Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Day

I had a good day today. After my after breakfast nap, I showered and dressed. I cooked a big pot of beans and hamburger and put that up. I rode for 20 minutes on the bike and planned to exercise and play the piano, but I found that something was wrong with my Kindle and so Frank and I got on the computer with Amazon and tried to find out what was wrong. It was just out of warranty. I can still read most of the page but some of the words at the top of the page are obscured. I will have to get a new Kindle. I want one just like my old one. A new Touch wouldn't fit my case plus I would have to get used to using one I'm not familiar with. I think I want to stay with the one I'm just to.

The Wright family came today and tonight to pick the pears. We have but a few apples they can have if they want to fool with them. The blueberries didn't get enough water so the berries were small and didn't taste good so we didn't pick any. One year there were no berries and this year the berries were uneatable.  I still have some large blackberries that Ruth gave me in the freezer. I should get them out and eat them. Maybe they will be good in the winter.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cabinet Day

I lead the exercises at the senior center and then went home to wait for my 11:00 AM Dr appointment. I saw Dr. Walker for a routine check-up. I was concerned about gaining 5 lbs and the nurse checked my sugar and it was 120. I had eaten a banana right before the appointment and that's why it was 120. I know nothing about how high or low one's sugar should be. The nurse said around 100 was good. The Dr. said not to worry about it. I'm getting my thyroid checked. I take meds for it so it'll probably show normal. The weight gain is because I have been eating too much food. I guess I'll just have to get used to the weight for I don't want to do any dieting. I'm not eating sweets or any other "good" food. I guess every extra bite counts against me. I'm just worried all those pants I bought from Land's End won't fit me this year. I've got plenty of church clothes now and maybe this Fall I'll have to find me some more pants. Who knows besides The Shadow?

I stopped by the Nixon Cabinet showroom after the Dr. appointment and looked at wood cabinets. I liked the oak. Real wood will cost about $1,000.00 extra. Maybe the fiberboard cabinets will do just fine. Getting new counter tops will be nice too. Frank would be happy to have the exact same tops as we have now but I want something different. He would never go with what I would really like. After lunch, Frank got dressed and we went by the showroom and Frank looked at the oak cabinets. They are nicer than the press board but the cost is so much more. I guess we'll get the press board and will be happy with them.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Busy Day, Yeah!

All week I've had a lot of spare time on my hands. Today, Saturday, I've been busy all day. I changed my sheets and bedspread and washed them and then washed clothes and whites and towels. I practiced the piano, too. We vacuumed the floors. When Frank helps, he moves things and vacuums under the beds, etc. I just get the dirt I can see. I mopped the floors after they were vacuumed and they look good. All ready for Sunday. I cooked a pot of beans and put them on high and wandered off and they boiled over. I never seem to learn! They will boil on medium heat, just not as fast.

I want to be the choir pianist but it is a calling and I can't just ask to do it. I think I will tell Summer that I want to be the back up pianist and then I will practice the music. I don't practice if I don't have something to work on. I love playing and would love to do the choir. I enjoy singing in it, but I'd rather be playing the piano.

Friday, July 27, 2012

It's Friday Again

Did the usual Friday stuff. Didn't want to go to Walmart but had to. The things I needed could be carried in the house with two hands and yet it was $88.00. I went below my checkbook level for the first time and I don't like it. Payday is the 3rd so it won't be too bad.

Practiced the piano today and enjoyed it. Got to feeling my hair tonight while watching TV and decided it was time for a cut. I hope in the morning I have enough hair left on my head so I won't be
embarrassed to go out. Saved myself $20.00.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kept Thinking Is Was Wednesday

Somewhere along the line I got my days mixed up. Tuesday was hard to remember and Wednesday didn't seem like Wednesday and now Thursday's almost gone. Tomorrow will be Friday and I'll go to the senior center and Curves.

I had a good workout with Janet. It's nice to have someone new to talk to.

The Decker's have gone to San Francisco, CA for 9 days. I will look after their cats. She said check on them every 4-5 days but I will probably check on them Sunday afternoon and Thursday, the day they come back. After traveling, it will be nice to come home to a fresh litter box.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I didn't go to Curves for I had to get back in time to meet Ann to go Visiting Teaching. We saw Karen. Next week we'll try and see Joy in the evening. She has been called to be the Relief Society president and she works full time. Hopefully, her counselors will be good, strong women and will take some of the weight off of Joy.

