Saturday, September 28, 2013


Got up late. Helped Frank do his exercises and it took about an hour. Then I practiced the piano an hour and came upstairs. The Relief Society is having a dinner tonight and watching the RS Conference after supper. Karen asked me to go with her. It will be enjoyable. Will have to wear Sunday clothes.. I've got enough new clothes to last all winter, but that was what I was aiming for.

Frank is doing better. He started down the hall without his rollator today. I had to remind him to get it. It shouldn't be long 'til he can walk with out any help.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Trip With Trudy

Trudy came over and spent the night with us so I could go to the temple. The trip was great. Brenda C. went with us so it was me, Brenda and Ken and Karen.

This morning Frank and I and Trudy went to Athens pharmacy to pick up Frank's diabetic shoes. Frank and Trudy were going to get a flu shot but they didn't have them in yet. Wednesday, I got one at the senior center. We usually get them at Athens pharmacy but this year I found them giving them away at the senior center. I just had to show my Medicare card.

After lunch, Trudy and I drove separate cars to Khol's for me to take back the blouse I bought that was too large. I found a navy blue skirt and got Trudy a shirt she liked. I think I now have enough skirts for the winter. I look forward to going to bed early tonight.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday night

I was fine while I was lying in bed for an hour watching TV. Then my right leg began to be restless. I couldn't lie still and had to keep moving that leg. I don't know what is wrong with it. I call it restless leg. Frank rubbed the leg but that didn't help any. I took 1/2 more Halcion and an Ativan plus an Ultram to kill the pain or restlessness but nothing so far has helped. It's 12 AM now and I'm still up. I took my sleep meds at 9 PM but they didn't work. This stinks.

I want to go to Khol's to take back a shirt that is too big and get another one in it's place. I have to take back a CD player to Walmart. The one I bought from Amazon came in today. It's small and just fit the place I cleaned off for it. It took 8 c batteries. I will use it to play my CD's on Saturday nights when football is on the radio and I need music to go to sleep with.

I'll try once more to get in bed and relax. Hopefully, I will be successful in going to sleep now.


After exercise and picking up Frank's permission slip, I left town and went to H'ville to Sam's Club to get a receipt for the new TV. I didn't know what I had done with the original receipt and we need a receipt number in order to have it installed. After I left Sam's, I went to Khol's to take back a shirt and a pair of earrings Mary Kate had bought me. They gave me a store credit and I turned around and bought two pair of earrings with it. Then, I went looking through the clothes.

I found a black and white patterned jacket and a gray skirt and a coat-top that goes with the skirt and a few other things. I have one pull over that I didn't try on and will have to take back and get another size. Mostly, I'm an XL in some things and a L in others. My love for medium Cokes from Hardee's will boost me up to am XLL if I don't watch out. They only cost $1.09 and you get a lot and they are soooo good. Of course, I like the sugar and the caffeine, which gives me a boost mentally and physically.

I get to go to the Temple tomorrow night. Trudy is coming over at 2:30 PM and will stay with Frank. We'll leave around 3:15 PM and get home at midnight. It'll be good to go again. Trudy has two names for me to take with me. Aunts Stella and Billy somehow got left out when I did the work for Dad's family. It would be nice to feel their presence tomorrow night. I'll probably get a smack in the head for getting their work done so late.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We went to the bank, Compass, and made a transaction, and then stopped by Dr Walker's office to see if he had the permission slip ready. He didn't then, but called later to say it was ready.

Janet came out and worked with Frank. I think the hour of exercises wore him out, but it's helping him.

Frank wants Sam's to come out and put his new TV on the wall mount. We called but they needed the receipt number and I had lost the receipt. The lady said Sam's would issue another one, so tomorrow, I will go to H'ville to Sam's to get one. The TV is sitting on the dresser right now and he wants it mounted on the wall again like the last one . I wanted to stop by Kohl's in Madison to take back two things that Mary Kate bought for me. A nice pull over top that was too big and a pair of earrings that were too heavy. So I'll stop by Kohl's on the way back from H'ville. I've ordered a skirt that the earrings would look good with but they are a bit heavy. Perhaps I will be able to find some that aren't as heavy.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Usual Monday Things

Had a good Silver Sneakers work-out. Went by Allstate to confirm a payment every 6 months and then stopped by Dr Walker's office to drop off a note asking for permission for Frank to work out with Janet. Then to Walmart to buy groceries.

I bought a CD player, came home and set it up. Then got on Amazon and bought a smaller one, so I had to box up the one from Walmart and will take it back. I don't know why I don't think of Amazon the first time I want to buy something. If it's Prime, I'll get it in two days. I also got a charging chord for my Kindle paperwhite. Watch it come with one. I get too eager to spend my money.

Frank gave me some money and I have to go to the bank tomorrow and have it transferred from his account into mine. I also have to practice the new music I just got on Sunday and Janet comes to exercise with Frank. I should keep busy tomorrow.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just the Two of Us

Trudy and Sadie left around 7 AM. Sadie had to work today. She  doesn't like the fast food work but isn't ready to quit yet. She and I went shopping at Khol's yesterday and I paid for her clothes. I was tired this morning so went back to bed and didn't get up until 11:00 AM. I cooked some more food for today and tomorrow and Monday. Can't remember what I did the rest of the day, Oh, I practiced the piano. The choir sings tomorrow. There's a new piece for Christmas that I need to practice on. It's a big production with organ, bells, piano and choir. They did it last year but I had my hip operation then so I missed it.

