Monday, January 31, 2011

Trip To H'ville With Cars

I had to take the '90 Honda to H'ville to leave it of get some things fixed and Karen drove the '06 Honda and followed me. After that we went to this noodle place to eat lunch. I got some noodles with tofu in them and it was pretty good. After that, we went next door to the consignment store and looked around. I found a black skirt that was cute, but I already have 2 black skirts and didn't want to pay $24.95 for a third. I wouldn't mind having a 3rd black skirt, but that was just too much to pay for it.

We drove on back to Athens and went to the Good Will store. Karen wanted to get a sweater to lounge around the house in and I found a pull over, Liz Claiborne brand, that I liked and I bought it for $3.99. She found a nice snugly shirt that would do for a sweater, so we both got something.

After I got home, I cooked the pot of beans I had on the stove and cooked some veggies. Frank had been working in his room trying to fight down some of the clutter. He has to stand up to do everything so his hip and spine were hurting tonight. He thinks the '90 Honda will be ready tomorrow and I will go up and get it and leave my car there to get a tune up. Frank decided maybe it was time to get a replacement for the '90 Honda as it is 20 years old and won't keep going on forever. Right now, he just wants to look in the paper to see if he sees something else. I want to go to a dealer. I feel it is safer to do that. We'll see.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


The neighbors in our hood get together once a month and eat breakfast together at Shoney's. Saundra called yesterday to tell us about it and I said I'd go. When I got there, Brenda and Bobby and Nancy and Harold were walking in so I went in with them. Tim and Eva were there as were Saundra and her husband and daughter and granddaughter. Another couple, I can't remember their names, were there too. It was nice to see all the neighbors together. I didn't say anything. I don't have anything to say but I enjoyed listening to them. We'll all meet again February 12th, I think.

It was a good day for Frank. We made up some papers to go in Gert's cage. I don't know what's wrong with Gert. He won't come out for me. He runs to the back of his cage if I open the door and try to get him out. He's bit my finger twice when I tried to coax him out. He'll come out of the cage when I open the door and then walk away from the cage but if I try to get close to him, he hightails it back into the upper most part of his cage, away from me. I guess I need to write Dr. Jan a letter explaining my plight and see if she has any answers. Gert has a rope toy that he chews on a lot of the time. He chewed up the other rope toy that was in his cage and I took it out and put another toy in but he didn't like it and was on the floor of his cage chewing on the cage floor bars! He went back to chewing on the rope toy when I gave him another one.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Got Back

We just got back from getting a blood test for Frank to see what his vitamin D level is. For Forteo to work, you need to have a certain level of vitamin D in your system. We went out to the Limestone Medical East Village that is opposite Lindsey Lane. It's farther to go than the hospital, but there's not as much walking for Frank, plus they get you right in. Then we had to go by WestSide Pharmacy to pick up some vitamin D pills. After we got home, I was supposed to go over to Karen's house to get her to help me take up a couple of skirts I had bought that were too long. But I was too tired mentally and wanted to be fresh when I had to learn how to hem these skirts. When I was at Cato's I had two pair of jeans to try on but I didn't because I knew I would have to take them up and I didn't want to fool with that, especially since I have enough pants to wear. I just got two more pair of pants that were petite and I didn't have to take them up.

Next week I have to take the vintage Honda to H'ville to our Honda place to get it worked on. Karen said she would go with me and drive my car while I drove Dad's car. Then, when I go back to get the vintage Honda, I will leave my car to get tuned up and will drive the vintage Honda home. Then Karen will have to come with me to pick up my car and she can drive it home. Then all our sheep and herds will be taken care of!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off To H'ville Again

I got up at 6 AM to shower and wash my hair and get ready to go to H'ville to see Dr Knight about adjusting my store bought teeth. It didn't take long and I was on my way back home. Had I thought about it, I would have stopped at Sam's and gotten some more protein bars. I have a one track mind and I have to have a list of things I want to do so I'll be able to get everything done.