It was a hot day. With the humidity, the temperature felt like it was 105 degrees. I so look forward to the cooler days, and we still have August to live through!

I was cutting a plastic seal off of the liquid butter bottle and I had a great, big knife doing it. I knew what I was doing was dangerous but I did it anyway. Yep, it happened. The knife slipped and the fours of the knife went into my index finger near the big knuckle.  It's just a small stab wound but it could have been prevented. I think that I am stronger than dirt and I find out different. With the bird bite on the ring finger of that hand and now a stab wound, I'm in sorry shape. Next time, hopefully, I'll listen to the loud roar of the voice of warning and not do stupid things.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Doctor Appointment

I thought I had a Dr. appointment this morning but his office called and said the Dr. wouldn't be in today. Frank went back to bed and I drove to Madison to take back a gown that Mary Kate had bought me and I didn't like the way it fit. I wanted a white blouse and I found one plus an everyday pull over for $8.20. Had to buy that one since it was such a good price. I got a black pull over that had silver decorations on it. I think it's really neat. I also got a black and white skirt with a little pattern on it. Next came earrings. I got a pair that would go with my skirt and top and I found a card with three hoops on it and three very tiny studs that matched the hoops. I only have $12.00 to last me 'til the 3rd of next month. Frank called while I was at Kohl's and said New Balance had called to say my shoes I had ordered had come in, so I drove on in to H'ville to see the shoes.

I didn't like the way the shoes fit and I didn't like the $75.00 price of them. Thankfully, they didn't fit just right so I had a good excuse to not buy them. I came on home and stopped by Taco Bell and got some lunch for us. It was good having something different to eat for a change. Even on sale, the price of clothing has really gone up.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bird Bite

I was giving, or trying to give Gert a popcorn seed, and it dropped and Gertie went after my finger in anger and gave me a bite that drew blood. It's not sore to type and hopefully it won't get sore for I have some practicing on the piano to do for choir. I played through the piece today and found the parts that I will need to work on.  By the time I have to play it, I should have it learned. I'm glad to have something to practice on.

It was 92 degrees today and the heat wasn't oppressive . I put a few tomatoes in the freezer . I still have 6-8 tomatoes on the kitchen table ripening. Don't think I will fool with trying to grow anything next year except flowers. The little Zinnias have done well even though  I didn't thin them enough.

Don't have much to say tonight. Exercises at the senior center went well but I didn't go to Curves. I thought about working out at home but didn't.

I find myself worrying about my age lately. There's nothing I can do about it, so why worry? I guess it's because I'm getting closer to 70 and 70 sounds really old! I don't feel much different. Will I live 10 more years? Will my body break down? All the joys of getting older...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Job

Church was great today. Primary was rocking. Bro. Newell makes it fun for everyone in music time.

Summer asked me to practice We Thank Thee O God
For A Prophet. Kirsten is playing it right now but she is getting married in October and we don't know who will be playing for choir. April could do it but her voice is needed in the choir. I will practice all of the new music just in case I can be helpful in some way.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mild Day

It stormed at 2:30 AM and I didn't really fall back into deep sleep until morning. I cooked some veggies and a big pot of goulash. I showered and then washed three load of clothes. Frank got up at 12:00 PM and we ate lunch. I didn't vacuum the floors but just swept. The floor weren't all that dirty. I need to vacuum next week and mop the floors. I knocked over a glass of milk and cleaned it with a towel and mop but there's still a smear on the floor. I played the piano while the clothes were washing and drying. Didn't do much today.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Usual

Did my usual Friday things-lead the exercises, went to Curves and to Walmart. Came home and cooked some veggies. I picked tomatoes that were getting pink so they wouldn't crack if they started growing more. I guess I've gotten about 50 tomatoes off of the two plants. Now they are sitting all over the counters at various stages of ripeness. Not all of the 50 were good and some had to be thrown away.

