Friday, May 22, 2015


After exercise, I went shopping for groceries. I had a list, but I got way more food than was on my list. I have the habit of getting 2 of something so I won't run out of things. I like to have my pantry full.

Tomorrow, Jordan goes to the groomer. Trudy said it's only been a month but I can't see his eyes good and his feet are furry so I thought it was time to get a trim. I'll have him there by 8 AM.

Trudy is here spending the night. We might clean up some of the basement tomorrow. The treadmill I ordered came in today, but I don't want it now and will have to find out how to send it back. I'm dangerous on the computer at night. I spend too much money, but we have been enjoying the comedies I ordered.

The weather was rather cool yesterday but warmed up today. We're having a cool Spring.

I got up a 6 AM this morning and read from the Book of Mormon and then did some exercises on my exercise chair. I need to do this every morning and make a habit of it.

Mary Kate had someone refuse to let one of her children join an organization because they weren't Christians. The name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If we weren't Christians, why would we have His name in the name of our church? The Book of Mormon is the most Christ-centered book I have ever read. It's all about the doctrines of Christ. We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. We also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. The Bible and The Book of Mormon go hand in hand to teach about the Savior and His atonement. Yes, we are Christians. Always have been and always will be.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bird Vet

Frank and I and Gert went to Hartselle to see the bird Vet. Doc Jan sees all kinds of animals but she's especially good with birds. Gert needed his wings and nails cut. I hadn't been spraying the birds (2) with water so his feathers didn't look good. After clipping his nails and wings,  she gave him a bath, which didn't take a long time. He nailed my left hand good when I toweled him to get him in the carrier.

The wedding present I got for Forrest and Ashlee came in today. I got them 6 towels. A bath towel, a face towel and a wash cloth, a piece. Someone gave me two towels for a wedding present and they lasted for many years. I got a rusty red color. It probably won't match anything they get but I'm going to tell them the color is to remind them of the passion they have for each other. I got a shower invite for June 6th in Fayetteville, TN. I'll get with Trudy to see if I can go with her.

Jordan goes to the groomers at Pet Depot Saturday morning to get a cut. He has grown out since last grooming. He went to see Dr Pitman today for his ears. He got some more meds to put in his ear and some pills. I have to do both twice a day. I was successful getting the pill down his throat and hopefully I'll continue to be successful doing that. He sleeps with his head on my shoulder sometimes and usually sleeps near my pillow.

His using the piddle pads but sometimes he'll just get his feet on the pad and then pee on the edge and then I have to clean up the floor. I had been using some Clorox spray on the floor, but it was irritating Gert's eyes. I know not to use spray products around the birds, I just forgot. Now, to clean the floor, I'll just go in another room, close the door and spray the paper towel and then do the clean up. He's such a sweet dog.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Madison Again

After exercise, Frank and I went to Khol's to swap out the two pair of pants I bought him yesterday. They were too long. I couldn't find a 38/28 and got two 38/29 instead. They will have to be a little too long. One pair has pleats and I didn't notice. He said he would try them on and see if he liked the pleats. I sort of wanted to eat catfish but decided to just go on home for lunch. Then, when we got back into Athens, I went to Lawler's Barbeque and got a pound of pulled pork and we had barbeque sandwiches for lunch. They have the best barbeque.

I got a new purse. It's almost too small. It's a cross body and I like that. Everything fits, tightly, but I like the freedom it gives my hands.

Mary Kate is planning on all of us coming down to her house for the 4th of July. She wants us to bring Jordan, too. It would be a fun trip. I haven't heard it from her mouth. Trudy told me when she got back from visiting Mary Kate.