Next week, I have to get both cars up to our Honda place and have the vintage Honda's air conditioning motor replaced. I think we should get a newer car but Frank doesn't agree with me. My car needs a tune up. The "check engine" light has been on for a long while but today it wasn't. Go figure. But a good tune up would do it good. It's 5 years old now.

Going to the temple this afternoon. Haven't been in a month and I'm looking forward to it.

It's 52 degrees outside now-2:00 PM. I don't know what the forecast is. It would be nice if it didn't get any colder.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Town

I went to the hospital at 9:00 AM to take Frank's heart monitor back and then I went to the boutique, All About Me, because I had a $25.00 off coupon because I had a birthday in January.  I wanted to see if they had anything that I wanted to buy. Most of the fashions were for tall people, but I did find a coat-jacket that I liked. It will look nice with a black skirt or pants and is of good quality. Then, still in a buying mood, I went to Cato's to look. I don't usually think of going to Cato's but I found a nice, long denim skirt and a purple skirt and a purple plaid blouse and a short coat and most of the things were on sale. I have to take up the two skirts. I also got a grey and black sweater that has no buttons and is cotton. When Mary Kate comes in February, she'll have to help me clean out my closet. I have far too many clothes in it that I rarely wear and I don't know why I'm hanging on to them!?

We didn't have any snow this morning, which was good. I had gone to bed thinking that we would have snow. I'm glad we didn't.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow For Tonight!

It's been raining all day and night and a cold front is going to move through in the early morning hours and turn the rain into snow! If it sticks, it will probably be gone by tomorrow afternoon since the temperatures aren't going to be that low (I hope...). I'd be happy if I never saw snow here ever again.

We went to the hospital at 8:30 AM for Frank to get a 24 hour heart monitor put on. It only runs for 24 hours and then he takes it off. It'll check on the atrial fribulation  he's had a couple of times. I don't think anything will show up. After this monitor, there's one that he can wear for about a week. I don't know how far the Doctor wants to take it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Monday

Got up at 6:45 AM so I could get Dad's breakfast and do all that I need to do and still be out of the house by 8:00. I led the exercises today and things went well. I'm getting better about remembering the exercises but still rely on my notes for help. Jan was there today and it was good to see her.

Went to Karen's after exercise for scripture study. I'll be glad when we're through with the Pearl of Great Price for it's over my head. I understand what I read but when the professors start discussing it, they know so much and I don't get all they say. I guess my brain is slower that it used to be!

Came home and fixed lunch and cooked some veggies and got the ingredients ready for the TVP pizza we were having for supper. I didn't have all of the ingredients, needed mushrooms and oregano. The oregano I have is very old and didn't smell too fresh. The TVP was in pizza sauce but it still needed something...some salt or some seasoning. Maybe it really needed the oregano. Oh, well, I know I can cook with it now and that is all that matters.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday O Saturday....

I forced myself to sleep in today-go back to bed after getting up at 7 AM- and got up at 9:30. Today was a bad day for Dad so I went to Walmart while he was asleep. I didn't have too many things on my list, but I got more powdered milk and more 15 bean soup. I'm buying the large Smart Balance container and filling the smaller containers up when they run out. Don't know if that's cheaper or not.

Just got through reading (on the computer) a report that says the dollar is about to loose it's status of being the world's reserve currency. And about all of the bad things that will happen to our country when this happens. The man thinks it will happen within the next 2 years. Inflation will hit hard and there will be riots in the streets as people look for food and water. Makes one think...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh, No, Snow!

Woke up this morning and we had about 1" of snow on the ground! The weather report said we could have some snow, so it wasn't a total surprise. It's 3:30 PM now and it's almost all gone. Don't know if it bothered the schools or not. They have about 3 make-up days as it is.

Today is our 43rd wedding anniversary. We had a drink of sparkling white grape juice and toasted to another 43 years!

Haven't done much today. Nothing needed my attention. I made-put stickers on-cards for Mariam and Josh thanking them for sending me birthday cards when Sophia and Nate mailed their package. Mariam and Josh were visiting Sophia and added their cards. Sent some to Grampie, too.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yesterday and Today

I had to lead the exercise on Wednesday. Jan called and said she had Dr. appointments and couldn't do it. I enjoyed doing it. I came home and later went to H'ville to pick up Dad's Rx's, then to the pharmacy and on to Collins Supply to get two shelf brackets. He wants to put a shelf in his bathroom to get stuff off of the floor.

