's. I also bought a CD case that would hold 120 CD's. I have two cases that are mostly full of various kinds of music and  really need another for all the new CD's I've been buying. I bought a DC of the Kingston Trio. They mostly sang folk songs if I remember correctly. I bought a CD holder that goes in the car. It fits on the visor and they  are handy to have out in the open. I have my car CD's in the console and it's out of sight, out of mind.