Tomorrow, we take Gert to Hartselle to see Doc Jan and get his wings clipped. He acts like he's going to fly around the room with his cage. This will be the third time his wings have been clipped and then grew right back. Rikki's wings haven't grown out. He has two feathers that have grown out on one wing and one feather that is starting to grow out on the other. If it's just cut, it will continue to grow on out and I'm going to see if Doc Jan can pull that feather out, if it won't hurt Gert too much. I hate to have to try and get him into his carrier for he puts up such a battle with me. I have to towel him and sometimes I get a nasty bite out of trying. It's about a 40 minute drive to Hartselle plus the 30 plus minutes in with the Dr. We always have a good visit because we've been taking our birds to her for over 24 years and we usually get a hug. How many people get a hug from their vets?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I went to Khol's today. I got Frank a pale yellow-beige dress shirt and a nice yellow and brown tie plus a blue dress shirt. I got his two pair of pants but I guessed on the length.  30" sounded good but they were too long. I need a 28" length. I got a black 3/4 length shirt for me and a black and white mini pleated skirt. I tried on a pretty green-aqua skirt and top but it made me look like a flying squirrel so I put them back.

I went to Academy Sports to take back the pair of shoes I had just bought because my toes were at the end. They didn't feel that way when I tried them on. I swapped them for another pair that cost a little more. Hopefully, they will fit right.

Tomorrow, after exercise, I will take the pants back to Khol's and try to see if they have any 38/28  pants. I saw some 29' lengths and they would do if I can't find any 28". Frank has 3 pair of cotton pants he was been wearing for years. We got them from Land's End. He hasn't worn them much over the years still he needs some new, up-dated pants. He looks good when I get him all dressed up. He'll really look good in the pale yellow/beige shirt with the yellow and brown tie. I had a 30% off coupon. It's good until tomorrow.

Got some Jublia for my toe fungus. I hope it works for I'm tired of having a yukky, discolored big toe. Getting old is not for sissies.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Usual Monday Things

We all went to exercise. Frank's using the 5 lb weights now. I use them, too.      

I ordered a cheap, motorized treadmill today from ebay. I will probably regret getting it but it's done. We have so much exercise equipment we don't use. Maybe I can get Frank to use it, too.

Got a big shipment from Amazon today. I got Jordan's monthly order of Hill's Science Diet dog food which came just at the right time for I was getting really low on his food. I also had ordered 10 bottles of Citrical Petites and they came with the dog food. I have some dog food I bought at Pet Depot that I can take back because Jordan likes the Science Diet better and I saved the receipt. I had thrown away the receipt today not knowing what it was for but thinking about the dog food, I realized what the receipt was for. I'll take it back the next time he gets groomed or runs out of his favorite chews. I give him a chew every time we leave the house without him.

Frankie wrote me a Mother's Day song and emailed it to me. It was very pretty and sentimental. He played it for Mariam and Josh and they cried. They love their mother, too. One lady at church said that was the best thing to give a mother. He's pretty talented. He plays the piano and trumpet with a band, now. They are all retired guys and they needed a keyboard man. The chords are really basic and Frankie plays them by ear, I think. He's not really a keyboard person but he know the chord progressions. They played their first gig at a Farmer's Market in a small town in TN. They didn't get paid, but they all got a box of produce and the people all chipped in and gave them some gas money. They want them to come back!

Saturday, May 16, 2015


I cooked kale, broccoli and cabbage today. We ate the turkey and barley soup for lunch and still have plenty of that left.

I cut Frank's hair and beard and helped him get a shower. I had to go to Dollar General to get some milk. l shouldn't have too go shopping until Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow night we will go to the H'ville Stake center for Seminary graduation. Hopefully, Sadie and Trudy will be there. Trudy and Sadie have to travel back from 6 Flags in Atlanta to get home in time for it. Trudy will be in a world of hurt from all that driving and riding. Sadie has put a deposit on her apartment at BYU Idaho. She'll be going the winter semester or quarter and will be coming home for the summer. She is planning on going on a mission but she has to be 19 years old before she can go. She'll be 18 June 14th, 2015.