Today is a rest day and catch up day. Dr Walker's office called to say I had a prescription to pick up so after lunch I went into town to pick it up. I didn't remember having a prescription there but I bet Medco called to say I needed a new prescription and he wrote it for me. Now I'll send it in to Medco.

Dad's busy in his room dusting things off and getting stuff ready for the garbage pick up. I have a hook on the back of my bedroom door and I took out several blouses out of my closet and hung on the back of the door to get more room in my closet. I have too many clothes hanging in the closet but I can't seem to get rid of any of them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dreary Weather

From white snow to grey rain. At least it's not very cold. The paper said we could have a dusting of snow Friday but not much. I'd be happy to never see snow again!

Went for scripture study today since we had a Dr appointment Monday. Got home at 12:00PM and fixed lunch. I was hungry for some protein so I made some chicken salad.

UPS delivered the other air cleaner and my #10 can of TVP. I need to buy some ingredients before I can use the TVP. All the recipes call for onions and I never have them on hand. The recipes call for some spices that I may or may not use, but to be able to eat the TVP it has to taste good!

Mary Kate's allergy to milk products has come back with a vengeance. She can't eat any milk products or eggs or she blots up and feels bad. She has to eat fruits, veggies and meat, which is very healthful. She's looking for a good protein shake that's not made with whey, milk or soy products.

Monday, January 17, 2011

In Town

Frank had as visit with Dr Walker this morning. He's going to get a monitor to wear to check his heart beat for he had two occurrences of atril fribulation  and the Dr wants to check out his heart. We'll do that at the end of the month.

We dropped an Rx by the pharmacy and then went by Taco Bell and got some food and then went back to the pharmacy to get the medicine. We came home and ate the food. It's not good to burp Taco Bell!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Saturday

Slept in but had to get out of bed because my body demanded it! I needed to move. I had three loads of laundry to do and I played the piano during one wash and dry. I got all the laundry done and we vacuumed the floors. Frank moved the furniture and I ran the vacuum. The floors look good and will be nice for Sunday.

I drive alone tomorrow for the Ward Council will meet at 11:00 AM. We have choir practice and then a Primary baptism after that so I'll probably get home by 6-6:30 PM. It will be a busy day.

I Googled  the foot lotion that I use and came up with a drug store that I could order from. I ordered three bottles and got free shipping. Sadie has a foot with a cracked heal and I think this lotion will help her.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Out and About

The Senior Center has been closed all week because of the snow. I went to H'ville this morning to take back the tool I bought Frank for Christmas. I got there at 10:30 AM and there weren't many people at Sears' or the Mall. After to returned the tool, the $15.00 gift card was still good so I bought a pair of shoes and only paid $11.00 for them. The ones I saw advertised at Dillards' were $78.00. Good thing I stopped at Sear's first. I also got two pair of pants and a shirt. All on sale.

Got my cookbook from Amazon on cooking with TVP. The recipes call for ingredients I'll have to get at a health food store or order.  I need to order a catalog from TN that sell the ingredients.

The roads were clear but people are driving carefully. Plenty of snow and the side of the roads. I guess if we had snow all the time, I would get used to it, but now it's just a slushy mess!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Didn't go out today. We still have snow all around, but not on, the cars. I made bread crumbs in the blender for the outside birds. I was amazed at how easy making breadcrumbs was. I had always bought a can of bread crumbs when a recipe called for them. It's nice to know that I can make them myself. Of course, I don't make anything with recipes!

It's 32.4 degrees outside at 2 PM. I don't think it was supposed to get that high today. Tonight it's supposed to get down to 10 degrees but up above freezing during the day. That's good for I want to go to Sears' tomorrow. I have to take back Frank's new tool I bought for him. It's too powerful for him. I had a $15.00 gift card I got when I bought the tool and I guess I won't be able to use it after I take the tool back. I would like to get a pair of casual shoes to wear instead of wearing tennis shoes all the time. Dillards had some advertised that looked good. Penny's might have some, too.