I ordered a sweater and skirt from Land's End today and a pair of pants from Goody's. I need to stop buying clothes but it is so much fun.

Friday, September 20, 2013


I last posted Monday. I guess I get on Facebook and forget to blog.

Trudy and Sadie came over last night and spent the night and day with us. They decided to stay one more night . I took Sadie to Madison to Khol's to buy some exercise clothing. I bought two pull overs to match two skirts I have.

When we left to go shopping, Trudy and Dad were trying to install the new TV we got for his room. When we got back, they had it installed and working. Now Dad can watch TV in his room instead of having to read all the time.

This morning early, I noticed that the boys hadn't taken the garbage out for us, so I changed clothes and went out to take it out to the road. While I was walking down the ramp, I saw Bobby walking over. He was coming to get the garbage. He said he had to remind the boys and I guess he realized they hadn't gotten it, so he came over to do it. It's really kind of him to do it even though his grandsons should do it. Brenda volunteered them to help us with the garbage a couple of years ago and it surely helps us out. It's not too bad when I have to do it because of the large pink garbage can I got. It will hold two weeks of garbage but does get a little heavy to roll with that much stuff in it.

I haven't practiced the piano all week. I'll try to make up for it tomorrow. Trudy and Sadie will leave tomorrow morning. She washed clothes for me today, so I can practice tomorrow without having anything else to do.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Activites

Had a good exercise. Stopped by the pharmacy and drove through town to see if the shoe shop was open and it wasn't. Stopped by Jody's Optical to pick up Frank's glasses. They cost $165.00 for just the lenses! The progressive lenses are expensive but that's all I'll use, they are so good. But Frank won't be wearing his glasses enough to have spent that much money on them. Then on to Walmart to buy groceries. I checked on TV prices and got a new blind for the kitchen window.

Trudy called and said that she and Sadie will be over Thursday night and then on Friday, Sadie will go shopping at Kohl's for some exercise clothes. She is exercising with Trudy's friend, Mela. It will be fun having them both here.

Lance came to cut the grass and trim the bushes. The yard looks nice now and the butterfly bushes aren't up against the ramp, and the Holly bushes aren't so large and out of control. Next time, I'll show him how far I want them cut back. I really wanted them cut way back maybe to three feet tall, but they look better now than they did.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Activities for Saurday

Trudy had spent the night Friday night. We decided to clean off Dad's computer bed and took about an hour to do it. We threw away three white garbage bags full of papers and what-nots. I changed the sheet and the bed looks like a regular bed now instead of being piled high with "stuff". I don't know if he'll ever get back on the computer or not, but now, at least, he can get on the bed.

The power went off for a second last week and it took away the sound on Frank's TV. A Direct TV technician came out today and looked at it but he couldn't get the sound to come on. I guess it's broken and we will have to get a new TV for his room.

Today I was released from being the Primary pianist (after about 4-5 years) and called to be the pianist in Relief Society. Pat and Mike are back in our Ward and I sat with her in RS. Shelley taught the lesson and it was good. In Sunday School, we are studying the Doctrine and Covenants and I brought my triple with me so I had my scriptures, but I want to know if there are any study materials that I can get so I can be prepared when I go in there. Karen said to use my kindle for the scriptures, or the iPad, but I don't have the knowledge to use them. I can handle the books of scripture but now the electronic wonders.

Our Home Teachers came over this afternoon. Ann called and we will go VT this week. We can get two sisters then.

Friday, September 13, 2013


We went to Athens Pharmacy to pick up Frank's diabetic shoes. They look like the same shoes he's been wearing for years. He will be wearing them in the house to see if they fit, if not we can take them back. Hopefully, they will fit.

Trudy came over after lunch. We had an eye appointment at 2 PM. Frank went to my optometrist at Jody's Optical. He's eyes had changed some, plus his optic nerve was large and that may mean glaucoma so we have to go back in 3 weeks for more tests. The pressure in his eyes is okay but he has other risk factors that call for the other tests.

At 4 PM,  Trudy and I went out to find Trudy a new pair of shoes. She found a pair at The Shoe Factory and then we went to Goody's. Trudy found a pair of jeans and two shirts she likes. I got two blouses and a pull- over. I didn't try them on until I got home and now they will have to go back. I need an x-large in the pull- over and the other two blouses will just go back. I did see a lot of fall clothes that I liked and may go back Tuesday, the old people's sale day, and look some more. I like Goody's clothes.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Water Pic

The water pic I bought Frank from Walmart leaked so I drove to Madison to Target. Frank had called Water Pic and they said check Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The target in Madison didn't have one with a basin so I got a  hand held version. I drove on into H'ville to the Target store. I had forgotten that the Bed, Bath and Beyond had moved to Bridge St. The H'ville Target store had the Water Pic with the basin so I got it. I was too tired to stop back by the Madison Target and take back the one I got there. Those stores are BIG and I had done a lot of walking. I'll either use it or take it back later.