Georgia, Ashlee's mother, wants Trudy to help with the tables and chairs for the wedding. Trudy will see if she can get them from church. The wedding has gotten out of hand and is far too big for the finances the bride's mother can handle.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Breakfast At Cracker Barrel

One of the guys Frank worked with at Brown's Ferry called last night and invited him to breakfast with a few of the buddies he used to work with. He wanted to go so he, Trudy and I went. He got confused on the time and instead of 8:30 AM, we got there at 8:00 AM, ordered, ate and got up to leave. We met the boys on the way out and got to speak to them. I told them to talk to me about times next time around. We had a nice breakfast of oatmeal and Trudy got eggs and pancakes. She couldn't eat it all and Frank and I got a pancake to eat and it was good.

We came back home after breakfast and Trudy and I went to Madison to Khol's to get Trudy some dress pants and a top to wear to the wedding. She found a nice pair of grey slacks and a nice top and it was only $40.00. I had a 30% off coupon. Then we went to Academy Sports and I got a new pair of shoes. They are grey, black and hot pink on the soles. They are asics like my last pairs. They make a good shoe. I like to have more than one pair so I don't wear out the same pair by wearing it all the time.

Trudy didn't eat lunch but packed up and headed to Mary Kate's in LaGrange, GA. It's a 4 hour drive and she will gain an hour when she goes over to EST. She will spend tonight and Saturday night at Mary Kate's and then leave for Atlanta to pick up Sadie to bring her home for Seminary graduation at 6 PM Sunday night. We plan to go to the graduation. We went to Forrest's and wouldn't want to leave Sadie out.

All day, I've thought it was Saturday so I'll have an extra day in this week!  Haven't got anything to do the rest of the day. Frank is in his room reading and I already swept and dust mopped the upstairs floors. I don't have the get up and go to do any cleaning. There's always cleaning to do but I just ignore it. I could cook some veggies or wait until tomorrow. I'll need to go to the store for more milk. We're down to one gallon.

I bought 2 DVD sets from Acorn. One is Tim Conway's early routines and then I found Carol Burnett's series. I loved her variety shows when they were on TV and these should give us some laughs.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I went to Goody's to look for clothes for the (Forrest's) wedding. Trudy didn't sleep well last night so she didn't come over to go shopping like we planned, so I went by myself. I found a dress with a coat and a skirt and top that looked good and they were 50% off. I also got a black wrinkly skirt. Now, I have three black skirts. Trudy came over after lunch and said either dressy dress would do. It would be hot for the dress with the jacket in August so I guess I'll wear the dark navy top and chevron patterned  skirt. I got 2 pair of earrings, blue and red, too.

Trudy will spend the night tonight and tomorrow she wants to look at Goody's for pants. Goody's opens at 10 AM and if we go to H'ville, that will put us later getting back. Trudy is leaving to go to Mary Kate's in LaGrange, GA after we finish shopping. She has to pick Sadie up in Atlanta 6 Flags and get her back home for Seminary graduation Sunday at 5-6 PM. Frank and I will go to that. I ordered a pair of yellow sun glasses to help me see better at night and they came in today. I don't like to drive at night anymore and hope these glasses will help the times I am out past sunset.

Frankie wrote me a Mother's Day song and sent it by email. It's very pretty and sentimental. Now I can say I've had a song written for me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Everyone went to exercise today. Janet had taken my booklet about the chair exerciser and had marked the exercises we can skip. There were exercises there that were almost alike and if I tried to do all of them, I would get tired. I'm thinking about getting up at 6 AM every day and reading my scriptures and using the exercise chair. I need to do these things and I let other things get in the way, mainly the TV. I don't like a quiet house and want the TV or radio or something going all the time. I can have music for the exercise but need quiet for the study. I'm just nibbling on the scriptures instead of feasting. I'll try reading out loud tomorrow morning and see if that doesn't help.

Tomorrow, I meet Trudy at Khol's in Madison to start shopping for the wedding. Trudy said she would bring some color swatches so we could get an idea of what colors are being used. I will need a skirt and top since I'm so short- waisted. Trudy has to have pants since she can't sit up because of her back surgery. I don't remember seeing many skirts at Khol's but we can start there. Maybe JC Penny's would have someone to help us find the things we're looking for. We will go there, too. I'm meeting her there at 9 AM since that's when they open. Penny's probably opens at 10 AM. Can't stay too long since I don't want to leave Frank longer than necessary.