We got the garbage out and organized the supply of powdered milk we have in the basement. I've been buying some all along to replace what we use. I've done the same thing with the 15 bean soup and we have quite a little supply going.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cabin Fever

After not being able to go anywhere for three days, I had to get out today. We needed a few groceries and I saw the traffic on Hy 72 was going quite fast, I figured that the roads in town would be clear so I went out. I stopped by the bank and then on to Walmart. The streets were clear and there was no ice on them. It's supposed to really cold until the week-end and then next week the temperatures will be close to the 50's again! Bring on the warm weather! No more snow!!

Some mad man shot a Congresswoman in the head (she's still alive) and killed 6-8 people at a shopping center in Arizona a few days ago and the President is going to speak tonight. Instead of having a prayer, a native American is giving a blessing. He has a feather in his hand. The world is really in a turmoil today. I dislike President Obama and don't know if I'll listen to his talk or not.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Auburn Won!

I only watched part of the game and went to bed, or turned the TV off at 9 PM. I was glad to hear that they won. Alabama won last year and Auburn this year! Put the state on the map.

We still have about as much snow as yesterday, but there's more tracks in it now. I've made two trips to the barn and Sadie, the dog, followed me home yesterday, so her tracks are everywhere. I crumbled up a loaf of bread for the outside birds to eat, and now there are bird tracks in the snow.

Frank discovered that the heat pump wasn't working right last night and called David B. and he came over and fixed it. He said there were a lot of people at Walmart today. It's good to know that we have a good source of heat for the house, plus we have the gas heater in the basement. It got up into the 40's today but it's supposed to be below freezing all day the next couple of days. I guess the snow will last all week.

Monday, January 10, 2011


We got our promised snow last night! In fact, it was snowing at 9 PM when I went to bed. We woke up to 6+ " of snow on the ground. I ate a bowl of cereal and then got warmly dressed to go feed Danny Boy and the cat. I had on rubber galoshes that almost came up mid-thigh and I stepped in snow that came above that. One of the neighbors had driven up the road so I had the tire tracks to walk in. I got the horse feed and then the cat and then I had to put a bunch of hay down for the horse to eat during the time he didn't have his sweet feed. I sort of wish I had to feed twice a day because I know they get hungry  being feed only once a day, even if it is more food. It's 36 degrees now but it's going to be below freezing tonight and may even rain or snow some more. I got all of the snow off the car windows in case we get some more snow/ice. We're probably snowed in for 3 days. I'll really have cabin fever by then.

Tonight we'll watch the Auburn championship game on TV. It would be nice if they won. It aught to be some good football.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stake Conference, January 9th

We went to Decatur for the Conference talks. The first two I listened to, but the other two talks, I shut my eyes and listened to them and I don't remember what was said! I wasn't asleep but I guess it just went in one ear and out the other.

I had so many Happy Birthday wishes on my Facebook that I was really humbled! It was all very nice.

I fed the horse and cat this morning before I went to church and it was 19 degrees outside! We're to get up to 6" of snow tonight and tomorrow. I guess I will have to walk down to fed Danny Boy tomorrow. This morning the car didn't want to start and when it started, it didn't want to go into gear, but it did the second time I put it into the gear. I didn't clean off the windshield so I was looking around the side of the windshield where there was no ice and I listened to the tires to know when I was driving too close to the side of the road! Tomorrow will be an adventure to be sure!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stake Conference

Tomorrow is Stake Conference. I don't know whether we'll be going to the Decatur building or not but we'll get to see Conference anyway. I hope we go to the Stake Center in H'ville. I like that better.

We have 6" of snow predicted for Sunday night! Frankie and Rachel and the two younger children are in Atlanta and LaGrange. Frankie is taking classes for his PhD and Rachel and children are in LaGrange visiting while Frankie attends classes. I called to see if they knew about the snow in case they need to leave Atlanta early. Knoxville will surely have snow and the roads may be closed as the snow comes.