The humidity is up and it's really hot outside and I try to stay inside. Maybe just 6 more weeks of this oppressive weather and maybe we'll have some relief. The corn crop burned up in the heat and no rain. Maybe the other crops benefited from the rain we've gotten. Prices at the grocery store will be up for sure.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not Much

Didn't do anything today except work out with Janet. Greg Nixon of Nixon Cabinets came by and measured the kitchen cabinets and will have a price for us in a few days. Frank wants to get another quote so I will let him do that. I'm satisfied with Nixon.

It was 91 degrees but it felt like 100 degrees because of the humidity. I'm already looking forward to fall weather.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thought It Was Monday

Went to exercise today and wanted to start off with the Pledge of Allegiance. I was quickly told it wasn't Monday! I went to Curves afterwards and had a nice workout. Came home and read a paper then got up and cleaned the kitchen. I had left plates and glasses out because I hadn't emptied the dishwasher the night before.

I called Nixon Cabinets and asked for someone to come over and give us an estimate on some new cabinets. I then had to call back and ask that he not wear any perfumes. He said he didn't wear any to work and in fact, we might want him to since he worked in a hot cabinet workshop all day. I don't want any fancy cabinets and maybe we can get a quote that we can live with.

We had a nice thunder storm this afternoon. The tomatoes are busting open from getting a lot of water. I've put 11 tomatoes in the freezer and I have some on the kitchen table ripening now. Don't think I'll plant any tomatoes next year. I'll just have flowers.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leave Day

Mary Kate and the family left at 12:00 PM today. We didn't do anything outside of the house. I rode my bike while MK did her exercises. The kids were watching TV and Frank was asleep. It was a bad day for him.

After they left, I lay on the couch and took a little nap. Didn't do anything else but be with Frank the rest of the day.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Day

Mary Kate and the kids and I left for H'ville around 9:20 AM and got to Sear's by 10:00 AM. We were the first car in the parking lot. I took back some Land's End things and Mary Kate bought Sophia and Nate some clothes. We then went to Hobby Lobby to get a skirt pattern for Sadie. Mary Kate got some craft supplies and then we ate lunch at the Chinese restaurant. We all had a good meal. We then went to the New Balance shoe store to look for me a pair of slip on shoes like I have that are getting old. They didn't have a large inventory but the salesman ordered a pair for me. They are not like I wanted but they may be better. Then we went to Kohl's on the way home. We got home about 2:00 PM and the kids had lots of time to play with Grampie. We had the pot roast for dinner. The kids had the meat mixed with barbeque sauce because they don't like potatoes and carrots. We spent the night watching TV. Mary Kate made 12-14 cards during this time. They will leave after lunch. Tomorrow will be a bad day for Frank. We got some pictures made and everyone had a good day.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Drought vs. Rain

We've had three good days of rain-not steady rain all day long but thunder showers on and off. Today when Steve was cutting the grass, it rained on him. The Post lady was on the porch with a package and it was raining on her. We didn't even know it had started to rain. It soon stopped and Steve could finish the grass. It has stormed tonight and we got a good rain.

The tomatoes are getting ripe on the vines. They aren't growing anymore but if they will live 'til the weather cools off perhaps they will start to grow again and put on blooms.

I cleaned downstairs today getting ready for Mary Kate and Sophia and Nate. I vacuumed upstairs plus did two loads of clothes. I will have to put the roast and veggies in the crock pot tomorrow morning before church. Cooking on high, they may get done in time for lunch, but will be ready for the family when they come. After church I can cook the other veggies.

Friday, July 13, 2012


I lead the exercises at the senior center and told them I wouldn't be there Monday for I have family coming to visit. I then went to Walmart to buy groceries. I got a chuck roast and potatoes and carrots and onions for the crock pot I'll cook Sunday. Mary Kate and the kids are going to Frankie's Saturday night and will come here Sunday night. They'll leave some time Tuesday.