Hey, Kathy! The pictures of the twins birthday were great! I like your red hair. Looks nice.

Monday, May 11, 2015


Frank didn't want to go to exercise and Karen had a Dr appointment so I went by myself. It's always fun being with like minded people. I'm getting to know more names. We had two new ladies join with us and we had a large class. Afterwards, I stopped by the bank and got some blank deposit slips and had the clerk write my account number on one of them. I came home and wrote the number on all of the slips and now I have plenty of deposit slips ready to be used.

Tonight, we watched the DVD about Red Skeleton's life. There are 4 DVDs and the others have performances on them. It was good to learn about his life and what kind of person he was. Now we can watch his performances and appreciate them better.

Last night, we watched a National Geographic DVD and it was good. I've seen DVDs about Ireland and Scotland and other countries that now I'd like to get. Since I know how to work the DVD player, buying DVDs is going to my head! Now we can either watch a DVD or play a music CD at night.

Frankie and his friend, Jared, came at 2:45 PM Sunday. I had a roast with all the trimmings and a cake made for them. After they ate and talked a while, they got the 1990 Honda running and drove off back to Knoxville. Jared was driving Frankie's car while Frankie drove the '90. Later that night, Frankie called and said the alternator in the '90 Honda had quit working and the car was on the side of the interstate. He had insured it before he left here but when he called for roadside assistance, they told him it had to be 24 hrs so he was forced to call a wrecker. It was going to cost $202.00 to have it towed to his apartment in Knoxville and I let him use my Visa card to pay for it. He said he could put the alternator in the car himself. He knows a man who delivers pizza and is always going through cars that may want to buy it. He thinks he could get $1500.00 for it. That would help him pay off some bills.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Vey Little

Did very little today. Did the laundry but forgot the clothes were in the dryer so now I'll have wrinkled clothes. Frank spent most of the day in his room. It's good I have Jordan for it would really be lonely without that sweet little dog.

I fixed chicken quarters is the crock pot yesterday and we ate on them last night and today for lunch and dinner. The refrigerator is full of food and I will get up early tomorrow morning and put the roast and veggies in the crock pot to cook for Frankie and his friend who's coming to help drive the 1990 Honda back to Knoxville. What they don't eat, I'll send home with Frankie. I'm going to make a cake, wanted it to be chocolate but I only have yellow cake mix, and put cool whip and Heath Bar chocolate pieces on the top of the cool whip. It makes a yummy cake in chocolate. I don't know what it will be like with a yellow cake. I'll send that back with Frankie, too.

After scripture reading tonight, we watched a Ray Stephens DVD. I'm so thrilled that I can work the DVD player now. I just plop the DVD in and push "play" and it works! I have some British mystery DVD's we haven't watched. We watched one but the action was so fast that we missed the plot. I get a catalog, Acorn, that has the British DVDs in it. They are a bit pricey but there's several DVDs in them.

I need to talk to Trudy and George about looking for another car for us. Frank wants to have a car sitting in the driveway when my car is gone so it looks like someone is home when I'm gone with the '06 Honda. Honda's given us good service and I would like to get another one. Mary Kate said they are having to have a new transmission put in their Pilot. I don't remember how many miles it has on it but it was cheaper than getting a new car. Richard asked her what she wanted for Mother's Day and she said time by herself, so she rented a cabin in the mountains of GA and she and Heather are spending the week-end together. What fun.

Friday, May 8, 2015

O Brother...