I washed a load of clothes and while they were drying, I played hymns on the piano. I got a spiritual feeling from playing and singing the hymns of the church. I'm thankful I can still play the piano and serve in the church. Everybody needs a calling.

Frank has been working on church business on his computer. He's been getting the coordinates for the 911 system using the Google map descriptions. The numbers are a challenge since he can't look at his hands when he types. He'll get the hang of it though.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dinner Out

Bubba and Ruth came up about 10:30 AM and I met them at the discount grocery store that is just up the road. Ruth was buying a few things and I got two loaves of the bread we like. Then we went to Logan's Roadhouse to eat lunch. I had a hamburger without the bun with a large piece of broccoli. I had to get something I could chew and that was it. After lunch we came on back to the store where my car was. Ruth had some things she had canned and I had returned some jars I had been collecting. She gave me a pretty pink bracelet and a nice necklace and earring set for my birthday. I got home by 12:30 PM. It was a fun occasion.

When I got home, I realized that I was depressed. I had forgotten to take my AM meds for two days. My routine has changed since I fix breakfast for Frank, and I don't take my meds the first thing in the morning like I used to. I have a night light in the kitchen I turn on when I have laundry downstairs, so at night when I take my PM meds I will turn on the light and in the morning it will remind me to take my meds.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Barbara is still sick and Jan led the exercise class today. She hasn't had therapy for her inner ear problem yet and looked a little off but she was able to led the group. Her leading reminded me of the exercises I forgot Monday! Hopefully, I'll do better the next time I lead. 

I'm still having the problem of clenching my teeth. I need to call the dentist and make an appointment to get my teeth fixed. Maybe sometime next week.

I didn't have anything to do today so I took a nap. After I got up, I cooked some veggies for supper. I had some lentils left over and I put turkey gravy on them and made them yummy. I need to buy lentils when I buy the 15 bean soup. The turkey gravy would be good with some dressing. I have a package of dressing left and have plenty of cranberry sauce so maybe we'll have it tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Ole Tuesday

I went shopping today for the usual fruit and veggies plus extra. Came home and put stuff up. Frank was helping date the things and I decided to rearrange the shelves in the kitchen and clean the dust off of them. I got lots of things to take downstairs, oil, jello, the like, that didn't really need to be in the kitchen.  I have some food downstairs that I need to give to Trudy if she wants it.

Talked to Trudy on the phone. She said Frankie would be in Atlanta this week-end and wanted her to drive over to see them. That would be a good trip to make. I hope she goes.

I have exercise tomorrow and Thursday Bubba and Ruth are coming up to take me to lunch. That will be a fun time.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Our 1st Sunday meeting in Decatur was good. The Primary room was like the one we have in Athens, so it was like coming home. The building was quiet since we were the only ones in the building. I think everyone liked it better, except those who had to drive farther. Sis Hansen is doing a great job as chorister and the children respond to her well. We are lucky to have her.

Today, Monday, was a good one. I led at exercise. I didn't go at all last week, which was good, for the Center wasn't open all last week. Don't know the reason but I'm glad I didn't miss anything. One of the ladies said she liked the way I led and of course I liked to hear that!

Mary Kate called tonight and said one of Sophia's friends played one of the games I sent them for Christmas, and said it was "awesome"! Mary Kate was afraid it would be too easy for her kids. I'm glad they are enjoying it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday January 1 2011

The new year's first day has been uneventful. It rained all last night but we didn't have the storms that were predicted. We were blessed. I think it's still in the 50's and that seems a bit warm for the 1st of January. I have a birthday and a wedding anniversary in this month. Trudy just had a birthday, Dec 30th and she said this was her last one. Being 39 is what she wants to stay.

I vacuumed the floors and then went down and played the piano, I enjoyed it, plus it helps my be prepared for playing in Primary tomorrow. We meet for the first time in the Decatur Ward building. It's the same distance as the Madison Ward was, just in another direction. It'll be exciting to be in a new place. I hope the piano isn't stuck off in a cubby hole like it was in the Madison building. I've heard March as the time we'll be able to get into our new chapel in Athens. What a joy that will be! Yeah, no more traveling!