Trudy and Sadie came over and treated me to lunch. We ate at Cracker Barrel. I got the pancakes. Trudy and Sadie don't really like the food there and I don't either but I can chew the pancakes. I bought a beige crocheted shrug there. I had been wanting another one and I really liked the one I got. It was pricey but it was what I was looking for. We ate at 2:30 PM so I just had a bowl of cereal for supper.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


All the day yesterday, Wednesday, I thought something was going to happen but it didn't. Today, it did. I had gone back to bed to read and snuggle in the covers when the phone rings. I answer it, but don't recognize the voice. The voice said they were coming and I didn't understand why "they" were coming. I asked "why" they were coming and the voice said, "For Carrielee's lesson..." and I then realized who I was talking to! It was Sophrona and she said she would be at my house in about 3 minutes. I leaped out of bed and into some clothes, washed my face, combed my hair and there they were. Carrielee and I had a good lesson. In fact, she didn't want to quit. I have a digital clock on the piano and can't just glance at it and tell when 30 minutes is up. When I thought the lesson was over, she said we still had 10 minutes, so we played some more. She didn't bring her 1st book with her so we started on the new book she had. It has an accompanying theory book to go along with it and we did two pages of theory. She didn't like the theory too much, but the book has a theory lesson along with each piece. She won't be able to play through this book as quickly as she has the other beginning books. I like to teach Carrielee and she is a quick learner. Her mother plays 3-4 instruments and writes music so she comes from a musical family.

I had a good workout with Janet. The rain had stopped except for a light sprinkling and I went to the P.O. and pharmacy after the workout.

Mary Kate and the kids will leave LaGrange, GA Saturday night and drive to Knoxville to see Frankie and will come to our house Sunday night and stay 'til Tuesday or Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Plenty of Rain

It rained last night but was not raining this morning when I went out. I went by the senior center but didn't go to Curves. I stopped by Dr Walker's office to take back an Rx that had been written wrong and then came home and worked out downstairs. I can read on the bike and it makes the 20 minutes go fast. I accepted a package at the house and Frank didn't want it so we went to the P.O. to send it back. We came home and 20 minutes later I had to go back into town to pick up the correct Rx.

I spent the afternoon reading on the computer, the U.S. Currency Collapse. It was interesting but I got antsy sitting and would stand up and read, too. The world is getting to be a very dangerous place. So much wickedness in high places. It's getting just like the Book of Mormon says. We will be swept off of the face of this land if we don't serve God, and the media and government are trying hard to take God out of the public life. If the U.S. currency collapses like this DVD says, we will be in hard times.

Mary Kate is leaving her house Saturday night and going to Frankie's. Then she will come here Monday and hopefully stay two days or more. We're looking forward to her visit.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Went to H'ville this morning. Had to take back some Land's End towels and a bathing suit to Sear's and while there we looked at the sewing machines.They had a Singer that was in my price range but we wanted to go to Hancock's and look at their machines. The big name brand was way over my budget but Karen found some other machines that were sitting on a shelf. They were various name brands and we found a Singer that was heavy enough and it was on sale for $199.00, $100.00 off. It was a better machine than the one at Sear's so I got it. Karen found some patterns on sale for $1.50. They are usually $17-18.00. Wow! It's been a long time since I've sewed anything that used a pattern. Back when I was sewing, $8.00 was an expensive pattern.

After we were through with Hancock's, I wanted to go to Hazel Green to give Sadie her machine. I found the way through the back roads and as we were driving up to her drive way, Sadie was in the car backing out. I drove on in and we got out. Seem like Sadie was driving Trudy to a Dr. appointment and we got there just in time. Sadie was excited about the machine. I had asked if she wanted a machine and she had said yes, but she didn't know when she would be getting it. After talking a few minutes, we all drove away.

It rained some tonight. I don't know how much but we'll have to get the grass cut now. It's been looking shaggy for a while, while other parts of the yard didn't need cutting. Perhaps it will rain some more late tonight. It's been weeks since we've had any rain. It's been so hot and dry that the tomato plants have stopped growing. I'm sure I've mentioned this before.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Writing Again

I did my usual things for a Monday. I came home and found that Karen had called to say that Ken was home with a bad cough and that I probably wouldn't want to come over for scripture study. So I had all of the morning and afternoon to cook and write.

I put on some beans because I wouldn't have time to do them tomorrow and cooked a big pot of goulash. I put everything away and set down to type up some notes I had already written. I got a letter of intent typed and 4 pages of I remember. As I came into the kitchen afterwards, I saw the beans on the stove. I got them just as they  were sticking to the bottom. I saved them from burning just by a little bit. Seems like I always forget the  beans!