We watched the DVD, O Brother Where Art Thou, last night and Frank liked it. It had some bad language in it that I hadn't remembered and except for that, it was enjoyable. I think our memories magnify things as time goes past. The first time I saw the movie I thought it was great and I remembered it that way. The second time I saw it, it wasn't as good. Tonight we watched some of Red Skeleton's last shows. It must have been in the early 70's. He came on in 1951 and I remember watching him then. I got a few laughs out of it. A lot wasn't as funny as I remembered. The girls skirts were short, above the knees and they had white boots on. That may have been in the late '60's-early '70's. When we upgraded the Direct TV boxes, it fixed the DVD player. Now, all I do is turn the TV off and turn the DVD player on, put a disc in and hit play. Before, I had to run through a lot of moves and I didn't really understand how to do it and we couldn't watch what DVD's we had. Now I know how to do it.

Frank didn't go to exercise today but Karen and I did. I brought Karen back to the house to get her car and then I went back into town to shop for groceries. Frankie is bringing a friend with him Sunday to help drive the 1990 Honda back to Knoxville and he told him that I would have a Southern home cooked meal for them. I was going to get a pork roast kit at Walmart but they didn't have one so I got a small pork roast, 5 lbs of red potatoes, onions, carrots and will fix it from scratch. I cooked chicken leg quarters today in the crock pot and Sunday morning I will put the roast and potatoes, etc. on before we go to church. Don't know exactly when they will be here, but if I get the roast on early, it should be cooked in time for them when they get here. The only thing I didn't get was a dessert. I have some brownies I can fix or a cake mix. I don't want to have any leftovers around for me to eat. Last week I had a bunt cake and I ate 3 pieces with a glass of milk for lunch. I can't have anything sweet in the house like that for I will eat it. I'd hate to gain what little weight I lost back eating sweets. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Took Jordan to the vet to get his ear cultured and sent off to the lab. I believe I chose the wrong vet to go to. I like him and his staff but he has cost me a lot of money by guessing what was wrong with Jordan's ear. If he had looked in his ears the first visit he would have found the infection and I wouldn't have had to go back for a visit. If he had cultured the ear, first I would have saved some money. I'll see how things go. I've invested too much time and money to change vets and I don't know who I would go to.

The DVD Brother, Where Art Thou came in today. We may watch it tonight. I've seen it before and have the CD of the music. I think Frank will enjoy seeing it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Middle of the Week

Frank and I went to exercise this morning. Karen showed up. I didn't expect her home until the 11th but they got home last night late. They had a good trip to Utah to babysit grandchildren while their daughter and husband went on a 10th anniversary trip. Exercise is always fun.

Had to stop by the PO to get stamps for my VT letters. I wanted some unusual stamps like I got last time, but the computers were down and all I could get was the usual ones. Then we stopped by the bank to make a deposit and came home.

Trudy and Sadie were coming over to spend the night tonight but Sadie isn't feeling well. They may come over tomorrow but I said if she was sick not to come over. Frank still has a wheezing cough from the last time we were sick a few months ago and I don't want to chance getting sick again.

Jordan is a really playful dog. He's 3 years old but acts like a puppy. He runs from the couch to the rug I have in the kitchen back to the couch. I egg him on by throwing one of his toys to the rug which he runs after it and then back to the couch with a running jump. I was chopping up some broccoli and I chop up the tender part of the stalk, too, and I gave Jordan a piece and he ate it. He'll eat cooked cabbage, especially the cabbage I've cooked with the smoked sausage in it. If we're eating it, he's interested. He only gets nibbles because I want him to eat his dog food and not depend on our handouts. He goes back tomorrow at 2 PM to get his ear cultured. It's been bothering him a lot this last 10 days. That's the time in between vet visits. Maybe we can cure his ear problem this time. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


After breakfast, I went to Khol's in Madison. I got 3 pull overs and one pair of Capri's. I got Frank a plaid shirt, 100% cotton and a necklace and two pair of earrings. I can still wear all of my Capri's from last year but the dark blue pair really caught my eye. I looked at purses but had gotten one there last week, so wasn't tempted to get another one. I got back home by 10:00 AM. Frank and Jordan had been sitting together the entire time.