Didn't sleep well last night. I'm trying to get off ativan and I wake up at 3 AM and can't get back to sleep. I was going to read but my eyes wouldn't cooperate so I took a whole ativan and all the sharp, pointy things in my brain went away and I rested. Don't know if I went back to sleep or not but I got up feeling rested. The body just doesn't want to let go of the drugs it's been used to for so long. If this keeps up, I'll call Dr Sharp about it and see what he recommends.

I ordered a new pair of shoes from Stage Stores. I don't know if they are cross trainers or not. Mary Kate said cross trainers were the sturdy kind to get. I ordered a size 8 and knew they would be wide enough. They are blue with a turquoise tongue and bright pink laces and white soles. They have gel on the insides and are comfortable. I have to loosen the laces on the left shoe because my left foot is 1/2 size wider than my right, plus I have a bunion on my left foot and if the laces are too tight, I have pain in that foot. Looking at both feet, the right shoe is laced up nicely with a long bow tie but the left shoe has wide laces and a tiny bow tie. I'm glad to have feet no matter how strange they are.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Frank was released from PT today. The PT filled out the release forms. No telling how much the total cost will be. I think it's been 8 weeks running. The ladies have been really nice.

Exercise was nice today. Janet brought in some jewelry she had she didn't want anymore and let us have some. I got a green, turquoise-like earrings and necklace. We have a large, 20 or more people, group that comes. The Silver Sneakers program has really helped attendance.

Janet is going to come over at 2 PM on Tuesdays to work out with Frank. Hopefully, he can get stronger.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I went to exercise Monday and then bought groceries and I forgot to pick up my glasses at Jody's Optical. I had had my eyes checked to make sure my prescription was correct and then I wanted to have some reading glasses made so I could see the print in the Ensign better.

Tuesday, I went into town and picked them up. I haven't tried them yet but will tonight.

I was checking books on Amazon and saw an advertizement for a Kindle Paperwhite. I read about it and decided I wanted one. It's an upgrade to the Kindle I have now and it has a lot of features that I liked so I ordered one. The case and screen savers will come tomorrow but the Kindle won't come until October, I believe.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Got up at 6:30 AM for no reason at all. Frank got up early, too so after breakfast and Fox News, we went back to bed.

Frank missed PT Friday because we were out with the birds, so she came today at 1:30 PM. He only has two visit next week and he'll be dismissed from the PT. I need to email Janet and let her know when PT is going to be over so she can plan to come and work with Frank with weights.

After supper, we played three games of checkers. I lost the first game but won the next two. It's blind luck as far as I'm concerned, but it was fun. I can't sit any longer on the little white table than 3 games.

I washed two loads today and practiced the piano. Made some barley soup that we had for supper and will have for lunch tomorrow. I was getting tired of the bean, tomato and ground chicken meal that I have been fixing lately. Look forward to church tomorrow.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bird Vet

Frank went with me to carry the birds to the bird vet in Hartselle. It was a fun trip. Frank hadn't seen Dr Jan in 13 years. He had gotten too sick to drive with me when I had to take the birds down. Everyone was healthy. That's good since I haven't been spraying them regularly. Gert was the only one to get his wings clipped. The others hadn't grown their wing feathers out.

We forgot to get the garbage out last night. Good thing we have the large garbage can so it will hold two weeks of garbage. I need to get the brownies out of the freezer and give them to Shane. He usually takes our garbage out for us and I try to make him brownies to say, "Thank you".

I'm tired tonight. I don't have anything to do tomorrow except laundry and practicing the piano. I think I'll cook some barley soup. I'm sort of tired of what we've been eating and need to fix something else. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I thought I had written more times that it shows I have. Maybe not.

I got my eyes checked today. The prescription hadn't changed much. I won't need new glasses but I am getting some new reading glasses put into an old frame I already had. It's costing about $65.00 with the old frame. No sense getting new frames just to wear to read at home.

Trudy came over and is spending the night with us tonight. She'll leave at 7:30 AM. I'll leave for exercise a little after 8 AM. I can pick up my glasses tomorrow  while I'm in town.

We're still waiting to see if we go to war in Syria. A lot of people are against it but if Congress gives the President permission to go to war, then he will and before it's over we'll have boots on the ground fighting in Syria's civil war. It's a mess.

Monday, September 2, 2013

8:00 AM

Didn't wake up 'til 8 AM today. I will have to set my alarm tonight for that was too late to get up. I didn't have any where to go. Just didn't like getting up that late.

I had written some things that were politically incorrect and had to delete them. We have to rely on the government too much as it is.

We got the grass cut today. Lance said he was a day early but was trying to get it cut so there wouldn't be so much dead grass piled up on top of the cut grass. I noticed a dead limb on the grass in the lower orchard I need to go out and drag to the burn pile. I think next year I'll have the Crape Myrtles pruned for they aren't blooming  well this year. I need to check on the apples and see who they are. George and Sadie may want them if there are a lot.