Karen and I are going to H'ville tomorrow. I have to take the Land's End towels to Sear's for a return. I thought we could check out the sewing machines and compare prices with the fabric store we're going to. I can't remember the name of the fabric store. It's been eluding me for days now. I want to get Sadie and good sewing machine. Mary Kate said she had a Brother sewing machine for a long time but I looked at them at Walmart and they are too light. I want to get Sadie a good student machine. Handcock's! That's the name of the fabric store. Finally, it broke through to the surface of my mind. Whew! I've tried to think of that name for days.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Hot Day

Memphis was over 100 degrees and we usually get Memphis's weather. It was so hot outside that clothes were a burden. I decided to go back into the house before I took my clothes off. I watered the tomatoes and flowers. The tomatoes have stopped growing but have a lot of green tomatoes ready to ripen. I don't think I'll plant tomatoes next year, just flowers.

I wrote a Letter of Intent today. It tells my children my desires is I get bad health wise or at the end of my life. I have written some pages I need to type up. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow, Sunday. I got a new book on journal prompts but I can answer the questions with one or two words. I'll have to study the questions and see if I can use any.

Washed two loads of clothes and played the piano while they washed and dried.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Usual Things

I did the usual Friday things but didn't go to Walmart. I should have for I have no hamburger meat too make the goulash. I can make some with steak burgers but I probably won't. I could make some using only TVP but it's better with a pound of meat with it.

We paid the bills. We had to call people to find out what we owed for some bills were misplaced. Just a notice to be more careful with the bills as they come in.

I hand printed three pages of rememberings today. I thought a slower way would be better than typing them on the computer.

I bought two books for the Kindle today. They are Stephanie Plum books which I like to read and the author has written a lot of them. I have over 100 books on the Kindle now.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Smooth Day

Frank was asleep and I wanted to go to Walmart to take back a bathing suit and get a container to hold water for the outside birds. I found a clear plastic thing that you put under plants so the water won't seep through to the floor. I got some bananas and some flowers to take to Luc. She has been down lately and I wanted to cheer her up.

The container for the bird water was just right. Now to get the birds to accept it. I like to see the outside birds drink out of the water container I have a flower pot sitting in. It's been so dry lately that even the butterflies drink out of the container.

I had a workout with Janet today which went well. It's nice to have a new friend plus getting a good workout. I haven't written any on my life story today. I might need to write something in long hand and then type it, I don't know.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Writing

It seems like 3:00 PM is a good time for me to sit down and write. I wrote about the places I had lived. I have to re--write this and put in more detail. I was just writing facts today and I see where I need to be more specific about the places I've lived. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

Today was the 4th of July. We didn't do any celebrating, just watched TV. I have a work out with Janet tomorrow afternoon. I rode the bike for 20 minutes today and lifted some weights. I showed Frank how to lift some weights too. He really needs to work out so his muscles and bones wouldn't hurt so much.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lazy Daisy

I didn't go to town today. I thought I might run to the Dr's office to get a different Rx for Frank but he slept until noon and called the office himself.

I wrote two pages on technological advances I had seen in my day. I also got several pages of journal prompts from the internet. I think they are for younger students. I still have my bubble page to go over and write from.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. We won't be celebrating, just watching parades on TV. It's too hot for anything else. I hope the neighbors don't shoot off any fireworks for it is very dry outside and a fire could start very quickly.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Things

I got up at 6:30 AM so I would have time to water my plants and still have time to get ready to leave the house. We had some thunder last night but it never rained here. Everything is hurting for water. I guess we need to fill the birdbath up again. The little birds are drinking from the dog dish I have a flower pot sitting in.

Frank saw Dr. Walker this afternoon to get some prescriptions written. We were  only out in the heat for a little while.

I wrote 5 pages on the pets I have had. I just composed it at the computer. I saved it and when it came time to print it, I hit the print icon and nothing happened so I hit it again. Nothing happened again so I went to file and hit print. A window came up and said the printer was on hold and did I want it to print? I said yes and it copied the work 3 times! I had hit the print 3 times and the printer remembered it. Can't fool the computer or printer...