Trudy called and she and Sadie are coming over tomorrow night to spend the night. Trudy and Dad will watch a movie and I think Sadie has a dress to take back to Old Navy. We will have fun. Thursday, I have an appointment at 2 PM to take Jordan to the vet to get a culture of his right ear. It is still bothering him and the Dr said he'd send off a culture to a lab to see what it was. Too bad he didn't think to do this at the 1st visit when Jordan's ear was bothering him...

I wrote my VT letters today. Actually, they were cards. There's no VT message in the Ensign this month because it's the Conference issue so I just wrote a personal note to each sister. Some I know and most I don't. I have 6 inactive sisters to write to every month. I need to call the ones I don't know and try to talk to them personally. That would count as a contact and I would get to know them better.

Monday, May 4, 2015


We didn't go the exercise today for Frankie was coming down. I went too town early and went by the pharmacy and then took a case of what I thought was Diet Pepsi back to Walmart. When I opened the case, it had a Walmart brand of Dr Thunder or something like that. It surely wasn't diet Pepsi. I went back to the drink isle and found that they had the diet Pepsi without caffeine so I got 2 cases of that. With my return, I only had to pay $2.46 for the two cases. I got home around 9 AM and Frankie came at 9:15 AM.

Frankie wanted to work on the 1990 Honda Accord and try to get it running. It's been sitting 2 1/2 years without being driven and I doubted it would run. He got some fresh gas and a new battery and got it going! He drove into town and got air in the tires and got the oil changed and the brakes looked at and they were good, so he was rather excited. We found the title and he printed off the forms that he needed for TN and before he left at 3:30 PM, he had Dad sign over the title to him. Since it was a family swap, he won't have to pay any taxes on it. He and a friend from work will come Sunday and drive it back to Knoxville. He told his friend that I would have a good home cooked meal for them and plus it was Mother's Day and he would get to see me. I told him to bring presents. I'll cook the pork pot roast I get in a kit at Walmart. I add extra little carrots so it will make more. Maybe I'll make some potato salad but not 5 lbs of it.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


I ordered some flowers online and they were delivered today. I had them sign the card, Happy Mother's Day, Love, Frank. When they came, I showed him the note and he laughed. They cost $24 something but after the $10.00 S&H fee was added plus another fee, I could have gotten them cheaper at a florist but they were delivered and that was nice. Don't know when Mother's Day is but that's what I put on the card.

I made the barley soup for lunch and it was good. It always gets better the longer it sits. I haven't cooked the fresh veggies yet but will soon. We have enough to eat so I don't have to cook for a while.

Took Jordan out for a walk around the yard. Steve came to cut the grass. It didn't need much cutting but I told him to come each week now. The weather is great. Sunny with just a hint of cool. Too bad we stay in the house all the time.

I did the laundry. Had a load that I had forgotten to start the dryer, but they turned out okay. I finally played the piano. Jordan whined and I brought him down in the basement with me. He explored for a while and when I was ready to go up, he climbed the stairs himself. He's just afraid to go down the stairs himself. They are steep and have no carpet on them.

This week-end is Stake Conference. Tonight is the adult meeting, but I just don't feel like being responsible for Frank by myself. I think he could stand the 2 hours of sitting but the crowds and the getting in and out of the car is too much for me alone. We will just watch BYU TV tomorrow and try to keep the Sabbath holy.

Friday, May 1, 2015


Frank was tired after the activities yesterday so he didn't go to  exercise. Tom did a great job of leading the exercises. Janet is in Arizona going to workshops for personal trainers. She'll be back Monday. I shopped for groceries after exercise.

I'll cook the veggies I got today, tomorrow. I need to make some more barley soup. I've still got some cabbage and smoked sausage left. I forgot to get a cabbage today.

Jordan is full of himself tonight and wants to play while I'm writing. The night is the best part of the day. It's when we get some snuggle time in. He doesn't sleep under the covers but he's right laying on my left hip and sometimes he has his head on my shoulder. Not much to say tonight.

Sent Frankie some money. He's gotten a private detective to see about this man that is living with Rachel. The PI said to get all his information before he takes her to court.